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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world is another matter when you call we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. than. this is al-jazeera. 1800 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm kemal santa maria and this is the news hour and extension of deliveries that millions in syria depend on is vetoed at the u.n. security council. also in the news from museum to moscow a turkish court reverses the status of his stumbles i fear allowing the president to announce a return of muslim worship. from al-jazeera as a 101 east program are questioned by malaysian police over
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a documentary about the treatment of migrants. and the dutch government to file legal action against russia over the downing of a passenger jet in east new crane 6 years ago. and i'm proud of how much and i have all the sporting kidding red bulls mats there step in with quickest in practice the head of sunday's formula one clown in austria. so in the last half hour or so a u.n. security council vote to extend humanitarian aid into syria has failed to pass it was vetoed by russia and china although the remaining 13 council member states voted in favor aid agencies have warned the decision could lead to die of consequences for millions of displaced syrians u.n. said many of those who've been living in the northwest highly depend on it in fact
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describing it as a lifeline a diplomatic editor at the united nations is james bass james we were on air for this it was one of those virtual security council meetings and it was probably the shortest i have ever seen all done in 30 seconds. very very short and very very clear you would think a security council meeting where the 15 members vote and it's 13 to 2 that's a clear majority not at the u.n. security council if those 2 are permanent members because they were russia and china they vetoed the latest version of a resolution to extend a into syria through syria's borders now the background to this is they used to be authorized by the u.n. security council for borders to bring in a at the end of last year russia cast a veto on the on extending those 4 borders and in the end the rest of the security council had to agree to only 2 borders to bring in the
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a 6 months on and the same thing is really happening russia has cast a veto backed by china in fact this is the 4th vote this week as they try to come up with some new formulation that everyone can support and it means that if nothing is agreed by the end of friday that whether whether we're talking about 2 border crossings or one border crossing they'll be for a time no border crossing because the existing authorization runs out at the end of friday that is as far as the existing resolution goes. reaction is coming into the situation 1st from the 2 countries on the security council who came up with this latest version of the resolution they are belgium in germany once again the co-parent holders that's belgian in germany presented a compromise proposal purely based on objective humanitarian needs on the ground this proposal has overwhelming support from council members over russia and china chose to veto this purely humanitarian approach not very critical you might think
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of russia and china that's because they're trying to negotiate all of them behind closed doors to come up with a way forward so they don't want to. pour fuel on the fire if you want to hear a critical comment listen to what he when rights watch said lou sharpeners the u.n. direct. russia and china cynically vetoed renewal of the u.n. cross border a man they politicized humanitarian aid in syria like they accuse others of doing elsewhere it could be a virtual death sentence for many millions of syrians i think we know the russian position very clearly they want just one border crossing and they stress that it's the sovereignty of the syrian government which is the government of bashar al assad and most of the aid should come through damascus rather than from syria's external borders what's china's position well i have got a statement from john june who is the chinese ambassador in the last few minutes he's telling us that years of illegal sanctions of wrecked havoc on syria's
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economic and social development exacerbated the humanitarian crisis and we can syria's capacity to respond to code 19 serious threats in this resolution they would like some sanctions relief for the assad regime and that's one thing that will make them potentially change their position is there a formula that can can bridge these difficult divides as i say the security council is meeting as we speak in closed session but the clock is ticking time is running out well that's what i wanted to ask you about when a mandate like this expires and as you said it's the end of friday and there is no extension is that it the board has just closed and everything grants to hold. yeah there's never a clear when they're talking about because clearly the u.n. security council is here in new york but its mandate is global but effectively i asked put this to the un secretary-general spokes person in his
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briefing couple of hours ago and he said well it ends at the end of friday and that means by the time people wake up in syria on saturday morning if there is no extension then they can be no a deliveries until the security council acts and the added complication to this commercial is because of covert 19 as you saw the u.n. security council meets as a grand video conference call with all the ambassadors appearing on a grid screen well they also have different procedures for voting the old way is around a table there around the horseshoe table here in the u.n. headquarters not very far from where i am now but that's completely empty and they've got a provoking procedure but it's quite complex and what they do is they all submit letters and there's a window for voting which is 24 hours for them to submit their letters so even if they come up with a compromise i cannot see now a way unless they all agree to shorten the voting procedure it is only
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a temporary procedure during the code 19 restrictions but it if they stick to that 24 hour voting procedure then it's clear there will be no humanitarian aid for a large part of saturday delivered not just by the u.n. but by all its partners and worth reminding you the u.n. figures for 4 april and may say that the u.n. supported 1300000 people from its cross border operations bringing any aid in from turkey into syria and of course the other factor in this is that that's mainly to it glib it's mainly to people in opposition controlled areas and that's why you can see the accusation this is all very political ok thank you for all of that information james bays our diplomatic editor at the u.n. . meanwhile the world health organization's regional director for europe is visiting an area along the turkish border with syria but the hans collusion is
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overseeing the delivery of essential medicine and supplies to the civilians in northwest syria earlier he met turkish health officials to discuss the impact of coronavirus the 1st case of the outbreak was confirmed in the region on thursday on to other news on a ruling in turkey that will have significant cultural and diplomatic implications it surrounds this building the ideas of theory 1500 year old unesco world heritage site in istanbul which for more than 85 years has officially been a museum but a few hours ago turkish court changed all of that in old the 934 degree to decree i'm sorry that turned it from a mosque into a museum and then almost immediately the turkish president egypt typo and signed a new decree allowing muslim worship to resume there the idea severe is important in both islam and orthodox christianity it was a church for nearly a 1000 years before becoming a mosque so here's our team across the story john psaropoulos in athens more
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reaction from there because there's been a lot of opposition to this from greece but 1st simcoe seal you in a stand bull still so many people out there it underlines what a popular place it is for people to visit how is this going to change now. well come on this place is fair for pool for both domestic tourists and for foreign tourists coming over as it is a museum but for the turks of course it's has a different meaning because turks have been awaiting for to reopen the place for worship for the last 8 to 5 fierce that's why as the state council and mounts the decision to reopen the place to reopen i also feel dozens of people came together and as as evening came there are more and more people coming here with their families they're chanting they are celebrating that i also feel is now back again
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a mosque another museum so everywhere they will be able to fray here and present our lawn is actually having a televised nation rights speech and it's still on the way out but he and now says on july 24 i also feel will open its doors for the 1st worship 1st prayer for the most them in turkey he also announced that in the status is change from mission to most but it is going to be open for everyone and the fee for entrance the ticket fee is lifted so that whoever wants to visit inside iowa sophia they are free they will be free to go inside visit or if they want to worship they can do their prayers like it is and blue mosque blue mosque in the same area just a poor say a sofa and a couple of days ago to accuse for a sensual spokesperson to prime cullen actually said that it is the same with the notre dame cathedral in paris so it is the same format he said but of course this
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spicy a public support and that's a positive reactions to the decision there are international reactions strong will mention the reactions from greece we have real reactions from russia they are actually more the right. sions are more reserved they said they are upset about that the situation and then we heard about some member of the foreign relations committee that turkish politicians have promised them that the christians will be allowed to vote of course as for prisons are done everybody's allowed but what is different is that muslims are able to pray inside again but he emphasized that this is turkish territory this is this the situation is a nationalist over and it's a decision so turkey is an independent country as they took of the situation to turn it to a museum back in 1934 they are free to change a decision through a presidential decree or a cabinet there if it was the parliamentary system as before so he says no one can
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interfere with this this is our decision and we will be of course they they have promised that they the architecture everything is going to be preserved but there will be some preparations to make the place ready for july 24th prayer but one thing that are done on the line was important is since they the state council and also the sedition there were dozens of people here chanting saying all law is fair you know as if it's they are risking truth came from by isn't seen as something so this was interesting and he said i urge my citizens not to go there create crowds not to take make show off or take pictures or try to get inside the museum because we will all have to prepare it for everyone. until july 24th the patient and by then you can go and visit so he actually wanted to. 6 a bring down a cold on
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the people who have been here as i said you know as if it's and he mentioned that this is this is a legal issue this is not a debate of belief systems or religions he also on the line that during his speech and for now. everybody's going to wait for it the 1st spray of that is going to be happening on july 24th come up. with that update from outside the in stone bowl scene in talked about international reaction that's get some of that with john psaropoulos in athens not just reaction but maybe a bit of context reviews about why the greeks have opposed this in the 1st place. well the official reaction so far has come from the greek culture minister. who is calling it a bare faced challenge to the entire civilized world which recognizes the unique value and universal nature of the monument and she went further she said that it's clear from this decision by the turkish courts that turkish justice is not
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independent but follows the whims of president to one and she said the nationalism displayed by present day one is a poor councillor and takes his country 6 centuries back obviously this is being seen in greece as a very political move not only does it muddy the waters of the already difficult greek turkish relationship complicated by disagreements of the aegean and of a maritime jurisdiction's in the eastern mediterranean but it also now introduces a historical element there are 2 buildings in the world of enormous emblematic importance to the greeks one stands behind me here the acropolis in athens stating 25 centuries back the other is the 15 century old a year sophia which symbolizes the. last empire the greeks. hold to have borne their stamp which is the them part of by century in the eastern
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roman empire that capital city of constantinople was lost to a turkish invasion in 1453 and a yes a few was then used as a mosque it was converted during the secular reforms of camel acid and 19 in the 1930 s. and the greeks were happy for that to stand they were happy to for that to be considered a secular monument they even actually advocated for the removal of very large medallions with quotations from the koran in order. for the church to appear more or less as it had done for 1200 years during the byzantine empire which never happened and now of course that monument is being reverted to islam and clearly there's going to be for the reaction from the greek government on this because it's a deeply emotional issue for the greeks it is both political and cultural and
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historic so contentious isn't it thank you for that that context that jumps out of us in athens where a quarter past this news hour here's a look at what's coming up the top infectious disease expert in the u.s. says he hasn't briefed president trump in 2 months he's going to sudan's pass a law which now makes female genital mutilation a crime we'll have reaction from the campaign ads and in sports some n.b.a. players are heading to florida for the restart and they're taking safety precautions to the next level. when i go back to our breaking news our top story the u.n. security council vote which was to extend humanitarian aid into syria but which has failed to pass we've got a lead she with us now from the syrian american medical society he is in fresno
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california thanks for your time today james bays our political diplomatic editor was talking to us earlier on the the phrase he kept coming back to was how this has been politicized this should just be about what's right for people and about humanitarian issues shouldn't. absolutely i think hard you know charity to reach out to your audience unfortunately we are seeing that you need to needs of the people inside syria are being politicized by presenting not so comprehensive solutions to the u.s. for the council and we've seen the russia of the 2 unfortunate because eventually to the collapse of the major operation if it is adopted so there should be a strong position internationally national community support. you need to know operation is that syria all syria that's all we've heard of critical conflict at the our what you write so what happens now to we just looking at pictures aerial pictures of these camps for displaced people what happens to them i mean does this
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mean the border is shelter and they just simply don't know where their next meal or where water comes from. so just to summarize the situation right now and i guess you're not exempt from ne now there's a large percentage. there's a large percentage of commuter operation that's being done under a u.n. operation the u.n. umbrella not only provide resources were the major operation northwest but also provide legal ground and monitoring mechanism to assure the transparency of the operation and eyes when the from any. on groups or any critical sites at this time removing that u.n. umbrella from the major operation will compromise the safety and the ability of the . teams to reach out to the people and that extent in you are from more than 2000000 people who will not be able to find their meal on the 2nd did that start to
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more than 1000000 children will have no schools to look to because the operation is not on that and there's no crease of operation there so the movement being done and good shoes are very dangerous we've seen something comparable few months ago we are the northeast operation when you are would be a corridor west laws remit in operation and the operation was transformed crossed life from damascus we've seen how significant the drug was all the major resources and the medical supplies to the north east we've seen even thinks as simple as communication where the 1st corona case by case one document in north east was not humanly catered to the hospitals the north east until 2 weeks after that this was confirmed to be positive and efficient that's the way this is one to elaborate and that was it communicated and even w 2 could not overcome the obstacles that was put forward by the officers in the
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mask so trying to. get was going to say do you fear that syria and the humanitarian situation there are risks falling off the map in some way you mention covert 19 which is another concern there but coronaviruses kind of and it's it's been the main story for the whole world for so long and something like syria ends up almost getting forgotten. actually unfortunately it was the. nasir critic messages that the situation in syria is bitter and there's no fight all of that those messages are actually not very true people are suffering the infrastructure is this truly people are not able to earn their income or make food for themselves leave alone the medical supplies for example you know we provide the largest medical operation northwest syria more than 3 percent of it and we know that the patients are running out of medications in very short time because the
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supplies are not sufficient now you add the current of virus and probably you heard about the 1st case of iran and north west right now now we are we have to handle that situation at the same time we have to handle the parties that's the base of us who counsel and we ask people to support that you make it and workers to support the people because what we have to do is we want to for the people to be good and see and decide what they want to do under political fund that's their decision but we should not start people we should not let them become ill just because of where there are at all we're dealing that's not that's not right that's wrong. king is from the syrian american medical society thank you so much for your time thanks for the. opposition supporters in mali have attacked the prime minister's office calls for the president's resignation intensified thousands rallied at the independence square in bamako denouncing president abraham. the rally turned to chaos after
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protesters trying to occupy the national assembly and state television opposition coalition is led by the influential cleric not the dicko he has rejected major reforms introduced by the president is blamed for failing to contain mali's economic challenges and its surge in violence by armed groups. in neighboring senegal monitoring this it sounds like listed all those issues economic issues and violence from groups that this is been simmering for a while and it had to boil over at some point. that's right i mean right now what we're seeing is that these protesters have taken over the main arteries of the capital bamako with police trying to fire tear gas to try to disperse a crowd that's defiant that keeps on coming back they've taken control of the 2 main bridges of the capital they've cut off the national television channel where 2
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days ago president. came on national television saying that he wants a dialogue with protesters he's calling for a national unity government he says he's willing to fire the judges of the constitutional court that confirmed the result of a contested election the national assembly election that happened 2 months ago despite all these concessions the protesters are having none of it and now these protesters are a coalition of people whether it be people from the opposition there's also the influential cleric mahmoud eco that's part of it and also trade union activists and and their grievances ranged from teachers not being paid for months to people that have been displaced because of the ongoing violence that we're seeing in mali and others accusing the government and the president himself using state coffers for his personal gains and all of this has been boiling for some time now and so. last
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the west african body has sent in a mediation effort to try to to to to mediate this this crisis that mali is going through but to no avail and the protesters say they are determined to what they describe as a national civil disobedience movement to keep that movement going as long as possible they've called on protesters to control the entries and exits of major city. also blog entries and exits the ministries and government offices so they're saying that they're going to stay there. until their demands are met and despite saying that he doesn't want president to resign which was one of their main. arguments at the beginning of the protest what they're saying the protesters say they want all of his powers being stripped they don't want a national unity government they want that transitional government that moves away
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from giving power to work arcade they want a new national assembly they want a constitutional court that has judges that the protesters agree upon they want greater implication and a greater say in the future of mali and how it's being governed because for the moment the situation in mali is going from bad to worse half of the population is dependent on the humanitarian need we've seen the forces that are supposed to protect the population being accused by u.n. investigation of killing the civilians that are meant to protect and so for many people on the streets that you're seeing that boiling over there is this feeling of enough is enough that they have to come on the streets and literally we are probably appropriate themselves of the government institutions so we've seen just earlier the national assembly being stoned and protesters trying to set it alight
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the building being looted by protesters who have seen the national television channel also the signal being cut off and now the major arteries of the capital in the hands of protesters come all thank you for that that is nicolas on the situation in the sudan has passed a law which now makes female genital mutilation a crime the u.n. says nearly 9 out of every 10 girls in the country falls victim to what's known as s.g.m. people who performed the operation now face up to 3 years in prison and a fine. sudan's justice ministry says the practice undermines the dignity of when. police in malaysia have finished questioning a team of al jazeera journalists their one hour one east documentary on the arrests of migrants during the coronavirus lockdown is being investigated for sedition and defamation al-jazeera says journalists shouldn't be treated as criminals and denies allegations of bias and accuracy from government ministers who refuse to be
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interviewed when it smith has the full story. the broadcasting of this video of handcuffed and documented migrants being loaded into police vans in kuala lumpur seems to have hit a raw nerve with malaysia's government several officials have accused al-jazeera of trying to tarnish malaysia in which one i want to east investigates why so many foreigners are being locked up in malaysia's lockdown. on friday the police called in the one or one east production team for questioning police say they're investigating the documentary for sedition defamation and violation of the communications of multimedia law the police are expected to file their report to the attorney general. no we do not want to judge them but the attorney general's department after reviewing the documentary has determined that there were elements under the sedition act penal code and communications and
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multimedia. the documentary investigation why the coronavirus pandemic is forcing migrant workers into hiding it captured immigration raids as they unfolded in real time al-jazeera rejects allegations that the program was misleading or on a fact. as well as the summons to the police there was an extreme online reaction which consisted of threats intimidation abuse and even death threats from people on social media which was. consigning as well. team says repeated requests for interviews with government officials were declined or ignored instead they used video from media conferences given by malaysia's defense minister. going to recover. their bodies. should apologize to malaysians saying allegations of discrimination towards undocumented migrants are untrue. malaysian rights groups
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say that since the new government was elected in march it's become increasingly difficult for independent journalists to operate. in the. especially media independent. press. al-jazeera is calling on the malaysian government to withdraw its criminal investigation. bernat smith. attains lawyer waiting to hear whether they will actually be charged. or released. no conditions now what will happen is that after this process a statement to process. what we call the statements which compress. will be handed over to the attorney general. for putting such
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a. investigation is complete for the direction that maybe even but. what we call the public prosecutor's office if if the public prosecutor said fight that there is no case then the best and here but if the public prosecutor is satisfied that there is some commission of interface then they may have to the site where the charge. to further investigate the matter for put evidence and. now the netherlands is taking russia to the european court of human rights for its alleged role in shooting down a malaysian airliner well $298.00 passengers and crew were killed when the jet was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine 6 years ago a boeing triple 7 was flying over territory controlled by russian backed rebels but russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in the mood is many of the passengers but dutch and australian and both their governments hold russia responsible of
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course want to step in amsterdam explains the significance of the new case against russia. dutch foreign minister staff block has called the nec an extraordinary step but he also said it was extraordinary that a plane with 298 people on board was shot down in july 2014 basically what the government is trying to do is to support the individual lawsuits that the more than $400.00 relatives of the passengers on board of that plane have filed at the european court for human rights basically the government wants to show that they are fully behind the $298.00 victims of 17 nationalities among them $196.00 dutch it is part of a very broad and white judicial fight the netherlands is fighting at the moment to give justice to do use a people on board of that plane one of them is also
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a tribunals are currently being held here in the near amsterdam where 4 suspects are on trial 3 russian former military and one ukrainian but they are sort of a low to middle rank and the relatives of victims have always said that they really want those responsible in the higher ranks and then they're talking about moscow probably the kremlin that they also want to be them to be held responsible so this step to the european court for human rights could be an important step to have to feel fulfilled that the wish. is with us no from washington a russian policy analyst and senior fellow at the washington institute thanks for your time and it is hard to see the russians taking this seriously isn't it given the 6 years later still say we had nothing to do with it. yeah and look the russian response is not surprising of course you're seeing the russian foreign affairs
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ministry once again playing the victim and saying this incident will only worsen relations between russia and the netherlands and from the beginning everybody was biased against russia you're seeing experts in kremlin controlled press saying things like well russia may not have to abide by those decisions or many years will pass before anything happens and so forth so this is unfortunately quite predictable. you know if russia says we didn't do it have they ever actually offered up an alternative and said well we think it's another group or another state. there were there were many alternatives. a lot of information operations russians had even tried blaming ukrainians for this they were basically there was a massive just information campaign. that the russian government had undertaken because you'll turn it is in that is that the russian government is responsible has of course very serious implications i know the dutch foreign ministry and step said
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this in her report as well but they stressed the importance to continue meetings with russia on the matter of state responsibility so it's sort of saying well we're threatening you with legal action but we can talk about this as well again do you think that something russia would really engage in. well they're going to engage they're going to engage in a kind of a charade as as is is frankly typical for the russian state but the fact of the matter is this is about getting justice for the victims this is about a major international incident that could a very likely result as as a result of russian intervention in ukraine and that's the real issue here and it's about state responsibility as you said it might just be worth mentioning as well you've just said the russian influence in ukraine this happened in ukraine. where is that why the situation at the moment it was obviously a large conflict at the time but that's been going on for you what sort of state of relations in there and the actual conflict on the ground in that area. well at at
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the moment it's very similar to sort of a frozen conflict which is a very familiar situation for how the russian state conduct its affairs on its preferably in a sense that there's low level tension that can erupt at any moment and that's frankly always a possibility. thanks for talking to us on an abortionist skya from the washington institute. thanks for having me the top u.s. infectious disease expert says he hasn't briefed president donald trump in 2 months and hasn't even seen him in person since the start of june this is of course dr anthony felt she also told the financial times that trump was incorrect in claiming 99 percent of cases were harmless trump publicly criticized on fox news on thursday the u.s. is seeing a resurgence of covert 19 but at least 6 states seeing a record single day rise in case
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a white house correspondent is kimberly how could you made the point last hour and then found she has served under 6 consecutive u.s. presidents but never has he had a relationship like this sort of publicly which has gone so sour. yeah they have really had these sort of public back and forth that have been going on for weeks said it really is accelerating in terms of the tone of the tenor least on the part of the u.s. president who is openly criticized dr anthony fauci the top infectious disease specialist in the united states as you point out for decades believe going back to the carter administration so it's notable because he is so widely respected among not just democrats but republicans and so americans look to him for public health advice but it appears that the man in charge of the response donald trump the u.s. president doesn't is there is not consulting with dr anthony fact she in fact we
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know they haven't spoken directly face to face in more than a month now and the fact she says that he's passing on messages he believes they're being delivered but the sort of back and forth in the press the u.s. president criticizing add to the fact she's saying he's a nice man but he's made a lot of mistakes that he found she says the president's made a mistake when he said that 99 percent of covert cases in the u.s. are harmless now he believes he understands where the president got this figure he seems to have inverted the figure that he was given in other words that one percent mortality rate is what the u.s. is seeing right now but that doesn't mean 99 percent of the other cases are harmless in fact we know thousands are hospitalized in the united states every day and we also know that when it comes to cope with $1000.00 is disproportionately hurt in communities of color and we're seeing flare ups in the southern sun belt states especially florida that's one of them and that's where the u.s. president has gone yet again without a mask to speak for a fundraiser he's expected to make about $10000000.00 from this fund raiser needs
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that cash because he's behind joe biden for a 2nd consecutive month when it comes to fundraising and one more point we should report in all of this is that the u.s. president has been criticized for some of his rallies like tulsa oklahoma we're now seeing an outbreak he's just canceled the one upcoming in new hampshire it's not because of covert 19 those because of hurricane fay that is making its way up the eastern united states concerning a hurricane in the mix now and. that white house correspondent thank you. now al-jazeera is investigative unit has uncovered hundreds of pages on facebook used by white supremacists to promote racist views and they are doing it through violence song lyrics facebook is of course dealing with a boycott for major advertisers at the moment who want the company to be tougher on hate filled content simon bozeman has a report. in 2019 facebook made a public commitment to stop white supremacist content on its platform but out as 0
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investigative unit has discovered that this content is still online and just a view clicks away. out to 0 as investigation uncovered more than $100.00 pages belonging to black metal music bands record labels and promote all affiliated to white supremacists and using facebook to spread their ideology one band mixed the muslim call to prayer with gunshots. facebook claims to find nearly 90 percent of the hate speech before it's reported but out is 0 discovered pages containing racist content that have existed for years
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. white supremacists always used extreme music about the hardcore punk or in this case black metal as a recruitment opportunity for them social media has completely changed the way in which people come into contact with far right use and far right materials in this case far right music. facebook's algorithm tailors your search results to your interests if you land on pages that contain anti semitic imagery nazi symbols or black face then facebook will direct you to more pages with similar content. following the black lives matter protests in the united states some of the biggest
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brands in the world have begun boycotting the site urging it to crack down hard on hate speech in response to our investigation facebook told al-jazeera unfortunately tolerance doesn't mean 0 incidents and added we have removed 3 pages for breaking our rules and are reviewing the remaining 2 against our policies. facebook wants to be seen as a tech company promoting free expression but there are growing calls for it to place its content in a similar way to media organizations so i'm in bozeman how does iran health workers in sri lanka are scrambling to contain a sudden increase in corona virus infections a rehabilitation facilities now reported across trev almost 340 cases the centers locked down and contact tracings began after an employee then went away on leave
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india's most populous state back into lockdown as the country deals with rising infections the restrictions will stay in place over the weekend until monday morning more than 1200 new cases were reported in the state over the pradesh on thursday and nationwide india recorded more than 26000 new infections in the past day which was a record high. politicians in the philippines a refused to renew the license of the country's largest broad cost to a.b.s.e b.n. effectively taking it off their permanent the $200.00 or so employees and network supporters protested the decision outside the network's headquarters in manila rights groups say it's a major blow to media freedom in the philippines and one they've seen happen before and schapelle has the story. after being repeatedly threatened by the president for coverage she didn't like critics say abs c.d.n. has become the latest casualty of rodrigo to charities silencing of descent the
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largest television network and a major news provider was forced to shut down as broadcasters are covering the coronavirus pandemic some say it reminds them of the 21 years of martial rule under the late dictator ferdinand marcos the 1st close the network in 1982. different media and the recently russian and they are both the problem in the congo on the ground people whom i mark on. c.n.n. you have been watching. there's even a very nice of you know. very thing walker is evolving on the run 160 a.b.'s c.v. ends networks license expired in early may and it was forced off the air most of its 11000 workers had been expecting to return to work but were disappointed the dissolution of the deny a.b.c.'s franchise application is here but adopted his allies in the house of representatives overwhelmingly rejected renewing the license for the next 25 years media watchdog say it's a black day for
9:44 pm
a country once regarded as a bastion of press freedom. the guy security of president reagan. was accused a.b.'s strikes against him and politically targeted the government's line in criticizing his so-called war on drugs. do territory had accused the network of favoring other candidates in the 26000 campaign and reporting unfairly on his presidency the broadcaster denied those accusations that did little to help keep it on air and or should help al jazeera. the u.n. human rights chief michel basher that has spoken out against u.s. sanctions on venezuela which she says a punishing the poorest citizens at the same time that is what his government is also in the spotlight for alleged abuses of the hands of its security forces more from a latin america editor of the c n human. opposition deputy human cattle a scene here at the national assembly just before being detained by secret police
9:45 pm
in may last year he was missing for more than a month before he reappeared in prison and was eventually released. in december it happened again his whereabouts unknown for more than a month except this time he remains in jail. it's part of what penal form calls a pattern of involuntary disappearances carried out by security forces for the purpose of intimidation and control. the head of the ngo the provides legal aid to detainees told al-jazeera the disappearances have escalated this year especially since the state of emergency was declared because of the pandemic where they are 219 detentions directly with forces appearances 1st to disappear and eventually the person appears and becomes a political prisoner if the rest is for political reasons noted sean. but not all disappearances are political nor did the victims always reappear. gnc
9:46 pm
god is now caring for her 2 grandsons the children of her 34 year old son headed man she says he was out looking for a job but he was picked up by the national guard and taken away for that was the word they'd beaten him so badly that when i find him in the mark he didn't have a face anymore you know that when his mother could have recognized him. you wouldn't go any justice but there's been not even a call from the prosecutors or. there will be you know. a report just issued by the u.n. high commissioner for human rights expresses concern about what she calls a pattern of arbitrary detentions and violations including allegations of torture and forced disappearances by security forces. last year she reported they'd killed nearly 7000 people al-jazeera asked venezuela's prosecutor general to respond he
9:47 pm
says the report recognized efforts to investigate thousands of cases of torture and pool treatment resulting in 26 convictions 107. police were also found guilty of murder he said. the reports issued about colombia better weather and the u.s. don't get the same media attention as venezuela does she have human rights shouldn't be used for the political gain or. perhaps but human rights groups say that under the state of emergency an increasing number of journalists doctors opposition politicians and ordinary citizens are being detained with their constitutional guarantees even morning. you see in human al-jazeera. sana is along with their sport in a moment including the world champion sprinter who accidentally took a short cut during his latest press.
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9:49 pm
rule. saturday will mark 25 years since the 7 it's a genocide with an 8000 muslim men and boys were killed the worst crime of the bosnian war and the remains of many victims still haven't even been found or reports an expanse of gravestones each one a victim of the genocide perpetrated here a quarter of a century ago. the fathers grandfathers brothers uncles and sons of. those they left behind come to pray here but the trauma of what happened is present
9:50 pm
. i only wonder why they killed my children they were my neighbors and my oldest son's wedding day i invited them 1st my serb enables the widows and mothers of srebrenica left with the photos their memories. lost her 3 sons and husband the body of her eldest has never been found every day she is haunted by the last time she saw her youngest son new fake and sound that he hung on to me when super soldiers came to take him he said mother don't leave me i stroked his curly here and said i want to leave you. they took him and i followed i don't know if they hit me i don't remember anything it was this man retcon lad teach the commander of the bosnian serb forces who gave the order to exterminate
9:51 pm
the muslim men and boys of srebrenica here he reassured the younger they had nothing to worry about before condemning them to a massacre together with the wartime leader of the bosnian serbs rather one cottage each the unleashed an atrocity the like of which had not been seen in europe since world war 2. they were later found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity by a un real crimes tribunal both are now serving life sentences in the hague but the failure of the dutch forces acting as un peacekeepers sent hundreds to their death many of the victims fled to the un designated safe zone only to be handed over to the bosnian serb forces. lost his entire immediate family in the killing that ensued he succeeded in holding the netherlands partly liable for their deaths . who are here.
9:52 pm
with their own i. was always a. bystander while a genocide was. now there is a new generation of young people many may have been born after the genocide but it is never far from their minds or their family history as is the need to preserve the memory of those who were killed and i grew up near here i keep an eye on the cemetery i lost a lot of family there a lost my grandfather keeping the memory of the victims alive and for their families a chance to remember them in dignity. al-jazeera prize. waiting to find out about that sprinting story which went all wrong. but what if you got 1st 1st both out with the champions if you were europe's top football teams and now now know their route to champions league glory the draws been made for
9:53 pm
a mini torment of knockout games that to be hosted by portugal the line up for the 8 team event isn't quite finalized with some last 16 ties still to be completed the confirmed quarter finals a french champions by social man taking on atlanta in our bureau lights that ship playing atletico madrid the tournament kicks off a list one on august the 12 inches they reach these it's a event. they mention these are in my opinion it's means a lot also for a portion of it means a lot also probably and i hope we can means also for the portuguese clubs where you can motivate to train vesting the right way sporty from economically of course the manchester city boss pep guardiola says his team are focused on beating well madrid who they lead to one on aggregate and booking a place at the terminal in portugal a spaniard is also confident the club will be part of next season's champions league by overturning its 2 year ban from european competition you have
9:54 pm
a punish city for breaching financial fair play rules the english premier league side have appeal it to have to build a decision at the court of arbitration for sport switzerland the verdict is expected to be delivered on monday and the intention is every season we played it changes because to the best possible. is not about which going to happen on monday or monday will. i'm so confident. because i know one year in a short darwin's ocean or the club. next year will be there and to have to wait enough to regain my opinion. german football fans might be able to return to the stadiums for bundesliga matches this autumn because of the global pandemic all games after the restart were played behind closed doors but the german football federation says it's working with health authorities to develop a plan to get fans
9:55 pm
a back into the stance they also want to apply the plan to german national team games when you've been this league season kicks off on september 21st red bulls a max of 1st happened was quickest in practice ahead of this sunday's formula in austria the race will be the 2nd of the season opening back to back races at the red bull ring dutchman top the time charts ahead of both tests or c. this teammate lewis hamilton was only 6 fastest runnels danny ricardo didn't have a great day he crashed on turn 9 your strain and suffered bruising but says he's fine west indies have put themselves in a strong position in the 1st test against england in southampton the tourists eclipse england's 1st innings total of 204 by posting 318 open a great pathway to top post scored with 65 england now trailed by 99 runs
9:56 pm
stumps were 15 a 4 no loss in the 2nd innings the match is being played behind closed doors because of the pandemic. the n.b.a. has to restart its league in disney world resort in florida some players heading there there are taking precautionary measures to the next level philadelphia 76 is a star jewel in the war a full protective suit before boarding a plane heading to orlando indeed has been vocal about the n.b.a.'s restart plans saying he hated the idea and didn't think the competition's quarantine bubble would be safe enough. japanese baseball fans have flocked to stadiums for the 1st time this season of following the delayed start to the country's top league last month due to the pandemic on friday up to 5000 spectators were allowed in stadiums on the strict rules including compulsory temperature tests facemasks and restrictions on
9:57 pm
cheering and high 5 ing officials hope to allow all stadiums to be sold to 50 percent capacity beginning of next month. welcome all favre story a world champion sprinter no home sales has discovered no shortcuts that can be taken one organizing a live sport at the moment the american that was taken on our rivals in the 200 meter race and with all the competitors running at different tracks around the world briefly thought he'd broken you some balls world record within the starter shing time of 18.90 seconds until he realized he had mistakenly started in the wrong leg and had only $185.00. that's it for me but if they made a show for me at the end of the world is a son of thank you so much for that there's more support from saw a little later in our next news hour. that's it for me there for now to reno is in
9:58 pm
london with an explosion in just a few minutes. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. the best soon as the sun goes down the shouting
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russia is a very challenging place to work as a journalist even though the authorities here say you can't do it it's not allowed to build always pushing on cloud of the sounds of most always on the love dolly people are being taken for peacefully march here to listen to that we are the while traveling the extra mile we oughta media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. growing up in harsh and unforgiving circumstances children learn to play dangerous games the exist without studies that destroy the house and take worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment little bit took me to the cheap and blindfolded the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison life been out. on al-jazeera.
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holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al-jazeera. chaos in mali's capitals protesters storm key buildings the national television station has also been taken off air. the alternate is there a live from london i'm dead navigate also ahead millions of lives in the balance as russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution that would have extended cross border aid into syria. celebrations in turkey concern an up.


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