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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for diplomacy it's a country disintegrating but it's written in this the lady we call continues inside story on al-jazeera. a setback for the millions displaced in syria the united nations manages to keep only one border crossing open to bring in 8. hello i'm daryn jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up as anger grows against his government mollies president makes major concessions to the opposition who are demanding he steps down. another record day in the u.s.
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66 and a half 1000 new coronavirus cases are reported as president trump wears a mask in public for the 1st time. and in indonesia a community comes together to support bring the refugees there rescued late last month. millions of syria's displaced people will now have only one turkish border crossing through which to receive aid that's after several attempts to keep a 2nd crossing open failed to pass at the un security council russia backed by china had been pushing to shut down one of 2 border crossings that was still open diplomatic editor james bays reports from u.n. headquarters in new york a security council resolution on delivery of aid into syria is finally passed the result of the voting is as follows. 12 votes in favor
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no votes against and 3 abstentions but this was not what 13 out of 15 council members wanted only one border crossing bubble how one can now be used to deliver aid of to china and russia use their veto power in recent days to block other options so this resolution is not what the united states and a majority of the council fought for and it is certainly far short of what the syrian people need and desire. russia's deputy ambassador was competent at the hypocrisy and double standards of our western colleagues at the unprecedented price you were in negotiations they were ready to jeopardise growth but the mechanism but to delete messages on unilateral sanctions and increasing the role of crossland deliveries that received this reply that if dimitri is concerned
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about hypocrisy he probably should not use the words that he merits and i should not be politicized because that is exactly what russia has done throughout this process and shamefully continues to do the bubble salaam crossing the no clothes also a lifeline for about half a 1000000 children in the area according to unicef a fact seized upon by germany's ambassador these 500000 children will wake up tomorrow morning and realize that we have let them down our germany and belgium have been in charge of trying to negotiate ambassador has been said he was aware his chinese and russian colleagues were taking instructions from their capitals but he had this message for those in charge didn't tell them that the german ambassador asked are those people who gave the instructions to give the instructions to cut out the a top 500000 children if they are ready to look into the mirror tomorrow in nearly
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a decade of conflict in syria repeatedly starvation has been used as a weapon of war and increasingly humanitarian aid has been politicized what we've seen here in the last week may well be another episode in the international community's response to the syrian crisis that history will judge badly james pays al-jazeera at the united nations well vanessa jackson is a u.n. representative and head of office for care international she says thousands of syrians will now be deprived of the much needed aid. and the people that are in this area in northern aleppo it's one of the highest concentrations of displaced people it's over 60 percent so these are the people that have been displaced multiple times over the course of the last 9 years and they are overwhelmingly women and children so these are the very people that the u.n.
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was set up with the and we at this stage we do not have any aid convoys coming from damascus to destroy agents there isn't the goshi i ssion underway to stop that. but the closure by the council affected today means that we could be looking at at least 6 months before any abase come boys actually make it up into this region because of all the bureaucracy and red type that's required to get all the permissions for the in geos to make those deliveries and i think that is is the worrying part that we cannot expect the other crossing the one that remains open to be a substitute for the cause in order to get i from that crossing into northern aleppo you have to cross a front line and although we have a fragile cease fire in effect now we don't know what the situation will baby in
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a way in a month in 6 months. mali's president abraham because caters promising to form a national unity government by next week hasn't been a government since elections in march and april and came to has dissolved the constitutional court as a 1st step towards pacifying the opposition mali has seen its worst civil unrest in years with several people killed during protests calling for the president's resignation people are angry at his failure to stop a long running conflict economic woes and perceived government corruption is on a wing is an associate professor pape of a college in the us and a motley specialist she says a widening wealth gap is what's angering people these are tough times these are tough times in part because of coal good but really there's an insecurity that's exists throughout the entire country so the destabilization in the north that's moved to the central part of the country means enormous hit on the economy
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the lack of tourism the lack of of aid to be able to get to certain regions and if you look at these pictures there's a lot of youth out there that are really frustrated that there are simply no jobs there feel like they've reached a dead end there the schools are closed there are you know there's also the airstrikes with respect to the schools and the universities and therefore what is there for the youth in this in this country and and that's part of why these folks are out there demanding some real change and i think part of it with the economy is that it's it's the contrast between a quite wealthy political elite and a mass. of the country and of the greater population which really has very little opportunity. they are not as states has reported another time daily high for new infections of covert 19 more than 66500 cases were confirmed on saturday meanwhile
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president trump has visited a hospital where he publicly wore a mosque for the very 1st time since the start of the outbreak in reports american . this is the end of the many health experts have been hoping and waiting for the u.s. president sending a message to his supporters that it's ok to wear a mask for many not doing so is a kind of political statement but before leaving for a visit to this military hospital he sent a different message with his words when you're a hospital especially at that particular setting where you're going to do a lot of older people that in some cases just got off the operating table i think it's a great degree where they got to have a pretty good bet but i do believe they have a kind of. far from the universal endorsement that might make and supporters change their habits in many of the state hardest hit masks are not mandatory and the numbers of people being tested for and dying from the corona virus are climbing
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quickly in florida another day of record cases but despite the figures disney world reopened there with restrictions on smaller crowds masks are mandated inside the park but not in this state and the republican governor is not promising any changes soon we really believe that you know those in that 65 enough age group are at the increased risk and we're continuing to advise them to talk to limit close contact outside the home and to avoid crowds armys with as much as possible in another hard hit state louisiana the democratic governor has closed bars and mandated masks so it's become clear to me especially ash after the numbers that we saw yesterday that our current restrictions are not. nuff. the appeal that we've been making to the people of louisiana to do better abiding by those restrictions and doing better by
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complying with our mitigation measures just have not produced the results that we had hoped for and the the results that we need pretty much across the board the experts all agree the easiest the cheapest way to make sure the virus doesn't spread out of control to make sure hospitals like the one behind me don't become overwhelmed as to where a mask but once again the us president to send a message to his followers with his words that they don't necessarily need to follow the advice of the experts particle al-jazeera maryland or dr pony my money yvonne is from the university of arizona and she says president trump's mosque wearing is a welcome relief i think if that is exactly what he should be doing he should be doing more effect not just in the hospital he should actually be doing it so that people who are diehard fans of his are able to model that behavior when it comes down to the same thing as men we are trying to get our children to learn
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a new habit it's not by us telling them it is by us modeling the big a view that our kids learn it i think it goes down to life in general if we want people to bear a mask we have to model that behavior not just talk about it and that's what i think trump should be doing not just talking about it but actually modeling the behavior so that the people who truly are his truth supporters would actually do that and we won't have the kind of we have seen. puerto ricans are demanding the removal of all symbols commemorating colonialism protesters wearing indigenous clothes demanded a statue of christopher columbus be taken down along with the morals to other colonizers they want to rename city squares and streets in the u.s. territory puerto rico is one of many places witnessing movements to disown their colonial past and i'm alone i feel very small without it we were already a free and sovereign nation with a government our own culture and religion at one point they were interrupted by colonialism we recognize that it's history but we don't have to continue on bracing
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the idea that our colonisers have to be elevated and israel there are no stitchers of hitler because of the genocide we have stitches and juan ponce de leon and christopher columbus and that does not make any scene we are requesting them to be removed a lot more so to come here and al-jazeera including an explosive rise in affections doctors in animal plead for more restrictions as coronavirus cases. and a presidential run off in poland that could shake up the country's politics and i think ties with its neighbors or not stay with us. hello that tropical storm fay was a fairly short lived tropical storm thank goodness you can see it here on the satellite and the beginning of the sequence is that massive cloud that very quickly came onshore and very quickly was downgraded into
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a tropical depression is still around but certainly it was coming on shore look at this some really good strong winds of course and it really made a very good surf and conditions just us off the coast of maryland but to the north of there not quite so good of course it came on shore and this is what we saw some very strong winds so it really was very heavy amounts of rain actually with some storm surge as well so it left the streets as you can see several centimeters on the water now that system will combine with a frontal work its way through much of eastern canada work its way north through the back as we go through sunday so if you shows really across much of the east of the u.s. as you can see in an ant across the west again a sketching it shows through the 4 corners region but really it's about the heat very wholesome indeed in fact that are numerous heat warnings in place across areas in the south which is a well above the average across the danger is also elevated and then through monday we'll see more very heavy rain developing through central canada pushing that rain across into winnipeg and still showers all the way from the northeast right down to
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georgia and florida. on countering the cost of war games in the south china sea washington sends an aircraft carrier is beijing flexes its military and economic muscle by jiri and gets ready to export gas as big oil prepares for a post prove it world plus global remittances plan counting the cost on al-jazeera the usa is always of in fact the people already in the world people pay attention to will be flown here and i do see it is very good to bring the news to the world from here.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera millions of displaced syrians will now have only one turkish border crossing through which to receive aid that's up to 7 attempts to keep a 2nd crossing open failed to pass of the u.n. security council. bodies president abraham book akeda says he will form a national unity government by next week it's an attempt to cool the rest after several people were killed during protests calling for his resignation. and the united states has reported another daily high for a new infections of cope with 19 more than 66500 cases were confirmed on saturday it comes as president trump has publicly want to moscow for the 1st time. now as the pandemic sweeps through latin america governments awestruck going to contain the spread of the virus in bolivia a new wave of infections is threatening to overwhelm the country's already fragile health care system several politicians including interim president jenene un is
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have tested positive. well panama is also struggling its government has imposed severe confinement measures in one province to try to stop an explosive rise in infections a lot of america at its honesty and human reports. panamanians are paying a high price for having relaxed strict confinement measures that into $3.00 weeks ago seem to have corona virus infections under relative control now the infection rate in the small central american country of just over 4000000 people has become the highest per capita in all of latin america hospitals are on the verge of collapse. 1000 cases per day means that in the next few weeks we will have about 30 to 40 intensive admissions per day on a sustained basis there is no hostel that can sustain such a number of patients. there are around 44000 infections and more than 860 deaths in panama a huge number for such
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a small country by comparison neighboring costa rica with a similar population has fewer than 7000 cases and less than 30 deaths. panama whose famous canal joins the atlantic and pacific oceans prides itself as a country opened to the world. but residents can now barely leave their homes in panama province which includes the capital. under new lockdown rules men and women can go out on alternate days for just 2 hours a curfew is in place from 7 pm to 5 am and all day and night on sundays yet the curve of infections continues on its vertical rise. that i give but i know. i've been queuing for 2 hours waiting to be tested but the queue is too long and this song is really strong that's why i'm like this with my coats over my heads the sun is intense and i'm really not feeling well. the president has replaced the
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health minister but doctors say that's not enough. they're urging the government to impose a nationwide lockdown immediately before the infection spread to every corner of the country including remote indigenous communities where health services are even less equipped to save lives you see in human al-jazeera the bollywood superstar i'm a tad basham has announced he's in the hospital after contracting corona virus the 77 year old revealed the news in a tweet that said in more than 200 films of the 50 years his son shaikh who is not also tested positive has been hospitalized other members of the family are awaiting their test results india's a 3rd worst affected nation after the u.s. and brazil. people in poland are about to vote in a presidential election runoff that could shake up the country's politics and affect relations with its neighbors the office is largely ceremonial but the president can veto parliamentary legislation so the lego reports this is
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a stark choice for voters in poland one which will shape its identity in europe and the rest of the world are going to be on mars this is the incumbent crowd pleaser and trade with poland's president since 2015 an independent who has the support of the ruling law and justice party is seen as a stalwart of the government's message of nationalism and conservatism his backing of only traditional families and opposition to gay marriage adoption has put him at all those with poles and others in the e.u. who fear he's taking them backwards but his populist agenda has won over many voters i think. he is a good candidate because he's a tried and true man for 5 years we know what he has done and who years and i think you will be the same as in the previous term of office. and to go to a movie that andrea do what he says he tries to carry out even if not everything
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can be realized at a given time he says he'll do it and he does it i trust him as a politician and that's the president i want my andrea do to win the opposition believe they have everything to hope for and ruffle trust the mayor of warsaw is regarded by many as liberal tolerant outward looking and being more closely aligned with the rest of the european union and independent of the judiciary. it's just ask you when this is a change it's happening here will be he will not he's not a part of the current government he's not part of the current ruling party so the situation itself having just a parliament ruled by the his party by the rule of law and justice party and. president from the other side of the political spectrum will bring a sense of dialogue into this country again but lack of consensus and unity among poles was so polarized about how they want poland to be seen has been demonstrated
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by this election if you look at the votes of those who are in the retirement age they overwhelmingly vote for peace but if you look at the youngest voters very mostly vote for more liberal politicians so it seems that in next year's law and justice would have or would needs to change very politics because otherwise they would lose support this is being seen as one of the most important elections since the fall of communism in 1989 the result of which is likely to see poland loosen or tighten its ties with its neighbors. thousands of people in eastern russia have protested against the arrest of a regional governor who's accused of ordering several murders. the killings happened 15 years ago before surrogate fergal entered politics he denies any involvement fogle was elected governor of the region by
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a landslide in 2018 beating president vladimir putin's candidate demonstrators chanted anti putin slogans as they demanded release firefighters seeding clouds and using explosives to put out nearly 300 wildfires in russia's vast northern wilderness unusually warm weather has helped ignite fires across siberia crews use explosives to not burning trees to the ground where they can then reach the more easily the fires have been eased 59000000 tonnes of carbon dioxide the highest since records began. now thousands of israelis have protested in tel aviv angry over their government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic demonstrators say aid packages have been delayed and insufficient israel reimpose type of structure early this week after the number of cases increased force that has more from west to recent. it's an issue of what they say is not enough government support to the people hit worst by the economic fallout of the pandemic the self-employed small businesses creative industries the hospitality industry the
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kinds of jobs which perhaps don't have the same kind of regularity and safety net of other forms of employment and i've been looking to the government for more support in the 1st wave of the pandemic there were complaints that people that felt they were entitled under the rules to certain levels of aid it just didn't come through and now they say that not enough enough is being done given the fact that we are in the midst of a 2nd wave in israel 1200 new cases reported during the course of the last day on friday benjamin netanyahu sat down with some of the groups being represented in this big protest trying to hear from them saying that he had listened to them and that support would be on the way he had just come from announcing a new round of measures including some $1700.00 every 2 months for small businesses up to a total of 144 $1000.00 in aid the larger business is saying that people who applied
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in the past and haven't got their money would do so with no checks it would come through straightaway but as you can see in the midst of this pandemic this 2nd wave people are just cramming into that square to say that not enough is being done. work has begun on a gas pipeline in nigeria worth nearly $3000000000.00 it's designed to make use of the resource which at the moment is burning off and going to waste but interest reports from. after 15 years of delay nigeria's international gas pipeline is finally and the way the almost $3000000000.00 project with a capacity to deliver 2200000000 cubic feet of natural gas is designed to feed electricity generated power stations and reactivate dormant industries in nigeria. the head of the national petroleum corporation says the project will increase domestic consumption and export of gas an indication that nigeria is increasingly
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shifting its focus to natural gas after more than 60 years of dependence on oil. and never will. cause the country and also particularly. and also to create opportunity for employment for you. when you develop more. local economies you also have bigger market because as we go forward. utilization of diminishing across the globe of the new 600 kilometer pipeline will link up with the existing network to deliver gas tonight neighbors and nigerian gases eventually plan to reach europe through the 4400 kilometer pipeline nigeria produces 2000000 barrels of crude oil a day on average and is nigeria's biggest source of revenue by the oil price war an unprecedented slump in demand because of the coronavirus has seen
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a sharp fall in government income. analysts say nigeria has failed to make as much money as it should time from its oil reserves but basically the net benefit per barrel of oil exports that was actually reduced so regardless of what you produce if your cost of production is not optimal it's not good business industrial production in africa because economy has fallen drastically mainly due to partial to use the country currently produces less than $5000.00 megawatts of electricity despite having the walled 9 largest natural gas reserves of $230.00 trillion cubic feet the government holds. one channel access gas kind of being played by all companies to generate electricity. pipelines in nigeria have repeatedly been attacked over the years the bombings have reduced as has oil theft but it's feared any resumption of attacks on the energy infrastructure could derail nigeria's dream
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of a gas rich future. al-jazeera. the democratic republic of congo's justice minister has resigned following a dispute with the president celeste interned was briefly detained 2 weeks ago he disagreed with president felix just a katie over proposed laws to give politicians more power and criminal prosecutions have been violent protests in the country recently made against the appointment of a new election administrator at least 5 people have been killed during a scene at a church in south africa police say gunmen stormed the building of a leadership dispute and took hostages more than 40 people have been arrested 3 factions have been fighting for control of the church on the outskirts of johannesburg following the death of its leader 4 years ago. community in indonesia is banding together to support a group of wrecking refugees who they rescued late last month. to safety and
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now they're looking after them trying to connect a company of children with their families just to washington reports from jakarta. after experiencing prolonged horror and fear these were younger boys and girls might now be able to enjoy their childhood his children are taking part in a true my healing exercise safe in the indonesian province of they were at sea for months out of playing violence and poverty. and although indonesian authorities did not give them permission to disembark local people helped them ashore. we thought we would talk from hunger and thirst but the indonesian people help us and i am so grateful oh and tears are also helping the adults deal with their trauma of life in rocky state and in refugee camps in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of mainly muslim or hindu or have fled since the military crackdown began 3 years ago unable to work in bangladesh this group left to make the dangerous journey to southeast
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asia. with food and everything but the pain in my heart is that my family doesn't know anything if i am alive or not community groups are providing food and water as the un's refugee agency registers people people never said we have not needed to spend money from the government because n.g.o.s and the public have been helping so much among the group 25 unaccompanied children and teenagers aged between 5 and 70 local n.g.o.s in the tray are working with the young people to reconnect them with their families the indonesian government says it's working with local authorities and community volunteers to meet the needs of the remaining a refugee. some told out to 0 they never intended to reach into the asia. what we say ok i salute him and my only hope was to meet my husband lose you now i'm relying on the decision of the indonesian government i hope they will do their best for us despite the warm welcome these were handed don't know what will happen
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to them next or whether they'll be allowed to jesica washington al-jazeera to counter. now a church body is appealing to turkey to reverse its decision on turning the i.s.i. fear back into a mosque the world council of churches sent a letter to president type earlier one saying the move was so divisions the unesco world heritage site has been a museum since 1934 it was built 1500 years ago as an orthodox christian cathedral i was later converted to a mosque. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera millions of displaced syrians will now have only one turkish border crossing through which to receive aid that's after several attempts to keep a 2nd crossing open failed to pass at the un security council our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations this is the position that russia backed
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by china wanted and they have now got it there were some other things that russia and china wanted and that's why in the end in the vote they abstain didn't vote for it and that was on sanctions they wanted some language condemning the sanctions on syria particularly the sanctions by the u.s. and they said at the time of economic hardship in syria it was not the time to pursue those sanctions that language didn't get into get into the final version of the resolution although russia wanted it in there and that's why russia and china abstained mali's president abraham boubacar kater says he'll form a national unity government by next week it's an attempt to cool the unrest after several people were killed during protests calling for his resignation. there hasn't been a government since elections in march and april. the united states has reported another daily high for new infections of cope with 19 more than 66500 cases were
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confirmed on saturday it came as president trump publicly or a mosque for the 1st time during a visit to a hospital in bolivia a new wave of infections is threatening to overwhelm the country's already a fragile health care system several politicians including the president and the health minister have tested positive for panama is also struggling its government has imposed severe measures in one province to try to stop an explosive rise and sections doctors have issued a plea to authorities to impose a nationwide lockdown as a virus spreads the most remote parts of the country and thousands of israelis have protested in tel aviv angry at their government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic demonstrators say aid packages have been delayed and insufficient israel reimposed tight restrictions early this week after the number of cases increased so those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after counting the cost statement that's
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a lot by far. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we don't know. if my grand joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what has happened to the west one of the biggest dangers of on the country as a whole. religion this is a politics. an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a look at the world of business and economics this week war games in the south china sea washington sends an aircraft carrier is as beijing use its economic might
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to expand its territorial ambitions. big oil gets ready for a post covert world with billions and wipe down.


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