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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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cain saying cause of slavery and 21st century evil on al-jazeera. these 500000 children will wake up tomorrow morning and will realize that we have let them down are. the fate of more than a 1000000 syrians in the balance a crucial border crossing for aid is shot. and sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from coming up i voted turnout in hong kong as people choose pro-democracy candidates for elections in september. poland chooses between
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2 very different candidates all but could shake up politics. and the story of how our group in indonesia is help people hang with children recover from months at sea. and a lifeline to half a 1000000 children in syria has been cut the u.n. security council compromise means only one border crossing with turkey will remain open the deal was made after russia backed by china pushed to shut down a 2nd one diplomatic at the jane space reports from un headquarters in new york a security council resolution on delivery of aid into syria is finally passed the result of the voting is as follows 12 votes in favor.
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no votes against and 3 abstentions but this was not what 13 out of 15 council members wanted only one border crossing bubble how one can now be used to deliver aid off to china and russia use their veto power in recent days to block other options so this resolution is not what the united states and a majority of the council fought for and it is certainly far short of what the syrian people need and discern russia's deputy ambassador was competent that the hypocrisy and double standards of our western colleagues at the ins unprecedented tice you were in the negotiations they were ready to jeopardise growth by the mechanism but the delete messages on unilateral sanctions and increasing growth crossland deliveries that received this reply that if dimitrius
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concerned about hypocrisy he probably should not use the words that he matter tonight humanitarian aid should not be politicized because that is exactly what russia has done throughout this process and shamefully continues to do the bubble salaam crossing that will now close was a lifeline for about half a 1000000 children in the area according to unicef a fact seized upon by germany's ambassador these 500000 children will wake up tomorrow morning. and we'll realize that we have our germany and belgium who've been in charge of trying to negotiate ambassador who is going to city was aware his chinese and russian colleagues were taking instructions from their capitals but he had this message for those in charge telling them that the german ambassador asked are those people who gave the instructions to give instructions to cut off the a top 500000 children. to look into the mirror tomorrow in nearly
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a decade of conflict in syria repeatedly starvation has been used as a weapon of war and increasingly humanitarian aid has been politicized what we've seen here in the last week may well be another episode in the international community's response to the syrian crisis that history will judge badly james al-jazeera at the united nations house for matter barbara joins us now live from the studio hashim let's start with the the big headline here there is around 1300000 people who will no longer get aid through bab salaam what will happen to them where will they get food where some of this is going to create massive hurdles obstacles for the international community and the humanitarian aid agencies because now where they deny it they would have to go through all the way through on the outskirts of and then move to areas like. 3 in and that's where.
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a syrian activists think about more than a 1000000 civilians trapped on those areas and we have to remind our viewers though those were the people who were victims from. back in 2016 their biggest concern and they do understand the politics here they know that this is going to be a tactic to further starve the civilians into surrender they would have 2 options stay stay. and therefore or go back to the regime territory but they know that the moment they decide to go back with tally ation will be awaiting them on how she let's make this little clearer perhaps too to the audience so what you're basically saying is now that aid is going to have to come through from along a lot further away yes to all these little enclaves of areas that are not fully under government control and and that process of bringing aid in makes it
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a lot more vulnerable extremely difficult now for aid agencies and for the turkish government and for the international community just to give you an idea in the past it was crossed and within a few almost half an hour you're within areas like i was 3 in and. and this would be extremely easy to go to all those areas where you have more than a 1000000 people stranded if you have to travel all the way from a bubble where you will need more logistics more more more more logistics more hours spent on the road and some of those were those are pretty delicate because the government is not pushing forward towards the border area it's can easily use its artillery to stop all those convoys to move further towards those areas under the pretext of these are rebel controlled areas therefore we don't trust them this is an extremely delicate situation for the syrian refugees now i assume that the assumption is going to be in many circles amongst the opposition if not beyond that
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this move is basically a move by the backers of the regime in the u.n. to try and help. forces gain more control this is exactly what they do but they do forget one thing which is basically in 20161415 what happened is that the syrian government used the same tactic which is starving populations into surrender they did it in what we saw those unprecedented images of emaciated faces of people driven out of the area. it was so that in her we saw that in a lot of a sulky all those neighborhoods of the capital damascus and we saw that in homs now the biggest concern why this is critical for the syrian opposition and for the more than $2000000.00 syrian refugees in all those areas in italy but also. near the 3 in and by the seller border crossing is that now this brings back the same memory if the russians decide that the near future also to choke. it is just going to
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leave many people stranded hungry thirsty with only 2 options die on the border or surrender it's a bleak view but thank you for bringing us that matter barbara in hong kong voter turnout for primary polls held by pro-democracy parties has been higher than expected results will decide candidates to run for legislative council elections in september that vote will be the 1st since beijing imposed its new national security law earlier this month. if your partner is live for us in hong kong so that high voter turnout we're talking about being seen how is that being interpreted. indeed sammy if you ask people who are organizing this campaign they are surprised themselves it's far reach far beyond their targets and in fact almost doubled their targets and we
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still have a few hours good to go before the ballots close it's being interpreted mostly the democratic activist us people giving a voice to their discontent or that concerns particularly after that national security law was imposed upon hong kong less than 2 weeks ago now one of the issues here is that this whole campaign has had so many hurdles even before it could get off the ground with a venue's being pulling out in the last minute due to pressure on top of that hong kong is facing an upsurge in corona virus and so i want to put some of these questions to my guest who's here is geoffrey andrews he's the 1st ever minority democratic candidate to be running for legislative council elections if he gets through in these primaries and i want to ask him jeffrey you know thank you for being with us today i want to ask you you've chosen a very curious time to make your debut particularly with the democratic camp in the back on the back foot and also the fact that the national security law has been
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imposed why now well i always ask myself when when then when is the best time of 5 years ago i don't think minorities have much of a say in society i think the social unrest a lot of minorities came out like ourselves we did this fantastic water distribution outside chungking mansions which in hong kong we now call the we connect moment so i thought to myself it's time now to be part of this political structure because we're not having a voice in this direction hong kong being and you know you're always seeing national security law national anthem law hong kong's education system but then you don't really see if the minorities be part of it forget i think it was ex-pats or vulnerable groups so i told myself it's time to force the issue about hong kong as an international city is it truly a diversity of a diverse voices so that's why. i'm doing but i must say you're coming from a point to disadvantage the area your combat competing against or that your other candidates are far more established than you there are 9 candidates all together in
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your area can you tell us why this is important why you decided to run in that area particularly because you really are at a disadvantage is a huge disadvantage i mean i'm running up against heavyweights like claudia moe jimmy showmen sonny john but you know cullen wes is so dynamic it's got some shape over the poorest district in hong kong. actually this time well the primaries will shortlist candidates right because it's 9 of us maybe not 9 of us have the full backing of the public and i think this is a good test to show whether you know we are the people's choice now that's a 2nd disadvantage to me because many minorities don't even know there's a prime reason like wait we only know about september 6th what is this so i've got to do a lot of hard work in the last 2 days saying hey guys i need to get into the to the vote do you vote for me through get through to this so it's been really tough so i really have to kind of rely on the local public which also looks an uncomfortable question saying is hong kong really a diversity will they vote for me does this international city mean me in this or
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just joshua long speaking english or most of you know. i bring in a very unique background a local born for social worker i understand some show i live in took on i live in the 9th floor walkup so that's me you can't take that away from me and i work in chongqing mentioned all right thank you very much geoffrey andrews great to speak to you so that geoffrey is the 1st minority to be running in these elections and the for and hong kong's democratic camp in fact for representation and also the 1st minority social worker here in hong kong but the greater point has to be made here is that what this whole exercise is about is trying to get support or consolidate support for the democratic camp so they can get a majority in those elections in september 6th in the legislative council the bigger question remains as even if they do manage that will they have any effect given the last we've seen and the reaction we've seen from the government in beijing so very good in fear thanks so much to big of holland there from hong kong
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. tens of millions of people are facing the most severe flooding in the year is in the southern regions of china the government in the province of jang she has issued its highest flood warning as a large lake edges closer to overflowing in guangxi province there are fears the river could also overflow with heavy rainfall nearly 34000000 people have been affected. still ahead on al-jazeera could this long awaited image encourage donald trump supporters to follow health guidelines. time the demand for action 1000 is an angry over the israeli government's handling of the economy during the global pandemic.
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hello there it is an improving picture across much of western europe to the knoll still quite a bit of cloud and some rain showers and you'll see this line of thunderstorms working their way quite rapidly towards areas in the east as a say plenty of sunny skies out across the west the southwest as well so glorious sunshine across into lisbon people making the most of that will the sunshine on the beach now as we go through sunday there will be some more rain across northern sections of spain this is being quite heavy at times you could have some heavy downpours there is some rain in cloud doing its best to push into more northern areas of the u.k. still those scattered showers across scandinavia and this line of rain working its way eventually across into western areas of russia certainly on monday but there is more rain heading in across towards western regions of the u.k. probably not going to reach london but better conditions across much of wrongs and generally through much of spain say for the next few days in london is quite cloudy temperatures a little bit below par the average is 23 for this time of year a ballin is an improving picture golson drizzly conditions on tuesday and then as
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you can see maybe one or 2 showers but this and sunny spells in between but really the best weather over the next few days is going to be paris you've got some rain showers likely monday and tuesday and then as you can see the 10 which is really set to increase and it could be a very warm and to the week. there are we ers is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues that we listen i still think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the old a 0 we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what you see we've been using kind of for that matter to you.
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oh. i'll come back here watching i'll just 0 time to recap our headlines now the u.n. security council has voted to limit a deliveries to syria's northwest just one border crossing to balance after several attempts to keep a 2nd crossing open were blocked by russia and china. turnout has been higher than expected in hong kong's primary polls being held by pro-democracy are these the votes will decide which can that's running blood student council elections in september. while these president is promising to form a government of national unity and dissolve the constitutional court several people have been killed during weeks of anti-government protests in the worst civil unrest
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in years shall about this now. in bamako a solemn feel well for protest as they can see say this is year old was killed on friday his family says he was shot in front of mali's national assembly. they say he was the 1st of 4 people killed after anti-government protests turned violent. his mother was sick already when we broke the news to her she had a seizure the neighbors came out and we comforted her with words from islam. thousands of people gathered for friday's protests the 3rd since. they pushed their way into the grounds of parliament and the national television station then tires and barricaded roads in the capital police responded with tear gas. gunfire was heard 60 people were arrested. the protesters returned on saturday but
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in smaller numbers. their anger is directed at president abraham. demonstrations began in june after mali's constitutional court overturned election results and evolved to include frustrations over the economy and lead corruption and insecurity from groups. repression reinforces our determination and we will continue with our watch until the end of the regime of ip k. which today is accounts of a mali on saturday evening case who responded in a televised address. to continue to do privilege i will continue to favor dialogue with all the active forces of the nation for the establishment of a consensual government team composed of republican and patriotic groups and not the break is entomologist of the country molly deserves basic than that. he promised to dissolve the court at the heart of the disputed election results hold reelections in contested areas and form
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a national unity government next week they're an important 1st step. and i think the idea is that the president is going to join we have the opposition and have hopefully real dialogue. and and hopefully this will take place under the eyes of eco wasse the regional group that i think can actually help make sure that this moves forward smoothly. no opposition had earlier rejected katie's offer to reform the constitutional and demanded the dissolution of parliament following friday's embraced 3 of their leaders were arrested and they had cooled his range and it's unclear whether president cage's concessions were satisfy them and stop the scenes repeating. the palace. a 5th consecutive night of anti-government protests has been held in serbia with demonstrators again calling on the president to resign saturday's rally was peaceful in contrast to the
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previous night and police fired tear gas the rallies were sparked by anger over the government's handling of the pandemic. into other demands. people in poland are voting in a presidential runoff vote could shake up political parties and impact relations with neighbors the office is largely ceremonial but the president can veto parliamentary legislation so no geiger reports. this is a stark choice for voters in poland. and one which will shape its identity in europe and the rest of the world we're going to be on mars this is the incumbent crowd pleaser and trade with poland's president since 2015 an independent who has the support of the ruling law and justice party is seen as a stalwart of the government's message of nationalism and conservatism his backing of only traditional families and opposition to gay marriage adoption has put him at
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all those with poles and others in the e.u. who fear he's taking them backwards but his populist agenda has won over many voters i think. he is a good candidate because he's a tried and true man for 5 years we know what he has done and who years and i think you will be the same as in the previous term of office. under total movie that andrea do what he says he tries to carry out even if not everything can be realized at a given time he says he'll do it and he does it i trust him as a politician and that's the president i want my andrea do to win the opposition believe they have everything to hope for and ruffle trust the mayor of warsaw is regarded by many as liberal tolerant outward looking and being more closely aligned with the rest of the european union and independent of the judiciary. it's just ask you when this is a change it's happening here will be he will not he's not
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a part of the current government he thought part of the current ruling party so the situation itself having just a parliament rule. his party by the rule of law and justice party and the president from the other side of the political spectrum will bring a sense of dialogue into this country again but lack of consensus and unity among poles was so polarized about how they want poland to be seen has been demonstrated by this election if you look at the votes of those who are in the retirement age. they overwhelmingly vote and these but if you look at the youngest voters very mostly vote for more liberal politicians so it seems that in the next years law and justice would have or would need to change politics because otherwise we would lose support this is being seen as one of the most important elections since the fall of communism in 1989 the result of which is likely to see poland loosen all tighten
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its ties with its neighbors. emergency crews in northern russia using explosives to put out nearly 300 fires unusually warm weather has helped fires break out across siberia rather crews are using the explosives to knock down burning trees so they can reach them more easily they're also seeding clouds a process that helps trigger rainfall more than 3300 square kilometers of land is burning unchecked the united states has recorded another daily high of new code with 19 infections more than 66500 cases were confirmed on saturday meanwhile president donald trump has worn a mask publicly for the 1st time since the outbreak began putting in reports from maryland. this is lives than many health experts have been hoping and waiting for
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the u.s. president some need a message to his supporters that it's ok to wear a mask for many not doing so is a kind of political statement but before leaving for visit to this military hospital he sent a different message with his words when your hospital especially in that particular setting where you're going to do a lot of older people that in some cases just got off the operating table i think it's a great degree where i got to have a pretty good bet but i do believe that by the time. far from the universal endorsement that might make and supporters change their habits in many of the states hardest hit masks are not mandatory and the numbers of people being tested for and dying from the corona virus are climbing quickly in florida another day of record cases but despite the figures disney world reopened there with restrictions on smaller crowds masks are mandated inside the park but not in this state and the
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republican governor is not promising any changes soon we really believe that you know those in that 65 enough age group are at the increased risk and we're continuing to advise them to talk to limit close contact outside the home and to avoid crowds armies with as much as possible in another hard hit state louisiana the democratic governor has closed bars and mandated mess so it's become clear to me especially ash after the numbers that we saw yesterday that our current restrictions are not enough the people that we've been making to the people of louisiana to do better abiding by those restrictions and doing better by complying with our mitigation measures just have not produced the results that we had hoped for and the results that we need pretty much across the board the experts all agree the easiest. the cheapest way to make sure the virus doesn't spread out of control
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to make sure hospitals like the one behind me don't become overwhelmed just to wear a mask but once again the u.s. president is sending a message to his followers with his words that they don't necessarily need to follow the advice of the experts pedicle hain al jazeera maryland thousands of israelis have protested in tel aviv angry over their government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic demonstrates is say packages have been delayed and insufficient israel read post time restrictions earlier this week after infections increased power to full suit as more from west jerusalem. it's an issue of what they say is not enough government support to the people hit worst by the economic fallout of the pandemic the self-employed small businesses creative industries the hospitality industry the kinds of jobs which perhaps don't have the same kind of regularity and safety net of other forms of employment and
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i've been looking to the government for more support in the 1st wave of the pandemic there were complaints that people that felt they were entitled under the rules to certain levels of aid it just didn't come through and now they say that not enough enough is being done given the fact that we are in the midst of a 2nd wave in israel 1200 new cases reported during the course of the last day on friday benjamin netanyahu sat down with some of the groups being represented in this big protest trying to hear from them saying that he had listened to them and that support would be on the way he had just come from announcing a new round of measures including some $1700.00 every 2 months for small businesses up to a total of 144 $1000.00 in aid of a larger businesses saying that people who applied in the past and haven't got their money would do so with no checks it would come through straightaway but as you can see in the midst of this pandemic this 2nd wave people are just cramming
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into that square to say that not enough is being done. a community in indonesia is coming together to support a group of bring the refugees people and i'll trade province towed to safety last month now looking after them trying to connect unaccompanied children with their families jessica washington reports from jakarta. after experiencing prolonged horror and fear these were younger boys and girls might now be able to enjoy their childhood his children are taking part in a true my healing exercise safe in the indonesian province of they were at sea for months out of playing violence and poverty. and although indonesian authorities did not give them permission to disembark local people helped them ashore. we thought we would talk from hunger and thirst but the indonesian people help us and i am so grateful oh and tears are also helping the adults deal with their trauma of life in
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rocky state and in refugee camps in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of mainly muslim or hindu or have fled mia since the military crackdown began 3 years ago unable to work in bangladesh this group left to make the dangerous journey to southeast asia. we are better off with food and everything but the pain in my heart is that my family doesn't know anything if i am alive or not community groups are providing food and water as the un's refugee agency registers people don't ever suffer we have not needed to spend money from the government because n.g.o.s and the public have been helping so much among the group of 25 unaccompanied children and teenagers aged between 5 and 70 local n.g.o.s in the tray are working with the young people to reconnect them with their families the indonesian government says it's working with local authorities and community volunteers to meet the needs of the remaining
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a refugee. some told out to 0 they never intended to reach into the asia was shocking. my only hope was to meet my husband malaysia now i'm relying on the decision of the indonesian government i hope they will do their best for us. despite the woman well. don't know what will happen to them next or whether they'll be allowed to stay jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. let's take a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now the un security council has voted to limit a deliveries to syria's northwest's who are just one border crossing from turkey after several attempts to keep a 2nd one and were blocked by russia and china the u.n. says it will cut a lifeline for 1300000 people turnout has been higher than expected in hong kong's primary polls being held by pro-democracy parties the vote will decide which
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candidates run in legislative council elections in september the pro-democracy candidate joshua one tells our just every vote cast is a message to beijing fight for democracy in such a battle just like the battle of life sometimes we might be difficult and also under pressure but a friend can defeat us even stronger determination and just like thousands of people come out of what is just already a lot beijing you know that even they have to turn hong kong. back we've built it and we never called home and we never surrender. president his promise to form a national unity government and dissolve the constitutional court it brought him back ok today is promising to address issues raised by protesters who want him to resign poland's 2nd round of voting is underway in a presidential election that could shake up politics the runoff is between
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conservative incumbent president and the very do that and the liberal mayor of warsaw. united states has reported another daily high for new infections of covert 19 it came as president trump wore a mask in public for the 1st time a 5th consecutive night of anti-government protests has been held in serbia saturday's rally was peaceful in contrast to the previous night when police fired tear gas thousands of israelis have protested in tel aviv angry over their government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic israel reimposed tight restrictions earlier this week after infections increased. those are your headlines the news continues after talked to al jazeera. breaks everybody on this planet matter everybody now or when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of
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the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports nobody's a disease can affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teens on the ground this is the main business nobody and i'm the only person here to bring you the award winning documentary and life needs. to be able to see. december 24th 1979 soviet troops invaded going to stand leaders of the soviet union said they'd been invited by a gun advance common the theater but. the soviet invasion set up on a fun on the part of decades of conflict. for a little bit of ground war the most was complete withdrawal in the 1980 s. and the eventual collapse of the communist government and. civil war followed. leading to.


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