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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 190  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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it must be addressed in this context france claims under nature of the incident between our ships are simply unsubstantiated turkey regards it as an international obligation for support of the legitimate government and its endeavors to protect legitimacy and civilian lives but the technical and training assistance that we provide it up on the government's request the d.n.a. sustained that balance underground and be here humanitarian crisis has been prevented mr president wanting illegal oil blockade is another issue of critical importance for the libyan people libya has lost more than $6000000000.00 since last january the year to the 7
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months long oil blockade which should be lifted immediately and to control oil facilities should be returned to the nation of oil company. the discovery of mess grace in this appeal to her. is a green reminder of the proportions of recipes and human suffering in libya actually this must be a break up call for all sides who have condoned or supporter of theirs aggression to varying degrees international community and relevant organizations must take urgent steps to investigate this matter as such the velcro on the cross check it or the international criminal court's decision to deploy a mission to conduct investigations underground. human rights council of the
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incision to set up a fact finding mission in libya is also expected to deliver results on this maybe important metric demise and improvised explosive devices placed in the neighborhoods by hafez militias before they retreat as yet another yet another brutal methods aimed to terrorize the civilians these war crimes must be investigated and old perpetrators must be had the count of up before concluding i would like to reiterate turkey's commitment to be to a sustainable political solution in live yet for this purpose they will continue our contribution of independent follow up mechanisms and or can go to thank you for your attention. and thank you thank them to see mr c.
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not only not to the people the minister for foreign affairs of tookie for his statement and i get the floor to sext me shaikh mohammed bin up to ahmad bin yes and i tommy deputy prime minister and minister for foreign affairs of qatar you have the floor. you have to i mute your side of. the said president. we congratulate germany on exhuming the presidency of cut off the consul wishing you all success and we appreciate the efforts of france during its presidency of the concert last month we also thank his excellency until antonio
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military action that you have secured at a secretary jannot has a briefing mr president for all that i.e. the libyan capital tripoli was the scene off attacks by illegal militias. which have taught me to innocent libyan civilians and the internationally recognized not just in a government they have committed serious violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights including at tax on health care facilities even in the midst of that call that 19th endemic when a mission so i taught 'd it to a hospital equipped to treat a cut on a virus fish and chip butty in addition landmines placed by the us mini she is the result in a scores of libyan casualties not to mention the continuous systematic extent of the killing the international community has as well as recently witnessed the mass
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graves in areas that were controlled by the elite get militias they stay to fight the trade today it's going domination of those dangerous illegal practices a 3rd of the ones again are supporting a septum party 'd against another test become clear and that the only way to sort of that it begin to call isis is it through a comprehensive cease fire 'd and stopping the support of the illegal fact ups the factions and support off 'd the government of national accord commitment to implement the implementation off the scale at that podium and security council resolutions and the outcomes of that lead conference mr president said i think imminent was an enormously endorsed by this united nations security council which it could be nice that g.m. in as they saw a legitimate executive authority in libya unfortunately some countries initiated endorse this agreement but have subsequently disrespected that agreement by
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supporting opposing factions and empowering 'd them again as. this is how we have reached where we are now if the international community is serious about solving this situation any i get it but it's a good solution based on dialogue and understanding must include a clear and effective international mckenna's him to hold to account the states that do not abide by those set by the 2nd emits not only should the international community of all except in factions accountable for the current state of affairs in libya but it should also hold that to account the countries that empowered them one of them violations off international unfortunately we have witnessed systematic violation against that g.m.a. and said i think he meant why the international community have remained silent we stressed the need to extend to negotiations and national dialogue and complete that
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that on such an entity that we called for solution that preserves libya and libya itself on a t. and unity it realizes that spanish and of the libyan people and leads to building that said that there will be and seek and deserve away from not all interests better than an ambitions and malicious an agenda. and unlawful extent noninterference the international community and the united nation must all. must walk to provide the support necessary to achieve the objective mr president to conclude the set of thought that every effort of its support to the efforts of the united nations and the un sman and downs men in implementing them and its mandate its also a new as its goal its call on actors to ensure respect for international humanitarian law and international human rights know and to hold accountable those
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responsible for the violation and serious crimes thank you. i think it is you're watching jazeera we're bringing you coverage of the united nations security council meeting on the situation in libya you just heard from qatar as deputy prime minister and foreign minister mohammad a bit odd that a man been just some funny sick calling for a comprehensive cease fire in libya among the warring parties there also asking for a return to negotiations and avoiding unlawful external interference not before that we also heard from the turkish deputy foreign minister said it's all knowledge at this point i want to bring in our diplomatic editor james bays who is at the united nations and been following this for us both sides there on the side of the u.n. recognized government of national accord but it is arguable that it was turkey's involvement with the g.n.a.t. that was a tipping point for the g n a. absolutely true their involvement has
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been very very to decisive in recent months yes about half an hour ago or hearing from egypt one side of the argument a country supporting general haftar and there you've heard from turkey and its close ally qatar the other side of the argument and they clearly have a trump card which is that the u.n. security council has in the past said the jna the side they support is the internationally recognized government now there is some dispute that even though that is the case that doesn't allow you to breach an arms embargo in the case of turkey bring in fighters from syria and bring in weapons but it certainly does add some legitimacy to the turkish argument the other thing that i think turkey and qatar supporting turkey have on their side is the leader of the group that they are backing in libya prime minister is someone that people in the international
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community are able to deal with he is a bureaucrat by background and he can speak the language of foreign officials and gets on with foreign officials compare that with general haftar and i've spoken to quite a few people who have met or spoken to general have to they say quite literally here is a megalomaniac he is a dictator but coupled with that he seems to be very forgetful he seems to constantly being having rouse with his own commanders and the situation in his court probably best described as that is somewhat chaotic so i think that is also a significant factor here the 2 leaders one is a leader of the international community can do business with the other is one that most people that i've spoken to who had dealings with him said they found those dealings most difficult james over the last few weeks when i've been doing interviews about the situation in libya there's been a growing suspicion that if khalifa haftar is seen to be any sort of impediment to
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finding some sort of solution to the situation in libya he may well just be sidelined and in fact somebody else might be found in his place is there any sense from the united nations that that is a possibility. well i think in some ways given that there is this has become a conflict between 2 key groups the g.n.a.t. the internationally recognized government and the so-called l.m.'s led by general haftar i think the un whole plan is for peace negotiations then elections and hopefully that someone would emerge as the head of a new government and it might well be from neither of these groups or at least be a new fresh figure to give a new fresh era for libya what the the calculations going on among those that have been supporting general have there is not clear because i think different countries have been supporting general have to for different reasons the russians may well be
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supporting general have to for a different reason from egypt in the u.a.e. and france never says it's supporting general haftar but clearly has very close relations now with the u.s. and the certainly seems somewhat aligned with moscow but i think there are different motivations among have to supporters and no clear figure certainly none of half those deputies some of whom have been accused of war crimes would be suitable to replace him so certainly in terms of those supporting general haftar i think if they could find another candidate that didn't have the problems that have to have they might have settled on one by now and they haven't found one that's james braze bring us up to date on that meeting of the u.n. security council on libya directive from the united nations james thank you very much indeed domestic flights in nigeria are taking off for the 1st time in 4 months the main airports in a butcher and lagos reopened others will follow over the next week nearly 30000
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coronavirus cases have been confirmed whether at least 660 deaths amid interests has more from abroad. if they've been flights in and out of trouble you know over the past few hours and although that only 4 airlines in kind of 1000000000 operations today we expect that things will pick up by to morrow today that it's been cautious on the part of pricing just a lot of people are waiting to see how things go but right now behind me is an aircraft that just arrived from the commercial capital lagos and these are the only 2 m. post by the way that have been approved to restart domestic flights in nigeria after 35 to 30 months in action in the app port now what happens here will determine what will happen next week more airports across nigeria will open next week and over the course of 2 weeks the now you know civil aviation authorities will decide judging from the performances of the airports in the 2 weeks they will decide
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whether or not they will allow international flights to resume quickly now jane is that you've got to travel outside the country despite rising cases of coronavirus in the country so the government is also keen to also reopen the economy fully understanding that a lot of a lot of things depend on the movement of goods and services especially off investors from one city to the other and from one country to nigeria. coronavirus cases continue to climb in the united states the number of dead has now passed 130000 and infections are surging in states that push to reopen early but president donald trump continues to downplay the resurgence of the pandemic and insists he wants schools to reopen in the new year by kind of reports from washington d.c. . texas is one of the 1st states to use its mitigating measures responding to pressure from president trump in mid april who insisted he wanted
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states to open up to restart the economy. now with stealing with a massive increase in infections joining florida and reporting more than 10000 cases in a day a figure matched only by new york state in the early stages of the pandemic in the next 2 weeks we're probably going to end up being what new york was 2 months ago i think that's what's going to happen donna ingraham has been an i.c.u. nurse for 17 years last week she went from caring for patients to becoming a patient herself after testing positive i really at one point in time asked god to take me the pain wise ridiculous. it was simple i mean in my mind i couldn't breathe think i didn't have to be put on ventilator the republican governor who ordered the early opening of texas is now dialing back and re imposing mitigating measures including the wearing off masks we
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wore not have to shut it down if everyone will follow this very simple rule and that is just get a mascot this wear it make sure that you don't get covered 18 and you don't give it to anybody else. but the u.s. president continues to be masculists and even as the cases surges now are putting pressure on governors to open schools for the new year at the end of august we want to do is we want to get our schools open we want to get them open quickly beautifully in the fall and the you know this is a disease it's a horrible disease but young people do extraordinarily well the reaction from teachers was furious that is so callous and him so callous we do it wrong people die little people can get sick
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you have asthma you've got bad allergies and you're 6 years old you could die if we do this ron there was anger too among many in congress which was officially notified that president trump is pulling the united states out of the world health organization the notice period is 12 months so the u.s. will actually only leave the w.h.o. interlined next year between then and now is an election and presidential candidate joe biden says one of his 1st acts as president will be to reverse the decision effectively it will be up to the voters to decide mike hanna al-jazeera washington . muslims in indian administered kashmir are accusing the hindu nationalist government of beginning a radical change in the population so they'll become the minority in india's only muslim majority state the government's changed its rules to grant residency to tens
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of thousands of people in jammu and kashmir here's our india correspondent elizabeth put on them. sharing sweets to celebrate their new status the butty family as some of the newest residents of jammu and indian administered kashmir despite living there all their lives their parents were brought from punjab in the 1950 s. to work as street sweepers but they haven't been eligible for residency until now with these they've got more than you are we thank mr modi we have this piece of paper in our hands because of him now our children have received residency terry they can progress in their lives life. in march prime minister that in the government why did the criteria for residency in the disputed region saying that change would grant equality and dignity to or now anyone who's lived in the region for 15 years all studies for 7 those registered as migrants and children of government workers who've served in kashmir are allowed to buy land and apply for
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government jobs more than 30000 domiciled certificates have been issued since the law was implemented 2 months ago most of them in hindu majority. people are satisfied because there are fewer procedures to follow when they had to become a resident before there was a lot of documents required they had to have them verified by that ministry it was a very long procedure. while it's now easier for non-cash midis to become residents many others are afraid that the government will make it more difficult for them to prove their status i belong to. me to say that my identity basically depends on a piece of paper your own. something wrong with that the new domicile law was announced 88 months after the government revoked the region's autonomy that had protected it from demographic changes the idea is that it would want to change the demography here in german kashmir and create pressure on the society so that at
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some point of time into society doesn't give up the would completely transform the demography of this place to that maybe muslims who are demanding freedom from india would come in minority the organization of islamic cooperation which represents 57 nations had almost 2000000000 muslims as among other critics of the changes saying they are part of the hindu nationalist government's plans to drown dissent and at a time when protests they have been banned for needy a year elizabeth pradhan al jazeera you daddy. china's government has opened its office in hong kong to enforce the new national security law police can now conduct searches without a warrant and intercept online communications critics say the new legislation strips hong kong of its freedoms and independence hong kong's government has banned the unofficial anthem often sung by pro-democracy protesters.
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the education secretary kevin young said schools should stop students from singing glory to hong kong or any other cells containing strong political messages teachers have been warned to stop human chains as a form of peaceful protest against government policies. china's government won't be joining arms control talks with russia and the united states labeling them a hoax and a game which beijing refuses to play the americans and russians have agreed to discussions because their only remaining treaty expires next year donald trump wanted china included in a future treaty china's military is developing missile technology to counter the u.s. deployment in asia. now you flew from. the to me didn't you. and you have been explicitly. the lot. medium that. he laid all the time the. whole
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the whole he'd planned to leave the security. people love is the price tag finally the movie made if you can. let me bring you some breaking news we're going to get reports that the prime minister of ivory coast am going to go on quote about a high has died suddenly he fainted during a cabinet meeting on wednesday afternoon he was then taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead is being lined up as the president successor for the upcoming elections in november as the ruling party candidate. the mexican president on those manuel lopez obrador set to meet with the u.s. president in the next hour. we're hoping to bring you some live pictures of the white house there is a meeting that's officially about trade but the summit in washington is already
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provoking a mixture of anger and bewilderment by no apollo explains why the mexican president under this one. is meeting with u.s. president donald trump this week at the invitation of the white house but what would normally be a standard meeting between 2 world leaders has stirred criticisms but. by sickly there is an election season underway in the united states and the mexican president's visit could be misinterpreted but also over the years president trump has expressed many offensive things toward mexico and mexicans this is why many people have a deep distrust and reject the way president trump has treated us. president trump is not very well liked in mexico and much of that has to do with his past rhetoric regarding the mexican people when mexico sends its people there not sending their best they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime they're rapists and mexico will pay for the wall. one of the good attitudes soured further in
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2019 when president trump threatened mexico with export tariffs unless mexico agreed to carry out a strict militarized immigration enforcement policy since the start of his administration 19 months ago mexican president under disciplinary lopez obrador has sought to avoid a political conflict with president trump opting instead for a relationship built on pragmatism we had when we did the visit scheduled for wednesday is the 1st time the 2 presidents will meet in person does visit out of the we can talk about baseball we can talk about a lot of things everything without confrontation because it's a political meeting. critics of lopez obrador to say the mexican president is making a mistake by sitting down with trump who many in mexico regard as racist and anti. mexican a recent poll however found that while few mexicans are fans of trump a majority favored lopez over the meeting with the u.s.
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president with many hoping the trip will help improve a bad economy this is going on in mexico there are many who do not look kindly at our president attending this meeting but there are those who understand the weight of the economic agenda and recognizes the economy's a result of political negotiations between leaders there's not such a thing as friendships between countries and geopolitically their own interests. president lopez of another order says the focus of his u.s. visit is to mark the launch of the us mexico canada trade agreement or u.s. m.c.a. a replacement to nafta that mexico's president has said will generate jobs and help reactivate the mexican economy went up in mexico city. ok i can bring you those live pictures now from outside the white house where where we're expecting mexican president under a smuggler lopez obrador to meets the u.s. president in the next hour or so that's the 1st time mexico's president left the country since taking office in december of 2018 i'll be talking about.
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they signed up for a luxury cruise but some would never come ha. ha ha ha oh hold on i want to investigate some new zealand's dantley vocal trio eruption on al-jazeera. reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just news this is breaking but also history as it's unfolding crossing from serbia the hungry to read one day i might be covering politics in the next hour of my covering protests
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. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start to search for looking in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade ivory has to be real or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on to take those out and perhaps choke the source of the id from entering the network take no one else is there. the latest news as it breaks this crowd of hundreds of people didn't come with invitations they came to pay their respects to george floyd with details coverage the government needs to balance the needs of the economy with the trace of the
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virus returning. from around the world organized crime is now beginning to try to play the role of robbing and like giving away food to win over the royalty of people in desperate need. for. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha and coming up in the next 60 minutes the conflict is into the new phase with foreign interference reaching and dissident levels the u.n. secretary general raises the alarm over the increasing role of fault on powers in the libyan conflict. more than 3000000 americans are confirmed to be infected with coronavirus says the u.s. defends withdrawing from the world health all.


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