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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2020 7:00am-7:33am +03

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burden you hear this story briefly with the. malaysian police question al jazeera journalist serve a documentary highlighting the plight of migrants during the coronavirus lockdown. in jordan this is al jazeera live from also coming up. donald trump dismisses the supreme court order saying his tax records can be examined by prosecutors in new york. reports that the united arab emirates blocked a deal pushed by the trumpet ministration to end the gulf crisis. and paying their
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respects in ivory coast but many fear the sudden death of the prime minister could cause political instability. several hours the rest off have been questioned by police in kuala lumpur about a documentary on malaysia's response to cope with 19 the program looked at the experiences of migrant workers during the lockdown and police say they're investigating the report for sedition defamation and violation of the country's communications and multimedia at in response to 0 as released a statement saying it calls on the malaysian authorities to respect media freedom and desist from treating its journalists as criminals al-jazeera serious concerns about developments that have occurred in malaysia since the broadcast of its one to one east investigative documentary locked up in malaysia's lockdown broadcast on july 3rd well the documentary investigated why the coded 900 pound demick is forcing migrant workers into hiding the government put some areas of kuala lumpur
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with high end section rates under lock down with people tested. and some fingerprinted foreigners without valid documents were arrested malaysian officials and state television have criticized the report al-jazeera as attempts to interview government ministers and officials during production were declined stoffel experience sustained online harassment since the broadcast one of one east is an asia pacific talent to pass program that has won numerous international awards listening to muhammad in kuala lumpur he's the chief executive and founder of the guardian center for health and social policy as well on a stand you have seen the al-jazeera documentary what do you make of its content and why do you think it's offended the malaysian authorities so much because al-jazeera did ask them to respond but they declined well when i saw the documentary i thought it was a fair and balanced report and it did highlight some of the issues that we ourselves here on the ground in malaysia especially amongst public health
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specialists were actually pointing out the documentary didn't criticize at all the government or specifically the ministry of health treatment of migrants we've caught 19 which i believe to have been compassionate and equal what we did see was highlighting an issue that we raise which was that the government should have conducted these immigration enforcement raids and having a rested people and placed into detention dring a public health emergency so that is what we saw at least from our perspective what the documentary highlighted and why the government is responding this way we believe it's just a matter of. distraction from the actual issue in hand and that's an important point to make as well because you know i want to ask you how sensitive are the malaysian authorities about the wider issue of undocumented migrant workers in the country because some critics say as you pointed out the government perhaps was using covert 19 as
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a way to crack down on these workers. well i don't think it started off that way the government from the very beginning had indicated commendably that it would not use this opportunity where you have a movement control order being placed to actually enforce immigration action and it stated that back in april during the m.p.o. what happened was the. month or so down there was a bout to an end suddenly the state of lockdowns were being used as opportunities for them to you know arrest people who are undocumented and that was fairly distressing time for many of us working public health because this actually defeats the purpose of which these restrictions were supported and it most importantly does not produce the kind of health outcomes that you want it to produce so we have a situation now where this vulnerable community is actually going underground and me perhaps even not come forward to get treated for code in 1000 if they were
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infected as well let's just stay with some of the some of the work that you're doing because you deal with health and social policy issues as you say you work with the migrant community what sort of conditions do these undocumented migrants face in malaysia and in many of them a stay at the authorities there going into hiding what's the scale of the problem. well let's just say from very onset this is a very vulnerable. population which is very often left out of interventions that state implemented such as public health and one reason is is because there are documented irregular they've come into the country illegally and therefore they don't have the kind of protections and access to the kind of services that a documented or. a regular migrant worker would have so when it comes to this we're talking about at least a 1000000. undocumented in addition to the additional $2000000.00 of
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a regular migrant workers that are in country so we're talking about a population that's quite sizable and therefore even if you are documented you could be fearful for your own safety because of what's happening the kind of response that the both the malaysian public has with regards to placing the blame on my coworkers for the continued spread of 1000 or at least at the very beginning accelerating the spread of course in 1000 stephanie unfounded and definitely is actually more of a symptom of this in a 4 big. sensitivities and also misplaced national support all right so i will leave it there as well mohammed ali thank you very much deficient in your thoughts and al-jazeera thank you thank you very. now the u.s. supreme court has issued mixed verdict some demands for donald trump's financial records for now at least the president's tax returns and other documents will remain out of the public eye you have a chance if as. president from displayed mixed emotions following the 2 judgments
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on the release of his financial records what the rules were basically showing more again selling everything back down to the lower courts and so you get so for a certain point. you know the point that. this is a political witch fight that we cannot you know kenya or disappear which are. just like the model of mr gibbs was a hoax that one of these supreme court rulings weren't even close each one had a $7.00 to $2.00 majority that included trump appointees justices corso churn kavanaugh off the court threw out the president's lawyers arguments that their client has immunity from investigation in both cases chief justice john roberts writing that no so there's a lot even the president is categorically above the common duty to produce evidence when called upon in a criminal proceeding so authorities in new york are allowed to secure records from the president's accounting firm through the courts the city's district attorney
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hailed the decision cyrus vance jr said it's in keeping with the u.s.a.'s founding principles and added the investigation which was delayed for almost a year by this lawsuit will resume guided as always by the ground jury solemn obligation to follow the law and the facts wherever they may lead but new york's grand jury investigation into potential wrongdoing by trump and the trump organization is held in secret so barring a leak the public will not see the records if and when it receives them investigators are looking into whether an alleged hush money deal with $2.00 women who claim to have had an affair with trump broke the law congress however could released all charges financial records to the public if house committees win the right to see them and that may or may not happen now but the house speaker welcomed the. justice is up holding of the principle that congress has the right to subpoena the president the supreme court including the president appointees have declared that he is not above the law. the point the path that the plane court has laid
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out is one that is clearly achievable by us in the lower courts and we will continue to go down that path but the supreme court hasn't acted limitations on congress that it will now have to meet in the lower courts among them to prove that any information that is requested would have a direct impact on legislation always hanging over the issue of donald trump's tax records are statements like this dating back to before the 2016 election i'm clean and when i release my financial statements my decision sometime prior to election it will only show one thing that i'm much richer than people even thought the president has fought their release ever since so there is some comfort to be had for the president donald trump's arguments regarding presidential immunity did not win but these rulings will not result in the release of donald trump's closely held for now until records before november's elections. washington. may not have arab
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emirates is said to be holding up a deal with gulf states that could end the 3 year long blockade against qatar that's according to reports by the fox news website particle hain has more now from washington d.c. . we need to sort of take a step back and look at where the spirit being reported the fox news website not on fox news on air we haven't seen it on air yet and again we know that this is a channel that the president likes to watch we have seen no evidence that the president likes to read the website and again it has been picked up by anyone else and we have not been able to independently confirm this but what this article is saying and it doesn't give any sort of indication where the sources are coming from which is slightly unusual but it doesn't name anyone but it says that for the last 2 months somehow if there were secret negotiations between saudi arabia officials from saudi arabia qatar the u.a.e. and the u.s. acting as a mediator now that 5 would be surprising if true because these are that's a lot of different people at the table and there's been no even whisper that there
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were negotiations of any kind taking place much less among high ranking officials from these 4 countries the article says that a potential deal was in their words quote at hand and that the u.a.e. walked away and tried to pressure saudi arabia to do the same thing again they're saying that just for purposes perspective this is not anything we've even heard is on the radar lately from the secretary of defense secretary of state the white much less the white house dealing with a coronavirus pandemic a downturn in the economy falling poll numbers and now the supreme court decision so there's been no indication no signals that this is high up on 0 the priority list. time for a short break al-jazeera when we come back australia will dramatically reduce the number of people allowed into the country as cases spike in a key state. talks between rival nations of the balkans resume later on friday but can the 2 sides of the coming years of mistrust more that status.
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there's enough more sure and and it'll be fed i think even more for northern a month see some tremendously big thunderstorm with big downdraft on the least side of the mountains we've got the quite strong wind now the monsoon wind clouding things up in a good part of money including salalah is taken away from the strength of of the shamar which is the northerly wind it's not particularly strong the orange sheen there suggest as dust is coming out of iraq temps the really high here baghdad at 50 degrees it's not a record but it's certainly near enough the same is true for western side of the of iran and q 8 clearly it's cooler on the coast but still 30 in jerusalem down to the horn of africa to where you see the daily showers build here we've got rain coming on to the coast of kenya and probably somalia and daily showers building there not
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haphazard the not random they tend to building plants at the moment all the way from south sudan science was more or less to lake victoria south of that interesting well is just coming into the western cape to cape town and up through maybe exit frankly multiple fronts coming in so it is wet and unpleasantly windy in cape town temperature about 30 degrees for friday the rain doesn't last it goes through to give you a few showers on saturday. join our global community because the price is just slapped is the phrase blessing upon my thing upon my through human capital equals global health keeping you up to date is why so voice situation where we have a human rights prices that persist beyond the health crisis your questions is a dialogue just nothing we are now approaching
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a crossroads this is an opportunity that we must not miss the stream on al-jazeera . welcome back a program out of the top stories here this hour several al-jazeera staff of being questioned by police in kuala lumpur about a documentary on malaysia's response to cope with 19 the program looked at the experiences of migrant workers during lockdown. the u.s. supreme court has issued mixed verdict some demands for donald trump's financial records the president's tax returns will remain out of the public eye for now but can be examined by prosecutors in new york. and the united arab emirates is said to be holding up a deal with stakes that could end the 3 year long blockade against qatar that's
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according to reports by the fox news website. now australia is cutting the number of citizens that were allowed to return from overseas each week by 50 percent since march only citizens and permanent residents have been allowed into the country from monday a maximum of 4000 will be able to return each week the prime minister scott morrison says it isn't follows a surge of coronavirus cases in the state of victoria. at a time when victoria was idle to take flights again then obviously the challenges to the system presently posed by the outbreak in victoria would have subsided and that then of course would mean that be less pressure on the system nationally so until that is under the. under control world even beyond that it has been under control in victoria ziba to take up that has does flights again then will be in a restricted to pass city for the foreseeable future and like
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a joins us now from australia's capital canberra nicholas are scott morrison that talking about certain limitations on arrivals into the country what most even saying. yeah this isn't good news for any is fairly and trying to return back into the country from monday the prime minister scott morrison said that only 4000 citizens or permanent residents will be allowed to return to the country every week that is essentially cutting the intake figures by hall in terms of when that cap can be lifted the prime minister says that will only happen when the corona virus outbreak in the city of melbourne is 10 times and right now course there are 5000000 people on the pasha locked down in the city and surrounding some regional surrounding areas there on the allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons and on thursday we saw another record day of infection
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cases so it doesn't look good for those returning travel as there was another 288 people testing positive for corona virus in the city of melbourne and scott morrison says that all of a strategy is resources in this area needs to be going to fighting that outbreak of course thora fees are trying to stop it spreading to other parts of the country so there is a huge contingent of federal police and a strategy and defense for. personnel along the borders to make sure people on crossing into different areas another aspect of this announcement by the prime minister is that now anyone returning from all of the states will have to pay for the mandatory 14 days of hotel quarantine that they need to take a says that people have had a lot of time to return home since 9 the borders were closed in mid march about 350000 people have returned to a strong and scott morrison says that these measures are needed to make sure the
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entire focus right now is on containing this outbreak in melbourne which we're seeing record numbers once again in infections arsenical gaze live in sydney apologies be september but it's actually sydney the kind of thank you. chile was one of latin america's fastest growing economies now 2 and a half 1000000 people out of work and one of the places struggling most is a town known for its production of traditional pots and dishes and human reports the residents of the marriott no longer make enough to eat so. little hasn't opened his shop for months all the handmade played pottery inside is full of dust including the emblematic piggy banks that he makes some just as they were all there for saving money and for good luck he says for. but today potter is in this small rural town have neither money nor luck for meit is streets and shops used to overflow with visitors but not since
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a broke the one of the month of when i leave my shop open to air out the place so if anyone passes they can take a look old habits are hard to break for generations the people of poor might have made their living from making this type of pottery as emblematic as the chilean corn pies they're served in. but now my day is as empty as people's pockets just before lunch time you suddenly see residents coming out all heading in the same direction to the same place. russia and siena is in charge of the community center that's become paul my does lifeline. all the volunteers at the soup kitchen are out of work porters. be made we started with 100 meals then 120 every day more and more until the day came that we had nothing left to serve so we called the press and asked for help. 2 weeks ago that help started arriving especially from the capital's poor neighborhoods and from the fish fruit and
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vegetable markets. he gave will serve $500.00 meals. and russia welcomes her neighbors as though they're being invited to lunch except that they're all carrying parts to take the food home as many portions as they. are in each house. on this day they're treated to a seafood stew with salad and a fruit for march there are 4 adults and 4 children in our house we can't afford nappies but thankfully here we get a good meal. it's finally included believe inas turn her mother who has difficulty walking has been waiting eagerly for the warm lunch and uncle sam up and a dog and a dog before we sold enough for all our needs now my father and i have no work and i have 2 children. the house is humid and cold because as in most homes the floors are made of dirt we are in good pottery like everyone else's is gathering dust so
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there's no money for heating this town is one of the few that is not under obligatory quarantine in fact there are very few people here infected with cold 19 and yet the impact of the pandemic has been devastating so much so that many are very worried that unless the pandemic energy can all make the fix is quickly like pompei might as we know it will cease to exist. they know they can't depend on charity for ever to fill their empty pockets some are already looking for other ways to make a living even if it means the end of one of chile's most beloved cultural icons you see in human al-jazeera. the u.s. is registered more than 65000 new cases of coronavirus making it another daily record rise for the country infections have been increasing and nearly every state there are more than 3100000 cases and over 135000 people died. talks to ease
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tensions between kosovo and serbia are set to resume in brussels on sunday that you brokered talks on restoring diplomatic ties stopped in 2018 when kosovo put high tariffs on serbian goods charlie until reports. what started as kosovo's bid for independence from serbia escalated into open conflict. and was brought to an end by nato air strikes in 1909. soon after hundreds of thousands of course of our albanian refugees poort into neighboring countries telling of massacres both sides were accused of war crimes 6 serbian officials were found guilty and last month the course of a president. was indicted on war crimes charges. today kosovo is willing to almost invisible the country declared independence in 2008 but a type of cold war continues with serbia repeatedly blocking kosovo as attempts to
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join the united nations the european union has spent 9 years trying to normalize relations between the 2 sides with little progress in 2018 talks stalled completely . since then angle a merkel and emanuel macro have led countless efforts to smooth over differences and restart the dialogue recently some success the cost of a removing its 100 percent trade tariffs on serbia but in return pristina wants belgrade to finally recognize its independence if serbia does that it wants membership to the e.u. . i believe that at the end of the mandate of the next government we will complete negotiations for membership with the european union which means that it would be realistic to become a member of the european union in 2026 that is my hope that is my belief. president trump was hoping to be the new mediator needing
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a diplomacy win before november's election but president that she was indicted for war crimes just days before the meeting that she says there is no evidence he broke the law and hinted he believes the timing of the indictment is not a coincidence i don't call it that statement blew up and rendered impossible of very important meeting at the white house thereby giving a strong blow to the opportunity of achieving peace between kosovo and serbia on monday he will face questions from prosecutors in the hague the now the e.u. has wrestled back control of mediation efforts the e.u. and we could be repeating it all the time is very committed to continue our engagement as a facilitator of of the dialogue between great and prishtina but we are not the ones who are dictating who are our into look at dorset. on sunday the bloc will mediate the 1st high level meeting between the 2 sides since november 28th and perhaps make progress on one if you have intractable disputes. there.
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now people in ivory coast are paying tribute to the prime minister who died during a cabinet meeting on wednesday many fear that i'm going to comically bonnie's death of course political instability. reports. a sense of uncertainty of what is to come the front pages of newspapers reflecting the mood of a country in shock a cruel loss reached this front page prime minister coulibaly leaving this stage headlines another say it's a shock for. africa's loss one of its best stand in all of africa vets and morning said. it's the nation that has lost a loyal some as a company by saying that he was in a good place for the upcoming presidential elections now the ruling party will be in turmoil the 61 year old was president alison want to rise chosen successor for
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october's presidential election i'm going to go on coulibaly suffered a heart attack and collapsed during a cabinet meeting on wednesday with his death becomes a political vacuum with many to take his place and become the ruling party's candidate in a closed door meeting party leaders met scrambling for a solution while the president's spokesman but in defense minister ahmed baca yuko are among the favorites the 81 year old ouattara could be asked to run for a 3rd term. the loss of a body is like starting all over again but we have to stay strong and leave strong we are very devastated because i'm a do as a man of honor he died in the line of duty so we must be like him and stand strong because there is also the sense of responsibility that requires us to make thousands of ivorians count on president our son or daughter what has until july 28th to decide whether to be a candidate his opponents including former president good o.b.j.
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also a candidate to the presidency accuses want to earth failing to address political grievances that led to the 2011 civil war when former president laurent gbagbo refused to concede defeat 3000 people died and tens of thousands were displaced as politicians fought for power. is fueling a sense of instability months before a much anticipated election which is now getting many ivorians worried nicholas hawkie al jazeera more elephants have been found dead in botswana and it's still not clear what's killing them the national park rescue charity says more than $400.00 have died but swine as government there has only confirmed $291.00 deaths it's been 2 months since the 1st caucuses were spotted the country has the world's biggest elephant population. japan has close mt fiji 2 hikers to try to contain the spread of the corona virus a volcano holds religious significance for many in the country and climbing it is
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seen as a sacred tradition but as i as a crew are reports devoting is a 1000 other ways to people worship. sculpted and shaped by thousands of years of eruptions mount fuji considered by many to be the perfect book a know has been venerated for generations as the home of the gods each year hundreds of thousands of people as send it slopes among them many worshippers on a religious pilgrimage but with the climbing trails closed this season leavers have to find different ways to worship it's cold hooty to come a meter replica of the volcano located in the heart of tokyo. created and maintained by the 450 year old whose equal religious association it allows followers to be bestowed with the same blessings as climbing mount fuji itself and with the volcanoes closure it's never been more important to this religious order
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and its chief priest who me yoshino who is suitably philosophical about the situation thank you that there may be mount fuji needed a break we're going to quietly watch over the mountain as it rests for a year only on deep below fuji silent beauty lies a destructive force in spite of being silent for 300 years it is still an active volcano. numerous shrines encircle it to collect take the fire spirits with eruptions believed to be the work of the gods and water flowing from the peak their blessings mount fuji was granted in a school world heritage status in 2013 it was designated as a cultural site recognizing it not just as a natural wonder but as an icon that sing grain into japanese culture entering in emerging from the caves when the volcano is believed to be a symbolic act of rebirth we are mining a step we take to climb the mountain in
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a state we take you know daily lives is the science i do it with great care and i put my heart into it in a time of such uncertainty because of the pandemic porsches she know each step becomes a prayer to peace and predictable forces of nature. i asked al-jazeera tokyo. to africa check of the headlines here there's our several al-jazeera staff been questioned by police in kuala lumpur all about a documentary on malaysia's response to covered 19. the program looked at the experiences of migrant workers during the lockdown malaysian officials on state t.v. have criticized the report as being inaccurate misleading and unfair al-jazeera denies this. the u.s. supreme court has issued mixed verdicts on demands for donald trump's financial
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records for now the president's tax records and other documents will remain out of the public eye but judges ruled that trump's documents can be examined by prosecutors in new york this is a political witch hunt the likes of which you know you never if you were a superhero which are folks just like them all the investigations are folks that i want and this is no hoax this is purely political i win in the federal level and we won very decisively and so they sent it into new york and you know what's going on in new york everyone is leaving turn out to be all. do something about the people who are leaving new york is a political witch or he just didn't get it the united arab emirates is said to be holding up a deal with gulf states that could end the 3 year long blockade against qatar that's according to reports by the fox news website australia is cutting the number of citizens and permanent residents allowed to return from overseas each week by 50
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percent from monday a maximum of 4000 people will be allowed into the country on a weekly basis it follows the daily record rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the 2nd most populous state of victoria the us has registered more than 65000 new cases of corona virus making it another day near record rise for the country infections have been increasing in the every state there are more than 3100000 cases and over 135000 people have died. 2 more latin american leaders have been infected by covert 19 bolivia's interim president gianni known as again the 3rd leading down to have been infected in the region the head of venezuela's national assembly the osce. announced he'd tested positive so those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the st abstention time so much about that for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived this long but their traditional way of life has been for generations. as israel plans an exception
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into the occupied west bank. al-jazeera world goes to the jordan valley where the illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what the future holds for these palestinians former shepherds of the jordan valley on al jazeera. i have to be ok you are watching this stream 820178 grenfell tower fire that killed 70000 people this week a public inquiry resumed doctor taking a break for a covert 19 year old downs in the u.k. so what will to do on today's program is friend.


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