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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. libya's u.n. bats government says it's taken control of another key town as warlord $25.00 task forces continue to be pushed out of the west of the country. they are watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back t. ball also coming out. really national. the n.f.l. apologizes for not listening to play is a protest about racial injustice following the death of george floyd in police
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custody the u.s. unemployment rate false raising hope of an economic recovery from the coronavirus long don but the news isn't all good and warnings of a big chance for peace between israel and the palestinians because of the israeli. occupied west bank. thank you very much for joining us libya's u.n. recognized government is reporting more territorial gains from all or tidy for have tossed fighters as driven out of western libya the government says it's in full control of the town of bani walid and their next target is the city of sirte will mark adoptees hometown which is also i have to hold have task forces lost control of the city of tire who went out on friday it was a launch pad for the 14 month month failed offensive to capture tripoli have task forces continue to. command large areas of the oil rich east and south and speak to
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our libya correspondent mahmoud abdel wahab who joins us live from tripoli so more and more gains for the government of national court forces and now these reports of movement around sirte another half tossed stronghold what more hearing about this willfully have just got this news from. confirming that the government forces have started the new offensive. to take control of a not only of city city but also all the way. until a job for military bases in central libya for the major stronghold of have forces in central libya the government military sources tell us that they have been preparing for this new offensive. deploying forces and sending reinforcement to.
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about 120 kilometers east of the city of misrata and he avoids cement arrived from the city of misrata and from many other cities in the west of libya the force of that the government forces that also help recapturing the city of those who are also moved east to to join the government forces in the green area and also close to the city of sit. meanwhile the government the military sources tell us that. after his war plane. in this morning but no casualties have been reported at the same time also that have been talks with the city a little a council leaders to try to try to hand over the city to the government forces without confrontation to prevent any more bloodshed that's according to the government military sources mahmud what's been happening in the towns that jenny forces have taken tell us more about that how have civilians care
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been affected. well in the city of. there have been. news online about over 100 corpses found in the hospital in the city of god who are we cannot independently verify that butter that have been. pro-government media pages and pages online. reporting that over 100 nearly a 106 corpses were found in the hospital of the city of huna including women and children we do not know for certain. who is corpses of those and how they were killed but we know that they have been killing in the city of. media before the government forces managed to recapture the city as you know for the
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government the city of their own that have been many people in the city after who were who were against have to his forces presence in the city and also that have been internally fighting between some tribes in the city of the horn or those who support the government in conflict with those who support the. belief or have to mahmoud thank you very much for that update mahmoud abdel had a correspondent in libya with the latest there on the fighting on 2 other world news now after nearly 2 weeks of nationwide protests against police brutality several u.s. states are taking steps to reform controversial police practices in minneapolis where george died after an officer knelt on his neck for nearly 9 minutes chokehold her neck restraints are banned some other states have also banned the practice meanwhile the n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell has apologized for the way the u.s.
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football league has handled players' protests against racial injustice and police brutality collin kappa nick and others began kneeling back in 2016 as the national anthem was played and next year brian has more. when n.f.l. quarterback colin kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem 4 years ago the move divided the sport and the country in some corners he was celebrated for highlighting issues of police brutality and systemic racism people are really feeling they're actually men and really feeling like you know what this might not be something i experience ideally basis but it's not right that these other people are going through this but by others he was criticized threatened he lost his job with the san francisco 49 ers and hasn't been hired since now the head of the u.s. football league has admitted it mishandled the situation with the national football league in it we were wrong for not listening to n.f.l. players earlier and encourage all to speak out peacefully protest. read the
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national. believe lives matter the price relations are especially explosive in the us right now like maybe i'm going to think i heard right. and the active kneeling has taken on new significance since george floyd died in minneapolis after a police officer knelt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as he begged for air is venting. the n.f.l. apology follows the release of a video by several players who included the specific demand that the n.f.l. say black lives matter what would it take for one of us to be murdered by police brutality was through the mind organizer of the players video michael thomas of the new orleans saints has praised the n.f.l. though some believe the apology isn't sincere it's looks like more p.r. he's responding to what players have said matches the players started all wrong
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calling happening he never mentions calling government you midges the players this is what in a tragedy is this a protest of our cities across america we're in a fill stadiums with you know season to games more than any other leagues the n.f.l. has struggled with the issue of race 3 causes of its players african-american but nearly every team is white u.s. president donald trump has previously called on owners to fire any players who knelt during the anthem one of his latest weights and caps with no kneeling evidence of america's deeply felt divisions the football league now hoping its sports can help bring the country together and brian al-jazeera. and 8 if americans experience some of the highest race odessa the hand fully at the hands of police in the u.s. when the arson noting began in minneapolis last week
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a native american patrol was formed to protect their neighborhoods that has a story. and i screamed you know hey you get out of there lynette this dirt is a grandmother with an auto immune disease who decided protecting the native american community in minneapolis was worth the risk of covert 19 exposure she describes how she helped stop a burglary at the minnesota indian women's resource center the one that we got down and held her down we got the bag back and that bag had a bunch of brand new i pads and things like that but tonics. and she had a bar in her hand and she wouldn't let it go and i had my hand my foot out in it because she's a big girl since the arson and looting began last week in the aftermath of george floyd's death about $300.00 volunteers have joined the american indian movement or
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ame patrol carrying sticks bats and flashlights the patrol has managed to protect vital sites such as a health clinic gallery at an affordable housing development under construction only one building a nonprofit catering to indigenous youth was destroyed it opened just last year we are capable of. taking care of ourselves we're looking at where people our organizations our families our host is over like minneapolis has one of the largest urban native populations in the united states and it was here in 1068 that the american indian movement was founded in part to combat police brutality among minority. groups native americans of experience one of the highest rates of death at the hands of the police members of the community say their relationship with the
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minneapolis police department remains fraught there's a lot of trust building with to reestablish. even the imagery for the police within our with their children because children have been hurt in this from the ashes of destruction there's a hope the community has raised almost $200000.00 to rebuild the youth center set on fire last week their talks are going to old to syrah minneapolis thousands of people have protested across australia in a show of solidarity with the u.s. and to oppose the deaths of indigenous people in police custody the organizers of the black eyes matter movement in sydney won a court appeal to hold civility demonstrations league any the government had originally banned the rally because of called the 1000 restrictions on mass gatherings gauges in sydney she says those who've attended the demonstrations have been speaking out against a number of issues. they're starting to dissipate now we're reaching the end of the
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day here in australia but this is a rally that was only dame to fulfill only the minutes before it was to to start but huge numbers of protesters had already been demonstrating hours before the police had wanted to cancel the event saying that it could contravene coronavirus kill orders a court appeal was one and thousands of people ended up munching the streets of sydney from town hall through to a park from here next to central station and it has been a peaceful protest they haven't only been showing solid solidarity for the black lives and massive movement in the united states but also protesting against aboriginal deaths in custody in the strangely of indigenous australians are simply represented in the prison system here they make up less than 5 percent of the population but account for about 27 percent of the people in prison and these are
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the kind of issues the protestors have been speaking about today. still ahead on al-jazeera on the march in mali protesters have surprised a surprising on line who's backing their demands for the president to resign. and stranded in colombia venezuela and migrants huddle in a makeshift camp because of the forums. the. head of the pensive rain and sun and much of indonesia but also this time of year we've seen some heavy amounts of rain into as a myanmar across into thailand and of course pushing their south was into the mill a principle those rains very extensive work their way across towards vietnam similar story on monday and still some a heavy rains a particularly through these more northern areas of borneo but it's a dry day on monday across much of sumatra and just want to show likely into areas
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of java me want to cross into australia it's mostly dry system here working its way across the southeast and there's another system working its way towards the west that will bring some rain showers sunday certainly into path but actually the showers really should die off throughout the day but leaving a fairly cloudy picture behind should be dry there on monday meanwhile plenty of particularly through the southeast victoria new south wales more showers along coastal areas that tour again up towards new south wales maybe in and around sydney plenty of through much of queensland and again we could just see want to see scott a child will follow storms in cannes more showers into west facing kosovo thousands of new zealand a few more showers like you know monday particularly into the south on about 10 which is not too bad in the low teens celsius and again we still got more of those showers working their way at the east coast of new south wales but not about perth with a high of 22. on counting the cost a special report from iraq governor dean has done what you essentially still to
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bring the country's marketplace to a near standstill what despite the highest death toll in the middle east the government has shifted focus from saving lives to save the economy counting the cost on all disease. save humanity i really really not getting anywhere near. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera this hour libya's u.n. recognized government says it has taught an offensive to capture the city of sirte
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and these are t.j. military base of ju from the major stronghold of 25 task forces in central libya government troops are gaining more territory after seizing the town of bani walid and the nearby city of tire horn on friday from the warlords and f.l. commissioner roger goodell has apologized for the way the u.s. football league has handled players protest against police brutality following the death of george foid goodell says illegal now encourage peaceful protests against racism. present donald trump says the u.s. economy's bouncing back from the effects of economy regain $2500000.00 jobs in the month of may and the unemployment rates dropped to 13 percent but there was little change for african-americans and economists are warning the crisis is far from over robin else reports. u.s. unemployment declined slightly from its highest levels during the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic as some businesses and factories reopened president donald
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trump was quick to claim credit saying the economy is taking off as he put it like a rocket ship will go back to having the greatest economy anywhere in the world nothing close some economists disagree saying the economy is still staggering and millions of workers still suffering it's a small blip in what is another wise believe jobless picture i think it's important to remember that we had the high level of unemployment the u.s. census the 2nd world war last month the pictures of groups likely since then we've added about 2 and a half 1000000 jobs but it is important remember that there are still many 18600000 workers who are remain unemployed religious to the situation in february before the . crisis hit the crisis is still upon us in
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a bizarre twist trump tried to connect the unemployment numbers to the killing of george cloyd by police with a positive spin. hopefully george is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that's happening for a country there's a great day for him it's a great day for everybody presumptive democratic presidential nominee joe biden called trump's reference to floyd despicable and criticized him for boasting about the jobs report i was disturbed over to see the president crowing this morning basically hanging a mission accomplished banner out there when there's so much more work to be done. so many americans are still heard trump also claimed full slee that he had ordered the country to shut down during the pandemic in fact he resisted the shutdown and criticized governors who issued stay at home orders the u.s. says nearly 2000000 confirmed covert 19 infections and more than 110000 people have
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died c infection rates have not climbed adequately. new cases appear to be growing in many areas of the country this is threatening to drive us into another surge of cases in the former senator and that's going to cause another lock down caught in the. speculators on wall street cheered the unemployment numbers driving share prices sharply higher investors' exuberance is strikingly disconnected from the death toll remaining joblessness and more than a week of nationwide protest and outrage. leader trump visited a factory in maine that produces swabs for covert 19 tests as usual he didn't wear a mask rob reynolds al-jazeera. the trumpet ministration has backed down on a threat to ban chinese airlines from flying into the u.s.
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transport officials say those operators will be able to make 2 round trip flights a week between the 2 countries that decision comes after china said it would lead to american carriers fry their once a week however the tension between china and the u.s. over restrictions that were put in place to control the coronavirus. now the news india and china say they want to peacefully resolve a border disputes generals on both sides are meeting coast to the site of a recent standoff in the himalayan dock region india accused china of encroaching on to his side of the border several times in may each country has sent thousands of troops to the front here india says the 1st priority will be agreeing to pull back the additional soldiers. france says it has killed the leader of al qaeda in north africa the french defense minister says talk died in an operation on thursday in the town of tests northwest several people from his inner circle were also
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killed thousands of friendships have been deployed in mali since 2013. and police and protesters after tens of thousands gathered in the capital calling for the president to resign that say a brain and his government has failed to tackle a worsening security situation nicholas hock reports. gunshots outside the presidential palace overwhelmed police and the military attempt to disperse a defiant crowd calling on president. to step down. i think the people coming out today the youth the women young and old shows that mali's fed up we want to change the system we want this regime to leave we want to new social contract to set up a mali that stands up. earlier over 20000 people gathered in independence square in the capital bamako to listen to the influential cleric would veto once a close ally to kate he has become the government's most outspoken critic of the.
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it is time for everything to change all means disorganized demoralized the money that was promised to the army has been diverted there are no longer receiving the food rations we have a loft in stock the whole region. was reelected in 2018 on a promise to bring peace in a country torn by armed groups and ethnic violence in the last year alone a 1000000 people have been displaced and 4000 have been killed 4000000 are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. 14000 u.n. peacekeepers are powerless to stop the violence in the north and center the state is present only in the police elected officials teachers and health workers are fleeing their posts fearing attacks. armed groups like these. and ethnic militias fill the void and compete to control these regions and it
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attempt to push them out money and forces and government backed groups are accused of killing and torturing civilians according to un investigation since january they've committed more of extrajudicial killings and human rights violations than the armed groups that they're fighting many of these demonstrators have lost faith in their security forces few came out to vote in a parliamentary elections choosing instead to demonstrate their discontent in mali's leader on the streets in a country on the brink nicholas hawke al-jazeera. the coronavirus crisis now and the world health organization has changed its advice on the wearing of masks to stop the spread of the virus the w.h.o. now says everyone should wear them when there is a risk of transmission and where social distancing is difficult such as on public transport the head of the w.h.o. is in for sizing that masks alone don't offer protection and hand hygiene and
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physical distancing is vitally important and with the spread of the corner virus worsening across latin america thousands of venezuelan migrants in colombia ecuador and elsewhere are trying to return home but venezuela is limiting the number of people re entering leaving many stranded in colombia and ice on the force from a newly built tent city on the outskirts of bogota. the lucky ones have a proper tent the rest sick shelter from the cold with a simple piece of plastic at least $500.00 venezuelan migrants left jobless and homeless during dipping their make have built a makeshift camp on the outskirts of they're all trying to return home. his family have walked for days from the city of food but are now stuck here. to north dakota and it's very hard not so much for me you have lived through many things but we worried about the kids look at what our conditions are and now the pandemic
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thank god nobody got secure until now only want us to manage to go home. preventing them from continuing their trip after the venezuelan government started limiting the number of returnees because of fears that next along the route some migrants have managed to save enough for a bus ride to the border but those 2 were cancelled. and little money would save for the trip has gone you can see there are young. people pregnant mothers one is 8 months pregnant what we're going to do. the camp has no running water bathrooms or electricity people survive the charity of strangers step bring food and supplies with most of the border closed they have little options left but to wait to formal crossings i've been authorized to operate as humanitarian corridors for the people that want to go back. to reduce the number of migrants they are allowed back in the
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country from more than 800 to now at times less than 100. in the town of growing numbers are stranded just meters from the border of the 1800000 venezuelans who fled to recent years 72000 have returned since the start of the pandemic. we're trying to negotiate with venezuelan or forty's every day to let them through but if we go from having 700 people to 1200 or 2000 the arriving from other cities that generates additional pressure and a greater risk of spreading the virus back at the camp the food they received will be enough for a day but they pray for a solution that could bring them home they know the economy might be even worse in venezuela but at least there they have their relatives in a roof. qatar's foreign minister is hoping
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plans for new talks with other gulf states could help and the land see an advocate impose on the country is 3 years since neighbors saudi arabia and the united arab emirates along with egypt and bahrain isolated qatar had been abdulrahman al funny says qatar is open to dialogue yes there is a proposed initiative and there's a positive atmosphere around it and we hope that it leads to positive results can one arc there was a negotiation between saudi arabia and qatar which i talked about last year unfortunately that negotiation that it shaved some success the general public also noticed however it ended abruptly from the saudi side they may have their reasons but from our side the reasons were not clear because the negotiations started positively it ended abruptly and things escalated shortly after norway has played an important role in previous negotiations between israelis and palestinians but as israel pushes ahead with plans to an expanse of the occupied west bank in
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a wage and sphere the prospect of any peace deal looks bleak now with foreign minister has been speaking to our diplomatic editor james space it was seen at the time as a diplomatic triumph a moment of hope as palestinian leader yasser arafat and israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin shook hands on the white house lawn and signed up to the all slower cools they were named after the capital city of the country norway where the diplomatic efforts started at 1st in secret now the chances of peace of the bleak history being at any time since israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu threatening to an expanse of the west bank. in an interview with out 0 always foreign minister tells me that could threaten the whole oslo process that it was aimed at creating 2 separate states but we cannot see an extension that would be in contravention of international law and it would directly undermine the potential for a 2 state solution so that is the very clear message from us norway still plays an
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important role a committee it leads the ad hoc liaison committee is now the only place where key international players meet with israeli and palestinian representatives and the country is a candidate for membership of the un security council we from norway side and others stand ready at any point in time to facilitate if the parties wants us to and there we see that there is there there is the room to try to work with the parties even though it is the extreme lee difficult norway is competing for a seat on the un security council if you are elected how will you leverage that historic role and what will be your priorities on this issue well it's something that we talked to all u.n. member states about because we can bring to the table something that is quite unique we have experienced we have a network we have a way of working that has always been for the long haul very patient that we work
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in behind the scenes there usually for a very long time before it even though anyone knows that it is the process going on norway is in a tough race for the security council there are 3 countries canada arland and norway competing for 2 seats the election is on the 17th. if norway does succeed in the security council diplomat. she and her husband rude lawson hosted the very 1st then unofficial contacts that led to the all slow accords 27 years ago james al-jazeera of the united nations. well again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera libya's un recognized government says it has started an offensive to capture the city of sirte any strategic military base of jus for the major stronghold of honey for have task
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forces in central libya that's after troops seize the town of bani walid and the nearby city of tire who now on friday as they continue their advanced east wards had as the latest from tripoli have just got this news from syria confirming that the government forces have started the new offensive that they launched it to take control of a not only of sit city but also all the way. until a job for a military base in central libya the major stronghold of have to his forces in central libya the government military sources tell us that they have been preparing for this new offensive. deploying forces and sending reinforcement. and f.l. commissioner roger goodell has apologized for the way the u.s. football league has handled players' protests against police brutality in the wake
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of george floyd's death in police custody who down says the league was wrong for not listening to black players concerns and will now encourage peaceful protests against racism thousands of people have protested across australia in solidarity with the black lies matter movement until polls have debts of indigenous people in police custody india and china say they want to peacefully resolve the border disputes general some both sides are meeting close to the site of the recent standoff in the family and the dock region india accuses china of encroaching onto its side of the border several times in may each country has sent thousands of troops to the frontier and france says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in north africa the french defense minister says abdel malik day died in an operation on thursday in northwest somali those are the headlines coming up next counting the costs. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you want to see
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al-jazeera will bring you the needs and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. hello i'm saying bust ravi and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your look at the world of business and economics this week a special from iran to her on has always been able to work around crippling sanctions but the coronavirus pandemic that killed thousands has trashed the economy what kind of economy will emerge. no country in the middle east was hit harder.


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