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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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every generation has a higher purpose. ours. al-jazeera . you're watching the news hour live from london i'm dead you know who gave that coming up in the next 60 minutes millions of lives in the balance as russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution that would have extended cross border aid in syria celebrations and turkey concern in other quarters as a stumbles historic i also feel has its status as a mosque restored to chaos in mali's capital as protesters stormed the buildings the national television station is taken off air. and al-jazeera journalists are
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questioned by police over their investigation into the treatment of migrant workers in malaysia. and i'm santa how much now have all the sport including red bulls and max their stop analysts quickest in practice ahead of this sunday's formula one in austria. welcome to the news hour a lifeline to millions of syrians living in a sliver of land in the country's northwest is at risk of being shut down russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to keep 2 border crossings from turkey open for a vital a delivery 13 other members backed the proposal by germany and belgium which wanted to keep the passengers open now the mandate for the border crossings expires on friday and the council is now voting on
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a rival russian proposal as food medicine and basic supplies for millions of people hang in the balance let's look at why the security council remains divided so the u.n. and humanitarian groups say to. point 8000000 people in syria's rebel held north west depend on those passages for aid russia has insisted that only one is necessary the babbit how a crossing saying that it accounts for 85 percent of a deliveries but the u.s. says 1300000 people living north of aleppo depend on the other crossing. let's get an update from our diplomatic editor james bays he's joining us from the united nations to talk us through where things stand right now and when we can see a vote on that rival russian proposal. we're going to have that vote while it's actually underway as we speak these are virtual procedures and so they have a window in which the people of the countries can vote submitting a letter we were working with 24 hour windows there's
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a very short window now because time is running out in just 7 hours from now the existing authorization for those 2 border crossings will run out and that we know border crossings allowing aid in from turkey to syria so that voting underway on that russian resolution but i don't think anyone thinks that text is going to solve anything because it's similar to 2 other russian text they put forward which haven't passed in the last week so they're not we really have a problem i'm hearing though that to try and solve the problem the 2 countries that have been coming up with the text on behalf of the u.n. humanitarian community to the security council members from europe belgium and germany have got a new text in mind and that they will put that to the security council now of this text is suggesting that a new authorization for one year for the bubble whole crossing and then for bubbles
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. that would be 3 months to allow it to slowly wind down its operations so you might say that somewhat face saving and in many ways the russians get their way but there are questions of whether that belgian german compromise will pass for example will other members of the security council like the u.s. france the u.k. will they support that idea of getting rid of that 2nd check point in the 3 months will the russians support it because the other thing other than just having one checkpoint in the russian draft resolutions is that they want some language about sanctions about unilateral sanctions they're doing. they say so much harm to the people of syria i also think although we've had this very short voting period we're going to find out in an hour's time about the russian the russian resolution this new belgian german compromise is going to
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a slightly different place from some of the other options and so it may well be that some council members say well we can't just decide this in a couple of hours we're going to have to go back to our capitals so we might get another 12 or 24 hour voting period that pushes us past the deadline which is coming up very shortly meaning at least in the short term there will be no aid delivery is allowed from turkey into syria all right james bays our diplomatic editor reporting from the u.n. james thank you so as james was saying aid agencies are concerned that there could be dire consequences for millions of displaced syrians if that agreement isn't reached priyanka gupta has more. on these makeshift shelters in italy provence bear witness to the staggering human cost of syria's war now it's 10 pm. children who weren't born when the fighting began live with their families in one of the many counts for those displaced not once but many times the adults are mostly out of
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work. nearly 3000000 syrians in the last rebel controlled on cleave in the northwest depend on aid to survive they are anxious about russia's efforts of the un security council to limit vital cross border liveries. their russian efforts to close the crossing is very very harmful for us this is not of any benefit to us it will prevent humanitarian aid we are living by that and we fight over it without its nothing will work we will die of hunger. supplies if united nations humanitarian aid from turkey to northwest syria is already restricted to 2 crossings russia wants to cut access to just one relief supplies from iraq in jordan have stopped since january because of russian and chinese opposition. what can we syrians expect from russia russia has done nothing but destroying
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displace us if it were not for the russian regime the war of russia and iran against us we would not be displaced in this carol un even sees have been supplying lifesaving food and medicines to displaced syrians for the past 6 years and they want to keep the crossings open your energies in general it's about there to be extent. so if. all the court's order and actions in next time. this year extend will go to the course and we know actually from. our experience with very dream in general they will not. abroad by any kind of or within or this year. if labor ported its 1st corner virus infections. they didn't seize have warned of the catastrophic consequences of an operating in overcrowded camps in a province where more than 80 hospitals have been damaged in attacks since december
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. that dire a health crisis is coupled with a crippling financial crisis which has left the syrian pound nearly worthless and cause prices in shops to saul. aid agencies warn that access to border crossings is critical to avoid starvation and disease for millions of syrians hope to hear. much more to come on the al-jazeera news hour including another one turns to the european court of human rights to hold russia accountable for its role in the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17. thousands of serbs return to the streets of belgrade there accusing their governments of mishandling the coronavirus crisis in sports news some and be a player is heading to florida for the league's restart or taking safety precautions to the next level.
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but 1st turkey's president says the 1st prayers will be held at istanbul's i also feel on july 24th after he signed a decree formally restoring the landmark status as a mosque it followed a ruling by a top court that its conversion from a mosque to a museum less than a century ago was illegal you know asco had already cautioned against changing the status of the world heritage sites and greece says it is an open provocation to the civilized world. has long supported the change as one of his moves to put islam in the mainstream of the secular nation here's some of the reaction from istanbul. it's no we've been waiting for this news for a very long time i'm very excited really i want to go and pray as soon as possible . nobody has a say in this europeans have nothing to say either those who built this did it to worship god as well thank god today it reverts back to its main purpose today
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called will be worshiped in the mosque where the greek government says the decision will damage turkey's ties with the entire european union johnson robin liss has more from mouth and. the official reaction so far has come from the greek culture minister. who is calling it a. faced challenge to the entire civilized world which recognizes the unique value and universal nature of the monument and she went further she said that it's clear from this decision by the turkish courts the turkish justice is not independent but follows the whims of president and she said the nationalism displayed by president is a poor councillor and takes his country 6 centuries back obviously this is being seen in greece as a very political move not only does it muddy the waters of the already difficult greek turkish relationship complicated by disagreements over the aegean and over
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maritime jurisdictions in the eastern mediterranean but it also now introduces a historical element let's get more reaction from matthew values the interim director of the department of public information over at unesco he is joining us from paris thanks for speaking to us on the news hour so you must be disappointed with this decision having initially opposed that what are your thoughts now on the implications of it now that it's actually happened well 1st of all we deeply regret this decision made by the turkish authorities and made without without prior discussion and prior consultation prior dialogue and we call for the universal value of this bended world heritage to be to be preserved. the implications indeed have to be discussed now and this is why we call on the turkish authorities to reestablish the day you know without delay what is your biggest concern though and how does this undermine the universal value. well
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because concern is about the universal value in the unicity of this and that of this site 1st of all as you know sophia is one element of the biggest of a bigger area the historic areas of istanbul and it was inscribed by the turkish authorities as a museum not a cathedral not as a mosque as a museum as a symbol of the many layers of civilizations that have been that have made the richness of that of that monument then as a symbol of dialogue between civilizations between europe in asia in east and west and so forth so we are concerned that the change in the status that was made without any consultations whatsoever. undermine this universal value in the symbol of dialogue among civilizations even though the president when he was speaking earlier on he did say like all our mosques the doors of i as a feel will be wide open to locals and foreigners muslims and non muslims that's
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that's beautiful to hear but. inscribing world heritage site is something very serious access is one aspect physical integrity of the monument is another aspect the movable elements inside the monument are a 3rd aspect you have to the way that the site is managed and that will change whether it was a museum or it is a mosque and this is also part of the outstanding universal value and then it's not just about access it's about equitable. effective inclusive participation of all communities involved to the world heritage site so it's it's it's something very serious very technical and this is why we need to engage into a dialogue with our delay to assess and to discuss all these elements because the world heritage site it's an international law world heritage convention and so there are many many aspects to it to discuss and c yes so what happens next from
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unesco's point of view and your designation of the iris of fear as a world heritage site and and you keep referring to discussion are you hopeful that is going to happen oh yes we are always very hopeful that the block bursts of eunice core is indeed to preserve and transmit this. with and beautiful. the world heritage monument. to move goal is to build peace build peace in the minds of men and women that's our goal so we pursue dialogue we pursue consultations we pursue consultations among all parties to restore the day and accept the 1st thing is that that dialogue must must be restored this will be an issue at the next session of the world heritage committee and this of course raises the question of the universal value of the site and this will be one of the
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topic of the discussions of the world heritage committee members are it's a matter of we thank you very much for speaking to us from paris thank you very much now a group of al jazeera journalists have been questioned by police in malaysia over a documentary on migrant workers the author already say they want to a nice documentary focusing on people being locked up during the pandemic could have broken sedition laws. as it has serious concerns about developments in media freedom in malaysia bernard smith has more. the broadcasting of this video of handcuffed and documented migrants being loaded into police vans in kuala lumpur seems to have hit a raw nerve with malaysia's government several officials have accused al-jazeera of trying to tarnish malaysia in which one i want to east investigates why so many foreigners of being locked up in malaysia's lockdown.
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on friday the police called in the 101 east production team for questioning police say they're investigating the documentary for sedition defamation and violation of the communications and multimedia law the police are expected to file their report to the attorney general. we do not want to judge them but the attorney general's department after reviewing the documentary has determined that there were elements under the sedition act penal code and communications and multimedia. the documentary investigation why the coronavirus pandemic is forcing migrant workers into hiding it captured immigration raids as they unfolded in real time i just 0 rejects allegations that the program was misleading or unfair. as well as the summons to the police there was a stream online reaction which consisted of threats intimidation abuse and even death threats from people on social media. which
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was very concerning as well look at the water one east team says repeated requests for interviews with government officials were declined or ignored instead they used a video from media conferences given by malaysia's defense minister they're going to record them back at the but yesterday cop says al-jazeera should apologize to malaysians saying allegations of discrimination towards undocumented migrants are untrue that malaysian rights groups say that since the new government was elected in march it's. increasingly difficult for independent journalists to operate that. we've seen part in the strongly worst cases basically for media especially media independent media especially being denied access to state press conferences al-jazeera is calling on the malaysian government to withdraw its criminal investigation. bernard smith. at least one person has
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died as chaotic protests rock mali's capital bamako demonstrators have blocked roads attacked the parliament and stormed the premises of the state television channel which has now gone off air the protesters are demanding the resignation of president mubarak 8 are accusing him of failing to solve these security and economic problems thousands of people are out on the streets after protest leaders rejected the president's proposed reforms let's get an update from nicholas his monitoring developments from neighboring senegal the protests have been going on for weeks but now we're seeing the taking over of government buildings how significant is this development. as you can see what started off as a peaceful demonstration has turned violent demonstrators say the president's had been warned they had given several signals that if they didn't if the president had
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do not have the demands of the protesters that this would go in this direction it's an occupy movement where demonstrators are trying to occupy the main arteries of the capital bamako blocking the main bridges that connect the north and the south of the city as well as a blocking the signal of the national television broadcasters where they cut off the signal of the broadcaster where president. 2 days ago had made a speech to these protesters calling for dialogue calling for a national unity government saying that he would call it new judges judges that confirmed the election results that were contested during the parliamentary elections that took place in april despite all of those assurances made by the president the demonstrations keep going and they have literally taken over the
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capital bamako blocking roads and right now the police in riot gear are trying to clear protesters from their position clear clearing roadblocks that are being held by the demonstrators now and they want. to resign if not they want not a unity government but a transitional government they want to strip of his power they want to have a say on who becomes members as judges of the constitutional court they want to really of the parliamentary elections they want to have a greater say on the future of their country and it comes at a time where we are seeing increased attacks by armed groups in the north in the center of the country despite a un peacekeeping mission called. a $1000000000.00 a year 14000 troops in addition to that french and european troops that are on the ground this bite of the the the security situation is going from bad to worse and
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so those protesters are determined to keep to the streets until their demands are met. thank you for that update from senegal the dutch government says it's taking russia to the european court of human rights for the role it played in downing malaysia airlines flight m.h. 17 the plane was shot down over ukraine 6 years ago killing almost 300 people and zimbabwe has more. it's almost exactly 6 years since a surface to air missiles blew malaysian airlines flight m.h. 17 from amsterdam out of the sky over eastern ukraine of the 298 victims more than 2 thirds were dutch 43 malaysians and $27.00 australians were also killed the dutch government says by taking russia to the european court of human rights it will be able to help individual cases already brought by relatives of some victims we have records or contexts where it appeared to relatives so we have never let them know in a trance that we should take this step and. i also saw the public reaction today
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that they are happy to be supporting also bear a quest for truth and justice by taking a step you not see. the missile that brought down the plane was fired from territory controlled by promo sco ukrainian rebels dutch led investigators say they have evidence it was trucked into ukraine from a russian military base moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement but on friday the russian justice ministry said it categorically rejects those allegations in march 3 russians under ukrainian were put on trial in the netherlands charged with the murder of all on board none has been extradited but the dutch government says it attaches importance to continuing separate meetings it's been holding with russia of a state responsibility trying to find in its words a solution that does justice to the enormous suffering and damage caused the dean baba al jazeera. serbia recorded its highest number of coronavirus deaths for
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a single day as the government's head back at protests over its handling of the pandemic. their prime minister said the country recorded a dramatic increase of 18 deaths and 386 new cases she slammed as irresponsible protests held for a 3rd. straight day in belgrade and other cities some of which became violent demonstrators are protesting against a new 10 person limit on gatherings let's get an update from italian lou churchill joining us from belgrade so protest has clearly not happened at the handling of the coronavirus by the government what's the scene right now well everything seemed to be under control but incident happened couple of minutes ago so everything started when
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a group of protesters tore down the security fence in front of the national assembly building and they were provoking police officers they were throwing stones on the police but police officers kept calm and they didn't respond until a couple of minutes. now the situation is quite similar with what we've seen a couple of days ago 2 days ago police officers responded with tear gas and that is happening now and protesters are persistent they are still in front of the national assembly building so police is still fighting the main entrance and but they are spread now all over the city center and i have to say that from today in
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belgrade every gathering of more than 10 people is forbidden and there is a new measure against the coronavirus and we are able to hear now if you explosions all right. thank you very much for that update. here with the news hour on al-jazeera still ahead a frantic search operation in sri lanka after hundreds of corona virus infections are recorded in a drug rehab center. the u.s. whistleblower who says she's being silenced for prosecuting a case of police brutality and it's the moment japanese baseball fans have been waiting for sun i will be here with all the details later and sports.
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at this hour all the counties picture across northern areas of europe some showers as well with this cloud but it's an improving picture central as and still fine and dry throughout much of the mediterranean and this is a very nice image across into the southwest of germany plenty of sunny skies here and how much is. over the next few days however a very different story about 100 kilometers to the west of moscow just look at this a dam. due to recent heavy rain and it swept through this little village and in fact houses were demolished destroyed and at same time those left are actually flooded now there is more rain on its way towards that same area of russia there's a long line of rain showers and thunderstorms working the way right in the back into northern areas of italy we could have some severe storms along this line and by that i mean strong winds and also the chance of some damaging hail but either side of it fine and dry slightly warm across the southeast of europe i'm guessing better across much of mainland europe now it's a fairly crowded start weekend across the u.k.
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there a few more sunny navy through saturday and sunday and there's more rain doing its best supporting but it does make a great deal of headway still fairly katty and it is the same pretty across much of france still want to showers into northern and central areas of spain but look at these how much is london finally getting back up to where should be if for all the cloudy for the start of the week can be won in paris temperatures above the average and some nice sunshine. but. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived to see but the traditional way of life is below the spread of generation. as israel plans on the into the occupied west bank ug a 0 world goes to the jordan valley where the illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what the future holds for these palestinians farmers shepherds of the jordan valley on a. reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just new is breaking but
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also history as it's unfolding crossing from serbia to hungary to read one day i might be covering politics and laxer on my covering protests. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. the . following on the top stories in the al jazeera news hour russia and china have again vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to keep 2 humanitarian border crossings into syria open
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the un says millions of civilians in the northwest of the country depends on the. president as the 1st prayers will be held at istanbul's i also feel in 2 weeks time after a court decided it could open as a mosque the move has been criticized by unesco and the greek government. can use one person has died as chaotic protests rock mali's capital obama code demonstrators have blocked roads to talk the parliament on storming the premises of the state television channel which has now gone off air. so don has criminalized female genital mutilation the u.n. says nearly 9 out of every 10 girls in the country fall victim to what is known as s.g.m. or genital cutting people who perform the operation now face up to 3 years in prison on the fine sudan's justice ministry says the practice undermines the dignity of women. hundreds of women have protested in paris against the appointment of
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a new interior minister accused of rape they're angry at french president a man who won my call for promoting my now after promote promising to stand against sexual violence in his presidency they held a flash mob and performed the chilean song and dance against sexual violence in front of paris city hall the women wave cards with messages such as sexist government feminist riposte. denies the accusation of. now the world's largest rain forest is being destroyed at record rates from the brazilian government space research agency says this deforestation in the amazon rose by 25 percent in the 1st half of this year more than 3000 square kilometers were effective that's around $3200.00 football pitches a day it's the highest figure since records began in 2015 and it's predictably terrible for the environment $115000000.00 metric tons of carbon dioxide were
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released by deforestation and fires between january and june that's equivalent to the annual emissions of 25000000 cars while a new report from the un's high commissioner for human rights accuses venezuela's governments of arbitrary detentions forced disappearances and torture now there are fears the abuses have gotten worse under the cover of the coronavirus state of emergency the c. a newman has more from santiago. opposition deputy huge big cattle a scene here at the national assembly just before being detained by secret police in may last year he was missing for more than a month before he reappeared in prison and was eventually released. in december it happened again his whereabouts unknown for more than a month except this time he remains in jail. it's part of what penal form calls
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a pattern of involuntary disappearances carried out by security forces for the purpose of intimidation and control. the head of the ngo the provides legal aid to detainees told al-jazeera the disappearances have escalated this year especially since the state of emergency was declared because of the pandemic where they are tournament in detention directly with forces appearances 1st to disappear and eventually the person appears and becomes a political prisoner if the rest is for political reasons noted sean. but not all disappearances are political nor did the victims always reappear. gnc god is now caring for her 2 grandsons the children of her 34 year old son head of bed she says he was out looking for a job when he was picked up by the national guard and taken away for that would be the war yet they've beaten him so badly that when i find him in the mark he didn't
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have a face anymore you know that when his mother could have recognized him if he were to go any justice but there's been not even a call from the prosecutors. there will be you know. a report just issued by the u.n. high commissioner for human rights expresses concern about what she calls a pattern of arbitrary detentions and violations including allegations of torture and forced disappearances by security forces. last year she reported they'd killed nearly 7000 people al-jazeera asked venezuela's prosecutor general to respond he says the report recognized efforts to investigate thousands of cases of torture include treatment resulting in 26 convictions 107. police were also found guilty of murder he said. the reports issued about colombia. and the u.s. don't get the same media attention as venezuela the issue of human rights shouldn't
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be used for the political gain or. perhaps but human rights groups say that under the state of emergency an increasing number of journalists doctors all politicians and ordinary citizens are being detained with their constitutional guarantees even more than. you see in human al-jazeera. india's most populous state has gone back into lockdown all shops and businesses and which are pradesh will be closed until monday morning apart from some essential stores it comes after the state which is home to 230000000 people reported more than 1200 new cases on thursday the country is grappling with an alarming rise in infections reporting a record daily high of more than 26 and a half 1000 new cases on thursday more than 10 percent of sri lanka's confirmed corona virus infections have been linked to a single drug rehab center the facility on the east side of the island nation has
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reported a cluster of around $250.00 cases the center has now been locked out of an operation to track down anybody who might be affected sri lanka has reported 2350 coronavirus cases so far with 11 deaths in all fernandez has more from colombia. for health authorities it's a major concern because often months effectively of ruling the spread of this virus that cases if you go according to officials begin. a massive sort of a jump in the number of infections the center of this new spike a drug rehabilitation center in come the full 5 out of the capital colombo obviously by that we have an addition of bodies now one in met who came into the main prison in colombo when. looking at his sort of positive tests they started
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tracing back and found that he had spent some time in rehab and that's been the center was subject to a lot of testing 253 positive cases overnight. further testing going on now that on around $400.00 or so. and that is a kind of a mechanism where people over the last couple of weeks for rehabilitation purposes prisoners who are spending some time in the center for rehab have sort of been turning around from the center so it's a huge sort of an endeavor to try and contact trace everyone each and every person that might have been through that might have caught the virus and taken a turn around the country one such person was a member of staff having been traced back to another town called. that a 10 families came into contact with who are in so far as the nation and a lot of concern that. australia will have the number of its own citizens
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allowed to return home as it struggles to deal with the spread of coronavirus prime minister scott morrison said just over 4000 people could reenter as the country's 2nd most populous state confirmed a record $288.00 new daily cases had already banned international arrivals after quarantine beaches were blamed for a recent surge and infections and it's now under a 6 week walked out. of the world health organization says the current virus will remain a threat wherever cases are found. in our current situation it is very unlikely that we can eradicate or eliminate this was their very particular environments in which that can occur island states and other places but even they risk reimportation and we've seen countries who've managed to get to 0 almost 0 reimport where some of such of there's always a risk either from within or from bringing disease back you. stun has this mess they warning by china's embassy that a pneumonia outbreak more deadly than corona virus is ripping through the central
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asian country in an alert for a chinese citizens on the embassies websites beijing warned if a disease with a death rate far higher than covert 19 but later remove that part from the statements it also said that the outbreak had killed nearly $800.00 people this year including $628.00 in june alone but the ministry says claims reported in chinese media do not correspond with reality the world health organization hasn't ruled out that the outbreak might actually be cases of co with 19 saturday marks 25 years since this robber nature massacre where the 88000 muslim men and boys were murdered in 1905 by bosnian serb troops it was the worst crime of the war and remains the only mass killing on european soil since the 2nd world war to be ruled a genocide while most of the remains have been recovered the remains of many victims still haven't been found so again go reports an expanse of grave
12:39 am
stones each one a victim of the genocide perpetrated here a quarter of a century ago. the fathers grandfathers brothers uncles and sons of stephanie. those they left behind come to pray here but the trauma of what happened is present . i only wonder why they killed my children they were my neighbors and my oldest son's wedding day i invited them 1st my serb enables. the widows and mothers of 3. letter their photos their memories. lost her 3 sons and her husband the body of her eldest has never been found every day she is haunted by the last time she saw her youngest son movie and then he hung on to me when serb soldiers came to take him he said mother don't leave me i
12:40 am
stroked his curly here and said i won't leave you they took him and i followed i don't know if they hit me i don't remember anything it was this man right comrade each the commander of the bosnian serb forces who gave the order to exterminate the muslim men and boys of srebrenica here he reassured the young that they had nothing to worry about before condemning them to a massacre together with the war time leader of the bosnian serbs rather encourage each the unleashed an atrocity the like of which had not been seen in europe since world war 2 they were later found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity by a un real crimes tribunal both are now serving life sentences in the hague but the failure of the dutch forces acting as un peacekeepers sent hundreds to their death many of the victims fled to the un designated safe zone only to be
12:41 am
handed over to the bosnian serb forces. lost his entire immediate family in the killing that ensued he succeeded in holding the netherlands partly liable for their deaths. will be on. it. was. bystander. while genocide was. now there is a new generation of young people many may have been born after the genocide but it is never far from their minds or their family history as is the need to preserve the memory of those who were killed and i grew up near here i keep an eye on the symmetry i lost a lot of family there and i lost my grandfather keeping the memory of the victims alive and for their families a chance to remember them in dignity sunny. south
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korea's former president has had her 32 year prison sentence for corruption reduced by 10 years park when he was impeached and removed from office 3 years ago following widespread protests she was later convicted of bribery investment and abuse of power one of many accusations was that park in a close friend of bribes from companies including samsung in exchange for preferential treatment it's probably the brightest in seoul and says there was a chance for a jail term could have been lengthened instead. it is all dates back of course to park your own hayes disgraced time in office you remember it became mired in this corruption scandal in 2016 as she was forced out of office early twenty's 17 impeached and then prosecuted through the courts found guilty on a whole range of charges of bribery extortion abuse of power and in the original sentencing she was given
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a very hefty 32 years total for all of these offenses now last year the supreme court here in south korea sent this back to the high court saying it wasn't happy with the way sentencing are being carried out and there was an expectation that she could have faced actually more prison time in fact the prosecution was asking for it to be increased to 35 years well the opposite seems to have happened with the this court and now reducing the total time that she is been sentenced to for all the charges all the has sent crimes in office to 22 years also reducing the the fine she's meant to pay from $25000000.00 to $15000000.00 in their ruling the high court judges a panel of 3 judges stated that they did not believe that she had gained financially very much from her crimes in office and also taking into account her age she is now 68 years of age even if she does serve this reduced 22 years then she would be
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a very old person by the time she saw freedom again singapore as ruling party has comfortably held on to power although its share of votes is almost at a record low the prime minister and the shandling's party had security $83.00 out of $93.00 seats in parliament but only got 61 percent of the vote it's worst how the in nearly 10 years the last time the party performed so badly tightened international hiring rules to address voters' concerns meanwhile the opposition has clinched 10 seats its highest ever results these people's action party has been in power since independence in 1965. their affair as her press freedom in the philippines as politicians voted not to renew the license of the country's biggest t.v. network hundreds of employees on supporters protested outside a b s c b and studios as they channel face is going off air permanently they say it's being punished by presidents rhodri go to. reports. not know.
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after being repeatedly threatened by the president for coverage he didn't like critics say a.b.s. c.d.n. has become the latest casualty of the 3 good to charities silencing of dissent the largest television network and the major news provider was forced to shut down as broadcasters are covering the coronavirus pandemic some say it reminds them of the 21 years of martial rule under the late dictator ferdinand marcos the 1st close the network in 1972. different media and recently russian and greek there are both problems in the congo on the ground people whom i markowitz c.n.n. in one. there's even a very nice of you know. very good walkers easy for us to eat around 160 maybe a c.v. and networks license expired in early may and it was forced off the air most of its
12:46 am
11000 workers had been expecting to return to work but were disappointed that a solution to deny a.b.c.'s french application is here made up that allies in the house of representatives overwhelmingly rejected renewing the license for the next $25.00 hears media watchdog say it's a black day for a country once regarded as a bastion of press freedom. solidified security of president reagan. was accused a.b.s.e b.n. of slights against him and politically targeted refusing to tell the governments line in criticizing his so-called war on drugs. had accused the network of favoring other candidates in the 2016 campaign and reporting unfairly on his presidency the broadcaster denied those accusations but that did little to help keep it on air and are chappelle al-jazeera. as protesters in the united states continue to demand police reform calls to give whistleblowers greater protection are growing in the
12:47 am
city of denver an intro affairs investigator says she's paying the price for a speaking out against misconduct is a class or has more. survey once video from march of last year shows a police officer punching an inmate in a wheelchair the man allegedly spit on the officer in the end that day your response should be a strike when you're dealing with it it is handcuffed it was leg ironed who was elderly that was just released from the hospital and was in a wheelchair brittany eery art was a special agent with the u.s. state department for nearly a decade now she works for the city of denver where she investigates police misconduct. i started. you have to say. how do you know. i do my i didn't say i'm not sure i was the one area it's office the public integrity division recommended the denver sheriff's
12:48 am
department terminate the officer for lying but that didn't happen instead city leaders rejected the findings and let the officer keep his job i was in disbelief and i think everybody else that was involved in the case was in disbelief because you know we have video evidence you can't refute that video evans says she complained to her boss but nothing happened then she went to the press i mean this is who i am and when i say something wrong i say something soon after she was put on administrative leave a spokeswoman for the denver department of public safety says airier is under investigation for sharing confidential information and the department stands by its police discipline process protesters across the country have called for a change to the good old boys culture of american policing in which a whistle blowing is discouraged and loyalty is demanded they say the recent killing of george floyd only makes obvious the harm in allowing officers with
12:49 am
abusive track records to return to the streets it's a code of silence today the idea that. law enforcement officers shaky. concern is about illegality of the actions of their fellow officers. in the house and not let that be discussed outside of law enforcement agencies and frankly even within the law enforcement agency experts say for reform to be meaningful it must reach the top of law enforcement leadership not like in denver where area arts civilian office was created just a year and a half ago to take internal investigations out of police hands ultimately though police brass still heavily influences discipline decisions well we actually have it completely civilianized review process and investigatory process we're never going to actually have any type of oversight or transparency in this process heriot says
12:50 am
she fears she'll be fired and others in her office may be cowed into silence all the more reason she says to speak up hi joe castro al-jazeera. sports news is coming up on the news hour and the world champion sprinter who accidentally took a short cuts during his latest race and i will be here in just a moment with all the to tell us.
12:51 am
more. mellow now let's cross over to santa for an update on all the sports. thank you
12:52 am
very much there are red bulls a max 1st up and was quickest in practice ahead of this sunday's formula one in austria the race that will be the 2nd of the season opening a back to back races at the red bull ring. top the time charts ahead of untiring about us his mercy this team mate lewis hamilton who is only 6 fastest or danny ricardo didn't have a great day he crashed on turned 9 no strain and suffered bruising but says he's fine europe's top football teams and noah know their route to champions league glory the draws been made for many tournament of knockout games to be hosted by portugal the line up for the a team event isn't quite finalized with some last 16 ties still to be completed confirmed quarter finals as the french champions by the sounds are mind taking on iran to an r.b.i. playing athletico muddied the tournament kicks off
12:53 am
a list one on aug 12th visits even through with. their mention these are in my opinions means a lot also for a portion of it means a lot also probably and i hope you can means also for the portuguese clubs where you can motivate to invest in the right to a sporty from economically of course well manchester city boss pep guardiola says his team are focused on beating real madrid who they lead to one on aggregate and a booking at pace at the term and in portugal the spaniard is also confident the club will be part of next season's champions league by overturning is 2 year ban from european competition you have punished a city for breaching financial a fair play rules the english premier league side to have appealed to the decision at the court of arbitration for sport in switzerland the verdict is expected to be delivered on monday. intention is every season we play the changes we get to the
12:54 am
best possible. is not about which way to think on a monday or monday we move only. i'm so confident. because i know when you're in a short or woman's ocean or the club. next you will be there are going to have to wait enough for a grief money my opinion. where madrid are on the verge of extending their lead at the top of the league get to 4 points they are leading i love is that to nail a homer with minutes left in 2nd place barcelona have just 3 games left over turn rails advantage. german football fans a might be able to return to the stadiums of abundance the get matches this autumn well because of the global pandemic all games after the restart were played behind closed doors but the german football federation says it's working with health authorities to develop a plan to get back into the stance they also want to apply the planet to german
12:55 am
national team games the new one does he get season kicks off on september 21st the u.s. and is happy with themselves in a strong position in the 1st test against england in southampton the tourist eclipse england's a 1st innings a total of $204.00 by posting $318.00 open a great breath way to top scored with 65 and then the trial by 99 the runs stumps were 15 for no loss in the 2nd innings the matches being played behind closed doors because of the pandemic in the warrior will challenge. you know their aussie aggressive. in a take the rich moment so you get a gauge of. well this is a loss for a game so it into more. years against much really is possible. the n.b.a. has to restart this league in disney world resort in florida some players heading
12:56 am
there are taking a precautionary measure to the next level philadelphia 76 a star general in the war a full protective suit before boarding a plane heading to orlando and be there has been vocal about the n.b.a.'s restart plans saying he hated the idea and didn't think the competition's quarantine bubble would be safe enough. japanese baseball fans have flocked to the stadium for the 1st time this season the following the delayed the start to the country's top league last month due to the pandemic on friday up to 5000 spectators were allowed in stadiums under strict rules including compulsory temperature tests and face mask and restrictions on sharing and high 5 ing officials hope to allow all stadiums to be filled to 50 percent capacity beginning of next month iran and south korea illegally. thrashed the twins a former philadelphia phillies out filled hour an hour her who was an impressive
12:57 am
form he scored his 15th a homerun of the season to help the dinos seal a 12 to 2 win. and world champion sprinter the has discovered notional cust can be taken that one organizing lives or to at the moment the american know was taken on our rivals in a 200 meter race that with all competitors running at different tracks around the world last briefly i thought he'd broken you some balls a world record with a stoner xing time of 18.90 seconds until he realized he had mistakenly started in the wrong lane and had only run 185 meters. and that's always fulfilled with a mouse and you back in the sun i thank you very much for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on al jazeera back in just a moment to a much more news coming your way and all the day's top stories all the headlines see you in a minute. in
12:58 am
the off to mark of the 2011 quake and tsunami a remarkable portrayed of a remote japanese village. that is later how has the community of me arko been able to move on and rebuild their lives. rewinds japan aftermath of the catastrophe. on al-jazeera. a
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scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials. to brides just to show the most dangerous school movie to want to song times take a spot of the door and i did for us to blow up a custom of pot against judicial corruption as i thought why am i i come out of my car in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines one man's extraordinary battle for justice in ghana at this time. what was described as the world's longest long down course the largest exodus and the creation of an independent india and monk $47.00. experts believe india is still at the stage of infection but the last dollar has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate for 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted an equality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with
1:00 am
a pandemic the following week school child of the peace and mass movement of people will also accentuate the spread to the corner water as from india cities to its rule hot. millions of lives in the balance is russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution that would have extended a cross border aide in syria. to watch al-jazeera live from london i'm dead and also ahead protesters in serbia defy lockdown again as they try to storm parliament accusing the president of for tarion as a. celebrations in turkey and certain other quarters as istanbul's historic i.s.o. fia has its status as a mosque restored. and al jazeera journalist.


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