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tv   Myanmar An Unholy Alliance  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2020 4:00am-5:00am +03

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donna at this time we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter when you. use encounter for that matter to you. again piece it all be here in doha with your top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump passed in the last hour commuted the sentence of his ally roger stone he advised mr trump's presidential campaign and was sentenced to jail for lying to congress 5 times in the russia probe here is what mr trump has been saying about the case i think right your son was very unfairly treated as were many people and in the meantime told me you know all these guys are walking around rooting by the obama because we've got them crying and mike here they would have believe that one thank you the chairman of the democrat led house intelligence committee has just responded to mr trump's decision in
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a statement adam schiff called it self-serving and destructive to the country's democracy he went on to say that commuting the sentence of roger stone a crony who lied and obstructed our investigation to protect trump himself is among the most offensive to the rule of law and the principles of justice i spoke earlier to our correspondent alan fischer for more. the white house in a statement just issued that roger stone is a victim of the russian hoax which is being perpetrated by the left and the media insist there was never any collusion with russia and because of the serious medical risks the president has taken the decision to commute the sentence this is not the same as a pardon or clearing the conviction it also makes the point that roger stone has appeal his conviction and wants to go through the judicial system which he believes will exonerate him just to remind you it was back in november last year that roger stone was convicted on
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a number of offenses including lying to congress about his back channel links to wiki leaks who of course carried out several leaks before the 2016 presidential campaign and that he'd done so according to prosecutors to protect the president now in an interview roger stone told us journalist that the president should commute his sentence should grant him clemency because he never flipped in never gave evidence to prosecutors that in itself may cause for their problems for donald trump he was warned by several people not to go ahead and do this but a number of senior republicans over the last few days have given him political cover to go ahead and doing this by claiming the roger stones conviction was on just but you can guarantee there will be a backlash to this and it will start u.n. security council as again failed to extend its cross border humanitarian aid program to syria putting millions of people at risk to votes of the failed to pass
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the 1st was vetoed by russia and china aid agencies a warning of dire consequences for displaced people many in the north west of syria depend on aid coming in from turkey diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations. we've had 2 votes on friday here at the u.n. remarkably in the last 4 days in total we've had 5 votes on this and on 2 of those occasions 2 permanent members of the security council have both used their veto power it's a real mess it's real deadlock it's particularly i think there are a number of sticking points but the main one is all number of border crossings that they can use to bring the aid in thousands of people have protested for a 4th day in the serbian capital belgrade the calling on the president alexander footage to resign in part due to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in mali's capital protesters have stormed the national assembly and state t.v.
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center calling for the president abraham booker cater to resign opposition figures reject major reforms recently introduced by the president another latin american politician has been quarantined compounding the coronavirus crisis across the region venezuela's oil minister tarik al us army is the latest of many regional leaders to contract covert 19. turkey's president says the 1st prayers will be held inside istanbul's sophia on july the 24th after he signed a decree formally restoring the landmark status as a mosque earlier on friday a court ruled the monuments conversion from a mosque to museum in 1934 was illegal those are your headlines up next myanmar and our holy alliance i'll have more news in 30 minutes.
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morning prayers but one of the most influential monasteries can call me and. this is a country where the majority are devoted buddhists. for centuries the religion has been at the heart of the nation's very identity. while the pillars of buddhist teachings are loved compassion and peace is a very different variation to the philosophy being told at the mob out tom on the street in insane township. these monks are connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis. the systematic persecution and genocide overhang of muslims in
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rakhine state. our unprecedented access to them about how monastery and cedars offers a glimpse into how their ultra nationalist agenda is becoming the blueprint for the political structure of the country. is the joining the forces between monks and generals threatening mars young and fragile democracy. but in the summer the film is when. we get to the. listening saga to be able to move thought the olds who got the wrong thing this week who thought the only thing they have seen the 2 2 2. good of those in this whole new job is the really somebody thing. but the cough
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the scope of it. because one days ago you asked me if they let me see it. oh. they want you. roy and yes it is the pick me of the fake name. there is no in our history. roy and yes is really have been going to we don't like any of them i said. my house my rules everybody has to understand this. situation.
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the alliance. the alliance the line. our accounts date. 2 the persecution of range of muslims in myanmar can be traced back decades to the military takeover in 1960 too. many minorities suffered at the hands of the new dictatorship. the military ruled with an iron fist any form of dissent brutally stomped out. box monks believed to be the conscience of the governments and of the large majority of the people pressured leaders to adhere to buddhist principles that. emboldened by widespread public support the monks led the saffron revolution against the military in 2007 all united for democracy.
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marginal tong not home guard it might have gone a. 100 on the network in order to roll on my feet it all or your only will be. thought toddy and i may thinking about more you know yes i gather. that. biro was released in 2012 together with other political prisoners including me a mosque current leader aung san suu kyi. it marked the beginning of its transition to democracy. but as a religious tensions between buddhists and muslims minorities started to surface the unity of the saffron revolution shattered. i mean that all over in 2012 thousands of monks once again took to the streets this time they were shouting their support for the military and their call to export their own injury.
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you gumby it up openly oppose this movement it's still determined that democracy was the only way forward for me and mark. repeatedly imprisoned and ostracized for his views he finally fled to thailand in 2060. many in the myanmar believe the military still an important part of the governing structure intentionally fuel divisions amongst buddhist groups they quickly aligned with the most nationalistic buddhist leaders in hansing the army's popularity and influence. you know if you own. one them out of all the phone i'm not able to get in we told. you 3 about obama you know on the whole that got it but it's the gun on the little foot in the hollow thing of it.
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oh yes we didn't know yet in. a money domino what a minute i did not know what our money. would be on. the hostility towards minorities sponsored them about an ultra nationalist monks organization. the name translates to the protection of race and religion. its founder and leader is a highly respected monk russian. so long an auto. with the neediness another see the. son not only the love one is of the. family.
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the dam would enjoy the other one you had to live where you do now leather grandma . he doesn't know why you that are not worn down in the army our. lives are. made him are. lazy or bothered on a name but there we all. know that it's a lot of. no other than the fellows i was almost to the. log i live. and olive garden and also have it i would say your. you know it's going to be a day now to do that all that. was given to me. i.
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don't. know. there's a did you. take a name that huge in the deal is what she would do a day. i go. to good will say by lead. in this moment in a book we keep to just sit in a book. now and this us on the movie see it i mean it. i love my bill. the money and. all my yo-yo ma gets with it so is it on d.n.a. now you know in d.n.a.
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the little that lady would. through something extreme as if. especially if it and. i think it has a very long roots. muslims have been in a mall for centuries. things became more problematic with large scale immigration from the subcontinent because we see. in the past was those around him are by the way in small numbers but under colonialism in the british empire they came to burma in large numbers of course that created problems. one of the remarkable things about the want to be really was that. the control by the
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authorities was very strict and very strong. so we had very little religious disturbances of course it was sort of pushed underground. but with the return of democracy and. a greater openness and of course at the same time manipulation it came out reemerge on a much bigger scale. in politics there are 2 emotions which are very strong one is greed and the others feel. because we are under the military dictatorship 51 years. and then we have a civil war that's been raging between the central military and the ethnic on organizations. so it's like.
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an ending. continuous fear. even educated people in your ma say that all you see the images they breed like cockroaches or insects and very soon your high state will be full of was going religious and it was the buddhist will be swallowed so it's like we are defending our country our society and our religion so it's very potent is a very strong message but totally wrong and it's quite frightening and that is the real danger of these extremist monks.
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mobility. if you like you may. have an idea you might film a. young. mother that is the 1st organization to inform how to protest our country our is. going to treat our ease. voters and is. peacemakers. where come in everyone to our nation our country. ok but we don't as illegally my grand.
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discover man don't laugh me. i'm no happy. government must be more care i was in among people than. going to because we have family there different to strangers ok. the. the. growing fear of fake news and. pushing communities never attack and never fight in different feed for different countries you can see the. world history. you can see wars history.
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this is a prank this is a fake fake. this is a fake. you know it in the everybody says are humor rise humor right where is a human judy where is it is in judy. i want to ask them where is what is human judy. then there was then that they never tell about them. they all will out they all will out you mariah human right no human right is not that fast we have to understand human judy and citizen to d. . if you are human being.
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we are no animal. all of this. can be brought on free and. he got us all really bad we can all have that. they're hanging him before us and we believe in islam are discriminated and treated like animals by the. state was home to over a 1000000 raija muslims and over 2000000 buddhists before the conflict started in 2012. since then being modest government has banned all media and
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n.g.o.s from accessing the conflict area. where most ranger muslims now live in internally displaced camps. desperate and afraid. i want to hide my face and my identity but the government. to speak out. when you are bad they come and. and the prosecutor. suddenly there was a remember several hand here. we are rabbi time and grow in tell me. all the time especially. after several days there are people in mosques and the police come in said the hottest on fire in the army. i was in my house and. i decided that myself i have think that because my belly was
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wrong. there he insists that their community had nothing to do with this attack. many of me in mars' activists and jerk. lists believe that the rape and murder of the buddhist woman never happened. that it was a story made up to start the conflict and. hundreds of thousands were forced into i.d.p. camps or to flee the country most of them to refugee camps in neighboring bangladesh. some of them going to. police all sportswear by their listening. at the time. at the. honduras south thousands of. people.
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following the attacks armed forces led so-called clearance operations in iraq and states. by 2018 thousands of ranger muslims were killed and more than 700000 had fled to bangladesh. the situation for survivors is desperate. now i am 22 years from my feet here the current. horror of if i want to. but i can't. because i don't have i don't think that. i want to see. peace have an equal right. i want this is slightly.
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what has happened in iraq hein what has happened to the room. has been. really kind of an abysmal drop. the weight of a government and the ministry of the security forces handle things only made things worse. so that's one of the biggest stains on the new government and on the country as a whole. and i really believe that things where either handled very badly all there are. i think. unscrupulous you know elements in it relating the situation from behind. countries who are transiting you know from an authoritarian system to a book open democratic system face
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a lot of problems the politicians have to be prepared for that but if i was not. them all politics is dominated by just 2 parties one is the military spotty they used to be and one is the nationally for democracy. we thought that things would change just by having a democratic government you know and the party of sense e.g. going to get power so again you're also disappointed in that regard. during her decades of struggle to house arrest and she was a nationally known democracy i kong and a harrowing recipient of rent rises she was repeating the monks rob human rights with every breath almost no democracy human rights no rule of law no she says she doesn't even mention human rights anymore. in the
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years following the suffering revolution in marcella brayton it's 1st democratic government. but with the military still in power many of the dreams to have true democracy evaporate. and me and mars leaders stand accused of genocide. well i'm half scottish and half lebanese so diversity is really important to me and al-jazeera is the most diverse place i've ever worked it's we have so many different nationalities and this is east brought together in this one nice organization and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera. a secret musgrave an arlen
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discovered at an institution run by catholic nuns is. a nation in shock to its core . people in power investigates a scandal but destroyed families cost thousands of lives and still raises profound questions about the ties between the catholic church and the irish state. arlen's mother and baby scar. on a 0 for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived to see but their traditional way of life has been under threat for generations. as israel plans an accession into the occupied west bank ug a 0 world goes to the jordan valley where illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what the future holds for these palestinian farmers shepherds of the jordan valley on a jazzier. moulden
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untold stories from asia and the pacific on al-jazeera. or. the logan piece it will be here in doha your top stories from al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump has commuted the sentence of his ally roger stone he advised trump's presidential campaign and was sentenced to jail for lying to congress in the russia probe is what mr trump has been saying about the case and i think right your son was very unfairly treated as were many people and in the meantime the army and all these guys are walking around it rooting by the obama because we caught them crying in my care they want to believe that one thank you the chairman of the democrat led house intelligence committee has responded to mr trump's decision in
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a statement adam schiff called it self-serving and destructive to the country's democracy he went on to say that commuting the sentence of roger stone a crony who lied and obstructed our investigation to protect trump himself is among the most offensive to the rule of law and the principles of justice the u.n. security council has again failed to extend its cross border humanitarian aid program for syria putting millions of people at risk to votes of failed to pass the 1st was vetoed by russia and china another proposal put forward by moscow failed to get any backing aid agencies are warning of dire consequences for displaced people many in northwestern syria depend on aid coming in from turkey thousands of people have protested for a 4th day in serbia's capital belgrade the calling on the president alexander to change to resign in part due to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic another
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latin american politician has been quarantined compounding the coronavirus crisis in the region venezuela's oil minister tarik alice army is the latest of many regional leaders to contract qubit 19. in mali's capital protesters have stormed the national assembly and state t.v. center calling for president ibrahim boubacar creator to resign opposition figures rejects major reforms recently introduced by the president the turkish leaders says the 1st prayers will be held inside istanbul's to fear on july the 24th after he signed a decree formally restoring the landmark status as a mosque earlier on friday a court ruled the monuments conversion from mosque to a museum in 1934 was illegal i have a half a bulletin in 30 minutes see it at. least . nono no no canonical what you will in.
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there that are a form of the even with the word evil. under. if you knew what. the not told me did you learn. to go to movies you will see what we see you do so unless you know why you will be thinking. through all the mojo no dude you are not just given the how to do just i don't want to be told look to be about my get there. and then the body to somebody. what do you feel for these going. on in it. and don't worry about it. now obama will probably get them out of town for what you will allow there will be few women who know me let the images and it will be i was to them i just need. to
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bore you with the burning of. your coverage. in the broad picture. like in a separate division amongst can stage massive protests and bring the population on to this site which the government in power really fear and the bitter gov. really clamp down on it so if them would treat it. very suitable. you can also use mongst for your own purpose you know. for very negative and send objectives back to democracy the monks are a force that can be used. the n.l.e. government doesn't view would be very favorably for us to protect that so the monks
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and the military be entered into this kind of unholy alliance. claims. there is no denying the reverence for them about our leader during his visit to current state. his devoted followers worship the ultranationalist monks along the way. laid. a crowd of fervent followers is also waiting to receive his speech. class. i.
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i. i. i i. i i i i i you know i. knew i was a. good . luck to you live.
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in god. i. love. good. luck. see you. live. here. live here. live. i.
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got. friends and. i was born and maturity but i think it's. because as a majority community. i need to admit that i was privilege being a military daughter i'm powerful even mindset is powerful whatever i go out i got favor i can do whatever i want if i want to use of my father's power.
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so everything is privilege and everything is just a fine you dissolve this privilege because you are british just because you do something good in your purse life. of course we have questions even inside the family they don't agree they asked me to stop same bad words against the military because they are that all people if i cause or if i'm playing to the old people i would be in help in the future. so when i exposed to the different wars when i exported different stories so they gave me a new insights that i need to really stand on using my model as the majority ethnicity a majority religions to define and those were all press. so we got in the range of prices and i feel a huge. burden because that's not just the room and rakhine
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crisis it's the nation of crisis it's not just a nation a crisis a global crisis right now. like to be so but why that to happen me because the fear you know the politicians know that if you make people fear for something like the a religion has become sensitive it again easier to create a conflict so it's become like us and politic or we are playing games using that religion and nationality and i didn't. hear. the minister of religion he was actually from military that means he got to have some kind of similar idea along. just like mob that recruit that by and l.t. you get but it is so his it makes the stretcher that he is walking and as a ministry all religion only for boredom.
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this town and current state in the south east of me and more is restricted to foreigners and muslims forbidden. he gave. so money which he can go. to live at home i would know by that off he not going on in. me. to id have they got. a. bomb or not it's a mile. deep down in the misery and no one a danger to the one now the no go one night it. doesn't go with you in your. life. they are
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a they was all valid it was idea to light it no good. only on their weird name i would design missile did it i did so when i do know i doubt he will. so i do because only with it. you know we are there and that this us on the this or that one your d.n.a. . and everybody. today monks from across the country along with thousands of devoted these have come to pay their last respects at the funeral of $1.00 of the region's most influential religious leaders political figures and other public personalities attend the event wear them about oz leader is given a position of prestige. dorothy. on this trip scores of heavily armed soldiers accompany him. deep down in him as a new one and then you're doing your. job one that has it it. will table
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1. 1000000 above your. teenager. and he got. all those dagonet. the tinning going on in then and of his in. the myanmar minister of religion is at great pains to justify his government's policies regarding the range of prices to them. explaining that any concessions were enacted reluctantly. got. off by me. and my. 5. by the.
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way and. i'll hold onto it oh yes a lot. of. our own good news. out of the whole go go go hog. they started off to get a lot of signatures on a petition. supporting. public all the. interfaith marriage
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laws and because of support. huge never and i think this was a way of trying to test the waters. this happens in democracies now. so in the past it was the power of the gun and now it is the power of the vote and the legislature is really dominated by the u.s. to be party a. pass those laws. and so of our. in straight. you know 2015 elections the really tried to play a political role. and to explain that we are to he has visited sri lanka many times and i think it is a game and his role model of the monks and nuns here at the park that i kind of.
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and according to the new 3 lankan constitution. political party composed of what is monks is permitted and then they also enter the election and got elected. monks in sri lanka because of the general emergency. the buddhist monks became very active in politics the same thing is repeated in your mind the political role the nationalist role and the colonial role you know. present. but i would say sri lanka was peds in politics so militant monster extremist. in yemen i'll look at sri lanka as a kind of robot. doesn't exist anymore you know the dish are gong so they have to find something. and. they say that the same thing
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for the nearby military they need evidence to justify their big budgets and their existence. is the love evidence that made public that the military was supporting them about the them and the other is flush with cash but lots of money. who were to loot is also because adding $0.05 for the budgets they say that you have to prepare yourself for the next elections. so it really should be in there where i can be backing this set of candidates for election i think they will do the same thing in 2020 but on the biggest cayle. that any. not only do the next time. i am.
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even. then i. call stop results i got was not possible.
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we fall river right on the field on the 7th because all it's awful revolution against a military system everybody won the freedom everybody round in my right everybody want democracy. one day the military army come and shoot a lot of people on the street i visit scary we go i never saw we kill each other from me. i fee so site and i v so angry in same time. after that what can we do we have no power here nor up on are about the news it uses can speak out to use power to fight back we can screaming for the human right. person is why one should do a long job. less is. mostly who hate islam the bit is that. no other call me the 1st just. this is not religion this is
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a politic. religion. i don't understand the policy. i only understand about humanity i cannot change the war i cannot change even my country i get into think myself around me as this. revolution cannot exist without a left to lose in with the lead this minute violent with us all are over losing you cannot see changing because of or reason is the change the must work you invest time. which is not of the day or anything at all and that is what it may just be noting
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that. you know. only. whom nobody. but you know john and now you know you're going to. hit the. sand out of anonymity double. the money. of. government owned you and. the protection of buddhism and the current government inspired devotion among many of me and most people. but there are voices challenging the status quo there is an emerging dissenting youth movement calling for another revolution. for authorities it presents a new challenge. for others who say they want to preserve myanmar's fledgling democracy it off. as a voice of. me.
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dad was always feared in the u.s. you know hope brought new ideas and new concepts and who called friend with the cause of it to people all these. 20 of us in the mines to where in the projects like the voice opinions. we bring people together from different communities different religious backgrounds from music. so you know it is clearly that. they don't know want to see any more conflicts they want to be together they want to be peaceful they want to be developed you know they want to touch up with the war and they want to do your they want to celebrate this freedom. and so our job is to let them be aware of how they can
4:53 am
influence the future. and the future for that. i will not say have freedom of expression now. now we can say whatever i would want but it doesn't mean that they would not risk. in just a new outfit by the same doc and since i. find my. lisa .
4:54 am
bloom lisa bloom. louise. going to. go.
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i'm not. i'm going. to be. dong. the moment. some of the difficulties. they are not on their own you know as you know and i know to hold your own money while. you have to state your position on family at a time like this when the country is divided on this issues when she was on a very unglamorous very strong vocal you must add your voice against its soul by giving science i think you also. part of the picture that means you have also i
4:56 am
would say. you know one day we all would die for sure mom or congress and the. soul. everyone show of the stock question months. all money pain. to just try our home and think. if we could do their back no wrong. the whole wrong is done. no lines so we will not complain about doctrine and. we will not create our own light to visit our revolution.
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hello there very unsettled northern sections of the united states through eastern canada as well and we're watching this this is tropical storm fay it is expected to fall the early hours of saturday and quite quickly then move inland as you can see of the northeast and also up into eastern as a candidate together this fund which is slogging through very heavy amounts of rain
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expected and it will also bring the temperatures down which is a good thing but sunny a very unsettled picture out across the southwest in mainz warm and dry in fact the temperatures here sunny through saturday and sunday phoenix 47 that's about 7 degrees above the average and likewise across into los angeles as well how much is that about 6 degrees above average now that storm system face will work its way up through eastern canada taking the heavy rain with it but again it'll cool things down in the wake of that but it's a very unsettled picture through much of the east as you can see some heavy spells of rain and even the charles some severe thunderstorms then down into central america in the caribbean plenty of thunderstorms in the last few hours very well scott says you'll see here this massive cloud. kristina pushing away from mexico this is what it left behind some severe thunderstorms and this is not snow cools it's actually hail that gathered in the streets there's more rain as we go through southie on the south coast of mexico widespread showers and thunderstorms to florida and also across in to cuba.
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they signed up for a luxury cruise but some would never come ha. ha ha ha ha ha oh when i want to investigate stealing deadly pocono irruption on al-jazeera. in the off to mop of the 2011 quake and tsunami a remarkable portrayed of a remote japanese village. that is later how has the community of me aka been able to move on and rebuild their lives. rewinds japan after the catastrophe. on al-jazeera. every generation has a higher purpose. ours is just stay out of. the
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world. that is the prize for your really great. donald trump commutes his campaign advisers prison sentence rod just stowed was convicted for lying in the russian approach but now he's a free man. a little welcome on peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up.


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