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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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malaysian police question al jazeera journalists serve a documentary highlighting the plight of migrants during the coronavirus lockdown. but i wonder in jordan this is out of their own life in doha also coming up. here we should. donald trump dismisses the supreme court ruling saying his tax records can be examined by prosecutors in new york. reports that the united arab emirates blocked a deal caused by the trumpet ministration to end the gulf crisis. and an unusual independence day in argentina thousands defied the lockdown to protest against the .
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several al-jazeera stothard been questioned by police in kuala lumpur about a documentary on malaysia's response to covert 19 police say they're investigating the report for sedition defamation and violation of the country's communications and multimedia at in response al-jazeera has released a statement saying it calls on the malaysian authorities to respect media freedom and desist from treating its journalists as criminals 0 has serious concerns about developments of occurred in malaysia since the broadcast of its want to an east investigative documentary locked up in malaysia's lockdown focused on july 3rd when the documentary investigated why the covert 900 pandemic is forcing migrant workers into hiding the government put some areas of kuala lumpur with high infection rates on the locked out of people tested and some fingerprinted foreigners without valid documents were arrested malaysian officials and state television have criticised the report al-jazeera as attempts to. interviewed government ministers and
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officials during production would declined stock of experience of staying online harassment since the broadcast want east as an asia pacific coming to things programme that has won numerous international awards let's bring in again from the institute for democracy and economic affairs in kuala lumpur. so what's your response to what you see happening to these al-jazeera journalists in kuala lumpur i mean is this being seen as a brutal crackdown on press freedoms and free speech by the authorities hi yes i do think that this is part of a larger effort by the authorities to clamp down on freedom of expression. in general. a book with but recently for allegedly having a cover that is offensive and insulting a prominent activist who was closely with refugees to recently with being questioned just like the dentist are right now for a post that she made on facebook you know that exposed some of the ill treatment
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that some refugees and migrant workers have faced defend consensus and i mean you know even a problem from your own documentary one of the migrant workers there were interviewed there. is now being searched. by the police and i'm not sure if i'll name but the point is. there is a 5th day in fact that i think of a crackdown intimidation on freedom of expression and including including journalists as well now we're seeing how serious then are these charges leveled that the program that the al-jazeera network because al-jazeera as we know tried to reach out to the malaysian authorities but they refused to comment so that was a clear attempt by the network to produce balanced and fair journalism. and that as i said earlier when you had me on you know if the government disagrees with any of the reporting if there is anything inaccurate or not true then perhaps they could
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have issued a statement or you know the relevant men if there could have gone and gave the account a narrative to it right then they could have very well done that without the authorities clamping down and bringing in journalists for questioning so and since all this you know already said outright that attempts to contact the government were not that cesspool so you know we have seen here that you know if the government refuses to talk to speak on on a documentary such as this then then they would have to be prepared to to feed the the critics the whatever criticism that the documentary might have against them and what does this say about the government's reaction to curb 19 and also migrant workers in malaysia because these are really 2 separate issues aren't there in malaysia in many respects has been seen as a success story in science in coded 19 in southeast asia. as i see it it's actually
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really a question that this incident has happened because malaysia has really led the way in you know in in combating one thing but as you rightly say the issue of my foot was because of refugees. none citizen this is a longstanding issue that has been going on in malaysia you know for decades and you know if there is a civilizing to all of this i think covais it and the response to it has brought these issues to light and has made i think many malaysians really think about you know not really migrant workers say but you know about the immigration system about the possible you know corruption and weak oversight measures that happens that result in such a huge one documented migrant population in malaysia and i hope that this will
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force all of us to really think and reflect on why the situation is so and you know and i would say that it is a separate issue from from from coded but clearly made has been effectively i think bringing these issues tonight i rosario's on to a much deeper showing a force ground 0 thank you my pleasure thank you. the u.s. supreme court has issued mixed verdict on demands for donald trump's financial records and now at least the president's tax returns and other documents will remain out of the public eye you have a chance as. president trump displayed mixed emotions following the 2 judgments on the release of his financial records what the rules were basically showing more again selling everything back down to the lower working the story again so for the sake point. you know the point of. this is a political witch like that we cannot you know if you or your which are hopes just
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like the moderate mr gibbs was a hoax there why do these supreme court rulings weren't even close each one had a $7.00 to $2.00 majority that included trump appointees justices call such and cavanaugh off the court threw out the president's lawyers arguments that their client has immunity from investigation in both cases chief justice john roberts writing that no citizen not even the president is categorically above the common duty to produce evidence when called upon in a criminal proceeding so authorities in new york are allowed to secure records from the president's accounting firm through the courts the city's district attorney hailed the decision cyrus vance jr said it's in keeping with the u.s.a.'s founding principles and added the investigation which was delayed for almost a year by this lawsuit will resume guided as always by the ground jury solemn obligation to follow the law and the facts wherever they may lead but new york's grand jury investigation into potential wrongdoing by trump and the trump organization is held in secret so barring
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a leak the public will not see the records if and when it receives them investigators are looking into whether an alleged hush money deal with 2 women who claim to have had an affair with trump broke the law congress however could released all charges financial records to the public if house committees win the right to see them and that may or may not happen now but the house speaker welcomed the judge. this is up holding of the principle that congress has no right to subpoena the president the supreme court including the president appointees have declared that he is not about the law. the point the path that the plane court has laid out is one that is clearly achievable by in the lower courts and we will continue to go down that path but the supreme court hasn't acted limitations on congress that it will now have to meet in the lower courts among them to prove that any information that is requested would have a direct impact on legislation always hanging over the issue of donald trump's tax
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records are statements like this dating back to before the 2016 election i'm clean and when i release my financial statements my decision sometime prior to election it will only show one thing that i'm much richer than people even thought yet the president has fought their release ever since so there is some comfort to be had for the president donald trump's arguments regarding presidential immunity did not win but these rulings will not result in the release of donald trump's closely held for now until records before november's elections. washington the u.s. supreme court has ruled that a large area of the state of oklahoma will remain a native american reservation it means that state prosecutors don't have the authority to pursue criminal cases against native american defendants the lands include parts of oklahoma 2nd largest city tulsa the decision is one of the most important legal victories for indigenous americans in decades a u.s.
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judge has an appeals court to reconsider its dismissal of a criminal case against donald trump's former national security adviser michael flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. joint investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election but a u.s. appeals court ordered the case against him to be dismissed last month president from patra peace liquid inside flynn's prosecution. the united arab emirates is said to be holding up a deal with gulf states that could end a 3 year long blockade against according to reports by the fox news website but go ahead and has more now from washington d.c. we need to sort of take a step back and look at where this is being reported in the fox news website not on fox news on air we haven't seen it on air yet and again we know that the channel that the president likes to watch we have seen no evidence that the president likes to read the website and again it has been picked up by anyone else and we have not been able to independently confirm this but what this article is saying and it
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doesn't give any sort of indication where the sources are coming from which is slightly unusual but it doesn't name anyone but it says that for the last 2 months somehow if there were secret negotiations between saudi arabia officials from saudi arabia qatar the u.a.e. and the u.s. acting as a mediator that it 5 would be surprising if true because these are that's a lot of different people at the table and there's been no even whisper that there were negotiations of any kind taking place much less among high ranking officials from these 4 countries the article says that a potential deal was in their words quote at hand and that the u.a.e. walked away and tried to pressure saudi arabia to do the same thing again they're saying that the perspective this is not anything we've even heard is on the radar lately from the secretary of defense secretary of state the white much less the white house dealing with a coronavirus pandemic a downturn in the economy falling poll numbers and now the supreme court decision
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so there's been no indication no signals that this is high up on 0 the priority list giorgio caviar as a c.e.o. of gulf state analytics he says the u.a.e. is less likely to change its position than the other countries involved. among the countries blockading qatar it is the u.a.e. that is most rigid in its position against doa whereas the saudis have viewed the alleged qatari threat as more of a strategic issue for i would dhabi this is really very much about ideology and ultimately this agenda of blockading qatar came from abu dhabi and i think out of all of the gulf countries putting pressure on cuts are the u.a.e. will be the last one to decide to ease that pressure so it definitely makes sense that davi would use its leverage over riyadh to block any u.s. backed plan aimed at bringing the g.c.c.
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countries back together the trump administration is seen this arabian feud is a big threat to u.s. interests in the sense that washington would like to have all of the g.c.c. member states united against the islamic republic of iran and this issue has definitely been an irritant for the administration but you know i the defacto ruler of the u.a.e. crown prince mohammed bin zayed whatever people may think about his policies we can all agree that he's no pushover and he's a very strategic thinker when it comes to dealing with regional international issues let's not have to come here not just there including. we cannot proceed we cannot dispute this line of being here a new military age the u.n. expert on extrajudicial killings delivers a warning about trends strikes down with mt fuji off limits will meet the japanese
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religious opponents made a mini replica to keep pushing more that things. but . curiously enough the heat and the big suns domes and where you might expect them to be there fairly obviously they're that slow moving frontal system which is up against some navy record high temperatures for these some pretty big thunderstorms look at this for a cone tornado up in minnesota slow moving damaging but beautiful to behold don't you think they'll be more of the same noticing the same place as that cold front moves slowly into what is really a hot area and you get some pretty big thunderstorms now that's where all the action is further west it's quite quiet san francisco still got the morning clouds and 21 degrees so you see if overlaid the temperature profile that colors where the
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deep heat is and certainly die in texas but equally a good part of the midwest and all places to the east is tempus should not be really in the thirty's the frontal taken down toronto goes to 29 you know spit will bring flooding there have been some flash flooding in toronto already so nice little change taking place but quite an interesting one the showers been equally big i see no tornadoes no reports of no hail know what i expect to see very much in this part of the world throughout the caribbean we've got the focus of some pretty big showers in nicaragua they're moving further westwards and on the pacific coast potential development happening. a secret mass grave in arlington discovered at an institution run by catholic nun. a mission to its core. people in power investigates a scandal that destroyed families cost thousands of lives and still raises profound
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questions about the ties between the catholic church and the irish state. arlen's mother and baby scandal. on a. welcome back a quick amount of the top stories here on al-jazeera several al-jazeera staff have been questioned by police in kuala lumpur about a documentary on malaysia's response to covert 19 the shown to the experiences of migrant workers during the lockdown. the u.s. supreme court has issued mixed verdict some demands for donald trump's financial records the president's tax returns will remain out of the public eye for now but
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they can be examined by prosecutors in new york and the united arab emirates is said to be holding up a deal with gold stakes that could end the 3 year long blockade against qatar that's according to reports by the fox news website. not 2 more latin american leaders have been infected by code 19 bolivia's interim president jimmy known as became the 3rd leading known to have been infected in the region and the head of venezuela's constituent assembly the last that a car bail has announced that he too has tested positive on wednesday brazil's president jabil said he got the virus he previously dismissed as a little fruit. argentine is seeing the effects of the economic pressure caused by the pandemic people held under government demonstrations in the capital somewhere on behalf of farmers across the country but many more are unhappy with the lock down trees about reports. an unusual independence day in argentina despite the lockdown in place thousands took to the streets to protest against the
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government of a lot of the farm and this. orlando they make or says he voted for the president but is now disappointed. with the budget go madonna who you know he promised he would improve our pensions and instead of doing that it is getting worse the situation aside for everyone i'm very because i see the government imposed a lockdown almost 4 months ago and it's never going away. argentina so far has been able to control the spread of covert 19 it was one of the 1st countries in the region to impose a strict lockdown but the economic situation combined with the recent release of prisoners accused of corruption doing the government a former president and now vice president on this occasion are have many in argentina upset people here are protesting against corruption the economic situation the foreign team but also against what they say is an attack against private property by the government last month president and that man has announced that he would explode ph one of the largest private supporters in the country
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something that people of years say against argentina powerful agricultural sector. is a farmer in but i mean all about 2 hours away from the capital he says growing crops it's becoming more difficult have a day exchange rate controls inflation and export taxes have small scale farmers in this area extremely concerned. we are the ones that produce the hard currency and we are taxed and paid 70 percent less than what it's worth and i don't understand why instead of helping us produce more they're always trying to squeeze us. residental that the fat man this says that once the pandemic passes all argentines will have to work to help the country recover it is in a moment though this is the time when the viruses and latin america and we have to pass it it happened and i europe north america and now us we have to survive and we have to rebuild argentina for tomorrow mean of industry min of the agricultural
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sector mean a finance all together we have to build the argentina that is coming because hatred and division have left us where we are it hurts me to say hatred because it delights us and it puts us in the worst places human beings in argentina struggling with in session and inflation and is negotiating with creditors to restructure its oil debt with unemployment and poverty rates on the rise the challenge is finding consensus to overcome the difficulties ahead. when a site is. the u.s. has registered more than 65000 new cases of corona virus making a number of data a record rise for the country sections of been increasing every state there are more than 3100000 cases and over 135000 deaths a team from the world health organization is due to make its 3rd trip to china to investigate the origin of the corona virus outbreak it's 6 months since the 1st infections were documented by the agency and as katrina new reports from beijing doctors there are now busy treating patients in new clusters. in this laboratory in
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beijing scientists are racing to develop a vaccine to end the pandemic in china and around the world but about 6 months since the virus 1st spread from the on this team warns that a vaccine is at least a year away. in the past we started with a. you know we're doing step ab cd at the same time but developing a vaccine in a few months is impossible we have to wait at least until next year for market use that's a best case scenario china's government supports about 20 labs like this one chinese leaders are working to curb the recent resurgence in infections in her bay province and the capital beijing. the government says more than 11000000 people have been tested since the beginning of june more than 300 factions have been confirmed in the capital in recent weeks the latest outbreak in func thai district is linked to
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the biggest wholesale food market in the capital there have been no local transmissions in recent days but residents remain worried. how the break started what is the origin of the virus and how the outbreak happened recently in beijing most the residents live in fear because they don't know the real story overall health organization team is due to arrive in china this weekend to investigate the origin of the outbreak the 3rd trip to the country this year the agency was reportedly frustrated by the chinese government's lack of communication with the epidemic 1st came to light china's leaders denied any cover up and are unlikely to take responsibility for the spread of the pandemic instead $2000000000.00 has been put to the w.h.o. and china is also pouring millions to so-called mobs to put. china was solved as a virus problem was money china is happy to use this economic tool rather than
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taking the responsibility for the. in beijing large scale gatherings and classes have been indefinitely postponed for everyone living here to return to normality is far from straightforward and the fear of infection remains a part of everyday life katrina new al-jazeera beijing. to serbia now where hundreds of people have staged a sit in protest outside parliament. it's in defiance of the 10 person limit on gatherings the pandemic restrictions were announced on the 2 nights of fighting between police and protesters at the lockdown measures as president is accusing some protesters looking to do serious damage. regularly over to his home i'm urging all our people in belgrade and novi sad and all other cities not to confront the hooligans themselves we will do that as
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a state we will work and we will win we will preserve peace for our country surrender was never an option. greek police have used tear gas to disperse people protesting against a new bill and aimed to regulate street demonstrations they've gathered outside the parliament in athens the government says the bill seeks to end frequent disruptions to businesses and threats to public safety it would also hold open eyes accountable for hommel damage caused by protests. singaporeans are voting in a general election expected to extend the ruling party's unbroken record the vote comes just weeks after the country emerge from a 2 month lock down the key issues our government's handling of the health crisis and a struggling economy lisi and loom who took charge in 2004 was expected to continue as prime minister it is a strange younger brother supported the opposition the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings has raised concerns about the growing use of armed drones in a new report to the human rights council agnes kalamata earlier said the u.s.
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drone strike that killed top iranian general cause i'm still the money in january was illegal she insists now is the time to regulate drones fearing some governments are using them without accountability. drones are becoming stealthy here speedier smaller more lethal and can be operated by teams located south hundreds of kilometers away and in my opinion and the opinion of all the experts i have consulted over the last 6 months these is bringing the world to a critical point in regulating the use of armed drones and the use of force who aren't drones from tehran al jazeera saying bus driver explains what the report means for leaders there. the iranian government here at the time of qassam so the money is killing there was an outpouring of grief there was an outpouring of anger by government officials as well as the public this was after all one of the most
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popular public figures in the country perhaps in the history of the islamic republic of iran so certainly this ruling what we still haven't really heard from iranian leaders this time around it seems that they're letting the un special rapporteur tours findings do the talking for them they're really letting this breathe at the moment and certainly it will be supporting the sort of legal arguments that the iranian government is making for pursuing a legal case in the international courts against the united states for justice for cause and so money the foreign ministry has said that it is looking into at least $40.00 people americans and not americans that were involved in this coordinated effort they say to assassinate this beloved general now the united states has said that the findings of this report are dishonest and they've characterize it as giving a pass to terrorists and this really gives us a sense of how the u.s. sees iran iran is still considered by washington especially this government as a state sponsor of terror but the un's findings the u.s.
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pressure up to us find things calling this an unlawful killing of an iranian official this really reinforces how iranians see themselves how this government sees itself as a member of a club of nations and as a legitimate regional power whose officials both civilian and in this case military deserve to be recognized as legitimate. libyans u.n. recognize government says it's found a prison used by a warlord and if i have to torture and kill opponents it's in the city of tarhouni which was under the control after us forces until it was recaptured by government troops on the 5th of june choco was reportedly placed on top of the cells to overwhelm prisoners with each. japan has closed mt fuji to hikers to try and contain the spread of coronavirus the volcano that holds religious significance and many in the country and claiming it is seen as a sacred tradition but as i as a coup are reports devoting a found other ways to keep washington. sculpted and shaped by thousands of
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years of eruptions mount fuji considered by many to be the perfect book a know has been venerated for generations as the home of the gods each year hundreds of thousands of people as send it slopes among them many worshippers on a religious pilgrimage but with the climbing trails closed this season believers have to find different ways to worship it's cold hooty to come a miniature replica of the volcano located in the heart of tokyo. created and maintained by the 450 year old whose equal religious association it allows followers to be bestowed with the same blessings as climbing mt fuji itself and with the volcano is closure it's never been more important to this religious order and its chief priest who me yoshino who is suitably philosophical about the
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situation skewed out there maybe mount fuji needed a break we're going to quietly watch over the mountain as it rests for yellow and deep below silent beauty lies a destructive force in spite of being silent for 300 years it is still an active volcano. numerous shrines encircle it to pluck 8 the fire spirits with eruptions believed to be the work of the gods and water flowing from the peak there blessing mt fuji was granted in a world heritage status in 2013 it was designated as a cultural site recognizing it not just as a natural wonder but as an icon that sing grain into japanese culture entering an emerging from the caves when the volcano is believed to be a symbolic act of rebirth where my new step we take to climb the mountain mystic we take you now daily lives is the same i do it with great care and i put my heart
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into it in a time of such uncertainty because of the pandemic where she know each step becomes a prayer to peace to unpredictable forces of nature. i asked a corrupt al-jazeera tokyo. the headlines on al-jazeera several hours there was questioned by police and quite a long pole about a documentary on malaysia's response to covered 19. the program looked at the experiences of migrant workers during the lockdown elation officials on state television have criticized the reporters being inaccurate misleading and unfair al-jazeera denies this the u.s. supreme court has issued mixed verdicts on demands for donald trump's financial records for now the president's tax returns and other documents will remain out of the public eye but judges rule that trumps records can be examined by prosecutors
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in new york and this is a political witch the likes of which you know you never hear you or you know which are so just like the more investigations of folks that i want and this is no hoax this is purely political i win at the federal level and we won very decisively and so they sent it into new york and you know what's going on in new york everyone is leaving to turn out to be a hell hole. to do something about the people leaving new york is a political witch hunt he just didn't give. us judges also an appeals court to reconsider his dismissal of a criminal case against donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. during the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election but an appeals court ordered the case against him to be dismissed the united arab emirates is said to be holding up a deal with gold states that could end the 3 year long blockade against qatar that's according to reports by the fox news website the u.s.
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has registered more than 65000 new cases of corona virus making it another daily record rise for the country infections have been increasing in the every state there more than 3100000 cases and over 135000 people have died. and 2 more latin american leaders have been infected by code 19 libya's interim president janine as became the 3rd leader known to have been infected in the region the head of venezuela's national assembly diosdado cabello early announced he'd tested positive those were the headlines news continues on al-jazeera after people on palace station that's alleging. they signed up through luxury cruise but some would never come. on i want to investigate stealing didn't leave ok you know rubbish one out 0.
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6 years ago and on and a secret mass grave for babies was discovered near a home for unmarried pregnant women in an institution run by roman catholic nuns to find set off a scandal that has raced deeply disturbing questions about the fate of thousands of women and children and the relationship between the catholic church and the ari state in a special 2 parts investigation correspondent lawrence lee has been in search of answers.


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