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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2020 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the 1st very high fidelity. techno just. as. survivors families in dignitaries pay their respects to the thousands of muslim boys and men who were killed in the 1995 stripper needs to genocide. them to the bell this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. iran's president says he won't reimpose a lockdown despite her role as a covert 19 infections but the economy can't handle its. setback for press freedom
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the largest forecaster in the philippines is taken off their permanent. and despite many americans concerns of a theme park reopening could florida's disney world still be the most magical place on us. to begin the program with a memorial to the victims of an atrocity that happened 25 years ago and is still fresh in the memory of those who lived through it it's the anniversary of the srebrenica genocide where more than 8000 muslim boys and men were murdered by troops ceremony took place in eastern bosnia and herzegovina where survivors families dignitaries remember those who died the killing was the worst crime of the 1995 balls d. and war is the only mass murder to be ruled a genocide on european soil since the end of the 2nd world war so new gago reports . an expanse of grave stones each one
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a victim of the genocide perpetrated here a quarter of a century ago. the fathers grandfathers brothers uncles and sons of strep and. those they left behind come to pray here but the trauma of what happened is present . i only wonder why they killed my children they were my neighbors and my oldest son's wedding day i invited them 1st my serb enables. the widows and mothers of srebrenica left with their photos their memories. lost her 3 sons and husbands the body of her eldest has never been found every day she is haunted by the last time she saw her youngest son movie and then he hung on to me when serb soldiers came to take him he said mother don't leave me i stroked
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his curly here and said i won't leave you they took him and i followed i don't know if they hit me i don't remember anything. it was this man retcon lad teach the commander of the bosnian serb forces who gave the order to exterminate the muslim men and boys of srebrenica here he reassured the younger they had nothing to worry about before condemning them to a massacre. together with a war time leader of the bosnian serbs rather one cottage each the unleashed an atrocity the like of which had not been seen in europe since world war 2. they were later found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity by a un real crimes tribunal both are now serving life sentences in the hague. but the failure of the dutch forces acting as un peacekeepers sent hundreds to their deaths many of the victims fled to the un designated safe zone only to be handed over to the bosnian serb forces. lost his entire immediate family in the
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killing that ensued he succeeded in holding the netherlands partly liable for their deaths. being. here all. it was to do with the arm. was always a. bystander while a genocide was. now there is a new generation of young people many may have been born after the genocide but it is never far from their minds or their family history as is the need to preserve the memory of those who were killed and i grew up near here i keep an eye on the symmetry i lost a lot of family then i lost my grandfather keeping the memory of the victims alive and for their families a chance to remember them in dignity. al-jazeera. tara graham
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said it isn't true and explains how the pain is still being felt by many. at this moment in the identification center there are 1009 and identified victims there are yet to be a date identified old old there was a large. scale in a sample gathering now the experts say that the problem the probable cause why. they are still to be identified is that there's just no next of kin you know there's no close enough relative that could guarantee a d.n.a. match now that tells you that whole families have been wiped out of existence here in eastern bosnia in threatening and that tells you that the massacre of evidence indeed was a genocide and that was confirmed by basically every court that ever touched the case including the highest court in the world the i.c.j. which confirmed that the massacre amounted to the crime of genocide both by the
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acts of physical violence but also by the intent now imagine surviving all of that the victims find genocide denial as a slap in the face and not just that the genocide watch organization has classified has found that all genocides always happen in phases in stages. there can be 8 or 10 different stages the pending on the methodology but not to go into the details the point is that the last phase of the genocide is genocide denial and that is a an indicator that it could happen again so denying genocide for the victims is not just a slap in the face and recognizing genocide is not just honoring their suffering but also they consider it they perceive it as a sort of a shield for potential future suffering. which is
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a tribute to civilize that he was just 17 when the war solves it and spend more than a month in hiding and serving troops to send it on his tell. the search soldiers surrounded these these majority i would see 95 percent of people were unarmed in civilian clothing and those people are captured and some of they were killed on the spot and some of them were taken down to the asphalt road and then transported to the execution fields. for my part. i've went through a lot of different difficult situations you know trying to escape the younger she has survived a few hours just you know the 1st day and then and then just to try to to stay below the radar and observe the to certain troops and their movements and trying to escape escape from them on the day to day basis it was extremely difficult physically because you know the countryside is very healing and so it's
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a very you know it's very difficult to to to to navigate through that land and you could get lost in the you know time and but also psychologically was very difficult to cope with the whole death and destruction. you know there was going on there were a lot of people who were wounded a lot of people were crying for for help and nobody can help then you know there were some people who were just begging to for someone to finish them off and so they can start suffering so that kind of. psychological pressure was extreme and it was one of the tactics to do with those used by the so soldiers to actually. inflict so much fear into those who create a fuse to surrender so they would rather you know surrender to continue on with the struggle. iran's leader says the country cannot afford to go back into locked all
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despite a shop right despite other self-rising new crop of us infections that are cases that are on the has now tops a quarter of a 1000000. sure make it casual caught the whole tell if you know mike activities any longer that there is no country in the world capable of doing so the only way to break through this tough time is to observe the social distancing recommendations a lock down is the easiest measure that can be taken against the virus but the economic repercussions of the lock down and resulting resentment among the public we have to band gathering in the same clues weightings funerals and conferences any similar groupings are not necessary we also have to urge oh people to adjust their way of life during this period of time as the number of infected cases has risen over the past weeks. i said bank has more from tehran the economy just can't gild it going into this pandemic inflation is around 41 percent the country has seen an increase in unemployment the currency has lost value against the us dollar but also the economy is under u.s. sanctions so what president hollande is essentially saying is that the economy
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cannot deal with it but also he acknowledged that the government does fear that there will be opposition from the public and it was only in november last year that we saw widespread protests against the government fuel price increase but the government trying that made face masks mandatory in enclosed spaces they've been running campaigns on state t.v. telling people that the crown of ours is no joke but they do face a challenge according to the health ministry adherence to social distancing and some of those regulations started off 80 percent at the start of the pandemic now is down to 10 percent but here at the broad support centers that have close contact sports are not now closed so impulse a close and reception holds that host wedding ceremonies and mourning ceremonies have been told not to host those and that's seen as a key factor in the spread of the virus now president rouhani did go on to say that iran has dealt with the virus better than some european countries something that he said in the past saying that despite all the sanctions iran is still doing well but
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he encouraged the public to observe social distancing to abide by the rules and to face this challenge together. bose's in hong kong are casting their ballots to narrow the field of democratic candidates who will run an upcoming election campaign is underway and people will have the weekend to vote but beijing's newly imposed national security nor the city is overshadowing the main election in september from hong kong to the pollen has more on the challenges facing poll organizes. organizers say the face an uphill battle in trying to get these primary elections up and running one of the major obstacles the face is that many of the venues that were meant to be ballot centers pulled out in the very last minute many of them are shops and offices and they say that their landlords put pressure on them saying they don't want their property used for political means organizers say they've had to become creative to circumvent any last minute issues that may crop up for instance 3 district councils in this area hard this bus to use as a polling station we. fight for the everybody can come
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and take a load every member dream in the past and they can dream for the future now a number of pro-democracy candidates and pro-democracy fringe groups are not taking part in these primary elections they say these elections could undermine the actual elections which will be held and september they fear that this could even lead to their disqualification but advocates of these primaries like legislative councillors who are trying to win back their seats have been campaigning they say this is a very important process because this is the 1st widespread democratic action since the national security law came into effect that could be some sense of how some feelings of western nations amongst home homeless because whatever you do they seem to be able to get you on this new security law and with this crime rate in place
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we can tell. the home government and for that matter a debating regime. the only problem that will do our best to stick to it was take it out those who are taking part in these primary elections are hoping this process will help consolidate support for the democratic camp so that they will be able to win a majority of the 70 seats are up for grabs in september's legislative council elections but even if they do manage to attain that with this new national security law there is no guarantee that they will be able to push their mandate through effectively within government still ahead on. after decades of conflict and a growing demand for housing baghdad is struggling to hold on to its own to take children.
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how low we have got more rain in the forecast for japan over the next couple of days i'm hopeful it won't be quite says what a cue as we go on into the next day or 2 but the rain showers never really too far away we have a front that's still running out of central parts of china of course settle pole set over towards japan but some subtle differences on the position of the front what's the weather there coming out of the yellow sea pushing over towards the korean peninsula not too bad there in terms of rain still coming down into q.c. and only into well western parts of japan western areas of honshu but some showers a little further north of this system yet that's going to make its way a little further east which as we go on through monday so there will be more heavy downpours coming through and we are likely to see the flooding causing more problems here then follow the the front through all the way back into central parts of china where pulses of rain coming through but they are still there nevertheless
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want to see showers to the north of that but law as you drive to the south of that sunshine state. and across a good part of indochina tara is saying some live it down poles heavy showers too over the next couple of days into many parts of the philippines and also looking pretty wet from time to time for malaysia. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera.
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world. you're watching out just there a reminder of our top stories this hour survivors families and dignitaries have gathered in eastern bosnia and herzegovina to remember the stripper needs genocide it's been 25 years since bosnian serb troops murdered more than a 1000 muslim men and forced. iran's president rouhani says the country can't afford to go back into the despite a sharp rise in new corona virus infections number of cases in iran has now passed a quarter of a 1000000. calls pro-democracy campus holding a primary foeticide on its candidates for september's by just sort of council elections they say nubian post security nor is threatening freedom territory.
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before the thing called us has refused to renew the operating license of the country's biggest broadcaster more rights groups are calling a dark day for press freedom and the reports from the news there is a dish at the deny a.b.c.'s french application is here but adopted it is seen as a crushing blow to press freedom 70 out of 84 lawmakers voted against the renewal of the broadcast license of the country's biggest media network e.b.'s c.b.s. . it looks highly political highly highly political but that being said i respect. their decisions and i respect what they have done all my will except that it's painful. the ruling a spark to public outrage and criticism of congress where most members are allied with the president through 3 go to terror to join. the decision comes as the
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government is a ready grappling with its response to the coronavirus pandemic which has led to millions of filipinos losing their jobs maybe a c.b.s. closure threatens the livelihoods of another $11000.00. iraq war we're moving the channel from there also means depriving many people of information in remote areas where it's often the only one available the government spokesperson denies the president was involved in influencing congress. but president of the go to tear down has repeatedly tried to a.b.s.e b.n. in the past saying that the network did not air his political campaigns during the 2016 presidential elections and instead to brenne most of the ads of his political opponent choice and next year if you're expecting. him sort of. euro. rights groups
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a do terror to has often treated journalists with contempt and the closure of the network is the grave assault on media freedom under the current administration it isn't the 1st time that the media network was forced off the air in 1972 it was also shut down by then president for didn't markers when he declared martial law and a.b.s. c b n only reopened in 1986 after the dictatorship was toppled by a people power revolution. b.s. . they say the network is being punished because of the terror just grievances and the position will further damage on the already troubled nation jamila duggan. reporters without borders says the philippines has become one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists and president for very good to her they came to
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power in 26 to be publicly warned reporters that were not exempt from assassination as he put it he said that freedom of expression and try and in the constitution cannot help of they've done something wrong union representing journalists reports 13 killings and 2016 news website rappler has angered the president over its criticism of his government its editor marie aris is now facing up to 6 years in prison found guilty of what's called cyber charges but even before deters a journalism was a risky business in 2009 members of a powerful political clan murdered 32 journalists and media workers on the island of mindanao the unborn is the justice reporter for raptor she says the government is sending a message with the closure of the broadcaster. it's really an assault on press freedom because a.b.c. venice the largest television network in the philippines that that's been in existence for 50 years if this largely symbolic of our estimation of press freedom
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in 1972 at the shop at down with 11000 jobs on the line it's really sending a clear message that if you don't knock there with a line in the government then you're going to be next in a fax from the administration it started with a newspaper the newspaper the biggest newspaper also the philippine daily inquirer and then wrapped their team next and then the unthinkable shutdown of this event has happened so that you really think the white house about what you're right and what you publish what i mean we are we in the our country to ask this attack on press freedom before so we're just trying to hold the line and trying to do our jobs as best as possible under circumstances that there are. only last friday and yesterday this this happened so there's there's been a chilling effect because i think there are a lot it's widely seen by critics as a crackdown on on on this and people are human rights advocates jury and the lists are in are often are against this law and
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a dozen petitions are going to be filed in the supreme court to try to revoke this law which they say will really have been the crackdown on dissent and least 5 people have been killed during the hostage taking at a church in south africa a number of people now under arrest there is for me to miller has more from. oh go 40 people have been a wristed they seem to have been a shooting and then a hostage situation at the small church just behind us just south of johannesburg it seems that there was a factional battle or least 3 factions of the church when a they are members with a least 3000000 members across southern africa so it back till really was about leadership of the church since the previous leader passed away in about 2016 at the time of his death it seems that he had left behind in a state of at least $26000000.00 so i wonder standing at this point is much
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of the tensions around leadership of the church is related to income of the church membership of the church and it's resulted in a hostage situation that saw at least $200.00 people who look on the premises kicked in the church while these factions battled it out at least 5 people were killed and in fact all of them were killed in a vehicle just outside the church and it seems that they were burnt burnt to death it's not quite certain given what the police have said so far but their bodies were found in those burnt yoko and we also know there is one other person who's been killed and all of the people realize that they're also members of the police the national defense was as well as the metropolitan police which really is quite bizarre given agree extent of the violent scene at those church during the course of the day baghdad is struggling to hang on to its architectural heritage just
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a decades of concepts neglect and commercial pressure iraqi council heads around $5000.00 traditional buildings and 19 eighty-four less than a quarter of that or less today. on the banks of the river tigris one can still get a taste of what baghdad looked like a century ago yellow brick buildings wooden balconies culture shield and ornamental arches where once common features of baghdadi homes but after years of war and neglect many traditional houses have been destroyed and those left are in dire need of restoration. i said our family has lived here for generations. his grandfather used to build china but the craft has almost died out along with the architectural features that once defined by the dad. show as it would be with the. there's no use running dating it's fragile inside in the expertise needed to restore it the way our grandfathers used to no longer exists the owners say it's
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also more expensive to renovate than build a new house from scratch and so modern structures are gradually replacing old ones unlike other countries where buildings of historic value are usually owned by the government more than 90 percent of all traditional houses in baghdad are in the hands of private individuals who have hugh incentives to preserve them in addition regulations to protect the properties are often not enforced. any construction in the old neighborhood must be approved here in the municipality is heritage department i'm the lead engineer says it's difficult to force private owners to abide by her department's guidelines. person comes to us and wants to destroy the old heyse we say no because the building is of significant headed so what does he do he leaves the bought it on for a week and it collapses from the inside another man sets his on fire and says it was an electrical fire. a bus has come to submit his request for
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a building permit in the car the me i'm able to hurt his is a new building but because the plot is located near a heritage site the facade must contain certain characteristics to preserve the area's historic look. they inform me that there are small issues so i have to change parts of the designs that i can get certification but few builders appear to go through the tedious process which can take months to complete we visit the thais plots in the media and find it abutted by modern buildings many exceeding the maximum or 4 floors allowed here. in most of the street there is no her to building i'm the only one who's building a traditional house that resembles the old ca to me or baghdad. real estate is a lucrative business here every year millions of pilgrims flock to the shrine of them the 7th of the 12 venerated by shia muslims their visits have fuel demand for
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hotel accommodation but the heritage department at baghdad minister told al-jazeera that all of them are illegal. why don't they build in the kinds of issues a fein and that's it he continues heritage experts say what is needed to preserve baghdad's old houses is sustainable investment coupled with strong law enforcement but with iraq's government distracted by other priorities including a deepening fiscal crisis the capital's architectural heritage is addressed disappearing simona fulton al-jazeera but at. despite ever has a number of corona virus infections in florida and one of the state's most famous attractions is reopening it stalls the disney involved famed pockets been closed for nearly 4 months strict new health measures will now be in place but that hasn't stopped thousands of people signing a petition calling for the park to hold off its reopening our panel says will. walt disney world in orlando reopens on saturday with enhanced hygiene temperature
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checks and mandatory mask wearing to prevent the spread of covert 19 florida's governor says disney world is safer than a party at home people are going to be it's a safe environment disney i have no doubt it's going to be a safe environment but a quarter of park workers have signed an online petition against reopening saying it endangers their health doctors say safety depends on public cooperation and self discipline but the bottom line is you can rely on disney to keep things clean and then you as a guest are going to have to make sure that you practice good hygiene wear a mask several disney parks in asia have successfully reopened but unlike visitors there are some people in the us stubbornly resist mask wearing there's no question the global lockdown hit disney hard disneyland in california it remains closed indefinitely disney cruise ships are docked most movie theaters are closed in the
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premier of disney's big summer film move on is postponed till august also hurting the company's bottom line the pandemic has severely curtailed professional sport leaving disney's sports center television network e.s.p.n. starved for content the major league soccer season restarted earlier this week at the disney world sports complex but no spectators pro basketball will follow on july 30th all teams and officials will stay at disney hotels on site and will not venture outside. some n.b.a. players are skeptical you tell me you go there you know 22 james well where's. the rules. when we have 100 percent everybody or the urge to restore sports in reopen fun parks is part of a deep desire to return to a precocious world that may be lost forever is not going to come again and there's
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not going to be enormous in the past our lives going forward are going to be different for ever all we do know is that we cannot we cannot we cannot return to the lifestyle we had balancing health risks and economic rewards in a world were all has changed robert oulds al-jazeera. result is there and these are the top stories survivors the families of dignitaries have gathered in east balls derren has given to remember this represents a genocide it's been 25 years since troops murdered more than a 1000 muslim men and boys. around president rouhani says the country can't afford to go back into lockdown despite a sharp rise in new corona virus infections the number of cases in iran has now
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passed a quarter of a missing it. we cannot hold o. economic activities any longer that there is no country in the world capable of doing so the only way to break through this tough time is to observe the social distancing recommendations a lockdown is the easiest measure that can be taken against the virus but the economic repercussions of the lock down and resulting resentment among the public we have to band gathering in this includes weightings funerals and conferences any similar groupings are not necessary we also have to urge all people to adjust their way of life during this period of time as the number of infected cases has risen over the past weeks hong kong's a pro-democracy compass holding a primary vote to decide on its candidates for september's legislative council elections as a newly imposed security law is threatening freedom in the territory for the copilot has more from hold the primaries so they call it were delayed by a couple of hours due to the fact that police raided the polling a company that was supposed to monitor these elections and count the ballot police
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say it was because of such a project they did in 2013 where data was released but there are many questions particularly among the democratic democratic camp at the time. the largest broadcaster in the philippines will permanently remain off the air after m.p.'s refused to renew its license a.b.s. c.b.s. corporation was forced to go off the air in may after its franchise expired. at least 23 people have dives and thousands have been displaced by flooding and landslides in the pole dozens are still missing with rescuers searching remote areas for people who were swept away by the flood waters those headlines more news here on al-jazeera after the bottom line do stay with us. on counting the cost of war games in the south china sea washington sends an aircraft carrier is beijing flexes its military and economic muscle nigeria gets ready to export gas as
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big oil prepares for a post prove it world plus global remittances plan counting the cost on al-jazeera hi i'm steve clements and i have a question is covering $1000.00 sparking a revolution in college education let's get to the bottom line. the novel coronavirus is struck america's education system like lightning bolt tsunami and a massive earthquake combined more and more schools and universities have decided to avoid face to face teaching for the next school year and replaced with online education the shift that started last semester has been huge and it has exposed a lot of weaknesses across the system just this week harvard university announced we'll have know in person classes the entire next year and we know in person classes the.


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