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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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it has been brought to your table. in the charts right here in the land of the free thousands of foreign workers tricked into emigrating and trapped by un scrupulous poverty. came slaves cause of slavery and 21st century evil now does iraq. war. he mocked the use of mass pushed an anti malaria pill treatment now brazil's president is quarantined with coronavirus. the whole robin watching al-jazeera life while headquarters here in doha also coming up. angry protests in serbia's capital as
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a curfew and lockdowns over their own stock to its deadliest day of the pandemic. also a warning that texas will get as bad as new york as covert cases keep surging in several u.s. states. and aid to the u.n. says will save millions of lives in syria is vetoed by russia and china. welcome to the program the president who repeatedly downplayed corona virus is now in quarantine at his home in brazil after testing positive desirable so narrow has cancelled his show jewel for the next few days but insists he's still in good health he's one of nearly 1700000 people infected in brazil the 2nd worst affected country in the world a lot in america editor lucy in newburgh reports i know world leaders have defied colin. 19 like brazil's jade. for months the president tempted fate and turned to
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doctors he scorned calls to respect social distancing he seemed to relish defying even his own advisors only as pressing the flesh and rarely using a face mask many members of his cabinet had become infected even his wife's grandmother some joked he'd made a pact with the devil until what was probably the inevitable happened book award for author of you're a cutie my fil the west side. everybody knew that sooner or later current of our sort of reach an important part of population a lot of people like me for example if i would not have done the test i would not know about a result that was positive yes it was positive. so far bosso not has admitted to having a feeder and body aches but continues to brush off the severity of an illness he once described as a little true even taking off his face mask after testing positive. for the
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bureaucratic ok so you can see my face who wants to see my face i'm fine calm thank god. thanks that i was that prayed for me was supporting me i'm fine thank god. it's not just bill some had his health but his political reputation that's at stake he's waged war against lockdowns saying they're more harmful than the illness. he's clashed with governors who ordered businesses closed and the supreme court which recently felt compelled to order the president to wear a face mask or pay a steep fine just taking his cue from donald trump also not or has threatened to withdraw from the w.h.o. and has ordered the brazil's health system distribute the anti malaria drug hydroxide chloroquine despite warnings that it's not safe or proven to be effective through treating coronavirus he's in fact using it now himself. nevertheless wishes him away. well i'm
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a speedy and full recovery from from this disease other leaders around the world have of have had similar experiences and i think it brings home cross all the the reality of this fires that will likely depend on how president paul soon i don't fence on whether he'll become seriously ill as was a british prime minister boris johnson or whether he'll be back at work in a week or 2 telling everyone i told him so. all this despite the more than 65000 positions who have lost their lives so far so called little to no. you see in human al-jazeera. time michael kinkel he's an associate professor at the pontifical catholic university of rio de janeiro he says illness could work in his favor this is not a man of deep insights i think and also it also true it's also extraordinary convenient for him in some ways indeed if it stays our late course right he'll be able to
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continue on his narrative that it's just a flu and can be cured easily he was also scheduled to be deposed by the federal police on its allegations of. the new influence taking next week so the timing is not known and one stays late course the time it's not altogether bad if it stays within these sort of 85 percent that are the life forces and it will likely strengthen those who are. who are doubting the severity of the outbreak in the title it may actually end up lowering the end even to cutting into your getting to be distancing measures here which isn't likely to begin we've seen this kind of catastrophic response that the that the country is had has to deal with a total lack of leadership from the federal represent one had every possibility of having an absolutely model response to this and make we have a very strong public health system we have highly trained doctors we have good
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i.c.u. density we have what you know experience with pandemics treatment of hiv and aids here is actually quite quite advanced so you know it's a sign of failure of leadership in the federal level that this is turned out when it has angry crowds of trying to storm services parliament after the announcement of return to tough coronavirus restrictions on the right police force upon thousands of protesters many calling for president alexander view change to resign and he's put a weekend curfew back in place after serving as worst day of the pandemic with 13 deaths rechange lifted restrictions in the weeks before his win in last month's elections including allowing crowds back to sporting events elaine and do such as following the clashes around parliament which went all into the early morning. the president alexander who teach announced some new measures because of the quote on
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a virus he said that during the weekend belgrade will be locked down and maybe not only belgrade but the entire serbia because the situation would put on a virus is a very bad and the worst is here in belgrade there we have more than 4000 people in the hospitals just today 13 people died over the coronavirus this is the highest number in one day so what happened today is that people were very angry of this situation and we did this kind of measure as to why because serbia was already has already been in a state of emergency before and then dorothy said it's ok now things are going better let's have an election so we had the parliamentary elections and the day after numbers started to increase and today the situation is even worse than before so people are angry. they think that the money should be invested in
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hospitals and not in the election and this is what happened tonight it seems like the situation is a little bit quieter now but tomorrow maybe we'll see the same picture again. spittles in several u.s. states say they're intensive care units are reaching capacity as crown of ours cases continue to jump but the number of people who've died has surpassed 130000 infections have been surging in states which push to reopen early including texas and florida but the president won't schools to reopen after the summer break we want to do is we want to get our schools open we want to get them open quickly beautifully in the fall and the you know this is a disease it's a horrible disease but young people do extraordinarily well. 2 weeks we're probably going to end up being what new york was 2 months ago i think that's what's going to
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happen and that is going to happen particularly because we had the 4th of july. holiday i mean lot of people did not listen a lot of people went out and more likely than not we're going to see those patients come into the hospital over the next 2 weeks and the u.s. has begun the formal process of withdrawing from the world health organization the trump administration has officially notified the united nations and coal rest but it will take a year to complete the process president trump accuses the agency of mishandling the cave in $1000.00 outbreak and being a puppet of china ashley pratt is a political commentator and a board member of the public and women for progress she says it's another reckless decision by president trump which will put americans at risk. for him it will just stand to be a talking point in his campaign you know this whole entire time he's blaming the virus on other countries and not taking responsibility for the disastrous effects
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but his response from his own administration is that here there are states that opened way too early and a lot of those states are states with republican governors who felt political pressure from this president and this administration to reopen and as a result their cases are surging in spiking in those states and now they're faced with a tough decision to shut down their states again facing future economic impacts as a result places a huge void in the who's membership by not having the u.s. at the table and that really is what the problem is here it's going to affect clinical trials that will affect future vaccines it will affect responses to emerging outbreaks and that's really where americans are now being put at risk because of a reckless decision by the president so i do think who you know is at a situation right now where they're going to realize that the united states membership was a crucial one and we've always been looked to as a leader i'm not sure that there's leadership right now it seems to be a large vacuum there when it comes to the current officeholder at $1600.00
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pennsylvania avenue but at the same time i do think because this will take up to a year hopefully a responsible decision is made but this again does put americans at risk because of the fact that we won't be information sharing with other countries that are working to develop vaccines and host clinical trials to really try to find innovations and solutions to fight these deadly diseases. well still ahead here on al-jazeera britain says it will resume arms sales to saudi arabia despite worries about how they could be used in yemen. and on the defensive mexico's president is accused of selling out as he prepares to meet donald trump at the white house. hallo the 5th named storm of the hurricane season has disappeared now but we have
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potential of something else this massive cloud he may not look very much for is full of tropical air and it's got a propensity to circulate so i might just come up to something as it goes off the coast of south carolina or wraps the rain back into georgia some to watch will be significant but it might be yet another wet event the southern states are looking pretty wet from big thunderstorms unfortunately for the west it's too dry dry now for the red flag warnings and that was fire danger once more big showers are running through the plains so as the midwest on a frontal system and still potentially quite sundry in the central plains or prairie's of canada notice here laurens just north of raleigh as a potential circulation will keep knowledge just for fun i think more than anything else in the caribbean a mass of showers are running through the smaller islands but equally there are thunderstorms everywhere in the immediate future is b. of puerto rico and i think the dominican republic will get some fairly heavy weather then it go into haiti then moves further west course cuba generates
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thunderstorms every day this whole system is quite an interesting one is moving slowly west woods making a crack you're quite wet. yep so oldest muslim undertakers working here is a 7 days a week job that's grown with a community my father purchased a black ambulance man and started to do the funerals in london and their families we saw stopping father and daughter and we can is this part of the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me as a whole robin a reminder of our top stories brazil's president has canceled the shuttle for the coming days after being tested positive for cope with 19 desirable sonority who's now in quarantine at home has repeatedly downplayed the threat from the virus. was and thousands of protested outside serbia's parliament over plans to reimpose tough coronavirus restrictions president alexander v. church is putting a curfew back in place after 13 deaths and choose day the worst day yet to the pandemic lifted restrictions in weeks before last month's elections. and the top administration has begun the formal process of withdrawing from the redrawing
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the us from the world health organization the president has been critical of the w.h.o. over its handling of the crowd a virus outbreak accusing it of being influenced by china. russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to $3000000.00 syrians for a year the operation which is authorized until friday brings in supplies from turkey without interference from the syrian government aid workers have called the veto reprehensible diplomatic editor james bays reports now from u.n. headquarters in new york. earlier this year the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft visited one of the border crossings used to bring much needed aid into syria accompanied by the un's top humanitarian official mark she was shown the bubble how are crossing considered a vital lifeline for the people in the last main opposition enclave in the province
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of idlib. speaking on a facebook live link up with the young syrian ambassador kraft appealed to the other members of the security council to renew permission to deliver aid across the border we must ensure that the syrian people get lifesaving food and medicine and this is just a basic need this is a result distance between life and that actually not stressed the importance of this week's vote on across borders. this wasn't the only appeal to the un security council in the hours before the vote a u.n. commission of inquiry has released its latest report on human rights abuses in syria giving a damning assessment of what it describes as acts amounting to war crimes the chairman of the commission added this the very least the security council can do now is to renew and history infant the cross border and cross the line into operations pandemics no no borders nor should we need those please
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when turn answered the result of the voting is as follows 13 go out in favor 2 votes against no abstentions the draft resolution has not been adopted or into the negative thoughts of 2 permanent member of members of the council both russia and china use their veto power we're seeing a repeat of what happened 6 months ago until that point the un had for border crossings authorized for a delivery after using its veto in december russia managed to get that reduced to 2 crossings with the clock now ticking until the existing authorizations run out on friday having used its veto once again russia is now likely to push for just one approved checkpoint greatly reducing the amount of aid that can be delivered to
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opposition areas. james outers era at the united nations at a car bomb in northeastern syria has killed at least 7 people 3 children were among those who died the explosion happened. near the turkish border dozens of people are being killed by car bombs in the region since turkey drove out to the kurdish why p.g. armed group in october. the united kingdom says it will resume selling weapons to saudi arabia more than a year after it was forced to stop because of alleged war crimes in yemen the british government says the saudis have now agreed to comply with international law and this decision comes just a day after the u.k. impose sanctions on 20 saudis over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi charlie rangel has more from london. over a year ago a british court ordered the u.k. to stop new licenses of arms sales to saudi and to review the decisions surrounding preexisting ones that review is now concluded it's taken over
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a year and the government is saying while there were possible breaches of international humanitarian law these were exceptions and not a pattern it's not clear what methodology they used it certainly contradicts that u.n. panel of experts who found widespread possible war crimes in the conflict between saudi and yemen and it's not clear how many isolated incidents it would take to constitute a pattern but the u.k. has concluded that the saudi government is demonstrating a commitment to comply with international humanitarian door and i quote there is therefore no clear risk that arms and military equipment exported to saudi might be used in serious contraventions of international humanitarian law so what this means is the government's now going to be processing that backlog of orders from saudi it includes a multi-million dollar deal for typhoon fighter jets and earlier i spoke to the campaign against arms trade who really spearheaded the original case against the
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government they said they are baffled by this decision they've they've described it as morally bankrupt and reprehensible and they said that their lawyers are now going to be looking into ways to challenge it a group of we can muslims living in exile is accusing china of committing genocide and calling on the international criminal court to investigate they've submitted evidence alleging rights violations that implicate more than 30 senior chinese officials including president xi jinping rights groups a law that a 1000000 we can muslims are held in prison terms of being punished and brainwashed china denies this and doesn't recognize the i.c.c. has jurisdiction. 80000 rescue workers have been deployed in japan in an effort to reach survivors stranded by flooding and landslides days of torrential rains have caused devastation across the southwest of the country at least 54 people have been confirmed dead more than dozens remain missing but as
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falsely reports more rain is on the way. japan's self-defense force police and coast guards are all pitching in to help relief and rescue efforts across q shoe island in flooded towns and cities residents are being moved to safer areas. this is unimaginable it's raining like a bucket of water over turned as we used to say in the old days. but floodwaters and continuing rain are hampering rescue operations the government says it's doubling the number of emergency personnel and with more rain forecast for the next 2 days people are being warned to stay vigilant. the ground formation is weakened from the rain we fear there may be landslides even if it rains slightly i asked residents to please be alert for information released by local officials and watch out for flooding in rivers japan's 3rd largest island has been reported many
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coronavirus cases local officials in q she say they're taking every precaution to prevent the spread in evacuation centers across the east china sea heavy rain has also battered several provinces in china with the worst flooding in 50 years reported in and the 2nd highest flood alerts have been issued in who bay and hunan province is with more rain forecast florence louis al-jazeera. security forces have been deployed to the border between 2 australian states to enforce a lockdown in victoria drivers without a travel permit can now be fined or face jail time it's all because of a recent surge in cases which has seen 5000000 people in melbourne ordered back into lockdown for another 6 weeks bars restaurants hairdressers and gyms will close from wednesday. we know they were asking
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a lot of victorians and we know of course that we didn't want to be in the position that we are in but that's the reality that we confront this is the challenge that we have to we have to make and i think that if we all work together over the next 6 weeks 'd is behind phone frustrating and difficult is that we will be able to get to the other side of this stay at home period we'll be able to then reconvince there opening up in of course is why zimbabwe's health minister has been fired for inappropriate conduct a statement announcing obadiah lawyers dismissal did not elaborate further where it was arrested last month over allegations of corruption related to the procurement of $60000000.00 worth of coronavirus tests and equipment prosecutors claim 2 companies were illegally awarded government contracts without a competitive tender process how to toss a has more from harare. obadiah moyer who is not the former health minister was arrested last month he is currently out on bail and is suspected back in court on
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the 31st of july but it's not clear whether that's when his trial will actually start or the his lawyers will ask for a postponement giving accused of illegally awarding government contracts to a company called drugs international is say this company inflated prices for personal protective equipment and this alleged lawyer pocketed some of that money and allegation he denies for years zimbabwe's been dogged by allegations of many government corruption and health workers are particularly very angry they say struggling to make ends meet they say they want to be paid in american dollars for the zimbabwe dollar keeps devaluing for weeks now i'm a nurse as they've been demonstrating outside hospitals demanding for things to change in the public health sector are they saying that nothing is being done and no one is dissing to them some of them in the past few days have been arrested by the police the police say the reason why iran is admitting that they broke over 19 rules on people who aren't allowed to gather in large numbers of when president
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emerson and what to call of robert mugabe in 27000 he said he's going to be tough on corruption but people say they still waiting to see results is the phrase in zimbabwe called catch and release with some people feel that senior politician senior officials are sometimes arrested for alleged corruption they go to court a trial is held but these trials drag on for weeks months sometimes even years the people either get off scot free or nothing is really done about anything so people are now watching over diam lawyer very very close to his case very very closely when he finally does go to trial we want to see what the result is going to be. the 1st copies of a new book point old have been distributed very trump who's a trained psychologist alleges the president is a liar who's world few were shaped by his father's disapproval or want us correspondent kimberly home tons more from washington d.c. mary truck the president's niece has made some say. gave in criticisms of donald trump accusing the president of being a sociopath power and that this has much to do with his upbringing particularly the
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hands of his father that it was a toxic family dynamic that created the donald trump that we know today now it is important to know that mary trump the president's niece her father did die of alcohol related and related diseases that he was depressed and the president for his part speaks very fondly about his brother but what makes some of her criticisms particularly credible given the fact that you know families do have squabbles is the fact that as you mentioned she's a clinical psychologist so she feels particularly well suited to tell this story she says that she's releasing this both because she could no longer remain silent she claims that donald trump destroyed her family but she does not want him to destroy her country so she's putting this out in advance of the u.s. election now in this comes at a particularly difficult time for the u.s. president because of course this is the latest in
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a sort of tell all book to be released we've also had just weeks ago the tell all that was also critical of the present from the former national security advisor john bolton and we should add to that that this is a difficult time for president struggling to deal with quote a virus and also of course the poll numbers that show him lagging in the polls next to the contender for president joe biden the democratic presidential nominee. it's a meeting that's officially about trains but the summit in washington later on wednesday between the u.s. and mexican presidents is already provoking a mixture of anger and bewilderment and will repel explains why. mexican president . is meeting with u.s. president donald trump this week at the invitation of the white house but what would normally be a standard meeting between 2 world leaders has stirred criticisms but. by sickly there is an election season underway in the united states and the mexican
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president's visit could be misinterpreted but also over the years president trump has expressed many offensive things toward mexico and mexicans this is why many people have a deep distrust and reject the way president trump has treated us. president trump is not very well liked in mexico and much of that has to do with his past rhetoric regarding the mexican people when mexico sends its people there not sending their best they're bringing drugs they're bringing in crime they're rapists and mexico will pay for the wall. one to do attitude soured further in 2019 when president trump threatened mexico with export tariffs unless mexico agreed to carry out a strict militarized immigration enforcement policy since the start of his administration 19 months ago mexican president and disciplinary lopez obrador has sought to avoid a political conflict with president trump opting instead for
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a relationship built on pragmatism we had when we did the visit scheduled for wednesday is the 1st time the 2 presidents will meet in person does visit out of the we can talk about baseball we can talk about a lot of things everything without confrontation because it's a political meeting. critics of lopez obrador to say the mexican president is making a mistake by sitting down with trump who many in mexico regard as racist and. anti mexican a recent poll however found that while few mexicans are fans of trump a majority favor lopez obrador a meeting with the u.s. president with many hoping the trip will help improve a bad economy. we're now going on in mexico there are many who do not look kindly at our president attending this meeting but there are those who understand the weight of the economic agenda and recognize the economy's the result of political negotiations between leaders there's not such a thing as friendships between countries and geopolitically their own interests.
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president lopez over the other says the focus of his u.s. visit is to mark the launch of the us mexico canada trade agreement or u.s. m.c.a. a replacement to nafta that mexico's president has said will generate jobs and help reactivate the mexican economy when read up a little mexico city and you can follow all of the stories we're covering here on al-jazeera by logging on to our website al-jazeera dot com of course the credit iris pandemic in brazil is our top story. what you know is there with me cell robin a reminder of our top news stories brazil's president has canceled the shuttle for the coming days after testing positive a covert 19 jiah ball sonora who is now in corinth seen at home has repeatedly downplayed the threat from the virus go towards. the west side here everybody knew that sooner or later
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a significant part of the population would get it it happened i'm an example myself if i hadn't taken the test i wouldn't have known the result and it turned out positive i just got a positive result yes it's positive so it all began on sunday when i started feeling slightly ill and it worsened on monday i felt tired with muscle pain and had a fever that raged 38 degrees. thousands of people have protested near serbia's parliament against. plans to re-impose tough coronavirus restrictions they've called for the resignation of the president alexander veatch it he's put a weakened curfew back in place after the worst day of the pandemic with 13 deaths . hospitals in several u.s. states say their intensive care units are reaching capacity as coronavirus cases continue to jump california reported more than $10000.00 cases in a single day on tuesday infections have also been surging in states which pushed to reopen early leading texas and florida. the trumpet ministration has begun the
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formal process of withdrawing the us from the world health organization the president has been critical of the w.h.o. for its handling of the crowd of virus outbreak accusing it of being influenced by china. russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to $3000000.00 syrians for the next year the operation which is it authorized until friday brings in supplies from turkey with r.t. to ference from the syrian government. the u.k. says it will resume selling weapons to saudi arabia more than a year after it was forced to stop because of allegations of war crimes and you have and that decision comes just a day after the british government announced economic sanctions against dozens of individuals accused of human rights abuses including 20 saudis involved in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi calls those was abuse headlines a back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next to this is europe east and undertake to stay with us reporting in the field means i often get to
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witness not just new as this is breaking but also history as it's unfolding crossing go on forever one day i might be covering politics in the next hour of my covering protests. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing.
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what about the gentleman who died in north london.


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