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in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera. the arab the in the. sanctions imposed on official some saudi arabia and russia britain takes actions over the killing of jamal khashoggi and other human rights abuses. there watching al jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha i'm fully back t. ball also ahead. who's the president don't be a coconspirator of covert donald trump is accused of enabling the spread of a car and a virus and is a show of knowledge it's a major problem. china warns the u.k.
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against interfering in its internal affairs after criticism of the new security law in hong kong and devastation in southern japan dozens killed as heavy rains and mudslides that major roads and buildings. the u.k. has set its sights on those involved in the murder of saudi journalist it's unveiled its 1st uni natural sanction since leaving the european union 49 individuals and organisations have been sanctioned on of the government's new system to punish human rights offenders russian authorities implicated in the death of lawyers say gay magnitsky have also been targeted sonia gaggle reports. a long awaited action against abuses of human rights the measures announced by the foreign secretary committed the u.k. to holding perpetrators of mistreatment to account drug. this government and this
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house sends a very clear message on behalf of the british people that those with blood on their hands the thugs of despots the henchmen of dictators will not be free to waltz into this country to buy property on the kings or a king's road to do their christmas shopping in knightsbridge or frankly to siphon dirty money through british banks or other financial institutions the new regime of sanctions targets 49 individuals and organizations from russia saudi arabia me and ma and to north korea designed to encourage better behavior. the sanctions target those at the heart of russia's interior ministry such as a leg to chain call accused of being responsible for the death of a magnitsky the russian lawyer arrested after alleging that russian officials were involved in large scale tax fraud and who died in prison also sanctioned all those who were involved in the killing of jamal khashoggi including saeed abdullah qahtani a senior advisors of the crown prince mohammed bin sajjan and the senior official
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who planned and directed the murder of a saudi journalist using a 15 man team also listed the perpetrators of ethnic cleansing of the rahane in myanmar. and so when the commander in chief and his deputy for me and my armed forces who unleashed a humanitarian disaster that killed thousands and left many more displaced and the 2 organizations responsible for forced labor torture and murder in north korea's gulags the sanctions also signify a change in the u.k. status no longer applies to european union rules it is designed to place human rights front and center of a new push policy. was very wear and the opportunity to delay the departure of the place this weekend and so this was a strong. u.k. is going to stand on and it's going to exercise this right the act is set to be
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extended to may challenge other countries such as china over the week of detention camps and crackdowns on hong kong protesters the question is will they go far enough to effect a change of behavior so that i able al-jazeera. and other world news the u.s. now has more than 3000000 corona virus infections and president donald trump is being accused of enabling it spreads the old governor andrew cuomo is urging him to acknowledge the outbreak as a major problem infectious disease expert anthony fauci says the u.s. is still need deep in the 1st wave with more than 50000 new cases a day but trump has tweeted about the u.s. having the world's lowest fatality rate and called for school so reopened in the fall. we are still need deep in the 1st wave of this and i would say this would not be considered a wave it was a surge or resurgence of infections superimposed upon
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a baseline francis that really never got down to where we wanted to go if you look at the at the grass from europe europe the european union as an entity it went up and then came down to baseline now they're having little blips as you might expect is they try to we open we would help never came down to baseline and now we're searching back so it's a serious situation that we have to address immediately brazil which is struggling to contain the virus is easing more restrictions bars restaurants and out of business is a reopening in sao paulo and india has become the country with the 3rd highest number of cases every 4 did nearly 50000 new infections in just the past 2 days i white house correspondent kimberly haokip has more on the situation in the u.s. well there's a spike in cases all across the united states 40 out of the 50 showing really increased and record breaking in some cases numbers of coronavirus cases and that
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has certainly got the new york governor or the democratic governor concerned as you point out he says the president is enabling the virus what's he talking about well the u.s. president over the weekend really tried to downplay this number saying that the reason that there is an increase is because there's more testing going on and that 99 percent of the people that get corona virus will get harmless this is certainly something that the new york governor has pushed back on mr president don't be a coconspirator of covert do one simple thing acknowledge to the american people that covert exists. it is a major problem it's going to continue until we admit it. to do our part well the u.s. president has not been admitting that is
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a major problem instead in the last hour he's been pushing back against his joe biden the democratic presidential nominee he'll be facing off against in november in fact he's saying that far more people would have died if joe biden was in the white house pushing back on the criticisms about closing trav close in the united states travelers from china he's also said that deaths are down 39 percent in the united states and again is pushing for the economy to reopen ease been as we see some states starting to close acknowledging they may have open too soon in the case of southern florida we now see jim's closing as well as some dining room still the u.s. president pushing ahead with reopening twitting and all caps that schools especially should reopen in the fall. bondy has begun mass testing folk over 19 in its largest city newly inaugurated president ever is nice to me has indicated that he's taking the outbreak more seriously than his predecessor fewer than 200 infections
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up in reported but there are fears the true number could be much higher catherine story reports. when boonies president everest declared coronavirus the biggest threats to the country last week his government swung into action temporary testing centers have been hardly set up an open folds in the commercial capital bujumbura health workers are arching people to get tested and many like me monomania triss are volunteering. the problem has been the make use of it spreads easily it's also difficult protect yourself is exercise a good move by the government because if you have symptoms or not you can still get tested it has been a total change of policy from the previous government led by the late president. who said wounded is protected by god refused to enforce strict social distancing measures and expelled world health organization officials who raised concerns the
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shift in tone by the new president comes as the number of confirmed cases rises as more people get tested you could assure we have enough supplies including testing kits we have provided everyone at the testing centers with the mosques in kenya a president who has announced a face to he 15 of it's locked down despite coronavirus cases increasing people can now move freely across the country charges in mosques are to reopen back to some conditions domestic flights are to resume later this month and international travel in august should the situation deteriorate and is a challenge to our health infrastructure. we will have to divert but. south africa has seen the last outbreak in the region and imposed some of the harshest measures which are now being released children in 6 the 11th grades have returned back to class up to 4 months at
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a government on the continent are also cautiously lifting restrictions to help their struggling economies millions of people have lost their jobs and the countries where you've seen the lockdowns being most affected are the countries that really have all grounded a lot of. public awareness and we should not you shouldn't beefing up monitoring of cases but i think in countries where you have that it's half past non-committal almost a response or slow response then we've been stuck in the cycles of lock downs and rear ends and surges the africa center for disease control says more than 400000 people in africa have tested positive carpet 19 the world health organization is worried the virus is now spreading widely across the continent which could make it the next epicenter catherine soy al-jazeera. brazilian president jade of also narrow has been tested for covert 19 after being taken to a military hospital with a high fever but he says his lungs
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a clean earlier he took further steps to water down on wearing face masks so they no longer have to be worn in prisons for instance last week he vetoed the use of mosques and churches schools and shops also faced a widespread criticism for not wearing a mask and poppy and flouting social distancing roads there would be no living i'm avoiding coming near because i just came from hospital or did a lung x. ray and it's clear i'm going to take a kind of a test now. for the 1st time in a century the border between australia's 2 most populous states is being closed the shut down will happen later on tuesday concern about a spike in corona virus cases in victoria prompted the authorities to close the frontier with new south wales indefinitely overnight victoria reported its biggest one day spike in infection since the pandemic began when i speak to michael bash this his investigations editor for the newspaper the age and his via skype thank
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you so much for being with us michael so australia's response to the corona virus outbreak had been until now hailed as one of the most successful in the world to what extent do you think these long downs in victoria will reset this response it's a really interesting question of. the early stages of what looks like a very damaging in the number of cases by global standards american standards and some of this it's not a huge problem as yet the biggest one day spot was yesterday with 120 places but because it was going very much in the wrong direction to it particularly great no. it's certainly been some in. the 66 that this country in the city. is going to be your own these guys were narrates you didn't. much know who were in the. midst of yeah you've written about the the impacts the economic impact of the
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crisis on australia how is the border closure impacting the numerous border communities between the 2 states right now. well it doesn't actually come into effect until 2 know that already days notice anxiety around some of these border communities this one particularly the people sought allbery we don't it's 2 towns one on our side of the border which is that they have a very river and but i very much and all of the health services are on one side. a lot of the economic infrastructure on the other side so the travel between across the border between those 2 cities is routine they will be ordered permits were in place by the new south wales government minister commute so. we're yet to see that coming. if they very efficiently if they allow for instance that's one thing if they know like opens up it could be quite quite that somebody down there to keep our border crossing between it's
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a very long border more than 2000 people make this. story just to go tops. were victoria and more specifically malvern is a hot spot for infections you know 9 public housing towers haven't even been put under lockdown with with some 3000 people unable to leave and these restrictions and a standard affecting people for from you know no income backgrounds some of whom don't even speak english so i imagine it must be a very difficult experience for them how do you see this crisis affecting australian society in the short and long term. it's really it's been interesting to hear a lot of those voices from from people that we tend sometimes to be much allies they are in firearms house commissions house. towards the center of the city they're not they're not sort of on the outskirts as they are in some cities but we we really. very heavily skewed which markets refugee backgrounds and english is a problem so that's you know. again we're in the realty stages of this.
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report and i dismiss lockdown and already some of the really distressing stories are emerging of people who are stuck in spam or it's very small by go out. you know on the corner of the there are no injuries so there is some resentment building there on the. pit so minimum it's really going to depend enormous logistics of how deliveries of goods and how that. minister thank you so much for talking to us about this michael bash from the age newspaper in australia joining us aftermath and thank you for your time thanks will . and still ahead on al-jazeera the former partner of billionaire paedophile jeffrey epstein is moved to out of prison we'll have the details and how the u.s. and afghanistan are working together to preserve artistic heritage.
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hello this is a very heavy rainfall calls across japan and central and eastern areas of china is long line of cloud you can see it is old tied to the stationary front this my you by your friends and it has been indeed particularly stationary of the last couple of days that have a safe across into q she has been widespread that have been a least a dozen deaths due to these rains but this damage you can see is not just huge the rental rains the ridicule him actually and just roared through this town just look at a station the lady there pointing out the height of the water as that river water came rushing through the town now unfortunately there is more very heavy rain in the for much of tuesday q show again they get some very heavy downpours on the front still
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line through the central and eastern areas of china now on wednesday we could actually even see some heavier rain developing through central and eastern china still of course on its way towards q ship and some very heavy downpours across central areas of honshu so this could be the next area where we see the results of a flooding me one across into india the monsoon rains have been very active the last few days they will stay that way this it'll bundle head to sitting off the coast this is a low pressure feeding in a particularly large amount of moisture so you choose day on wednesday and go drives we could actually pick up as much as hoth a meter of rain. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's poorest humanitarian crises. illegally my grand joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what has happened to the
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revenge that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. as another religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. who were. born with the anyway i. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me fully back to reminder of our top stories the u.k. has announced economic sanctions on those involved in the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi 49 individuals and organisations have been targeted and under the government's new system to punish him and white offenders the u.s. is still need deep in the 1st wave of coronavirus with more than $50000.00 new
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cases a day 'd that's according to infectious disease expert anthony found cheap but president donald trump says the u.s. has the world's lowest mortality rate and is calling for schools to reopen in the fall and bars and restaurants in brazil spigots serious our power to have reopened after more than 3 months of restrictions passed despite infections showing no sign of slowing and president jade boss narrow has been tested for profit 19 after suffering a fever. southern japan is expecting more rain after days of flooding that have killed at least 40 people about half a 1000000 people have been advised to evacuate their homes robert reich reports. a weekend of punishing rains across the southern japanese island of q shoe and this is the result. wide scale flooding and landslides especially along the swollen river which burst its banks as the rains intensified thousands of people
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were urged to leave their homes but some opted to stay fearing the coronavirus despite assurances from the authorities that they'd be safe one elderly care home was inundated with a number of its residents presumed dead or missing. rescue teams have been sent to the area to help look for missing people and to help with the clean up i wish there was someone who can help us says this restaurant owner the government says it's mobilizing all resources to tackle the emergency piers south shore over 40000 members through the units of the police fire department self defense forces and coast guard are putting all their effort into searching in rescuing to save people's lives. for japan it's the worst natural disaster since a typhoon struck last october which killed around 90 people q shoe is used to powerful some of floods and has in place strong defenses against them but for now
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with more rains forecast those defenses seem to be over world. robert bright al-jazeera. china has warned the u.k. to stay out of hong kong's affairs or face consequences as unhappy as criticism of the new national security line polls there and prime minister boris johnson's plan to offer millions from hong kong a path to british citizenship the u.k. side knows what. is no longer under its colonial rule and the hong kong has retained john and is now. you'll hear has no sovereignty restriction or rights of supervision over. after and the ira the ok government keeps making a responsible remarks on hong kong. through its sole or 6 monthly
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recall on. the u.s. says it will force foreign students to leave the country if all of their classes are moved online because of the coronavirus pandemic while most colleges are yet to announce their plans harvard says all its classes strums september will be conducted on line last month each month administration suspended visas for some foreign workers saying it would create jobs for americans but critics say the white house is exploiting the pandemic to tighten immigration rules or that speak to about this she is professor of law at rutgers university and joins us from new war new work in new jersey thank you very much for being with us on al-jazeera so why do you think this is happening these restrictions on foreign students is it another case of the top administration wanting to reduce the number of legal immigrants in the u.s. in the name of carville or perhaps an attempt to intimidate universities to open i mean the president did say he wanted school so open in the fall why do you think this is happening now. well 1st it's
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a very sudden and unexpected move many of the major universities including horror and other large public schools were surprised at this sudden release that has meijer impact on the revenue of universities post private and public because effectively what it says is if a university is online then international students must go home if they're here and cannot come if they are planning to return to attend school and if university starts in person but then switches online in the middle of the semester because for example the covert 1000 and demick increases again then those students must then go home in the middle of the semester and the only programs for miscible for them to stay in the us are what they call hybrid programs so this is going to have a devastating effect on u.s. universities who admit 20 percent of the world's 5300000 international
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students in other words one point $1000000.00 international students come to the u.s. and that generates $41000000000.00 or more the u.s. economy jewish and and living expenses and economic benefits so an impact on the universities you say what about the students said the these foreign students in the us how is their life going to be affected and 'd i presume that a number many of them could naturally go back home because of some of that restrictions in place in these countries. it's devastating because one they may not be able to continue their education at that particular university because many of the schools may go back in person next praying or possibly next fall after there's hopefully a vaccine but also some of them cannot return home for various reasons and they have they have changed their life completely in order to be here but going back to what trumps political objective is is he's clearly continuing and immigration
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agenda as in a phobic immigration agenda which is to keep as many people that are from the global south and the global east out of the united states whether it's through the muslim band whether it's through immigrant work visas and now immigrant earth student visas they're not immigrants they're non-immigrants of student visas but essentially they he wants to keep most of these students out because it's no coincidence that 33 percent almost 34 percent now the one point $1000000.00 actual scenes are from china right 18 percent are from india 5 percent from saudi arabia another 5 percent from south korea and then the rest are from various countries again most of which are from the east the middle east or the latin american central america so what legal recourse do these students these f one students have right now if any. unfortunately there are those who are abroad who have very little recourse because if you when you are outside the country and you're coming in as
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attempting to come in as a nonimmigrant the u.s. government has complete discretion in terms of the set issuance and basic cancellation there is a possibility that those who are already here may be able to file lawsuits but again that's prohibitively expensive because you have to have a lawyer in our them can afford it so i think the best means to challenge this is going to come from me american association of educators which is effectively the association of all universities because they are the biggest losers financially while the students are the biggest losers both financially educationally and and personally so i anticipate that there's going to be a major pushback on this and it will be interesting to see how the congress is that gets involved because maybe pressure to legislate around it to tie up the president's hands or it may be the judges that have to intervene again through some kind of claim that this is a violation of of due process rights or some other constitutional right thank you
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so much for a violation of the administrative procedures act ok thank you so much for a insights are always good to talk to you about the size he is professor of law at rutgers university thank you now the former partner of convicted sex offender jeffrey i've seen has been moved to a new york jail a british socialite get a maxwell was arrested then charge in new hampshire on 3 say she'd been held over the weekend at a jail in the air her luxury home maxwell is accused of working with have seen to facilitate a sex trafficking ring. millions of afghans are unable to see their country's cultural treasures precious items like some of the world's earliest such as a buddha can only be seen in major museums and they aren't known to other parts of the country while now afghan teachers have joined forces with historians at the university of chicago to make afghanistan's ancient art more accessible john
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hendren experience. under the taliban this would have been unthinkable bringing pre islamic art to students boys and girls across afghanistan. we feel like we're inside the national museum and watching all of the history our country has 5000 years of history we knew about it but we did not see them close up in conflict ravaged afghanistan travel can be prohibitively expensive often dangerous sometimes impossible so in an extraordinary collaboration with the u.s. state department the university of chicago's oriental institute has crafted 3 d. replicas of the historic treasures of the national museum of afghanistan in kabul afghanistan is one of the richest areas in the world for the history of the development of civilizations and this very rich heritage has been threatened over the last 30 or 40 years by constant warfare that has devastated not only the
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country and its people but also the cultural heritage the history that defines what that country is. now halfway around the globe a mobile museum is taking replicas of afghanistan's cultural heritage on tour let you go to the dog i saw all these specimens only and but but today we saw them right here this creature is called a lawsuit it stood outside the assyrian palace of king sargon in what is now northern iraq around $700.00 b.c. it has the body of a bull the wings of an eagle and the wisdom of man and for that reason it's just the kind of graven image the groups like i still have destroyed sac religious the goal of the museum is to preserve endangered art like this and in afghanistan where many people can't come to the museum to bring the museum to them. and the project
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is one part education one part cultural preservation to end the kind of efforts to erase known islamic cultural heritage that occurred when the taliban blew up these massive 6 century buddhist figures and bombing. all. the factions happen in the villages because often lack of knowledge about the importance of the city. with the taliban actively seeking a return to power the replicas recreated in a university of chicago lab or also insurance that whatever happens to the original objects of art crafted on afghan soil the country's historical artifacts will not be erased john hendren al-jazeera chicago. hello again i'm fully back to over the headlines on al-jazeera the u.k. has announced economic sanctions on those involved in the matter of saudi journalists. $49.00 individuals and organizations have been targeted under the
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government's scheme a system to punish him and writes a family so those that blood on their hands the thugs that dispose the henchmen of dictators will not be free to once into this country to buy property. on the kings road kings road to do their christmas shopping in knightsbridge frankly to siphon dirty money through british banks the financial institutions. the u.s. is still need deep in the 1st wave of corner virus with more than $50000.00 new cases a day that's according to infectious disease expert anthony found but president donald trump says the country has the world's lowest mortality rate and is calling for schools to reopen in the fall bars and restaurants in brazil's biggest cities all pollo have reopened after more than 3 months of restrictions that's despite infections showing no sign of slowing and president has been tested folk over 19 after suffering a fever the border between australia's 2 most populous states is due to close later
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on tuesday concern about a spike in corona virus cases in victoria prompted the decision to shut the frontier with new south wales indefinitely overnight victoria reported its biggest one day surge an infection since that pandemic began southern japan is bracing for more rain after days of flooding at least 40 people have been killed including 14 elderly residents of a nursing home half a 1000000 people have been advised to evacuate their homes and china has warned the u.k. to stay out of hong kong's affairs beijing is unhappy about criticism of its new national security law and a plan to offer residents a path to british citizenship china's ambassador to london said the u.k. no longer has any say over hong kong those are the headlines on al-jazeera one on one east. counting the cost of the pandemic decimates jobs pushing many into the stream told us they could have green recovery save the global economy.
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chinese crews accused of overfishing. processing plants make calls for banks have been. trying to call on al-jazeera. as malaysian nationals to contain the code 90 barks coulthard she said been carrying out military style operations across the capital while i'm told. in the name of public health and safety they've rounded up a legal foreign worker. oh and when you look at these rides you can't help but think is the practical reality of dealing with a pandemic or is it racism. we have them like animals this is not the way to. human. but to. get up a. little but i didn't need to go to get that i know my so.


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