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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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tricked into emigrating and trapped by un scrupulous property. to cane slaves cause of slavery and 21st century evil now to 0. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al jazeera. libya's government accuses warlords very for half the forces of torturing his enemies inside the prison. hello i'm sam he's a dam this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up straight to die has taken steps to suspend their extradition agreement australia becomes the latest country
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to take action over hong kong new security law imposed by china. rising tensions in the democratic republic of congo over a controversial appointment to the electoral commission. in the run up to a presidential election and the uncertain future in ivory coast after the sudden death of the prime minister. libya's u.n. recognize government says it's found a prison used by warlords for half the torture opponents government leaders in tripoli are calling on the when to investigate mass graves discovered near the prison in tahrir hohner forces of the government of national accord captured the city from half those fighters in june it's believed the warlords forces buried torture victims. is that the side of one of half the prisons in the town of tora
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bora local council officials and d.n.a. a government of national call officials here until now tell us that these cells inside this prison the very tiny natalya's prison were used by pro half their fighters specially or namely a. brigade or a local brigade from the city of the owner that was loyal to the warlords really for half that they used these tiny cells inside tools toward shore and to imprison their opponents security forces here with us who was touring with us here today in this prison tell us that they did not find. at the captives only one captive what was found here and he was being tortured for $1717.00 days before they found him they also tell us that they found the bland and the could be. corpses worried here in the vicinity of the area
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they showed us blood in some areas here and they tell us that some of those who were taken captive here inside inside this prison were transferred to eastern libya to other a notorious prison prisons under control over half of the forces in eastern libya but meanwhile the also suspect that some of those who were kept here were murdered in their mass graves that have been found in and around the city of the town as. the u.n. secretary general is warning of an unprecedented level of foreign interference in libya and tony were tatars is urging warring parties and their international backers to end the political stalemate and agree to a cease fire or diplomatic editor jane spays has more from u.n. headquarters in new york. 2020 was the year the u.n.
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and the international community said they would bring peace to libya instead of violence has intensified with repeated war crimes mass graves and civilian casualties there are new risks as well as opportunities for peace now that general have to forces have been pushed all the way to sirte time is not on our side in libya the conflict is and the new phase is foreign interference reaching and dissident levels including in the delivery of sophisticated equipment and the number of mercenaries involved in the fighting. germany has been leading international efforts in january it pulled together key players at a conference in birdland germany now has the presidency of both the e.u. and of the un security council its foreign minister was blunt some of the countries who signed up to the berlin communique 6 months ago have been undermining it ever
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since with their actions foreign interference remains the main driver of the conflict in libya it must be approach to an end that means no more plaints no more tanks no more trucks or cargo ships full of weapons and no matter what lies. so we'll those directly involved in libya now back down representatives of russia egypt and the united arab emirates said they support the u.s. position even though they're widely believed to back general have to militarily france has a growing strategic partnership with the u.a.e. and was strongly critical of fellow nato member turkey the main supporter of the government of national called the problem is this reporter's of general haftar know he's now in a much we can position and they may want to bolster his military standing before
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any negotiations on the other side supporters of the government of national accord no battle with haftar in sirte would be very bloody but after that there be an open road to the part of libya where much of the country's oil infrastructure is based james bays al jazeera at the united nations nick hopton is the u.k. ambassador to libya he says this is a key moment in trying to end the conflict. this is the time for international. forces from various countries many of whom took part in the live in the earlier conference bayless now stop interfering militarily in libya sought for any weapons into the country violating the un and this is the time for deescalation to really push forward on the un negotiations that lead in the group of 5 military negotiators from each side and to move then back to
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a political dialogue and see the settlement i think we have a un process at the moment which is supported by your security council resolution 2510 and was put forward by the burden conference leaders and the process that has been set up on the back of that which is moving forward in terms of looking at the various areas that need addressing security economy violations of human rights and international dignitaries and all and all these areas are being put forward so i think that on the libyan side you have a point process as i described led by the u.n. and general have to is represented in those top's as it is because the legitimate government of the d.n.a. and it is important that the libyans agree a solution between you and the international community facilitates it support the saudi led military coalition fighting yemen's who think rebels have destroyed 2
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explosive laden boats in the red sea saudi state television reported the destruction of the vessels which it said happened south of the empty port of salah the 2 remote think controlled boats were threatening navigation the coalition side . diplomatic tensions between australia and china are escalating off the camera suspected it's suspended rather its extradition treaty with hong kong or back comes after beijing imposed a controversial new security law on the territory australia is also extending visas for hong kong students and workers a move that's angered its biggest trade partner. reports from sydney. china's imposition of a controversial national security law in hong kong has prompted widespread protests across the former british colony and now a response from australia for skilled and graduate visa holders will be extending
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the eases by 5 years from today with a pathway to permanent residency at the end of those 5 years that's a pathway to the $10000.00 or so students unskilled workers from hong kong in a strike and follow similar moves in the u.k. announced by prime minister boris johnson china resist biggest trade partner and is infuriated. the comments images from the australian side constitute grave violations of international law and basic international relations as well as gross interference in chinese domestic affairs will not work on china we condemn the comments reserve the right to take further actions in response or consequences will be borne by the australian side cambra is also seeking to entice businesses in hong kong to move their operations to australia and we know that means of the jewels now might be looking elsewhere because they do want to be in a free country they want to be in
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a democratic country and we want to make attractive for that super talent to consider a structure and that's what these measures do similar to canada australia will also suspended extradition treaty with hong kong saying it's concerned people could now be sent to mainland china human rights groups had been hoping asylum seekers would be. good if the government is taking steps to protect our ways fearing persecution no matter where they're from in the world that is a great thing that australia should be doing and i really welcome to say that extended to other nationals that are in our country right now seeking that same protection from persecution the last time a similar move was made with the 1989 after the massacre of pro-democracy protesters in tiananmen square when a strain of 42000 chinese students asylum. just hours before the announcement astray updated its troubled advice for hong kong warning astray could be at increased risk of detention on vaguely defined national security grounds it
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says they could also be a similar risk on the mainland tensions have been rising between the 2 nations since a strongly a call for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus by using has imposed heavy tariffs on bali from destroyer and banned some of its basic sports leaving many astray in business people nervous about what it might do next gauge al-jazeera sydney coronavirus restrictions are being eased on some public housing blocks in melbourne while people haven't been able to leave for any reason since last weekend it comes as melbourne's 5000000 residents and they'll be barred from leaving home for 6 weeks except for essential reasons for least in the state of victoria say setting up a ring of steel around the city with checkpoints anytime anywhere to enforce the law down measures borders between victoria and neighboring states were shut down on tuesday my call. journalist the age newspaper in melbourne
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takes plain why the city's seen such a large such a surge rather infections while the rest of australia has reported barely any new cases. yes far as we can tell we can trace it back to the 5 years of hotel quarantine so a lot of returning australians were put into hotels for 14 days to quarantine unfortunately dictatorial unlike other states that i've seen by security guards who were still high and ill try and and a many breaches of quarantine could during those couple of weeks and that crisis same's the security guards themselves have sprayed this virus out into the suburbs and among their families and into the schools and so on and so forth and of course we know how wildly picture cities so that same city of see did this this resurgence in the pen demick well initially in the not before the like the lockdown there were people out on the streets having enjoying the last opportunity to 18 at restaurants
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and so on beyond that the businesses have been very upset they had only just reopened restaurants cafes jobs that only just reopened they spent a lot of money on stock refreshing you know they they stock and rehiring people and now they've had to close down again so there are a lot of people saying that this will probably kill them off and as businesses going forward beyond that i think there is such resignation people think that this pandemic is not going away it is serious and that they're just going to have to undo it. now rising tensions within the ruling coalition of the democratic republic of congo are threatening to bring down the government supporters of rival factions are rallying in the capital kinshasa backers of the president met outside party headquarters just for bad demonstrations the latest protests are over a controversial appointment to the chairmanship of the electoral commission of. the
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brigand postelection. catherine so it's been monitoring developments in nairobi. this protest hour by 2 sides of the ruling coalition and let me start with you d.p.s. which is the party of president felix to speak a little hundreds of supporters of this party are now marching on the streets of kinshasa as they made their way to one of the offices of p.p.r. the p.r.t. is a party led by former president joseph kabila still within that luling coalitions of those so you d.p.s. supporters have been. off he says of the p.r.t. they've been trying to break down our walls they have been lighting fires they are opposed to the nomination of this electoral president by parliament they say that this nomination was not done in consultation and consensus of the ruling coalition on the other hand we have supporters of p.p.r. deep also being on the streets saying that they support this nomination they say
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they're also protecting their promise they're protecting their precious prime he said we also have opposition groups civil society and the catholic church all saying that perhaps there should be electoral reform before we even start talking about the nomination of the present of the luxor commission or even the commission of. so how did al-jazeera the un raises new concerns about the growing use of drones for targeted killings. growing support for scotland's leader and this day in fort bragg driving renewed support for independence in the u.k. . and some very heavy rain in the forecast japan and also down across into more
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southern areas of china there's a long line of cloud is all tied to the seasonal rains the my you buy your friends and it is not really moving very far over the next few days the devastation of course has been widespread this is. and this of course is once those a river waters have gone back down the devastation that's been left behind is just really quite breathtaking and of course it's not just here but it's very widespread throughout much of japan in fact home shoe also has seen flooding i mean more very heavy rains to go through friday again that rain across and but moving quite quickly that will be very heavy at times throughout much of the korean peninsula and training back again into the central areas of china where again of course we've had very widespread flooding now through saturday and this front does actually pulse up towards the north so that takes away the rain from the south the flooding of course will stay in place but it does mean that we could actually have flooding further to the north as that system moves northwards but again very heavy rain very widespread through areas of japan and again that could mean more flooding across into home sure plenty of flooding as well there has been across into go in
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particular this of course is a system to setting off the coast it produced over a hof a meter of rain in some areas there's more rain in the 4 calls for friday and saturday the heaviest rain will be in the northeast. is resistance. acra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity parody and protest to challenge and change i.d.'s. gun a controversial witness documentary on al-jazeera. rude to her old. world.
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alone a world watching al-jazeera time to recap those headlines now libya's un recognized government says it's found a prison used by warlords for if i have to torture opponents government leaders in tripoli are calling on the un to investigate mass graves discovered near the prison . china is threatening action against a stranger for its reaction to hong kong new security law australia is offering a path to permanent residency for hong kong people and the states suspending its extradition treaty with the territory. rising tensions within the ruling coalition of the democratic republic of congo are threatening to bring down the government the latest protest over a controversial appointment to be chairmanship of the electoral commission of an
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official accused of rigging past elections. ivory coast is facing political uncertainty after the sudden death of the prime minister. collapsed during a cabinet meeting just 3 months before you were supposed to run for president because hawker 4 pts. moments before his death prime minister ahmed who gone coulibaly appeared upbeat as he entered a cabinet meeting chosen by the ruling party as its presidential candidate he just tweeted to have a vision is not about church and political gains but careful planning for decades to come but inside the meeting he suffered a coughing fit collapsed and died no official cause has been given but he suspected of having suffered a heart attack last thursday you was welcomed home by president ouattara after spending 2 months in france for medical treatment over his heart condition the 61 year old was what he has chosen successor. i'm back to take my place alongside the
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president to continue the work of development and construction of our country the ivory coast in an address to the nation what are described as his younger brother his son. with the death of. ivory coast loses a mugging for the youth an example of competence and persistence. after the tribute will come the political fighting his death creates a political vacuum with many eager to take his place and become the ruling party's candidate for october's presidential elections. the president spokesman. and defense minister. favorites while the country's economy back on track critics accuse him of failing to address the deep grievances that led to the 2011 civil war 3000 people died after former president refused to concede defeat to ouattara.
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whoever replaces you will have to put up a strong campaign against experience rivals including opposition leader only good o.b.d. a former president with elections just 4 months away the sudden death of puts ivory coast into a new period of political uncertainty nicolas hawke al-jazeera. the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings has presented her annual report to the human rights council it's raising concerns about the growing use of drones for targeted killings agnes had earlier declared the u.s. drone strike on top iranian general qassam so lemony illegal she said the international community faces the prospect of some countries eliminating military targets outside of what she calls known wars the iranian representative told the human rights council the u.s. must be held accountable for the drone strike he's assassination was brutal
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arbitrary unjust and unlawful it was an international crime of grave nature of threatening international peace and security 2 there remains no doubt as to the lity of the u.s. government as well as those personal criminal responsibility of those involved the u.s. and this state that hosted the u.s. drones operations their responsibility and must be held to account for this lawless behavior and criminal act. serbia's president alexander votes which is vowing to restore order after 2 days of protests over his handling of the coronavirus and demick thousands of people protested across belgrade for a 2nd night calling on to resign alexei o'brien reports. hurling rocks flares and insults at the government protesters gathered 1st 2nd night across the serbian capital belgrade. security forces best outside parliament came to avoid
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a repeat of tuesday's chaos when some protesters managed to storm the building. but the tensions remain high with more tear gas from police some in the crowd intent on forcing their way inside again. there is an accumulation of dissatisfaction the majority of people here don't have exact demands that most of them feel in justice protesters blame president aleksander the church for a sudden spike in coronavirus dates and infections after it lifted a strict lockdown just weeks before last month's elections demonstrations began on tuesday when virtue nonce the restrictions would be coming back to de lay said he said he had advised the government not to introduce a curfew but refused to take responsibility for the outcry. on the political rally was well organized a part of our security services underperformed and was saying there was an
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involvement of various not only criminal groups but also international intelligence services. the churches ask people to stop attending anti-government rallies to avoid spreading the virus warning there were no beds left in the hospitals. watch them initial problem over i don't have a problem with these measures but i do have a problem with ending them because of the elections and then reimposing them. in nation the south some in the crew. the church is a thief was a week and that the money spent on the elections should have been invested in hospitals especially during a pandemic obviously me. restore our government to simply looking after its own interests the people are just collateral damage. for 2 weeks after his surprise victory in the parliamentary elections is now facing widespread anger that is calls for calm have fallen on deaf ears. on al-jazeera.
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mali's president is promising to replace constitutional court officials as his opponents are demanding recent demonstrations of demanded the resignation of cater the president blamed for the struggling economy continuing attacks in northern mali and corruption dozens of candidates in april's disputed parliamentary election accuse constitutional court officials of approving results which were different from council polling stations. now support for scottish independence is higher than it's ever been polling is consistently suggesting well over 50 percent of scots want to leave the k. it's been attributed to scotland success in controlling coronavirus compared to england and the overwhelming hostility to bragg's it lawrence lee reports from scotland. bert's has been dreaming of scottish independence for as long as he can
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remember he regards the english establishment as imperialists who stamped all over scotland just as they did the colonies the fact that the independence campaign narrowly lost the referendum 6 years ago doesn't matter to him because he believes his day will still come the us people who are still there they're still the strongest where the people that were marching the people that march in march in glasgow and edinburgh and all over there are still there you know they haven't given up but and they want. births lives in dunn t. the heartland of independents support for leaving the u.k. and going it alone polls around 65 percent here now it's going in that direction everywhere else as well trust in the scottish 1st minister nicolas sturgeon has rocketed since she appeared to be in control of the virus response in edinburgh while the government in london is widely regarded as chaotic and incompetent add to that the outright hostility in scotland's brix it and get a lot of good news for scottish nationalists they have. of the survey that the u.k.
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government have been so in it and their handling that i think it has persuaded a lot of people who perhaps were not supporters of independence that we cannot chile manage to interfere is better and i think when you look at home nicolas sturgeon the scottish government of handle the pandemic it's a big contrast to boris johnson and you keep government the question increasingly being asked here is how big a lead to the nationalists have to have before it becomes impossible for london to refuse another referendum on independence the extraordinary collision of the pandemic response and brics states have combined to put support for scottish independence across the country surrounds 54 percent and there's not even any independence campaigning going on the view among scottish nationalists is that the government in london is doing a very good job on their behalf. if they haven't given up on another referendum
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they haven't given up on blocking bricks for scotland either next week will see the launch of a new campaign here to keep scotland in europe just a few months ago was unconscionable for the u.k. to leave without a deal now the tory government seems to be talking about. we can't have that actually so it hasn't voted for it scotland is firmly a pro e.u. country and so yes we should be campaigning and campaigning hard to ensure we're back in europe the scottish government has refused to rule out closing its borders with england if it eliminates the virus but england doesn't there's a power struggle going on at the moment scotland is gaining the upper hand largely al-jazeera in scotland. after months of taking aim at mexico the u.s. president has welcomed his mexican counterpart to the white house and the 1st manual opposed upper a dog 'd has been criticized for holding talks with don't you know remains a divisive figure in mexico over his immigration policies and border war plans the
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leftist needed defended the trip as trade related some democrats say trump wants to use the occasion to drum up support among hispanic voters ahead of november's elections. the relationship between the united states and mexico has never been closer than it is right now and as the president said a little while ago people were betting against that they were actually betting against it. but it's never been stronger never been closer to doing tremendous job together we're cherished friends partners and neighbors or cooperation is founded on mutual trust and mutual respect between the 2 of us and between our 2 countries need but. i decided to come because it was very important for us to launch this new agreement but i also wanted to thank the people of the u.s. government and you president trump for being increasingly respectful of our fellow mexicans and. for your personal support in acquiring medical equipment to treat
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coronavirus patients that's why i'm here to express to the american people that their president has treated us with kindness and respect long live the friendship of our 2 nations. donald trump's planning large reelection rallies despite supporters testing positive for covert 19 of his last event in contrast democratic challenger joe biden has kept his campaign mostly on line biden's ahead in the polls but some observers are warning he'll need to do more to win the presidential election in november from washington alan fischer explains. i. it's been months since joe biden held a rally surrounded by supporters given a major speech at a packed event it's no almost all done online like this gathering with educators. but changing how to campaign during cold it has a heart all recent polls have the presumptive democratic candidate ahead one from
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monmouth university gives him a 12 point lead over the president most warning for trump is half of all registered voters say he won't be backing him joe biden shouldn't stop running his inauguration just yet it is still very early we are in the middle of the summer but you know you haven't had the conventions yeah you haven't had any debates yet. i think it's really early to start getting over confident there's nobody that i trust more to be his campaign virtually with his old boss barack obama he's given a major speech about the chump administration's reaction to the current a crisis from isolation and he's raised money a lot solve it not just. due to recent protests over racial equality have seen president trump's approval numbers take a hit. to his handling of the kovac crisis and his reelection is in real trouble this job is about protecting americans in your. photo op but one analyst says joe
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biden has to do more than be the guy who is not going to trump that he can't just be anger at the other person what do you stand for what are people actually selecting when they select a job so he still has to put out policy you know a lot about one ailing 8 abiding out. that it's still not necessarily making its way to the needy western region knows and. he's going to need. both sides hope there will soon make a return to normal campaigning both sides believe this poll numbers writes rather curious facts both sites and says their candidate will win in november and 1 of them will be right alan fischer al jazeera washington. all right let's take you now live to geneva where the un special rapporteur. is this. extrajudicial. is
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a clear danja that war will come to be seen as normal rather than the opposite of peace in fact. is that risk of being normalized as a team mate and necessary companion to peace and not its opposite and we must do all that we can to resist these deadly creep urgent measures must be taken by parliament and un bodies to preserve prevent further and deadly detail your ition both in the protection of human rights and in global peace and security at keast our 102 countries have active stocks of military drones 35 of them says the most deadliest of all drones 20 armed non-state actors or so of access to 2 armed
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drones drawn so becoming stealthier speedier smaller more lethal and can.


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