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our nation has happened to their opinion that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is a politic me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. journalists from al jazeera is program one o one east questioned by malaysian police server a documentary about the plight of migrants during the coronavirus pandemic. hello i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. reduces the 32 year prison sentence of former south korean president park geun serving time for corruption to 20 years. india prepares to lock down its biggest state
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again as more than 26000 coronavirus cases are reported in one day. donald trump dismisses a supreme court order saying his tax records can be examined by prosecutors in new york. now several al-jazeera staff members are being questioned by police in kuala lumpur about a documentary on malaysia's response to cope with 19 the show looked at the experiences of migrant workers during the long down police say they're investigating the report for sedition defamation and violation of the country's communications and multimedia act in response al-jazeera has released a statement saying it calls on malaysian authorities to respect media freedom and desist from treating its journalists as criminals al-jazeera has serious concerns
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about developments that have occurred in malaysia since the broadcast of its one o one east investigative documentary locked up in malaysia's lockdown on july the furred of the documentary investigative why the cove in 1000 pandemic is forcing migrant workers into hiding the government put some areas of kuala lumpur with high and. action rates under lockdown with people tested and some fingerprinted foreigners without valid documents were arrested malaysian officials and state television have criticized the reporters being inaccurate misleading and unfair to serious attempts to interview government ministers and officials during the production where declined staff have experienced the stained online harassment since the broadcast what i want to east is an asia pacific current affairs program that has won numerous international awards and human rights watch is calling on the malaysian government to stop treating criticism as a crime and repeal laws used to limit speech in
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a statement the deputy director for asia said malaysia's benteke out and as soon our government is increasingly responding to public criticism by carrying out abusive investigations on this basis charges prime minister more hideous scene should recognize that everyone has a right to criticize their government without fear of investigation or prosecution and speak to us role. in kuala lumpur he's the chief executive and founder of the galen center for health and social policy good to have you with us serve course al-jazeera stands by the professionalism of this documentary why do you think of thora t s are taking this sort of action by calling them in and questioning our journalists . good to have you have me with us today sami i just wanted to just say that one reason why the government is responding this way is really because it feels
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that this report. unfairly portrayed and perhaps even overshadows the exemplary progress and she went made by the malaysian government in responding and containing covert 19 of course al-jazeera has given an opportunity for the government to appear in this report but it was declined you know and then they come back and say it's unfair and doesn't represent their perspective. well definitely i think today as they were issued a statement i think you guys have offered the availability of a platform for the government to have a right reply and i think this is something that the malaysian government should take the opportunity to do to clarify exactly what its actions were as it was portrayed in the documentary but also i think we need to emphasise that the treatment of my work at that period of time was criticised and seen by
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public health professionals as a real concern in addressing the spread of course at 90 it certainly didn't work to its health objectives which it seemed at the very beginning that the government had done quite a lot to basically reassure and pacify those who were worried about being arrested and then suddenly within about it started to detain and arrest people so i think this platform should be taken advantage of by the government to clarify what exactly happened and why i acted the way it did segues nicely to my next question which is a sort of issues which the documentary raise concerning the treatment and the condition of on docket migrants are certainly not something that initiated without a serious documentary raju as a social and health worker i have seen concerns i assumed which the documentary is raising. well the documentary actually illustrates and graphically reproduces what
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actually happened during that period of the movement control order and specifically in areas where there was in hans lock down for those areas that you can see portrayed where there bob why is and a lot of people in the public health. fraternity at that time expressed concerns as to. the immigration actions that were being put into place and were being conducted during the time of a public health emergency and this is something that when you look at it from the perspective of containing a disease that could 1000 you simply cannot do and it actually encourages vulnerable communities. to go underground and to be fearful of public health officials so it goes against all that we understand about public health but having said that though if the government had continued of its original stated intent of
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using b m c o's to detect and screen people for coding 1000 i don't think we would be in this mess that we're in right now i think it would have been fine and it would be widely supported especially from the public health perspective has there been a change in the policy as a result of haps of all this public attention. well i think the government maintains that stand has a right to be able to conduct immigration action in force went. certainly being a sovereign country but what we are wanting to address here really is that there are times for when such actions are necessary and validated by whatever jurisdiction that the government has but also when we're looking at a public health emergency such as 900 we want people to be willing and voluntarily wanting to be screened and tested and to be treated in this way it really is quite
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harmful and unfortunately we see that the government is possibly digging in and maintaining a hard line approach on this issue but i have to emphasize that the treatment of the workers especially of those who are positive has been humane compassionate what you and i would receive and that is when the ministry of health treated them what we are concerned about really is in terms of the immigration enforcement actions rise or i thank you very much for your time and for coming in to analyze the situation as. thank you for having me. judge has reduced the jail term for former south korean president park geun hye who was convicted over a corruption scandal had been sentenced to 32 years in prison for 2 cases involving bribery embezzlement and abuse of power bats now being reduced to 22 of mcbride joins us now live from seoul rob this is a case that's taken
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a lot of unexpected if not surprising turns and developments what happened today exactly. that's right this does seem to be the latest surprise turn in this case is all dates back of course to park your own hayes disgraced time in office you remember it became mired in this corruption scandal in 2016 as she was forced out of office early 2017 impeached and then prosecuted through the courts found guilty on a whole range of charges of bribery extortion abuse of power and in the original sentencing she was given a very hefty 32 years total for all of these offenses now last year the supreme court here in south korea has sent this back to the high court saying it wasn't happy with the way sentencing are being carried out and there was an expectation that she could have faced actually more prison time in fact the prosecution was asking for it to be increased to 35 years well the opposite seems to have happened
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with that that this court now reducing the total time that she is been sentenced to for all the charges all that has sent crimes in office to 22 years also reducing the the fine she's meant to pay from 20 $5000000.00 to $15000000.00 in their ruling the high court judges a panel of 3 judges stated that they did not believe that she had gained financially very much from her crimes in office and also taken into account her age she is now 68 years of age even if she does serve this reduced 22 years then she would be a very old person by the time she saw freedom again all right thanks so much leave it there with rob mcbride from south hong kong is closing all schools in a bid to control an increase in covert 1000 infections schools in the city have been mostly shut since february due to the outbreak on kong reported 42 new cases
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on thursday the majority were locally transmitted it's the 2nd consecutive day of rising local infections. india's most populous state is set to go back under lockdown as the country deals with a rise in corona virus infections there the weekend lockdown will begin friday night more than 1200 new cases were reported in the state of pradesh on thursday india recorded more than 26000 new infections in the past day a record high elizabeth piron m joins us now from new delhi so elizabeth how much of a setback is it that not only pradesh or rather the well to pradesh is going into lockdown setback no doubt not just for the state but for the country. hi sammy well it's certainly the state government admitting like others have that they need to take more action as the number of cases both and with of with asia and
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india just continue to keep rising the state government said that it's going into lockdown from friday night until monday morning to break the chain of transmission that offices and markets will be shot bosses won't be allowed unless they're taking people to train stations because trains and flights will continue now with their positions not the worst affected state but it is the most populous it's home to more than 220000000 people in the government this is that it's going to continue with the awareness campaign meanwhile as you mentioned indian navy has 800000 cases now and it had 700008 reached the 700000 mark on tuesday so it's important to remember that the cases of rising as such that it took and something like $56.00 days to go from 0 a reporter 210-0000 reported cases nearly 2 months and now it's only taking 4 days to add on another 100000 cases so the government says that it's going to continue
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increasing testing tested nearly $300000.00 people yesterday and as well as that that it's going to conduct a civil logical survey around the country to determine the spread of the virus or rather where it's been by testing for antibodies in people and elizabeth these 26000 new cases i mean they're not all in the pradesh alone what are all the states doing if they're not following the reintroduction of a lockdown. so we do have a lot of states actually going back into lockdown we have as well as. the state of west bengal did the same thing yesterday across its worst affected areas as well as doing that its capital in kolkata decided to suspend flights from the 6 worst hit cities for 2 weeks catalyst it went on the food and did the same thing on monday for 2 weeks and the northeastern city of in
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a strict lockdown that's interesting because the northeastern region have been had the fewest number of cases but now we're starting to see them rise but places like maharashtra that's the worst affected state it's in a top of a lockdown until the end of july but here in delhi in the capital the leaders have said that they have no intention to bring a lockdown back in and that's what a number of other states are saying that certainly what the central government has said there is absolutely no appetite no desire to bring a national law down and because of the economic impact which that had and health experts will say that because of india's very large size and population that this pandemic is better managed from the state level anyway as long as the states have the resources to do so some states do and others don't all right thanks so much elizabeth raman. voting is underway in singapore's general election with strict
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health measures in place prime minister lee the same looms party is expected to hold on to power the election comes just weeks after a single or emerge from a 2 month long down pandemic the economy our major concerns for voters. still ahead i'll just 0 straight here takes drastic steps as it struggles with an increase in corona virus cases. the world health organization heads back to china to try to piece together whether corona virus came from. however familiar sight now it's not a told looking like some of the northern europe at least the close to curling through now where that's really pushed the heat which is this one here we've had near record temperatures in western russia in georgia and then thunderstorms in the
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bins pretty big ones however that's going away there and the next cold front is going to push down towards the out it's bringing slightly low temperatures again certainly be found in certain parts of france and germany got be a bit of a shock dropping 10 degrees or so and the focus for geneva reflects that such degrees in the thunderstorms front goes through they were down to about 24 if you show by saturday and that waiting frontal system which is rain sometimes thunderstorms possibly some big hail or will run through austria as well and potent the baltic states behind it were more or less in the teens for those places i remind you where in july the warmth for the southeast is still there in the thirty's back towards spain across was to quit not quite as extreme as it was in some places for also africa the breeze enough to pick up some dust somewhere and the showers the orange tops show good ones have moved a long way into the sahara andrine has got showers there they're running out north of bamako as well you'll notice in fact we've even got rain forecast mauritania and
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northern mali that's a rare event. for . frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result of missing. perching quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal and israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy and say on the street that he cannot all be seen to grady what he read to me this is the leading to over all continues inside story on al-jazeera.
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hello welcome back you're watching out just here a time to recap our headlines several al jazeera staff are being questioned by police in kuala lumpur about the documentary on malaysia's response to cope with 19 the show looked at the experiences of migrant workers during the lockdown. a judge has reduced the prison term given to former south korean president park geun hye she was convicted of corruption prosecutors wanted to bring a behind bars longer but the sentence was reduced from 32 to 22 years. the most populous state in india is to be put into a we can lock down from friday evening or to pradesh has recorded a jump in corona virus infections india now has nearly 800000 cases. the us supreme court has issued mixed verdict on demands for donald trump's
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financial records for now at least the president's tax returns and other documents will remain out of the public high g. habitats he explains. president from displayed mixed emotions following the 2 judgments on the release of his financial records what the rules were losing the story more again selling everything back down to the war of words in the story you get so for a certain point. the point of. this is a political witch the way to which you know she will disappear which are. just like them all reversed occasions or. these supreme court rulings weren't even close each one had a $7.00 to $2.00 majority that included trump appointees justices corso churn cavalia the court threw out the president's lawyers arguments to very close and has immunity from investigation in both cases chief justice. john roberts writing that no citizen not even the president is categorically above the common duty to produce
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evidence when called upon in a criminal proceeding so authorities in new york are allowed to secure records from the president's accounting firm through the courts the city's district attorney hailed the decision cyrus vance jr said it's in keeping with the u.s.a.'s founding principles and added the investigation which was delayed for almost a year by this lawsuit will resume guided as always by the grand jury solemn obligation to follow the law and the facts wherever they may lead but new york's grand jury investigation into potential wrongdoing by trump and the trump organization is held in secret so barring a leak the public will not see the records if and when it receives them investigators are looking into whether an alleged hush money deal with $2.00 women who claim to have had an affair with trump broke the law congress however could really stall charges financial records to the public if house committees were in the right to see them and that may or may not happen now but the house speaker welcomed the justices up holding of the principle that congress has the right to
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subpoena the president the supreme court including the president's appointees have declared that he is not above the law. the point a path that inquiry head laid out is one that is clearly achievable by us in the lower court and we will continue to go down that path but the supreme court hasn't acted limitations on congress that it will now have to meet in the lower courts among them to prove that any information that is requested will have a direct impact on legislation always hanging over the issue of donald trump's tax records are statements like this dating back to before the 2016 election i'm clean and when i release my financial statements my decision sometime prior to election it will only show one thing that i'm much richer than people even thought the president has fought their release ever since so there is some comfort. we heard for the president donald trump's arguments regarding presidential immunity did not
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win but these rulings will not result in the release of donald trump closely held financially records before november's elections. al-jazeera washington australia is having the number of citizens allowed to arrive from overseas since march only citizens and permanent residents have been allowed in prime minister scott morrison says the decision follows a surge of coronavirus cases in the state of victoria at a time when victoria was able to take flights again then obviously the challenges to the system presently caused by the outbreak in victoria would have subsided and that then of course would mean that the less pressure on the system nationally so until that is under. under control or even beyond that has been under control and the tories are able to take up those does flights again then will be in a restricted to pass city for the forseeable future from sydney nicola gage has the
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details of the announcement. from monday the prime minister scott morrison said that only 4000 citizens or permanent residents will be allowed to return to the country every week that is essentially cutting the intake figures by hoffa in terms of when that cap can be lifted the prime minister says that will only happen when the corona virus outbreak in the city of melbourne is 10 times and right now of course there are $5000000.00 people under partial lockdown in the city and surrounding some regional surrounding areas they're on the allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons and on thursday we saw another record day of infection cases so it doesn't look good for those returning travelers there was another $288.00 people testing positive for corona virus in the city of melbourne
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and it is scott morrison says that all of a strategy is resources in this area needs to be going to fighting that outbreak of course fees are trying to stop it spreading to other parts of the country so there is a huge contingent of federal police and strongly and defense force personnel along the borders to make sure people on crossing into different areas another aspect of this announcement by the prime minister is that now anyone returning from overseas will have to pay for the mandatory $14.00 days of hotel quarantine that they need to take now 2 more latin american politicians have been infected by covert done to bolivia's into room for a student janine and as was diagnosed and is now in quarantine the head of venezuela's national constituent assembly there was also tested positive this week brazil's president joseph wilson are also went into isolation after he was
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confirmed to be infected. a team from the world health organization is due to make its 3rd trip to china to investigate the origin of the corona virus outbreak it's been 6 months since the 1st infections were documented by the agency and as country new reports from beijing doctors there are now busy treating patients in new clusters in this laboratory in beijing scientists are racing to develop a vaccine to end the pandemic in china and around the world but about 6 months since the virus 1st spread from the city of on this team warns that a vaccine is at least a year away we're going to see in the past we started with this. now we're doing step a.b. cd at the same time but developing a vaccine in a few months is impossible we have to wait at least until next year for market use that's a best case scenario china's government supports about 20 labs like this one chinese
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leaders are working to curb the recent resurgence in infections in herb a province in the capital beijing. the government says more than 11000000 people have been tested since the beginning of june more than 300 texans have been confirmed in the capitol in recent weeks the latest outbreak in funk tie district is linked to the biggest wholesale food market in the capital there have been new local transmissions in recent days the president's remains worried. how the break started what is the origin of the virus and how the outbreak happened recently in beijing most the residents live in fear because they don't know the real story overall health organization team is jews who arrive in china this weekend to investigate the origin of the outbreak the 3rd trip to the country this year the agency was reportedly frustrated by the chinese government's lack of communication with the epidemic 1st came to light china's leaders denied any cover up and are
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unlikely to take responsibility for the spread of the pandemic instead $2000000000.00 has been pledged to the w.h.o. and china is also pouring millions to so-called mobs to put. china will solve is a virus problem was money china is happy to use this economic tool rather than taking the responsibility for the pedometer in beijing large scale gatherings and classes have been indefinitely to start for everyone living here to return to normality is far from straightforward and the fear of infection remains a part of everyday life katrina new al-jazeera beijing i least 140 people are dead or missing in southern and central china where heavy rain has caused some of the worst flooding in decades the downpours of inundated homes swept away buildings and triggered landslides at least one and
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a half 1000000 people have evacuated their homes. people in ivory coast have paid tribute to their prime minister who died during a cabinet meeting on wednesday many fear amadou gong clearly bally's death will create political instability nicholas holds. a sense of uncertainty of what is to come the front pages of newspapers reflecting the mood of a country in shock a cruel loss reached this front page prime minister coulibaly leaving this stage headlines another so it's a shock for all ivorians africa has lost one of its best and it's all of africa that's in morning said. it's the nation that has lost a loyal son i think i mean he was in a good place for the upcoming presidential elections now the ruling party will be in turmoil the 61 year old was president alison want to rise chosen successor for
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october's presidential election i'm going to go on coulibaly suffered a heart attack and collapsed during a cabinet meeting on wednesday with his death becomes a political vacuum with many to take his place and become the ruling party's candidate in a closed door meeting party leaders met scrambling for a solution while the president's spokesman but a chief in defense minister ahmed baca yuko are among the favorites the 81 year old ouattara could be asked to run for a 3rd term. for the loss of body is like starting all over again but we have to stay strong and leave strong we are very devastated because i'm a do was a man of honor he died in the line of duty so we must be like him and stand strong because there is also the sense of responsibility that requires us to make thousands of ivorians count on president our son or daughter what has until july 28th to decide whether to be a candidate his opponents including former president going to be day also
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a candidate to the presidency accuses want to or failing to address political grievances that law. to the 2011 civil war when former president laurent gbagbo refused to concede defeat 3000 people died in tens of thousands were displaced as politicians fought for power. there is fueling a sense of instability months before a much anticipated election which is now getting many oborne ians worried nicholas hark al jazeera. and let's take you through some of the headlines now al-jazeera programme makers are being questioned by police in malaysia about their documentary on migrant workers being locked up during the covert 19 locked down malaysian officials say the 101 east investigative documentary is inaccurate misleading and unfair
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al-jazeera denies the allegations it's urging the malaysian authorities to respect media freedom and desist from treating journalists as criminals accord has reduced the prison term given to former south korean president park geun hye who was convicted of corruption prosecutors wanted to keep her behind bars for longer but the sentence was reduced from 32 to 22 years rob mcbride has more and in the original sentencing she was given a very hefty 32 years total for all of these offenses now last year the supreme court here in south korea sent this back to the high court saying it wasn't happy with the way sentencing are being carried out and there was an expectation that she could have faced actually more prison time in fact the prosecution was asking for it to be increased to 35 years well the opposite seems to have happened with that that this court now reducing the total time that she is been sentenced to for all
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the charges although her scent crimes in office 222 years. the most populous states in india will be put into a weekend long from friday evening lots of pradesh reports of more than 1200 new cases on thursday india recorded more than 26000 new infections in the past day a record high. hong kong is closing all schools in a bid to control an increase in cope with 19 infections 42 new cases were reported on thursday majority locally transmitted voting is underway in singapore's general election with strict health measures in place by mr lee has saying leung's policy is expected to hold on to. its inside story now. july 995 some of the witnessed one of the worst crimes of the 20th century.
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the massacre of thousands of. special coverage of the 25th anniversary of the genocide. millions could face starvation as coronavirus takes its toll world wide that warnings from oxfam and says hunger caused by the pandemic will kill more people than the virus itself so we should step in to stop this disaster this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm laura. more people.


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