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award winning documentary from around the world. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. plonk him with al this is the news on live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. would you. mark you. want. to. turn this from al-jazeera is what i want to use to questioned by malaysian police over a documentary focusing on the treatment of migrants during the pandemic. the u.n. security council votes on whether to reauthorize aid from turkey to syria as the
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situation remains dark for millions of displaced syrians i mean that's just who i am and when i see you do something wrong i say something. speaking up against misconduct we need to police whistleblower who is calling for more protection against critelli a ship. and al jazeera investigation delves into facebook's handling of racist hate speech on mine. and it's for europe's top football teams discover their roots are champions league glory the drills just being made from many tournament's of knockout games to be hosted by portugal. their journalists have been questioned by police in malaysia about the documentary on migrant workers being locked up during the covert 90 knocked out police say they're investigating the program for sedition def a. mation and the violation of the communications and multimedia at al-jazeera has
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responded with a statement calling on the malaysian authorities to respect media freedom and desist from treating its journalists as criminals al-jazeera says it has serious concerns about developments that have occurred in malaysia since the broadcast of its 101 east investigative documentary called locked up in malaysia's lockdown on july 3rd a documentary investigated why the covert 19 pandemic is forcing migrant workers into hiding the government put some areas of kuala lumpur with high infection rates under lock down with people tested in some fingerprinted foreigners without valid documents were arrested malaysian officials and state television of criticize the report is being inaccurate misleading and unfair are just as attempts to interview government ministers and officials during production were declined staff have experienced sustained online harassment since the broadcast what i want to is an asia pacific current affairs program that has won numerous international awards
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malaysia's top policeman says journalists were being questioned as witnesses so you . know we do not want to judge them but the attorney general's department after reviewing the documentary has determined that there were elements under the sedition act penal code and communications and multimedia act that leak it did. so we were asked to investigate and we carried out our investigation by calling them and 6 people came today in the 7th will be coming in the sea evening or tomorrow or the last person was the person who uploaded the video coming in as witnesses not suspects. of their english marriage and director giles trendall has defended the team's work he says they not only faced legal scrutiny but were threatened online as well. we were very concerned the fact is that we felt they did a very fair and balanced program and then for them to be called in by the criminal investigation division of the police and to be summoned there to answer questions
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and for. words like sedition and defamation to be to be used as possible laws to be invoked we are we are very concerned we're concerned on that front and we were also very concerned for the safety of our staff because as well as the summons to the police there was a stream online reaction which consisted of threats intimidation abuse and even death threats from people on social media. which was very concerning as well so we were encouraged by the police the remarks of the police chief which you just showed which in which he assured. assured the press conference that our journalists would be safe as well as the trolling in the boxing of some of our staff and when i say boxing what i mean is is using online means to try and find personal details and then publish them publicly i believe this is also
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happening to some of the characters who in the film some who spoke anonymously and it's a great concern and one human rights group has called it a witch hunt you know that these individuals their photographs pictures of them have been shown in the streets and posted online and it does seem that there is a. sort of atmosphere online to try and get information on these people and expose them and to find out where they are which of course is not just online but has very real offline risks to it because you never know where all this online abuse and intimidation and death threats that. been death threats to our staff you know never know where this might and so we are very concerned for both the staff and for the characters that appeared in the in the documentary.
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breaking news now and turkey's told the court has an old decree you from the $930.00 s. which turned the highest of fear from a mosque into a museum it could pave the way to turn one of the most famous sites in turkey back into a mosque and the highest of fear it is important in both orthodox christianity and islam the museum was once the biggest christian cathedral in the world finale a 1000 years that was before it was turned into a mosque this is a hugely controversial decision there will be fallout from this decision we will be going to our correspondent to is in istanbul just as soon as we can make contact with her but just reiterating that breaking news that's a live shot from outside of the higher sophia nor does the i guess sophia in turkish that the top court has a no that decree which a presidential decree from 19 from the 130 s. which turned the high sophia from a mosque into
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a museum paving the way to turn it back into a mosque ok. we're turning now to our top story the questioning of journalists from $1.00 to $1.00 east in malaysia over a documentary which. let's bring in phil robertson who is the deputy director for human rights watch he joins us now from. thailand thank you for your time mr robertson so what do you make of the malaysian government's response to this documentary in questioning journalists. well 1st of all i think it's an excellent documentary i've watched it several times and my colleagues have also watched it so we're not quite clear why they're going after it in this way i think unfortunately that this is. a decision by the government to make an issue of migrant workers. unfortunately believe that there's
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a political machinations going on here by the government you know the be blaming others during a period of crisis when you have an economic downturn connected 19 and. they decide to round up migrant workers and now they're blaming anybody who raises these issues al-jazeera is being hit now but the south china morning post was hit earlier in may. again on the micro worker story where reporter was called in and question on the same sort of charges that they're talking to your reporters about. obviously a sensitive issue then how indicative. the questioning of how addictive is that of the state of press freedom generally. well press freedom is sliding backwards very quickly in malaysia we're seeing a return to the tactics that were used by previous governments not be brought back and others could create
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a culture of fear to create concerns by critics that if they say something if they report on something that the government doesn't like that they could face being called in by the police at a minimum and face possible charges well tell us about all that's in this investigation the communications. act and how it's used. section 2233 communications and multimedia act been used by the malaysian government repeatedly to criminalize anything online that the government doesn't like it's very. usually over broad. definitions about what is prohibited but you know it says anything that is. menacing or offensive in character can be criminalized what is offensive to some people consider something the sense of that others as being a normal course of everyday life and. the people who are found guilty of this are
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liable to a very heavy fine. $12000.00 u.s. dollars. possibly in imprisonment up to a year or both so it is a serious charge and it's been used against activists and joe people other groups repeatedly during the previous government and now this government is once again pulling this rights abusing out of their tool chest and using it against media does this raise any sort of broader questions for. all of the trajectory of the current government telling still go to a proven majority in. yes i mean i think than the malaysian government is playing the scene a phobia card for political gain they're scapegoating migrants to divert attention from that comic pain and dislocation caused by the covert 19 pandemic you know it's something that we've seen and other leaders do people like donald trump i mean i
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hate to be comparing a prime minister of malaysia the donald trump but the reality is that this is the kind of attack as we've seen in the past to distract attention to create another more vulnerable group that people can attack and i think al jazeera has been caught up in this the reality is that there was a public health approach that was taken to start with. the defense minister said very clearly we're not going to be checking people's documents we're going to be betting people and possibly a worse quarantine people those have turned out to be lying they did arrest people they ministry of public health is now saying that nobody wants to cooperate amongst the martin workers because they're afraid of being arrested and those who are arrested were sent to immigration detention centers which have now become a covert hot spot so malaysia is really shot itself in the foot by going after migrant workers instead of just focusing on the public health approach everybody
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getting tested who need the test and realizing that covert 19 doesn't care whether a citizen or a migrant worker. thank you miss you time. director for human rights watch thank you. philippine politicians have rejected the license renewal of the country's largest broadcaster there were protests as the legislative committee overwhelmingly voted against a b. and c.b.s. corporation's license renewal the decision which can be appealed affirmed an earlier government order to close the network the company has repeatedly been threatened by the president for its critical coverage rights groups say the decision is a major blow to media freedom in the philippines. let's go back now to a breaking news story turkey's top court has an old a decree from the 930 s. which turns the highest afia from a mosque into a museum. is live for us in istanbul there just for viewers who may not be
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familiar with the highest if you just explain to us why this is such a controversial decision. welcome back to the opening i also feel or i guess sophia in greek terms has always been a debate in turkey every politician especially when it's up to hopeless them they always raise this up and there's a huge public support to reopen and i also feel for prayers among the turkish public and also even some opposition has the same support for them and in this fight 2 years ago when it was raised again presence. at the nearby blue mosque it was not full of worshippers no need to reopen for prayers this year just in the last couple of months he changed his attitudes and the highest administrate to court of the state council decided that the decision and $934.00 by
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the cabinet which decided that the status of sophia is turned from mosque to museum is illegal now the sophia is going to become is going to be maimed as mosque again but for sure this means that it's going to be open for the worshippers for prayer this is the actually the controversial part of the story because many a man in many criticize this on the other way especially among the christian world but some of the churches in turkey they also say that i also feel i should be open to prayers for both muslims and christians because i also feel has always been the symbol of solidarity and united between christians and muslims especially in a city like. which has which has christians and jews as well so now we are this is going to be a legal process especially by the by the cabinet because that was
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a cabinet decision the status of back in 1904 but given that turkey has a presidential governmental system presidential enough. that this. now we are in front of me and i have to tell you that as soon as the emerging breaking news dropped it people who were waiting around here especially young men it went in front of my us sophia saying. which means god great. to celebrate the decision because they have been waiting for this for such a long time but for sure everybody expects international reaction mainly from russia who is known to be dominant in orthodox christianity and this. is the symbol of also the church in the christian world. i think that that's our correspondent there. for us in istanbul. but more here
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on the news on including. india prepares to lock down its biggest state again it's more than 26000 coronavirus cases are reported in one day. back in china again the world health organization experts trying to track down. did sports some n.b.a. players heading to florida for their lives really start taking safety precautions to the next. india's most populous state is set to go back on the lockdown as the country deals with a rise in corona virus infections that we can lock down will begin on friday night more than 1200 new cases were reported in the state of top british on thursday india recorded more than 26000 new infections in the past day a record high elizabeth promise in new delhi and has this analysis of what you
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thought british is going into lockdown. certainly the state government admitting like others have that they need to take more action as the number of cases both an oath of and india just continue to keep rising the state government said that it's going into lockdown from friday night until monday morning to break the chain of transmission that officers and markets will be shot the boss is going to be allowed unless they're taking people to train stations because trains and flights will continue now with their positions not the worst affected state but it is the most populous it's home to more than 220000000 people in the government there says that it's going to continue with the awareness campaign india media has 800000 cases now and it had 700008 reached the 700000 mark on tuesday so it's important to remember that the cases are rising as such that it took and something like 56 days to go from 0 reported 210-0000 reported cases nearly 2 months and now it's
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only taking 4 days to add on another 100000 cases so the government says that it's going to continue increasing testing tested nearly 300000 people yesterday and as well as that that it's going to conduct a c one logical survey around the country to determine the spread of the virus or rather where it's been by testing for antibodies in people. the team from the world health organization is making its 3rd trip to china to investigate the origin of the corona virus outbreak it's been 6 months since opposed to versions were documented by the agency in this country to your reports from beijing doctors there are now busy treating patients a new cost. in this laboratory in beijing scientists are racing to develop a vaccine to end the pandemic in china and around the world but about 6 months since the virus 1st spread from the city of la this team warns that
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a vaccine is at least a year away. in the past we start. now we're doing step a.b.c. at the same time but developing a vaccine in a few months is impossible we have to wait at least until next year for market use that's a best case scenario china's government supports about 20 labs like this one chinese leaders are working to curb the recent resurgence in infections in herb a province in the capital beijing. the government says more than 11000000 people have been tested since the beginning of june more than 300 factions have been confirmed in the capital in recent weeks the latest outbreak in func thai district is linked to the biggest wholesale food market in the capital there have been new local transmissions in recent days that residents remain worried. how the break started what is the origin of the virus and how the al brain happened recently in
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beijing most the residents live in fear because they don't know the real story overall health organization team is jews who arrive in china this weekend to investigate the origin of the outbreak the 3rd trip to the country this year the agency was reportedly frustrated by the chinese government's lack of communication with the epidemic 1st came to light china's leaders denied any cover up and are unlikely to take responsibility for the spread of the pandemic instead $2000000000.00 has been put to the w.h.o. and china is also growing millions to so-called mobs to put. china was solved as a virus problem was money china is happy to use this economic tool rather than taking their. responsibility for the predominate in beijing large scale gatherings and classes have the indefinitely postponed for everyone living here the return to normality is far from straightforward and the fear of infection remains
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a part of everyday life katrina new al-jazeera beijing infection control measures have had to lengthy delays at polling stations in singapore prompting officials to extend voting hours in the general election prime minister lee hsien loong party is expected to hold on to the election comes just weeks after singapore emerged from a 2 month lock down the pandemic and the economy are major concerns of a vote. for it well she is with the asia research institute at the university of nottingham malaysia she joins us now from kuala lumpur thank you time. so as we said this on the big issues of vote is the pandemic response and the economic fallout what's the feeling about how the government responded. well i think it's mixed i mean it's there are singaporean all boaters are quite polarized there's a strong strong group of people who support the opposition their small share traditionally and they're very they have very strong views and there are those that
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are traditionally in the p.p.c. camp and the middle ground traditionally goes to the p.d.p. but the concerns with the pandemic have been twofold one on issues of handling of foreign workers and also the issues associated with whether or not to hold the election and to use the election as an opportunity to raise issues of crisis so the timing has been a question ok the people's action party has been a pall for i believe 6 decades and it is expected to continue how and why has it maintained that position for so long. well there are couple reasons 1st of all of the p.p. has performed quite well in terms of managing the economy and issues of governance so i think they deserve a lot of credit for that over the years i think also the election process itself has been one that has been quite stacked in the sense that it doesn't give a fair opportunity to opposition parties in terms of the way constituencies are arranged also in terms of the issues of freedom of speech and so therefore it has
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there hasn't been as an equitable opportunity for opposition party opposition parties to do well so i think these 2 factors coming are predominantly a play i was going to sit see that the prime minister is a strange brother niecy and yet going to the opposition although he himself is not running for office has that injected anything into this context. i think it started the campaign off where the p.p. has been on the defensive in the last 3 elections we have seen in 2011 the p.-p. had a very defensive campaign in 2015 after the death of lee kuan yew the p.p. control the narrative in this election we've seen the p.p. on the defensive again and least in the angst speeches have been part of that defensiveness where he's raised issues about the p.d.p. one of the issues we have a discussed so far that the opposition has been pushing is whether or not there
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should be some sort of check in parliament they're not calling for a victory or even to govern the calling for a reduction of the supermajority and to actually to quote what has been said in the campaign to not give the p.p. a blank check and this of course taps into the issue of how the pandemic has been handled the question of whether or not there has been turned to voices that have been listened to particularly in the case of managing foreign workers but more generally in terms of managing singapore long term singapore and as a country is really on the facing a very serious time not just with the pandemic but also in terms of its economy keep in mind singapore is an economy that has ridden the wave globalization and it now has to deal with the challenge of it more diggle of allies world and this is these are some of the questions that have been raised in the campaign so far but i take your analysis present with the a's every set institute from kuala lumpur
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this will come. libya's u.n. recognize government is said to resume oil exports for the 1st time in almost 6 months the national oil company was forced to stop shipments to foreign costumers because of the blockade imposed by warlords only for half past fighters that cost the tripoli based government billions of dollars in revenue the state company is warning that exports will be limited until major damage to infrastructure is repaired. libya's internationally recognized government is gathering evidence of alleged war crimes committed by the wall or highly faffed are mass graves have been discovered at one of his former strongholds but most of the well head reports from town who know where many of the atrocities are said to have taken place these tiny concrete cells are part of a secret prison in the libyan city of daraa who are officials from the internationally recognized a government say it was used by forces loyal to warlords really for have to do told
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short of their opponents that includes a pro-government fighters who were taken captive during the battle for tripoli and civilians who opposed military rule into hona government investigators say this car belongs to a female prisoner who was brought here by force there is evidence of summary executions. that whole families were tortured and murdered here they were burned or beaten to death in some cases mutilated and tortured by machines many secret prisons have been discovered since the government forces recaptured horner last month the city was a stronghold of have to his forces since april last year government officials into horner think some of the victims kept here was transferred to other notorious prisons run by has taught us forces in eastern libya. and others were killed and
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buried in the mass graves recently discovered in the city more than $200.00 corpses including those of women and children have been found in several mass graves since the beginning of june. these as 5 of his brothers were kidnapped by the al conny brigade approved local militia in november last year. they were punished only because they were accused of communicating with the government live with the 26 children who ask me every day with their fathers are we just need to know whether they did or alive according to the international criminal court chief prosecutor the mass graves may constitute evidence of war crimes or crimes against humanity and as the search for the missing persons continue as hundreds of people still remain unaccounted for.
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it's time now for the weather we have ever 10 never seen how those rains doing down in africa well that they've really done quite nicely actually came about as far north as they're going to get of course because the sun is that making its way further south so we are going to see the rains edging back but they've done really quite well and you can see huge masses of cloud even as far north as mauretania pushing across into mali biggest see how the the grassy drift from west to east pushing across central parts of africa we're going to see those rains grassy edging i would swards a good part of west africa big clump of storms there across nigeria the moment a little clutch of storms just around senegal they stand in their way into where the gambia and pushing further north as i said you can see where the heaviest downpours are at present so we're seeing some wet weather just coming out of sierra leone pushing a little further north woods mali seeing some of that wet weather and it is but go on into where sunday some very heavy rain pushing across into picking
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a fast so those showers extend all the way across into the ethiopian highlands the back of the way across this is set on the easterly ways for the southwards to the heart of africa into central areas well plenty of showers there across the central african republic all the way across into ethiopia and the be a few showers also for good measure just making their way in across southern parts of somalia further south still find in trouble we see some very wet some very windy weather pushing across the cape recently that's going to continue making its way further research was with more rain for monday came thank you very much for that ever. since come here on al-jazeera. warnings of a major health crisis interim lanka has a large cost of corona virus infections detected. australia takes drastic steps as it struggles with an increase in corona virus cases. and it's course we'll find out why these particles is a being allowed to compete despite testing positive for ground divide us.
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frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result. quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy and a country that you cannot all be disintegrating but it's written in the really deep all we all continue inside story on al-jazeera. london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact on fright or around the globe and so here it out as iraq we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people then how it affects their everyday that. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know there are all idiots
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is interested not just in the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. the. door to al-jazeera a model of our top stories this hour observation lists have been questioned by police in malaysia about their documentary on migrant workers being locked up during the covert 19 lockdown become trees police chief says those being questioned are being treated as witnesses not as suspects observer denies allegations that the program is inaccurate misleading or unfair and disparaging media freedom.
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turkey's top administrative court has an older $930.00 s. decision to convert the almost sophia from a museum into a mosque to pave the way for the historic sites conversion. site is important in both christianity and islam. u.n. security council is voting on whether to continue to allow cross border aid deliveries into northwest syria the current mandate expires on friday aid agencies say failure to reach a deal will put millions of syrians at risk let's go back now to our top story we can speak now on the phone to call who is the lawyer representing the al-jazeera staff members in malaysia. thank you tom can you just bring us up to speed we believe the questioning is now over just what's happening. ok let me recap what happened. in the morning the police christin 6 of the
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jazeera and probably east. the batch the 1st batch of these. questioning started at around 1 45 in the morning and ended up at around 3 o'clock and. 3 in the interrogation or even statement taking the investigating officer requests for and not an employee of the era to be present so the 2nd at the last employee was actually called in to this statement taking in the afternoon around 3 something and we just and that statement taking at around 9 o'clock pm 9 pm in malaysia. ok so 2 we have that they are being questioned as witnesses what exactly does that mean ok this is a pot impossible off event the process. investigating authorities to do is to
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1st get the money from the weaknesses and to identify with a commission of it all of a fence at the moment the police actually class the site. the 3 possible offenses. which allegedly to escort me to due to the airing of the video of the 1st. people off and he said he and the sedition act section 4 impacted one of the sedation at the 2nd possible fancies and section 499 of the police they said criminal defamation and the people of fancy under section 2 treat 3 of the multimedia communications at. it's the main. publishing falls all inaccurate reports which annoy anyone ok so so what happens from here where the employees
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mccauley have been questioned about this this piece of journalism what happens now located at the moment the release. of the no conditions no what will happen is that after these process statement to get processed. what we call the statements which comprise. would be handed over to the attorney general. for putting such an. investigation is compete for the direction that may be given but the general spoke of what we call the public prosecutor's office if if the public prosecutor defense fight that. there is no case then the best the ends here but if the public prosecutor is satisfied that there is some commission of it all face then they may have to the site where the charge all to further investigate the
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metaphor for the evidence and what. ok what what are your thoughts on how this is likely to go and what is what are your thoughts on on the. as you said the possible offenses that have been committed i mean this is that this is a very strong piece of data unless i'm anyone who wants to know this is an impossible story and obviously as we've been hearing from al jazeera the journalist did reach out to government representatives to get some comment in the story and still included i believe it was the defense minister's press conference pieces from that press conference even though they were unable to attend it themselves. ok. for those critics who are out there to pretty sight it's be do if they have actually watch you know all beatles age i'm sure they would actually be there. and
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if they view it in a very objective manner i don't think there's any is any form of. copy should of it all change. that might bite you so therefore i strongly believe and i strongly think that what. iran has been saying all this while about who teaches the. being a better balance and the ferry pointing exactly is totally true 'd ok thank you so much though you also time this is the problem with this teacher that some of the critics take some segment of fiction off the footage and there blew it up and sensationalize it so there is a big problem absolutely thank you so much your time next year on there that is that the lawyer representing al jazeera staff members in malaysia it's. the un security council is voting on the future of cross border a deliveries into northwest syria the existing mandate expires on friday russia has
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pushed a limit humanitarian supplies and agencies a warning of dacosta concerns for millions of displaced syrians if an agreement is not reached practical to what this report. these makeshift shelters and into the provinces bear witness to the staggering human cost of syria's war non it's 10 pm children who weren't born when the fighting began live with their families in one of the many counts for those displaced not once but many times the adults are mostly out of work. nearly 3000000 syrians in the last rebel controlled enclave in the north west depend on aid to survive they are anxious about russia's effort of the un security council to limit vital cross border into liveries. in this plastic tent there's no fan there's nothing and for the aid they say with this veto it will be cut from the liberated areas for what reason how would you get
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a kilo of sugar or rice or anything to cook how would you get it. supplies if united nations humanitarian aid from turkey to northwest syria is already restricted to 2 crossings russia wants to cut access to just one relief supplies from iraq in jordan have stopped since january because of russian and chinese opposition. what can we syrians expect from russia russia has done nothing but destroy and displace us if it were not for the russian regime the war of russia and iran against us we would not be displaced in this carol. you even seize have been supplying lifesaving food and medicines to displaced syrians for the past 6 years and they want to keep the crossings open your energy is in general it's about 30 percent. so if. all the court's order and actions in next time. there's just certain groups then we'll go to the
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course and we know actually from. our experience with very dream in general they will not. abroad by any kind of or with an order this year. it labor ported its 1st corner virus infections the state aid agencies have warned of the catastrophic consequences of an operating in overcrowded camps in a province where more than 80 hospitals have been damaged in attacks since december . the dari health crisis is coupled with a crippling financial crisis which has left the syrian pound nearly worthless and cause prices in shops to so aid agencies warn that access to border crossings is critical to avoid starvation and disease for millions of syrians crank up the ultras here. south korea's former president has her has had her 32 year
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prison sentence for corruption reduced by 10 years south korea's 1st female president was impeached 3 years ago following widespread protests and convicted of bribery embezzlement and abuse of part. health workers and warning of a major crisis because of a sudden increase in corona virus infections a rehabilitation facility as reported a cluster of around $250.00 cases that's 10 percent of all confirmed infections the centers locked down in contract contact tracing on the way after an employee left to go on the. england may see an influx of international passenger arrivals with people traveling from 59 countries no longer needing to go into quarantine 2 weeks of compulsory self isolation has been scrapped people from countries considered reduced risk including spain italy astray and japan the u.s. is not on the list but scotland says it will still current in passages from places with a high number of infections including space. australia is harvin the number of citizens
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allowed to arrive from overseas since march only citizens and permanent residents have been allowed in prime minister scott morrison says the decision follows a surge of coronavirus cases in the state of a tory. at a time when victoria was able to take flights again then obviously the challenges to the system presently posed by the outbreak in victoria would have subsided and that then of course would mean that would be less pressure on the system nationally so until that is under. under control or even beyond that has been under control and the tories are able to take up that as does flights again then we'll be in a restricted to pasadena for the forseeable future from sydney mcconaughey has the details of the announcement. from monday the prime minister scott morrison said that only 4000 citizens or permanent residents will be allowed to return to the
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country every week that is essentially cutting the intake figures by hoffa in terms of when that cap can be lifted the prime minister says that will only happen when the corona virus outbreak in the city of melbourne is contained in right now of course there are $5000000.00 people under possible lockdown in the city and surrounding some regional surrounding areas they're on the allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons and on thursday we saw another record day of infection cases so it doesn't look good for those returning travelers there was another $288.00 people testing positive for corona virus in the city of melbourne and as scott morrison says that all of the strategy is resources in this area needs to be going to fighting that outbreak of course he's a trying to stop it spreading to other parts of the country so there is
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a huge contingent of federal police and straley and defense force personnel along the borders to make sure people want crossing into different areas another aspect of this announcement by the prime minister is that now anyone returning from overseas will have to pay for the mandatory 14 days of hotel quarantine that they need to take. as protesters continue to demand police reform across the united states in the wake of george floyd's killing ethics experts argue police whistleblowers need greater protection in the city of denver and internal affairs investigators says she's paying the price for speaking up against police misconduct . did you castro has a story. survey once video from march of last year shows a police officer punching an inmate in a wheelchair the man allegedly spit on the officer in the end the day your response should be a strike when you're dealing with in
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a way that is handcuffed it was leg ironed who was elderly that was just released from the hospital and was in a wheelchair brittany erie art was a special agent with the u.s. state department for nearly a decade now she works for the city of denver where she investigates police misconduct. strike. you have to say. how do you know. i do my to say i'm not sure what area it's office the public integrity division recommended the denver sheriff's department terminate the officer for lying but that didn't happen instead city leaders rejected the findings and let the officer keep his job i was in disbelief and i think everybody else that was involved in the case was in disbelief because you know they have video evidence you can't refute that video evans says she complained to her boss but nothing happened then she went to the press i mean this
4:46 pm
is who i am and when i say something wrong i say something soon after she was put on administrative leave a spokeswoman for the denver department of public safety says airier is under investigation for sharing confidential information and the department stands by its police discipline process protesters across the country have called for a change to the good old boys culture of american policing in which a whistle blowing is discouraged and loyalty is demanded they say the recent killing of george floyd only makes obvious the harm in allowing officers with abusive track records to return to the streets it's a code of silence today the idea that. law enforcement officers should keep concerns about illegality of the actions of their fellow officers. in-house and not let that be discussed outside of law enforcement agents and
4:47 pm
frankly even within the law enforcement experts say for reform to be meaningful it must reach the top of law enforcement leadership not like in denver where area arts civilian office was created just a year and a half ago to take internal investigations out of police hands ultimately though police brass still heavily influences discipline decisions well we actually have it completely civilianized. review process and investigatory process we're never going to actually have any type of oversight or transparency in this process eerier it says she fears she'll be fired and others in her office may be cal into silence all the more reason she says to speak up hi joe castro al-jazeera. well just as investigative unit has uncovered hundreds of pages on facebook used by white supremacists to promote racist views with violent song lyrics facebook is facing a boycott from major advertisers who want social media site to be tougher on rice's
4:48 pm
content so simon bozeman reports. in 2019 facebook made a public commitment to stop white supremacist content on its platform but out as 0 investigative unit has discovered that this content is still online and just a view clicks away. out to 0 as investigation uncovered more than $100.00 pages belonging to black metal music bands record labels and promote all affiliated to white supremacists and using facebook to spread their ideology one band mixed the muslim call to prayer with gunshots.
4:49 pm
facebook claims to find nearly 90 percent of the hate speech before it's reported but out is 0 discovered pate is containing racist content that have existed for years. white supremacists always used extreme music about the hardcore punk or in this case black metal as a recruitment opportunity for them social media has completely changed the way in which people come into contact with far right use and far right materials in this case far right music. facebook's algorithm tailors your search results to your
4:50 pm
interests if you land on pages that contain anti semitic imagery nazi symbols or black face then facebook will direct you to more pages with similar content. following the black lives matter protests in the united states some of the biggest brands in the world have begun boycotting the site urging it to crack down hard on hate speach. in response to our investigation facebook told al-jazeera unfortunately the 0 tolerance doesn't mean 0 incidents and added we have removed 3 pages for breaking our rules and are reviewing the remaining 2 against our policies . facebook wants to be seen as a tech company promoting free expression but there are growing calls for it to place its content in a similar way to media organizations so i'm a bozeman al-jazeera. so head on al-jazeera insupportable champion sprinter who
4:51 pm
accidentally took a short cut during his latest race. business leaders was forced to by no brass pot.
4:52 pm
business leaders just want to find a brass pot. the all. world. son of a sport has andy thank you so much kamala europe's top football teams now know their roots the champions league glory the draws been made for many tournament of knockout games to be hosted by portugal the line up for the 8 same event not quite finalized with some last 16 tie still to be completed in the confirmed quarterfinal see french champions perry sandman taking on at i'll answer and i'll be live sick playing athletico madrid the tournament will kick off in lisbon on aug 12th.
4:53 pm
even. mention this is our in my opinion it's means a lot also for portions of it means a lot also probably and i hope we can means also for the portuguese clubs where you can motivate them to invest in the right way sporty from the economically of course well into my own look set to qualify for next season's champions league despite dropping more points in italy syria on thursday into conceding a late equaliser against alice verona as this game finished a draw in so far in the 4th and final champions league qualifying spots they do have a 14 points advantage over 5th in the table aroma. montreal impact head coach jerry and rejoin players in taking in may as north america's major league soccer soccer competition continued its comeback all games being played inside a quarantine bubble at the disney world resort in florida but on thursday nashville became the 2nd seeing as a pull out of the tournament due to
4:54 pm
a high number of their players testing positive for corona virus montreal beats n one nil by the new england revolution in this game. of the n.b.a.'s to restart its league in the same location some players heading to florida taking precautionary measures so the next level philadelphia $76.00 a star joel embiid bring a full protective suit before boarding a plane heading to orlando and b. has been vocal about the n.b.a.'s restart plan saying he hates the idea and didn't think the competition's corn scene bubble will be safe enough some players have already arrived the utah jazz were on court including the n.b.a.'s patient 0 really go where it was his positive test that shut down the league back in march games set to begin later this month the final scheduled to take place in outside but now 3 goals players who tested positive for corona virus were groups together in a p.g.a. tournament in our heigho nick watney the 1st player in that sort of test positive played alongside dillon for sally and then he mccarthy all 3 players have continued
4:55 pm
to return positive tests but have still been given the all clear supply but it's 10 days from the 1st symptoms or a positive test and that's pretty much the full cycle of the virus if you don't have any symptoms on day 10 and you're perfectly healthy and you're not showing any decline in conditions then you're free to go back to work so. now we're going to is it the 2022 world cup in qatar have teamed up with its holland club roma to keep fans in gauge during the coronavirus pandemic life coaching sessions with interviews install players are being streamed online roma are also involved in the world cup generation amazing project that's helping to develop top level facilities and coaching in deprived regions try to asia africa and south america. it's roma but you know obviously this is an amazing brand that it's a very long and old you know one of the you know the biggest clubs and in europe so that's from us it's an advantage to be associated with that with with
4:56 pm
a strong and we hosted 2 amazing young very talented players both from the female team and the male team as well we had emily thirst. a couple weeks ago talking about you know gender equality through football and the challenges that she overcame and that she continues to face and the opportunities that lie ahead as well so she kind of motivated the lot of young that he girls and an avid girls and all the girls that you know joined us through the social media platforms the situation whether it's you know football games with no fines etc you know this is something this is sort of been your normal that we all sort of cut to add up to you know the more agile you are in the more the more flexible you are the better it is to reach your audience one of the best things that we for about generation amazing was to go into areas into regions where you know we're not playing we don't play in those countries it's very difficult to even go their own souls in some
4:57 pm
a. bus you know through a policy like this you know we can go into places in qatar in lebanon in the whole you know hopefully palestine or someplace and reach people. and world champion sprinter noah lyles has discovered no shortcuts can be taken when organizing life sports at the moments the american was taking on rivals in at c. 100 meter race with all the competitors running at different tracks around the world liles briefly thought he'd broken you sign bolts world record with an astonishing time of 18.90 seconds i was in salons realized he'd mistakenly started in the wrong lane and he had in fact on the run 185 meters. still pretty quick there are plenty more sports the other day that is it for now thank you for that big. lead from a campaign office news hour but i will be back in just a moment with more on the day's to stay with us.
4:58 pm
join our global community to call the crisis is just slapped is the phrase the blessing upon my sin upon my soul human health equals global health keeping you up to date as was the voice situation where we have a human rights prices that persist beyond the health crisis. questions is a dialogue just nothing we are now approaching a crossroads this is an opportunity that we must mark nice the stream on al-jazeera . performed weeks america in goal didn't protest every day all over the u.s. even as the country faces the continued threat of a deadly pandemic. and it morphed into a movement calling for police reforms sometimes it was violent. but mostly it was
4:59 pm
peaceful we asked people to describe what america is now feeling i think people want change. and it's going to by willing to do whatever it takes to get there on friday billions of people in america are expected to celebrate what's called june 13th and an official holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the united states this year in the wake of the nationwide protests there is a growing number of calls to make it an official federal holiday. as people see it as a great opportunity to take to the streets to continue to let their message be heard . an image can change the way we see the wound if we had not seen this week we'll be talking about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created this moment for a photo opportunity that can obscure the truth this is a legitimate news story but this play and the talking points are pretty intense and
5:00 pm
it can forge narratives all right through the listening post gives you the full picture on a jersey. a turkish court ruling that paves the way to convert stumbles iconic closer fear back into a mosque. long convert al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.n. security council votes on whether to reauthorize aid from turkey to syria the situation remains diantha millions of displaced syrians. i mean that's just who i am and when i see something wrong i'd say something speaking up against misconduct rita.


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