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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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on a jersey a. play an important role protecting you and. ringback your face. we hope we can find unity. interest of the syrian people. despair in the united nations after russia and china vote to restrict much needed aid deliveries to syria. macleod this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. anger in serbia as capital of the lock down is brought back after its deadliest there for the president. he mocked the use of mosques and pushed an anti malaria pill is
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treatments now brazil's president is quarantine with coronavirus. a question of identity kashmiri muslims worry they will be reduced to a minority new delhi allows outsiders to settle disputed region. so the aid agencies and rights groups are criticizing china and russia vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would restrict a deliveries to syria amnesty international is calling the move despicable and dangerous oppose all would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to 3000000 syrians for a year diplomatic editor james bays reports now from the u.n. in new york. earlier this year the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft visited one of the border crossings used to bring much needed aid into syria accompanied by the un's top humanitarian official marc local she was shown
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the bubble how a crossing considered a vital lifeline for the people in the last main opposition enclave in the province of idlib. speaking on a facebook live link up with the young syrian ambassador kraft appealed to the other members of the security council to renew permission to deliver aid across the border we must ensure that the syrian people lie thinking food and medicine and this is just a basic need this is a result this is between life and that actually not stress the importance of this week's vote on across borders. this wasn't the only appeal to the un security council in the hours before the vote a u.n. commission of inquiry has released its latest report on human rights abuses in syria giving a damning assessment of what it describes as acts amounting to war crimes the chairman of the commission added this the very least the security council can do
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now is to renew and history infant to cross border and cross the line into operations pandemics no no borders nor should we need those pleas went unanswered the result of the voting is as follows 13 go out in favor 2 votes against no abstentions the draft resolution has not been adopted or into the negative thoughts of 2 permanent member of members of the council both russia and china use their veto power we're seeing a repeat of what happened 6 months ago until that point the un had for border crossings authorized for a delivery after using its veto in december russia managed to get that reduced to 2 crossings with the clock now ticking until the existing authorizations run out on friday having used its veto once again russia is now likely to push for just one
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approved checkpoint greatly reducing the amount of aid that can be delivered to opposition areas james out just era at the united nations. serbia's decision to reimpose coronavirus restrictions has sparked angry protests in the capital belgrade then straight as accuse the president alexandrovitch a reopening the economy too early for political gain he's now announced a weekend curfew after the country reported its worst day of the pandemic with 13 deaths let's hear brian has this report. protesters and police battle on the streets around serbia's parliament was hounds try to storm the building some briefly managing to get inside before being pushed thank god they're angry at president aleksander of the church and his decision to
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reimpose coronavirus restrictions was some chanted calling him a thing. was easy for others demanded his resignation our government is trying for the 2nd time. put the cyclone's to impose currency in the far reaching it is only a serious possibility because they made all the mistakes i was. the mistake they say was lifting what was one of europe's strictest lockdowns that he seemed inappropriate or not we gathered here to protest because our president lifted the state of emergency because of the election and now he wants to impose it again. critics say the president lifted restrictions so he could hold parliamentary elections last month has passed an overwhelming victory not clubs were back in action it was a tennis tournament shops were open and 25000 fans packed
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a belgrade stadium for the country's most popular football match at the station slammed by an epidemiologist as an enormous totally unjustified risk the president now says the situation in belgrade. it's critical after. we made lots of mistakes we've probably relaxed too much everyone thought it was all over so. the situation in belgrade is alarming and it's serious in food cities in serbia but belgrade is really in a critical situation the capitals hospitals are almost full so the military has been building temporary facilities gatherings of more than 5 people and now banned and the u.k. feed this weekend before the game the anger against the church means the crowds are unlikely to stay at home of the bride al-jazeera where we can speak to somebody who is at the protest last night at god so let's have a talk with her and the video he joins us on skype from belgrade ed thanks for joining
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us here on the program and so you were working on the streets last night taking pictures of what was happening what's your sense of the extent of the discontent well and the extent is very serious i mean it's very hot in belgrade now and both literally and figuratively tempers are really running high and. yet there's many reasons for that part of it i think is that serb serbs because of coronado borders are close and they can't get to the sea to cool down so everything is high temperature ok what curfew has been brought in by the president. church. and we can think that's going to be respected. i can't say for sure but i know there will be more demonstrations and protests tonight so actually yes it is where they won't respect it because it will go over midnight and it's meant to meant to start this evening and say i don't want to write this all comes down to the sense that the
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economy was reopened to. reflect well on the government. people here are saying that we came out of quarantine lockdown situation because elections needed to happen here so the people believe that one should have the president alexander who church got what he wanted from the election then they imposed curfew. and lockdown again so people are angry about this because they feel that they weren't told the truth were on the street is that the media here weren't reporting on the true numbers of current cases and you know. the numbers occurring in cases that we're seeing in the mame to something like 16000 infections and 330 deaths is that the sense of the numbers that you have as well. it's very hard to say i'm just recently i'm beginning to hear more and more
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personal friends who are getting sick and going to hospital ok and also we're hearing that hospitals are running at full capacity medical workers just exhausted is that the kind of thing that you're hearing as well yes i actually heard of a friend a friend of a friend who went to hospital with a heart complaint and called her own and died well as we do appreciate your time and just let us know what's happening there in belgrade we'll keep an eye on it as things go on thanks very much i go to that now china's government will not be joining controlled talks with russia in the united states labeling them a hoax a game which beijing refuses to play the americans and russians have agreed to discussions because any remaining treaty expires next year donald trump went to china included in a future treaty china's military is developing missile technology to counter the u.s. deployment in asia. you have to work hard at the to meet anybody if you can. and
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they have been explicitly yet that and a lot. made in landing. in the labor camp. so all the how does he plan to leave and how do you see him. he will. have i believe the movie military capabilities. human rights watch says the bodies of at least $180.00 men have been found in mass graves and became the faster it was discovered near the northern town of. the government is investigating claims that forces carried out the killings government troops have been battling insurgent attacks by armed groups in the region the violence has forced more than 700000 people from their homes since the beginning of 2090. tens of thousands of people in general in the administered kashmir being granted residency raising concerns it may alter
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the demographics in the muslim majority region new delhi revoked its special tunnel status last august allowing outsiders to settle there the move has been criticized by politicians in india and in the united states as well as by leaders of the islamic world his india correspondent and is with her in a. sharing sweets to celebrate their new status the butty family as some of the newest residents of jammu and indian administered kashmir aid despite living there all their lives their parents were brought from punjab in the 1950 s. to work as street sweepers but they haven't been eligible for residency until now. these they've got double had more than they were we thank mr modi we have this piece of paper in our hands because of him now our children have received residency terry they can progress in their lives life. in march prime minister that in the government why did the criteria for residency in the disputed region saying the
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change with a grant equality and dignity to or now anyone who's lived in the region for 15 years or studied for 7 those registered as migrants and children of government workers who've served in kashmir are allowed to buy land and apply for government jobs more than 30000 domiciled certificates have been issued since the law was implemented 2 months ago most of them in hindu majority. people are satisfied because there are fewer procedures to follow when they had to become a resident before there was a lot of documents required they had to have them verified by the administrators it was a very long procedure. while it's now easier for non-cash midis to become residents many others are afraid that the government will make it more difficult for them to prove their status i belong to display and you ask me to say that my identity basically depends on a piece of paper that your own people will give me. something wrong with that the
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new domicile law was announced nearly 8 months after the government revoked the region's autonomy that had protected it from demographic changes the idea is that it would want to change the demography here in german kashmir and create pressure on the society so that at some point of time if the society doesn't give up they would completely transform the demography of this place to that the muslims were demanding freedom from india would come in minority. the organization of islamic cooperation which represents 57 nations had almost 2000000000 muslims as among other critics of the changes saying they are part of the hindu nationalist government's plans to drown dissent and at a time when protests they have been banned for a needy a year elizabeth pradhan al jazeera you daddy. still ahead here on out here are flying high again this international airport of nigeria's capital regimes domestic flights for the 1st time since my. resurgence of the pandemic in several u.s.
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states and there's resistance to the president's push for schools to reopen sooner . hello there is more very heavy rainfall call cicle central china and again across into western areas of japan it's all tied to the seasonal rains this front has been very stubborn false few days and the next couple of days it really isn't looking to move anywhere asshole the rain is actually heavy again across areas of keep pushing across into western as of honshu nichols as you can see trading back into more southern areas of china by friday this it'll system it actually works where little bit further north is but there's some retrench eldon pull some areas here in central china could pick up another 350 millimeters of rain but the rain is also
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very heavy into western as a japan again you sure could pick up another 150 millimeters of rain temperature wise is warmer than all 30 celsius in harbin 33 in hong kong and feeling fairly humid in that to add the breeze coming in off the coast that we had across towards india will this little bundle of cloud here this is what brought the trench rains across into go a drought that isn't even out of the picture well thunderstorms across into mumbai the has been some storm damage as well but in fact the rains here easing over the next couple of days that could become much more widespread across the northeast pushing across into bangladesh as well throughout the day and then on friday as well we could see some heavy amounts of rain pushing into southern pakistan. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop their energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such to mount as a global power develop into the basement company nebraska power is uniquely
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positioned to deliver against the state we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy solutions for future generation the breastpin pioneering future energy. rules. for. 000. 00. 0 month of our top stories this hour and russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to $3000000.00 syrians for a year the operation which is authorized until friday brings in supplies from turkey without interference from the syrian government. thousands of protesters
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have attempted to burst into serbia as part of the integrity of the reimposition of tough coronavirus current president alexandrovitch it's put a we can curfew back in place after 13 deaths the country's worst day yet of them in. the 10s of thousands of people in germany indeed administered kashmir being granted residency after the government changed the criteria there are concerns that could alter the demographics of what was once india's only muslim drafty state. nigeria has resumed domestic flights for the 1st time since coronavirus restrictions were imposed in late march the main airports in abou journey lagos reopened on wednesday while others will follow over the next week that be nearly 30000 cases of cavan 1000 in the country and at least 660 people have died amid it dress reports now from a brooch. when people arrive with their legacy bags a sunny tie is just behind the camera and then they make their way here through the
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slightly for my q did you know that their temperatures will be taken all over the air and then the proceed to the check in counters from where they go undergo the procedures of boarding and eventually some robots have been deployed inside the airport as well to guide people and check additional temperatures so as to alert the authorities here whether someone is sick or not however this is coming at a time when nigerians want really really better for the airports will be open the reopening of their ports also comes amid increasing pieces of copied 1000 across my dear right now we have nearly 30000 cases across the country based on the tests conducted by the nigeria center for disease control and a lot of effort according to authorities have been put in place to ensure the necessary purport of course are followed by passengers and lines so that the flights will resume i remember very well a few weeks ago the presidential committee uncovered 19 said it has given the
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airlines additional time to reorganize and make sure that all existing protocols that were rolled out by the committee followed before the airports will close the president who repeatedly downplayed coronaviruses 9 koren team at his home in brazil after testing positive. has canceled his schedule for the next few days insists he's still in good health he's one of nearly 1700000 people infected in brazil the 2nd worst affected country in the world latin america and it's a new and has this report i knew world leaders have defied public 19 like brazil's jade. for months the president tempted fate and taunted doctors he scorned calls to respect social distancing he seemed to relish defying even his own advice. ises only is pressing the flesh and rarely using a face mask many members of his cabinet had become infected even his wife's
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grandmother some joked he'd made a pact with the devil until what was probably the inevitable happened but would thoughts of you accuse me of my fill the west side. where everybody knew that sooner or later current of our side reach an important part of population a lot of people like me for example if i would not have done the test i would not know about a result that was positive yes it was positive. so far bosso not a has admitted to having a feeder and body aches but continues to brush off the severity of an illness he once described as a little true even taking off his face mask after testing positive. for the bureaucratic of the 3rd book so you can see my face who wants to see my face i'm fine calm thank god. thanks that i was there prayed for me what's the porting me i'm fine thank god. it's not just balsam not his health but his political reputation that's at stake he's waged war against lockdowns saying
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they're more harmful than the illness. he's clashed with governors who ordered businesses closed and the supreme court which recently felt compelled to order the president to wear a face mask or pay a steep fine thank you for taking his cue from donald trump also not who has threatened to withdraw from the w.h.o. and has ordered the brazil's health system distribute the anti malaria drug hydroxide chloroquine despite warnings that it's not safe or proven to be effective thing treating coronavirus he's in fact using it now himself. nevertheless wishes him while i'm a speedy a full recovery. from this disease or leaders around the world who have have had similar experiences and i think it brings home. the reality of this wires. that will likely depend on how president paul soon i don't share on whether he'll become seriously ill as was british prime minister boris johnson or whether he'll
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be back at work in a week or 2 telling everyone i told you so. all this despite the more than 65000 brazilians who've lost their lives so far to the so-called little trailer. you see in human al-jazeera grow to cases continues to climb in the united states the number of dead has now passed 130000 infections the surging in states that push to reopen early the president donald trump continues to downplay the resurgence of the pandemic and insists he wants schools to reopen in this new school year my kind of reports now from washington d.c. . texas is one of the 1st states to use its mitigating measures responding to pressure from president trump in mid april who insisted he wanted states to open up to restart the economy. now with stealing with a massive increase in infections joining florida and recording more than 10000
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cases in a day a figure matched only by new york state in the early stages of the pandemic in the next 2 weeks we're probably going to end up being what new york was 2 months ago i think that's what's going to happen donna ingraham has been an i.c.u. nurse for 17 years last week she went from caring for patients to becoming a patient herself after testing positive i really at one point in time asked god to take me the pain was ridiculous. it was simply that i mean in my mind i couldn't breathe think about it it had to be put on and then later the republican governor who ordered the early opening of texas is now dialing back and re imposing mitigating measures including the wearing of mosques we wore not have to shut it down if everyone will follow this very simple
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rule and that is just get a mascot this wear it make sure that you don't get covered 18 and you don't give it to anybody else but the u.s. president continues to be mosque lists and even as the cases searches now are putting pressure on governors to open schools for the new year at the end of august we want to do is we want to get our schools open we want to get them open quickly beautifully in the fall and the as you know this is a disease it's a horrible disease but young people do extraordinarily well the reaction from teaches was furious that is so callous and him so callous when we do it wrong people die. little people can get sick you had asthma you've got bad allergies and you're 6 years old you could die if we do this ron there was anger too among many in congress which was
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officially notified that president trump is pulling the united states out of the world health organization the notice period is 12 months so the u.s. will actually only leave the w.h.o. in july next year between then and now is an election and presidential candidate joe biden says one of his 1st acts as president will be to reverse the decision effectively it will be up to the voters to decide mike hanna al-jazeera washington . a lebanese businessman who's accused of financing hezbollah has returned home after 3 years in the u.s. jail assume told you didn't has been sentenced to 5 years in prison but was released due to poor health and the risk to contract including 19 in prison. is in beirut and has this update. the court saying that he was released on compassionate grounds that he was facing health risks the risk of contracting corona virus while
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in prison he is a man who was accused by the united states of being a global terrorist since 2007 for allegedly funding. of course being a lebanese a group that has an armed wing it has a political party and it controls political power along with its allies in cabinet and government so his release is quite significant but we have to make it very very clear that. denies any links with the group and the group hezbollah has not made any comment about the man but a few weeks ago in fact in march a lebanese american was suddenly and unexpectedly released from a lebanese jail he was convicted of torturing and killing lebanese inmates in a jail that was run by an israeli militia during israel's occupation of southern lebanon in the eighty's and the ninety's he was airlifted from the u.s.
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embassy compound out of lebanon at the time lebanese officials said that they had nothing to do with this they were shocked by the court decision to release him even has said that they had nothing to do with his release but many many will say that the courts would not have dared release her without the support of the political power the authorities holding political power in 11 on. chinese government office in hong kong to enforce the new national security law please quote wrote the inauguration ceremony for the converted hotel will be a base for chinese intelligence agents can conduct searches without a warrant but from leaving and online communication which. we also heard here the new law in hong kong fixes a loophole in china's national security preventing curbing and punishing 4 types of acts against national security it is a turning point to stop the violence and chaos in hong kong there's no hope that
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stability will be restored and the freedom and rights of hong kong residents will be better protected. well hong kong's government has banned the unofficial anthem often sung by pro-democracy activists. and. education secretary kevin young said schools should stop students from singing glory to home call any other songs containing strong political messages and teachers have been warned to stop schuman chains as a form of peaceful protest. germany is calling on its neighbors to agree to a fair way to distribute refugees and migrants of the blog remains deadlocked on a new procedure after the previous system collapsed 5 years ago when the number of migrants shopping creased germany's interior minister holds to see hoffa says it's shameful the 27 nations remain divided on the issue with many countries refusing to take in any rescued migrants the majority initially arrive in italy or greece.
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situation is not what he went. for not only an economic and security union but also a community of values and i'm convinced that saving people from dying and rescuing them from drowning or step along to a community of values or accompanying people have dignified procedures in europe where if we're not there is a need for protection and if there is a need for protection or member states should take in these refugees in solidarity in the long run this question cannot be left to italy multi greece or spain the. days of heavy rain have swollen rivers and triggered months lives destroying houses and roads in parts of japan at least 58 people have died in flooding since we can't close to 4000000 people have been advised to evacuate their homes because of the temples the military have been deployed to assist across the country. and in china as a province rescue teams are searching for at least 9 people buried in a landslide that's off the flooding caused by the heaviest rain in decades at least
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100 people have been killed. a present in man who was infected with the aids virus has shown no sign of it for more than a year after taking part in an experimental drug therapy the treatment is aimed at purging hidden and dormant parts of the hiv virus from his body which usually go undetected by drugs or by the immune system independent experts say it will take longer to see if the man's remission lasts the patient says it's given him a 2nd chance at life. services out there these are the top stories that russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to $3000000.00 syrians for a year the operation which is authorized until friday brings in surprise from turkey without interference from the syrian government amnesty international is calling the move despicable and dangerous
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a fellow thousands of protesters have attempted to burst into serbia's parliament angry at the reimposition of tough coronavirus current president alexandrovitch for the weekend curfew back in place after 13 deaths the country's birthday yet off the pandemic. tens of thousands of people in general and indeed administered kashmir being granted residency after the government changed the criteria for their concerns that could alter the demographics of what was once india's only wisdom majority state. nigeria has resumed domestic flights for the 1st time since coronavirus restrictions were imposed in late march the main airports in a budget in lagos reopened on wednesday while others will follow next week they have been nearly 30000 cases of cavan 1000 in the country and at least 660 people have died. after dismissing it 19 as a little flu brazil's president job also never has tested positive for months he's scorned at social distancing measures and rarely wore
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a mask. year everybody knew that sooner or later a significant part of the population would get it it happened i'm an example myself if i hadn't taken the test i wouldn't have known the result and it turned out positive i just got a positive result yes it's positive so it all began on sunday when i started feeling slightly ill and it worsened on monday i felt tired with muscle pain and had a fever that reached $38.00 degrees. current of ours cases continue to climb in the united states with more than 131000 infections are surging in states that the push to reopen early forcing officials to put restrictions back in place despite this president trump insists we want schools to really open. there are lines got more news coming up right after inside story.
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as an effective punishment for human rights abuses the british government targets suspects linked to killing a russian lawyer and a saudi journalist but will sanctions change anything this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on iran come on it's a crackdown on despots and dictators persons government has announced its 1st sanctions and leaving the european union and punishment for the perpetrators of what it calls grave ist human rights offenders the targets include suspects linked to the killing of saudi j. .


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