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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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these 500000 children will wake up tomorrow morning and realize that we have let them down. the fate of more than a 1000000 syrians hangs in the balance as the crucial border crossing for this shutdown. i'm sorry is a them this is al jazeera live from coming up high voter turnout in hong kong as people choose candidates from the democratic camp for september elections. we have
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remittances being transferred to these countries it's becoming increasingly challenging. the current vice pandemic sees a drop in people sending money home to africa we look at how it's impacting kenya. and the story of how our group in indonesia is helping children recover from months at sea. and made lifeline to half a 1000000 children in syria has been cut or un security council compromised means only one border crossing with turkey will remain open the deal was made after russia backed by china pushed to shut down the 2nd one out there from i think at the james bays reports from the un headquarters in new york. a security council resolution on delivery of aid into syria is finally passed the result of the voting
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is as follows 12 votes in favor no votes against and 3 abstentions but this was not what 13 out of 15 council members wanted only one border crossing bubble how one can now be used to deliver aid after china and russia use their veto power in recent days to block other option so this resolution is not what the united states and a majority of the council fought for and it is certainly far short of what the syrian people need and discern russia's deputy ambassador was competent that the hypocrisy and double standards of our western colleagues at the unprecedented tice you were in the negotiations they were ready to jeopardize
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growth by the mechanism but to delete messages on unilateral sanctions and increasing growth crossland deliveries that received this reply that if demetrius concerned about hypocrisy he probably should not use the words that he merits and i humanitarian aid should not be politicized because that is exactly what russia has done throughout this process and shamefully continues to do the bab al salam crossing the no clothes also a lifeline for about half a 1000000 children in the area according to unicef a fact seized upon by germany's ambassador these 500000 children will wake up tomorrow morning. and who realize that we have let them down our germany in belgium who'd been in charge of trying to negotiate and bastard the whole is going city was aware his chinese and russian colleagues were taking instructions from their capitals but he had this message for those in charge tell them that the
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german ambassador asked are those people who gave the instructions to give instructions to cut off the aid of 500000 children if they are ready to look into the mirror tomorrow in nearly a decade of conflict in syria repeatedly starvation has been used as a weapon of war and increasingly humanitarian aid has been politicized what we've seen here in the last week may well be another episode in the international community's response to the syrian crisis that history will judge badly james al-jazeera at the united nations is not the 1st time that amber of aid routes into syria has been cut 2014 the un security council originally authorized aid to flow through 4 border crossings 2 from turkey one from iraq and one from jordan in january this year opposition from russia and china forced the routes through iraq in jordan to be dropped the 2 turkish crossings were allowed to continue for
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another 6 months now once again at the distance of russia and china that's been reduced to a single point at our from that said jackson is a un representative and head of office for care international she says thousands of syrians will now be deprived badly needed aid. and the people that are in this area in northern electro it's one of the highest concentrations of displaced people it's over 60 percent so these are people that have been displaced multiple times over the course of the last 9 years and they are overwhelmingly women and children so these are the very people that the u.n. was set out to. and we at this stage we do not have any aid convoys coming from damascus to this region there is a negotiation underway to start there. but the closure by the council effective
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today means that we could be looking at least 6 months before any of these convoys actually make it up into this region because of all the bureaucracy and red tape that's required to get all the commissions for the n.g.o.s to make those deliveries and i think that is is the worrying part that we cannot expect the other crossing the one that remains open to be a substitute for the cause in order to get aid from that crossing into northern aleppo you have to cross a front line and although we have a fragile cease fire in effect now we don't know what the situation will be in awake in amounts in 6 months in hong kong voter turnout for primary polls held by pro-democracy parties has been higher than expected the results will decide candidates for legislative council elections in september that vote will be the 1st
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since a new security law was imposed by beijing today the pollen is live for us from hong kong vivia the strong turnout a sign of how much concern there is for hong kong's future. definitely that's the way it's being looked at sammy from here there were many there was much concern prior to the starts of this that many people wouldn't turn out particularly due to the fact that officials had warned that this exercise government officials i should say this exercise could violate the newly enacted national security law on top of that there were many hitches ahead of this including venues pulling out due to pressure from their landlords and also organizers were concerned about the situation in hong kong at the moment hong kong is facing an upsurge in corona virus infections but the organizers say they're very surprised by the kind of turnout more than 300000 people have come to polling
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booths such as the one behind me they've come in drips and drabs at some point long queues in areas across hong kong there are $250.00 of these bits and it seems that the momentum is still going sami with the democratic camp so fired up is there any concern about a possible backlash from beijing. that's a very good question if you look at the patterns and particularly the past few months every time the democratic camp has made some kind of again or move 2 steps forwards they've been said to be pushed one step backwards with either the government restricting them for there or beijing putting more pressure on them to limit their movements so there's a lot of concern that this could eventually lead to instead of momentum for the democrat democracy can lead to even more restrictions for them that is one of the questions that i put to the democrat democratic activist joshua long he's also campaigning in these elections and could very well be disqualified as he's
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currently facing trial and i asked him about that and this is what he had to say. the race of think the school fight or being sent out from a failing in the official election we still realize that the primary election is important and every boat conk to show up at this con head to beijing and with no trust to the company's reach him after the implementation of the national security law so today is the primary election day it's also the 1st time for people to what was right after the law is implemented the home call and it's time for us to fight back but more than 250000 people come out to the world which is really impressive and we hope to finally have almost half a 1000000 people come out of the protest vote and let the world to know that we should not to kowtow to china if beijing should not to cancel the election on early september i'm still of the mystic we can talk much drafty in the legislative council but once beijing used the national security law to stop the election or even do not recognize to resell it off the election it would just shake them all
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and will backfire so now is a time to encourage the global community to put holocaust election under the global spotlight when beijing hope to override the election results and hope that this qualified candidate they need to realize that the world is watching fight for democracy in such an uphill battle just like the battle of they fix the siskel life sometime we might do it difficult and also under pressure but the fret come to feed us make us even stronger determination and just like 100000 people come out of what was it just already a lot of age you know that even they have to turn hong kong to diminish john what about we've feels it and we never called home and we never surrender. now there's so much uncertainty about what's going to happen next in particular that national security law because it is so vague and it's hard to know what is right and what is wrong and what is crossing the line it is also worth pointing out this is the 1st time such a primary has been held such a democratic exercise has been held and many here now fear that this could be the
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last time it can happen all right thanks so much to vehicle paul on that. tens of millions of people are facing the most severe flooding in years in southern parts of china the government in the province of jang she has issued its highest flood warning as a large like edges closer to overflowing in guangxi province there are fears they and syria could also of made heavy rainfall nearly 34000000 people have been affected mali's president is promising to form a national unity government and dissolve the constitutional court following violent protests several people have been killed during anti-government protests in the worst civil unrest in years show about a 6 mines. in bamako so i'm feeling well for protesters fake unceasing this is year old was killed on friday his family says he was shot in front of mali's national assembly. they say he was the 1st to fool people after
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anti-government protests turned violent. his mother was sick already when we broke the news to her she had a seizure the neighbors came out and we comforted her with words from islam. thousands of people gathered for friday's protests the 3rd since. they pushed their way into the grounds of parliament and the national television station then tires and barricaded roads in the capital police responded with tear gas. gunfire was heard 60 people were arrested. the protesters returned on saturday but in smaller numbers. their anger is directed at president abraham. demonstrations began in june after mali's constitutional court overturned election results and evolved to include frustrations over the economy alleged corruption and insecurity from groups. repression reinforces our determination and we will continue with our
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watch until the end of the regime of ip k. which today is accounts of a mali on saturday evening case who responded in a televised address. to continue to do privilege i will continue to favor dialogue with all the active forces of the nation for the establishment of a consensual government tame composed of republican and patriotic groups and not the break is and demolishes of the country molly deserves basic than there is going to cost he promised to dissolve the court at the heart of the disputed election results hold re-elections in contested areas and form a national unity government next week they're an important 1st step. and i think the idea is that the president is going to join with the opposition and have hopefully real dialogue. and and hopefully this will take place under the eyes of
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eco wasse the regional group that i think can actually help make sure that this moves forward smoothly. no opposition had earlier rejected kate his offer to reform the constitutional coolant and demanded the dissolution of parliament following friday's embraced 3 of their leaders were arrested and they had cooled his rented it's unclear where the president has his concessions will satisfy them and stop the scenes repeating. the palace al-jazeera. so i had an al-jazeera that is empowered and choose between 2 very different candidates and a poll that could shake up politics calls to address puerto rico's history amid a global reckoning on colonial statues.
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hello there finally a bit of an improving picture across the northwest of europe by an improving paycheck i mean there is less rain and less cloud it is slightly milder than it was this some pretty good sunshine across much of the west riding down into the southwest so it's got to thunderstorms across most central and eastern areas not reaching hungry people enjoying the warm sunshine here this is across in the west of the country however this is a central spain not far from madrid now what you're looking at is i'm trying to pull that actually overflowed the storm drainage system and this is what was left all this floodwater in the streets now there's actually some more rain in the forecast through much of northern and central spain some heavy downpours at times as i say to the north of that through france it is very nice indeed some good sunshine touches on the increase the system doing its best to push into the u.k. but it is being stopped is it a ridge of high pressure and the dry conditions and slightly better temperature in london is still a few showers across much of and the line of heavy rain and thunderstorms on the
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tail end of this working its way in through more eastern as that will continue to push east as we go through monday it leave a fairly year cloudy picture really through much of central and eastern europe some more showers across the alps maybe just wanted to show as in central regions of the u.k. but london is better for the next few days cloudy but a bit milder and paris should be warm and sunny. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen poaching significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for diplomacy you say country politically not all disintegrating but it's great to me this debate we call continues inside story on al-jazeera.
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the world. will come back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now the un security council has voted to limit a deliveries to syria's north west to just one border crossing from turkey that's after several attempts to keep a 2nd crossing open were blocked by russia and china. turnout has been higher than expected in hong kong's primary polls being held by pro-democracy parties the vote will decide which candidates run in legislative council elections in september. mali's president is promising to form a national unity government in dissolve the constitutional court that brought him
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back ok is attempting to address the issues raised by protesters who want him to resign. a 5th consecutive night of anti-government protests has been held in serbia with demonstrators again calling on the president to resign saturday's rally was peaceful in contrast to the previous night when police fired tear gas the rallies were sparked by anger over the government's handling of the pandemic they've grown into why the discontent. people in poland voting in a presidential runoff election that could shake up political parties and affect relations with neighbors the office is largely ceremonial but the president can veto parliamentary legislation so new guy a go reports this is a stark choice for voters in poland one which will shape its identity in europe and the rest of the world are going to be on mars this is the incumbent crowd pleaser and trade with poland's president since 2015 an independent who has the support of
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the ruling law and justice party is seen as the stall wall of the government's message of nationalism and conservatism has backing of only traditional families and opposition to gay marriage adoption has put about all those with poles and others in the e.u. who feel he's taking them backwards but his populist agenda has won over many voters i think. he is a good candidate because he's a tried and true man for 5 years we know what he has done and who years and i think will be the same as in the previous term of office. under total movie that andrea do what he says he tries to carry out even if not everything can be realised at a given time he says he'll do it and he does it i trust him as a politician and that's the president i want my andrea do to win the opposition believe they have everything to hope for and ruffle trust the mayor of warsaw is
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regarded by many as liberal tolerant outward looking and being more closely aligned with the rest of the european union and independent of the judiciary. it's just ask you when this is a change it's happening he will be he will not he's not a part of the current government he's not part of the current ruling party so the situation itself having just a parliament ruled by the his party by the rule. law and justice party and the president from the other side of the political spectrum will bring a sense of dialogue into this country again but lack of consensus and unity among poles was so polarized about how they want poland to be seen has been demonstrated by this election if you look at the votes of those who are in the retirement age they overwhelmingly vote and these but if you look at the youngest voters very mostly vote for more liberal politicians so it seems that in the next years law and
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justice would have or would need to change politics because otherwise we would lose support this is being seen as one of the most important elections since the fall of communism in 1989 the result of which is likely to see poland loosen all tighten its ties with its neighbors. thousands of people have blocked traffic in bulgaria as capital so fear in protest against corruption for a 3rd day demonstrators called on the prime minister in chief prosecutor to resign anger was sparked on thursday after the offices of the president were raided as part of 2 separate investigations president ruman rather has also been a vocal critic of the prime minister's cabinet. firefighters are using explosives to put out nearly $300.00 fires in northern russia unusually warm weather is helped fires break out across siberia crews are using explosives to fell
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burning trees so they can reach them more easily they're also seeding clouds a process that helps trigger rainfall most of the region is deemed too remote to bring under control more than 3300 square kilometers burning unchecked. many african families who depend on money sent home by relatives working abroad struggling to pay for food and rent coronavirus lockdowns have caused mass unemployment and stopped billions of dollars in remittances $100.00 our thoughts from kenya for. us monday learning a refugee from somalia has been living in the kenyan capital nairobi for the past 17 years. with no access to employment the father of 9 children has always depended on money sent by friends and relatives to feed his family and pay other expenses he
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says he hasn't received any money for the past 3 months we are refugees on a lot of different meaning we have some relatives. who are already in the u.s. canada. u.k. so they used it to send out something. unfinished some time with him and his situation is similar for many other families whose breadwinners walk in other parts of africa giulia of the a mother of 2 is visiting a money transfer office for the 1st time in 3 months. my husband is a trader in south sudan and was forced to close his business he hasn't been able to send us any money since march we've been forced to live off our meager savings before the outbreak of the koran of bungholes like this one will be full of customers waiting to collect funds sent by their relatives abroad and now they're few and far between lockdown measures the doctor didn't many countries have led to
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job losses for migrants and consequently a reduction in remittances. funds sent home by migrants from sub-saharan africa grew 10 fold from 4800000000 in 2000 to 48000000000 in 2018. but the world bank predicts a 23 percent fall this year in. remittances to africa because of the covered $1000.00 pandemic that will have implications for the economy. countries most of the middle income countries depend on remittances so if we can't have remittances being transferred to these countries it's becoming increasingly challenging and this will certainly impact the development in countries such as somalia where there are more reliable banking services airport closures and flight cancellations of remittances have been more difficult. workers at this money transfer company which operates in at least 40 countries in africa. global financial institutions and
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governments to intervene an issue the continued floor of remittances. thousands of israelis have protested in tel aviv angry over their government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic demonstrators say aid packages have been delayed and are insufficient israel reimpose tight restrictions earlier this week after infections increased u.s. president donald trump has worn a mosque in public for the 1st time he was visiting a military hospital in maryland that's as the u.s. recorded another daily haifa new infections more than 66 and a half 1000 were confirmed on saturday the number of virus related deaths is also a reason billionaire philanthropist bill gates says coronavirus medicine and vaccines must reach people who need them most he says the pandemic will get worse
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if drugs aren't fairly distributed. if we just let drugs and vaccines go to the highest bidders instead of to the people in the places where they're most needed we'll have a longer more and just deadlier pandemic we need leaders to make these hard decisions about distributing based on equity not just on market driven factors governments across latin america are struggling to contain the virus in bolivia a new wave of infections is threatening to overwhelm the fragile health care system several politicians including interim president janine and as have tested positive and i'm a struggling to the government imposed severe confinement measures in one province to stop a sudden jump in infections docs is a calling for a nationwide lockdown now as the virus spreads to remote areas. and puerto ricans
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are demanding the removal of all symbols commemorating colonialism protestors wearing indigenous clothes demanded the statue of christopher columbus be taken down they also want to rename city squares and streets to rico is one of many places witnessing movements to cut ties with the colonial past. even if. we were already a free and sovereign nation with the government our own culture and religion at one point they were interrupted by colonialism we recognize a history but we don't have to continue in bracing the idea that our colonisers have to be elevated and israel there are no stitchers of hitler because of the genocide we have stitches on one ponce de leon and christopher columbus and that does not make any scene we are requesting them to be removed. the world council of churches is appealing to turkey to reverse its decision to turn the iris of fear into a mosque a group sent a letter to president of the one saying the move will sow division the iris of fear
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was built 1500 years ago as an orthodox cathedral it was later converted into a mask. a community in indonesia is coming together to support a group of writing the refugees people in our province towed to safety last month now they're looking after them trying to connect other company children with their families jessica washington reports from jakarta. after experiencing prolonged horror and fear these were younger boys and girls might now be able to enjoy their childhood his children are taking part in a true my healing exercise safe in the indonesian province of they were at sea for months out of playing violence and poverty. and although indonesian authorities did not give them permission to disembark local people helped them ashore. we thought we would talk from hunger and thirst but the indonesian people help us and i am so
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grateful oh and tears are also helping the adults deal with their trauma of life in rocky state and in refugee camps in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of mainly muslim or hindu or have fled mia since the military crackdown began 3 years ago unable to work in bangladesh this group left to make the dangerous journey to southeast asia. we are better off with food and everything but the pain in my heart is that my family doesn't know anything if i am alive or not community groups are providing food and water as the un's refugee agency registers people don't ever suffer we have not needed to spend money from the government because n.g.o.s and the public have been helping so much among the group of 25 unaccompanied children and teenagers aged between 5 and 70 local n.g.o.s in the tray are working with the young people to reconnect them with their families the indonesian government says it's working with local authorities and community volunteers to meet the needs of
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the remaining a refugee. some told out to 0 they never intended to reach indeed asia was . my only hope was to meet my husband now i'm relying on the decision of the indonesian government i hope they will do their best for us. despite the woman well . don't know what will happen to them next or whether they'll be allowed to stay jessica washington al jazeera. let's take a look at some of the headlines here now just here and now the u.n. security council has voted to limit a deliveries to syria's northwest of just one border crossing from turkey that's after several attempts to keep a 2nd crossing border open were blocked by russia and china the u.n. says it will cut a lifeline for 1300000 people turnout has been higher than expected in hong kong's
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primary polls being held by pro-democracy parties the vote will decide which candidates run in legislative council elections in september pro-democracy candidate joshua wang tells al-jazeera every vote cast is a message to beijing fight for democracy in such a battle just like the battle of life sometimes we might be difficult and also under pressure but the fret can't defeat us even stronger determination and just like thousands of people come out of what is just already a lot beijing you know that even they have to turn hong kong. we've built it and we never called home and we never surrender mali's president is promising to form a national unity government and dissolve the constitutional court that brought him back ok to is attempting to address issues raised by protesters who want him to resign a 5th consecutive night of anti-government protests has been held in serbia demonstrates
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is are again calling on the president to quit saturday's rally was peaceful though in contrast to the previous night when police fired tear gas. poland's 2nd round of voting is underway in the presidential election that could shake up politics the runoff is between conservative incumbent incumbent president and they do that and the liberal mayor of warsaw rafał check out the role is largely symbolic thousands of israelis have protested in tel aviv over the government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic israel reimpose tight restrictions earlier this week after infections increased. its inside story now stay with us as protests rage over police brutality and coronavirus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take
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a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and so their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on a just. a cathedral faster than a mosque and later a museum now istanbul's landmark hagia sophia is being reconverted back into a mosque but is this an act of religious significance or political narrow minded this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finighan one of the world's most famous landmarks the hagia sophia museum in istanbul has been turned back into a mosque turkey's president but one says the site will be open to muslim worship in less than 2 weeks after a top court.


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