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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  ALJAZ  June 14, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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this is a moment for pretty much the opposite where retreat from the world you can actually see that every generation has its moment. as ours. demonstrators in the u.s. city of atlanta set fires and block highways to protest against the death of an african american man shot by police. about this and this is all too soon live from doha also coming up boris johnson condemns a far right demonstration as racist factory as the group clashes with black lives matter protesters and police in london. fears of a new coronavirus outbreak in china it's recorded its highest number of daily cases
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since april and parts of beijing are in lockdown again. chile's president replaces his health minister as coronavirus cases spiral they are even though parts of the capital remain closed. protests have broken out in the u.s. city of atlanta following the police killing of another black man on friday demonstrators are angry after ryszard brooks was shot by officers after a struggle at a fast food restaurant but they say brooks had fallen asleep in his car at the drive through had failed a sobriety test and resisted arrest well it's just gone past 1 o'clock in the morning in atlanta these are live pictures from there protesters as you can see still out on the streets it's a much thinner crowd than was there a few hours ago when the crowd of protesters had spread out across. a nearby
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highway you can just see that that's the end 85 that's just behind there in fact we can just see some items being thrown up until this point this crowd has been fairly peaceful but it has been blocking that on the ramp to the and 85 just behind where the camera is at the moment is the wendy's restaurant where the incident involving groups is said to have taken place and it was subsequently set on fire we don't know what the cause of that fire was as i say these protesters up to this point have been fairly quiet but we're now seeing a line of police guarding the on ramp to the anything 5 and items being thrown we're going to follow this story of course as it happens we're going to bring more to you throughout the morning. ok let's get more now on what actually happened from gallagher. facing off against riot police setting cause on fire and blocking roads protesters in atlanta gather close to where
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a short brooks died on friday night the 27 year old father of 3 was reported for being asleep in his car at this fast food drive through officers say mr brooks was drunk following a violent struggle with mr brooks it's alleged the 27 year old to the police tasered and turned on the offices he was then shot and later died in hospital i don't know how to do this the sun never knew i was going up the duties. i'll bust this all in there are from the whole george lot situation 2 of coming together like this blows. in this whole dying man and i don't stop on the phone following an outcry over the police's use of deadly force the city's chief of police erica shields offered her resignation bluntest make keesha lines bottoms accepted calling the police action unnecessary i firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do i do not
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believe that this was a justify use of deadly force and have a cold for the media term a nation of the officer. all this comes just weeks after 2 students were violently dragged from their car by 6 atlanta police officers charges against the students were dropped 4 of the officers were fired and all 6 face criminal charges now the city is facing another crisis following the shooting of rae shot brooks his family lawyer says the receiver is questions about what happened we talked to some witnesses today who said that the officers went in put on plastic gloves and picked up their cell casings after they killed before and during it. we counted sue minutes and 16 seconds before they even set this off both judges bureau of investigation and the district attorney's office have launched investigations into mr brooks death according to reports this is the 48 officer
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involved shooting this year 15 of them who think the death of ray shot brooks comes at a critical time in this nation's history protests over the killing of george floyd in minneapolis continue across the nation the death of another african-american man at the hands of police will surely only add fuel to a long burning fire and a gallacher al-jazeera miami florida mary hoax is co-director of southerners on new ground she's also a co-founder of black lives matter in atlanta and she says vital social services have been neglected in favor of police funding. well i think that us history will show us and tell us that when we saw the ramping up the war on drugs and mass incarceration in the eighty's and ninety's that you know we saw public school budgets big slashed we saw the social safety net continue to be slashed and so we
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need to see investment that's actually want to clean up the mess that the one drugs have made in our communities we need to see those investments be made and jobs and housing i mean in advance and you literally walk around and see people in tents sleeping on the street and that makes no sense to me when police heartful institution is given so much money but we felt invested in the livelihoods and wellbeing of our people and we also want to see an investment and making sure that people are ok during cold that and unless that mentality that police and outside force should be dominating our communities this change we're going to continue to see more of our people get killed and experience police violence and state niland in our communities and so with that mindset it is no surprise then that he would say something like that's how white supremacy thinks and operates it's all domination that you know stems from colonisation and so you know we're in
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a time right now where the ordinary just won't do and every day people are sick of police dominating our communities british prime minister barak zones and has condemned a far right demonstration in london as racist froggery violence broke out between far right groups and anti racism protesters who were holding a counter rally some of the far right crowd also attacked police officers trying to keep the 2 sides apart so you're going to go reports. they came they set to protect a monument. a statue of churchill that had already been boarded up to prevent vandalism thousands of far right supporters from various organizations descended on parliament square. the same crowds who voiced anger at damage done to start shoes attacking policemen and women was the. pelting them with objects
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fireworks even using broke barriers that were meant to keep them apart from another march organized by anti racism groups. but some broke away. scores of police officers moved into position to stop further breakouts of violence there's already been scenes of tension between those far right organizations and the police that protest itself meanwhile what the black lives matter movement here what's do is focus on the issues rather than any possible eruptions between them and the far right organizations the. one way the black lives movement did that organizing smaller marches across the country. but even in those marches such as this one in the northern city of new cos all the far right also issued out their own calls looking for confrontation throwing flares and taunting the police the events in the us have triggered debates about the state of
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race relations in britain but there are elements of society who violently resent that. found by far right leaders under the guise of patriotism they would rather provoke than meaningfully engage. sunit i have all al-jazeera london. riot police in front so far tear gas to disperse a largely peaceful protest against racism and police brutality. dozens of people defied a band to join the march in. central paris the rally was led by supporters of adama is a french black man who died in police custody in 2016 under circumstances which remain unclear no one has been charged despite multiple autopsies. personally i've never had a bad experience with the police but i'm not going to lie to you yes i'm scared of the police i don't want to put all police officers in the same camp there are good
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police officers but the problem today is that there are too many bad ones so of course as a person of color when i walk in front of the police i feel bad i'm scared and above all when you see the videos you think to yourself that could happen to me. meanwhile police have converged on the arc de triomphe in central paris in defiance of the government they're resisting moves to implement reforms including the suspension of officers accused of racist acts it comes days after just the interior minister promised a 0 tolerance policy for racism within french law enforcement the noisy of the get up with coming back here we want people to know that the police if it up the police the time the tired of being stigmatized we just want to get on with their work normally there's often and you might have seen at the rally that colleagues were attacked we had several injured this afternoon so enough is enough at some point the message from politicians has to be coherent with what they expect from the police force. that are fears of
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a coronavirus resurgence in china health authorities have recorded the highest daily number of infections since april parts of beijing on and on lockdown after dozens of people tested positive after visiting a wholesale food market for more on this let's speak to debian gopalan in hong kong just bring us up to date with what the latest is on these numbers 1st of all. right as so about $38.00 of those cases are from the markets are being traced to that market that you mentioned and around 17 are said to be imported from a flight from a bundle of their ship to from dhaka to which is a southern province which is so the southern provinces now banned flights from a bungler there as they're trying to contain those imported cases but going after the cases in beijing which is causing a lot of concern because of the sheer number of people who could be infected from
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that cluster that originated that market there are concerns that the cases could actually be spread through the food and food packaging and that's where the virus came from so the government says they're going to test the 10000 workers that work in that market it is one of asia's biggest wholesale markets and they will also test people who have come into contact into that market with that markets from may 30th onward so this is a very large scale and devore that they're trying to promote to end they are also saying that this is going to be a prolonged fight against the virus in the capital that's what the health ministers are saying so along with that that shut down about 11 nearby neighborhoods people's movements will be restricted they won't be allowed to leave their homes and schools and kindergartens in the vicinity will also be shut down and public a major public facilities and sporting events will be shut down across the city so there is
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a sense that the government is really trying to contain this virus but it's still unclear how far it's spread already with cases detected are traced back to that market in 3 other provinces now rob the chinese government was determined to show that it was in control of the virus not long ago this is presumably going to raise questions about whether or not the lockdown that it brought in did come in too soon . well robin that press conference that was given in the past hour the health ministry said that there were no 0 cases in beijing domestic cases in nearly 2 months so they had lifted a lot of restrictions the concern here is beijing has a population about 20000000 and many areas are very high density and the spread of this case resembles the start of the virus if you recall back at the end of last year in the city of one with a population of 11000000 in the coronavirus had 1st surfaces there at the markets
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also in the government put in draconian lockdown measures or what was seen as that at the time but since then many countries have followed suit to try and contain this virus now much of the country the government the chinese government did roll out this kind of a lockdown of this kind of restrictions across much of the country but also of concern was the economy and the people themselves who many of them if they couldn't work could put food on the table so eventually as the number of cases dropped they started lifting these restrictions because now the focus is going to be on testing so while they are putting in restrictions movement restrictions and isolating cities they are going to do a massive testing scheme across any areas which they say could be vulnerable to the virus as do their gopal and bring you updates on the situation in china from hong kong. still ahead on al-jazeera an embarrassing u.
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turn as a sterling is prime minister apologizes for comments he made about slavery plus. i'm begging the artist and odd galleries have emerged from lockdown to explore the impact of the coronavirus demick our everyday lives. is blowing hot again the hot dry and dusty when the comes out of iraq and drives down the gulf you'd think it would cool things down wouldn't you but it doesn't always in fact it doesn't usually the temperatures $44.00 in baghdad the winds to give you $46.00 in kuwait and not much left much less in doha the dust itself has kicked up even more in the u.a.e. and nor does tom seem quite lucky but it's just so when there's not much in the skies not much in the way of cloud except in turkey so wind direction gives you the
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temperature in jerusalem and indicates it on shore breeze from the cooler but to rain ian there is quite a breeze through so lot of the coast of amal it's slowly getting a bit more moist but as yet it's not overcast and it's not drizzling. and you can see the monsoon wind in this cloud that it develops over the indian ocean the wind is sircar's up the coast from tanzania through kenya and somalia it's not bringing very much rain in the moment most of the rain is in the form of thunderstorms that for mainland of the highlands over lake victoria or beyond but they're pretty well scott said at the moment the focus mogadishu is a dry one a bit of rain on sunday maybe a shower or 2 by tuesday. white supremacy is on the rise in the us it's an undercurrent that is bubbling up has
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mainstream extreme ideas this is the 1st step toward taking america back. faultlines examines the doctrines feeding hay traits that one too often deadly consequences what are you telling your congregations about safety if we have to be concerned conspiracy to massacre anti semitism in america on al-jazeera. you want to go to 0 a reminder of our top stories in this hour the police killing of another black man in the u.s. has triggered new demonstrations anger and condemnation police in atlanta say we're sorry brooks failed a sobriety test and resisted arrest they try to use
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a taser on him but a struggle broke out before he was shot these are live pictures from atlanta it's next to the end 85 highway where earlier on about 2 hours ago or protesters had blocked both lanes in both directions of the highway and some of them were subsequently arrested just went behind where the camera is now in is the wendy's fast food restaurant where the incident involving books is said to have taken place it was set on fire we don't know how that far was started not just about half an hour ago this is a small group of protesters had started throwing some items at the police as you can see ranged there but the police is blocking the police and blocking the on ramp to the an 85 at the moment that seems to have calmed down a moment of course as this develops we're going to bring you more on this. british prime minister abbas johnson has condemned
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a far right demonstration in london as racist thuggery violence broke out between far right groups and 900 bases in protesters who were holding a counter rally some of the far right crowd also attacked police officers trying to keep the 2 science apart. but are fears of a coronavirus resurgence in china the country has recorded 57 new cases the highest daily mail. of infections since april parts of beijing are under lockdown after dozens of people tested positive after visiting the wholesale food market. chinese health minister has been replaced a day after the country reported its worst spike in covert $1000.00 cases him a month and they had been under mounting pressure to resign for his handling of the outbreak chile is one of latin america's worst affected countries and reported more than 6700 infections and 222 deaths on friday and i know that apollo has more.
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it is a bit of a surprise to hear the resignation of chillis health minister on saturday especially given the fact that she lays right now going through the worst phase of the corona virus outbreak in the country there but health minister mentally each is a somewhat of a controversial figure he's been heavily criticized for taking what's being criticized as a as a relaxed role for not implementing more robust mitigation measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in chile comparing the the efforts and she led to efforts in neighboring countries like argentina which implemented a total lockdown so the president of chile is have a stamp yet it has been under a lot of pressure from political opponents to replace the health minister all of that culminating now with the resignation of each but if we took if we look at right now just to reiterate a few of the of the statistics it was supposed to be an exception to the rule in latin america even before the outbreak began in the region latin america was
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expected to be ill prepared it was said that latin america spends less on health policy than any other country in the world there was an expectation that she would do better than most of the other countries in the region unfortunately what we're seeing is that she led again is one of the worst hit countries in the region according to the latest statistics on over 167000 infections and 3101 deaths hundreds of people in cities across lebanon have protested for the 3rd consecutive day demanding the government resign over the country's worst economic crisis in decades. demonstrators say politicians are failing to take urgent action as unemployment soars along with the cost of living the lebanese pound has lost more than 60 percent of its values since of tobar lebanon's prime minister is blaming the previous government for the economic turmoil suck up but you know how when at the end. the coup attempt has failed and all the secret schemes have failed from deep
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in the crisis some of tried again to pump room of and push people to the street they want to prevent the government from removing the rubble under which corruption is hidden we will not be silent about holding us responsible for the policies that brought the country to where we are today attorneys prime minister scott morrison has apologized for comments he made denying the country has a history of slavery as remarks angered aboriginal australians as well as descendants of pacific islanders who say their ancestors were brought to work on sugar plantations for little or no pay wallace and says he did not mean to offend anyone i've always said we need to look at our history what the comments i was referring to was to how the new south wales settlement was 1st established and the views that were communicated the time in forming the new south wales colony and you go back to people like william wilberforce and others they were very involved in that 1st fleet expedition and one of the principals was to be the destroyer in that
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case new south wales was was not to have lawful slavery dominico sullivan is an associate professor of political science at charles starting university he says many estonians are not aware of their past. many countries in the world australia doesn't know that history terribly well and it has a habit of. think you think nice bit of a history of history that it doesn't like or that could cause tension or embarrassment or. difficulty in the present and i think. what morrison's initial comment denying slavery my main and off the cuff remark that. was it was simply a mistake. the fact that he retracted it very quickly i think realized it was a sign that he had realized that he really couldn't if they'd just as a nation because what he said was not true and in the evidence that it's not true
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is compelling. so i rather than have a political fight have something to. it he offered this apology in the hope that the issue would go away to some degree that i have in other respects i think. what it's done is just highlight they significance of any society knowing its history and also. put into the australian mind the idea that it certain history is good and some of canada's prime minister just in today or has called for an investigation after police video emerged showing the violent arrest of an indigenous leader the footage has provoked outrage and sparked debate over police brutality and institutional racism david marr so reports from colorado. this was the moment canadian police arrested a prominent indigenous leader while one officer tries to grab chief alan adam
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a 2nd rushes in and tackles him once on the ground adam is punched in the face as his wife a nice plead with officers to stop on friday prime minister justin trudeau demanded an inquiry like many people i have serious questions about what happened the independent investigation must be transparent and be carried out so that we get answers police dash cam footage shows adam being questioned about an expired license plate outside a casino early on march 10th chief adam accused the officer of harassing him and his wife the 12 minute video shows him swearing at the officer and taking a fighting stance before being jumped tackled to the ground adam released this photo after being released from police custody my point did not want to come forward with this he waited for a long time he was suffering from trauma and finally came forward because i think this is an example of the systemic racism that exists in north america it can no
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longer be denied adam himself spoke about as arrests during a solidarity march on june 6th for a pretty $110.00 violation. i took the bird it. got better the bruisers. for all the ortiz who could speak out have to alter it for local r.c.m.p. canada's national police force said officers used reasonable force when adams resisted arrest but after the video surfaced a senior official made an abrupt about face earlier this week i made the statement that i did not believe there was systemic racism within the r.c.m.p. or canadian policing. i expressed my belief that racism is found in all aspects of our society in our institutions and in our police services. adam is an outspoken indigenous leader known internationally for his work against oil sands projects near his community but while his fame has focused public
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attention on discrimination and abuse of people of indigenous descent his experiences are all too common and bitterness people make up less than 5 percent of canada's population but they account for around a 3rd of the prison population and 30 percent of death in police custody the question is now what authorities will do about a system that many here say is racist david mercer al-jazeera in calgary canada venezuela's opposition leader why do is refusing to recognize the appointment of a team that will oversee upcoming parliamentary elections the supreme court named new leaders for the national electoral council a body that critics have repeatedly accused of favoring the ruling socialist party opponents boycotted the vote in 2018 on grounds that it was rigged china's art scene is one of the 1st to emerge from locked on galleries in beijing have reopened to showcase work reflecting the impact of the pandemic on everyday lives some
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artists are casting a critical eye on the way governments responded to the health crisis katrina you reports from beijing warring governments and a global pandemic these are themes explored in beijing to ensure his latest work he believes that world leaders have used the coronavirus as a weapon to divide society i think this is really so really so sad people network that together people find to each other. and conflict are frequently explored in animated films each is made up of thousands of painted wood carvings. his team is working on the next 90 minute feature to be completed in 2022. so this is a really small says it's important for artists to reflect on the outbreak especially in china where criticism is often censored and controls have increased you control the government. made. only the country.
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too much. too much i think of china's problem. everything slow and. you know what can do better. reflecting on the way governments have responded to the health crisis others are examining our response as individuals the exhibition meditations in an emergency features the work of 26 international and chinese artists from mortality and illness to media and how these artists are helping audiences come to terms with what it means to live in an age of a modern pandemic from installation speech or laptops endlessly scrolling online news articles to representations of human remains organizers say the exhibition to reflect on the coronavirus as a universal experience you know what does the president has
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a taught us about our every day routines and their fertility what is it taught us about health about our bodies about our vulnerability for the 1st time in months this is all slowly returning to china our district not every gallery has survived the lockdown but is confident that as the pandemic eases people will turn to ought to help make sense of this challenging time and history looking back on what was lost but what was learned. al-jazeera beijing. this is all it is either of these of the top stories the police killing of another black man in the u.s. has triggered a new demonstrations anger and condemnation police in atlanta say rashad brooks failed a sobriety test and resisted arrest one of the officers has been fired the other
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has been put on administrative leave and gallacher is monitoring developments from miami people in atlanta are extremely angry and remember this is a city where just 2 weeks ago 2 young african-american students were violently pull from their car. while their vehicle had its tires ripped open its windows smashed they've got a situation where 4 officers were fired in all 6 of facing criminal charges but this latest event that happened on friday night as really added fuel to a long burning fire. but as prime minister barak johnson has condemned a far right demonstration in london as racist thuggery violence broke out between protesters and anti racism groups who were holding a counter rally some of the far right crowd also attacked police officers trying to keep the 2 sides apart riot police in france have fired tear gas at a largely peaceful protest against racism and police brutality thousands of people defied a band to join the march in central paris the rally was led by supporters of adama
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trolly a black man who died in police custody in 2016 in circumstances that remain unclear . $57.00 new cases of corona virus have been reported in china that's the highest since april dozens tested positive after visiting the biggest wholesale food market in the capital beijing the area is now closed and it's under police guard. chile's health minister has been replaced a day after the country reported its worst spike in covered $1000.00 cases since the pandemic began and they managed had been under mounting pressure to resign over his handling of the outbreak. australia's prime minister scott morrison has apologized for comments he made the night in the country has a history of slavery as remarks to the pacific islanders has worked on sugar plantations for little or no pay coming up next it's fault lines by june 1967 sixty's they redrew the map of the middle east america to victory.
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ended war war the greatest tragedy in the history of islam 50 years later al-jazeera expose the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations and tried to make. contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was to do with the rule in june. anti semitism may not be due to the united states. but in recent years the american consciousness has been pierced by anti semitic threats and violence. in 2017 the us saw an unprecedented surge and anti-semitic incidents.
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