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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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these and hero. minneapolis residents pick up the pieces off our another night of violence the full minnesota national guard has been deployed amid warnings of worse to come let's be very clear the situation in minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of george floyd. watching out is there a live from london i'm daily navigate also ahead a cry for help from doctors and nurses in peru who say hospitals counts cope with the rising number of coronavirus cases. here's a food shortages this plagues of locusts warm across india and pakistan devouring
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any crops in their cars. but. a space x. rocket blast off from florida with 2 nasa astronauts on board launching a new era of commercial space travel. hello thanks for joining us minneapolis is gearing up for another night of violent protests after unrest over the death of a black man at the hands of police officers spread to more u.s. cities so the governor of minnesota says he's fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history but warns he still doesn't have enough troops president trump says the all 4 days there need to get tougher he offered to send in the national military this wall appearing to encourage a counter protest by his own supporters friday nights all clashes in atlanta
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houston new york and other cities while in 1000 year old man was killed in detroit when shots were fired from an s.u.v. into a crowd of protesters the considering protests came despite derek chauvin that's the police officer who knelt on george floyd's neck being charged with murder and the u.s. attorney general has floods that justice will be served in the floyd case but he said the violence has nothing to do with is death. the voices of peaceful protest are being hijacked by violent radical elements groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda in many places it appears the violence is planned organized and driven by anarchic and left extremist groups far left extremist groups using anti feel like tactics many of whom travel from outside
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the state to promote the violence john hunger and spent the night among the protestors and it turns our coverage from where it all started in minneapolis. a curfew in a murder charge against a police officer failed to bring calm to minneapolis. the city's new curfew beginning 8 pm some protesters responded by setting buildings on fire hundreds of others continued to peacefully protest the death of a black man george floyd after his arrest by a white policeman who was. also very children who was fired shortly after floyd's arrest on monday has now been charged with his murder but it's made little difference on the city's turbulent south side demonstrators defied the curfew and
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a large deployment of the national guard some took out their anger on businesses such as the department store and occasionally journalists. others lined up to challenge police who answered with tear gas but failed to control the unrest these national guard troops have been blocking roads and they've been protecting firefighters a very been putting out the many fires you can see one of them back there. the governor says there simply haven't been enough of them and that's why he's going to get more. i'm authorizing and talking to general johnson to fully mobilize the minnesota national guard an action that has never been taken in 164 year history of the minnesota national guard so let's be very clear the situation in minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of george floyd it is about attacking civil society instilling fear and disrupting our great cities from coast to coast
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protests and violence have spread to more u.s. cities in washington the white house was briefly on lockdown as crowds front with police in the capital. and in atlanta georgia this c.n.n. news channel's headquarters came under attack police cars were also targeted prompting a furious response from atlanta as mayor you are just crazy in our city you are disgracing the life of george lloyd in every other person who has been killed in this country crowds in los angeles chanted i can't breathe some of george floyd's final words as his neck was pinned to the ground. and back in minneapolis his excessive days in $1000.00 event are go on john hendren al jazeera minneapolis meanwhile the clear up has begun in minneapolis some residents are started helping clearing cleaning up bank and businesses after damage across the
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city from the protests others have taken to the streets peacefully denouncing police violence on george floyd's death. let's get up to her house and herrera she's a journalist in minneapolis alison set the scene for us so they are indoors right now but tell us what you've seen over the past couple of hours because i know you've been out and about on the streets yeah i'm actually at my home right now i live in south minneapolis and live not too far away from it there receipt which is the 1st police station to burn down on thursday night just about over a little over 30 minutes ago i was at that scene where all of the demonstrations turned out last night on nicollet and 31st people who are cleaning up the wells fargo people who are cleaning up the back of the post op as and there was a peaceful demonstration there's probably have easily over 2000 people there simulating chanting there were some michigan dancers there i think it was also out
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on east lake street earlier this year excuse me westlake street earlier and people i mean. thousands of people out on the street with broom and paper with trash bags shovels cleaning up broken glass there were people here who did and water even near the 31st nicolette station you know. nicollette streets at people handing out water that was the salvation army was out i was also at the division of indian work which is a nonprofit here in minneapolis and they collected hundreds of bags of groceries to deliver to people because right now all of our grocery stores are pretty much closed i've seen a few open but pharmacies grocery stores are all close right now. so you got a sense of what the next few hours might bring. well you you know you have the governor on just earlier saying that he is going to have his
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you know deployed the full national guard that could be up to 10000 soldiers i was just reading from a press release from the national guard itself i think you know earlier today i was at a meeting in power home which is a little neighborhood park right opposite lake street. residents were really preparing to guard and not only businesses but their homes and neighborhoods and so i think. you know. some people said that they think that things will calm down but i don't think that people are taking any chances thank you very much alison herrera for that update from minneapolis thank you. u.s. president donald trump spoke earlier about the protests and said he is prepared to deploy the national military. we get our military there very quickly we got a result we got it. they got it back. but before he found it
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a lot of radicals there before they got in the car here's john going now to watch your great war. yeah we knew that was of course before he went to the launch of the space x. from cape canaveral let's bring in mike hanna on what trump had to say mike is joining us from washington suppose the question mike is whether the president has the authority to deploy the national military. and it's a very narrow thora t. indeed there is an act in place the $1807.00 insurrection act which does allow for the military to be deployed within the united states in cases of violence civil unrest seldom used however the are a number of conditions attached to this firstly there has to be a request from the governor or the state legislature of the area concerned and secondly the forces can only be there in a support role they do not have the legal authority to make arrests they are there to support the enforcement forces that are already on the ground and that being
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said though the pentagon has confirmed that at the request of the governor of minneapolis it has placed some forces on a state of high alert normally these forces are on a 4 day notice period however there are a couple of units which the pentagon confirms has been put on a 4 hour notice now these in all likelihood are military police units they would go in in a support capacity should the governor of the state requested the governor of the state making very clear that he still prefers to use national guard and local law enforcement so short answer to your question presidents trump does not have unbridled authority to deploy the military at will within the united states as some criticisms of the president mike who are some people say that he seems to be encouraging more protest outside of the white house this time by his own supporters . indeed years really issued
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a tweet in the course of the morning 1st of all praising the secret service for their role in protecting the white house during the limited demonstrations that occurred on friday however he then tweeted expects maggard to take part in the course of saturday's demonstrations well there is a demonstration going on outside the white house a very small one at the maximum probably about a 1000 people that number dwindling in the last half hour as people begin going home no sign whatsoever of the make america great again the conservative supporters that form the bedrock of president trumps base but certainly the mayor of washington was highly critical of the president's action insinuating that it was to set up a violent conflict between those protesters and those supporting president trump so certainly tension has risen between the mayor of washington d.c. and the president remembering of course that the white house the area right outside
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the white house pennsylvania avenue is federal property as is the lafayette park but the police are working together with the secret service in terms of patrolling and protecting the entire area around the white house so this is one thing that has come out of the past 48 hours and that is rising tension between the president and the mayor of the city in which he resides or it's my can i thank you for that update from washington. now brazil has overtaken spain to become the country with the 5th highest number of corona virus deaths in the world more than 27800 people have now died there after another 1124 deaths were reported on friday almost 27000 new infections were
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also recorded in 24 hours bringing the total to more than 465000 but experts say the real number of cases could be 15 times higher president joe your ball scenario has pushed back against the kind of lockdown measures implemented elsewhere to slow the spread of the virus. elsewhere in latin america chile has now more registered coronavirus cases than china and in peru doctors nurses say hospitals accounts cope with the rising number of coronavirus infections and are demanding more government's help despite enduring one of the world's longest mandatory lock downs it's reported 141000 infections and more than $4000.00 deaths including doctors priyanka gupta reports. these still were on the frontline of the fight against the cool enough to call the. a black ribbon hung's on the facade of the medical college in lima
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a reminder of the price paid by these health workers battling the operate in the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america if there was a dollar for board behind me of the 36 doctors who have lost their lives until today and represent the most painful image right in front of this location we also have 1300 medical doctors who are ill and which 23 a seriously ill in our intensive care units that is the reality for doctors in peru . they say hospitals are overwhelmed with the rising number of cases. many are dying at home. in cruise largest have a tree limb are a limb and among freshly dug graves. have lost 2 brothers in a month but i'm glad they're not suffering any more because of the pain that they went through. for the survivors it's
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a different kind of struggle. anxious to end it is that a hospital and part 2 are struggling to get proper care for the infected family members and they told me that my mother was entering critical care and there are no i.c.u. beds they see there are no beds prove the ins have endured one of the world's longest nationwide lockdown since march which is not due to be lifted until the end of next month. yet the virus continues to spread lockdowns and social distancing are difficult in a country where more than 20 percent live in poverty and 7 out of 10 workers depend on a daily wage millions still have access to water and i found that we don't even have enough water to wash our hands or our things and if we don't have water what are we going to wash ourselves with. doctors say the pandemic has exposed spruced many existing problems and pushed underfunded and understaffed hospitals to
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critiquing point and they warn that the battle against the virus will be lost unless they get more government. up to 0. for the 1st time a privately owned rocket has successfully sent to nasa astronauts into orbit. thank god. ben ken and doug hurley are now on their way to the international space station aboard the dragon craft which was the topper rocket owned by space x. a pair of the 1st people to blast off into space from american soil in nearly a decade they're due to arrive at the space station for a 4 month stay on sunday and earlier we spoke to charles bolden jr who's a former nasa administrator and astronaut he says the space x. launch marks the dawn of the commercial human spaceflight industry. here in the
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united states at the core it's the culmination of the dreams and plans of a number of administrations people like to focus on the present administration but this year started several presidents a goal president obama picked it up you know after the bush administration had talked about doing it to day which regular people regular people. much much closer than we ever thought possible before so this a friend of mine mike mezzanine oh another astronaut in talking to someone this morning said this draws a line in the sand of the new era of human space flight and i agree with him because from here on out the prices will come down gradually over the next decade or so and so the concept of normal human beings who are not career astronauts will become quite realistic in fact if it all goes well you're going to see
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a non-career astronaut or more more than one fly to space to the international space station within the next 2 to 3 years latinos are a life in london coming up in just a moment aspirant basques and a son scientists want the government against lifting a lot of restrictions too soon. answered on summons the ethiopian envoy or a deadly border attack as tensions over that spirit from terror continue. hello the rain has left purse has gone through now there is more on the way admittedly but the active weather is like to be further east than in the immediate future on sunday just becomes windy and the day will close probably a little bit wet in south australia adelaide in particular had a bit precious few showers want to in victoria and in perth is it might be cloudy
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but it's still $21.00 quantz degrees really nothing much more to come out of the sky or monday the rain proper comes pretty through south australia then victoria melbourne gets it again your 14 degrees and rain seems likely up in the tropics there's nothing really going on as for new zealand well all current could well see that heavy rain last until monday then it tends to die out and on wednesday you're fine in the north we start to kick it will slowly wolf just a little bit japan still sitting largely pretty well these tokyo is for that cloud is clearly invaded for the sas there is rain for the necessity into sunday really disappear into the western pacific and then the tail end of it which is a source originally is redeveloping the orange suggests heavy rain in some parts of china not very far north hong kong's in the thundery weather for monday less so on tuesday or indeed on wednesday but it's humid.
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we want to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry what dates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries live in total is the book of the books of no value like any other student when one continues with kosovo but you fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book over one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams we want on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera protesters are out again in cities across
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the u.s. expressing their anger over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of a white police officer in minneapolis the governor of minnesota has fully mobilized the national guard and to suppression of another night of violence and health workers in peru are struggling as the scale of the country's corona virus outbreak grows more than $141000.00 sections have not been recorded and 4000 deaths. for the 1st time a commercial rocket is taking american astronauts into space and also is doug hurley and bob behnken are currently heading towards the international space station after successfully blasting off from cape canaveral on a space x. craft. we're taking you live to the scene in los angeles right now that is a police car clearly set on fire where tensions are running high in los angeles just gone after 3 pm in the afternoon this all taking place in the fairfax district
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according to some reporting on twitter so you can see police and protesters are facing off in clashes in los angeles as part of the demonstrations that have taken place in several cities across the u.s. as a result of the death of a black man at the hands of a white police officer that happened earlier this week in minnesota so we're keeping an eye out on the situation los angeles and we'll bring you any updates as and when we get them. several senior scientific advisors to the u.k. government has spoken publicly to say it's too soon to lift the country's lockdown even though the next stage to ease restrictions starts on monday they say the decision as political as they deem baba reports from london. a socially distance demonstration organized by the activist group extinction rebellion calling on the
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british government to get to grips with the crisis not covered 19 but climate change paul stevens a former detective sergeant in london's police force was among those calling for a citizens' assembly on how to rebuild the economy before carving 19 we were investing billions in fossil fuels we were subsidizing aviation all of that was killing the planet is going in the opposite direction now that stopped that paul's right now is the time to change direction it's much easier without that momentum going in the opposite way the weekends brought new warnings of another kind on monday some primary schools in england they're reopening and people can visit outdoor markets and car show rooms but several scientists on the government's advisory group known as sage say things are changing too soon they pointed out the government's test trace and isolate program so crucial if another peak in infections is to be avoided it won't be fully functional until the end of june you are level you know between point $7.00 so it's only
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a bit below one so we've got radial and dream actually and it's really important. we use to adam very wisely and we don't lose control again you know i can understand the desire is for the relaxation of this social measures but we really can't go back to a situation where we've got the numbers of cases and just returned in the past some scientists have also said the number of you covered 19 cases still it around 8000 per day is too high to move to a new phase of relaxing restrictions for a monday people in england can meet in parks or gardens in groups of 6 not the current limit of 2 but the sunny weather has raised the prospect of people preempting that of course what's important with these changes is that the guidelines still say keep 2 metres away from people you don't live with by a large that is being observed but it's fun. from universal if people start to lose the distance in the hobbit that could be a real problem as more of society opens up the government's trying to balance
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restoring personal freedoms against preventing the virus from getting out of control but critics say look down measures being lifted too quickly the al-jazeera . there's been a major backlash to president donald trump's decision to cut ties with the world health organization over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic european union leaders have released a statement urging him to reconsider saying the global threat is an opportunity for enhanced cooperation and common solutions the u.s. has consistently been the w.h.o. as largest contributor donating more than 400000000 dollars last year that's about 15 percent of the u.n. organizations total budgets a t.v. journalist and technician have been killed after their minibus was bombed in the afghan capital kabul 7 others were injured when the private bus belonging to the state run television channel corsi t.v. was hits the taliban says it wasn't responsible for the attack it comes during an
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overall reduction in the level of violence following a 3 day cease fire a week ago. billions of locusts are devouring crops in india and pakistan threatening food supplies it's india's worst locust plague in 25 years while the u.n. estimates that pakistan will lose more than $4000000000.00 worth of crops scientists say the infestations are getting worse because of climate change elizabeth parata before it's. crawling across thousands of kilometers and flying through the air billions of locusts have swarms large swathes of agricultural land in pakistan and india devouring any vegetation in their path i have lost fruit of dollars spent all my life growing these trees but all these swarms have destroyed. the un because pakistan bellew's more than $4000000000.00
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worth of winter and summer crops. pakistan's government is using planes to spray pesticides we have now in one year graph we are looking for 6 more and i'm sure we'll be able to. be locust which will be coming from iran as well as from moscow and in turn is coming from africa while locust plague is not news scientists say climate change is making them worse they say this infestation is driven by unusually warm weather and heavy rains in the arabian peninsula last year creating the ideal breeding ground of locusts move in swarms of up to $50000000.00 each swarm can travel 200 kilometers a day each as much food as $35000.00 people and lay $1000.00 eggs per square meter . and via the valenka western and central states doing a heatwave hia temperatures helped and 6 pres more vapidly as well as playing pesticide local councils in the state of multipart they show a plane out to use
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a clump speak is mounted on them we break out of the program to take you to l.a. and look at the scene right there protesters and police are clashing off in los angeles this is over the death of a black man george floyd at the arms at the hands of a white man in minnesota earlier this week and we've seen protests spread from minnesota to other cities across the united states one of which is los angeles as you can see right now fires burning in the street let's find out what's going on there and speak to rob reynolds he's joining us on the phone from los angeles so rob we're looking at the live picture now just tell us what you see and what you're hearing. well we are seeing large crowds hundreds of demonstrators there gathered in an area called the fairfax this is a very upscale commercial and shopping area. includes the famous
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locally famous shopping zone called the grove where there are a lot of fancy name brand shops and movie theaters the crowd far outnumbers the police officers who are trying to push them back. from this area at least one vehicle in flames appears to be a police car other police cars this seem to have been vandalized and a bus a city bus. has been stopped taken over by the protesters and covered in graffiti and. vandalized. so this is. a sign that the protests nationwide over the floyd killing are now moving even into broad daylight hours previously in other cities in . minneapolis st paul these things happened that night but now we see fires burning
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in an area of los angeles that many people are familiar with in broad daylight it's it's just mid afternoon here. and. one really wonders what's going to happen as night falls. and we're just looking at the picture of a police car czar what least one police car on fire are rob what can you tell us about the police presence in this particular area and whether all 4 days there have said anything so far. well as the mayor and the police chief have all their guard said he and other authorities have said that they understand the outrage and they understand that people have the right to demonstrate peacefully but they're calling on them not to take out their frustrations in
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a violent way and not to destroy property not to try to assault police officers or or anyone else. the number of police officers that i can see in the video that we're seeing looks pretty thin. so it's a very large crowd and fairly small number of police officers on like in minnesota the governor of california gavin newsom has not called the national guard or anything of that nature because thus far of the protests have been fairly. has not been a widespread but now it looks like there are other fires burning again in the same area we can see another car. doesn't look like up could be a police vehicle hard to tell with all the smoke and flames but there are a lot of protesters out in the streets and this is boiled over and
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rob just worth reminding our audience and 30 seconds or less why this has happened and why the anger has boiled over so much in los angeles. it's because the spark a bit but the fires that are burning across the country both literally and figuratively but was the killing of george lloyd on monday by a white police officer on armed whack then george lloyd who was pinned to the ground with our right i apologize i have to cut you off because we just coming to the bottom of the hour let you go for now we will have more updates and more news coming up on al-jazeera in less than 30 minutes time do stay with us thanks for. what impact will called it 19 and a drop in the oil from a couple of the rings to the point. don't look from the folly of these historic sent back until the job only takes to beat. a special come
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on just. hello welcome again to rewind back to bill since al jazeera english launched more than a decade ago we've built up an incredible library of award winning films here on rewind way of revisiting some of the best of them.


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