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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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people didn't come with invitations they came to pay their respects to george ford we detailed coverage the government needs to balance the needs of the economy with the trace of the virus returning. from around the world organized crime is now beginning to try to play the role of. giving away food to win over the royalty of people in desperate need. al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the conflict is in a new phase. reaching and president at levels the u.n. secretary general raises the alarm over the increasing role of foreign powers in the libyan conflict. more than 3000000 americans are confirmed to be infected with
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corona virus as the u.s. defends withdrawing from the world health organization. pumping new life into the economy the u.k. government announces $37000000000.00 more for a pandemic recovery plan. and pulling out thousands caught in the flood waters china's provinces back on high alert after battling the cone of violence outbreak. and i'm santa how much and i have all the sporting committing. international cricket makes its return following the corner virus that break it with the 1st test that between england and the west indies held behind closed doors. ok let's start with some breaking news the prime minister the ivory coast i'm going to wrong has died suddenly he fainted during
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a cabinet meeting on wednesday afternoon he was then taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead he was being lined up as the presidential successor for the upcoming elections in november as the ruling party candidate let's go straight to nicolas who's on the phone from us from senegal is capital dhaka nick if you can just give us an idea of what the legacy of the promise is going to be. well you know this was the main candidate for the. party and she was supposed to be the one that was going to take the president wants to eat the country in the upcoming presidential election in november and just to give you an idea of his vision to 6 5 years ago he tweeted on looting that you know we shouldn't think in terms of shorter economic growth the decision that he will take you said that i will take. that would be for decades to come unfortunately. that you were inside a cabinet meeting going to during cabinet meeting. and then he was going down that
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runs team. receiving treatment for his ill health so you think it's a great help or that. the ruling party and the start was counter to take of the group as the next president to campaign in this presidential campaign that's highly anticipated rob we have. leaders that are going to campaign what are. candidates about the and as well as the announcement by the international. to go that. would be allowed to come back to the country. that didn't provide rico she was held for national criminal against humanity to. the
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situation in the political hell. creates a great threat ivory coast which is one of the. most was at stake in the candidacy of the prime minister barak who knows who is just pronounced dead and we're waiting for the announcement from the president himself. from the party and from the opposition to see how they react to the political fallout there will be to his death brought. the line that where listening to you on is breaking up a little bit but i do want to ask you what the impact within the country within the voters of the country is going to be because as you were saying he was expected to be taking over the presidency now there is a gap and how upsetting is that going to be within the country. well one of the main issues with whatever and this time in power according to members of the opposition is that he hasn't addressed the deep grievances that led to previous
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civil previous civil wars and what water on his candidate was supposed to do less those those grievances and those differences are divisions. within ivory coast divisions that were created by the previous civil war people who supported at that time who felt that they have been ostracized from the political system part of the population that has been enjoying this blue economy that ivory coast has been enjoying there's allegations of corruption against the government and want to rise again and so once i was counting and was probably. the prime minister to really take over to people that would use all ivorians that would bring that that would be the one that would bring. a huge thing that this country so much needs and so. instability in his death in the instability in the political world in the political
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help will have an effect for ivory coast that is still very deeply divided in still trying to shield from previous civil wars probably looking at the political situation that there is there at the moment is there anybody that is likely successor to call obama a somebody who could step in. well you have this course is very quickly because. the main issue is that one juror has could cover an ad for his political party has really put all its effort towards the bowtie and of course there is soros who is the president of the national assembly and who has the legal who live things a lot of. it in the party itself but what about the side they move in wrinkly body you know jim sorrell will also be a candidate at the presidential election and then he poses a great threat to watch around. you know during the. during the civil
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war he also has been accused of committing crimes against humanity and war crimes during the civil war and killing opposition members but he was not to be implemented international criminal court to this political situation of course is the recent really moving out of the international criminal court that allowed his little back with the former president. to come back 'd to the country just act head of this presidential election that supposedly please look under what we're going to expecting to see even more divisions within the political system but among i phone in themselves who are trying to find a leader that can unite all ivorians and that's going to be the challenge for want to let you try to find a replacement to try to find someone who has the political comedians to do so and the problem is that he has could all of his effort under this prime minister who
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seems to have had also enjoyed the support of friends i mean during the coronavirus our great great the borders were shut he was allowed to go to france for treatment and given exceptional circumstances to do so and so that show is the proximity of the real. lieschen ship between the leadership of ivory coast and france not only that it seems the proximity between coulibaly and friend so his struggle but just how big a cabinet meeting is really going to be shaking up the whole political system in ivory coast and that certainly is going to have an effect for the future of this presidential campaign in the end all the candidates are supposed to handle their their candidacy their official candidate for the parties in the weeks to come so that's really going to have an effect on the campaign ahead and it looks like it's
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going to be the only easy in unstable presidential campaign and this is something that is going to be challenged only for what europe but for all ivorians who are again looking for stability for their country that's necklace hack our correspondent talking to us from senegal our boate the death of prime minister of a close amadou gone quickly body he died suddenly after fainting joining a cabinet meeting on wednesday afternoon he was then taken to hospital where he was later pronounced dead he was being lined up as the presidential successor for the upcoming elections in november as the ruling party candidate the u.n. secretary general has warned that the conflict in libya has entered a new phase with foreign interference reaching unprecedented levels until you go south as was addressing a virtual session of the security council on the violence there head of the session russia's foreign minister said he's in talks with his counterparts in turkey about
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a possible ceasefire this isn't the 1st time that a cease fire has been proposed while of khalifa haftar said he would consider one after his forces began losing their major strongholds libyan conflicts been fueled by a number of international backers the u.n. recognize government in tripoli is being backed by turkey while after has had support from russia egypt and the u.a.e. . time is not on our side in libya the conflict is enter the new phase with its foreign interference reaching and dissident at levels you have very concerned about the a lot of the military buildup on the city and the eye level of that its foreign interference in the conflict in violation of u.s. arms embargo un security council resolution and the commitments made by member states in bali ok let's go to our diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations until he retired is saying that time was running out as far as libya was concerned what do you think was the tone of the meeting.
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well i think you've got everyone publicly stating that it's time for peace in libya the problem with this is they've been publicly stating that for a very long time ago back to the beginning of the year and germany was the country that was the host for the conference on libya leaders from all key countries came to berkeley and for that conference they all signed up to a communique and the un's plan and yet they went home and they continued many of them what they had been doing before and that i think is the problem germany now wanted to reboot this because it just happens to have the current presidency of the european union and of the u.n. security council it felt at this moment it was a good moment to try and push efforts towards police peace because we have had very important developments in the last few weeks and that is defeat in many ways for
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general haftar for over a year he'd had his forces right near tripoli trying to take tripoli and with the help of turkey the government of national accord the internationally recognized government has pushed general have to push his forces all the way back to sirte that potentially creates a moment of opportunity for the international community if those countries that have been involved directly decide to back down now but it's not clear whether they will take for example the countries that are supporting general have to countries like the u.a.e. like egypt like russia also france not directly supporting general have to but certainly close ties with the u.s. and seems to have more sympathy for general have to than many of the other european countries while they may all think that now if you do support general haftar it's not a good time for negotiations when he's doing so badly militarily and it might be
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a good time to bolster him militarily and. head of negotiations on the other side if you're the government a national accord which is supported mainly by turkey you may think well we got we've got general have to push back to sirte yes if we took sirte it stephanie going to be difficult and bloody battle but once you've taken you just have to look at the map of the coast and there's basically an open road that takes you to the part of libya where large parts of the oil infrastructure based and obviously that's a big prize so you know i think even though everyone here is pronouncing that they're back on the path towards peace they've said that before they've said it publicly their actions have not matched match their words james it's increasingly apparent from the coverage in the interviews that we've been doing over the last few months as the libya conflict has been going on that the recurring theme seems
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to be that khalifa haftar is a stumbling block it's a status a stumbling block for the d.n.a. but it's also it's and some analysts would suggest a stumbling block to a cease fire even though he has said he's willing to get one because nobody would actually enter into an agreement with them do you get a sense from the united nations there that there is that if he becomes too much of a block to a cease fire block to a solution that they might actually sideline him and find somebody else. i think privately you'll even hear u.n. officials will tell you that he is a stumbling block and you might well even hear it from some of those countries that are supporting general hafta i'm told that he's very unpredictable to deal with he has a personality that's been described to me as being a megalomaniac but they haven't found a suitable alternative to him to take take on the role of the general have to put
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performs for those countries which clearly do have their own ambitions with regard to libya and it's probably worth adding libya's a vost oil wealth the security council meeting continues and speaking now is the ambassador of libya itself he is aligned with a government of national accord he's talked sonny and he's speaking now in the presence of the signal. and i would like that also to. the secretary general for his briefing and thirds of all smoke by stephanie williams during those difficult times i also wanted to deliver the speech on behalf of my foreign minister the other and i thank you for accepting our request to speak last because we needed to listen and reflect it to all these statements which stopped up to 38 you know all that we wanted speaking of it so i hope the secretariat will fix this issue in the future terms of translation. mr president i take this opportunity to
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thank germany and miss and of america for her efforts to reach and when asked and sexy. find a peaceful solution to the libyan crisis we are going to need a government comes in an important time and sense of our country and. ringback it's a good chance to officially announce the failure of the adventure led by the aggressor which he named. and open compassed i hereby announce today the folks who meant our previous promise that the invader won't ever enter tripoli and he didn't thanks to our national army and our very own armed forces we announced the trunk of our operation but kind of other which represents the victory of those who call for a civil and democratic state over the defeated scheme of state militarization the
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resilience of tripoli as a symbol of resilience against all plots of contra revolutions and those who supported them not only in libya but on behalf of the entire region ladies and gentlemen as i have previously stated in my early briefings since 2011 my country has witnessed attempts by several states to extend their control over libya blunder it's not clear its national and social fabric those states benefited from the events to create chaos and settle scores on our lands they took advantage of opportunists to achieve their agendas by suppressing the dream of a democratic transformation that the libyans aspire to today while listening to your briefings libyans are wondering now you are talking about a political settlement and dialogue. where were you more than
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a year ago when bombs were falling on innocent people and thousands of civilians including children and women were killed where were you when our civilian infrastructure was being bombed and hundreds of thousands were displaced all these violations and war crimes occurred before your eyes what did you do to stop them and what have you gained from this bloody adventure launched by a rebel obsessed with power today we are hearing calls for reasoning wisdom and dialogue but by whom by states that where and are still supporting the aggressor secretly and publicly called for is an end by states that deliberately destructive the path of your own dialogues and the efforts of its former employee. who spoke an interview a few days ago which see x.t. and after being freed from the restrictions of your own bureaucracy he expressed
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his anger and the prophecy of some states and i called i was stabbed in the back by the majority of the members of the u.n. security council i no longer had any role the day after launched his attack on tripoli he got the support of most of them while we were being criticized in libya because we didn't stop some major states not only supported but they concluded deliberately against holding the national conference and and of course then we hear states talking about to nominate your solution here if these are the words of the 6th u.n. envoy to the how can we trust the intention of international community for reaching a peaceful solution and its credibility in the future. libyans and the people of the world are tired of double standards unfortunately the un which is 75 years old has became strained and helpless and the security council has become just an area
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for arguments and empty statements therefore i real and fundamental reform is another thing. what are the evidence of crimes and violations by the aggression and his supporters are you waiting for all of which are documented in your reports and in the reports of the i.c.c. what about the mass graves recently revealed in the city after bodies of children women a new thing where up to $220.00 victims were found so far among those were buried alive what about the explosive and mines planted in the homes of citizens south of tripoli resulting as of today and the death of 80 innocent victims with the testimony of the united nations mission this was nothing but a cowardly act carried out by the militias of after and his mercenaries reminding us of the atrocities of isis terrorists and said and yet some still consider
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this war criminal a partner for peace in this regard we thank i.c.c. and human rights council for accepting our request to investigate these violations and hopefully they will be bringing the perpetrators to justice what other evidence and proof are you waiting for to see that there is an international formation of mercenaries whether those i think he acted with the russian. or sudanese. syrians who are working under the command of the war criminal and his agents. libyans and all the world saw them fleeing their positions located south of tripoli on t.v. we also how the mercenaries were hurriedly evacuated from anywhere the airports. that their defeat was inevitable today we find them in broad daylight stationed in
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the east and hijacking fields and ports therefore we reiterate our request to the states concerned to withdraw their citizens and hold them accountable and those who finance them otherwise they are complicit in these violations and crimes and the security council should impose immediate sanctions on these entities and individuals and this regard i would like to spank the sudanese government for arresting more than 100 m. time to many days ago who are trying to infiltrate the borders to fight libya and i tell my russian clique that when we talk about violent groups we're not talking to for sure about of special soldiers we're talking about a group of mercenaries that is led by this book you might not have official soldiers but there are citizens and there are some of them are russian citizens so you ask your government as other governments to do the necessary steps in order to take them out of my country ladies and gentlemen libyans are wondering about the
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reasons behind the presence of some states and international forums that have no ties to libya for instance why was u.a.e. involved in discussing the future of libya is it a neighboring country a mediterranean country is it a member of the security council. if youi isn't interfering in our affairs as it claims why do they rush to take a seat in every meeting why do they welcome war criminals and give them podium to hold press conferences to incite war and provide them with funding and weapons why were american officers recently featured in video recordings training after militias on russian bands their missile systems the libya pose a threat to u.s. national security. is undoubtedly involved in supporting the unsuccessful coup attempt in libya and threatening international peace and security in several parts
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of the world as indicated in various u.n. reports and has not been able to dates to defend itself to what was stated against them and for all these reasons we no longer accept its engagement in our political director and it's strange to hear the foreign minister claiming to be peace and stability and not able to speak about the laws of weapons that he is sending to the other party and this regard we call upon the united nations also our in this context. 'd sort of in this regard we call upon the united nations and international community to limit any future libyan talks to come send member states from neighboring countries mediterranean countries and security council if not then we will demand adding other important countries to assure proper balance while discussing the libyan matter in the same context we are astonished to hear some
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countries saying today that they are against foreign interference and call for preservation of sovereignty of the libya and its territories. and present unrealistic and new to that are a political initiative and absence of relevant players as we have been hearing today regarding the so-called card with a clear ration mean why are we seeing statements that threats of direct intervention as announced by the egyptian government drawing the red lines inside our lands as stated by its president and threatening to arm the youth of our tribes to fight their brothers inside libya under the excuse of its national security we totally condemn and reject these threats and remind everyone that their support to help her is what threaten an international peace and security and regional stability and brought us to where we are today we will face any aggression with
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firmness and strength and we assure that egypt national security falls within libya's national security but libya can't be reduced to a region on any country's borders we didn't interfere in others political affairs as it's their choice but no one can impose their system on us. moreover libya is not being governed by a tribal group as being falsely promoted rather our troops are our cultural and social foundation that we value and cherish and any attempts to divide us will not succeed and i remind the foreign minister of egypt that we are the ones who defeated isis insurgents and we took revenge to those $21.00 who were killed from egyptian citizens we are the one who did so it wasn't after sources who allowed
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them to pass from done to service we are the ones who recovered their bodies to send them to their families and to rest in peace those were the forces of one yet more suits operations the d.n.a. forces who today are being called terrorists and extremists ladies and gentlemen the continued military operations until the entire install is free of reposts as a mysterious is a sovereign issue and under the responsibility of the libyan state. it's the government and it's our national duty therefore it is only the states that have the right to determine when and where it ends that being said if you have to militia and mercenaries control over several always fuels and installations the latest of which we witnessed the invasion of back in their messages in a shot out of fields and an act to engage the south in another cycle of chaos to
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add more suffering to the people of the south already have been through difficult times and lived decades of crisis and marginalization the recent closure of all ports has caused a financial loss stimulated by the national oil company of more than 6500000000 dollars and some foreign actors are taking advantage of this issue as a leverage to achieve their objectives and other international affairs and increase their shares and global markets in this regard we emphasize that oil is the wealth of all libyans and we will liberate all facilities from militias and mercenaries and we will do we lose all possible means to resume production and this regard my government reserves the right to prosecute all those who incited the locate of oil fields and prevent the export of oil what is being promoted is nothing but flimsy
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justifications when referring to the issue of equal distribution of wealth which is merely an argument for controlling the state resources and that will never happen we affirm that solving this problem fundamentally and ensuring justice for all regions of libya will only come through ending the transitional period and engaging on a constitution in which the libyans defined the states governing an economic system . as noted above i would like to emphasize on the following 1st choosing our coalition signing security and military or other agreements with any country is a sovereign and legitimate rights and it isn't called for an intervention intervention a violation of sovereignty are the practices of some states and terms of trying grafting the legitimate government and supporting cause and outlaws with money
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arms and providing political support and if our agreements are illegal then all of our agreements signed with your countries whether security economic or oil related are also legal ladies and gentlemen the definition of intervention when countries interfere in local or fair is against the will of the states but when we signed as a legitimate government the line the only agreement one is totally our own responsibility and i respond to the foreign minister of greece when he's talking about respecting u.n. resolutions i remind him that he himself didn't respect it by engaging and meeting with the parallel government in the east that's a violation of the un resolutions. second the security council resolutions on the situation in libya because of all states to support the government of national court to extend its control over the entire libyan territory and imposing the arms
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embargo should be on those outside legitimacy instead of undermining the government and support the coup against it as an resolution $225930.00. we are all aware of the problem of the spread of weapons militias and armed groups that are present in most cities and regions however the solution wasn't and shouldn't have been by waging wars and fighting the only solution is to putting an end to the division a country reaching step if it and embracing our youth and activating did they are and that's our program the solution further includes improving their canonic and social situation our youth have been victims of conflict and the deterioration of this situation over the years so they should not be all put in one basket for we believe in the significance of reaching
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a comprehensive political solution among all libyans a solution that leads to building constitutional institutions so as to move the country out of its current crisis however this shall not involve parties that have committed violations crimes to seize power and militarized the states if any political initiatives presented must be national aunt and under the auspices of the united nations and then coordination with the african union we reject any unilateral initiatives that are not inclusive of all libyan parties custom made for some individuals and presented by impartial states that support rebels. we request the presidency of the security council to hold a special and urgent hearing this month for the sanctions committee which the president of all states mentioned in the reports of the panel of experts on libya
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and accused of violating the arms embargo in support to the aggression i do not think that this request difficult to fulfill and is equally important as today's meeting ladies and gentlemen my government reaffirms strategic choice to adopt peaceful solutions to the libyan crisis to exclude foreign interference it further reaffirms the participation of parties that believe in peace and work towards achieving that which is in fact the approach adopted by the libyan state on many occasions we also call on the united nations to deal with the issue of political dialogue between libyans from now on in a different manner since the circumstances have changed there is no room to talk again about the outcomes of paris there are more or others you must expand the base of the political dialogue stemming from the libyan political
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agreement to be more inclusive and include real actors political parties and figures from all on the reasons the only solution to the libyan crisis and to end the fighting over legitimacy is to return to the libyan people and and the useless transitional periods the previous mistakes should not be repeated and the custom made solutions to suit certain individuals groups or countries must come to an end . the only solution must come through the constitution that was deliberately ignored in all political initiatives despite the work of of the national elected constitution drafting committee we must organize legislative and presidential elections as soon as possible as this will give the opportunity for the aspiring individuals to participate in the elections and prove their popularity and to
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legitimacy this is the only solution for ourselves or to mention rather than having our destiny being determined by others this summarizes the political vision of the government of national accord for those who ask and it is supposed to be the title of our libyan dialogue in conclusion we call on all libyans to reunite and side with the nation and to work together to waste opportunity for those who seek to divide us the outcome of the aggressors adventure was nothing but war killing and destruction for the benefit of other states and individuals our beloved people in the east you have been throughout history a beacon of scholars elites intellectuals and revolutionaries of libya we never recall in any time in the past where you sent your men under any pretext to
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kill and displace your libyan brothers and sisters you have always been the voice of truth and the end of the wisdom of our. the force of truth and the independence of libya and its unity where because of the wisdom of your leaders at that time. we all must remember our founding fathers from all over the country east west north and south who contributed with their patriotism in establishing the state and uniting the nation rather than destroying and dividing it it is us who could stop all foreign interference ambitions and conspiracies whatever and from whoever they are so let's work together to build our future with our free will thank you. i think the. you've been listening to libya's permanent
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representative to the united nations tell me the last of the u.n. security council virtual session discussing the war in libya i want to bring in diplomatic editor james bays who's at the united nations a very strongly worded message there from the libya's permanent representative to the u.n. talking about the killings and damage destruction for the benefit of others in the foreign interference that has so often been referred to in libya coming up again. yes i'm busted ol sonny has only been in the role for 6 months but he's proved himself in that time as a purveyor of strong words and that was certainly the case again today he deliberately chose to speak as the final speaker at this meeting so he could respond to some points raised by other countries he said it was the promise of his
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government the government of national accord that the invader would never enter tripoli of course he's talking about general haftar were telling you were listen to this right now but some of his comments are clearly enraged other members of the security council the ambassador of us is asking for a right to reply to some of the things he said because you a he certainly condemned very strongly for their involvement in libya he condemned russia for its involvement in libya and for russian mercenaries that are active in libya and he condemned egypt for egypt's involvement making it clear the egyptian foreign minister drove her to the 21 egyptians killed by eisel in sirte where he said actually it was his government that managed to get those bodies and and help out in that situation and it actually had been general half the forces who had allowed in his view the ice all fighters to make their way to sirte in the 1st place so strong words from the libyan ambassador worth noting of course though that
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the government of libya a seat at the u.n. is held by the government of national accord the government of prime minister seraph so clearly they are the international recognize government but they are also one of the 2 main sides in this conflict there is going to be some criticism james isn't there that this is essentially a talking shop a chance for people to be able to air their grievances and to air their views but it's what happens next that it's important and of course with the make up of the security council it's very difficult to see where something strategic and actionable if you like can be done. well the libyan ambassador there was calling for something he said the sanctions committee when it next meets there is a sanctions committee and clearly lots of the sanctions on libya have been broken should actually call before the countries that have carried out breaches of those
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sanctions are not willing to lose some of those that have been speaking at this meeting i think this is one of the problems of a forum like this it is diplomacy and everyone is diplomatic on the whole so the libyan ambassador the only one that's naming names whereas i think everyone including the german president of the security council egypt also now asking for a right to reply after libya spoke everyone knows the names of those that have been involving themselves directly in libya and most countries mentioning how awful it was that countries have been breaching the arms embargo and getting involved directly but of course deciding not to name names as our diplomatic editor james base has been talking to us from the united nations james thank you very much indeed u.s. president donald trump and his mexican counterpart on us manuel lopez obrador are meeting at the white house they're expected to discuss the new trade agreement between the 2 countries and canada but never pass on is the former ambassador of
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trinidad and tobago to mexico and he's joining us on skype from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for being with us they made item on the agenda is of course a trade but it is going to raise some eyebrows this meeting isn't it because it wasn't that long ago that president john and the president of mexico would essentially trading insults. in the communion of most things that is not the way it was not thank you for having me and a number of things that would have been couldn't for the agenda but then also to some group is yours that needs to be spoken of the on a tree you know the board is use etc and it's a little it's a bit disappointing really not to have carried on didn't because if it is treated after 5 years and who seasons to get us to the past it would have been wonderful to have all 3 parties unseeable to discuss not just a treatise. grecian immigration you know he globalists use of the pandemic extension given your view of mexico at the time that you spent there as ambassador
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of trinidad and tobago what do you think that diplomatically speaking both men are or both of these governments are attempting to get out of this over and above the trade agreement itself. interesting question is a great deal of historical context in this you know of having experienced mexico diplomacy for quite a number of years as one of dignity fairness and that is of really but this is really stress testing diplomacy versus actuality i think you know back in mexico any president has gotten some some flat top of all of them in the middle of a pandemic and it will graces and you know the health risk and what not he has not been tested he said he's willing to be tested some argue it's a photo opportunity others say it's a bit too close to the national elections in the united states you know would be potentially the boss of the in any democrat should there be a big cheer and upset by the president who already has been very clear that as long
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as he's concerned the president opposite has changes his rhetoric and stolen towards mexico and some of it is possibly written about family that have been due as unfairly gracious to him to mexico and the ones of them to lead us up or ease there was a 1000000000 oil supply what. production support for mexico but president obama has also looked at this as a a greater cause he did the true deal itself in there was an economics the job creation opportunities the better the an economy. can i mean this is teetering a bit. of critics of the g.d.p. was up as much as 10 percent so he does indeed need for a direct investment opportunities into the country and we're looking at other cases we're beyond the detroit itself and doings of other bilateral and genital cooperation has assumed he bought it so oh do we strengthen that school bit because they are implications should the u.s.
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economy back up and the mexican economy continue to study. this perception an increase that could be an increase across the border from mexico itself what has happened. really interesting to get your insight on this near past and we appreciate your time thank you for joining us on our desire. thank you. back now to our breaking news and the death of ivory coast prime minister do going coulibaly let's go to nicholas haq again who is in senegal this capital dhaka nic let's 1st of all talk about the process of succession talk us through where the prime minister was in relation to the presidency. well he was the official candidate of the ruling party and want. his time to announce who would be the candidate for this upcoming presidential election many people speculating that what her him self would change the constitution and run for
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a 3rd term and in march when he announced that he would be the candidate for the ruling party well many people in his surrounding is who are close to president wants are were disappointed the foreign minister at the time resigned many members of his own. disowned him and so this is he went forward and supported the he knew that he was ill for the last 2 months during the corona virus outbreak when borders were shot he was flown to france for treatment we're told for his heart condition and today just 6 hours ago. took to twitter before he went and the cabinet meeting saying that as a politician he's aim was not to find short term solution to the future. but find a long term solution for the decades to come for the young people of ivory coast but shortly after he made that tweet you went in a cabinet meeting he had
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a fit of coughing coughing and coughing and then that's when ministers that were with him called. medical help and he was transferred to a hospital and just moments just minutes ago president want to announce that it's through a communique announced that what he described as his. political son had died in hospital earlier today this is a big blow for the ruling party and for the current political situation the coast we have an election that's supposed to take place and just. and the ruling party for now does not have an official candidate for this election rob let me ask you about is there anybody on the sidelines at the moment who could step into the role that the prime minister was to have taken up and replace the prime minister. well before anybody came into the picture
9:47 pm
of course the person that was said to replace what that was dubbed to be the next president of ivory coast is gearing sorow he was the president of the national assembly and according to the constitution of ivory coast if ouattara were to die then he would have become the president but what happened was that he was accused of being behind a mutual need that took place in ivory coast 2 years ago where grievances over pay have led to several. military camps setting elph mutinies and that lasted for several months and this is the heart of it rob is that grievances that led to the civil war years ago in ivory coast have not been addressed by watching and so many of the people that will want to take his place as
9:48 pm
the next president of ivory coast will point to that weakness of what's right and we'll have to address this and will try to present themselves as the person that will be able to unite all ivorians and one of the main issues with and with with the watch is the fact that he didn't address the issue of justice of people that had died that were victims of torture or rape during the civil war and that those perpetrators were not only punished but ended up in position of government so that was what he was set to address as a candidate of the ruling party but of course now that he's out of the picture now we don't know what will take place what will take place in this upcoming november elections we know that we can all be gay who is a long time. presidential candidate a long time opposition figure the head of the p.c.i. one of the main opposition figures will be a candidate to this election. who has been sidelined by watch or i will also be.
9:49 pm
candidate to this upcoming election now the question is will watch i want to be himself candidate this upcoming election where the problem is is for ordinary. who are looking for someone who will bring stability to the country and with the announcement of is that this sudden death it seems that the political situation in every coast just months before the election is unstable rob. bring us up to date with the latest he's in senegal as capital but i want to bring in. the chief executive excuse me chief executive director of the africa international media group and she's joining us on skype from paris we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed as our correspondent nick was telling us there there are significant issues that ivory coast is facing where do you see those issues now that. the body has died. and you
9:50 pm
say yes for sure there are a couple of issues related to the pot electional conflict. years ago technics it 10 years ago but the 2nd. look of conflict. happening right now is about is about radical resolve or will being succeeding to micah so could you walk through our overall why don't you want to use has experience tensions. of the political the presidential party had an alliance with cannot be really seen now the airlines is broken because the. calamity progress is going things here the wire was to succeed what and that it had an agreement now president what dad decided to choose
9:51 pm
a medical leave ballingall spot of his own party so the islamic government now the 2nd. no or the rivalry was dion saw was being mentioned used to be the president of the bottom an normally also clean that a president what i had promised him to be his successor. now as pretty and curtain on me and many people within the party of what down where who did not agree with his choice of a medical we bandy some of them left the government and. decided to run on their own so and there are others who are standing by and they showed their interest in they in the position so i think of the current interior minister . i made it back and saw he is one of the rabbits my
9:52 pm
bogeyman and even the one who was leading the committee announcing and i used the last day back to guy she is also one of the guys who want to become president so they made problems occur now you know we watch eat what really happened goes we we can reckon with a lot of tensions and also maybe president what. we say when it comes to dushan allows me to run again and facing that situation we have a note of all a president 86 years old who was limey and a lot of tension we don't unite and about a candidate. let me. run my start of the let me ask you raise an interesting point about the tensions that are in the country because that is going to be a significant concern to the government as it is and of course the incoming candidates as well what do you think is going to be the reaction on the ground in
9:53 pm
ivory coast to all of this given the level of instability that you've been talking about look at you know everything is now totally possible everything is now open we've gone prevent it gone he was contest at me was that he was a candidate and and the way president what i have managed to bring most of the bill on board even probably even if they didn't really accept that wet was underweight but now we've got now you would have all those people coming out and creamy to be diligent to make candidates that macpherson. and you had. president a former president mention medicine from plymouth president that was being maintained road not to establish a name what really happened now maybe they will you know was you know the president
9:54 pm
when he was not in a very comfortable position. to begin with but now we all would meet everybody all of the political also may feel that was its signal to come up with their own ambitions and didn't really i mean it may be great james molinaro is a below is the chief executive of the director of the africa international media group she's been talking to us from paris i'm afraid that's all we have time for but thank you very much indeed for your insight thank you. demonstrators in serbia's capital are defying calls by president aleksander vote church to stop their protests this was the scene a little earlier in belgrade has been violent situations there protesters have gathered again by the parliament building after dozens were left injured in street battles with police overnight into
9:55 pm
a do some hard cynical it's is joining us live from belgrade you more talking to us before that despite president voters there is demands or suggestions at least that people should stay away to avoid coronavirus it doesn't look as though anybody is actually paying attention. no no it doesn't and it seems like the this is just an excuse for the protesters to go out and to show their anger towards the ruling party and that the president. obviously they're outraged because of the fact that president bush announced that there will be a curfew during this weekend that this coming to us in the well in the service capital deliberate and that the people were outraged by that announcement today president bush had said that there will be probably no curfew is that is up now off to prime minister and the minister of health to the side tomorrow whether there will be or not the curfew and for the 1st the waters of the protests today
9:56 pm
everything was calm it was calmer than yesterday there are the there are a few 1000 people in the streets but in the last half hour everything did the protesters thought that to throw flares and stones towards the police which was barricading the national assembly the protesters yesterday start to try to storm several times and try to get in the even they got dean at one point but there were thrown up today they spent only 10 minutes in the and during the lobby of the national assembly probably they wanted to do the same thing tonight but police was much more better organized than they were yesterday and now they're trying to disperse all the protesters all the few thousands of protesters into smaller groups and they're trying to do charge them a way to move through the streets which are surrounding the national assembly of serbia now the protesters are running away basically from the police but the still they're giving some resistance to the police they're still throwing stones and
9:57 pm
there was also one group of the police officers have a riot police they were surrounded by the protesters about 10 minutes ago they had a very difficult situation but they managed to get out of that situation and the scenes on the streets of over there now pretty much dramatic but it seems like this police tonight it is trying to assault. situation much faster than they did yesterday because yesterday the protesters was that the long into the night they were ended at 3 am so that's a very long period of time and then that they're probably trying to night to be much faster much more efficient in the breaking of these protests. thanks very much indeed for bringing us up to date with that situation in central belgrade i think we can possibly take you live pictures from the center of belgrade these are people who have been gathering despite the fact that president alexander has told people to stay away from the protests because they might spread coronavirus protests last
9:58 pm
night became very violent there's a very heavy police presence on the streets of belgrade tonight. that's all for a good bye. is resistance. in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to seeing creativity. and protest to challenge and change i.d.'s.
9:59 pm
a gun a controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks this crowd of hundreds of people didn't come with invitations they came to pay their respects to george floyd we detailed coverage the government needs to balance the needs of the economy with the trace of the virus returning. from around the world organized crime is now beginning to try to play the role of. giving a way forward to win over the loyalty of people in desperate. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of partitions and cuts and loads of units of the across the country and there's a dark side is we do see the grid from his office the majesty of the him fixed into something more like the team i didn't see of the british today i meet with victims
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of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera. and die fast range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of the networks journalists on al-jazeera. ivory coast's prime minister collapses in a cabinet meeting and this pronounced said. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program as the u.s. marks new record coronavirus numbers it says the world is looking to it for leadership. of course the u.s.
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remains the world leading the band. the united nations warning on the libyan conflict foreign interference has.


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