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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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racially charged social unrest on a scale not seen in decades international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you to terrorist burden you hear the story of the walk the path for now just 0 ready. the supreme court ruling that's cleared the way for the u.s. president's tax returns and other financial records to be passed to new york prosecutors. hello i'm barbara sarah you're watching our jazeera live from london also coming up inside the libya prison where its alleged detainees were tortured by forces loyal to the warlord before have started calls grow for the u.n.
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to investigate the government appointment that sparked an angry protests in the democratic republic of congo and an ancient japanese tradition that some lao in worshippers to scale the spiritual heights of mount fuji despite coronavirus restrictions on. a political witch hunt that south president trump has described the u.s. supreme court's ruling on his tax returns and financial records that can now be made available to new york prosecutors but not yet to congress the manhattan district attorney wants the documents as far as part of a criminal investigation into hush money payments made to women that trump allegedly had affairs with the other ruling concerned committees in the house of representatives who have been investigating potential foreign influence and russian
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money laundering the judge just said that would need to be the cited by a lower court or u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has applauded the supreme court's decision and says congress will continue to press its case. careful reading stream court ruling related to the president's financial records is not good news for president trump the court has reaffirmed the congress's authority to conduct oversight on behalf of the american people as it asks for further information from congress congress's constitutional responsibility to uncover the truth specifically related to the president's russia connection that he is hiding the congress will continue to conduct oversight for the people upholding the separation of powers that is the genius of our constitution we will continue to press our case. ok let's go live now to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett that is so kimberly now the president's tax returns and his financial records can be made available to new york
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prosecutors but in practical terms how is all of this going to play out. well in both of these cases the halfway is a little bit different we've heard from nancy pelosi there and she's very clear well congress kind of got smacked down a little bit they're not going to give up nancy pelosi says that they will conduct new investigations and that they will conduct their constitutional right to oversight in the discraft their arguments a little bit better that was the criticism from the supreme court that they hadn't made a convincing argument to and so essentially what she said this we will next time we will keep going so that's the pathway on back ruling with regard to the case in new york what we do know is that this is a process that could unfold and take some time in terms of the financial records of the u.s. president essentially this ruling says the grand jury that's investigating and deciding whether or not to lay charges that they will have access to this but 1st
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the lower court needs to decide the practicalities of that what will that look like what will the access be what will the timeline be and this is where we know the president's attorney has already made a public statement the assertion that they are going to challenge this whether it's legally whether it's cost they are going to challenge this access so the grand jury is very clear is going to get this material the question becomes when the u.s. president has obviously an interest in making sure that happens after the u.s. election in november and so that's key the timing and the president is also taking to twitter quite quickly after the rulings he was unhappy what did he say. it was almost like a stream of consciousness as this ruling came out initially fuming lashing out there were spelling mistakes and a series of tweets where the president claimed that he had presidential of there
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should have been deference shown to the president that he had presidential immunity and he was really frustrated that he is continuing to be investigated by the previous administration of barack obama has not and he feels that there should have been investigations there since that time the president has seemed to kind of dial back his reaction as you pointed out we're watching the rose garden to see what he might say when he appears in the coming hours as he has some advance here at the white house but the press secretary in the meantime kelli mcenaney has been sort of trying to you know as she often does clean up the mess if you will she claims the president was not happy about these rulings that in fact the court has sided with the president in regards to presidential deference basically saying that the president should not be hindered from doing his job but what we can make clear from all of this is that that's not what the court said in fact the court was very clear just like presidents nixon just like president clinton who made similar arguments
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the message that has come loud and clear from the supreme court is that no president is above the law kimberly halkett with the latest from the white house thank you saying the u.s. the top military general has said there is no place in the armed forces for symbols of racism general mark milley has been testifying on capitol hill over the military's role in responding to recent unrest triggered by the killing of george floyd he's appeared alongside the fence secretary marquez who reiterated his view that national guard members not active duty troops where the most appropriate response. i want to make very clear that no active duty military unit engaged protesters or otherwise took court direct port in civilian law enforcement or federal protection missions in the district of columbia or anywhere else in the country and with regard to the role the national guard played in lafayette park on
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june 1 i also want to make clear the following that the guard did not advance on the ground that the guard did not shoot rubber bullets that the guard did not employ chemical agents of any type rather the guard remained in a static role as backup to law enforcement if needed. to racism activists have painted a black lives matter of neural on the on the road in new york or right outside the main door of trump tower president donald trump had previously said it would be a symbol of hate and the denigration to 5th avenue home to many luxury shops mayor bill de blasio says the murals are to honor members of the black community who helped build in new york. let's go to libya now where the u.n. recognize government says it's found
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a prison used by forces loyal to warlord holy for half bad to kill and torture opponents the chamber is in the city of tahoe 9 contains a several tiny cells in which prisoners were held soldiers of the government of national accord and those who opposed have to were detained there charcoal was reportedly placed on top of the cells to overwhelm prisoners with heat the international criminal court is due to send the team to libya to investigate alleged war crimes by half that iraq would have been way ahead is that the prison where officials say blood was found in and around the chamber. this is one of the prisons that was used by forces loyal to the world really for have to are in the city of lahore now in these very tiny sills they used to keep their opponents including government forces captives and also all civilians from to
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horner who posed the military rule in the city government officials here and to who are now tell us that some of those who were kept here or killed and voted in the mass graves that were found recently in the city of horn or others were transferred to other notorious prisons and that have those forces in the east of the country now the crimes committed by have those forces in and around the city of the horn including the mass graves and also the torture of in such prisons is being looked into by international justice organizations and the international criminal court is due to send a team to libya to investigate their war crimes including the mass graves and other crimes also that were committed by have those forces over the past year now
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government officials here tell us that they also found blood in in and around this prison and also they suspect that there are some victims who are killed and buried in the vicinity of this prison. the saudi led coalition says it's destroyed 2 explosive laden boats in the red sea belonging to yemen's who the rebels the coalition spokesman says the 2 remotely controlled roads were the store and 6 kilometers south of the yemeni port of sally the coalition says the boats posed an imminent threat to international level geisha and the maritime activities . the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings a says the world has entered a 2nd drone age in our annual report to the human rights council agnes cullum out of labeled the u.s. drone killing of iran's top military commander has some silly money a violation of international law the report says most drone targeted killings
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receive little public scrutiny calmar the says drones pose a major international security issue with state and non-state actor is the ploy ever more advanced technology drawn for becoming stealthy or speedier smaller more lethal and can be or parry to by teams located thousands of kilometers away and in my opinion in the opinion of all the experts all you have consulted over the last 6 months b.c. is bringing the world to a critical point in regulating the use of armed drones and the use of force who aren't drones. in the democratic republic of congo at least 4 people have been shot dead during a demonstration demanding election fairness supporters of president felipe kiddies
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political party were on the on the march in the capital kinshasa when they say that police opened fire the appointment of an election administrator who is accused of breaking previous elections has infuriated protesters catherine sawyer is following developments from neighboring neighboring kenya she says rising tensions between the president and this predecessor are threatening to bring down the congolese government well people are also concerned about the choir lieschen itself they feel that president. felix to security is not in charge basically because he doesn't control much of the main important institutions like the senate in parliament. president former president joseph kabila squish and call the f.c.c. has the numbers is in control of those goodies including provinces he has a majority governesses while so a lot of supporters of you d.p.s.
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which is the party led by the president saying that they feel that the coalition to seek a decide of the qualification is in a weaker position they feel that it's a junior partner they feel that former president kabila is a side of the quality show and is the one that seems to be running affairs so dance prime minister has his government to resign there have been large protests in recent weeks the man being fast to reform the country is transitioning towards democracy after omar bashir was ousted last year he bought morgan reports from her home. we've seen people lining up for bread and fuel people have been complaining about the shortage of fuel especially gasoline saying that they have to stand in line for hours sometimes these to be able to fill up the car tanks we've also seen people queuing up for bread now that is what triggered anti-government protests in 2018 that eventually led to the former president i'm going to show you we've also
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seen over the past few weeks the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic a lot of people have criticized the government saying that the lockdown that was imposed was not advocate and that not enough studies have been made especially with regards to those who have limited income and who rely on day to day work to be able to feed their families so lots of criticism we've also seen on the 30th of june hundreds of thousands of people around the country taking to the streets demanding the government correct the power of the revolution and the demands that they came out for which was freedom peace and justice so they were saying that the government has been moving off track and the track needs to be corrected and that the government needs to deliver aspirates promised when it came to power in august 29th teen lots of pressure on this transitional government which eventually led to the fall into the prime minister to dismiss most of the most of the power of the ministers and to replace them with caretakers until new ministers are appointed so
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to come on al-jazeera australia suspends its extradition treaty with hong kong and bring its biggest trade partner china and lebanon's opposition accuse the government of a campaign to silence the said after an activist is that tucked in board. however familiar sight now it's not a toll looking like some of the northern europe at least the close to curling through now where that's really pushed the heat which is this one here we've had near record temperatures in western russia in georgia and then thunderstorms in the bins pretty big ones however that's going away the air and the next cold front is going to push down towards the out it's bringing slightly low temperatures again certainly be found in certain parts of france and germany got a bit of
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a shock dropping 10 degrees or so and the focus for geneva reflects that such degrees in the thunderstorms it's a fungus or they were down to about 24 if you show by saturday and that waiting frontal system which is rain sometimes thunderstorms possibly some big hail or will run through austria as well and potent the baltic states behind it were more or less in the teens for those places i remind you where in july the warmth for the southeast is still there in the thirty's back towards spain across was to grin of course extremes it was in some places for also africa the breeze enough to pick up some dust somewhere and the showers the orange tops show good ones have moved a long way into the sahara andrine has got showers there they're running out north of bhaumik out as well you'll notice in fact we've even got rain forecast mauritania as northern mali that's a rare event. but . the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian
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crises we don't know as illegally migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda they have to foot of our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is a politics. an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. the the and. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has the scribed the supreme court's ruling on his tax returns and financial records as a political witch hunt the judges ruled that
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a subpoena issued for documents relating to a criminal investigation in new york can be enforced libya's u.n. recognized government says it's found the prison used by forces loyal to warlord police i have tried to kill and torture opponents the chamber contains a several tiny cells in which prisoners were held and at least 4 people have been shot dead in the democratic republic of congo during a demonstration demanding election fairness supporters of the president's political party were marching through the capital when they say police opened fire. diplomatic tensions between australia and china are escalating after can brush suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong that was in response to a new security law introduced by beijing last week but the move by the australian government has angered its biggest trading partner as nickel a gauge now explains. china's imposition of a controversial national security law in hong kong has prompted widespread protests
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across the former british colony and now a response from australia for skilled and graduate visa holders will be extending the iss by 5 years from today with the pathway to permanent residency at the end of those 5 years that's a pathway for the $10000.00 or so students and skilled workers from hong kong in a strike and follows similar moves in the u.k. announced by prime minister boris johnson china is a strongly is biggest trade partner and is infuriated. the comments images from the australian side constitute grave violations of international law and basic international relations as well as gross interference in chinese domestic affairs will not work on china we condemn the comments reserve the right to take further actions in response or consequences will be blown by the australian side camera is also seeking to entice businesses in hong kong to move
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their operations to australia and we know that means of the jewels now might be looking elsewhere because they do want to be in a free country they want to be in a democratic country and we want to make it attractive for that super talent to consider a strike and that's what these measures do similar to canada australia will also suspend its extradition treaty with hong kong saying it's concerned people could now be sent to mainland china human rights groups had been harping asylum seekers would be included if the government is taking steps to protect the is fearing persecution no matter where they're from in the world that is a great thing that australia should be doing and i really welcome to say that extended to other nationals that are in our country right now seeking that same protection from persecution the last time a similar move was made was in 1909 after the massacre of pro-democracy protesters in tiananmen square went astray 42000. chinese students.
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just hours before the announcement of staley updated its trouble advice for hong kong warning astray could be at increased risk of detention on vaguely defined national security grounds it says they could also be a similar risk on the mainland. tensions have been rising between the 2 nations since a strongly a call for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus by using has imposed heavy tariffs on bali from destroyer and banned some of its be fixed ports leaving many astray in business people nervous about what it might do next gauge 0 sydney. serbia is banning mass gatherings in belgrade after 2 nights of violent demonstrations groups of more than 10 people are prohibited to curb the spread of the coronavirus the decision is a reversal of president alexander vultures previous plan of a weekend curfew was announced on tuesday demonstrators partly blamed for the change for the country's spike in deaths after he relaxed restrictions back in june
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to hold elections which he then won. the world health organization has created an independent panel to scrutinize its handling of the pandemic it will be led by former new zealand prime minister helen clark an excellent burial leader ellen johnson sirleaf trump accuses the show failing to respond quickly enough and of being a puppet of china the organisation rejects the allegations but says there is much to investigate our systems we're not ready our communities we're not ready our supply chain school lapsed it's time for a very honest reflection all of us must look in the mirror. every member state all involved in the response everyone.
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we're in the midst of this bottle the battle of our lives and we have to do better. opponents of lebanon's government are accusing it of turning the country into a police state after a prominent activist was attacked and broad daylight the man was assaulted by a group of men as he was leaving a radio station in a heart of reports from beirut seen by security cameras and in broad daylight with their faces uncovered 4 men on motorcycles assaulted a prominent activist as he was leaving a radio station opponents of lebanon's leadership say the attack is part of a campaign to silence dissent. literally out of out of the moments later loss of heartache he describes how he was hit on his head and face with a hard object but he remains defiant and i think the more you know about that i was expecting this to happen because of the structure of this police state if they
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think that by attacking us will back of their wrong. many like hockey linked to the anti-establishment protest movement that began in october say they've been harassed interrogated and detained. as was the country is turning into a police state and the intelligence and security forces are working for the allies . received here after his release from detention in february was questioned for social media posts criticizing those in power he fears further harassment of the taliban or another one of the intelligence forces are asking my friends about me if they called me in i won't go unless i stand in front of an independent judge because we all know what they are doing today knees they broke my friend's bike when he was detained international human rights groups say the lebanese authorities are using different nation's laws to violate freedom of expression but party
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leaders say there is a limit to free speech. but there are those who are crossing the red line they are being summoned by the judiciary and questioned for a few hours but this doesn't need freedom of expression in lebanon is at risk opponents disagree rights groups report more than $100.00 violations against activists and journalists by the authorities and supporters of the ruling alliance since the beginning of the year. the square in central beirut is no longer filled with tense protesters have been forced to leave by the authorities their movement has largely been broken many blame intimidation and violence but the solution but in the words of the top u.n. official in lebanon on average the silence free speech usually backfires notably in times of crisis. lebanon is in crisis and politicians have so far failed to ease growing economic hardships and as more lebanese sink into poverty containing their
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anger may be a more difficult battle to win. beirut. an official with the taliban's political office in doha has denied claims that russia offered money to kill american soldiers in afghanistan the reports have alarmed politicians in the u.s. with democrats calling for sanctions and the full intelligence briefing or some of enjoyed spoke with at the taliban's. about the allegations so how true is it that we're getting bounties from the russians to kill american soldiers. a lot of this particular matter was fabricated by afghan intelligence based on confessions obtained by force and violence from prisoners to say that they've received money in benefits from russia to fight the americans this is totally baseless the intelligence of the kabul administration has tortured the prisoners to get these confessions and to create
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a story and to report to the world while everything is comprehensively baseless no one can prove that the taliban got bounties and military assistance is from moscow but it is not just of unintended into that it is also coming from u.s. intelligence sources at a time when the united states wants to leave a blunder in the nanny state is negotiating with you why would they lie. in the moment of the end of the column and we can't talk on their behalf and they can answer this question but when it comes to the intelligence of the kabul administration i can say that they want the americans and the foreign forces to stay in afghanistan and this is the reason behind their lies about the american withdrawal that will pave the way for russians to come back to the country. japanese authorities have taken the unprecedented step of closing down through g.s. part of efforts to tackle the koran a virus that will pay our normally attracts crowds of visitors every summer
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including many who believe that it holds special religious significance. a quarter africa parts. sculpted and shaped by thousands of years of eruptions mount fuji considered by many to be the perfect book a know has been venerated for generations as the home of the gods each year hundreds of thousands of people and send it slopes among them many worshippers on a religious pilgrimage but with the climbing trails closed this season believers have to find different ways to worship. it's cold who needs a car a miniature replica of the volcano located in the heart of tokyo created and maintained by the 450 year old whose equal religious association it allows followers to be bestowed with the same blessings as climbing mount fuji itself and
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with the volcanoes closure it's never been more important to this religious order and its chief priest who me your who is suitably philosophical about the situation skewed out that maybe mount fuji needed a break we're going to quietly watch over the mountain as it rests for a year only on deep below fuji silent beauty lies a destructive force in spite of being silent for 300 years it is still an active volcano. numerous shrines in circle it to placate the fire spirits with eruptions believed to be the work of the gods and water flowing from the peak their blessings mount fuji was granted in a score world heritage status in 2013 it was designated as a cultural site recognizing it not just as a natural wonder but as an icon that sing grain into japanese culture. entering emerging from the caves when the volcano is believed to be
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a symbolic act of reaper we are when you step we take to climb the mountain mystic we take you now daily lives is the same i do it with great care and i put my heart into it in a time of such uncertainty because of the pandemic where she know each step becomes a prayer to peace to unpredictable forces of nature. al-jazeera tokyo. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has described the supreme court's ruling on his tax returns and financial records as a political witch hunt the judge has ruled that a subpoena issued for documents relating to a criminal investigation in new york can be enforced but the court rejected the house of representatives attempts to see the tax records well who are basically
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starting all over again so they get everything back down to the work working the story so for was a point to. point out that. this is a political witch the likes of which. was pure which are. just like them all in a series of books that i want and this is the folks this is the only political. libya's u.n. recognize government says it's found the prison used by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar to kill and to torture opponents the chamber is in the city of tight huna and contains several tiny cells in which prisoners were held soldiers of the government of national accord and those who opposed have to work attend their charcoal was reportedly placed on top of the cells to overwhelm prisoners with heat . at least for peace. will have been shot dead in the democratic republic of congo during a demonstration demanding election fairness supporters of the president's political
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party were marching through the capital when they say that police opened fire. serbia is banning last gatherings in belgrade after 2 nights of violent demonstrations groups of more than 10 people are prohibited to curb the spread of the coronavirus the decision is a reversal of president alexander the previous plan of a weekend curfew. diplomatic tensions between australia and china are escalating after can breast spend that its extradition treaty with hong kong that was in response to a new security law introduced by beijing last week was fairly is also extending visas for people from hong kong already in the country or those are the headlines this stream is next looking at the latest on the ground fell tower inquiry here in the u.k. i'll have more news for you in half an hour. i
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have a me ok you are watching this strain june 27th tina grenfell tower fire killed 72 people this week the public inquiry resumed after taking a break for a covert 19 your downs in the u.k. so what you want to do on today's program is find out how is the investigation going and will the people who were around when the tower the survivors the families the community will they see justice for granted.


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