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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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spreading viruses the disease is millions living working at commuting in such tight dishes but one expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. a lifeline for millions of days of deadlock the u.n. security council agrees on a humanitarian aid deal for syria. we're watching al-jazeera live from london i'm dating in obligato also ahead president donald trump wears a mask in public for the 1st time as the coronavirus death rate starts to rise in the u.s. once again. doctors in panama beg the government for a nationwide lockdown after an explosion uncovered $1000.00 cases leaves hospitals overwhelmed plus. bosnians mark
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25 years since the massacre of some 8000 muslim men and boys in struggling to. follow millions of people in syria's rebel held northwest can resume receiving humanitarian aid to survive after the un security council passed the deal to keep a vital crossing through turkey open but in a victory for the syrian government's most powerful ally russia another important crossing will not resume operations permanent members russia and china abstained from the security council votes after vetoing the proposal in previous discussions the un has the scribe aid is a lifeline for millions of displaced people especially with northwest syria recording its 1st cluster of coronavirus cases. 1.3000000 people
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including 800 thousands i.d.p.'s leave indeed a liberal area among them a bold 500000 children received the necessary military an elite truda crossing of bubble sila so today is yet another sad day it's a sad day for this council but mostly it is a sad do for the syrian people let's bring in our diplomatic editor james bass joining us from the united nations and following a week of their veterans james talk us through what was passed today. very very bitter feeling right now in the security council in fact we're watching right now an exchange between the german ambassador the germans and the belgians with the negotiations negotiators of this resolution and the russian ambassador right now in the security council the german ambassador saying moments ago the
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executive director of unicef said that the crossing that now will not be able to stay open the bible salaam crossing supplied 500000 children in northern syria we have let them down and he then said to the deputy russian ambassador i know you have your instructions it's not your personal decision but can you tell those people who gave you the instructions are they get going to be able now to look in the mirror so really tough norm diplomatic language at the end of all of this wrangling we have a resolution but it's the resolution that 13 out of the 15 members of the security council didn't want originally there were 4 border crossings until the end of last year bringing aid into syria the end of last year russia used its veto reduce that to 2 border crossings and only for 6 months that's why we've had these heated negotiations because the 6 month that line was coming up on friday and russia and
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china joining 2 different rounds of voting both use their veto we had a total of 9 rounds of voting and in the end the rest of the security council because john russert of permanent members and can block anything they want have had to go for this option of just one border crossing but they're making it clear all of the ambassadors with the exceptions that the russians and the chinese that they say feel this is very very unsatisfactory and that very many syrians who were getting a before won't get it now and they're making the point that this whole issue which is supposed to be a humanitarian issue is being politicized they say by russia and china james bays thank you very much. now the u.s. is seeing an upturn in coronavirus deaths as the number of infections continues to surge around the country deaths had been falling for months but
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a new daily high of almost 69000 covert 1000 cases was reported on friday and fatalities are now also on the rise so we'll take a look at how the outbreak is actually spreading in the u.s. $42.00 states in the district of columbia which are seen in orange recorded more new cases last week than the week before while those in great saw numbers level off or fall 24 states have seen the number of deaths rise over the same period most noticeably texas saw a nearly twice as many deaths last week as the 7 days before and just a few moments ago the u.s. president donald trump has worn a mask in public for the 1st time let's bring in pentagon cohen she's joining us from maryland so is the president finally then following advice. well kind of as most things it comes with president so here's the thing health experts have been saying since pretty much the onset of this that if you want to
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make sure that you can reopen the economy that you don't see widespread outbreaks you don't see hospitals like the one behind me overwhelmed you simply have to wear a mask but now in the united states the idea of wearing a mask has somehow become a representation of your political affiliation that's in large part because the president himself u.s. president don't trump has really tried to push back on the idea of mass he joked with the media once that he wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing him wearing a mask turner is a target it's kind of changed a little bit his tone just a little bit he said in a recent interview he has nothing against masks and as you mentioned he went to walter reed hospital in bethesda maryland where people are military people are treated to thank the 1st responders to talk to u.s. troops and he told reporters he was going to wear a mask if you can see pictures of him he's wearing a mask which he said makes him look like the lone ranger but there's a caveat listen to what he told reporters before leaving for walter reed i think when you're in a hospital especially in that particular setting where you're going to do
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a lot of soldiers people that in some cases just got off the operating table i think it's a great degree where that got to the good bad but i do believe that by the time. and with all of those the numbers coming out of the u.s. patty are worrying particularly that many states are now seeing an increase in the number of coronavirus debts. a dramatic increase just to give you one sense texas arizona south carolina saw the death toll rise 100 percent over the last 4 months now the troubling ministration has been trying to say this is nothing to do with reopen the economy reopening the economy too soon but you can look at chart after chart and it's 2 to 3 weeks after the loosened restrictions that we've seen the cases increase and we know the way this virus spreads you can be spreading it and not be sick for up to 14 days so these case numbers are just going to increase so what are these states doing about it
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across the board for the most part not much some of the states have closed down bars but many of them still allow restaurants to open at half capacity they're allowing people to go to beaches nail salons. a bowling alleys and they've resisted those calls to shut down the state again we have seen for example in texas the governor was very anti mask he came out and said put on a mask it's simple it's cheap just put on a mask it will help but even there some of the county executives are simply refusing to enforce it so there's one thing across the board that people scientists say would help it's a mask put it on but now it's still in this country it's a political issue right thank you very much so that's what's happening in the u.s. let's not get the latest on the situation in latin america from our in latin america at its own assume and she is joining us from chile's capital santiago to speak about what's going on because the country is really struggling to cope
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that's right like so many other countries panama has discovered that easy social distancing measures and quarantines prematurely can have a devastating effect. actually central america was doing far better than north and south america until now but that is not that is no longer the case in panama and in fact now the government has just reem pros even more strict quarantine measures to try to cope. panamanians are paying a high price for having relaxed strict confinement measures that in $23.00 weeks ago seem to have corona virus infections under relative control and now the infection rate in the small central american country of just over $4000000.00 people has become the highest per capita in all of latin america hospitals are on the verge of collapse. in a 1000 cases a day means that in the next few weeks we will have about $32.00 of the world's
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intensive admissions a day on a sustained basis there is no cost to that can sustain such a number. there are around 44000 infections and more than 860 deaths in panama a huge number for such a small country by comparison neighboring costa rica with a similar population has fewer than 7000 cases and less than 30 deaths. panama canal joins the atlantic and pacific oceans prides itself as a country open to the world. but residents can now barely leave their homes in panama province which includes the capital. under new lock down rules men and women can go out on alternate days for just 2 hours a curfew is in place from 7 pm to 5 am and all day and night on sundays at the curve of the sections continues on its vertical rides. that i get but i don't know
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what i've been doing for 2 hours waiting downstairs but the queue is too young and this song is really strong that's why i'm like this with my coat over my head the sun is intense without really not feeling well. the president has replaced the health minister but doctors say that's not enough they're inching the government to impose a nationwide lockdown immediately before the infection spread to every corner of the country including remote indigenous communities where health services are even less equipped to save lives livia also overwhelm the city with the president and other ministers having the virus and now video emerging of bodies lying in the streets. we have seen bill's pictures of at least one or 2 bodies is freshly in the courts area remember that is a very tropical very very hot part of the country and at in that part of the bolivia we know that the hospitals are completely collapsing and that not only they
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but also the cemeteries can no longer cope with the number of bodies that they're going to have to bury or that they're having to bury in fact the grave diggers are complaining that they do not have sufficient protective gear and that they need to close down cemeteries to allow them to dig sufficient graves sufficiently far enough away from each other for people not to be become infected as well and what's interesting is that in bolivia despite the situation and the fact that the president herself isn't now infected as is the deputy interior and police ministers they are going to go ahead or at least they say they're going to go ahead with presidential elections on september the 5th and in fact the electoral council is said that it won't finance the political parties for the elections it's going to use the money instead to help prop up the health ministries so that is a very confusing situation and next door in brazil the situation is even worse we have now just gotten reports of more than 71 and
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a half 1000 deaths in brazil the largest country in the region and also this the country the 2nd country in the americas with the highest number of infections of infections and deaths from cold and 19 right to sue newman thank you very much for that update. the hoods on al-jazeera tensions run high in mali 3 protest leaders are arrested after thousands of people demand the president step down costs. of. the far east of russia thousands in march over the arrest of their popular regional governor for involvement in multiple murders. hello there or rather unsettled picture for the next couple of days across the southeast of australia plenty of cloudy can see here on the satellite and quite a trail of cloud really from queensland right way down across tools new zealand
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that will take the rain with it it'll push across those same areas as we go through sunday and really been quite a bit of rain along with the face stiff winds across central regions of new zealand the showers will continue across the southeast quite a cloudy picture meanwhile out across west australia there's a frontal system just sitting off the coast on sunday by monday it pushes in that will bring a few showers maybe some blustery winds but it should be anything more than that however there is a slightly strong system again just waiting behind that one later on into cheez-it meanwhile they will continue through much of new south wales heaviest rain across victoria and again the could be some strong winds here but it's a slightly drive picture certainly to the south on new zealand but it'll be cool just not to celsius in christchurch me want to cross into japan's korean peninsula and china a huge amount of cloud is still some very heavy rain of course coming from the seasonal rains through sunday it will push off the east coast of china head across towards the korean peninsula it does mean a slightly better day sunday across much of japan but the rains will back the
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system working its way for the east was on monday so again heavy rain across into q sure and harsher. in the of the 2011. me a remarkable. japanese village. that is later how has the community of. been able to move on and rebuild their lives. after testifying. on al-jazeera. the.
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following on the top stories on al-jazeera the un security council has approved a resolution authorizing a deliveries to millions of people in northwest syria through just one crossing from turkey in a victory for syria's ally russia a 2nd crossing point will close to deliveries u.s. has reported almost 69000 new coronavirus cases in just one day daily fatalities are now rising in at least 24 states with california the worst hit averaging around 91 deaths a day and there's concern the hospitals in panama are being overwhelmed by an increase in cases of coronavirus more than bolivia bodies have been left in the streets after recording more than 45000 cases. iran's leader says the country can't afford to go back into lockdown despite a sharp rise in new corona virus infections the number of cases in iran has now
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topped a quarter of a 1000000. we cannot hold tell it cannot make activities any longer that there is no country in the world capable of doing so the only way to break through this tough time is to observe the social distancing recommendations a lock down is the easiest measure that can be taken against the virus but the economic repercussions of the lock down and resulting resentment among the public we have to band gathering in this includes weightings funerals and conferences any similar grouping is not necessary we also have to urge all people to adjust their way of life during this period of time as the number of infected cases has risen over the past weeks. thousands of people have protested in the israeli city of tel aviv angry at the government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic demonstrators say the government's aid packages have been delayed and insufficient israel over in post strict restrictions earlier this week cases surge across the nation at least 354 people have died very false that
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explains why people are protesting in such large numbers. it's an issue of what they say is not enough government support to the people hit worst by the economic fallout of the pandemic the self-employed small businesses creative industries the hospitality industry the kinds of jobs which perhaps don't have the same kind of regularity and safety of other forms of employment and i've been looking to the government for more support in the 1st wave of the pandemic there were complaints. people that felt they were entitled under the rules to certain levels of aid it just didn't come through and now they say that not enough enough is being done given the fact that we are in the midst of a 2nd wave in israel 1200 new cases reported during the course of the last day on friday benjamin netanyahu sat down with some of the groups being represented in this big protest trying to hear from them saying that he had listened to them in
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support would be on the way he had just come from announcing a new round of measures including some $1700.00 every 2 months for small businesses up to a total of $144000.00 in aid to larger businesses it's saying that people who applied in the past and haven't got the money would do so with no checks that would come through straightaway but as you can see in the midst of this pandemic this 2nd wave people are just cramming into that square to say that not enough is being done one of bollywood's biggest stars has been taken to hospital after testing positive for a coronavirus but china has tweeted asking anybody who has been in close proximity to him in the last 10 days to get tested his son of a checker is also a famous actor says he's contract of the virus as well amitabh bachchan has starred in hundreds of films since he rose to fame in the 1970 s. his roles earned him the nickname of india's angry young man he is regarded as one
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of the most influential actors to ever come out of indian cinema. it's 25 years since the massacre which saw more than $8000.00 muslim men and boys murdered by bosnian serb troops in the tiniest rubber nitsa at a ceremony commemorating the killings some of the victims were finally laid to rest but the remains of more than a 1000 others are still missing sagna reports of. more are they came to grief. but in a pandemic far fewer were able to gather together to remember the dead. several meets. once just a regular municipality in eastern bosnia now a town scarred by the very worst of what humanity is capable of and still trauma normality scorched by the horror of what came to pass here 25 years ago. on saturday the bodies of recently identified remains of 9 victims were laid to rest
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in the memorial cemetery. dignitaries gabaa to hear words from international leaders now and then remembering the lives lost of what was termed ethnic cleansing and acknowledging how the international community allowed this genocide to happen almost a quarter century ago the united nations and international community fav the people of. this former secretary general kofi annan said this failure on toller history for ever confronting that past is a vital step towards rebuilding trust more than 8000 bosnian muslim men and boys were massacred by bosnian serb forces fathers and sons forcibly taken from their families. one of those are the women and girls subjected to torture and rape. while the bosnian serb leader is responsible for the massacre of spending the
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rest of their lives in prison many still deny what took place mr lederach the government of the bosnian serb enclave. has repeatedly questioned the number of bosnian muslims killed in stripping the. teenager indoctrinate schoolchildren with its rejections of the 1995 genocide. do we have survived and many experienced genocide we are the only country in the region which does not have the law which prevents general denial genocide or denial full cost so we are becoming. really. country in which the extremists can flourish and with their statements in the hate speech the massacre that happened in $78.00 so was a rule to be the only want to have taken place on european soil since world war 2 the recognition of that vitally important for the survivors and their families. and
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for the international community for whom the phrase never again has been outed to often and to little effect. al-jazeera. opposition is calling on supporters to stay out on the streets after 3 protest leaders were detained security forces have raided the headquarters of the influential. part of the opposition alliance as followers block major roads around the capital bamako in response prime minister says at least 4 people died and 50 others injured in violence during friday's protests thousands of protesters occupied the parliament in the state television building demanding president's. step down. repression reinforces our determination and we will continue with our watch until the end of the regime if i became which today is a cancer for. at least 5 people have been killed in a violent hostage taking at a church in south africa 4 of the victims were shot before being burned in
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a car the incidents on the southern outskirts of johannesburg is thought to have been triggered by a dispute over the leadership of the church 3 factions have fought for control of it since the death of its leader in 2016 and more than 40 people including off duty police officers were arrested and dozens of firearms from these are miller is in money may have been the root cause. oh look 40 people have been a risk to these seems to be in a shooting and then a hostage situation at the church just behind us just south of johannesburg it seems that there was a factional battle or least 3 factions all this church members with a least 3000000 members across southern africa so back so really was about leadership of the church in. the previous leader passed away in about 2060 you know at the time of it that he had left behind in a state of. at least $26000000.00 so i wonder standing at this point much
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of the tensions around leadership of the church is related to income of the church membership of the church and it's resulted in a hostage situation that's already 200 people who look on the plane with the kids in the church while these factions battled it out at least 5 people were killed and in fact all of them were killed in a vehicle just outside of the church and it seems that they were burnt. to death it's not quite certain given what the police have said so far but their bodies were found in those burned. we also know there's one other person who's been killed and all of the people the real there are also members of the police the national defense force as well as the metropolitan police which really is quite bizarre given me a hint on the violent scene at this church during the course of the day. nigeria's economy is the largest in africa mostly because of its vast oil reserves but the
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global strong slump in crude prices means the country isn't making as much money as a current so the government is now turning to natural gas in the hope that it will power more homes and create jobs. reports from. after 15 years of delay nigeria's international gas pipeline is finally and the way the almost $3000000000.00 project with a capacity to deliver 2200000000 cubic feet of natural gas is designed to feed electricity generated power stations and reactivate dormant industries in nigeria. they head of the national petroleum corporation says the project will increase domestic consumption and export of gas an indication that nigeria is increasingly shifting its focus to natural gas after more than 60 years of dependence on oil. and never will. cause the county and also particularly in areas
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where does such opportunities didn't exist and by extension also to create opportunity for employment where you have more when you develop guys more continue to for growth of your local economies you also have bigger market because as we go forward. a transition of diminishing across the globe of the new 600 kilometer pipeline will link up with the existing network to deliver gas to nigeria's neighbors and nigerian gas is eventually planned to reach europe through the 4400 kilometer trans pipeline nigeria produces 2000000 barrels of crude oil a day on average and is nigeria's biggest source of revenue by the oil price war an unprecedented slump in demand because of the coronavirus has seen a sharp fall in government income analysts say nigeria has failed to make as much money as it should have from its oil reserve basically the net benefit per barrel
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of oil exports head was actually reduced so regardless of how much you produce if your cost of production is not optimal it's not good business industrial production in africa's biggest economy has fallen brusquely mainly due to partial to the country currently produces less than $5000.00 megawatts of electricity despite having the walled 9 largest natural gas reserves of $200.00 trillion cubic feet the government holds. one channel access gas kind of being played by all companies to generate electricity. pipelines in nigeria have repeatedly been attacked over the years the bombings have reduced as has oil theft by this year and the resumption of attacks on the energy infrastructure could derail nigeria's dream of a gas rich future. at least 10000 people
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have marched in a rare protest and khabarovsk on russia's far east demanding the release of their governor. demonstrators one surrogate for god to be flown back from moscow where he's being held in jail he's accused of ordering the murders of several business men 15 years ago before his political career even began for gol denies the charges and his supporters say he's being punished for a landslide electoral victory over the ruling here i did russia party in 2018 i think you know it's one of the listeners are dubious i'm sick of it how much more can we take we chose our government scale it's now he'll imprison any opponent who is also or to he's reset everything and i'll tell you this on a free person in my own country and we have the right to be hurt here. in moscow get out of here we choose our governor here must go go away. not become us talking
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to you i support the government he did everything for us including orphanages on here is a disabled person he proved the roads everything he did was for us i think the poutine moved him. much more on that story and the day's other top stories on our websites you'll find it all at al-jazeera dot call. teller again the headlines on al-jazeera the un security council has approved a resolution authorizing a deliveries to millions of people in syria's rebel held north west but through just one crossing from turkey and a victory for syria's ally russia a 2nd crossing point will close permanent members russia and china abstained from the security council votes after vetoing the proposal in previous discussions the un is describing the aid as a lifeline for millions of displaced people especially with northwest syria
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recording its 1st cluster of coronavirus cases the russian representative on the security council says the decision is about politics i want to reassure you that russia is consistently favor of humanitarian relief to syria with full respect of countries sovereignty and territorial integrity and we scored an issue of its legal government. these issues should not be politicized so what we have to the discussion is today it's not about humanitarian deliveries we also this oh discussion is about politics well the u.s. president's been seen in public for the 1st time wearing a face mask he was visiting veterans at a hospital outside washington d.c. it comes as daily fatalities are now rising in at least $24.00 states with california the worse it's averaging around $91.00 deaths a day more than 134000 people have died in the u.s. the world's worst affected country latin america is the latest epicenter of the
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pandemic there is concern that hospitals in panama are being overwhelmed by an increase in cases while in bolivia bodies have been left in the streets after recording more than $45000.00 infections in the region's worst hit country brazil the death toll has now risen to nearly $71.00 and a half thousands and there are thousands of people who have protested in tell the vive they're angry at the government's handling of the economic crisis that's caused by the current virus pandemic demonstrators say the government's aid packages have been delayed they are insufficient israel reimpose strict restrictions earlier this week. thanks for watching al jazeera up next a remote japanese community survived an earthquake and a tsunami you'll find out how one rewinds a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geo political tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. richelle carey and welcome again to rewind back in 2006 we 1st launched al-jazeera english our mission was to seek out documentaries that other channels simply.


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