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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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to just. holding the phone to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al jazeera. hong kong police arrest 370 people protesting against a new security law as britain off as residents new routes for immigration. with the ability to live and work in the u.k. and thereafter to apply for citizenship. alone convinced this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up yemeni rights group documents abuses including deaths in secret prisons and says all sides in the war are guilty. as ethiopians mourn
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a popular singer the prime minister accuses al so it is of being behind his murder . and more of europe's coronavirus border restrictions on lift this and its reopening to travelers from a safe 1st of 14 countries. more than 370 people have been arrested on the streets of hong kong as a contentious new national security law posed by china's central government took effect of the fired tear gas and pepper bullets to protest all the anniversary of the former british colonies hand over to chinese rule us secretary of state has again condemned the law saying china promised 50 years of freedom for hong kong but only gave it $23.00. free hong kong was one of the world's most stable prosperous and dynamic cities now now will be just another communist run city where its people we subject to the party elites wimps it's sad. indeed this is
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already happening security forces are already rounding up on congress for doing to speak and think freely the rule of law has been eviscerated and as always the chinese communist party fears its own people more than anything else and british prime minister boris johnson has confirmed the government is creating a new route from to 3000000 hong kong residents to live and work in the u k. if china continue down this path we would reach introduce a new route for those with british national of the sea status to enter the u.k. granting them limited leave to remain with the ability to live and work in the u.k. and they're off to to apply for citizenship and that is precisely what we will do. sir clock reports now from hong kong. despite the searing heat and defying a police ban thousands of protesters marched to test the new national security
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rules the legislation was fast tracked in record time in beijing and in acted on july the 1st the 23rd anniversary of britain's handover to chinese rule as sad as it makes me say so it is yes. china is china it's hold on hold on it's china as of today 1st of july it's a sad day but that's what it is but i also take to the streets also say what i think because it's my right as a human being. who are protesters started marching chanting free home cone lang at they key demands i need to be met by a line of riot police but this group of demonstrators say it's they do to stand up to china they law enforcement in hong kong what they always do this you are allowed to protest and make their arrest later so i to day i come out and an out and one audit dictatorship knowing full well that probably i'll get arrested on trial.
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the scope of the national security is far reaching article 38 says it can essentially target anyone anywhere extradition to children if a child and a maximum sentence of life in prison faces vandalizes of the legislation people were arrested during wednesday's rally for breaking the new normal they were in position of items cooling the hong kong's independence from china police sealed off the area fide the water cannon and tear gas and pepper balls to break up the crowd police say one officer. it was stabbed in the. strategy by police on wednesday it was a cordon off key areas where those protesters had gathered at one high times square i felt like i know much protests rival the radical right the police were still able to mike at least $300.00 arrests. earlier on wednesday the city's chief executive celebrated the handover anniversary of the swift introduction of the new security law kerry was sidelined in the drafting of the script but said it was necessary to restore order and rebuild hong kong's reputation as
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a leading international financial center in asia yet see a lot of the enactment of the national law is regarded as the most significant development in the relationship between the central authorities and hong kong since its return to the motherland in beijing government leaders were doing their best to counter critics who say china's actions marked the end of hong kong's special autonomy the government in beijing says one that is responsible for the former british territory and they want to prevent it becoming a springboard for subversion against china sir clock al-jazeera hong kong well it's week now to our white house correspondent kimberly hellcats kempley what else did the secretary of state mike pompeo have to say about this. yeah well he really is calling out the chinese communist party and concerned that this is going to in terms of article 38 that broad sweeping national security law
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that it's going to have an impact on americans but all residents of hong kong essential in his words they will be subjected to the whims of the party elites that the rule of law has been eviscerated the big concern for the united states is how broadly defined this law can be that americans living in hong kong could potentially be caught up and even prosecuted accused of doing just normal everyday business even with friends and family back in the united states and so that's why the united states and the secretary of state announcing that the united states is issuing a business advisory and what this means is essentially it is discouraging american companies and companies around the world essentially from doing business particularly with companies in china that may have ties to forced labor of violate human rights that they will be discouraged from doing business this is going out to a number of american agencies this trade business advisory and the united states also saying that they plan on more in terms of counter measures being done and
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clearly all of this of course adds to an already to tary orating relationship between the 2. absolutely it's been going on for say even years but just this week we should point out that the united states once again flagged its grave concern to the treatment of chinese muslim weaker women the fact that that is been revealed there have been forced sterilizations that have been taking place calling on the united nations to sort of call out these human rights abuses and we should also point out that it was just last week or so that the united states imposed visa restrictions on chinese communist party officials because of the concern for the undermining of hong kong's autonomy so this is a series of escalations that they say has to do with the concerns about the rule of law in hong kong but we should also point out this is an administration looking for someone to blame for the decimated u.s. economy as
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a result of covert 19 and how hard it has hit americans particularly in election year when donald trump is running for reelection and had hoped to win another term based on a strong u.s. economy that now no longer exists thank you that can really how could there our white house correspondent france's foreign minister has called an e.u. meeting to discuss possible sanctions on turkey france is temporarily pulling out of a nato operation in the mediterranean it's demanding nato forces an arms embargo on libya turkey is supporting the un recognized government to tripoli but has about the joins me now live from paris natasha what else to foreign minister have to say today. as a french foreign minister talking to the parliament in the senate he said that he wanted eve foreign ministers to made for this exceptional meeting on july the 13th to talk about the european union's relationship with turkey what sort of relationship it wants to have said the foreign ministers must talk openly and
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without to boo about this relationship and the inference is from france's foreign minister is that perhaps some of turkey's actions recently simply aren't compatible with what he would see as values shorey of the draw for example says that france believes that turkey is fueling instability in libya by importing francaise syrian fighters into the country in fact this echoes words from president mack rock who just earlier this week on tuesday said he had a criminal responsibility in libya for its actions are very strong words indeed from france are looking for eve foreign ministers to perhaps come up with some sort of new idea of a relationship with turkey going forward certainly are joy of a g r has suggested that the e.u. should baps consider imposing more sanctions on turkey for the time being there are
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sanctions from the e.u. on turkey over and or oil drilling dispute because there's a situation now what else is behind the sorry relations between paris and ankara. well the relations between the 2 countries have been soured for several years now particularly between presidents and crawl but of course the world war of words certainly stepped up a few weeks ago when earlier this month france claimed the one of its naval ships which is taking part in a nato operation in the mediterranean sea a security operation there france said that that shape was aggressed by a turkish warship now turkey denies those claims nevertheless france has taken its complaint to nato to both nato members and france is pressing they dated to perhaps take some sort of action well it seems as if nato hasn't acted fast enough for
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fraunces liking because paris is now saying that it's pulling out all of this joint military operation the security operation in the mediterranean sea is going to pull out it's a ships and its aircraft thank you then a toss about that there live from paris saudi state t.v. says air strikes have targeted who the rebels in yemen's capital there are no reports of damage so far the attacks on some are followed last week's messiah an armed drone attacks targeting the saudi capital riyadh there they said the strikes on the defense ministry and the military base was the largest military operation yes against the kingdom a rights group in yemen is accusing both sides in the civil war of carrying out abuses in its nearly 90 page report the motown organization for human rights documents hundreds of arbitrary detentions forced disappearances and torture 2016 of the 66 yemenis it says have died in secret prisons the report identifies at least 11 unofficial detention centers it claims that the who these and militias
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trained by the u.a.e. for most of the abuse more than 100000 people have died in the nearly 6 year war valving iran back to the rebels and the saudi u.a.e. coalition. well rajar more walk hair is the 10 percent of the more town organization for human rights she is calling for the immediate release of detainees a was the very terrible details about torture it was back to the extent that i couldn't review their report more than once i refused to read it more than once i didn't even imagine that parties to the conflict are dealing that. the in a terrible terrible where they were to date and and to end the reports 66 of those who were detained by different parties to the conflict where killed they have died so the torture it's not one case not even 2 or 3 or 4 cases it's many cases of
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a horrible details of torture inside the facility is different in an office full of prison facilities detainees since 2016 until now. they are in a very bad situation and even when covert 19 just a period in yemen we were very scared and we pushed that the detainees who should be released because we also have done research about the situation offer detention centers and different given rates and we know it's it's a horrible situation and if the court in $1000.00 just started with one case in any detention facility so it's going to be a disaster for all day to nice that's why it's very urgent that all parties of the conflict should release those data needs and the news ahead. stalin osce the un's cultural agency warns its logo is being used illegally. and
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a delay in israel's tired to begin the process of and mixing parts of the occupied west bank. a lot of you want to see dramatic thunderstorms go to amman they've been around recently this time of the year it's a man that gets the edge moisture from the monsoon over india so you do get some pretty big sandstorm you get some proper rain every now and again that's true certainly on says not might be the start of the honey for that long event takes place and so our just on the edge of the monsoon cloud drizzle the breeze elsewhere has become lighter you see a bit of an orange face here that is the idea of dust in the atmosphere is not particularly a big event at the moment it picks up more in northern iraq and this is jury in front of tempus because the wind is not strong in the sunnies on the high side of
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424748 nearly 512 places it's cooler it looks like in doha that's a humid $35.00 you will not like to experience that mostly it's dry and dusty throughout north africa not particular dusty with the showers as far north star as a saheli of course the biggest ones tend to grow in the ethiopian highlands but more recently they've been in west africa running up through almost was the gambian there's the orange tops all the biggest shows the dust is again the orange stuff in mauritania western sahara and something like that in north now jerry in fact algeria has been the hottest place in the world in the last 24 hours. but for. some imprisoned dissidents to inspirational and. from founding the independent state to fiercely defending his people from ethnic cleansing in the conclusion of a 2 part documentary soonest i just see
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a world expose the rise to power of the 1st luger of an independent bosnia herzegovina. is a bag of h. . from prisoner to president on a jazzier. order . you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour at least 370 people been arrested on the streets of hong kong as a contentious new national security law imposed by china's central government to protect people to fire tear gas and pepper bullets to protest on the anniversary of the former british colonies handover to chinese rule. us secretary of state is
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a good condemned the last thing he's concerned about the safety of people living in hong kong. and france's foreign minister has called an e.u. meeting to discuss possible sanctions on turkey follows his country's withdrawal from a data operation in the mediterranean france is unhappy at turkey's role in libya. the united nations cultural agency is warning that its name and logo being illegally used to traffic african affects u.s. goes says it's been printed on false documents to certify the value of stolen art some trafficking is connected to organized crime and the funding of terrorism interpol arrestable 100 people have recovered 900000 stolen artifacts in may joining us from paris is the director for culture and emergencies at unesco thank you for your time. can we get a little bit specific what are we what kind of artifacts are we talking about here what kind of cultural property and what scale is this happening. no we talking we
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talking about. cultural object that are coming from from africa you know that are really important for the country's cultural and cultural heritage for the identity so this are very important testimony is of how you know. the our cultures are so important and having them it's sometimes sort. of because people are using the name of your desk or we don't really it was important a 21 everyone against this kind of situation unesco does not issue a set if it gets to go for people to are fraudulent he said or a transaction about countries cultural heritage ok so interpol arrested more than 100 people does unesco have any idea how long this is been going on for. i think you know it does has it been going long for for falling for many many years
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you know if you're fighting. against cultural property you're let's go we have been doing it for the past 50 years this year we celebrating the 50th anniversary of this effort and that's why it was important to really want everyone out out out on the wire that i would role is to work with countries to. prevent this sort of looting then to issue phallus if you get to people to make business with. you does go believes that this is connected to other forms of organized crime including the funding of terrorism do you have any idea what groups are specifically carrying out these sorts of crimes and a benefiting from this. now i think it would be probably difficult to name one group or another one but it's just what we have been up something in the past years either in the middle east or even in african west african the sahara where in all
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some of the extremist groups when they are comparing it to retrain they need a little bit tough money saw they would use all kind of business including the looting of cultural and defect to set them so that they can begin to have a living room to conduct the other illegal activities and this has been going for 4 sometimes. seems more than 10 years to be in the past decades and i think it's clear that at the feet contributes to funding of terrorism activity is this is what we we know by now and i it is important to one everyone about it thanks so much for your time from paris designer in a difficult turn and emergencies at unesco. pleasure. if the obvious prime minister is accusing foreign forces of murdering a populist signa and rights activists at least 8 people including a police officer were killed in the ethnic unrest that followed and reports. that.
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as a former political prisoner and a romo activist a chuckle one day so was known for more than his lyrics about economic and civil rights his songs became the melody of the protest movement and 20 teams that elevated the new government to power he was shot late on monday. he needs somebody that is seen as i can by a good 50 plus 1000000 people who need your b.s. you know the whole of africa. is. how do you really want to go. my duty of power had the rhetorical facility the verbal invasion the critics question was which he you know really ably committed in title a don't fight some of the deeply interested and profound new to part of the almost the facing as throughout history. his killing provoked
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a furious response from his many fans thousands followed his casket through the capital addis ababa. the room already p.o.v as largest ethnic group which is long complained about discrimination and oppression even with a fellow aroma as prime minister nobel peace prize winner met said what he called an evil act of assassination was orchestrated abroad in order to divide the country he alluded to egypt and sudan which are in dispute with ethiopia over the opening of africa's largest hydroelectric dam. could be a whim as the un security council was meeting to discuss the nice and stem crisis the cessation crime took place it's a crime which an external force has participated and carried it out using a local force the aim is to prevent us from completing their innocence dam project our enemies will not achieve their objectives even if we pay more prices and offer more sacrifices about it given a chuckle or was critical of the prime minister to appearing on
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a media network owned by a government critic joe or muhammad a few days ago. the 36 year old singer spoke out about receiving death threats before his life was abruptly ended now many ethiopians will remember him as a larger than life figure in life and in death the center of national intrigue. and or should help al jazeera. the united nations security council has unanimously adopted a resolution supporting secretary general antonio cole for a global. this will help war torn countries stop fighting to focus on stopping the corona virus from spreading from the u.n. has a diplomatic as said james bass. it was back in march that the secretary general of the united nations at the start of the band tony a good terrorist made the unprecedented call for a global ceasefire to coincide with covert 19 to try and silence the guns and some of the world's trouble spots although he made that call 100 days ago
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initially the security council was paralyzed on this issue on able to come up with a resolution of their own mishal problems between the u.s. and russia russia wanted language or lifting sanctions during this health emergency and then the problems emerged between china and the u.s. in the go see a chanst the trumpet ministration wanted to call covert 19 the chinese virus then president trump pulled out the world health organization and china said that the resolution had to have a mention of the world health organization in it so although we now finally have this resolution in place and that's important it clearly has highlighted the very deep divisions on the u.n. security council for one country that is particularly pleased is germany it has assumed the presidency for july on this day so it believes this is a sign of new cooperation on the security council as it begins its month long
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presidency here the new nie it is reopening its borders to some travelers from outside the bloc this is from 14 countries have been approved for entry they include canada japan south korea thailand algeria and tunisia those not on the list to having serious problems containing covert 19 like the united states turkey and russia europe's terrorism said to having struggling throughout the pandemic many business is a hoping that the opening of the borders will help sell the part of the all important some a season as there steadfast and is in the netherlands tourist town of market. so here at the fishing village of markan it's a very traditional village and it's a very popular tourist destination and normally at this time of the year hundreds of tourists visit his village on a daily basis and as you can see now this hardly anyone here we went to amsterdam earlier and you could see that tourism is picking up a little bit but it's mostly european tourists and dutch tourists who are now here
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and people here are complaining that they are not buying enough americans are the 2nd largest group of tourists in amsterdam usually and there are none of them there because the americans are still not allowed to enter the e.u. so they are badly missed a lot of business owners have complained to us saying the only 20 percent of their income right now and many are fearing that they will lose their business if this summer is going to be so bad as it is predicted the palestinian government has declared a 5 day lockdown in the occupied west bank because of increasing corona virus infections a lockdown from friday follows 11 deaths and more than 3000 reported cases new emergency is another blow for palestinians as they resist israeli annexation plans looks like israel is delaying those an exemption plans for the occupied west bank and jordan valley israel's prime minister has been saying the process would begin on july the 1st coalition partner benny gantz is suggested and accession is put on hold while the government combat's coronavirus benjamin netanyahu has latest
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comments are talks are being held with the us about what happens next at least one person has died and more than 70 people arrested during protests in trinidad and tobago people have been demonstrating against police officers involved in the deaths of 3 men on saturday the trio was shot after being suspected in the death of another police officer earlier police say the events are part of an orchestrated plots to quote destabilize the country and the gang members were planning to use the events to cause destruction. voting is close to finishing in russia these are live pictures from moscow voting as a course on post constitutional amendments which would allow president vladimir putin to run for another 2 terms in office until 2036 it's widely expected that they will be approved it. investors in zimbabwe are trying to find out
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what's happening to their money after the government suddenly shut down the stock exchange government leaders say they're trying to stabilize the local currency following major devaluation reports from harare. zimbabwe stock exchanges close to business until further notice staff are on the premises but no trading is allowed the sudden move has left stock brokers and economists drugging to explain to investors what exactly is going on before. travel abroad to the country good faith and i was told of a trend that if we wanted to. protect the money out of the country are already. being tipped on the issue nothing but i'm sure. government officials say the suspect more money was being used to buy shares and in that money was moved out of the country sabotaging the economy they say they want to stabilize the local currency which is just to be devalued since it's reintroduction last year after
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a decade of dollar a zation so what you saw was a. stand. firm and suddenly. there are some suspicion of. president who succeeded long term ruler robert mugabe in 2017 after a military coup is blaming the private sector opposition groups and some western countries as an economic crisis zimbabwe has struggled to stabilize its global currency since reintroducing it. there's a barbie doll it keeps devaluing inflation is nearly 800 percent the highest rate in a decade that's why investors with cash preferred buying shares to avoid their money losing value. economists say suspending most money transactions in. country with a serious shortage of back now it is problematic people can still pay utility bills
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and goods but the number of transactions per day are limited. as shortages of food fuel and cash persist government workers are threatening to strike if they're not paid in american dollars they say this is. going to fast and more and more people and businesses don't want to use it. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories at least 370 people have been arrested on the streets of hong kong as a contentious new national security nor imposed by china's central government took effect people to fire tear gas and pepper bullets to protest on the anniversary of the former british colonies handed over to chinese rule the u.s. secretary of state has again condemned the law saying he's concerned about the safety of people living in hong kong. free hong kong was one of the world's most
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stable prosperous and dynamic cities now now we've just another communist run city were its people we subject to the party elites wimps said indeed this is already happening security forces are already running up on collars for doing to speak and think freely through world law has been eviscerated and as always the chinese communist party fears its own people more than anything else france's foreign minister has called an e.u. me seemed to discuss possible sanctions on turkey it follows his country's withdrawal from a nato operation in the mediterranean france is unhappy at turkey's role in libya. saudi state t.v. says air strikes have targeted to the rebels in yemen's capital there are no reports of damage so far the attacks on samarra follow last week's misao than are drone attacks targeting the saudi capital riyadh. the european union has opened its borders to international travelers from 14 countries countries were excluded if
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they didn't meet criteria like a downward trend in covert 19 cases and in the infection rate the palestinian government has declared a 5 day lockdown in the occupied west bank because of increasing corona virus infections the lock down from friday follows 11 deaths and more than 3000 reported cases in new emergency is another blow for palestinians as they resist israeli and exhaustion plans and it looks like israel is delaying those an expansion plans for the occupied west bank and jordan valley israel's prime minister has been saying the process would begin on july 1st coalition partner benny gantz suggested annexation is put on hold while the government combats the coronavirus. although the headlines more news from here on al-jazeera right after inside story don't go away about.
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anik singh occupied palestinian territory israel's prime minister wants to seize more of the west bank and the jordan valley palestinians and the allies denounce yet another land grab will the c.c.s. spark more middle east oil this is inside story. i welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan the west bank and east jerusalem are at the heart of any future palestinian state but occupied by israeli forces since 1967 and now threatened by an accession palestinian dreams of their own homeland look.


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