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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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al-jazeera selects. al jazeera. along with al this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes . remembering a genocide 25 years on a somber day is being marked in srebrenica where 8000 men and boys were murdered by
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both b. and serb forces. voters in hong kong it's true that which democratic candidates could run in september's legislative council elections. a setback for press freedom the largest old cancer in the philippines has permanently taken off wants protests against its closure. and after decades of conflict and a growing demand for housing baghdad is under pressure to hold on to its architectural heritage. uninstaller bron james and the l.a. lakers head into basketball's quarantine bubble the game's biggest stars now arrived in florida ahead of the n.b.a. leagues reached. it's been 25 years since he said it's a genocide while the 8000 muslim men and boys were murdered in 1995 by both troops it was the worst crime of that war and is still the only mess killing to be ruled
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a genocide on european soil since the end of the 2nd world war a commemoration is underway this hour in east in bosnia and herzegovina as part of the ceremony some of the remains of the victims will be buried the bodies of more than a 1000 people are still missing. our correspondents torak. those commemorations in srebrenica we'll talk to him shortly but 1st this report from song again. an expanse of grave stones each one a victim of the genocide perpetrated here a quarter of a century ago. the fathers grandfathers brothers uncles and sons of striper needs. those they left behind come to pray here but the trauma of what happened is present . i only wonder why they killed my children they were my
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neighbors and my oldest son's wedding day i invited them 1st my serb enables. the widows and mothers of srebrenica left with their photos their memories for lost her 3 sons and her husband the body of her eldest has never been found every day she is haunted by the last time she saw her youngest son. and. she hung on to me when serb soldiers came to take him he said mother don't leave me i stroked his curly here and said i won't leave you. they took him and i followed i don't know if they hit me i don't remember anything it was this man right comrade each the commander of the bosnian serb forces who gave the order to exterminate the muslim men and boys of srebrenica here he reassured the younger they had nothing to worry about before condemning them to a massacre together with
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a war time leader of the bosnian serbs rather one cottage each the unleashed an atrocity the like of which had not been seen in europe since world war 2. they were later found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity by a un real crimes tribunal both are now serving life sentences in the hague. but the failure of the dutch forces acting as un peacekeepers sent hundreds to their deaths many of the victims fled to the un designated safe zone only to be handed over to the bosnian serb forces. lost his entire immediate family in the killing that ensued he succeeded in holding the netherlands partly liable for their deaths yes i was reading. here all. it was to do with the army. you. was always a. bystander while
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a genocide was. now there is a new generation of young people many may have been born after the genocide but it is never far from their minds or their family history as is the need to preserve the memory of those who were killed and i grew up near here i keep an eye on the symmetry i lost a lot of family then a lost my grandfather keeping the memory of the victims alive and for their families a chance to remember them in dignity so. al-jazeera will target homesteader it joins us now live from. just one us through what's happening there today turk. well we have this memorial here been the model so as the victims of this evidence of genocide 2025th anniversary quarter century since the genocide the calm aeration will end shortly maybe it's even ended while we were waiting but i have tony brooklier with me
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a war time correspondent who covered war in bosnia tony you were in 7 in say 9932 years before the genocide. what what is your experience what it was 7 so looked like in 2 years before the genocide was complete and utter devastation people were dying every single day and i think what happened in serbia lisa that time in end of 92 beginning 93 said the cv what happened in 1905 a lot of focus is 119051903 people being pushed thousands tens of thousands of people pushed out of the hose by a big serve offensive i saw death on a daily basis it was hard ships there and they were they were starving slowly to death until the un came in and save them so it's a pretty bad sink like going back to the 2nd world war. i read that you said that the 1st thing that when 2 was gone was human dignity can it or can you talk a little talk to us about that yes i think people went from a very comfortable life i mean this was a country that was a communist country one stage but people live side by side they had the basic
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things that make life go you know they had a good home they had food they had education very good education and suddenly they're all went so they were refugees walking through the snow and i was filming images of people who you could see that their life is draining out of them the lack of understanding about why this was happening and they of course like every single war we're paying the ultimate price for what people up the ladder the strong people were doing we are today here what a century later later what do you see as challenges for the community here and what's what 7 it's a lax 25 years later i think 70 so ultimately needs justice and although we hear that there are people who have faced a court for the crimes that. miss it in 1905 there are still people walking around in the community at large you were part of the whole process and i think for people to really heal and move on they have to see that those people are brought to task for what they have done and until that happens i think it's very hard to move on is
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down to the international community if you look back the international community in many respects failed the people of celebrities have failed the people of bosnia in fact it's now up to them to come to this country which is power lies by a peace agreement was forced upon them to make a situation better if they possibly can but at the moment bossie is paralyzed the people here the victims the families of the victims cannot move on until they get justice do you see that happening international community engaging in bosnia in a more proactive way is difficult for all of us that covered that war and that was the longest war that many of us covered so you got to do it pretty well it became quite obvious that the international muti was chain on ticking a box we brought peace they didn't understand the. implications of the peace they forced upon the various parties so really nothing has been solved here you've got a paralyzed system not only here but you know all around the region and instill that situation changes you cannot begin to heal and move on and live like
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a normal life again now you covered many many war stories but you say this is this is the front why was the fence. well i i saw in the period of one month enough images to haunt me for a lifetime and some of them i carry with me always but there are some that i've forgotten about to be honest the exhibition here now which is just opened for the 1st time is showing the video almost in its entirety showing faces of people who are no longer here men and boys who were executed it's going to be a real shock and upsetting experience for a lot of people here but these are going to be the last images and when i saw those images everything came flooding back to me about what i had seen people being operated on with in the basic of conditions they had no food there was desperation here on a daily basis and that's all come back to me some of the images now become compounded and also i suppose anger that nothing has been done about it well tony thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera now the commemoration has ended and in the next
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hour or so we will have the recital the midday prayer and after that the physical act of burying thank you for that attack there in sivits there with attorney in srebrenica. but more ahead on news our including. an economic lifeline for nigeria find out what its $3000000000.00 natural gas project means for its people and votes in the region. and while the u.s. suffers through a record number of covert 90 cases the president has not spoken to the country's top virus experts in more than 2 months. in sports check charlton one of the all time greats of english football has died aged 85.
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buses in hong kong are casting their ballots to narrow the field of democratic candidates who will run in an upcoming election campaigning has been underway for several hours and people will be voting over the weekend beijing's newly imposed national security nor in the city is overshadowing the main election in september and sarah clarke reports. these images of a mob indiscriminately attacking protesters journalists and civilians in uniform last july marked a turning point in the hong kong demonstrations journalist with hope was live streaming when she was targeted i know that the proud to live broadcast of me being beaten up by gangs and lobsters it's terrible to watch but the thing is i do know like that so many people they went to uni after that because they watched barca it was this incident and last year's months of anti-government protests that inspired going to total into the political arena for the 1st time she'll run as an
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independent candidate in the new territories the legislative council elections in september despite china's newly imposed national security law she's prepared to take the risk and fight for greater democratic reform in hong kong of course i'm concerned i'm a fisher of course the people. here concerned about the future we also know that if we do not do something if we do not resist the other terrorist and or even totally tarion rue there's no future at all for us to concern about. in last year's local council elections the pro-democracy camp secured 17 of the 18 districts and that's put greater competition in the pro-democracy bloc more young independent candidates are now standing for election to the city's legislature the probation camp which holds the majority acknowledges it might lose some seats but it's confident voters will support their central policy to restore order in a city rocked by months of political unrest the good will the upcoming election
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will be a tough one we will focus on issues such as restoring social stability because of last year's social unrest people hope the city can go back to normal soon as possible china's new national security looms over its campaign analysts say it effectively empowers authorities to disqualify candidates from local and pro-democracy camps who are critical of the chinese government this year i think china is taking a much stronger position against the opposition so i guess quite a number of the opposition candidates may get this wildfire the national security law has already seen some parties withdraw from this election because some members fear the risk of imprisonment should the pro-democracy cap secure the majority that would live in the power to an act of laws and reject or approve the budget and in extreme circumstances they could even try and force the resignation of the chief executive order over the final result on september 6th the coming months are likely
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to narrow hong kong's political divide sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. to vehicle poland joins us now live from hong kong devious and i will go what's turnout looking like. well kim according to organizers is spoke to us not long ago there is demanding our. around 60000 or even more people have turned out to cast their ballots if not at polling stations digitally also which is a pretty good turnout as their estimate or their target was 170000 so they still have until sunday nights before the ballots close they could very well get they're not part of the issue here has been the up hill battle trying to get this these primaries up and running for instance a lot of the venues that were supposed to be ballot stations pulled up in the last minute they say jerk due to pressure from a lot more to said that they don't want their property used for political means but democratic activists and advocates like joshua long for instance have really pushed
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the importance of these primary elections particularly at a very uncertain time here in hong kong and here's what he had to say with the crackdown from beijing that was not a hypothesis or random every will cost and the protests will receive and generate more mandates what activists going to do to get after they have people sold the rule i will bolt in a primary election and let the base unit know that we will not kowtow to china so i feel like i need to explain exactly where i am behind me and that and we district councils of ired to circumvent any issues for instance last minute pulling out a venue's or even the authorities saying that they're not allowed to hold these ballots in certain areas and so people have been coming here to cast their ballots on the spot not only that as you can see behind me many people are taking pictures so it's a great promotion for the selections but it's by no means a done deal even if these elections go smoothly yes the democratic camp is still facing a lot of issues particularly due to the vagueness of that national security law
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there kim thanks for that update give you a couple in there live from hong kong. the philippines congress has refused to renew the operating license of the country's biggest broadcaster wants rights groups are calling a dark day for press freedom they say it's part of a broader crackdown on dissent in a country already considered one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists to be the underdog and reports from manila. to deny a.b.c.'s french application is here but adopted it is seen as a crushing blow to press freedom 70 out of 84 lawmakers voted against the renewal of the broadcast license of the country's biggest media network e.b.'s c b n. it looks highly political highly highly political but that being said i respect. then this issue of the narrative spread what they have done oh my i will accept it it's it's painful. the ruling
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a sparked a public outrage and criticism of congress where most members are allied with president rodrigo to terror to join. the decision comes as the government is already grappling with its response to the coronavirus pandemic which has led to millions of filipinos losing their jobs maybe a c.b.s. closure threatens the livelihoods of another $11000.00. iraq war removing the channel from air also means depriving many people of information in remote areas where it's often the only one available the government spokesperson denies the president was involved in influencing congress. but president of the go to tear down has repeatedly tried to a.b.s.e b.n. in the past saying that the network did not air his political campaigns during the 2016 presidential elections and instead to brenne most of the ads of his political
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opponent choice next year if you're expecting. him sort of. euro. rights groups a do terror to as often treated journalists with contempt and the closure of the network is the grave assault on media freedom on the current administration it isn't the 1st time that the media network was forced off the air in 1972 it was also shot down by then president for didn't mark us when he declared martial law and maybe as c.b.s. only reopened in 1986 after the dictatorship was thought polled by a people power revolution this is b.s. . they say the network is being punished because of the terror does the grievances and the
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position will further damage on the already troubled nation. through the joins us now live from manila so what we think will happen next. well according to congress yesterday they said the a.b.c. binion network had about 24 hours to submit the peel to the committee that led these congressional hearings but we haven't heard much about whether this indeed happened it's because the requirement once for a member of the majority of those who voted against should make that appeal it's quite difficult in terms of legal maneuverings but what is essentially sure for now is that their request for a renewal or an extension of its franchise is officially over a.b.s.e b.n. may now have to apply for a fresh franchise but it's unlikely that things will change in the coming months given that it will still be the same congress what worries many though as mentioned
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earlier is that there are thousands in fact millions of filipinos who are now deprived of political public information those from far from communities kim whose only access to information before was a.b.s.e b.n. thanks for that update live from manila. opposition supporters in mali have attacks the prime minister's office as calls for the president's resignation intensify a rally turned into violence off to protest is trying to occupy the national assembly and force the state board constitute. reports. protesters attempting to burn down mollies national assembly saying the parliament no longer represents the people overwhelmed police fired tear gas outside the prime minister's office demonstrators have set up roadblocks in the capital bamako the country is on edge. we have said and we are here
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on the right now today is the last day of president the president ukraine bucketed and we are calling everybody to come out to stop on this popular idea. in an address to the nation president called for dialogue saying he would form a national unity government appoint new judges to the constitutional court and organize a new vote in constituencies where there were allegations of fraud in favor of the ruling party during last april to parliamentary elections for protest organizer mahmoud eco that this is not enough. i am not an opponent or opposed to. i am opposed to the system in the way of ruling that isn't working. in the center and north of the country millions are displaced after fleeing attacks from armed groups and into communal violence security forces have so far failed to bring peace despite the support of $14000.00 un and european troops the protesters want to
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strip the president of his power calling for a transitional government but supporters this is unacceptable. we have to sit in a negotiation we each bring demands and we compromise you can't just demand the resignation of the sitting president. the protesters are calling for a nationwide civil disobedience movement demonstrators have occupied government buildings in control entry and exit of the capital bamako it seems the president is unable to contain a movement that is gaining momentum nicholas hawke al-jazeera. workers began on a gas pipeline in nigeria worth nearly $3000000000.00 that's designed to pile natural gas to homes which at the moment is burning off and going to waste long term customers in north africa and europe of interest reports from. after 15 years of delay nigeria's international gas pipeline is finally under way
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the almost $3000000000.00 project with a capacity to deliver 2200000000 cubic feet of natural gas is designed to feed electricity generating power stations and reactivate dormant industries in nigeria . the head of the national petroleum corporation says the project will increase domestic consumption and export of guys an indication that nigeria is increasingly shifting its focus to natural gas after more than 60 years of dependence on oil. you know you've seen a pro did that can and never will. cause the county and also particularly in areas where does such opportunities didn't exist and by extension also to create opportunity for employment where you have more when you develop guys more continue to for growth of your local economies you also have bigger market because as we go forward. utilization of kordell is diminishing across the globe of the new 600 kilometer pipeline will link up with the existing network to deliver
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gas to nigeria's neighbors and nigerian gas is eventually planned to reach europe through the 4400 kilometer trance pipeline nigeria produces 2000000 barrels of crude oil a day on average and is nigeria's biggest source of revenue by the oil price war an unprecedented slump in demand because of the coronavirus has seen a sharp fall in government income analysts say nigeria has failed to make as much money as it should from its oil reserves but basically the net benefit per barrel of oil exports head was actually reduced so regardless of how much you produce if your cost of production is not optimal it's not good business industrial production in africa's biggest economy has fallen drastically mainly due to partial to the country currently produces less than $5000.00 megawatts of electricity despite having the walled 9 largest natural gas reserves of $200.00 trillion cubic
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feet the government holds. one channel access gas kind of being played by all companies to generate electricity. pipelines in nigeria have repeatedly been attacked over the years the bombings have reduced as has oil theft by this year and a resumption of attacks on the energy infrastructure could derail nigeria's dream of a gas rich future. al-jazeera which are. at least 23 people have died and thousands have been displaced by flooding and landslides in nepal heavy rain is slowing down rescue efforts and recovery efforts dozens are still missing with crews searching remote areas for people who were swept away by the flood waters. but it's time now for the weather with ever 10 and more on those floods in nepal yeah i'm afraid there are further showers in the forecast came but i'm hopeful is not going to be quite as heavy as they have been but really will
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just add to the problems you can see the whiter shading of cloud on the satellite picture there just above blue turn to the north of bhutan but the show clouds never too far away from nepal as well and in a similar area to the far north east of india we've seen 179 millimeters of rain in the past 24 hours there's plenty more where that came from you can see the bright yellow shading on the chart there just around the eastern side of nepal pushing across the far northeast of india northern parts of bangladesh and then it really is a case of spot the difference we go from sunday into monday more heavy downpours across a similar area monday into tuesday and a repeat performance the same again then you can see those showers never really too far away from nepal so for the problems to come here as we go through the coming days i suspect we push a little further is 1st and of course we have seen flooding problems into japan as well that same line of cloud it comes right out of northern parts of india right across central china pushing across the yellow sea towards the korean peninsula cue
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she looks a little drier than it has been recently the wetter weather will slide across south korea towards that western side of japan we go on into we're choose day yet more rain coming through not quite sabbat for huge issue things do look a little more promising as we go on into where the stake him think that everything . so ahead on al-jazeera the course between fighting in trying to find a better life for primitive migrants has decided to call the be a home instead of fleeing to europe. i think right so we're really great. find out why donald trump's former campaign adviser is now a free man despite being convicted of criminal charges. and in sports national hockey league players formally agreeing to return to action for the 1st time since the cologne of a small town. player. the
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ultranationalist monks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as any migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have 2 photos of our nation what has happened to their attention that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on all jews here. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days. in front of the neighborhood and many feel the economy is be prioritised the boat for human life until fall to pull clean the focus on the outfield was spiking public 19 races we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus fundament special coverage on
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a. the . more technology is there a reminder of our top stories this hour commemoration has ended in eastern bosnia and herzegovina where the 25 year anniversary of the stripper needs genocide has been marked more than $8000.00 muslim men and boys were murdered by bosnian serb troops. on kong's pro-democracy campus holding a primary vote to decide on its candidates for september's legislative council elections they say a newly imposed security law is threatening freedoms the territory. while just broadcaster in the philippines will remain permanently off the air after m.p.'s
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refused to renew its license the a.b.s. c b n corporation was forced to go off air in may after its franchise expired. by mouth to our top story the srebrenica massacre those thousands of men and boys killed the balls were under the protection of dutch un troops but most young people in the netherlands have no idea about what happened step fossum reports. it's a monument to the victims of a genocide that's missing from dutch history books these photos of young bostonians now living in an adolescent at an exhibition in front of the dutch ministry of defense should give a face and a story to the thousands who were killed after the dutch troops handed them over to serbian forces like the father of most of it she was 14 years old when she was separated from him at the compound guarded by dutch troops the stage but what is really painful to me is that until now they say they did not think we were in danger that's a blunt line and that hurts me maybe even more than the genocide back then but.
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don't create awareness has told her story in a podcast made by 2 young journalists who themselves had no idea of this a brain needs are killings researchers say nearly 60 percent of young dutch people between 16 and 29 have no idea of what happened in sobranie to the change that young bosnian women have started this campaign to ask corporate monument and to give the genocide a more prominent role in that history books for 25 years after the largest massacre since world war 2 survivors say they are still struggling to be heard for the last year after a long legal battle the dutch supreme court found the state partially responsible for the death of hundreds of buses young men to prime minister margaret and the former members of the dutch battalion has this message i think that the best what they should do is to travel to srebrenica together and be respected the victims only then they will show that they don't look away anymore how powerful would that image be we don't want to continue to put the blame but we want to be seen and
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heard. former dutch soldier elise bed was 19 years old during the fall of somebody needs her she says a collective visit to the graves of the victims could help members of the battalion to deal with their trauma they have faced accusations of cowardice for their role in the massacre she also urges to un and dutch government to admit that they send the dutch troops to an impossible mission itself so vague as a group of us if i was the prime minister i would be much more open about what happened just admit it a lot would change after this but in the netherlands it is so difficult to self reflect i know other soldiers are still struggling with this but i never had the feeling that i could have done more maybe no we sometimes wonder what we could have done but at that time we were totally overwhelmed it was total chaos. prudy events interplay needs our people in the netherlands and in bosnia are forever connected only with that shared responsibility we can together prevent that
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genocide ever happens again on the european continent just like we promised after the 2nd world war the sheer to history that needs to be remembered together to make the dark chapter of scribbly need to a more bearable for everyone who suffered step fast and al-jazeera the hague. we're taking you live now to srebrenica where flowers are being laid and prayers being held to mark the 25 years since the genocide and when forces killed more than 8000 muslim men and boys and tens of thousands of civilians were forced to flee the area in a process known as as ethnic cleansing the worst crime committed on european soil since the holocaust. reporters without borders says the philippines has become one of the most dangerous places in
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the world for journalists when president ford required to turn to came to power in 2016 he publicly warned reporters they were not exempt from assassination as he put it he said that freedom of expression and try and in the constitution cannot help if they've done something wrong the union representing journalists has reported 13 killings since 2016 news website rappler has angered the president over its criticism of his government its editor maria ressa is now facing up to 6 years in prison found guilty of what's called cyber libel charges even before target journalism was a risky business 2009 members of a powerful political clan murdered $32.00 journalists and media workers on the island of mindanao. is the justice reporter for rappler which is an investigative news outlet in the philippines she joins us on skype from manila thank you for your time what do you make of this shutdown of this
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at this huge network well it's really an assault on press freedom because. the largest television network in the philippines that that's been in existence for 50 years if this largely symbolic of our breasts redone in 1970 at the shop it down with 11000 jobs on the line it's really sending a clear message that if you don't knock the line in the men then you're going to be next in the attacks from the administration. you're a working journalist there what's your take on the state of press freedom how do you feel going about your job day to day. well there is really a chilling effect because it started with the newspaper the newspaper the biggest newspaper also the philippine daily inquirer and then there came next and then the unthinkable shutdown of our bench so that you really think the white house about what you're right and what you published but i mean we are we are
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a country to face this attack on press freedom before so we're just trying to hold the line and trying to do our jobs as best as possible under the circumstances with the shuttle of a b a c b and what does that mean for the plurality of media in the country and access to critical voices right because. a.b.c. even if the largest t.v. network it past a reach of more than 17000000 and there are remote areas in the philippines that could only reach a.b.s. you've been so since you made their television and on their debut and heard nothing it's such it's a chilling read and it's a chilling 3rd of the base of martial law when you've been was shot down or as well and this is the 1st and they're going to be shut down again since martial law so one less formidable newsgroup or you take away that formidable team of journalists you take away access to critical and burmese fine during the pandemic and just quickly how do you expect the new anti-terrorism law to impact press freedoms
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well there is and where it's been a comparison because that there are. only last friday and yesterday this this happened so there's been a chilling effect because there are laws it's widely seen by critics as a crackdown on dissent and human rights advocates jury and the lists are in are often are against this law and a dozen positions are going to be filed in the supreme court to try to revoke this law which they say will really have really cracked down on the set thank you so much for your time on there justice reporter for the philippines. hundreds of people have been holding a protest in israel calling on prime minister benjamin netanyahu to step down. he's on trial for corruption charges the attorney general has banned him from
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appointing any top legal or more enforcement officials while a petition to limit his powers is being considered as now he denies any wrongdoing . dozens of lebanese protesters have held an anti us rally outside the american embassy in beirut was. demanding an end to what they say is u.s. interference in their country's affairs police used water cannon to disperse the crowd as the 2nd anti us protest in beirut and its suburbs this week amid strained relations with washington. and libya has long been a transit point for migrants and refugees attempting to reach europe 3 said fighting between forces of the un recognized government and warlord holly for half the hour has made matters worse for them but some say they're still willing to stay in libya as long as there's work there as well like trying to reports from the coastal city of misrata. every friday misrata city center becomes
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a flea market it's known for its cheap products and laborers come from all over the city to buy and to so they're mostly from other african countries and came to libya looking for work to provide for their families back home. so. these are people who are looking for opportunities and they can make a decent living in the country so they come here a stable libya would mean many of them will be able to find work and make a good living here. alice with a man is from niger and works at this wedding hall it's been closed for nearly 4 months because of the covert lockdown now he's preparing for its reopening and. i came to libya to look for money i have 2 brothers a sister and my parents i send the money every month ali says he's been promoted twice and given a raise he's happy he can support his family. but the money
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ali began working with us as a laborer we immediately noticed that he was a hard worker so we developed him now he's an assistant supervisor there are many like ali who are looking for opportunities for work they are a very important segment of our economy. while many people focus on libya being a transport hub for migrants attempting to reach european shores others come here to provide for their families back home some here tell us a stable libya would likely lead to fewer people making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean ali and many like him say they have no interest in going to europe he says after a few years of saving he will move back to niger a sort of family a stable income here in libya allows him to do that malik trainer al-jazeera misrata baghdad is struggling to hang on to its architectural heritage after decades of conflicts neglect and commercial pressure the iraqi capital had around $5000.00 traditional buildings in 1904 but less than
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a quarter left today growing demand for residential housing and commercial interests taking over traditional neighborhoods a summer of faulty records. on the banks of the river tigris one can still get a taste of what baghdad looked like a century ago yellow brick buildings wooden balconies culture on a shield and ornamental arches were once common features of baghdadi homes but after years of war and neglect many traditional houses have been destroyed and those left are in dire need of restoration. i said our family has lived here for generations. his grandfather used to build china but the craft has almost died out along with the architectural features that once defined by the early show as they will be will be made there's no use running dating it's fragile inside in the expertise needed to restore it the way our grandfathers used to no longer exists the owners say it's also more expensive to renovate than build
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a new house from scratch and so modern structures are gradually replacing old ones unlike other countries where buildings of historic value are usually owned by the government more than 90 percent of all traditional houses in baghdad are in the hands of private individuals who have hugh incentives to preserve them in addition regulations to protect the properties are often not enforced any construction in the old neighborhood must be approved here in the minister polities heritage department among half of the lead engineer says it's difficult to force private owners to abide by her department's guidelines. person comes to us and wants to destroy the old heyse we say no because the building is of significant headed so what does he do he needs the walked on for a week and it collapses from the inside another man sets his on fire and says it was an electrical fire. a bus has come to submit his request for
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a building permit in the car the mia mabel heard his is a new building but because the plot is located near a heritage site the facade must contain certain characteristics to preserve the area's historic look maybe and not as they inform me that there are small issues so i have to change parts of the designs that i can get certification but few builders appear to go through the tedious process which can take months to complete we visit the ties plot in the media and find it abutted by modern buildings many exceeding the maximum or 4 floors allowed here. in most of the street there is no her to building i'm the only one who's building a traditional house that resembles the old ca to me or baghdad. real estate is a lucrative business here every year millions of pilgrims flock to the shrine of them the 7th of the 12 in mom's venerated by shia muslims their visits have fuel demand for hotel accommodation but the heritage department at baghdad municipality
1:44 pm
told al-jazeera that all of them are illegal. why don't they build in the cane succumbs issues a fein and that's it he continues heritage experts say what is needed to preserve baghdad's old houses is sustainable investment coupled with strong law enforcement but with iraq's government distracted by other priorities including a deepening fiscal crisis the capital's architectural heritage is addressed disappearing simona fulton al jazeera back at. amazon says an e-mail telling employees to remove the video sharing app to talk from their phones was sent by mistake an internal memo said staff should delete the app from any device that can access company e-mail because of security risks tick tock is owned by a chinese company and as previously come under scrutiny over fears could shared with the government. u.s. president donald trump has commuted the sentence of his former campaign. convicted
1:45 pm
of lying to congress during the special counsel's russia investigation. he has been a friend a confidant and for a very long time his biggest political supporter. can thank donald trump for his freedom the veteran political consultant was due to begin a prison sentence on tuesday with the president's granting of clemency that has gone away in my case. an assistant u.s. attorney. filed a motion with the court which has. become our investigation had proof beyond a crowd strikes report that the russians hacked the d.n.c. and gave the information to wiki leaks that's a lie in a statement the white house said roger stone is a victim of the russia hopes that the left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the trump presidency there was never any
1:46 pm
collusion between the trump campaign or the trump administration with russia it continued mr stone will be put at serious medical risk in prison he's appealed this conviction and is seeking a new trial concludes roger stone is no a free man. was caught up in robert miller's investigation into alleged collusion between russia and the trump campaign in january last year he was charged with one count of obstruction 5 of making false statements and one of threatening a witness the charges included lying to congress during the russian investigation about his back channel links to wiki leaks during the 2016 election campaign prosecutors said he lied several times to protect donald trump after a trial in washington d.c. he was found guilty initially prosecutors recommended a 7 to 9 year sentence that was criticized by the president. he was sentenced to 40 months in jail fined $20000.00 and told to complete $250.00. hours of community service several times the president insisted this was
1:47 pm
a miscarriage of justice and he was considering a pardon for his old friend including this on friday that i think roger stone was very unfairly treated as were many people and in the meantime called me and all these guys are walking around voting by the obama because we've got them crying on my campaign who want to believe that one numerous republicans have over the last few days given a political cover to commute the sentence but others want him against it saying it could play badly in the months leading up to the next election adam schiff who led the impeachment process against donald trump said in a statement commuting the sentence of roger stone a crony who lied in obstructed investigation to protect trump himself is among the most offensive to the rule of law and principles of justice just this week stone tried to stop his sentence going ahead but at a hearing comes when justice department said it was a reasonable step something the president has no over rule out fish or al-jazeera
1:48 pm
washington. the u.s. is now reporting more than $70000.00 coronavirus cases a day this comes as the nation's top infectious disease expert says he has a brief the president and more than 2 months after chappelle has the something. in what the president has described as a war these are the new front lines this is lexington medical center in columbia south carolina a state which pushed reopening and is now seen a surge in cases if you care. in one county in texas they are asking the federal government to send them a 2nd trailer to help deal with the bodies of those killed by the virus and enough supplies to carry out autopsies these are the hard parts of my job having to do these types of things but it's also the reality of this virus that preparedness even means being slight bags and and more trailers in florida. another new hot spot lines for testing are getting longer the state has almost a quarter of
1:49 pm
a 1000000 confirmed cases all this says the strain between the president and one of his top advisers is beginning to show in a telephone interview the president said dr anthony found he was a nice man but had made mistakes dr felt he revealed he hadn't personally briefed the president and more than 2 months and disputed the assertion made by the president at the white house on the 4th of july that most cases were harmless but now we have tested almost 40000000 people. by so doing we showcases 99 percent of which are totally harmless if we're going to get a vaccine when an online conference on the virus dr felt she told the gathered experts the u.s. has not got it under control yet it seemed that whatever we did in different parts of the world there were responses that was sometimes favorable in that countries got it under control but as you can see from this slide here my own country the
1:50 pm
united states as i'm sure will be able to discuss a little bit more is in the middle right now even as we speak in a very serious problem donald trump says he expects a vaccine before the end of the year that according to experts seems unlikely dr phil she insists any vaccine must be used for the benefit of everyone around the world and not just the country that makes the breakthrough and should help al jazeera another latin american politician has been quarantined after testing positive for covert 19 that is why is the oil minister topic a sign me reported his diagnosis just days after a televised meeting with president nicolas maduro the head of the national constituent assembly is also in isolation the leaves of the navy and brazil have also tested positive the outbreak is worsening across the region and the u.n. is warning of unprecedented economic damage. still ahead on al-jazeera. in sport the simmering rivalry that boiled over between these 2 restaurant is.
1:51 pm
playing. in the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be grateful to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the goal for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the forest in very high fidelity 3 d. techno on all just 0. when often. raised in a chinese buddhist orphanage. faces a momentous life decision. a personal story of competing identities.
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the chad light on a growing cultural types. africa a witness documentary on al-jazeera. time after court has andy thank you so much ken well upon james in the l.a. lakers are now inside basketball's quarantine bubble the biggest name in the sport is arrived in florida out of the n.b.a. restart life from this month james has publicly backed the league sponsors human action of venues within the disney world resort pleasure turning negative coverage 9 seems also back in training after a 4 month layoff social issues in the us also had players debating whether or not
1:53 pm
the league should restarts you know it was a roller coaster of whether we should play or not i think ultimately. we believe the opportunity to use our voices. i don't. buy start to leave i don't think it's taken away of what's important issues and not in our world i think we can still address those. more soda. or staying healthy the other key concern of course basketball rice or brown the robinson says the players have been far from united about the restart plans. it depends on who you ask i said down in the teens room call with joel embiid of the philadelphia 76 ers earlier this week he expressed. just that he's on he almost decided not to play into the certain feel his part. he doesn't know what it's like and if you pay attention to the news cycle the other day he showed up to orlando
1:54 pm
with a hazmat whole body on mask and gloves and all you know there are the terms of who you ask in the n.b.a. there are some players who have expressed to me that they are excited they can't wait to play you know others are on the fence and they're some of the players have made mention of the fact that they don't like the food in the bubble but i think that's the least of the worries youngest son please put the product on the floor because the big doll play and they'll fulfill travelgate the n.b.a. will move to pull your dollars i think from a bronze rings i'd be pretty motivated you know the family guy who did the other day when he flew out to orlando they're going to be missing this family for some time and i think that's something that's very understated some of these guys are now going to have families and they've got to leave their families for 3 to 4 months while their peers as their husbands go through the bubble so from the bron james abby is that they had the crowd of you where you got
1:55 pm
a lot of things to consider to you know hopefully he in the lake to stay safe and you know they can compete in the october. well the n.h.l. has become the last major north american league to finalize a return to action plan games scheduled to begin on august the 1st with the stanley cup being decided in late september early october toronto in edmonton alberta will be the host cities after the high number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. push the i entire tournament to canada. a 6 time all star buster posey has decided to opt out of the upcoming major league baseball season the san francisco giants player has newly adopted twin baby girls and says he doesn't want to risk his all their health during the pandemic. you know current state that we are right now and these babies being a struggle as they are. you know for months and then. there's also really wasn't that difficult decision for monday's boston when it was. well despite
1:56 pm
city teams dropping out due to a high number of positive coronavirus tests major league soccer's comeback solomon says just about stay on track the seattle sounders and the san jose earthquakes played out a goalless draw in the late game all matches are going behind closed doors within a quarantine bubble in florida. now just syrians away from securing the spanish league title in front of a signal at home to make 4 points clear of closest rivals barcelona and world cup win it jack charlton in the number 5 shirt here is died at the age of 85 charlton was a key part of the england team that lifted the trophy in 1966. he also made a record number of appearances for leeds united winning the f.a. cup in 1976. already has forced the cancellation of final prints is that a full on styria grow. that he ricardo is ready to ryse despite
1:57 pm
a heavy crush on friday. for. a struggling scene limping away from his car to the incident ricardo said it escaped with just some bruising sue's legs this will be the 2nd of parts about races that the austrian circuit with qualifying due to start in a couple of hours time. and a simmering rivalry between 2 nascar drivers reached a fairly ugly conclusion on friday now a gregson and harrison burton throwing punches at each other after a race in kentucky who collided in the final laps with both calls brushing the wall rice organizers have spoken to both drivers but no penalties or suspensions are expected. to time since we've come back after the. 19th and then they can restart the same situation in time to prepare for the fans. and a lot of people coming up to me afterwards saying it was their time coming so i guess there was a time to get taken down was frustrating just. happened. ok that is how you
1:58 pm
sports says they're looking for him thanks for that and they. well that's it from a can but elf this news hour sam is that animal be with you in just a moment of more of the day's news. breaks everybody on this planet matters but how or when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports hope it is a disease can affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teens on the ground this is the
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main business logging on the only person here to bring you move all 20 documentaries and life needs. a secret mass grave in arlington discovered at an institution run by catholic nuns is. a mission shock to its core. people in power investigates a scandal but destroyed families cost thousands of lives and still raises profound questions about the ties between the catholic church and the irish state. arlen's mother and baby scandal. on a 0. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived to see but the traditional way of life has been under stress for generations. as israel plans an exception into the occupied west bank al-jazeera world goes to the jordan valley where illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what the future
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holds for these palestinians from which shepherds of the jordan valley on a jersey are. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera. remembering a genocide 25 years on somebody i being mocked in strive and so are a 1000 men and boys murdered by bosnian serb forces. hello i'm sam is a van this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up voters in hong kong get to choose which democratic candidates could run in sept.


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