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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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they told us that they saw a liquid happened to their loved ones was a crime. and they wanted justice in the incidence something war 2 was the. condemnation and despair as russia and china voted to restrict un aid in every case to syria. hello again i missed all the al-jazeera live from also coming up. anger in serbia over the government's handling of the corona virus outbreak a planned curfew is now in doubt. pumping new life into the economy the british government announces a $37000000000.00 pandemic recovery plan. pulling out thousands course in the flood
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waters china's 100 province back on the high island post pandemic. aid agencies and rights groups criticizing china and russia's veto of a u.n. security council resolution that would restrict a deliveries to syria amnesty international is calling the move despicable and dangerous the proposal would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to 3000000 syrians for a year diplomatic editor james bays reports from the u.n. in new york. earlier this year the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft visited one of the field across things used to bring much needed aid into syria the company by the un's top humanitarian official mark lowe called she was shown the bubble how well crossing considered a vital lifeline. for the people in the last main opposition enclave in the
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province of idlib. speaking on a facebook live link up with the young syrian ambassador kraft appealed to the other members of the security council to renew permission to deliver aid across the border we must ensure that the syrian people get life saving thing medicine and this is just a basic need this is a result this is between life and that actually not stress the importance of this week's vote on across borders. this wasn't the only appeal to the un security council in the hours before the vote a u.n. commission of inquiry has released its latest report on human rights abuses in syria giving a damning assessment of what it describes as acts amounting to war crimes the chairman of the commission added this the very least the security council can do now is to renew and history infant the cross border and cross the line into
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operations pandemics no no borders nor should when it aired in need those pleas went unanswered the result of the voting is as follows 13 gods in favor or 2 votes against no abstentions the draft resolution has not been adopted or into the negative thoughts of 2 permanent member of members of the council both russia and china use their veto power we're seeing a repeat of what happened 6 months ago until that point the un had 4 border crossings authorized for a delivery after using its veto in december russia managed to get that reduced to 2 crossings. with the clock ticking until the existing authorizations run out on friday having used its veto once again russia is now likely to push for just one approved check point greatly reducing the amount of aid that can be delivered to
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opposition areas james broke out just 0 at the united nations now they have been angry protests in the serbian capital belgrade over the the government's handling of the coronavirus demonstrators accuse president alexander of richards of reopening the economy too early for political gain far right nationalists have been blamed for stirring up the unrest and storming the assembly building serbia has seen a dramatic rise in cases and or 30th have announced a state of emergency in several towns and cities well earlier i spoke to your she is a political scientist was also at that protest last night he says demonstrations had been peaceful until a group stormed the parliament. so the protests are started gathering in front of the parliament after president which its press conference very she announced the new long border weekend there was my impression of around 10000 protesters in the streets at. around 9 or 10 in the evening and this looked
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like any other protesters there it was mostly unorganized. i saw many angry youths a lot of students there but what really changed the dynamics was the storming of the parliament that was executed by a group of protesters that was that was better organized and they managed to enter the parliament around 9 or 10 this is when the situation actually escalated the security forces which were under resourced into the beginning which allowed these group of protesters to enter to. increase they did their deployment tremendously we saw riot police with the cavalry and dogs we saw john their memory we saw special operations units as well as many security forces personnel dressed in civilian clothes and after day after day security forces started using tear gas
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against the protesters it turned violent well now the british government has announced a $37000000000.00 many budget aimed at saving jobs and pumping new life into the economy battered by the pandemic businesses are being offered a $1300.00 fellow bonus if they bring stuff back on in full time work until january the government has also scrapped a tax on property is about 500000 pounds that's around $600.00 fashing $1000.00 and an ounce to help out scheme has been introduced participating restaurants will off a half price males every monday to wednesday throughout august and they'll be reinvest by the government within 5 wacking days. our correspondent has more from west sussex an area hard hit by job losses the signature measure here along with other measures to stimulate consumer spending and to encourage employers to keep their staff on the signature measure here is this job creation scheme the kick start scheme the government effectively paying for salary up to the minimum minimum
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wage of young people under $25.00 for the 1st 6 months of their employment employers then taking over after that in the hope of keeping them in work getting them in work rather than having them in unemployment queues and on benefits and trying to avoid a sort of failed generation as a result of this crisis here's what he had to say. people need to know we will do all we can to give everyone the opportunity of good and secure. people need to know that although hardship lies ahead no one will be left without hope. so today we act with a plan for jobs our plan has a clear goal to protect support and create jobs it will give businesses the confidence to retain and hire to create jobs in every part of our country to give young people a better start to give people everywhere the opportunity of
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a fresh start yes the costs have been enormous and the government here just adding yet more tens of billions of dollars to a bill really wrapped up close to $200000000000.00 spent since lockdown came in in march the government in since then says it's helped $11000000.00 workers to retain their jobs or at least to retain their sources of income a 1000000 businesses big spending pledges on infrastructure and public services and all of it deeply necessary of course in unprecedented times for this country facing a slump in g.d.p. by the end of this year a 14 percent possible unemployment going up from close to 0 to close to 15 percent and a deep sense of disquiet now about quite how all of this is going to be paid for in the years to come when nigeria has resumed domestic flights for the 1st time since krajina viruses tractions were imposed there in late march the main airports and a bridge or and lagos reopened on wednesday others will follow over the next week they have been nearly 30000 cases of that 19 confirmed in the country at least 660
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people have died our correspondent up at addresses at nandi as an international airport in a preacher. it have been flights in and out of over the past few hours and the rule that only 4 kind of operations today we expect that things will pick up by to morrow today it's been cautious on the part of parsing just a lot of people are waiting to see how things go but right now behind me is an aircraft just arrived from the commercial capital lagos and the only 2 airports by the way that have been approved to restock domestic flights in nigeria. 35 to 30 months. in the outports know what happened will determine what will happen next week more airports across nigeria will open next week and over the course of 2 weeks the civil aviation authorities will decide judging from the performances of
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the airports in the 2 weeks they will decide whether or not they will allow international flights through quickly you've got to travel outside the country despite rising cases of coronavirus in the country so the government is also a key to also reopen the economy fully understanding that a lot of a lot of things depend on the movement of goods and services especially of investors from one city to the other and from one country to nigeria. days of heavy rain have swollen rivers and triggered mudslides across china japan dozens of people have been killed in the flooding and millions have been told to leave their homes and one province just after it was devastated by the pandemic florence really has. some of the heaviest rain in decades has batted who been a province in china on the outskirts of hong kong city rescue workers dig through landslide debris in central south west and east in china rescue teams have
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evacuated people trapped by rising floodwaters in cities towns and villages you need to see because the water is so deep we have asked the brigade to help transfer residents by rubber boats dams and river banks are being reinforced further to the east heavy rain has continued to pound japan causing flooding and landslides it's up rooted trees and downed electricity pylons making some roads impassable water levels in many areas remain high. even though it may have stopped raining there are many things to be worried about whether there could be mudslide happening here as well i was wondering along with this continue the worst hit areas of japan on the southwest island of which has seen the highest number of casualties more than a 1000000 people on japan's 3rd largest island have been advised to seek temporary shelter and stay with friends or relatives where possible to avoid overcrowding at
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emergency centers health workers say basic measures to prevent corona virus from spreading in the crowded conditions seem to be working well you know the fact there have been no coronavirus patients in this area proves that we are doing the best we can whether experts are warning more heavy rain is expected over much of japan florence louis al-jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera on the defensive mexico. as president is accused of being a sellout as he prepares to meet on the white house. aware of land mines in libya how turkish troops on defusing baby traps planted by retreating fighting.
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and some very heavy rainfall calls across much of japan but also of course training back across into central and southern areas of china it is old to this system here and it is not moving at all over the next few days the rains are just become havea in different areas so eastern china and again through cross western japan key issue again making it some very heavy downpours not a bad day across the korean peninsula but that is also set to change as we move on into friday the rains again very heavy through eastern china and look at that mass there working its way across much of south korea that could also bring some localized flooding the rains will be particularly heavy and in the next couple of days key issue again could pick up another 150 millimeters of rain and the china could see as much as 360 meanwhile to the north it is fine and dry warm is well into harbin 30 celsius meanwhile in south coast it is 33 in hong kong then across into india the monsoon rains have been very active they're going to stay very
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active but a slight change as to where those rains will be this massive cloud you can see here that has taken the heavy rain across into southern pakistan still more rain than 4 calls in mumbai the house of course being some polls and some storm damage but as we go through the rains heavy again across the west but also much of the northeast some bangladesh. drink a moment in time. other stories that one people are afraid to caught and there is the attack against kids and providing a glimpse into someone else as well out in the uk pursuing in the dream of all your life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera.
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ok you want to know just there let's remind you of our top stories this hour russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to $3000000.00 syrians for a year the operation which is only authorized until friday brings in supplies from turkey without interference from the syrian cup. they have been angry protests in the serbian capital belgrade over the government's handling of the coronavirus demonstrators a curious president alexander of reopening the economy to early a political game. the british government has announced a $37000000000.00 many budget aimed at saving jobs and pumping new life into the
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ailing economy incentives include a nationwide chopper attention plan and taxes will be reduced for buying homes and eating out. now mexican president under a smuggler pes obrador as set to meet with the u.s. president on wednesday now it's a meeting that's officially about trade about the summit and washington is already provoking a mixture of anger and the well the moment by no apollo explains why the political mexican president. is meeting with u.s. president donald trump this week at the invitation of the white house but what would normally be a standard meeting between 2 world leaders has stirred criticisms but. by simply there is an election season underway in the united states and the mexican president's visit could be misinterpreted but also over the years president trump has expressed many offensive things toward mexico and mexicans this is why many people have a deep distrust and reject the way president trump has treated us. president trump
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is not very well liked in mexico and much of that has to do with his past rhetoric regarding the mexican people when mexico sends its people then that same. i think they're best they bring in drugs they bring in crime they're rapists and mexico will pay for the wall. one to fit the better attitude soured further in 2019 when president trump threatened mexico with export tariffs unless mexico agreed to carry out a strict militarized immigration enforcement policy since the start of his administration 19 months ago mexican president under disciplinary lopez obrador has sought to avoid a political conflict with president trump opting instead for a relationship built on pragmatism for a way that the visit scheduled for wednesday is the 1st time the 2 presidents will meet in person does visit out of their lives void we can talk about baseball we can talk about a lot of things everything without confrontation because it's
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a political meeting i think you ought to have a tough critics of lopez obrador to say the mexican president is making a mistake by sitting down with trump who many in mexico regard as racist and anti mexican a recent poll however found that wolf you mexicans are fans of trump a majority favor lopez over the meeting with the u.s. president with many hoping the trip will help improve a bad economy. going on in mexico there are many who do not look kindly at our president attending this meeting but there are those who understand the weight of the economic agenda and recognize the economy's the result of political negotiations between leaders there's not such a thing as friendships between countries and geopolitically their own interests. president lopez of another says the focus of his u.s. visit is to mark the launch of the us mexico canada trade agreement or u.s. m.c.a. a replacement to nafta that mexico's president has said will generate jobs and help reactivate the mexican economy. mexico city. now the
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taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on a police station in southern afghanistan a suicide bomber blew up a car outside the building in kandahar province 3 policemen were killed and 14 others including civilians were injured while the united nations security council is holding a virtual meeting in the next hour to discuss the situation in libya the world body has come under fire in the past for failing to enforce an arms embargo and in recent weeks dozens of returning home owners in tripoli have been killed or maimed by landmines left behind by forces loyal to ward who for hafta turkish troops are now helping their libyan allies to clear them really trainer reports the bombed out homes in scorched military machinery near homes on the outskirts of tripoli show how devastating the 14 month battle for the capital was. having failed to claim their prize war lords relief will have to his forces have been forced to retreat
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from western libya towards their strongholds in the oil rich east before leaving they planted land mines and booby traps returning home owners have fallen victim to them. genie officials say at least $27.00 civilians have been killed and 70 wounded it's a familiar job for the head of the mine clearing team in tripoli brigadier ahmed value spent months clearing syria after the city was liberated from my school he says eisel targeted janay forces and searched all russian mercenaries from the wagner group along with have to forces laid landmines and other weapons to kill indiscriminately and as unwelcome in. residential homes and streets children's toys along with play areas were booby trapped this proves that it is residents who are targeted by these landmines when they return to their homes when they learn man is planted in a toy who is the target it is to kill children and residents. landmines are banned
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by most countries but their sheer number here and the sophisticated manner in which they were planted led the tripoli government to request help from the turkish allies turkish bomb disposal experts are helping clear the hidden menace left behind by have to his forces months after being forced to escape the fighting while busiek me and his family were shocked when they saw the state of their home when they returned. he doubts he will be able to afford to repair his home anytime soon and shows us where a land mine was recently cleared well before well of the thought of it's going to take a lot to fix it too much i don't know when we'll be able to return i don't know what to say may god give his patience. while some residents have been able to return for most their return can't happen until they're given the all clear and this law dina names are neighborhoods he added threats of explosives is in addition to the severe
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destruction of homes here now trainer al jazeera southern tripoli. now china's government will not be joining almost control talks with russia and the united states labeling them a hoax and a game which beijing refuses to play the americans and russians have agreed to discussions because they're only remaining treaty expires next year donald trump wanted china included in a future treaty china's military is developing missile technology to counter the u.s. deployment in asia. the. new the yeah. the more. than the. late to the time. so all the whole. you will. find to be the movie's release.
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and china's government has opened its office and hong kong to and force its new national security and all of their police blocked roads for the inauguration ceremony the converted hotel will be a base for chinese intelligence agents police canal conduct such as without a warrant stop suspects from leaving the city and intercept online communications critics say the new legislation strips hong kong of its freedoms and its independence. well but we also heard the new law in hong kong fixes a loophole in china's national security preventing curbing and punishing food types of acts against national security it is a turning point to stop the violence and chaos in hong kong there's no hope that stability will be restored and the freedom and rights of residents will be better protected and now hong kong is government has banned the unofficial and the often sung by pro-democracy protesters.
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education secretary kevin young said that schools should stop students from singing glory to hong kong or any other songs containing strong political messages and teachers have been warned to stop human chains as a form of peaceful protest against government policy now lebanese businessman who is accused of financing hezbollah has returned home after 3 years in a us jail because some target dean had been sentenced to 5 years in prison but was released due to poor health and the risks of contracting private 19 while in prison then what is in beirut with this update. the court saying that he was released on compassionate grounds that he was facing health risks the risk of contracting corona virus while in prison he is a man who was accused by the united states of being a global terrorist since 2007 for allegedly funding hezbollah of course being
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a lebanese a group it has an armed wing it has a political party and it controls political power along with its allies in cabinet and government so his release is quite significant but we have to make it very very clear that. denies any links with the group and the group has not made any comment about the man but a few weeks ago in fact in march a lebanese american was suddenly and unexpectedly released from a lebanese jail he was convicted of torturing and killing lebanese inmates in a jail that was run by an israeli militia during israel's occupation of southern lebanon in the eighty's and ninety's he was airlifted from the u.s. embassy compound out of lebanon at the time lebanese officials said that they had nothing to do with this they were shocked by the court decision to release him even hezbollah said that they had nothing to do with his release but many many will say
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that the courts would not have dared release. without the support of the political power the authority to use holding political power in 11 on. muslims an indian administered kashmir accusing the hindu nationalist government for getting a radical change in the population so they'll become the minority in the region the government has modified its rules to grant residency to tens of thousands of people in john and his out in the correspondent and as a. sharing sweets to celebrate their new status the butty family as some of the newest residents of jammu and indian administered kashmir despite living there all their lives their parents were brought from punjab in the 1950 s. to work as street sweepers but they haven't been eligible for residency until now with these the board then we thank mr modi we have this piece of paper in our hands because of him now our children have received residency terry they can progress in
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their lives life. in march promised of that in the government why did the criteria for residency in the disputed region saying the change would grant equality and dignity to or now anyone who's lived in the region for 15 years all studies for 7 those registered as migrants and children of government workers who've served in kashmir are allowed to buy land and apply for government jobs more than 30000 domiciled certificates have been issued since the law was implemented 2 months ago most of them in hindu majority. people are satisfied because there are fewer procedures to follow when they had to become a resident before there was a lot of documents required they had to have them verified by that ministry it was a very long procedure. while it's now easier for non-cash midis to become residents many others are afraid that the government will make it more difficult for them to prove their status i belong to does. this say that my
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identity basically depends on a piece of paper that your own people. something wrong with that the new domicile law was announced 88 months after the government revoked the region's autonomy that had protected it from demographic changes the idea is that he would want to change the demography here in german kashmir and create pressure on the society so that at some point of time if the society doesn't give up the would completely transform the demography of this place to that maybe muslims who are demanding freedom from india would come in minority the organization of islamic cooperation which represents $57.00 nations had almost $2000000000.00 muslims as among other critics of the changes saying they are part of the hindu nationalist government's plans to drown dissent and at a time when protests they have been banned for nearly a year elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera you daddy. human rights watch says the bodies
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of at least $180.00 men have been found in mass graves and bikini faster they were discovered near the northern town of ji bo the government is investigating claims that its forces carried out the killings government troops have been battling a surge in attacks by armed groups in the region the violence has now forced more than 700000 people from their homes since the beginning of last year germany is calling on its neighbors to agree to a fairer way to distribute refugees and migrants the block remains deadlocked on a new procedure after the previous system collapsed 5 years ago when the number of migrants sharply increased germany's interior minister horst c office says it's shameful the 27 nations remain divided on the issue with many countries refusing to take in any rescued migrants the majority initially arrive in italy or greece. police have found a soundproofed torture chamber during a raid on
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a warehouse in the southern netherlands. one of 7 shipping containers had a dentist's chair detective suspect the other containers were used as prison cells by a criminal gang 6 arrests were made and drugs weapons and police clothing seized. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to $3000000.00 syrians for a year the operation which is authorized until friday brings in supplies from turkey without interference from the syrian government they have been angry protests in the serbian capital belgrade over the government's handling of the coronavirus demonstrators accuse president alexandrovitch of reopening the economy
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too early for political gain the british government has announced a $37000000000.00 many budget aimed at saving jobs and pumping new life into the ailing economy incentives include a nation wide job attention plan and taxes will be reduced for buying homes and eating out will be cheaper nigeria has resumed domestic flights for the 1st time since coronavirus restrictions were imposed in late march the main airports in a bridge and lagos reopened on wednesday others will follow next week there have been nearly 30000 cases of curb in 1000 in the country at least 660 people have died days of heavy rain have swollen rivers and triggered mudslides destroying houses and roads in parts of japan at least 58 people have died in flooding since the weekend. and china's government will not be joining arms control talks with russia and the u.s. labeling them a hoax china's military is developing missile technology to counter the u.s.
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deployment in asia. world. the you will see. the new excuse me there. will be more. media than. you laid to the time. so all the hold. to the security. people is a part time plan to be the movie's release. and china's government has opened its office in hong kong to enforce its new national security or police can now conduct such as without a warrant and intercept online communications well those are the headlines they'll be more news here after the strain. we know what's happening in our return we know how to get the basis that others cannot i want to but only fear god by the party
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the only purpose i'll get the rap because i'm in it for grabbing the gold live on the go live to work another boy that may not be mainstream but the fires are still more never to be putting. up the way they held the thory is what can make a difference. hi anthony in case you're watching the stream it has been a week since the assassination the old child who desa he was a musician a roma activists well known in ethiopia the for that has included people on the street people being arrested internet being closed down media being closed down as well there's so much to talk about the if you can d. ask for is huge i know that you are reading in the new chew chat if you've got something to add to this.


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