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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your own. 0. alarm committal this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes we cannot we cannot. fishline of of be a view the u.n. special reportorial says the u.s. killing in january of a top iranian military leader by drone sets a dangerous precedent. of zera gains access to an alleged prison that libya's un recognized government says was used by warlords to torture opponents.
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after 2 nights of protests over a possible weekend lockdown serbia's government backtracks and says it will not happen. spiritual worshippers who normally climb japan's mount fuji this time of year have to make plans because of the coronavirus pandemic. and sporting a silent gesture that major league soccer hopes will act go throughout the world players unite against racial injustice ahead of the competition 3 start in florida . the u.n. special repertory on extra judicial killings has presented her annual report to the human rights council and is raising concerns about the growing use of armed drones photogs and killings i guess kalamata had earlier declared the u.s.
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drone strike in january that killed top iranian general cost them so you money illegal she said the international community faces the prospect of some countries eliminating military targets outside of what she calls no wooden walls. drawn so becoming stealthier speedier smaller more lethal and can be operated by teams look it is thousands of kilometers away and in my opinion and the opinion of all the experts i have consulted over the last 6 months these is bringing the world to a critical point in regulating the use of armed drones and the use of force to armed drones let's get a reaction in iran with a base ravi in the capital tehran zain so i miss kalama there are calling the killing of customs really money illegal violating international law and arbitrary killing have we had any reaction from iran. well this is
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exactly the kind of thing that iran's leaders will have been hoping to hear they'll no doubt be very glad at the findings of this report however we're still waiting for on any official reaction from iranian leaders normally when there are such cases at the united nations it is the iranian mission at the u.n. that takes the lead in terms of any sort of public reaction but we have seen in recent weeks and months since the killing of qassam so the money is that iranian leaders have set up a special task force to investigate his death and to try to pursue justice it is comprised of the foreign ministry the judiciary the supreme national security council as well as members of custom solomon his family but so far all they've really managed to do is publicly voice condemnation against the united states now publicly in terms of iranian people there was a great outpouring of anger of grief over the killing of a general sort of money arguably $1.00 of the most prominent and popular public
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figures in the country one of the iranians i spoke to in recent weeks said that since the beginning of the year it's been a year of of iran security seemingly being eroded now no matter what no matter sanctions no matter the economic conditions this gentleman said that iran was always able to rely on the fact that its borders its public and physical security was always safe and that's been slowly eroding over the last few weeks and months and it really began with the assassination of course and so the money and that has come out also spoke about this potentially setting a dangerous precedent and i'm interested in whether iran might now be able to take any sort of legal action of sending money is killing. absolutely whatever she said will be music to the ears of the legal team that is pursuing justice in this case for the assassinated general qassam so the money now in the immediate aftermath of his killing iran retaliated by striking an american air base
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outside of baghdad and then after that they shifted focus many iranians said that they hadn't done enough in retaliation but iran's government clearly shifting focus in pursuing a legal course to try and get justice for his killing they you have identified the iranian government has that they've identified at least 40 people americans and non americans that the foreign ministry says was behind a coordinated international effort to assassinate mr solomon and they say they will be pursuing legal cases in the international court of justice for his killing but they've also of course in recent weeks just last month put out red notice requests to interpol even calling for the arrest of u.s. president donald trump accusing him of being involved in terrorism charges but of course the interpol has rejected that request but iran is definitely going to be pursuing a long legal battle and this will certainly help their case if we look at previous
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legal battles at the international court between the united states and iran whether it was for the taking over of the u.s. embassy here in teheran or whether it was for conflicts between the 2 countries in the 1980 s. in lebanon for example those cases went on for years so no doubt this will be the beginning of a long legal battle as iran tries to pursue justice again for one of the most popular public figures in its history being assassinated by the united states thanks so much for that update there across one and same to survive a lie from tehran. the saudi led military coalition fighting yemen's who the rebels have destroyed 2 explosive laden boats in the red sea saudi state t.v. reported the destruction of the vessels which it said happened south of the yemeni port of cell if the 2 remotely controlled boats were threatening never geishas the coalition's it livy is un recognized government says it's found a prison used by warlord holy father to torture opponents government leaders in tripoli are calling on the un to investigate mass graves discovered near the prison
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in town who are forces of the government of national accord captured the city from hospitals feiss back in june it's believed the warlords forces buried their torture victims are modes of though ahead went inside that prison and filed this report. this is one of the prisons that was used by forces loyal to the world really for have to are in the city of lahore now in these very tiny sills they used to keep their opponents including government forces captives and also all civilians from to horner hope posed the military rule and the city government officials here and to who are now tell us that some of those who were kept here or killed and voted in the mass graves that were found recently in the city
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of horn or others were transferred to other notorious prisons under have those forces in the east of the country now the crimes committed by have those forces in and around the city of the horn including the mass graves and also the torture of in such prisons is being looked into by international justice organizations and the international criminal court is due to send a team to libya to investigate their war crimes including the mass graves and other crimes also that were committed by his forces over the past year now government officials here tell us that they also found blood in in and around this prison and also they suspect that there are some victims who are killed and buried in the vicinity of this prison i did morehead on the news are including
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. was trying to die has taken steps to suspend their extradition agreement at least for this really becomes the nation's country to take action of a hong kong's new security nor imposed by china. rising tensions in the democratic republic of congo over a controversial appointment to the electoral commission. and its course a new date for gulf highest profile team events are still advanced or. serbia has walked back plans to impose a weekend coronavirus lockdown after 2 days of protests thousands of people trying to storm palm and on wednesday night i stuffed it after the lockdown plans were initially announced and also an end to wide anger of the government's handling of the pandemic the president has blamed wednesday's violence on hooligans. all the
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choices i am urging all our people in belgrade and novi sad and all other cities not to confront the hooligans themselves we will do that as a state we will work and we will win we will preserve peace for our country surrender was never an option. is to son hug nikolaevitch joins me now from belgrade so is this this move this backtracking likely to placate protests. thanks jim yeah they the government decided not to go on with the re-imposing of the curfew here in serbia this weekend to something that sparked the protests on wednesday night when president hu to china as a curfew will go on about the protesters obviously there's a sort of a pressure on him the 1st protest and when they're not the sort of a pressure on him because yesterday can i was a probably there won't be a curfew and then he left of the prime minister through decided to go with
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a health care minister and to write to the to go read the other doctors who are dealing with this corona crisis here in serbia so there will be no curfew there will be some other restrictions which are smaller than the curfew but there will be no curfew. protests continued even yesterday when it was and i was a there will be probably no curfew and we will see today what will happen everybody expects everybody at least people who were last night on the streets they speculate they will continue with protesting tonight because one of the one of the ideas of the protest was the change of government here in serbia and to change the way the dealing the government is dealing with this coded crisis so we will see what will happen today because the opposition leaders held a press conference earlier today and they said that while they underline that they are not to the organizers of those protests here in belgrade but at the same time they support everybody who protests and they are going to prove to continue to to
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to go to those protests and to to be with the protesters and to drive to bring some change in serbia and they hope that the protests will continue in the in the following days for today there are no protests that there are officially announced but everybody expects that something will happen this afternoon there is still a lot of police in valparaiso we will see what will happen this evening and how will everything move on we will be much. trying that to show. his son hudson in the college thank you to delve a little deeper now we can go to voter web who is and a senior associate at the democratized action policy council he joins us now live from the limb. so these protests all they say they're not just about the now canceled decision to reimpose lock down these what just and to lock down protests what else is going on here hello kim yeah i mean these protests by they
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were instigated by the announcement and already revoked of a renewed lockdown and serbia had maybe the strictest looked on and the whole your up. behind these angers you know there are deeper lying simmering frustrations and anger by a part of the city. a riveting again and did this emerge and build. a regime of president bush church which has moved from being pro european to being or to return to a to having autocratic trade and in the meanwhile so yeah and then fortunately the there's part of the citizens who protested a revolt against the. absence of democracy with the recent parliamentary elections basically ending up with the ruling party not only gaining a tutor majority in parliament but they see. anding up without any true up position
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in parliament what on the other side there is unfortunately serious opposition which could channel the mons of a more prudent peon prose prose civic citizen and to that end in terms of a elections i mean there was criticism of an interest decided to ease the restrictions just ahead of the election and then to reinstatement to reinstate the what do you make of that is he putting politics above the population's health. well i would say definitely it's a mixture of trying to manage a crisis and managing it in an altered terran way because president bush in the regime doesn't know it differently and trying to you know spin the whole thing serbia had a really really strict lock down log on came with a lot of you know approach chinese propaganda. and they managed to get the numbers substantially down so there was good reason to you know even the lock down
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but they went from extreme strict looked on to see a restrictive measures soccer matches with 25000 audience taking place in bed rates all ahead of parliament kerry elections in those with no restrictions and all and now we are back into a rising number of cases and which which forces to regime to react and of course that is something people is angering the images that with fame of the past 2 days of protests really quite shocking those images there's also been reports of fighting sports helicity during these protests and that has sparked outrage some people saying it's reminiscent to all the said the in the ninety's why are people making these comparisons why you know i mean we never had a thorough democratic transformation in serbia and we never had a different from a sion. and a reform of the police and the secret police in serbia unfortunately indeed you know when you compare to the ninety's the rhetoric of president which she had in
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this press conference you you cited a little earlier is very much for us reminiscent of the 990 s. milosevic narrative on the one side on the other side there was really excessive use of force by police and there was definitely more us off more intensive use of tear gas than we had seen in many opposition protests in the 99 news. thank you so much for that vote on whether they're saying you're sorry yet at the democratized action policy council. thank you. diplomatic tensions between a strike here and china escalated after canberra suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong about was a response to a new security door introduced by beijing last week but the move by the australian government has angered its biggest trading partner as nicholas cage reports. china's imposition of the controversial national security law in hong kong has
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prompted widespread protests across the former british colony and now a response from australia for skilled and graduate visa holders will be extending the iss by 5 years from today with a pathway to permanent residency at the end of those 5 years that's a pathway for the $10000.00 or so students and skilled workers from hong kong in a strike and follow similar moves in the u.k. announced by prime minister boris johnson china resist biggest trade partner and is infuriated. the comments images from the australian side constitute grave violations of international law and basic international relations as well as gross interference in chinese domestic affairs not work on china we condemn the comments reserve the right to take further actions in response or consequences will be borne by the australian side cambra is also seeking to entice businesses in hong kong to move their operations to australia and we know that means of the jewels now might
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be looking elsewhere because they do want to be in a free country they want to be in a democratic country and we want to make it attractive for that super talent to consider a stronger and that's what these measures do similar to canada australia will also suspended extradition treaty with hong kong saying it's concerned people could now be sent to mainland china human rights groups had been hoping asylum seekers would be included if the government is taking steps to protect their ideas fearing persecution no matter where they're from in the world that is a great thing that australia should be doing. and i really welcome to say that extended to other nationals that are in our country right now seeking that same protection from persecution the last time a similar move was made with the 1989 after the massacre of pro-democracy protesters in tiananmen square when a strange 42000 chinese students. just hours before the
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announcement astray updated its troubled boss for hong kong warning a stray lions could be at increased risk of detention on vaguely defined national security grounds it says they could also be a similar risk on the mainland. tensions have been rising between the 2 nations since a strongly a call for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus by using has imposed heavy tariffs on bali from the strike and banned some of its bay fixed ports leaving many astray and business people nervous about what it might do next gauge al-jazeera sydney. rising tensions within the ruling coalition of the democratic republic of congo threatening to bring down the government protesters from rival factions are rallying in the capital kinshasa hundreds of the president's supporters marched through the streets and there were some tussles with police the latest process or of a controversial appointment to the chairmanship of the electoral commission of an official accused of rigging past elections catherine so is following the story from
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nairobi and joins us now live catherine so we have this flash point to the appointment of the chairman of the electoral commission what are the sort of deeper reasons that people are protesting today. well that's the main very specific reason for protesting today and just to just to take you back to what's going on right now i've just spoken to some of our colleagues in kinshasa who are saying that the street battles still going on between the police and protesters the protesters have been trying to get to parliament where you know this say that parliament nominated this electoral commission ahead something that was done without the consensus of the coalition they're also angry about some proposals by the f.c.c. this is a this is a quote lesion led by joseph kabila so some members of the f.c.c. proposed to change the judicial. they did the judicial process is
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a to change the constitution a saying. which would actually give more power to the justice minister power over judges power over prosecutors as well so they say that they do not want that it is just a mental to the people of the d r c so that's why they're protesting we're being told that they are unable to reach parliament because police have been discussing them but now they're going to business premises they're going to. a party offices of the coalition led by. banning some of these offices setting the lights destroying some of these buildings they say that they're going to continue being on the street until their demands are max ok tell us a little bit more if you can about the tensions within the governing coalition. well i think and this is from talking to many people in the democratic republic of
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congo who are saying that this correlation between she said katie and a couple of really started off on the roof on the wrong footing the when he took over the power when he took over the leadership of the country was in a very weak position because he did not have control and numbers in important institutions like parliament and senate of those numbers and knew that control was wounded by the s.e.c. which is the coalition led by joseph kabila so he had to make this agreement with to be like to sort of run the country but a lot of people critics and supporters of she said kate as well as saying that this coalition is unfair that it seems that the coalition side of the coalition is in charge of the country's affairs with over the months and over the weeks chickadee trying to assert his authority by rejecting some of these proposals that are being made that he say that detrimental to the people of the d r c but then he's
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a very very tight position and just trying to hold together this very fragile coalition thank you for that catherine soy the cost of elements that they are safe from nairobi. sudan's prime minister has asked the government to resign paving the way for a cabinet reshuffle very large protests in recent weeks demanding faster reform the country's transitioning to a democracy after omar bashir was alston last year so straight does have a morgan who is in costume for a civil war can tell us. while came what we just that we have right now is a statement that was just sent in by the office of the prime minister that after all the ministers 20 ministers submitted their resignation 7 ministers have been dismissed and a new ministers were appointed in their place we have 6 ministers whose resignation were accepted including the minister of finance and the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of health was dismissed now for us to understand how we got here
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we have to look at the situation in sudan over the past few months we've seen people being lining up for queues for bread fuel and other basic commodities we've seen the inflation rising to more than 100 percent at the moment despite what the government has described as reforms including raising the salaries of civil servants now we've also seen protesters taking to the streets demanding fast just being delivered and the people who are holding to account people or rather those who are accused of killing protesters since december 28th seen so lots of pressure was put on this transitional government led by prime minister of the dog to deliver some changes and we've heard from the prime minister under 29th of june stating that he will indeed be making decisions and this appears to be the 1st of those dishes decisions that he has promised now we are also expecting the government in the coming weeks to sign a peace deal with various groups asked for the negotiations that are currently ongoing in the south sudanese capital juba and here in the sudanese capital
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khartoum various armed groups are expected to get cabinet positions and this executive government in the executive position in the executive cabinet and in the in the sovereign council so it looks like the prime minister is paving way for that but more importantly it looks like he's responding to the pressure from the streets to follow his promise when he was appointed that he will indeed deliver a tech a government of technocrats that would be able to deliver basic services and which so far seem to have failed to do that i think that across developments there from khartoum. ok time now for the weather here's jenny and stormy conditions in the u.s. very stormy conditions there's more on the way and there have been some deadly storms actually can let me start by showing the satellite exactly what i'm talking about you can see here minneapolis you can see that line of cloud with those bright flashes of yellow and those overseas and severe thunderstorms that have come through but just have a look at this this is actually wednesday afternoon these pictures are captured by a storm chaser this is a huge tornado as you can see when you see these things on the ground you just know
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that there is some almighty damage being done behind then just look at it whipping across the fields not sure just yet how far it was on the ground or even how long it was on the ground but what is show is the damage that was done just look at this one person actually died 2 people were injured when we look at the damage it's amazing it was a more they still surveying the damage and obviously well then assess what strength of tornado it was how powerful and of course exactly all the details how long it was on the ground there the storm we're watching is this this massive plant doesn't look particularly threatening and hopefully it won't be but this could be the next tropical storm not the moment it is working its way up the eastern seaboard just off the coast of the carolinas the national hurricane center giving it about an 80 percent chance of developing over the next couple of days and it will continue its journey along that east coast even if it doesn't develop into a tropical storm which means of course winds minimum strength 65 kilometers an hour it will certainly produce some very heavy amounts of rain and really much of the eastern half of the u.s. is where the wet weather will be but it'll continue its journey up a say the eastern seaboard this is where we've got these severe storms continuing
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was going through friday across the great lakes but also up into eastern canada ahead of that it has been particularly warm look at these temperatures also a cool back city also across into toronto and that is the other concern the heat which is really substantial central regions and out across the west we have of course got to the fire danger still in place as well can with excessive heat warnings thank you for that jenny. so how come here on al-jazeera. well to why to top universities in the united states assuming the trump administration. attacked in broad daylight we'll tell you about the claims of an intimidation campaign in lebanon. and in sports atalanta continue their push for champions league qualification. a secret mass grave in arlington discovered at an institution run by catholic nuns
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is. a mission shock to its core. people in power investigates a scandal that destroyed families cost thousands of lives and still raises profound questions about the toys between the catholic church and the irish state. arlen's mother and baby scar. on a 0. the
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. the world. watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.n. special repertory on extrajudicial killings has raised concerns about the growing use of armed drones for targeted killings i've missed kalamata told the human rights council the time has come to probably limit and regulate drone use. libya's un recognized government says it's found a prison used by war highly for hostile to torture opponents government leaders in tripoli are calling on the un to investigate mass graves discovered near the prison and. serbia has watched back plans to impose a we can't grow the virus lockdown after 2 days of protests thousands of people trying to storm the parliament on wednesday night after the lockdown plans were
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initially announced. 2 of the top universities in the united states suing the trumpet ministration over its efforts to force out foreign students harvard university and the message use its institute of technology are asking the courts for an emergency restraining order on monday the government said foreign students would no longer be able to stay in the u.s. if their courses had moved online because of the pandemic meanwhile trump is pushing schools to reopen threatening to cut funding for those who refuse the president also attacks the centers for disease control and prevention over a list of reopening guidelines intruding testing and social distancing. kelly holcomb is live for us outside the ones home so why is donald trump insisting on reopening schools. well it has a lot to do with reelection and good morning from a very busy washington we're watching very carefully for another breaking story
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that should be happening very shortly out of the supreme court a ruling on donald trump's tax returns and so he's already on twitter calling this presidential harassment prosecutorial misconduct so we watching that very carefully but another thing he's waiting on twitter you're right is the issue of these schools and why they need to open the president pushing very hard because schools are a big economic driver you generate a lot of revenue in local communities and this is something he needs to get the economy back on line one that's been hit hard by coronavirus now the u.s. president has threatened to on twitter to define schools but that's a little bit mysterious given the fact that schools really are majority of their funding comes from local jurisdictions tax revenues the percentage of the federal funding is relatively small still when revenues are down from taxes in local communities this will hurt now the argument of this administration is look at kids need to get back in schools because that's where they get
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a lot of services especially when it comes to special needs kids kids who are in poverty and need to be fed and also there's the issue of many of these online alternatives are not great for kids who don't have access to why 5 because their parents can't afford to get high speed internet so the argument for the administration is we've got to get these schools open because kids are at a disadvantage but at the same time there's a lot of pushback in criticism this is politically motivated the real driver is getting the economy back on line before the u.s. election and meanwhile as you mentioned one of the other big education stories of the day mit and harvard suing the government tell us more about that and other universities montes join. well there are already other universities that are in support of this we know the university of california is supporting this lawsuit princeton cornell but the lawsuit really is being filed by harvard and also massachusetts institute of technology or m i
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t and oh what this is about is that these you know ivy league type institutions get a lot of foreign students coming and thousands it's a big source of revenue to for these universities and as a result of provirus have had to put it because of the need for social distancing most of their classes on live and that has sort of conflicted with a federal requirement that particularly when it comes to foreign students that they need to attend classes in person why is there this federal directive the concern has been for many years that china and other. nations have been sending students here to steal american intellectual property that many of these students aren't really students at all but in fact are acting on behalf of the state so the argument from the administration is look if you put this on line anybody can attend these classes we can't verify these are real students and this is a real national security threat but the universities say no this is politically
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motivated this is really trying to target and put the threat of deportation under you know essentially foreign students who just want to come to the universities and learn so this is the conflict will have to watch and see what the outcome of the lawsuit is think that kimberly how could they live from the white house. transcripts of george floyd's final moments of being released showing police ignored him when he said he couldn't breathe and told him to stop talking the transcript also shows that floyd told officers he couldn't breathe more than 20 times he was killed in may when a police officer knelt on his next almost 9 minutes his death spawns global protests against police brutality. a prominent lebanese activist has been assaulted in broad daylight the opposition is called it part of a campaign of intimidation by the government against the ongoing anti establishment movement as the heart of reports from beirut is sold as once again raised concerns about a clampdown on free speech. seen by security cameras and in broad daylight with
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their faces uncovered 4 men on motorcycles assaulted a prominent activist as he was leaving a radio station opponents of lebanon's leadership say the attack as part of a campaign to silence dissent. moments later was of hockey describes how he was hit on his head and face with a hard object but he remains defiant. he promised to give us the interview later today but he will say i expected this and it was a message but i won't stop and this is the work of the ruling authority. many like hockey linked to the anti-establishment protest movement that began in october say they've been harassed interrogated and detained. this was the country is turning into a police state and the intelligence and security forces are working for the allies . received here after his release from detention in february was questioned for
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social media posts criticizing those in power he fears further harassment of the telephone or about all. the intelligence forces are asking my friends about me if they call me and i won't go unless i stand in front of an independent judge because we all know what they are doing to the deniz they broke my friend's bike when he was detained international human rights groups say the lebanese authorities are using different nation laws to violate freedom of expression but party leaders say there is a limit to free speech. there are those who are crossing the red line they are being summoned by the judiciary and questioned for a few hours but this doesn't mean freedom of expression in lebanon is that where. opponents disagree rights groups report more than $100.00 violations against activists and journalists by the authorities and supporters of the ruling alliance since the beginning of the year. this square in central beirut is no longer filled
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with tense protesters have been forced to leave by the authorities their movement has largely been broken many blame intimidation and violence but the solution but in the words of the top u.n. official and 11 on efforts to silence free speech usually backfire notably in times of crisis. lebanon is in crisis and politicians have so far failed to ease growing economic hardships and as more lebanese sink into poverty containing their anger may be a more difficult battle to win. ivory coast is facing political uncertainty over the sudden death of the prime minister. collapsed. just 3 months before he was supposed to run for president nicolas. moments before his death a prime minister. appeared upbeat as he entered a cabinet meeting chosen by the ruling party as its presidential candidate he just
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tweeted to have a vision is not about church and political gains but careful planning for decades to come but inside the meeting he suffered a coughing fit collapsed and died no official cause has been given but he suspected of having suffered a heart attack. last thursday you was welcomed home by president ouattara after spending 2 months in france for medical treatment over his heart condition the 61 year old was what he has chosen successor. i'm back to take my place alongside the president to continue the work of development and construction of our country the ivory coast. in address to the nation what are described as his younger brother his son. with the death of. ivory coast loses a mugging for the youth an example of competence and persistence. after the
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tributes the political fighting his death creates a political vacuum with many eager to take his place and become the ruling party's candidate for october's presidential elections the president's spokesman. a defense minister a. favorite while the country's economy back on track critics accuse him of failing to address the deep grievances that led to the 2011 civil war 3000 people died after former president refused to concede defeat to ouattara. whoever replaces you will have to put up a strong campaign against experience rivals including opposition leader oh he could all be a former president with elections just 4 months away the sudden death of puts ivory coast into a period of political uncertainty because hawke al jazeera. president is promising to replace constitutional court officials us his opponents are demanding recent demonstrations have demanded the resignation of. the president's
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blamed for the struggling economy continuing attacks in northern mali and corruption dozens of candidates and parliamentary election accused constitutional court officials of approving results which were different from count some polling stations. and official with the taliban's political office in doha has denied allegations that russia offered money to kill american soldiers in afghanistan the reports of alarmed u.s. lawmakers democrats calling for sanctions and a full intelligence briefing trump has denied he was ever informed al-jazeera is a sum a binge of a spoke with the taliban's chiral about the reports so how true is it that the taliban were getting bounties from the russians to kill american soldiers. a lot of them this particular matter was fabricated by afghan intelligence based on confessions obtained by force and violence from prisoners to say that they've
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received money in benefits from russia to fight the americans this is totally baseless the intelligence of the kabul administration has tortured the prisoners to get these confessions and to create a story and a report to the world while everything is comprehensively baseless no one can prove that the taliban got bounties and military assistance is from moscow but it is not just of unintended into that it is also coming from u.s. intelligence sources at a time when the united states wants to leave a blunder in the nanny state is negotiating with you why would they lie. no money. we can't talk on their behalf and they can answer this question but when it comes to the intelligence of the kabul administration i can say that they want the americans and the foreign forces to stay in afghanistan and this is the reason behind their lies about the american withdrawal that will pave the way for russians to come back to the country and you can watch the full interview on talk to
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al-jazeera that sent 430 g.m.t. on saturday. around the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases has passed a quarter of a 1000000 more than 220 people died in the last day pushing the total death toll past 12000 the relaxing of lockdown measures has seen a spike in new infections president tells on rouhani has announced new punishments for people not wearing masks and workplaces that don't implement social distancing or thirty's and russia have dug a trench around a small village in a bid to contain an outbreak of corona virus dozens of residents in the remote siberian visits have been infected no one is allowed to leave and only medical workers and food deliveries are being allowed in the trenches are in place to discourage tourists from entering the village. coronavirus restrictions are being eased on some public housing blocks in melbourne where people haven't been able to leave for any reason since last weekend it comes as melbourne's 5000000 residents
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will now be barred from leaving home for 6 weeks except for essential reasons orders between victoria and neighboring states was shut down on tuesday michael beschloss is a journalist at the age newspaper in melbourne he explains why the city has seen a surge of infections while the rest of australia has reported barely any new cases . as far as we can tell we can trace it back to the failures of hotel quarantine so a lot of returning australians were put into hotels for 14 days to quarantine unfortunately victoria unlike other states that i've seen by security guards were killed and ill try and and a many breaches of quarantine could during those couple of weeks and that process same's the security guards themselves that sprayed this virus out into the suburbs and among their families and into the schools and so on and so forth and of course we know how long the pictures of these so that same city of see did this this
4:44 pm
resurgence in the pen demick well initially in the not before the the lockdown there were people out on the streets having enjoying the last opportunity to 18 at restaurants and so on. beyond that the businesses have been very upset they had only just reopened restaurants cafes jobs that only just reopened they spent a lot of money on stock refreshing you know they they stock and rehiring people and now they've had to close down again so there are a lot of people saying that this will probably kill them off and as businesses going forward beyond that i think there is that's resignation people think that this pandemic is not going away it is serious and that they're just going to have to endure. support for scottish independence is higher than it's ever been polling it's consistently suggesting well over 50 percent of scots want to leave the united kingdom it's been attributed to scotland success in controlling coronavirus
4:45 pm
compared to england and the overwhelming hostility and ranks that lonesomely reports from scotland. bert's has been dreaming of scottish independence for as long as he can remember he regards the english establishment as imperialists who stamped all over scotland just as they did the colonies the fact that the independence campaign narrowly lost the referendum 6 years ago doesn't matter to him because he believes his day will still come the u.s. people who are still there they're still as strong as the where the people that were marching the people that march in march he's in glasgow and edinburgh and all over and they're still there you know they haven't given up but and they want births lives in dunn t. the heartland of independence support for leaving the u.k. and going it alone polls around 65 percent here now it's going in that direction everywhere else as well trust in the scottish 1st minister nicolas sturgeon has rocketed since she appeared to be in control of the virus response in edinburgh
4:46 pm
while the government in london is widely regarded as chaotic and incompetent add to that the outright hostility in scotland's a brick sits and has a lot of good news for scottish nationalists they have the civic i thought the u.k. government have been so inept and their handling that i think it has persuaded a lot of people who perhaps were not supporters of independence that we cannot chile manage to interfere is better and i think when you look at how nicholas sturgeon the scottish government handle the pandemic it's a big contrast to boris johnson and you keep government the question increasingly being asked here is how big a lead to the nationalists have to have before it becomes impossible for london to refuse another referendum on independence the extraordinary collision of the pandemic response and brics states have combined to put support for scottish independence across the country surrounds 54 percent and there's not even any independence campaigning going on the view among scottish nationalists is that the
4:47 pm
government in london is doing a very good job on their behalf. if they haven't given up on another referendum they haven't given up on blocking bret's it for scotland only the next week will see the launch of a new campaign here to keep scotland in europe just a few months ago it was unconscionable for the u.k. to leave without a deal now the tory government seems to be talking about. we can't have that actually so it hasn't voted for it scotland is firmly a pro e.u. country and so yes we should be campaigning and campaigning hard to ensure we're back in europe the scottish government has refused to rule out closing its borders with england if it eliminates the virus but england doesn't there's a power struggle going on at the moment scotland is gaining the upper hand largely al-jazeera in scotland. f.b.i. agents are investigating a chinese billionaire with links to form a trump aide steve bennett investigators want to know where go when griese media
4:48 pm
company got its funding he's produced videos and social media posts alleging corruption in china's elite or lives in self-imposed exile in the united states he hired steve benen as a consultant 2 years ago without is in japan have taken the unprecedented step of closing off the iconic mt fuji to hike is this part of efforts to tackle the coronavirus the vocoder normally attracts crowds of visitors every summer for the many who believe it holds special religious significance i also call it has a story. sculpted and shaped by thousands of years of eruptions mount fuji considered by many to be the perfect book a know has been venerated for generations as the home of the gods each year hundreds of thousands of people s. and it slopes among them many worshippers on a religious pilgrimage but with the climbing trails closed this season believers have to find different ways to worship it's cold who needs a car a meter
4:49 pm
a replica of the volcano located in the heart of tokyo. created and maintained by the 450 year old whose equal religious association it allows followers to be bestowed with the same blessings as climbing mount fuji itself and with the volcanoes closure it's never been more important to this religious order and its chief priest who me. who is suitably philosophical about the situation thank you that there may be mount fuji needed a break we're going to quietly watch over the mountain as it rests for a year only on deep below silent beauty lies a destructive force in spite of being silent for 300 years it is still an active volcano. numerous shrines encircle it to placate the fire spirits with eruptions believed to be the work of the gods and water flowing from the peak their
4:50 pm
blessings mount fuji was granted in a score world heritage status in 2013 it was designated as a cultural site recognizing it not just as a natural wonder but as an icon that sing grain into japanese culture entering an emerging from the caves when the volcano is believed to be a symbolic act of rebirth we are mining a step we take to climb the mountain in a state we take you know daily lives is the same i do it with great care and i put my heart into it in a time of such uncertainty because of the pandemic where she know each step becomes a prayer to peace to unpredictable forces of nature. i asked a caller al-jazeera tokyo. so to come here on al-jazeera in sports major league soccer makes its post coronavirus return far say with that story.
4:51 pm
business leaders just want to buy no prospal.
4:52 pm
business leaders want to buy no brown spots. the all. the all. star nothing sports has far thanks cam major league soccer has made its return its the 1st north american men's league to resume since a coronavirus lockdown a comeback game was preceded by a powerful anti-racism protest at the richardson reports. a silent gesture that major league soccer hopes will echo throughout the world black players for change has been formed to help fight racial injustice both inside and outside of the m.l.s. and more than 100 players from different teams stood side by side ahead of the
4:53 pm
league's restarts. it was beautiful to see you know all the players come together on the field like that as one being on the field i could tell you very powerful so you know put my 1st the coronavirus is the more immediate challenge for the league all seems a based on a so-called quarantine bubble within the disney world resort in florida for this tournament and no fans are allowed to attend games but one same f.c. dallas has already dropped out due to the high number of positive tests within the squad this storm it is something that's important to our way but anytime we believe that anything is going to happen that's going to threaten their health and safety and we're going to have to have it make decisions you know we're operating in this new code world and we knew that there were going to be some some risk and there were going to be some things that we would have to address on the fly the u.s. can't rely on a plan that would work in
4:54 pm
a league in germany or south korea or even spain or italy because we said. we have way more cases and it's a numbers game ok the more cases you have a more likely case is to sneak in too will be. after the regular season was halted in march this olsen a $25.00 team events will culminate in a final in early august orlando city into miami to warm the league's comeback fixture. to be different you know who was waiting for this moment for so long we've been working hard it's always difficult when you used to force a long time without playing a game the m.l.s. has top level basketball players for neighbors the n.b.a. league is aiming to restart with a similar sets up at the end of this month and the richardson al-jazeera barcelona have kept their hopes of winning the spanish league title alive a single goal from luis suarez was enough for them to beat espana well and move
4:55 pm
within a point of league leaders around the dritte the result means espana will now be relegated can restore their 4 point advantage when they play out of as on friday atalanta super brown of form in italy has continued to beat sampdoria 2 nil to extend their winning run in syria to 9 games atalanta have already reached the quarter finals of the season's champions league and are looking good to guarantee a spot in the competitions next edition the victory took them up to 3rd in the table. and liverpool have stayed on course to break the english premier league points record after a $31.00 win over brighton liverpool have $92.00 points with 4 games left in their season manchester city's $100.00 point total is the record there in me to beat. when i think about $92.00 points then i think ok how could we get 97 last year it's unbelievable and. so that's unbelievable and we need it in moments like last.
4:56 pm
and or last minute because that's all it is almost you have to. do tonight again chris froome is to leave the team where he won 4 tour de france titles for him is to end his decade long stay had team n.e.o.'s and will join israel startup nation next year lebron will compete for and at this year's tour which is set to begin at the end of august organizers of goals ryder cup admit there's no guarantee the event will have a capacity crowd in 2021 had been due to tee off in september but on wednesday it was announced that golf highest profile team competition would be postponed for 12 months due to chronic virus europe for the trophy holders with the us set to host the event in wisconsin. right across this very special special because of the way that i think it would have been a very good will to go ahead. with the fans or america right.
4:57 pm
you know i was there a long conversation and there was a lot of consultation. a little to the right conclusion and australia's lead became it is pay tribute to 2 time world champion snowboarder alex poland who died on wednesday at the age of 32 well in saying here wearing red on his way to the world title in 2011 was a strangely as flag bearer at the 2014 winter olympics poland drowned while spearfishing on the coast of queensland. this is in fact as being huge library because not only have his performances but also his personality but there's a sense of great loss amongst the community have a say as well as here obviously afterwards and feelings battery's families friends as loved ones devastated and that we sadly missed. ok and that is all your support for now can back to you thanks so much fred farr. puts it for me. but don't go away i'll be back in just
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a moment with more on today's news. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just news is breaking but also history as it's unfolding crossing. the red one there might be covering politics and the next i might covering protests. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so
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that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived to see but their traditional way of life has been under threat for generations. as israel plans on the same show into the occupied west bank al-jazeera world goes to the jordan valley where the illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what the future holds for these palestinian farmers shepherds of the jordan valley on a 0.
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al-jazeera. and. we cannot push heed we cannot feel secure the slowing of of be a via the un special weapon to all says the u.s. killing in january of a top iranian military leader by drone sets a dangerous precedent. along came down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up on just there again taxi.


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