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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2020 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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0. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al jazeera. chaos in mali's capitals protesters stormed key buildings the national television station has also been taken off air. dual channel jazeera live from london i'm sorry navigate also ahead millions of lives in the balance has russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution that would have extended cross border aid into syria. celebrations in turkey concern and other quarters as istanbul's historic i have so far has its status as a mosque restored. and al jazeera journalists are questioned by police over their
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investigation into the treatment of migrant workers in malaysia. thanks for joining us we begin in mali where the state television channel has now gone off air after hundreds of anti-government protesters occupied the building their commanding the resignation of president. there accusing him of failing to solve mali security and economic problems thousands of people are rallying outside government buildings in the capital bamako after protest leaders rejected the president's proposed reforms and they've now called for a mass civil disobedience campaign and won't stop until kaisa steps down let's bring in nicholas hockey's monitoring developments for us over a neighboring state of god and the protests have been going on for weeks nic but today we saw the taking over of key government buildings. that's right
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it's really has stepped up today in this movement where we've seen people moving away from just chanting and calling for the government to resign to them taking over government institution it started earlier today when crowds started throwing stones at the national assembly and then tried to set alight looters came in and started stealing elements inside the parliament building meanwhile another group a crowd swelled to the national television and caught the signal remember during those where 2 days ago the president had broadcast his message to the protesters into the nation calling for dialogue saying that he would organize a national unity government appoint judges to the constitutional court even new elections in certain constituencies in the contested elections earlier. this year in the parliamentary elections this bite all of these. concessions made by
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a president. the protesters went on taking over major arteries in the capital bamako the 2 major bridges that connect the south and the north of the city has been taken over by protesters who are setting up roadblocks to really kind of control the exit and entry of the capital they call this and nationwide the civil disobedience movement it's really to call upon president committed to change the direction they want him stripped of his power they want to be involved in pointing a new government appointing a new prime minister and this is a movement led by a coalition. members of trade unions as well as opposition leaders is the influential. who's really been leading this protest movement in the absence of opposition leaders to see who was abducted during the parliamentary
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elections earlier this year so really is stepping up the intensity of the movement it's something like an occupy movement of the capital bamako the man's of the protesters are met. doreen. nicholas so is this putting any pressure at all on the president himself well he's clearly under pressure from the streets but he hasn't moved fast enough in order to meet the demands of the protesters were the protesters want is no want a national unity government they want a transitional government moving away in trying to strip president of his power they want a new election the parliamentary election where there was a historic low turnout it happened during the coronavirus outbreak where in certain insistence instances there was only 10 percent of the electorate that came out to vote so they want to new vote because some of the votes went to the ruling party
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they want a new constitutional court this constitutional court that confirmed the election results of favoring the ruling party as well they want to see an end of corruption . president came to himself and his family members are accused of using state coffers for their own personal gains so they want to see an overall overhaul of the political system they want to see new faces in mali's political system has been in power for the last 8 years he's really he's won back elections just 2 years ago and despite his promises pledges to bring peace to mali to bring unity to mali it seems that for the protesters he's failed and that he needs to go right thank you very much for that update from the car.
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now a lifeline to millions of syrians living in a sliver of land in the country's northwest is at risk of being shut down russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to keep 2 border crossings from turkey open for vital aid deliveries 13 other members backed the proposal by germany and belgium which once it's a keep the passages open now the mandate for the border crossings expires on friday and the council will later vote on a rival russian proposal as food medicine and basic supplies for millions of people hang in the balance let's take a look at why the security council remains divided when it comes to syria so the u.n. and humanitarian groups say 2800000 people in syria's rebel held north west depend on those passages for aids russia has insisted that only one is necessary the bible how a crossing saying that accounts for 85 percent of a deliveries but the u.s. says 1300000 people living north of aleppo depend on the other crossing. let's
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bring in our diplomatic editor james ray's he's joining us from the united nations so where do things stand right now then james. well the security council is meeting as i speak in closed session trying to negotiate among themselves trying to pick up the pieces because we are in a very difficult situation as you say the clock is ticking just hours away to a situation where the current authorized aid that can come in from borders into syria is going to expire that authorization and will be nothing in its place because the security council has been unable to agree on anything as you say the latest vote was announced about 90 minutes ago and russia and china use their veto on the idea of extending the existing 2 border crossings that was the situation earlier in the we can earn that was also vetoed by russia and china russia is already put through forward 2 different versions of its own resolution and they
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didn't go through because they didn't pass not enough members voted for them for them to pass there wasn't a majority of 9 that you need so there is real deadlock here with time running out and russia seems very insistent there's only only one border crossing it's worth reminding you the u.n. used to have authorized until the end of last year for border crossings and it was a veto by russia that forced the security council to come down to to russia seems to be playing the same tactics again it's been strongly backed by china which is making the point not just about the number of border crossings but about sanctions it wants to see an easing of the sanctions regime on the government of president or sad because it is concerned about the effects of coated 19 and the financial crisis that is affecting syria and lebanon right now and wants to see some easing of that
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sanctions situation is there a compromise out there then maybe the problem is this not only is time running out the security council. that means virtually is using some virtual voting procedures each time it votes it takes 24 hours members submit their vote by letter and then at the end of the 24 hours the votes are counted and they announce them so it looks like whatever happens right now that the end of friday there will be no age going into syria on saturday morning unless they can come up with something very last minute never say never i mean they're meeting virtually for example could they suddenly come in here and vote in person anything is possible but it's not looking very hopeful all right james may as we'll let you go for now thank you very much for that update from the united nations so as james are saying aid agencies say there could be dire consequences for millions of displaced syrians if an agreement isn't reached priyanka gupta has more. on these makeshift shelters in italy provence bear witness to the staggering human cost of syria's war now it's 10 pm.
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children who weren't born when the fighting began live with their families in one of the many counts for those displaced not once but many times the adults are mostly out of work. nearly 3000000 syrians in the last rebel controlled on cleave in the northwest depend on aid to survive they are anxious about russia's efforts of the un security council to limit vital cross border liveries. the russian efforts to close the crossing is very very harmful for us this is not of any benefit to us it will prevent humanitarian aid we are living by that and we fight over it without its nothing will work we will die of hunger. supplies of united nations humanitarian aid from turkey to northwest syria is already restricted to 2 crossings russia wants to cut access to just one relief supplies from iraq in
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jordan have stopped since january because of russian and chinese opposition. what can we syrians expect from russia russia has done nothing but destroying displace us if it were not for the russian regime the war of russia and iran against us we would not be displaced in this carol you're doing it in seas have been supplying lifesaving food and medicines to displaced syrians for the past 6 years and they want to keep the crossings open your energy is in general it's about 30 percent. so if. all the court's order and actions in next time. this year extend will go to the course and we know actually from. our experience with very dream in general they will not . abroad by any kind of or within or this year.
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if labor ported its 1st corner virus infections. they didn't seize have warned of the catastrophic consequences of an operating in overcrowded camps in a province where more than 80 hospitals have been damaged in attacks since december . that dire health crisis is coupled with a crippling financial crisis which has left the syrian pound nearly worthless and cause prices in shops to saul. aid agencies warn that access to border crossings is critical to avoid starvation and disease for millions of syrians. turkey's president says the 1st prayers will be held at istanbul's i associate on july 24th after he signed a decree formally restoring the landmark status as a mosque and followed a ruling by a talk or that it's conversion from a mosque to a museum less than a century ago was legal in asco had already cautioned against changing the status
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of the world heritage sites angry says it is an open provocation to the civilized world. has long supported the change as one of his moves to put islam in the mainstream of the secular nation here's some of the reaction from istanbul. we've been waiting for this news for a very long time i'm very excited really i want to go and pray as soon as possible . nobody has a say in this europeans have nothing to say either those who did it to worship god as well thank god today it reverts back to its main purpose today called will be worshiped in the mosque. in istanbul with more on the decision and on july 24 i also will open its doors for the 1st worship 1st prayer for the most them in turkey he also announced that in the status is change from
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most but it is going to be open for everyone and the fee for entrance the tickets be is lifted so that whoever wants to visit inside. they are free they will be free to go inside visit or if they want to worship they can do their prayers like it is an blue mosque. in the same area just. a couple of days ago to accuse presidential spokesperson a prime cullen actually said that it is this. in with the north or dam cathedral in paris sudan has criminalized female genital mutilation the u.n. says nearly 9 out of 10 every 10 girls in the country fall victim to what is known as f g.m. or genital cutting and people who perform the operation now face up to 3 years in prison and a fine sudan's justice ministry says the practice undermines the dignity of women. still ahead on al-jazeera india's most populous state goes back under lockdown but
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only for the weekend. turns to the european court of human rights to hold russia accountable for its role in the downing of malaysia airlines flight. at this hour all the county picture across northern areas of europe as well with this cloud but it's an improving picture central as in still fine and dry throughout much of the mediterranean and this is a very nice image across into the southwest of germany plenty of sunny skies here and how much is. over the next few days however a very different story about 100 kilometers to the west of moscow just look at this a dam burst its banks due to the recent heavy rain and it swept through this little village and in fact houses were demolished destroyed and at the same time those left are actually flooded now there is more rain on its way towards that same area of russia there's a long line of rain showers and thunderstorms working their way right now back into
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northern areas of italy we could have some severe storms along this line and by that i mean strong winds and also the chance of some damaging hail but either side of it fine and dry slightly warm across the southeast of europe and getting better across much of mainland europe now it's a fairly crowded start weekend across the u.k. there are a few more sunny across scandinavia through saturday and sunday and the small ranging express apportion but it does make a great deal of headway still fairly katty and the same pretty across much of france still want to show into northern and central areas of spain look at these how much is london finally getting back up to where should be if for all the cloudy for the salt of the week can be won in paris temperatures above the average and some nice sunshine. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of partitions and cuts and loads of the across the country and there's a dockside indeterminism to see the grid from his office the majesty of the him fix
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into something more like the team i didn't see of the british football i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera. the. following on the top stories here on al-jazeera protesters demanding the resignation of mali's president occupied the headquarters of state television and force that off the air attempts have also been made to enter the national assembly . russia and china have again vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to keep 2 humanitarian border crossings into syria open
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the un says millions of civilians in the northwest of the country depend on the 8. and president early one says the 1st prayers will be held in istanbul's i associate in 2 weeks time after a court decided it could open as a mosque the move has been criticised by unesco and the greek government. a group of al jazeera journalists have been questioned by police in malaysia over a documentary on migrant workers the authorities say they want to one documentary focusing on people being locked up during the pandemic could have broken sedition laws al-jazeera says it has serious concerns about developments and media freedom in malaysia bernard smith has more. the broadcasting of this video of handcuffed and documented migrants being loaded into police vans in kuala lumpur seems to have hit a raw nerve with malaysia's government several officials have accused al-jazeera of
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trying to tarnish malaysia in which one i want to east investigates why so many foreigners of being locked up in malaysia's lockdown. on friday the police called in the 101 east production team for questioning police say they're investigating the documentary for sedition defamation and violation of the communications of multimedia law the police are expected to file their report to the attorney general. we do not want to judge them but the attorney general's department after reviewing the documentary has determined that there were elements under the sedition act penal code and communications and multimedia. the documentary investigation why the coronavirus pandemic is forcing migrant workers into hiding it captured immigration raids as they unfolded in real time i just 0 rejects allegations that the program was misleading or unfair. as well as
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the summons to the police there was a stream online reaction which consisted of threats intimidation abuse and even death threats from people on social media. which was very concerning as well. the one i want to use team says repeated requests for interviews with government officials were declined or ignored instead they used a video from media conferences given by malaysia's defense minister they're going to record them by going to the but you know everybody is smiling a cop says al-jazeera should apologize to malaysians saying allegations of discrimination towards undocumented migrants are untrue that malaysian rights groups say that since the new government was elected in march it's becoming crease . me difficult for independent journalists to operate that. we've seen product in the shrilling most cases basically for media especially media
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independent media especially being denied access to state press conferences al-jazeera is calling on the malaysian government to withdraw its criminal investigation. bernard smith. the un libya's un recognized government that is says it will resume on oil exports the national oil company is lifting restrictions imposed for a 6 months due to the blockade by warlords and if i have to add his fighters that cost the tripoli based government billions of dollars in lost revenue the state company is warning that shipments to international buyers will be limited and so major damage to infrastructure is repaired. and the un recognized government says it's gathering evidence of a legend war crimes committed by forces loyal to the world. mass graves have been discovered at one of his former strongholds the international criminal court is due to send a team to libya later this month to investigate mahmoud reports from tarhouni where
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many of the atrocities are said to have taken place the tiny concrete part of a secret prison in the libyan city of. officials from the internationally recognized the government say it was used by forces loyal to warlords really for have to do told short of their opponents that includes a pro-government fighters who were taken captive during the battle for tripoli and civilians who opposed military rule into hona government investigators say this car belongs to a female prisoner who was brought here by force there is evidence of summary executions. that whole families were tortured and murdered here they were burned or beaten to death in some cases mutilated and tortured by machines many secret prisons have been discovered since the government forces recaptured horner last
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month the city was a strong called of have those forces since april last year government officials into horner think some of the victims kept here was transferred to other notorious prisons run by have to his forces in eastern libya and others were killed and buried in the mass graves recently discovered in the city more than $200.00 corpses including those of women and children have been found in several mass graves since the beginning of june. as 5 of his brothers were kidnapped by the al carney brigade approved local militia in november last year. they were punished only because they were accused of communicating with the government with the 26 children who ask me every day with their fathers are we just
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need to know whether they did or alive according to the international criminal court chief prosecutor the mass graves may constitute evidence of war crimes or crimes against humanity and as the search for the missing persons continues hundreds of people still remain unaccounted for. that are torn or. india's most populous state has gone back into lockdown all shops and businesses which are pradesh will be closed until monday morning apart from some essential stores it comes after the state which is home to 230000000 people reported more than 1200 new cases on thursday the country is grappling with an alarming rise in infections reporting a record daily high of more than 26 and a half 1000 new cases on thursday elizabeth purana was in new delhi which neighbors are pradesh and says the suddenness of the increase in cases is causing concern.
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certainly the state government admitting like others have that they need to take more action as the number of cases both an oath of predation and india just continue to keep rising the state government said that it's going into lockdown from friday night until monday morning to break the chain of transmission that officers and markets will be shot buses won't be allowed unless they're taking people to train stations because trains and flights will continue now with their positions not the worst affected state but it is the most populous it's home to more than 220000000 people in the government there says that it's going to continue with the awareness campaign india media has 800000 cases now and it had 700008 reached the 700000 mark on tuesday so it's important to remember that the cases are rising as such that it took something like 56 days to go from 0 reported
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210-0000 reported cases nearly 2 months and now it's only taking 4 days to add on another $100000.00 cases the government says that it's going to continue increasing testing tested nearly 300000 people yesterday and as well as that that it's going to conduct a c one logical survey around the country to determine the spread of the virus or rather where it's been by testing for antibodies in people. more than 10 percent of cern lanka's confirms corona virus infections have been linked to a single drug rehab were habitation center the facility on the east side of the island nation has reported a cluster of around 250 cases the center has now been locked down and authorities of an operation to track down anybody who might be infected sri lanka has reported $2350.00 coronavirus cases so far and 11 deaths australia will have the number if its own citizens allowed to return home as it struggles to
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deal with the spread of the pandemic prime minister scott morrison said just over 4000 people could reenter as the country's 2nd most populous state confirmed a record $288.00 new daily cases the turia had already banned international arrivals after quarantine beaches were blamed for a recent surge infections and it's now under a 6 week lockdown of the world health organization says the current virus will remain a threat wherever cases are found in our current situation it is very unlikely that we can eradicate or eliminate this was 3rd very particular environments in which that can occur island states and other places but even they risk reimportation and we've seen countries who've managed to get to 0 almost 0 we import for so much of there's always a risk either from within or from bringing disease back you south korea's former president has had her 32 year prison sentence for corruption reduced by 10 years
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parkin hey was impeached and removed from office 3 years ago following widespread protests she was later convicted of bribery embezzlement and abuse of power and one of many ickes ations was that park and a close friend of bribes from companies including some sung in exchange for preferential treatment it's. the government says it's taking russia to the european court of human rights for the role it played in downing malaysia airlines flight m.h. 17 that plane was shot down over ukraine 6 years ago killing almost 300 people an international investigation found that russia was responsible for deploying the missile system that was used to bring down that aircraft but russia has always denied any involvement in amsterdam and explains what the dutch government is trying to do. dutch foreign minister stuff bloc has called it nick an extraordinary step but he also said it was extraordinary dead
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a plane with 298 people on board it was shot down in july 2014 basically what the government is trying to do is to support the individual lawsuits that the more than $400.00 relatives of the passengers on board of that plane have filed at the european court for human rights basically the government wants to show that they are fully behind the 298 victims of 17 nationalities among them 196 dutch it is part of a very broad and white judicial fight the netherlands is fighting at the moment to give justice to these people on board of that plane one of them is also a tribunals the currently being held here in the near i'm so that where 4 suspects are on trial 3 russian former military and one ukrainian but they are sort of a low to middle rank and the relatives of victims have always said that they really
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want those responsible in the higher ranks and then they're talking about moscow probably the kremlin that they also want to be to be held responsible so this step to the european court for human rights could be an important step to have to feel fulfilled that wish. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the sour protesters i'm ali have occupied the headquarters of state television for start off the air at times have also been made to ensure the national assembly has thousands of people gather in the capital bamako demanding the president's resignation protest leaders urged demonstrators to occupy the prime minister's office as they vent their anger over failures to crack down on armed group. deal with economic louise presidents ibrahim boubacar cato has voted reforms in a fruitless day to appease opponents led by an influential. and it started earlier
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today when crowds started throwing stones at the national assembly and then tried to set alight looters came in and started stealing elements inside the parliament building meanwhile another group a crowd swelled to the national television and caught the signal remember during those where 2 days ago the president had broadcast his message to the protesters into the nation calling for dialogue saying that he would organize a national unity government russia and china have again vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to keep 2 humanitarian border crossings into syria open the un is saying millions of civilians in the northwest of the country depend on the aid that sent across what it called a lifeline corridor and without the 6 month extension the permit for a deliveries expires on friday
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a turkish court's decision to open its stumbles i associate as a mosque has been called an open provocation to the civilized world president. the building which has been used as a museum will not be open for muslim prayer in 2 weeks' time and it ruled that the 1500 year old monuments conversion to a museum was illegal. al-jazeera says it has concerns over media freedom malaysia ofter a group of its journalists were taken in for questioning by police over a documentary police say they're investigating the one to one program for a suggestion defamation and violation of the communications law the documentary focused on foreign workers being locked up while the country was under coronavirus restrictions thanks for watching a.j. selects the next.
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