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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 192  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2020 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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valence video from march of last year shows a police officer punching an inmate in a wheelchair the man allegedly spit on the officer in the end the day your response should be a strike when you're dealing with. it is handcuffed it was leg ironed who was elderly that was just released from the hospital and was in a wheelchair brittany eery art was a special agent with the u.s. state department for nearly a decade now she works for the city of denver where she investigates police misconduct. strike. you have to say. how do you know. i do my head and say i'm not sure what area it's office the public integrity division recommended the denver sheriff's department terminate the officer for lying but that didn't happen instead city leaders rejected the findings and let the officer keep his job i was in disbelief and i think everybody else that was involved in the case was in disbelief because
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you know we have video evidence you can't refute that video evans says she complained to her boss but nothing happened then she went to the press i mean this is who i am and when i say something wrong i say something soon after she was put on administrative leave a spokeswoman for the denver department of public safety says area is under investigation for sharing confidential information and the department stands by its police discipline process protesters across the country have called for a change to the good old boys culture of american policing in which a whistle blowing is discouraged and loyalty is demanded they say the recent killing of george floyd only makes obvious the harm in allowing officers with abusive track records to return to the streets it's a code of silence today the idea that. law enforcement officers.
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concerns about the illegality of the actions of their fellow officers. in the house and not let that be discussed outside of law enforcement and frankly even within the law enforcement experts say for reform to be meaningful it must reach the top of law enforcement leadership not like in denver where area arts civilian office was created just a year and a half ago to take internal investigations out of police hands ultimately though police brass still heavily influences discipline decisions well we actually have it completely civilianized review process and investigatory process we're never going to actually have any type of oversight or transparency in this process heriot says she fears she'll be fired and others in her office may be cowed into silence all the more reason she says to speak up hi joe castro al jazeera. now infection
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control measures have led to lengthy delays at polling stations in singapore even prompting officials to extend voting hours in the general election prime minister nice and long as he is expected to hold on to power the election is just weeks off the singapore actually emerged from its 2 months of lockdown. australia is having the number of citizens allowed to arrive from overseas since march and the citizens and permanent residents have been allowed and will come back to that story in a moment i want to go to the united nations just now or at least a virtual meeting of the united nations security council this is on the issue although a delivery to syria over the draft resolution submitted by belgium and germany. the voting procedure for the draft resolution was launched on july 9th 2020 and concluded today on july 10th in accordance with the special written procedure by council members set out in the letter from the president of the security council 27
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march 2020 that's left 2022 hypes 3 the result of the voting is as follows 13 votes in favor to vote against no extension. the draft resolution has not been adopted owing to the negative vote of 2 permanent members of the council the meeting at the dirt. well that was. a not entirely sure what happened there but it seems that that meeting was adjourned abruptly after the resolution was not a james bays that diplomatic editor. in new york can you explain what does have a miss. yeah very bad news for people
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who rely on humanitarian aid in syria potentially because there is no authorization in place in a few hours time because the existing authorization voted on the end of last year which was only for 6 months is about to expire the un security council has been haggling for days about trying to get a new authorization now what we used to have from 2014 till the end of last year is the security council allowing for border checkpoints to be used to bring aid into syria the russians use their veto at the end of last year reduce that from $4.00 to $2.00 border checkpoints that only 2 border checkpoints should be used and they vetoed the renewal of 4 so this time around most of the security council want to keep those 2 existing border checkpoints in place russia though is now trying to reduce it to just one border checkpoint and we've seen
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a succession of different resolutions trying to come up with something that everyone could agree on until this point now we've already had 31 by belgium and germany for the 2 border checkpoints russia and china use their veto then then russia came up with an amendment that didn't even pass there weren't even 9 votes to give it a majority and there was another resolution by russia that didn't pass either and now we've had the latest version of a compromise by belgium and germany this was the resolution this was still for 2 border checkpoints but only for 6 months or 12 months so if the russians didn't like it they could come back to it again in 6 months time but you've seen with those 2 votes against 2 votes by permanent members they were named but they are russia and china we've seen the veto being used again at the u.n. security council in terms of russia this is the 16th time on issue really. to syria
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that they have used their veto power so we have a very difficult situation you could see i think by the how short the meeting was the frustration of christe of hoskin who is the current president of the security council he's the german ambassador used to be still is but what used to be the closest foreign policy adviser to angular merkel that was his previous job and he's very frustrated at the situation because when your opponent member of the security council your real power is not getting things done it's getting things not done blocking things and that is the ultimate power you have the power of veto to veto things and russia and china are repeatedly vetoing anything that is more than one checkpoint into syria this is very important because let me just give you the u.n. figures in april and may come all some 3200000 people according to the u.n. were supported by the un's operations and all of those 1300000 people were
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supported through operations coming in from these 2 border crossings from turkey so if you're going to have one border crossing that is going to be significant as it stands the existing authorization runs out in a matter of hours you may have no border crossings at all so all those $1300000.00 people after nearly a decade of the war in syria they have suffered so much they may not get the medicine the food the other supplies and humanitarian needs that are brought in every single day by the united nations this is very very serious the latest i'm hearing from diplomats is the possibility that the security council might meeting close session in about 20 minutes time at the top of the hour to try and see if it can hash out some sort of compromise i have to say though russia how they used its veto backed by china has come up with another resolution it wants to put forward again. saying one border checkpoint now when it comes to the rest of the security
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council is stuck to this position backing to border checkpoints but when you come to the choice of 2 border checkpoints one border checkpoint another to get past or no border checkpoint some of those who have stuck for too might decide to back the russian draft for one very difficult times and i'm not necessarily saying to kemal i think this will get sorted before the end of friday here in new york it may well be the security council still discussing this on saturday in new york which would mean that any border delivery of humanitarian aid early saturday in syria would happen ok james bases that diplomatic editor. in new york thank you for that james. reporting there on a particularly short meeting of the security council as you said vetoed by 2 nations and russia and china well just to back up what james was saying the 1st
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thing he said in his out that there was that this is very serious for the people in syria we have the support from priyanka gupta just gives you a really good idea of exactly what people are facing there. from these makeshift shelters in italy provinces bear witness to the staggering human cost of syria's war now in its 10 pm. children who weren't born when the fighting began live with their families in one of the many counts for those displaced not once but many times the adults are mostly out of work. nearly 3000000 syrians in the last rebel controlled on cleave in the northwest depend on aid to survive they are anxious about russia's efforts of the un security council to limit vital cross border liveries. the russian efforts to close the crossing is very very harmful for us this is not of any benefit to us it will prevent humanitarian aid we are living by that and we fight over it without it nothing will work we will die of hunger.
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supplies of united nations humanitarian aid from turkey to northwest syria is already restricted to 2 crossings russia wants to cut access to just one relief supplies from iraq in jordan have stopped since january because of russian and chinese opposition. what can we syrians expect from russia russia has done nothing but destroying displace us if it were not for the russian regime the war of russia and iran against us we would not be displaced in this carol. doing it in seas have been supplying lifesaving food and medicines to displaced syrians for the past 6 years and they want to keep the crossings open your energy is in general it's about 30 percent. so if. all the court's order and actions in next time. now start this year extend we'll go
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to the course and we know actually from. our experience with very dim in general they will not. abroad by any kind of or with the northwest syria. if labor put it its 1st corner virus infections those state aid agencies have warned of the catastrophic consequences of an operation in overcrowded camps in a province where more than 80 hospitals have been damaged in attacks since december . the dowry health crisis is coupled with a crippling financial crisis which has left the syrian pound nearly worthless and cause prices in shops to so aid agencies warn that access to border crossings is critical to avoid starvation and disease for millions of syrians crank up the al-jazeera. just back trailing a story australia harboring the number of citizens allowed to arrive from overseas
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since march only citizens and permanent residents have been allowed in promised scott morrison says the decision follows a surge of coronavirus cases in the state of victoria. at a time when victoria was able to take flights again then obviously the challenges to the system presently caused by the outbreak in victoria would have subsided and that then of course would mean that they be less pressure on the system nationally so until that is under. under control or even beyond that has been under control in victoria ziba to take up that as does flights again then will be in a restricted to pass city for the forseeable future. they make a gauge chads that more details on that announcement. from monday the prime minister scott morrison said that only 4000 citizens or permanent residents will be allowed to return to the country every week that is essentially cutting the intake
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figures by hoff's in terms of when that cap can be lifted the prime minister says that will only happen when the corona virus outbreak in the city of melbourne is 10 times and right now of course there are thought of 1000000 people under possible lockdown in the city and surrounding some regional surrounding areas they're on the allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons and on thursday we saw another record day of infection cases so it doesn't look good for those returning travellers there was another $288.00 people testing positive for corona virus in the city of melbourne and scott morrison says that all of the strategy is resources in this area needs to be going to fighting that outbreak of course fees are trying to stop it spreading to other parts of the country so there is a huge contingent of federal police and strongly and defense force personnel along
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the borders to make sure people want crossing into different areas another aspect of this announcement by the prime minister is that now anyone returning from overseas will have to pay for the mandatory $14.00 days of hotel quarantine that they need to take a team from the world health organization is due to make its 3rd trip to china to investigate the origin of the corona virus outbreak in 6 months since the 1st infections were documented by the agency as katrina you reports from beijing doctors there are now busy treating patients in new cost. in this laboratory in beijing scientists are racing to develop a vaccine to end the pandemic in china and around the world but about 6 months since the virus 1st spread from the city of on this team warns that a vaccine is at least a year away. in the past we started. know
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we're doing step a.b. cd at the same time developing a vaccine in a few months is impossible we have to wait at least until next year for market use that's a best case scenario china's government supports about 20 labs like this one chinese leaders are working to curb the recent resurgence in infections in a province in the capital beijing. the government says more than 11000000 people have been tested since the beginning of june more than 300 factions have been confirmed in the capital in recent weeks the latest outbreak in func thai district is linked to the biggest wholesale food market in the capital there have been new local transmissions in recent days that residents remain worried. how the break started what is the origin of the virus and how the outbreak happened recently in beijing most the residents live in fear because they don't know the real story overall health organization team is jews who arrive in china this weekend to
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investigate the origin of the outbreak the 3rd trip to the country this year the agency was reportedly frustrated by the chinese government's lack of communication with the epidemic 1st came to light china's leaders denied any cover up and are unlikely to take responsibility for the spread of the pandemic instead $2000000000.00 has been precious to the w.h.o. and china is also pouring millions to so-called mobs to put. china was solved as a virus problem was money china is happy to use this economic tool rather than taking the responsibility for the pedometer in beijing large scale gatherings and classes have been indefinitely postponed for everyone living here to return to normality is far from straightforward and the fear of infection remains a part of everyday life katrina new al-jazeera beijing. all schools in
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hong kong are being closed to stem the daily increase in coded 19 infections 42 new cases were reported on thursday the majority of them locally transmitted in the schools haven't shopped since february because of the outbreak. now 2 more latin american politicians have been infected with covert 19 bolivia's interim president in the 9 years was diagnosed she's now in quarantine the head of venezuela's national constituent assembly the belo also tested positive earlier this week of course brazil's president went into isolation after he was confirmed to have been infected some changes in england they might be seeing an influx of international passenger arrivals in fact with people traveling from 59 countries no longer needing to go into court and seen 2 weeks of compulsory self isolations been scrapped for people from countries considered reduced risk that includes spain italy australia and japan united states not on that list scotland says it'll still
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cornton passengers from places with high numbers of infections but under their guidelines that includes spain or a challenge has more from london city airport. at the moment this is pretty small fry really they're saying that it's encouraging that flights are on again but saying it's it's small steps the flights that are coming in are all be a city flyer flights are coming from. in spain from pommy york or in spain from my beater in spain or from florence in italy as the days go on they're expecting to add more flights to that but they're still saying that you know 5 to 10 percent of normal capacity they're not expecting to be up to 100 percent certainly by the end of the year i think bigger airports heathrow gatwick cetera might be up and running at something like full capacity quicker than that but this is still early days here i mean let's look back at the way this is all
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transpired the british government didn't impose quarantine on people coming in from other countries until a month ago now when they did that there was a huge outcry of protest from the travel industry and from m.p.'s within the conservative party who said that this was a city thing to do this late in the game. essentially at that point when the corn scene was introduced the people of the countries that the u.k. was saying had to have people coming from those had to be quarantined in many cases had lower levels of coronavirus than the u.k. itself so it was something considered something of a back track when the government announced a week ago that it was going to be lifting those quarantine measures. now opposition supporters in mali have attacked the prime minister's office as calls for the president for the president's resignation intensify thousands rallied at
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independence square in bamako denouncing president abraham boubacar keita the rally turned into chaos after protesters tried to occupy the national assembly and state television the opposition coalition led by the influential cryer mahmoud decode has rejected major reforms introduced by the president is blamed for failing to contain mali's economic challenges and the surge in violence by groups it sounds like a volatile situation and nicolas hark is following it for us from neighboring senegal bring us up to date nicholas. kemal i mean as you mentioned in your intro we've seen a crowd swell really take position in places that are seen as strategic in the capital bamako so they tried to cut off the television national television channel signal earlier just moments ago simultaneously
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a crowd throwing stones at the national assembly with protesters saying that that parliament no longer represents the people as well as people attacking the prime minister's office now these are unprecedented protests in bamako we haven't seen scenes like this in recent times and this comes just days after president bush came on national television addressing the protesters directly saying that he's willing to dialogue he's willing to start a unity government as well as dissolve the judges that are part of the constitutional court that validated the result of the parliamentary elections that took place just months ago and protestors accuse the president of cheating during that parliamentary election where he his party won the majority of the of the votes but the protesters want is to strip the powers of. this
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coalition of protesters that is led like you mentioned by the influential corey. there's also politicians from the opposition trade union activists all saying that pretty much the same thing they want they want to see the president removed and they want to see a government that represent them and balance the feeling of these protesters they won't let down until that happens and we've seen them holding up. signs saying president. needs to go and as we speak we're hearing reports that the internet is being slowed down and that. we have even more protesters now going to the prime minister's office at the national television channel so the protests continue to go on. with the latest on the situation in mali thank you. report which nicholas fall little bit earlier on ivory coast where people have paid
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tribute to their prime minister who died during a cabinet meeting on wednesday many fear. death could create political instability . a sense of uncertainty of what is to come the front pages of newspapers reflecting the mood of a country in shock a cruel loss reached this front page prime minister coulibaly leaving the stage headlines another so it's a shock for all ivorians africa has lost one of its best and it's all of africa vets and morning said. it's the nation that has lost a loyal some as they continue by saying that he wasn't a good place for the upcoming presidential elections now the ruling party will be in turmoil the 61 year old was president alison want to rise chosen successor for october's presidential election i'm going to go on coulibaly suffered a heart attack and collapsed during a cabinet meeting on wednesday with his death becomes
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a political vacuum with many to take his place and become the ruling party's candidate in a closed door meeting party leaders met scrambling for a solution while the president's spokesman but in defense minister. are among the favorites the 81 year old ouattara could be asked to run for a 3rd term. dumb of course and the loss of body is like starting all over again but we have to stay strong and leave strong we are very devastated because ahmed who was a man of honor he died in the line of duty so we must be like him and stand strong because there is also the sense of responsibility that requires us to make thousands of ivorians count on president assad or daughter ouattara has until july 28th to decide whether to be a candidate his opponents including former president going on b.j. also a candidate to the presidency accuses want to of failing to address political grievances that led to the 2011 civil war when former president laurent gbagbo refused to
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concede defeat 3000 people died and tens of thousands were displaced as politicians fought for power. is fueling a sense of instability months before a much anticipated election which is now getting many ivorians worried nicholas hawk al jazeera all right stick around here on al-jazeera we are back with the news hour in just a couple of minutes time. on
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countering the cost of war games in the south china sea washington sends an aircraft carrier as beijing flexes its military and economic muscle by jury gets
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ready to export gas as big oil prepares for a post covert world plus global remittances plus counting the cost on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter when you call. the news and current affairs that matter to you. this is al jazeera. 1800 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm kemal santa maria and this is the news hour and extension of deliveries that millions in syria depend on is vetoed at the u.n. security council. also in the news from museum to moscow a turkish court reverses the status of istanbul's. allowing the president to
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announce a return of muslim worship. song from al-jazeera.


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