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tv   In Search of Indias Soul Ep 1  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is there oh. this is al-jazeera i'm tearing up again with a check on your world headlines one person has been killed in mali state television channel has gone off air after hundreds of anti-government protesters occupied its headquarters there demanding the resignation of president. they're accusing him of failing to solve these security and economic problems thousands of people are rallying outside government buildings in the capital bamako after protest leaders rejected the president's proposed reforms they've now called for a massive all disobedience campaign and won't stop until it steps down. and it started earlier today when crowds started throwing stones at the national assembly
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and then tried to set alight looters came in and started stealing elements inside the parliament building meanwhile another group a crowd swelled to the national television and caught the signal remember during those where 2 days ago the president had broadcast his message to the protesters into the nation calling for dialogue saying that he would organize a national unity government russia and china have again vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to keep 2 humanitarian border crossings into syria open the un says millions of civilians in the north west of the country depend on the aid sent across what it called a lifeline corridor and without the 6 month extension the permit for a deliveries expires on friday the other 13 members of the council voted for the resolution of humanitarian groups a 2800000 people in syria's rebel held north west depend on those passages for aid
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russia has insisted that only one is necessary the bible how a crossing saying that it counts for 85 percent of a deliveries but the u.s. says $1300000.00 people living north of aleppo depend on the other crossing. turkey's president says the 1st prayers will be held at istanbul's iowa sophia on july 24th after he signed a decree formally restoring the landmark status as a mosque and followed a ruling by a top court that its conversion from a mosque to a museum less than a century ago was illegal you know sco had already cautioned against changing the status of the world heritage sites and greece says it is an open provocation to the civilized world. has long supported the change as one of his moves to put islam in the mainstream of the secular nation. we have been waiting for this news for a very long time i'm very excited really i want to go and pray as soon as possible
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. nobody has a say in this europeans have nothing to say either those who did it to worship god as well thank god today it reverts back to its main purpose today called will be worshiped in the mosque. on july 24. will open its doors for the 1st worship 1st prayer for the most them in tricky he also announced that in the status is change from most but it is going to be open for everyone and the fee for entrance the ticket to be is lifted so that whoever wants to visit inside. they are free they will be free to go inside visit or if they want to worship they can do their prayers like it is an blue mosque. in the same area just . a couple of days ago to accuse presidential spokesperson brian cullen actually
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said that it is the same with the notre dame cathedral in paris 0 says it has concerns over media freedom in malaysia after a group of its journalists were taken in for questioning by police over a documentary police are saying they're investigating the one program for sedition documentary focused on for. foreign workers being locked up while the country was under coronavirus restrictions india's most populous state has gone back into lockdown all shops and businesses in which are pradesh are closed until monday morning apart from some essential stores and this comes after the state which is home to 230000000 people reported more than 1200 new cases on thursday you have to dates with the headlines on al-jazeera up next is in search of india so thanks for watching.
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i'm in northern india on the banks of the ganges in the holy city of are not seen. this is one of the oldest inhabited places on earth and like rome or jerusalem it serves as a kind of cosmic center for india's 1000000000 hindu those. behind
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this image of religious harmony india faces a crisis minorities including over $200000000.00 muslims an underlying current of violence brutality and death at the hands of hindu hardline. i did mirrors the rise of the so-called hindutva or hindu nationalist politics and of india's ruling the heart of the party the b j p along with its leader in their modi. it's not. so. simple to speak. because. this is a deeply religious country in the middle of a battle for his soul and it is no surprise that it was this place that the hindu
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nationalist leader in the rain chose as his election battle republic saying it's powerful symbolism in a new time. my name is out there i'm a writer and a columnist. i live in new york but was raised in new delhi the capital of india by my indian mother my strange father was a politician from pakistan despite this mixed heritage and passionate about india the country i love and will always consider to be home. but in a recent article i wrote criticising prime minister modi for his policies on muslims
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and other minorities political leaders attacked me as a foreigner wrongly calling me a muslim and a pakistani i'm neither with no right to interfere in indian affairs. with minorities under attack and criticism of the prime minister now seen as an affront to the nation itself freedom of speech is becoming a dangerous thing i've returned home to see for myself what life is like for india's minorities in this land of one and a quarter of a 1000000000 people living. today that the dow be in the museum and they're going to see an armful of it just isn't on the lot the money. i'll meet with the unfortunate victims of violence on the streets bonds have been the only of us had a lot of it tough phone on the park or the no school or the school johnson mob. i'll meet with the vigilantes who go out at night to hunt down cow smugglers that classical torchwood got a booklet out yet. this is either thing you want here yes and you gotta see that
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affirmative bit of that i hear from hindus who support the modi government's pro hindu agenda hindu is making up to get back that but its place is off his ancestors. and from those who don't. are hindu too or is actually reducing the great philosophical majesty of the hindu faith into. something more like the team identity of the british football. that i want to prove once and for all is india the inclusive secular country i grew up in say for muslims and other minorities or is it on a journey to become a hindu dominated nation. and one that's a danger to itself. that.
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we're approaching one of the most historically contentious places in india to see a wide mosque that that was built by the emperor or is it i can't say it's on the bones of an old temple which was really the holy of holies and pathetic it was hinduism is most important temple because that the 17th century mughal ruler or unsaved had destroyed building this began the mosque on its ruins a smaller version of the temple dedicated to the hindu dead the ship was built in the shadow of the mosque that sits on the bones of the original town. you can see the temple with its gold. really they will break it up for the fact that the sanctum sanctorum of the city had been torn down and destroyed. in destroying the holiest temple or example dealt hindus a humiliating blow one that still keenly felt today. muslim invaders came here.
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not only to this place but to me convert them to largest the gilded laxalt people being destroyed left lakhs of temples here simply to build mosque or that place saw day they will feel ashamed of themselves. came there. and it was considered as sick as. muslims and jails along for the sights of christians why. this temple was that these were removed simply 200000. this violent history has local muslims fearing the mosque may be attacked but centuries on while muslims and their landmarks under threat now. in recent years a wave of hindu hardliners have attacked religious minorities many muslims. it's
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a form of mob violence known as cow vigilanteism aimed at the trade in cattle. cows are sacred to hindus but india is a major beef and leather export are the sale slaughter and consumption of cows mainly by muslims and the low cost puts them at odds with hindus who take offense. these coverage lanty are patrolling the state border between roger stone and her in northwest india. they're on the trail of karl smugglers. all over. again. yes you do. in. different states have different laws on
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cow trading and slaughter which traffickers take advantage of. this is a known smuggling point in recent months the vigilantes have intercepted several trucks here with cows on board. clavicle told what a booklet out yet or just to give her current economy rambling she is said go to the concert when i get a look in the home of b. of a struggle that they have gone but that will keep the studies going the jumped up g. want to ask or jumped at the how to get crew met not going to get quote got cut out of that i'm good at shutting it and go to excess it could be when he put it. in july 28th teen rock work on a muslim cattle trader was attacked by car vigilantes as he led a small herd of cows along a route truck. a few hours later he was dead. i've travelled to rock village in noon in the state of hardy honor to meet his family.
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along with. a source. of. cinnamon to their home down that i think up the kahaani. living here again mark mark. and i. the longer we're out there time. this time bond someone that only of us had thought of the top thrown on a park or the no school or the school johnson was no move. to the school even a lot of. the lower underground. and i will let the in a bucket dealing woman. when i. hear.
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the owner news it's always a new school modified their cry from 205 if your car keys even know. what. it was as a rock but. that was. on the cliff was an empty. one with the sun on a fire in the wide capacity. the number of different girl of a couple was dying oh ok our capacity came from a part of the was a most. recognizable. whoppers mccarver than when novelist. so this is. the most wanted out i was sorry but there was a. hearing. on many of us tonight guy the. book is out
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big room right. jean very sad to go back a very sad to have a woman at the fair we were on legan with her all tied up in muscle man going to. cut them over half an hour in the muscle man one american pointed out that. this was one on a. lot of this kind there is only. drag around 2 other men to show we know. but yet you know. more tower jorma are. the region lime trees we matter took us through what happened to rock. they claim
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he was attempting to smuggle cows across the state border between rogers town and her yana they told us in rajasthan the trade in cows for meat is fast trip to the neighboring harry and. they took us to the field where akbar was attacked. yes he does say you want the he hasn't got to see a farmer to put a bigger one to see the little thing border but there. was a long ago he. saw some of that under. the sun on land they say you'll become over an old guy whereas a little episode of my will is out as a don't know. sure no luck yes luck a little luck on your body. ok. this picture of rock was taken by vigilante before the police took him away he was in police custody for
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over 3 hours when they delivered him to a community health center he was dead. get on the gallows guess ima beat it but you know what did the. java took started in java to calculate that it was because of college again school calculus because of a political monies. that. rock tour was just one of dozens of muslim men attacked in the last few years for trading in. the. khan was a cattle trader who's lynched as he transported cows through the town of the hare or in the state of roger stone in northwestern india.
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that. he and a few others were dragged from the vehicles where they were beaten by a mob. that. all of our gods live in. the desert with people. consider said goodbye and tired of saying. it is not the method of eating habits it is a method of expecting the faith of expecting the law flick i can not ask for. pic's meat in muslim countries. why they can ask for beef in india.
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protection is. right from the beginning a duty of in those of this country and free i have got lots of whites who say. 6 men were put on trial for the murder of pellew han all of them were acquitted due to insufficient evidence. following stays elections in 2018 the congress party replaced the b.g.p. and rogers time they passed an anti lynching law and launched an appeal against the judgment. we're in the studio to put in northern india i'm curious to hear the views of
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traders at this catholic market. you're going to see about which we are going to push past a plant that is not a real sign me up recently i guess you believe it is legal here. is an obvious need. computers and a bit of time and then. some kind of a dozen or you would not. have done that on the machine that i'm sure not going to let you know no matter how much you know to them come out of them which here. let's go here from where i'm all the time. i'll double the ones of the chi this. is the nobel now and i you know what i'm going to but i need to. put up a heavy i'm going to forget that i'm your bottom if you want you've got the stick i'm going to get as i got. enough. i got a year and a hindu muslim guy sagal yeah going to. come out in the stand make it sound sauce
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and when i just like on when i get dissimilar to look at somebody i just have. to sometimes say more that you sort of got a huge upset in the muslim got on it and. that was really fascinating because the collars boni in hinduism the suddenly the whole cattle trade has been weaponized they were recounting incidents throughout the country where cattle has been used to target muslims finally when i said to my you afraid this is just this terrible fear among the community and we don't know what the future will look like that if it continues in this way it could be a really terrible and very disruptive future between 2 communities that have lived next door. each other for centuries. i was struck by the fears the cattle traders were confiding in me. i wondered how ordinary hindu saw things.
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b.j. bionic it more the i think about the will get me to it then albert you know so yeah i'm going to get back some of the fact that i opted not to mention that because of some of the out of the no way am i going to zoom in musically said guy simmons also monocle boy cut the name alim you. can wish them good looking at the do the middle ages and have image of getting a man to get men and given them an eagle it is a very different picture from what we've been hearing from muslims and it's very convincing but they have.
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to predation india's most populous state there are 44000000 muslims amongst his population of over 230000000. its chief minister is you give that a prominent figure in 112 hindu nationalist politics to many he's a divisive figure and he's behind the youth movement accused of involvement in communal violence he maintains that today's problems are the result of hundreds of years of conflict. in a 2015 speech he reportedly said it was his intention to play statues of hindu gods in every mosque. i wanted to talk to him. about his views on muslims and the beef in cattle trade. he declined my interview request with his biographer and political analyst shampoo gupta is willing to talk to us. a kind of clash of
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civilizations a civilization which came from outside it brokered temples bonder lebanese destroyed your social education systems india is still coming time split. if he wants to see historical justice done on behalf of the hindus what would that justice look like what would he like to see how would the drug deal with the b.g.p. the present i think they would want the ancient indian knowledge to be respected 2nd is not celebrating these kind of harsh rulers and what they did with 6 everyone knows leg head scarf. it's almost like i come to your house and destroy the whole house and you name your house often when this kind of history could all over the world but you do have it or not or any of it i've never seen i've never quite a lot.
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in the cattle market in mira i stopped in the teahouse with the owners of former slaughterhouse one. time some of my mom can. get a sandwich wonder how good it was never going to the us other than you were you don't muslim get i'm huge i can look on it must be good if you're. on the. mall going to formal give you the same piece. because they have your number there now there's. some whisper on one hand. there's a little oh you're so god you tell us they are going to die again slim gone people of. what i am going to hang them at the gate when i george pantani he was just
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going to. achieve. no money in the gym. with. every level of the new deal. that is how the. op was going to say. business. with the possible minister together. the budget will come in. suddenly all of the law you know is running on e.u. q. you don't know if you want to be a go we want to. go with thank you but i mean. they can be to have a good day maybe it's good i am. going to them even if you want to get
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a. little bit. bigger can be. because you could have a good one you could be. able to get money. from one of the things that mean it just got to focus on the song. that michael is on. of them about a body i think is going to bargain but as it was a lot of thinking to make it real you can either look at us hearts the thought of a person could be for. that much about. in a country like india it's often hard to know for sure if this is the whole story but it's clear that people feel that they are being persecuted. mama dish they are going sorry is one of many casualties of the yogi government
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a man of business reduced to pan yuri overnight thousands like him have been affected in the state of what the for the and even before this festival of the there is a sense of fear and trepidation. but hardliners be the vigilantes all politicians are not merely obsessed with protecting. the. just. a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials. in bribes just to show the most dangerous cool movie t one and sometimes take a spot at the door and diffuse to blow up a custom of fine against judicial corruption as in my life. i come out of my car
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in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines one man's extraordinary battle for justice in ghana at this time. this is al jazeera i'm typing obligato with a check on your world headlines one person has been killed in mali state television channel has gone off air after hundreds of anti-government protesters occupied its headquarters there demanding the resignation of president to break off accusing him of failing to solve the security and economic problems thousands of people are rallying outside government buildings in the capital bamako after protest leaders rejected the president's proposed reforms they've now called for a massive all disobedience campaign and won't stop until kaita steps down. and it started earlier today when crowds started throwing stones at the national assembly
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and then tried to set alight looters came in and started stealing elements inside the parliament building meanwhile another group a crowd swelled to the national television and caught the signal remember during those where 2 days ago the president had broadcast his message to the protesters into the nation calling for dialogue saying that he would organize a national unity government russia and china have again vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to keep 2 humanitarian border crossings into syria open the un says millions of civilians in the north west of the country depend on the aid sent across what it calls a lifeline corridor without the 6 month extension the permit for a deliveries expires on friday the other 13 members of the council voted for the resolution when a turkish court's decision to open istanbul's aja sophia as a mosque has been called an open provocation to the civilized world president the
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building which has been used as a museum will now be open for muslim prayer in 2 weeks' time it ruled that the 1500 year old monuments conversion to a museum was illegal. al-jazeera says it has concerns over media freedom in malaysia after a group of its journalists were taken in for questioning by police over a documentary police say they're investigating the one to one program for a sedition defamation violation of the communications law the documentary focused on foreign workers being locked up while the country was under coronavirus restrictions have today to the headlines it's back to in search of india's sole next on al-jazeera and it's the news hour at the top of the hour i'll see you then bye bye.
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i'm not the. i'm in india on a journey of discovery i want to know once i'm full is india the inclusive secular country i grew up in say for muslims and other minorities or is it on a cost to become a hindu dominated nation 'd 5 . i've come to see budget conscious choice hon a so called anti love jihad warrior his movement claims to be walking muslim men who pretend to be hindus so as to seduce new girls and force them to convert to islam. was not on i think you know what i mean i had a soft time with him on the look in maybe he wanted to call both up because i'm like a man he said about the obvious people who got the job should want me to want
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give up that it was a long. may have been and i mean by that was to go among them about the need to go and fight effectively. but they don't they got the bigger your biggest so it was just so perfect because i mean they are not true will you handle without and i'll be in the going to fight it out and i'm going to get the book i'm going to get i get that good value at the moment because of that you know in bendigo that. would really didn't think it will cause it but i think you wanted to i think you have broken the i guess is that you know when one starts almost yes he will again look at issue only with one of the and i'm learning here home particularly if you know me don't tell me that you know he said i mean it i mean if i want to live live i can really make a good one year later because i'd love to feel i'm going to live here i'll get him about are going to go the way to go. you'll eventually. be given what you want to let me get with you are you would you go to a movie moment model one i don't know if you look young to me it may have been
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muzzled illusion. if you will by a disguised name and most of the cases like a name like the one to your lovely visit does not tell you about it and what a muslim it war and war in the world and then you might be hurt and you can work in the process in the process to get a high seat in. the open we're going to go off into the right right right stream of god but just love that that is loved. one might be forgiven for dismissing the anti love jihad these as being paranoid but it ought to pradesh the chief minister yogi. has endorsed their activities adding fuel to the fire. we now need your 1000000 i'm of the media the accent or you can hear me but i'm going to the meeting no need to swim but my don't want to but want to give up national would give me leave to give up me not a little bit too long and bloody got to do love is going to deny your much again
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find out the late monday morning in the wood when you were just like billy. you don't think i'm one of the only legal human. it's a numbers game and you will find it funny when we fight at the fight if we don't already know the moment me shout at me. just now i'm doing the right thing but. jonica newby ya know what that i am again without a model yeah you know mouth will come up now for a 1000000 actually coming to lick him i mean my would get my movement i got them happy little bit. i was made very very uncomfortable my own experience he seemed in many ways like
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a local movement take things that he talks about love. he said that he wanted to in tongue in indian muslims the way it was done we could china these things have to have had a broad currency in the last 5 years under the more the government and especially under the chief minister ship of yoga the dinar so this is this is kind of a real apprehension in me about whether i'm reporting a kind of opinion that is true validity on the ground or whether i'm giving the microphone to a complete lunatic. what isn't in dispute is the anger felt by him but why do so many like him hold such extreme views. among frequently cited reasons other historical actions of some of india's muslim rulers the moguls. prominent among them are the emperor of barber who founded the
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mogul empire along with the 17th century ruler or exit. or exhibit ruthlessly put sick and other minority leaders to the sword. he was piously orthodox imposing islamic law throughout his kingdom destroying cherished hindu temples and tryon's and building mosques in their place including environ r.c. the holy of holies the kashi vision our temple. some dispute his legacy but oren saber means hated figure for him but for ideologues to seize on. it's easy to struggle with this complexity of land on lehrer of history to help me navigate this i've travelled to india's capital new delhi to the 3 luxury naren munder which was built in the 1930 s. . i'm here to discuss this complex history with psychotherapist rajat mitra his recent book the infidel next door argues that unless it is resolved hurt from the
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past to be carried through to succeeding generations we've had in the early ninety's. the destruction of barbers mosque at the place where romney was born and we have a movement for the rebuilding of the temple so what is your feeling about what should happen in these sites. i think these are what we would call sacred spaces i think one of the deepest grief that the present can do for society has is about the desecration and destruction on their temples there are memories attached to that. there is a big displacement of structural displacement taking place in our society so historical memories are becoming very much a lot. in india right now those memories have not gone and 500 years this still remain as strong as they were 500 years ago and lose to me are not aggressive
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people for what has happened is of their own in centuries of denial of their anger or what they have gone through and i feel that in the present of their anger as i understood it will lead to a lot of the me are you not afraid that that that bringing up memory especially when people are using memory and quite strategic political ways memory exists already exists as a collective in the society it does not that i'm bringing up the issue is to understand each other the issues the 3rd down and show that yes this is what happened with an acknowledged that like to quote for instance vs and i fall in this the past must be acknowledged but the past also must be seen as jed's that if one stays mired in the past you can't really move forward so i can see the past as. i would see the past as very much a lie it exists in the form of memories inside those both individual and collective hatred is nothing but anger stored inside it is important to understand that anger
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and if that anger is acknowledged is dissolved. so i really like meeting raja i found super interesting and educated and thoughtful and i find this idea of transgenerational historical justice and memory fascinating i guess my concern is how people can be held responsible for the crimes of the past and they think even should be. mitra came across as sincere in his call for india's 200000000 muslims to somehow accept blame for the actions of previous generations even. cheating it in practice seems on workable. but under the be j.p. the state is imposing its own forms of historical redress. so i'm trying to find or
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is a road on google maps because i grew up among the streets but if you type in orange they broke you get docked to a.p.j. abdul kalam and the reason for that is that arms it was a mughal emperor from the 17th century known for his severity and for his cruelty and the b j p has taken it upon itself to be an advert of who is a good muslim and who is a bad mistake and they've decided that orange is a very bad muslim and dr a.p.j. abdul kalam who is the father of india's nuclear program is a very good listener. i grew up with the belief that in this inquest is the blending of india's unique religious and cultural traditions and what makes the country so inherently rich an
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example of this legacy is due to language a form of hindi infused through the centuries with persian and arabic influence i'm in delhi's old city to visit a friend he's a poet and he has a story to tell about how the language along with the culture is under threat. us all our life was the 1st. the fiscal year. to give them the. suffering rather about the is a poet and translator and he used to teach me what. we're going to go and sample a typical old delhi breakfast which is a part of it's kind of built into the ground and so it's cooked. overnight the n.r.a. and so we put sprinkle a little bit of lemon on but the green chiles engine just. very very hot you know
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how do you do it should he. do so looking good. but while sitting up on you it will never love it that. we could make it it would be this is. a lot of people. that i would hear. but not all of us. go by to put on a show now just. to the. 67 man. whose stock goes up you must go except not so good as well as good as that. to. touch on the job guess addict for what it. would be to do that need. to be able to. do you have nukes on government i love.
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him but he. will drink a bottle of these that. in order to get them and believe in him you must have been a. little empty the by now you're the one that. feels like he did that he will be the fundamentally you to be mom like it's going to sound just it will do q he. used to but. by the yeah but there's a double header with this. development. that comes with the. we don't know the one about that. is that it will be good for the world it. is the by the by jack. would you get. if you took to better than that a little bit you know it would and even though i think it would do really quick got me. in here got them up it. doesn't build you to be
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killed to get up out of it what did you get out of and. what caused the decline was that all start to shit or do became sort of the language of pakistan and india became the language here and people started to beat just to draw away from the moon to. vietnam which population even food changes being india and india from the start of the 20th century. in 1000 no 6 the all india muslim league was established its eventual aim was to press for political independence for muslims and among hindus there was a growing sense questioning following centuries of mogul and bush history by the 120 s. the hindu cultural organisation the rashtriya swayamsevak sangh all the are assessed in muds its aim was to promote his new culture and identity dr hidden who started
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this is he taught what is the calls of liberty for the last 400 years and saw. he thought he mediately found that lack of patriotism and lack of character it was the main cause of the other who read. the r.s.s. went on to become the world's biggest civil society organization it's also seen by many as a far right nationalist paramilitary group since independence it's been banned 3 times. it's widely accepted that the j.p. and hindu nationalist politics or hindutva emanate from the r.s.s. the hindu tour is actually reducing the great philosophical majesty of the hindu faith into something more like the team identity of the british football hooligan
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it's hindus as a social identity my team is better than the other guy's team and of the other good challenges that we had among that indian national a so-called are saying the bet is a territory call india and our constitution and our nation to it is for everyone on it wrong simply hindered by acolytes. a territory doesn't make a nation a people make a nation and the people of the indian nation other hindu people therefore india must be a hindu russia a nation of for and by the hindus and everybody was not a hindu can only be here as a guest or an interloper that's essentially the choice available to not have. this conversation about what india is was at the core of the debates of the independence movement in the mid 20th century. this was the scene in karate at the
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meeting of the constituent assembly yack what could an independent india be secular or divided into 2 states hindu and muslim and this latter was referred to as the 2 nation theory and in the end independence from britain led to the creation of 2 separate countries india and pakistan. later accompanied by lady mountbatten the viceroy came to launch the dominion of pakistan. one set of people saying that religion should be the determinant of nationhood that was the idea of pakistan and they created a country for india's muslims on the basis that their religion determine the nationhood whereas the other set of people said no religion cannot determine the should we have fought for the rights of everybody and we're going to create a free country for everybody right from the very start that foundational difference defined the difference between the idea of india and the idea of pakistan and the idea of india i'm describing has been followed by every other political party in the last 70 years by the b.g.p.
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and its ally the ships in. the ruling party jumped a party or b j p was born in the 1980 s. and it's him or hindu nationalist politics 6 jans and buddhists as being indian religions but considers islam and christianity as invaders from outside. this brand of identity politics has seen a rise steadily to power a rise that has come at the expense of muslims and others. the b.g.p. has actually busily said we don't you know we don't care we will not put up a single muslim candide it. anywhere in the country and we will still come to with it with with with a significant majority and they succeed in doing that and it is the social and political construction of the muslim as the in the and the enemy within which is
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being. that they get this political success but it it destroys the very idea of india for which. he and others forte because the idea of india simply was this would be a country where people don't matter which god you worship or if you bush is no good you would be a fully equal citizen. it's just. luck now the capital city of the state of what the pradesh i'm here to be j.p. rally it's about one of the parties pavement subject the disputed territory of jumble and push me. to the top capital. that's up next to the top of the bottom look at. the name on the bound is not
11:52 pm
a sham facade mcconnachie the hero of india's independence movement and the founder of a party that later became part of the b j p given i get in because he's got something i can. use at this summit i don't think so for a couple of in a minute look i've made a lot of guys out of a lot of got i not tell you about if you think i. should be a has been a flashpoint between india and pakistan since partition when the 2 countries broke free of british rule in 1947 the muslim majority state of john when kashmir was left in limbo it's him tomorrow. favored ascension to india rather than joining with pakistan. the conflict that ensued between both countries ended in 1948 but the state was divided between the 2 nations and a un resolution right now called for a plebiscite for the people of kashmir to decide on which nation to join.
11:53 pm
the plebiscite never took place and both countries still lay claim to the whole of just one kiss me fighting wars and regular scum interest to this day. mean formally exceeded to india and was given special status and autonomy in an act known as article $317.00 something which the b j p has a longstanding desire to remove. the. 5th of august $29000.00 the special status of kashmir is revoked it states would abolished and all india north come into force across the indian populous state goes into lockdown with the media and telecommunications blackout prominent politicians such as former chief minister of a placed under house arrest. the lock down and push me here means we can't be there to film but i've secured an exclusive interview with her. she's managed to get use
11:54 pm
of a phone and it's on the social media messaging out this this has transformed into. so i feel that you know if. streets should. mehbooba how will the people of kashmir respond. it's also going to try. and. find other ways stripped of what it would be yes you know it. all started the process. in the seems to suggest it is and what does it mean for kashmir now. people.
11:55 pm
it. seems that. near is india's only muslim majority state joint in the newman $147.00 by an instrument of accession which gave it a special status today in the building behind us the parliament of india that special status is being on down. under. that. and that paddy public opinion but they
11:56 pm
stumbled on the moment of identity of don't you know to bottle up. about it bother to get yelled at or they are told only good enough to you that let you know not again discuss what that got them just tell it's gonna love it when i got that juggling the love of god got a lot of basically i'm not in the mood to do all the city i'm in charge of the never got the lot is that. we have here a largely client media that will support that use because as far as prime minister narendra modi goes he has strong red meat to his base which will help him elect or leave but as far as kashmir goes it's special say this is abolished and today india moves one step closer to becoming a purely the boonies. the end of the. atlantic in the next episode i delved deeper into the club
11:57 pm
and asked what the next generation will make of it all. now. such a journey a muslim would say. if so. what if. and there all the cloudy weekend across the southeast over starlit plenty of cloud and a fair few showers as well you can see this kind of cather's air flow pressure and
11:58 pm
at the same time it's actually fun to caring a way that will head across the tasman sea it'll bring the rain eventual sighting to the south of new zealand but this is what i mean about a fairly a cloudy picture really throughout much of south a it's this system pushing the rain across into south australia also pushing its way across into victoria and then still want to showers really through much of eastern new south wales and up into southern areas of queensland meanwhile suffer day and sunday notes about day in perth mostly sunny a little bit of cloud around but to make the most of it because there's a new system on its way and that will begin to push into coastal areas on sunday still very unsettled cross the southeast more of those rain showers a move that rain as well working its way towards the south of the south island i mean on across into asia of course in the full cost of japan also into areas of china but we've also seen some very heavy rain across into south korea and this is what this is based on in the southeast on the coast and then of course continue to pick up the pieces this is actually in home shoe once the floodwaters have receded
11:59 pm
and still the damage of course becoming evident across into q sure more rain is a go through saturday and very heavy into central china. counting the cost of war games in the south china sea washington since an aircraft carrier is beijing flexes its military and economic side. syria gets ready to export gas as big oil prepares for a post prove it world plus global remittances plus country but cost on al-jazeera. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera.
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every generation has a higher purpose. hours each day. al-jazeera . you're watching the news hour live from london i'm doubting you know who gave that coming up in the next 60 minutes millions of lives in the balance as russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution that would have extended cross border aid in syria celebrations and turkey concern in other quarters as a stumbles historic i also feel has its status as a mosque restored chaos in mali's capital as protesters stormed key buildings the national television.


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