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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2020 10:00am-10:33am +03

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with all the back story this place has become complete you hear all of them and to treat them with something that in respects. was trying to do is taken steps to suspend their extradition agreement with australia takes action in opposition to hong kong's new security law imposed by china. i'm sam is a dam this is out just where i live from doha also coming up. protests in serbia as capital of the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic the ivory coast prime minister dies suddenly during a cabinet meeting months before he was due to run for president. growing backing
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for scotland's leader and disapproval of bragg's it driving renewed support for independence from the u.k. . australia has suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong in response to china imposing a new security law it's also extending visas for hong kong residents in australia and offering them ways to get permanent residency the government is warning citizens in the territory they could be at greater risk of being arrested under the new legislation punishes a range of crimes including criticizing the government with harsh prison sentences and our government together with other governments around the world have been very consistent in expressing our concerns about the imposition of the national security law on hong kong and. today we have agreed to
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announce that that national security law constitutes a fundamental change of circumstances in respect to extradition agreement with hong kong and nicolette gage is live for us now from sydney necker as i'm sure you know china is the top trading partner of australia it's in the top 10 or foreign direct investors how much concern is about retaliation from china. well this will no doubt infuriate beijing which will see it as a strongly a trying to meddle in its own internal affairs and we need to remember that china is a strangely its biggest trade partner and throughout this time we've seen heightened temp diplomatic tensions and that has led to huge problems in the agricultural industry with high tariffs on bali some beef imports suspended and this has
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really escalated since a strangely out cold for a an inquiry into the origins of coronavirus which obviously 1st resort outbreak in the chinese city of walk on some businesses are no doubt nervous right now but the australian government says the situation has absolutely changed since these controversial new security rules have been imposed in china and it wanted to respond appropriately with this change in extradition ties obviously follows the canadian government making a similar decision and it's all because there are concerns that if the stroller does extradite someone to hong kong they could end up in the mainland of china under these new loans how easy is it going to be for people from hong kong kamin australia take advantage though some of those these are concessions.
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well right now there are about $10000.00 hong kong students and skilled workers based in australia and the announcement that they promise to scott morrison mainly looks at those people right now so for those people currently in australia they will be able to extend their visas by 5 years with the potential of then becoming permanent residents and a really interesting point here is that these showing government really spoke to businesses in hong kong. i'm saying that they want to be in tossing them with incentives to move away from hong kong and set up shop in australia and with that they will be bringing visas in as well so businesses and their staff could potentially become permanent residents here many people were hoping for a humanitarian intake here obviously the u.k. prime minister boris johnson made an announcement that some people in hong kong could get citizenship over there this doesn't go as far as that some would say that
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this is quite modest the main opposition party did want to go further than this so right now it's really about those 10000 students and skilled workers in a stroller but there is potential as well for future skilled workers in hong kong to move over the focus really being on getting these businesses across and of course this will absolutely beijing at a time when diplomatic tensions are extremely high between the 2 countries all right nicola gauge there from sydney heavy rain is hampering rescue and recovery efforts in southern japan following widespread flooding and landslides at least 59 people have died work is underway in some areas to clear the rubble downpours are common of this time of the year but meteorologists say rain clouds and stayed above japan for longer than usual. so b.
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as government is set to announce new coronavirus restrictions after the president said we can curfew may not go ahead thousands of people protested across belgrade for a 2nd night over the government's handling of the pandemic and like sarah brown reports . hurling rocks flares and insults at the government protesters gathered 1st 2nd night across the serbian capital belgrade i. security forces best outside parliament came to avoid a repeat of tuesday's chaos when some protesters managed to storm the building. but the tensions remain high with more tear gas from police some in the crowd intent on forcing their way inside a game. there is an accumulation of dissatisfaction the majority of people here don't have exact demands that most of them feel in justice protesters blame president alexander church for
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a sudden spike in coronavirus dates and infections after it lifted a strict lockdown just weeks before last month's elections demonstrations began on tuesday when voter to an ounce the restrictions would be coming back to de lay said he said he had advised the government not to introduce a curfew but refused to take responsibility for the outcry. on the political rally was well organized a part of our security services underperformed and was saying there was an involvement of various not only criminal groups but also international intelligence services the churches ask people to stop attending anti-government rallies to avoid spreading the virus warning there were no beds left in the hospitals to watch them initial problem over i don't have a problem with these measures but i do have a problem with ending them because of the elections and then reimposing them. the nation the south some in the crowd chanted the church is
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a thief. and that the money spent on the elections should have been invested in hospitals especially during a pandemic obvious to me. our government to simply looking after its own interests the people are just collateral damage. 2 weeks after his passing a surprise victory in the parliamentary elections is now facing widespread anger in his calls for calm head for one on deaf ears. brian al jazeera. ivory coast is facing political uncertainty after the sudden death of the prime minister. collapsed during a cabinet meeting just 3 months before he was supposed to run for president nicolas hock reports moments before his death prime minister i'm going to go on could be appeared upbeat as he entered a cabinet meeting chosen by the ruling party as its presidential candidate he just
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tweeted to have a vision is not about church and political gains but careful planning for decades to come but inside the meeting he suffered a coughing fit collapsed and died no official cause has been given but he suspected of having suffered a heart attack last thursday he was welcomed home by president ouattara after spending 2 months in france for medical treatment over his heart condition the 61 year old was what has chosen successor. to i'm back to take my place alongside the president to continue the work of development and construction of our country the ivory coast. in address to the nation what are described as his younger brother his son. probably feel. with the death of. ivory coast loses a mugging for the youth an example of competence and persistence. after the tribute will come but the political fighting his death creates a political vacuum with many eager to take his place and become the ruling party's
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candidate for october's presidential elections the president spokesman. and defense minister. favorites while the country's economy back on track critics accuse him of failing to address the deep grievances that led to the 2011 civil war 3000 people died after former president refused to concede defeat to ouattara. whoever replaces you will have to put up a strong campaign against experience rivals including opposition leader oh he could all be a former president with elections just 4 months away the sudden death of puts ivory coast into a new period of political uncertainty nicolas hawke al-jazeera. mali's president to bring him back ok to pledge to reform the constitutional court as protesters demand his resignation to demonstrations have been held in recent weeks over the
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struggling economy violence in the north and alleged corruption the president's opponents want the constitutional court to be reformed dozens of candidates who took part in a disputed election in april say the court approved official results that differed from those polling stations. nothing is impossible especially when social peace is in danger and requires that not to intervene as the guarantor of the security and well being of each and every one and the hours and days to come the members of the constitutional court will be recognized and will be put into operation as quickly as possible the u.n. is warning of unprecedented levels of foreign interference in libya and turn your tears is urging both sides and the countries that back them to end the fighting and agree on a cease fire a diplomatic editor james bays has more from u.n. headquarters in new york. 2020 was the year the u.n.
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and the international community said they would bring peace to libya instead violence has intensified with repeated war crimes mass graves and civilian casualties there are new risks as well as opportunities for peace now that general have to forces have been pushed all the way to sirte time is not on our side in. the conflict is the answer then you face foreign interference reaching and dissident levels including in the delivery of sophisticated equipment and the number of mercenaries involved in the fighting. germany has been leading international efforts in january it pulled together key players at a conference in perl in germany now has the presidency of both the e.u. and of the un security council its foreign minister was blunt some of the countries who signed up to the burden communique 6 months ago have been undermining it ever
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since with their actions foreign interference in may and the main driver of the conflict in libya it must be approach to an end that mean it's no more plaints no more tanks no more trucks or cargo ships full of weapons and no matter what lies. so will those directly involved in libya now back down representatives of russia egypt and the united arab emirates said they support the u.n. position even though they're widely believed to back general have to militarily france has a growing strategic partnership with the u.a.e. and was strongly critical of fellow nato member turkey the main supporter of the government of national accord the problem is this porters of general haftar know he's now in a much weakened position and they may want to bolster his military standing before
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any negotiations on the other side supporters of the government of national accord no battle with haftar in sirte would be very bloody but after that there be an open road to the part of libya where much of the country's oil infrastructure is based james bays al jazeera at the united nations the u.n. security council has voted against the russian proposal to reduce aid access to syria the proposal would have limited entry for a that crosses over from turkey which millions of people rely on the council has until friday to agree on future operations. a local official of india's ruling b j p party has been shot dead in kashmir they say at least 2 gunmen opened fire killing were seen barbie is father and brother outside the family shop the party called the attack shameful and mindless members of his security team which was absent during the attack have been arrested. still ahead i'll just sirrah robin
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goes quiet as a stray a 2nd most popular city enters another coronavirus lockdown. this job is about protecting him a. 2 year. old who was. joe biden's ahead in the polls for us president but we look at is potential pitfalls against donald trump. and the on tuesday this thin line of cloud here with a lot of lightning strikes and it produced hail up to 5 centimeters in diameter in western russia ukraine and that was the black sea now it's smallest around the way that stationary now that side of it is still nice and hot this side that it's cool down it's not cold by any means it's disappointing for july that's almost the
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european plane it is still hot from romania south of through turkey in greece and back through italy spain and portugal least in part the blue suggests where it's raining in the construct rain once again runs through the british isles low countries germany and up to the baltic states the forecast for london is not particularly pretty for a mid summer one breezy sunny intervals but showers at least on friday we should be about 24 degrees who is on the cool side of where things ought to be north africa remains hot dusty in places this brian suggests where the dust has picked up the biggest showers and that comes through in phases where in nigeria but they're showing themselves rather more radically now in sierra leone those orange strikes often disappear into the atlantic to produce something more tangible but the time being quite widespread shows as far north as bamako or beyond.
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short films of hope. and inspiration a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. all. welcome back you're watching around is the time to recap our headlines now
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australia has suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong in response to a new security law imposed by china it's also extending visas for hong kong residents in australia the chinese embassy in australia denounce the decision. serbia's government is set to announce new coronavirus restrictions after the president said the weekend curfew may not go ahead thousands of people protested across belgrade for a 2nd night over the government's handling of. the ivory coast prime minister has died after collapsing during a cabinet meeting. coulibaly was $72.00 to to run for president in 3 months time. along townies back in force in australia's 2nd largest city following a surge in corona virus infections melbourne's downtown district was deserted as residents woke up to the 1st day of restrictions 5000000 people are now barred from
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leaving 6 weeks it's for essential reasons city is the capital of the southern state of victoria of the states have now shut their borders and travellers stephen schubert is a reporter for the australian broadcasting corporation has more on how melbourne's residents are feeling. definitely frustrated but also i think understanding that this is necessary they've seen those numbers jump up just 3 days ago we had 191 new cases here in victoria and that comes after it wasn't really that long ago that we had a few days with 0 new cases so people really do understand that but of course heartbreaking for cafe owners the gym owners business people who were just getting back on their feet after their last lockdown and it is being enforced we're on a checkpoint here just out of melbourne where police are currently blocking one of the major freeways out of the city now we have called us on
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a shift change here of the police so they're not stopping cars at the moment but they have been pulling cars over on a random basis and asking people why they are leaving melbourne there are only 4 reasons why people should be leaving melbourne and the fines if you if you don't have a valid reason for about $1600.00 astronomy and dollars which is a fair bit and for a lot of people that would really sting japan's capital tokyo has reported a record daily high of new corona virus infections 220 on thursday the city has been struggling to slow a resurgence in cases which have bounce back since restrictions were lifted in late may 1st days record is the highest spike in new cases since april the 17th support for scottish independence is higher than it's ever been polling is consistently suggesting well over 50 percent of scots want to leave the united kingdom it's been attributed to scotland's success in controlling coronavirus
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compared to england and the overwhelming hostility towards bragg's it lawrence lee reports from scotland. bert has been dreaming of scottish independence for as long as he can remember he regards the english establishment as imperialists who stamped all over scotland just as they did the colonies the fact that the independence campaign narrowly lost the referendum 6 years ago doesn't matter to him because he believes his day are still coming the us people who are still there they're still as strong as the where the people that were marching the people that march in march he's in glasgow and edinburgh and all over and they're still there you know they haven't given up but and they want. lives in dunn t. the heartland of independents support for leaving the u.k. and going it alone polls around 65 percent here now it's going in that direction everywhere else as well trust in the scottish 1st minister nicolas sturgeon has rocketed since she appeared to be in control of the virus response in edinburgh
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while the government in london is widely regarded as chaotic and incompetent add to that the outright hostility in scotland's a brick sits and has a lot of good news for scottish nationalists they have of the survey that the u.k. government have been so inept and their handling that i think it has persuaded a lot of people who perhaps were not supporters of independence that we cannot chile manage to interfere is better and i think when you look at how nicholas sturgeon the scottish government of handle the pandemic is a big contrast to boris johnson and you keep government the question increasingly being asked here is how big a lead to the nationalists have to have before it becomes impossible for london to refuse another referendum on independence the extraordinary collision of the pandemic response and brics states have combined to put support for scottish independence across the country surrounds 54 percent and there's not even any
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independence campaigning going on the view among scottish nationalists is that the government in london is doing a very good job on their behalf. if they haven't given up on another referendum they haven't given up on blocking brecht's it for scotland either next week will see the launch of a new campaign here to keep scotland in europe just a few months ago is unconscionable for the u.k. to leave without a deal now the tory government seems to be talking and we can't have that actually so it hasn't voted for it scotland is firmly a pro e.u. country and so yes we should be campaigning and campaigning hard to ensure we're back in europe the scottish government has refused to rule out closing its borders with england if it eliminates the virus but england doesn't there's a power struggle going on at the moment scotland is gaining the upper hand largely al-jazeera in scotland. domestic flights in nigeria have resumed after 3 months of covert 1000 restrictions airports in the capital of the commercial hub lagos have
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reopened others due to resume flights over the next week i'm going to drinks reports from a boot. it was a cautious 1st day for nigerian air travelers as pricing just arrived to check they were confronted by new flight unsafe to rule step one there before the copied 19 endemic. nevertheless john was eager to flake. just so i don't have to sign so far trust in my country and trust the efforts put in place so far i expect my country. believing trust in the system and i know that it's safe to fly as this seems to fly in any other country. traffic was the 1st day for the resumption of the british. government leaders say they have used the past 3 months when airlines are grounded to address critical infrastructure needs to ensure passenger safety of sin in our ports we have
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a marked areas where passengers would be to keep physically distant would reduce the capacity of our. holes we have sequenced our flights to come in with regulated the entry and exit of our ports we're doing everything possible to ensure that people are safe. despite increasing coverage 900 factions the government is going ahead with the open space for domestic flights to. 2 airports this one you know and the other in the commercial capital lagos popping chosen to restart domestic flight when you have an airport due to take off soon now you're a similar vision of 40 will decide on went to allow international flight after seeing how operations walk out in these airports over the next 2 weeks. i juz has lost 95 percent of its revenues in the past believe it the feeling here is the longer airplanes are being granted the more the economy will be. this is a country that you have 34 percent little return on your investment this is
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a country with 450000000000 g.d.p. this is a country a center of africa this is a country that has 20 percent of the african consumption so it sucked in this economy means a total loss for the economy therefore we open it up. in style with caution they're sure that it was to save. our vision of a happy. the 1st day of commercial flight since the commitment to lock down went well what and such abuse how will airport schools with both domestic and international flights out to get back to their poverty al-jazeera which are. 2 of the top universities in the united states are suing the trumpet ministration over its efforts to force out foreign students harvard university and the massachusetts institute of technology are asking the courts for an emergency restraining order monday the government said foreign students would no longer be able to stay in the u.s.
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if their courses had moved online because of the pandemic a key witness in the impeachment trial of president donald trump is leaving the u.s. military attorney colonel alexander vincent is retiring from the army after more than 21 years of service women's attorney says his decision came after a campaign of bullying intimidation and retaliation led by the president trump fired video and from his post as the top ukraine expert on the national security council in february facebook has removed dozens of fake accounts linked to roger stone a longtime ally of president trump a social media giant said the accounts have been used to manipulate public debate using false information and is about to begin to present sentence for interfering with the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. donald trump is planning to push ahead with large campaign rallies even after
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supporters the last event tested positive for covert 19 by contrast his democratic challenger joe biden has kept his campaign mostly on line for biden is ahead in the polls some observers are warning the need to do more to secure a win from washington alan fischer reports. it's been months since joe biden held a rally surrounded by supporters given a major speech at a packed event it's no almost all done online like this gathering with educators. but changing how to campaign during cold it has a heart all recent polls have the presumptive democratic candidate ahead one from monmouth university gives him a 12 point lead over the president most warning for trump is half of all registered voters say he won't be backing him but joe biden shouldn't stop running his inauguration just yet it is still very early we are in the middle of the summer but
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you know you haven't had the conventions yeah you haven't had the debates yet. i think it's really early to start getting over confident there's nobody that i trust more to be his campaign virtually with his old boss barack obama he's given a major speech about the chump administration's reaction to the current crisis from isolation and he's raised money a lot solve it not just. recent protests over racial equality have seen president trump's approval numbers take a hit. to his handling of the kovac crisis and his reelection is in real trouble this job is about protecting americans in your. photo op but one analyst says joe biden has to do more than be the guy who is not going to trump that he can't just be anger at the other person what do you stand for what are people actually selecting when they select a job so he still has to put out policy not
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a lot one way only 8 about and out. that it's still not necessarily making its way to the need western region knows and. he's going to need. both sides hope there will soon make it a ton to normal campaigning both sides believe this the poll numbers writes rather do it shocks both sites and says their candidate will win in november and 1 of them will be right alan fischer al-jazeera washington. let's take you through some of the headlines here now just australia has suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong in response to a new security law imposed by china it's also extending visas for hong kong residents in australia the chinese embassy in australia has denounced the decision taken to gauge has more from sydney this will no doubt infuriate beijing which will
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see it as a strongly a trying to meddle in its own internal affairs and we need to remember that china is a strangely its biggest trade partner and throughout this time we've seen heightened temp diplomatic tensions and that has led to huge problems in the agricultural industry with high. beef imports suspended and this has really escalated since. called for i inquire into the origins of coronavirus serbia's government is expected to announce new coronavirus restrictions after the president said that we can curfew may not go ahead thousands of people protested across belgrade for a 2nd over the government's handling of the pandemic the ivory coast prime minister died after collapsing during a cabinet meeting. was 72 he was due to run for president in 3 months
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time heavy rain is hampering rescue and recovery efforts in southern japan following widespread flooding and landslides at least 59 people have died the u.n. security council has voted against a russian proposal to reduce aid access to syria the proposal would have limited entry for aid that crosses over from turkey millions of people rely on it the council has until friday to agree on future operations. a lockdown is back in force in australia's 2nd largest city following us in corona virus infections 5000000 people are now banned from leaving home for 6 weeks for is central reasons it's inside story now. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. will brazil's president be forced to take a coronavirus seriously. he's dismissed for months as a little flute how will he deal with the fallout from the world's 2nd largest coated 98 how this is it's a story. hello and welcome to the program. brazil.


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