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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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every generation. where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who come. to the. protests in the u.s. city of atlanta after a black man is shot dead by police at a fast food drive through. their i'm a star in the says al jazeera live from also coming up china reports its highest daily number of new coronavirus cases in 2 months as concerns around a major food market in beijing. and he raises in protests and frogs while a government minister calls for
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a race face to to sticks to help the end discrimination. and chaotic scenes in kenya police fired tear gas at mourners trying to prevent the speedy burial of a popular singer. now nearly 3 weeks after george floyd's death sparked mass demonstrations across america the police killing of another black man has triggered demonstrations anger and condemnation just in the past few hours atlanta's police chief has resigned after a video of the fatal incident emerged you're watching live pictures now out of atlanta we can now speak to our correspondent andy gallacher who's in miami and the obviously this comes at a hugely charged time talk us through just what happened and the fallout that we've been seeing. well as you can see from those live pictures people in atlanta
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are extremely angry and remember this is a city where just 2 weeks ago 2 young african-american students were violently pull from their car tasered while their vehicle had its tires ripped open its windows smashed they've got a situation where 4 officers were fired in all 6 of facing criminal charges but this latest event that happened on friday night has really added fuel to a long burning fire let's see what happened on friday and how people have reacted. for weeks protesters have been out on the streets of atlanta calling for change following the death of george floyd in police custody. that right now they're chanting another name rae short brooks who died on friday after police were called to this fast food restaurant to say mr brooks was drunk and asleep in his car following a violent struggle with mr brooks it's alleged the 27 year old took a pill and turned on the offices he was then shot and later died in hospital. i
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don't know how to do his. son never knew i was going up the duties. i'll bust this on in the arm from the hole just floored situations of coming together like this blows on. this whole dying man and i don't know how the code following an outcry over the police's use of deadly force the city's chief of police erica shields offered her resignation atlanta's mickey châlons bottoms accepted calling the police action unnecessary i firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do i do not believe that this was a justify use of deadly force and have a cold for the media term a nation of the officer. corps this comes just weeks after 2 students were violently dragged from their car by 6 atlanta police officers charges against the
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students were dropped 4 of the officers were fired and you'll 6 face criminal charges yeah the city is facing another crisis following the shooting ratio of british through the fire of course fire we've been doing a lot of people protesting in the midst of that you've got still killings both georgia's bureau of investigation and the district attorney's office have launched investigations into mr brooks death according to reports this is the 48th officer involved shooting this year 15 of them with fatal. well let's take you back to those live pictures right now from atlanta georgia as andy was saying earlier there have been protesters back out on the streets today continuing their demonstrations against police brutality and racism obviously further incensed by what's happened in the last 24 hours now watching a lion of riot police and form almost what appears to be a barricade and as well as a number of people who may or may not be protesters standing there with their arms up we're obviously bringing you more on that as it happens here on out of there and
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it just to come back to you there have been further developments in the last few hours what have we been hearing from the brooks family about all this what we know a little bit more about mr brooks that he was a father of 3 children that in fact the day he died he should have taken his youngest daughter to a birthday party but the family has now hired some pretty experienced lawyers who've worked on some of these other cases where african-american men have died in the hands of the police and they say there are some very serious questions that need to be asked and as we are just getting this case the details are just getting more horrific because there were multiple witnesses out there we talked to some witnesses today who said that the officers went in put on plastic gloves and picked up their cell casings after they killed him before remembering 8 we counted to minutes and 16 seconds before that he then said this.
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all of this of course coming as this nation is still dealing with the protests from the death of george floyd 3 weeks ago in minneapolis this is bound to add fuel to an already long raging fire increase those calls for police accountability and ultimately end of brutality against communities of color and agalloch for us following all those developments for us from miami thanks very much candy. i aspire to marry her is the co-director of southerners a new ground and also a co-founder of black lives last atlanta she says an important social services have been neglected that in favor of police funding well i think that us history will show us and tell us that when we saw the ramp in. the war on drugs and mass incarceration in the eighty's and ninety's that you know we saw public school
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budgets being slashed we saw the social safety net continue to be slashed and so we need to see investment that's actually want to clean up the mess that the war on drugs have made in our communities we need to see those investments we made and jobs and housing i mean in atlanta and you literally walk around and see people in tents or sleeping on the street and that makes no sense to me when police heartful institution is given so much money but we felt invested in the livelihoods and wellbeing of our people and we also want to see an investment and making sure that people are ok during the cold and we need cancellations we need to make sure that folks have access to medical medical care and so those are some of the the many ways in which this money can be best. also the coronavirus pandemic and it started in china now the rush is on to contain it there again $57.00 new cases have just
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been reported dozens tested positive after visiting the biggest whole self food market in the capital beijing that area is now closed and under police guard katrina you reports from the capitol. video of chinese military police entering beijing's from thai district has been circulating on social media and you cluster of cases discovered here on friday has triggered what the government is calling a wartime footing to contain the outbreak dozens of locally transmitted cases a link to a wholesale market the biggest in the capital. 3 has immediately launched the world. has set up a few headquarters to manage and shield via the wholesale market and the surrounding community we are putting people's safety and health 1st the area has been sealed off and is deemed disinfected thousands of be tested those who have
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visited the market in the past 2 weeks have been asked to report to authorities. 11 local neighborhoods have been locked down with residents told they cannot leave their compound to people in beijing the new infections are a stark reminder that months of pandemic are far from over where. i am a little worried because this is happened somewhere very close to me we have to remember to wear a mask when entering and exiting different places and have our temperature checked officials say traces of corona virus were found on the chopping board you respond ported salmon fresh salmon has been removed from supermarket shelves and menus everywhere in beijing and wholesale markets closed sporting events and large scale gatherings have big cancelled with further delays to the planned reopening of primary schools and entertainment venues. residents in beijing are drawing parallels between this latest cluster and the original outbreak in the city of han
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both reportedly originated in a steam free market now china's leaders are under immense pressure to do whatever they can to ensure that this time the outcome is vastly different katrina you al-jazeera aging. or chile is health minister has been replaced a day after the country reported its worst spike in coronavirus cases. had been under mounting pressure to resign for his handling of the outbreak there chile is one of last in america's west affected countries and now police in kenya have been accused of heavy handed tactics after firing tear gas at mourners trying to stop the funeral of a popular singer the government has ordered burials a soon as possible during this pandemic reports. but should have been a funeral ceremony in the celebration of life turned into these chaotic scene. fans mourning at benicia cheek as death in is hometown rock the lowering of his
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body into the ground policing consume accounts you responded with tear gas and gunshots as hundreds defied crazy 19 restrictions for the us government pressure refused to bother him today he did not die of coronal of i wish i could police were unable to stop them feeling with his caskets until eventually getting it back again during the night that we woke community in kenya has elaborate burial customs his fans and family are accusing government leaders and the police of disrespecting the dead they refused to rush burial and demanded more time to mourn. requesting. the condemnation of them and. it's not all our fault. we do the rich for peace that i've been was about and peace of the family we are going to. give us one we let the farm let them she left the farm the 33 year old singer died on thursday after being
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taken to hospital with chest problems his family and fans insists he had pneumonia not 19 but the kenyan government introduced strict pandemic measures ensuring burials as soon as possible and banning social gatherings the recall is killing. police are again being accused of violently cracking down on those breaking for a new virus for stricture protest against police brutality were held in kenya's come to mind robey on monday they followed a police watchdog saying 15 people including a 13 year old have been killed since occurred in $1000.00 curfew was introduced in march. police eventually buried benny in secret in the middle of the night allowing just one of his brothers to attend. a. it was his mother he couldn't be at the funeral sat on his grave to prevent mourners from examining his body to see laurie and relatives never thought they'd ever have to face sort of played out and just you know. head on out is there an embarrassing new turn why is trainee as prime
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minister had to apologize for comments he made about slavery. and why from a seasonal farm where he has dried up for so many and tacky and the winter of discontent that could follow. writers properly writing now in japan in the my view by a system goes back for the yangtze to the middle of china for the science in this massive work out here is tropical storm nuri it will produce gale force winds and a rough surface in hong kong but the rain is going to be to the west probably west of macau as well and the next few days will come over land to produce a certain amount of flooding with no worse than you expect in the mio bio system which is again doing its thing it leaves japan release honshu dry by monday
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a stop south we leave most of the action actually same level of latitude means we've got more potential for flooding in cambodia sudden vietnam and thailand you see the blue indicates that discussion gets on the shelves for the sas and sort of born here but it's a job and still in peninsular malaysia now it should be relatively tight dry time of the year it's been quite sundry recently in kuala lumpur but the focus to does constantly give no rain on monday but thunderstorms returned for tuesday and wednesday little out of season the monsoon troughs a long way north star india's baking pretty good and rapid progress and falling seems likely maharastra for the next 2 days. white supremacy is on the rise in the us it's an undercurrent that is bottling up
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has mainstream extreme ideas this is the 1st task force taking america back. faultlines examines the doctrines feeding hay trade and that one too often deadly consequences what are you telling your congregations about safety we have to be concerned conspiracy to massacre anti semitism in america on al-jazeera. hello again i'm the stars you tell you and let's remind you of our top stories here this hour the police killing of another black man in the u.s. has triggered new demonstrations anger and condemnation police in atlanta say
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racially brooks failed a breath test and resisted arrest they tried to use a taser on him but a fight broke out before he was faking the shot you're watching live pictures right now out of atlanta georgia where police have begun a resting protesters who shot down the end to stage props to the right of your screen you may be able to see the wendy's which is the fast food restaurant where brooks was was shot it has allegedly been set on fire by a number of those protesters will be bringing you all the latest updates here on al-jazeera. 57 new cases of corona virus have been reported in china dozens tested positive after visiting the biggest whole sell food market in the capital beijing the area is now closed and under police guard. and chile's health minister has been replaced a day after the country reported its worst spike in 1000 cases since the pandemic began. had been under mounting pressure to resign over his handling about 3.
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0 anti-racism and the far right activists have clashed in central london during rival demonstrations there were tense moments between police and far right protesters with some throwing bottles and fireworks at offices well amid all that chaos there was a moment of compassion have a look at this photograph a black lives smashed the activist was photographed helping a far right protester to safety reuters reports the man had been set upon by and badly beaten before the protesters stepped in to protect him. riot police and from tear gas to disperse a largely peaceful protest there against racism and police brutality. thousands of people defied a ban to join the launch in central paris as you can see the rally was led by supporters of adama troll or a french black man who died in police custody and 2016 on the unclear fact
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instances no one has been charged despite multiple autopsies. personally i've never had a bad experience with the police but i'm not going to lie to you yes i'm scared of the police i don't want to put police officers in the same camp there are good police officers but the problem today is that there are too many bad ones so of course as a person of color when i walk in front of the police i feel bad i'm scared and above all when you see the videos you think to yourself that could happen to me well dozens of police cars gathered at the iconic octave triomphe in central paris to protest against the government. there angry over the interior minister's vow to have 0 tolerance for racism within france's law enforcement kristoff trust in their announced reforms that would ban officers from using chokeholds and suspend those accused of racist acts french police staged another rally on friday to demand that the government scrapped those reforms
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although noisy or look it up we've got your blood coming back here we want people to know that the police if it up the police the time we tired of being stigmatized we just want to get on with our work normally this afternoon you might have seen at the rally that colleagues were attacked. this afternoon so when nothing is enough at some point the message from politicians has to be coherent with what they expect from the police force. and now the french government spokeswoman is also calling for the collection of ethnicity based a to sticks and a bid to monitor the extent of discrimination in the country see best friend diane who is of senegalese heritage says not being able to measure and see reality as it is has allowed. sees to prosper her proposal comes as ethnic statistics in both the u.s. and u.k. show that nonwhite people are much more likely to die from the corona virus currently french authorities do not collect data on its citizens based on race or ethnicity that was trailing as prime minister scott morrison has apologized for
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comments that he made denying that israel has a history of slavery his comments angered aboriginal australians as well as descendants of pacific islanders who say their ancestors were brought to work on sugar plantations for little or no pay morrison says he did not mean to cause offense i've always said we need to look at our history one of the comments i was referring to was to how the new south wales settlement was 1st established and the views that were communicated at the time in forming the new south wales colony and you go back to people like william wilberforce and others they were very involved in that 1st fleet expedition and one of the principals was to be the destroyer in that case new south wales was was not to have slavery well that's now speak to dominic o'sullivan he's an associate professor of political science at charles sturt university where his research focuses on comparative indigenous politics he joins us now from canberra dominic let's start with this apology from scott
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morrison do you believe this was sincere or given the depth of public sentiment around racism at the moment more about political expediency. would prevent a combination of both i think. like many countries in the world australia doesn't know its history terribly well and it has a habit of. think using those bits of it history of its history that it doesn't like cause it could cause tension or embarrassment to a standard like difficulty in the present and i think. what morrison's initial comment denying slavery might have brain and off the cuff remark. was it was simply a mistake. the fact that he retracted it so quickly i think he realized it was a sign that he had realized that he really couldn't if they'd just as a nation because what he said was not true and in the evidence that it's not true is compelling and so rather than have
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a political fight or something because when he offered this apology in the hope that that the issue would go away to some degree. in other respects i think. what it's done is just heart they significance of the society knowing its history they know also. put into the australian mind the idea that it's only history isn't good in some respects saw dominic right now the conversation that's happening in australia isn't just about slavery but broadly about how the country treats its indigenous peoples i believe you're from new zealand which has taken a very different approach given the australian government's history of policies when it comes to indigenous affairs and push back against any kind of a treaty there do you get the sense that anything is really going to change despite the public demand for more action here. will lives in significant in the
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meantime building out behind a movement for a guaranteed indigenous voice to parliament the government is very much opposed to it but the number of public opinion polls have suggested that the public doesn't share their opposition. certainly indigenous politics is rather well organized in there as it has saved the main building so i don't think we're going to say such a thing users again until you voice to the parliament and trying to be australian constitution any time 2nd. i think we're going to get there at some point. the black lives man has released a room the world. help help to get impetus to that movement and. help to keep the issues at the forefront of people's minds and that's something that scott morrison probably doesn't want he doesn't want the treatment of indigenous peoples to attract from the other things he wrote i'm talking about so
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the black lives matter really exactly hopeful in that respect well scott morrison as you say is not keen to have this conversation he's also now advising people to avoid these anti-racism rallies that we've been saying he's saying out of concern for corona virus spread whereas public sentiment and movement now well the there are some very. last week an australia which took place against public health advice so i guess it's a sign of the depth of public figure and. one can only imagine how big those really smart have been and taken place at a time where that public health concern wasn't present dominic isola been there an associate professor of political science at charles that university great to get your insights a hand out of there thanks for joining us thank you. venezuela's opposition leader says he doesn't recognize the appointment of
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a team that will oversee forthcoming parliamentary elections there the supreme court named new leaders for the national electoral council a body that critics have repeatedly accused of favoring the ruling socialist party opponents boycotted a vote and 2018 on the grounds it was rigged nicolas maduro went on to be reelected . not only are they clearly committing a crime they're making a huge political mistake it's a mistake that i'm sure will be their own doing in this moment of venezuelans going through not only did they make a mistake in 2017 when they called for an illegal national constituent congress and in 2018 when they tried to push through a fake election once again they're making a mistake that isolates them even further it also means venezuelans will suffer because it isolates us prevents us from getting credit prevents us from solving social issues and prevents us from solving the humanitarian emergency this pandemic . farm laborers in turkey are facing extra competition and lower wages because of
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the coronavirus pandemic hundreds of thousands of them rely on money during the summer to get them through the winter months from cancer early reports. hours spent bending and hawing farming is tough work it will take until august to harvest these cabbages planted in may and the seasonal workers have only 3 months to make some money for the winter so let me go through a lot we work from 7 am and reach our turns around 8 pm but the farm work near there use you hoe irrigate fertilizing earth. most of these workers that come here to pull out in the outskirts of the turkish capital from a southeastern city. caught between the coronavirus and poverty traveling across turkey this year has been a difficult decision to make. my dad who owns a family business organizing workers and
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a range in transportation and tents for them he oversees the needs of almost 300 people and their families. people who don't have any land or any income back home who come here for work every summer to provide for their kids for their winter needs. according to official figures 100000 seasonal workers or from last year for seasonal agriculture works as a global pandemic has worsened existing economic problems in the city the numbers reached 170000 this year. and taxi drivers construction workers jewelers and barbers are among those who have joined. with so many people wages are lower and the work is completed faster as a job that usually takes a month to finish now ends in 15 or 20 days most of our friends on other farms also
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say they've already finished the work. due to coronavirus restrictions fewer passengers are allowed in the vehicles that's made people's journey here from home at least 4 times more expensive. women must look to the care of children and cook. these families are poor and most of the children are not familiar with the internet and can't control of the online education being offered during depend. i miss my school friends everything back home some attention here is poor and people are forced to work together closely rather than maintain social distancing but may increase the risk of catching the coronavirus but many feel they are so you flew on the forms back in their towns or cities so you know al-jazeera ancora. now nepal's parliament has approved changes to the country's map further straining
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ties with neighboring india the revised map seeks to include 400 square kilometers of disputed territory seen here in yellow that areas been under indian control for about 60 years and this latest spat was triggered after india opened a new road to the chinese border through a strategic himalayan pawson territory that nepal claims as its own bill will now go to the polls at the house for approval residents in venice are taking a stand against mass tourism as the city springs back to life after months and lockdown protesters formed a human chain along one of the italian city's canals calling for the industry to be better regulated they say over tourism has ruined neighborhoods and also damaged the environment and space x. has sent more than 60 satellites into orbit designed to beam high speed internet to earth. 3. born here. but.
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the falcon 9 rocket launched $58.00 starlink internet satellites into space with 3 satellites from another fab hitching a lift to it's the 2nd such mission this month the space x. which is building a broadband network of nearly $500.00 satellites under the starlink banner space x. found a mask plans to send a total of $12000.00 devices into space. i know that this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the police killing of another black man in the u.s. has triggered new demonstrations anger and condemnation police in atlanta say racial brooks failed a breath test and resisted arrest they tried to use a taser on him but a fight broke out before he was fatally shot the wendy's restaurant where brooks was shot has now been set on fire you're watching live pictures of the scenes nearby where protesters shut down the interstates there have been a number of arrests we're bringing you all the latest here on out of there well the
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lawyer representing the racial brooks family has condemned the actions of those police officers and as we are just getting this tape just the details are just getting more horace because there were multiple witnesses out there we talked to some witnesses today who said that the officers wouldn't put on plastic globes and picked up their silkies. after they killed before really doing it we tell that 16 seconds before they did the. 57 new cases of corona virus have been reported in china dozens tested positive after visiting the biggest wholesale food market in the capital beijing that area is now closed and under police guard. and chillies health minister has been replaced the day off to the country reported its west spike included $1000.00 cases since the pandemic began high monoliths has been under mounting pressure to resign
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over his handling of the outbreak the french government spokeswoman is calling for the collection of ethnicity based statistics in a bid to monitor the extent of discrimination in the country to beseen di a who is of senegalese heritage says not being able to measure and see reality as it is has allowed fantasies to prosper and venezuela's opposition need to one glider says he doesn't recognize the appointment of a team that will oversee forthcoming parliamentary elections the supreme court named new need is for the national electoral council a body that critics have repeatedly accused of favoring the ruling socialist posse opponents boycotted a vote back in 2018 on the grounds that it was rigged nicolas maduro went on to be reelected well those are the headlines that rob matheson will have more news for you here on al-jazeera after the listening post stay with us.
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now i juss era. where ever the. tech stuff costs people to posit that racism tests at half the trash trucks patrick like trying to pass. as off like 5 feet to pass just cuts straight question right by the face of the stasi something like. hello i'm richard has been you're watching the listening post working from home here are some of the media stories that we're examining this week a statue of a slave trader takes the fall in the u.k. as britain confronts its colonial leg.


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