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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 103  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2020 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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days of protest in ethiopia has been widespread anger after the murder of a popular singer a child who was a video voice for the country's largest ethnic group the aroma the prime minister says his death was an attempt to destabilize the country. spain and portugal have reopened their shared border 3 months after it closed at the height of the coronavirus outbreak in europe spain's king and portugal's president attended a ceremony in a frontier town comes as the european union has begun to reopen its external borders travelers from 14 nations deemed safe can now reenter the broke there's a top stories do stay with us they're not just there the stream is up next hour more news for you straight after that thanks from actually 45 minutes.
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am. i am funny i k you're watching news stream yemen is in the midst of a 5 years civil war millions of people in yemen need aid and protection but are they getting it the answer is obviously no as we delve into the conversation about what is happening in yemen i want you to see i report on my colleagues out is iraq dot com it gives you really good idea of what is happening down on the ground some of the things you're about to see some of these images of very upsetting this whole .
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ball. rolling in a. whole new. song. so the question we're asking today is has the world abandoned yemen if you are a new chew right now jumping to the china let us know your thoughts and you too can be part of this conversation. we have one guest who is in yemen we have one guest who's outside of yemen and
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dubai with us because it is not easy to get a connection to santa in yemen during the civil war so i am very pleased to say that at my attitude joining us on the phone tell everybody if you are introduce yourself to a global audience yes hello i know everyone this is i'm a very good attribute i am journalist producer who i work in the field inside the country i work with t.v. crews and we try our best to send the story that reality and by country i mean it's really good to have you and after a welcome back to the stream remind everybody who you are. so my name is. i am from salam i am based in sweden and i work as a researcher with human rights watch organization and i will commend human rights abuses international humanitarian nations any and. if i want to put this
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tweet i'm wrong this tweet by us from fatima who is a yemeni american industry is based in washington d.c. she says every time i attend an event on yemen i hear the a.b.c. of complete and historical context over and over again can we pick it up a bit where are things going what can we do to achieve peace can we solve the humanitarian crisis without addressing human rights violations you can feel the frustration coming off that sweet africa where are we right now we haven't. what life has been extremely difficult for a millions of civilians in yemen since the beginning of the conflict and it's true the narrative about the conflict has really shifted along the way and what is really for people inside the country is different from what the international or the outsider media tries to the big to depict the situation on the ground and that's i think mainly because of the problem of axis so imagine that we would
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been trying to speak with another speaker in the show and sites and need to the communication has been very difficult so accessed like you know we have communication and even for a lot of international joining us to go and enter the country has been extremely difficult there is a glow killed by the saudi that. are against the north part of yemen and most of the the sea were the naval parts of yemen and there is also extremely difficult restrictions and unbelievable good ocracy by the different parties in the south or to the east of here meant so access has been extremely difficult for human touch and workers international humanitarian organizations and international journalists and yemen has been isolated for many years now in the course of the conflict but the recent period has been in my opinion the more severe and difficult and
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unbearable period for millions of that once in yemen mainly because of the outbreak of a covert pandemic. and which is what i'm after i'm really curious about how even covering the story some of that video that we should run its beginnings the shock at would you involved in that so much of the reporting that we're seeing internationally is reporting that years to move down on the ground what stories are you telling right now. well as you know now young man is under a war since 5 years and you know we are you know we have a fight we have fighting we have 5 men we have everything in our country unfortunately and today we have a new and to be what we call visible enemy covered by the saudi a few and it's not we want to tell the war that to covert $9000.00 is everywhere that's true but in yemen it's very different because you know. with 90 needs
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a protest has its direction you know the image you have of the structure that's very fertile if we are to try out a half of the facility. health sector closed. not fully functional so it's very very bad you know we want to tell the world yes there is covert 1000 a.b.m. unlike other countries in the war but this war since you have been because we don't have the good health infrastructure we don't have you know peace actually we are not leaving in peace in this country unfortunately and people are very tired from this. you mention cuz it 19 until all the other challenges that you have in yemen i want to bring in he. is a regional spokesperson for mesan some frontier doctors without borders yes i mean i didn't in yemen at the moment when i don't. run into treatment centers for
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coleridge nines with seeing fewer patients in the city than we were in may and it's beginning of this month but what's really concerning is that since the being the ending of the outbreak is the virus most of the of the hospitals and health centers have closed their doors this is a disaster in a country whose health care system and basically already collapsed after 5 years of war because it means that people have even view options for treatment. jacob really wanting this page here this is my son so funky and that page many of you as you're watching the show saying what can we do what can we do jacob was taking his moment saying we are here we need your house at night you're down on the ground what are you seeing from the various agencies i was a managing yes i'm. frustrated i mean m.s.f. out there we get great work for it
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a war it's ready to challenge it if it's not very good asian thought also our to make it as safe just so for example. and i did that as far it's you know now we have another baby that would be between the government and s.t.c. but people it's very. trying to. get out of that and you're breaking up a little bit i'm just going to tell you one of the outlet is a reporter he's a journalist is coming a lot of the stories that are coming out of yemen he's a young man and he doesn't always have the best quality connection ahmed with it which is going to refresh that connection. and initially some of this is the daily reports of a covert cases so in yemen they have 304 tests 432 because it's over a 1000 cases these are the ones that we know as of the beginning of this week africa for you what they're getting for human rights watch how is covariate
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complicated network. traumatically but i think it's very important to talk about the health care system and how this human tatting catastrophe is. the result of years of. years of conflict so it's not like a natural disaster or something so the economy is crumbling the yemen's infrastructure is in and disaster state its health care system has almost collapsed and this is not you know like i told you this is not just naturally that happened it is the direct result of how the conflict has been conducted by the war in parties with utter disregard for international law and here human tatty and norms so the warring parties in yemen clothing you know the saudi led coalition and with the armed group when they in any government have over the course of the conflict
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really. a serious violation of international human rights law and interact an international humanitarian law and one of the more this thing to end devastating abuses of the conflict has been attacks systematic attacks on medical infrastructure and health workers so the warring parties have damaged or destroyed health facilities through airstrikes and sharing and depriving yemeni civilians of desperately needed medical services so again this is not a natural disaster it is a manmade disaster and we know who is responsible of it. if you are trying to explain to people who are trying to keep out of yemen and what is happening there where you are with the warring parties in the north in the south of yemen how would you explain it. given the limited time that we have in the show i
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cannot give a comprehensive idea or a comprehensive. view of how the conflict put over you know about 6 years now but what i can say that yemen as a state today has fragmented and you have a lot of. you know like a lot of view of different armed groups and militias and every day there is new abuses committed by our no one armed groups so the country today is mainly divided into roughly speaking divided into 3 areas so you have in the north controlled by the armed groups in the south you have a mixture of the southern transitional council with other groups like the in any governmental and and u.a.s. in ated. armed groups and then you have indeed and how can i say the northeast to the east you have also
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a mixture or the last i would say the last area for the yemeni the internationally recognized yemeni government with different political parties and different groups so the country today the fragmentation of yemen as a state is really impacting human rights in unprecedented ways and this is why everyone is really baffled with the situation in yemen the longer the conflict creature on the the the more difficult to to really to find conflict resolution that could satisfy everyone. so in the midst of all of this in the midst of the politics people are caught in the middle of that and again it's so difficult for the there to be some basic resources basic health care in yemen and the health care system is totally collapse they see how the stock is not.
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the god. on the money race out. there but i am not selling the radiator abraham nasa j.d. has a 7 month old child and he weighs just 3 kilos this is the way to a child of birth can you imagine less his condition is very very tragic he suffers from acute malnutrition his skin is stretching tightly over his bones are sure as hell of a pillow or not so there's so many stories after i want to share one here with you and this is from hannah he sent to set some tweets and hannah here talks about how long it takes to get fuel and the women come with their children and i'm nearby public facilities like restrooms you can't get out of line because your spot will be taken and the amounts of people who bank is crazy she's giving us just a little look into what is it like to be in yemen jane war time how it goes on to
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say most of the women have breadwinners and have no report to work on a daily basis and their fair share of public transport is expensive it's getting higher and that's because a covered 19 a small business is a going out of business and we go on again but it's of such a vivid story that she's telling him she's the many rumors say that this fuel crisis will be longer than expected the humanitarian situation in yemen is beyond the worst now after. at search. sir unbelievable it's hell on earth for many many and sign the amount as a stick to now of lost count of how many relatives and friends and relatives of friends and like seeing children like who look like skeleton why all those warring parties don't care. women are are suffering the most because god loved ones the men are like the detention detention
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centers they don't know where they are women have to you know to to show that they are strong and try to make a living with any means so most of them are begging. or just it's neons me how this can continue while the word to the watching and doing nothing. even the worry or party is continue their utter and disregard for the human cost and the amount of the human cost that is and we cannot even quantify. excuse me for getting emotional about my my phone is full of voice messages from women and men inside yemen pleading pleading for the world to do something and ended this under society suffering.
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a lot of people on egypt thank you for watching thank you for staying with us we really appreciate it i want to know you want to know what can they do to help that was one question the other question is is the u.n. helping what is the u.n. jury. africa you know so international. organizations including human rights watch we we we are in close contact with partners from the international civil society organizations and others and everyone is trying tired of ski to continue their work with the limited funding that they have so far as we know there is significant decline in human tidy and aid going to yemen in comparison to other years but i think there is also the problem of war profiteering and the economy or war where.
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a lot of international donors are and directly i would say objecting to arm how the different warring parties are you new saying the international aid. or the misusing the entirety and situation to have some you know commercial gain but i think what it is alarming and concerning the millions of syrians are in this intolerable situation between here between the war economy and you know in the a word and the international. wanting to punish the warring parties so. it's literally 3 it's. back. so it's it's very important to make sure that the civilians and yemen
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continue to have. the right help that they need but. we cannot really continue with allowing the water economy. to at what is in a sinai in yemen we just have to beg. connection is a civil war right now is really difficult time in yemen so i know that you will bear with us as we go back to him 1st of all i want to play xavier those avi is from safe the children say via is is a very simple answer for how we get out of the situation after what he says this is how on earth how do you get out of how on earth this is save you from save the children you honey solution to crazies father shot there are a ceasefire more funding more meaning in water and wall king are on a very center as a humanitarian needs. and of course in the long down the only way to do it terry
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miller situation in yemen naser on yukiko i. mean that's an image that we need to peace on the human issue right i mean it's good to have you back because you have a connection back as well i am thinking the question we asked the beginning of this show was has the world abandoned yemen how would you answer that question. fortunately i can see you know the war that out of 3 women all around the ward. is that you you help us to stop this war this war you know there is no solution as you saw the u.n. conference that they made for yemen to get the money together money was frayed because you know there was that this year olds who were there with their lives as well but yeah man it's a catastrophe it's the war through man. you know the worst human pet in
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war and the war that saudi woman made for us for you know 5 years afforded yemen has greatly limited the capacity for communities and the government to prepared for despond to disclose global covert 19 but that make not to mention that yemeni basic infrastructure as we said before was already very weak because of the beginning of the conflict and the humanitarian crisis 5 years ago. let me show you something audience because i know you've been asking we want to see something let me give you some positive nice potentially positive news so this is a donas conference done as pension earlier on the small towns pays 1.3. 1000000000 in humanitarian aid towards added challenge and remember this is in the middle of a global pandemic saying these pages were made i'm just going to counterpoint here
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because there is some reality how much is spent and how much actually turns up what says the world can't do anything about yemen because rich nations only how cults and as p.r. stunts showing that they cap in reality they will not even give money that they pledged the un educated well citizens for in the same city now if every time without question at night that is very very cynical do you think them here. well the problem as i say to you you know if you so you and requested like to $1000000000.00 and $45000000.00 and then the and they made $135.00 so it's not enough it's half the half the budget actually don't forget that you're have so many programs so when you're and it's not only food it's also warsh and another programs that related to clean water and we may have a new wave of cholera as we say they get it and we don't have only covered 1000
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people things like ok covered 9000 in yemen but. you know what's going on in dollars like we have another diseases such as. a favor and malaria how it's collapsing we need to stop this war immediately it's not like any it's not there is no way to to to finish this work because people are dying different day people are suffering when we go to the ground with journalists we saw we meet families everywhere in the country and they really suffered and no one needs this world you know to continue so the best stadia is like when they stop this war and we have to build our new bright future. jared ville mt thousands in chile. right now thank you god for for actually watching we really appreciate you and everybody who is asking whether we don't know whether we give
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money to i learned something from a co-leader of mine you will know his reporting on al-jazeera and he says it is not for us it's journalist it's how you wretched tonight choose a charity and i guess that you passively trust you trust jews one that is looking off to people in yemen the children in yemen the health system in yemen and then deny it to them and that was great advice applies to every single humanitarian crisis that we will cover on al jazeera in the wild that you encounter so thank you for your care your empathy audience that is what you need to do africa thank you so much for being with us even our rock it is and it's been tricky keeping in touch of act like the accent is in sana'a in yemen and we appreciate you bringing your stories your reporting to us even in difficult situations thanks everybody for staying with us and watching this episode of the street and of course you haven't
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al-jazeera selects. if you want to help save the world. sneeze and hero. another early morning another ceremony to bed health workers by well. 29000 cuban doctors and nurses are working in 59 countries around the world as confirmed cases of coronavirus increase so does demand for cuban medics medical services at the on its main export while western commentators assume cuba sends doctors mainly to expand influence experts on the others health system draw a different conclusion you're making a big sacrifice why are you willing to go for pay out of all because there are other people that need many people that are sick and dying and not isn't right people shouldn't be dying when there are people who can help them. the u.s. is always of in fact the people the world people pay attention to what you can hear
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and how does it is very good to bring the news to the world from here. hello nor taylor nandan they top stories around here china has been condemned by several nations after a controversial new security law came into force in hong kong 10 people were arrested under the new law on wednesday more than 300 others who also held as thousands of protesters went on to the streets to mark the anniversary of britain handing the city back to china territories chief executive kerry lamb says the law is essential for us.


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