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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. alone can but elvis is the news all live from dot coming up in the next 60 minutes a lifeline for syrians in desperate need aid groups are concerned after the u.n. security council agree some leave only one border crossing open. higher than expected turnout in hong kong's poll to choose pro-democracy candidates for
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september's made election. president donald trump finally puts on a mask as the u.s. registers another record high numbers close at 19 infections. and counterfeit cash and libya will have the latest on attempts by ward to leave start to fund his attacks. i'm joined again with your sports formula one teams awards they could be jailed if they don't follow a strict coronavirus restrictions in hungary next week meanwhile knows how to start on poland austria after what he's describing isn't a perfect qualify it. will begin this news all with a u.n. security council decision that could severely affect $4000000.00 syrians living in rebel held territory and would have agreed on a compromise that will allow only one border with to. ok to remain open
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a deliveries a group say they're deeply concerned over restrictions on the flow of aid the deal was made after russia backed by china pushed to shut down a 2nd crossing across the entire country more than 11000000 people room rely on humanitarian aid the conflict has led to vast numbers of people living in camps after being forced from their homes demand for assistance has been rising steadily a record of more than 700 trucks crossed the syrian border in may carrying u.n. aid the most since the war began and the spread of coronavirus could make things even worse several 100 cases have been detected by a group sworn this could be much higher since testing is extremely limited our correspondent has reported extensively on the conflict in syria we'll talk to him in a moment but 1st a diplomatic editor james phase has this report from u.n. headquarters in new york a security council resolution on delivery of aid into syria is finally passed the
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result of the voting is as follows 12 votes in favor no votes against and 3 abstentions but this was not what 13 out of 15 council members wanted only one border crossing by about how one can now be used to deliver a after china and russia use their veto power in recent days to block other options so this resolution is not what the united states and a majority of the council fought for and it is certainly far short of what the syrian people need and deserve. russia's deputy ambassador was competent at the hypocrisy and double standards of our western colleagues at the unprecedented crisis you were in negotiations they were ready to jeopardise growth but the mechanism but to delete messages on unilateral sanctions and increasing the
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role of crossland illiterates that received this reply that if dimitri is concerned about hypocrisy he probably should not use the words that he merits in a humanitarian aid should not be politicized because that is exactly what russia has done throughout this process and shamefully continues to do the bubble salaam crossing the no clothes was a lifeline for about half a 1000000 children in the area according to unicef a fact seized upon by germany's ambassador these 500000 children will wake up tomorrow morning and realize that we have let them down our germany and belgium have been in charge of trying to negotiate ambassador said he was aware his chinese and russian colleagues were taking instructions from their capitals but he had this message for those in charge didn't tell them that the german ambassador asked are those people who gave the instructions to give the instructions to cut
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out the a top 500000 children if they are ready to look into the mirror tomorrow in nearly a decade of conflict in syria repeatedly starvation has been used as a weapon of war and increasingly humanitarian aid has been politicized what we've seen here in the last week may well be another episode in the international community's response to the syrian crisis that history will judge badly james pays al-jazeera at the united nations has him about a joins us now live in the studio hashem so what is this going to mean in reality for those syrians who are in need of it. we're talking came here about 4000000 people in immediate need of help they basically rely on humanitarian aid deliveries for the. border crossings but the seller and. in northwestern syria on the border with turkey with scrat by the following of the intervention of russia
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and china in is the the almost 1000000 civilians who live in areas like a green like. green and all the areas on the border with turkey and jobless will have no access to aid and food they will have to wait for aid to go all the way from the well how to travel east to words those areas the people who were pushed by the syrian government during its loss offensive to take over there are scores of aleppo and who had nowhere to go except for those areas there will be no severely compromised and what is that journey going to be like to get that aid from that open crossing over to the other areas that need this. well this is going to be a critical situation for the syrian opposition just back in february we have to remind our viewers that when the syrian government backed by russia most a major offensive to take over there are scores of. what happened is that basically
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millions of people had nowhere to go except the area of the border area with turkey they were stranded they were waiting for days and days with a temper so we're dropping below 0 for 8 to arrive and aid was trickling down very slowly and civilians died because of that stuff and this explains why the united nations humanitarian chief was saying basically that in one another border crossing is going to cause going to cause death and suffering for the syrian opposition and for the syrian people and syria's are now pretty much concerned because they know that with only one course a border. border crossing which is burble how remaining the only lifeline for the millions of people stranded inside syria this could be the extreme really delicate situation what if the syrian government decides to model to take over aleppo you know what it means that the 4000000 people we're talking about in those areas would have 2 options die or surrender. and just finally hashim what should we make of
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russia's argument that you know facts on the ground have changed that aid can now flow from within syria to those areas this neglects doesn't take into account the very difficult political and geographic landscape in those particular areas saying that is enough they start true for different reasons because burble how is barely enough to send aid to 3000000 people who are stranded in areas in the province of on its own we're not talking about areas on the outskirts of the. of we're not talking about the thousands of people who live in refugee camps in the eastern part of syria on the border with iraq the general sentiment among the people we've been talking to in syria particularly civilians of the opposition is that by weaponize ing the border crossing by the rushers this gives them massive advantage in the near future because of the decide tomorrow to use it as political means to advance
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their political agenda and ask the syrian government to last is its final offensive to take over there were just so you know what is under the control of a a to hit a show here to who is shall we consider it a terrorist organization or it's coming from is not legal would shut it down when you know when you shut it down this is going to cause massive sufferings for the millions of people children families who still hoped that the international community would would install many border crossings on the border with turkey to be able to cope with the fast moving situation in the northern part of the country. thank you that hashim are out of their. well it's not the 1st time the number of aid route into syria has been cut in 2014 the un security council originally authorized aid to flow through 4 border crossings 2 from turkey one from iraq and one from jordan in january this year opposition from russia and china forced the
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routes through iraq in jordan to be dropped into turkish crossings were allowed to continue for another 6 months now once again at the insistence of russia and china that's been reduced to a single point. but as a jackson is a un representative and head of office for care international she says thousands of syrians will now be deprived of badly needed aid. within this gradual erosion of humanitarian access become quite a patten in the security council but i think it's incredibly worrisome at this time when we have covert cases confirmed in this area that the snow western region of syria and in the northeast so in the space of about 9 months we've gone to having 4 u.n. border crossings now only having one and this latest closure of one of the major crossings in into the area around north and aleppo's leads
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1300000 people without the support of the united nations and as the u.n. has warned the council this will cost syrian lives the responsibility of the syrian government is to meet the humanitarian needs of its people but we have not seen damascus willing to do that throughout the 9 years of this conflict and the people that are in this area in northern aleppo's it's one of the highest concentrations of displaced people is over 60 percent so these are people that have been displaced multiple times over the course of the last 9 years and they are overwhelmingly women and children so these are the very people that the u.n. was set up to the and we at this stage we do not have any aid convoys coming from damascus to this region there is in the goshi
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a sion underway to stop that. but the closure by the council affective today manes that we could be looking at least 6 months before any abase convoy is actually make it up into this region because of all the bureaucracy and red tape that's required to get all the permissions for the in geos to make those deliveries and i think that is is the worrying. hot that we cannot expect the other crossing the one that remains open to be a substitute the cause in order to get a from that crossing into northern aleppo you have to cross a front line and although we have a fragile cease fire in effect now we don't know what the situation will be in awake in a month in 6 months. the aman is safe the children's advocacy and media director for syria who joins us now from amman thanks for your time what do you make of this
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this decision this forcing really to keep only one aid crossing open into syria. thank you for that there is one thing absolutely clear about this this is in is is not based on what is needed on the ground is not based on the humans had imperatives if you look at the needs now in northwest city where it is even higher than last year it's even higher than a year before we had between ongoing conflict and the economy situation that the families have to go through and most recently now fear of could outbreak we've heard in the last 3 days and only saw 4 cases and we expect the numbers tonight is quite dramatically in the next few weeks you can clearly see that then it him in 10 years on the ground increasing but at the same time the council voted to decrease the number of border crossings that human 10 x. can use particularly the u.n. so we know this is political we know this is not based on the human 10 years on the ground and that's the 1st question we've had to the council in the 1st place this is a humanitarian just
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a douche and this is what's needed by the people on the ground why are we seeing a reduction in it is because of politics please just remind our viewers or inform our viewers of the situation of those people who are particularly around things like the drabness azaz area north of aleppo because many of those people have been forced there from they've been displaced from other areas have an egg. distribution is quite a dog and it's so complicated this point you don't even know where to start explaining to people what a tough and what is generally a live and the northern city had about 20000000 people and 1500000 people living in it now we're seeing 4000000 people which means in the last last 9 years i don't know there were more than 2500000 people who've been displaced into the area if you just look at the last year alone this is only 2019 there with the major escalation in the conflict in a state in june and lastly in december 2020 that saw another more than a 1000000 people get displaced another time some families we talked to have been
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battling away from conflict with everything they own which isn't about to talk if anything which will be about mattresses and just something to survive so 10 times we we meet families who are doing the utmost to contra survive we met 3 children who were living their parents had died in the escalation of conflict they were living in an abandoned coffee these are the people we're talking about and all of the absaroke so many 4000000 people who live more than 2000000 of them are children under the age of 18 these children have nothing to do with what's happening there only trying to get to school to go to to do anything the kind of their lives and then we saw the security council coming in saying one border crossing is enough for n.g.o.s to help all of these people because potentially that is there's work that can be done with you and still cross-line a sector which is not something we actually disagree with. as a human tank community but what we're saying is these people now need aid politics should not come in the way of getting the humanitarian aid they need and everything that is something that can be discussed long term. just finally how difficult is it
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going to be now to get to those areas where people need it most. it just makes aid more expensive to deliver it makes it harder to deliver which is money we need now is spent trying to make sure that aid leech somewhere securely that the parties to the conflict on the defeat in it that this aid could have gone instead to families on the ground it makes it significantly harder just as an example logistically it takes 10 hours to drive about how as to what about a set of. 10 more hours for human 10 aid that will have to go through checkpoints that are controlled by different parties what would have to negotiate access ensure and also like doing programming is similar to try protection where you need to do something that you then do with families to make sure that they're going to school that they have the food they need becomes very difficult and a lot of this is time and effort we will spend on being able to live a program that could have instead gone to the people so the council essentially
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effectively meant that you madame program now another chunk of it is gone from the people who needed it. thanks so much for your time from save the children. thank you. but more head on the news all including molly's president makes major concessions to the opposition were demanding that he step down. voters in poland face 2 very different candidates in a poll that could shake up all it takes and redefine relations with its neighbors. and in sports here while the bond james is to close a part of the n.b.a.'s latest social justice campaign. in hong kong voter turnout for primary polls held by pro-democracy parties has been higher than expected the results will decide candidates to run for legislative council elections in september will be the 1st since beijing imposed its new
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national security law and we have this month early a difficult hollande spoke to geoffrey andrews the 1st ever minority democratic candidate to be running for legislative council in hong kong. i want to ask you you've chosen a very curious time to make your debut particularly with the democratic camp in the back on the back foot and also the fact that the national security law has been imposed why now well i always ask myself when when then when is the best time 5 years ago i don't think minorities had much of a say in society i think the social unrest a lot of minorities came out like ourselves we did this fantastic water distribution outside chungking mansions which in hong kong we now call the we connect moment so i thought to myself it's time now to be part of this political structure because we're not having a voice in this direction you know you're always seeing national security law national anthem law hong kong's education system but then you don't oddly see it at
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the minorities be part of it forget that the money was ex-pats or vulnerable groups so i told myself it's time to force the issue about hong kong as an international city is a truly a diversity with diverse voices so that's what i'm doing but i must say you're coming from a point to disadvantage the area your combat competing against or that your other candidates are far more established than you there are 9 candidates all together in your area can you tell us why this is important why you decided to run in that area particularly because you really are at a disadvantage is a huge disadvantage i mean i'm running up against heavyweights like claudia moe and sonny but you know cullen wes is so dynamic it's the poorest district in hong kong mali's president has promised to form a national unity government and to solve the constitutional court several people have been killed during weeks of anti-government protests in the was civil unrest in the is a balance rewards. in bamako
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a solemn feel well for protest as they can see say this is year old was killed on friday his family says he was shot in front of mali's national assembly. they say he was the 1st of 4 people killed after anti-government protests turned violent. his mother was sick already when we broke the news to her she had a seizure the neighbors came out and we comforted her with words from islam. thousands of people gathered for friday's protests the 3rd since. they pushed their way into the grounds of parliament and the national television station then tires and barricaded roads in the capital police responded with tear gas. gunfire was heard 60 people were arrested. the protesters returned on saturday but in smaller numbers. their anger is directed at president abraham. demonstrations began in june after mali's constitutional court overturned election results and
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evolved to include frustrations over the economy alleged corruption and insecurity from groups. repression reinforces our determination and we will continue with our watch until the end of the regime of ip case which today is a council for mali on saturday evening case who responded in a televised address. you know do privilege i will continue to favor dialogue with all the active forces of the nation for the establishment of a consensual government team composed of republican and patriotic groups and not the break is an demolishes of the country molly deserves basic the man is going to cause he promised to dissolve the pools at the heart of the disputed election results hold re-elections in contested areas and form a national unity government next week they're an important 1st step. and i think the idea is that the president is going to join with the opposition and have
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hopefully real dialogue. and and hopefully this will take place under the eyes of eco wasse the regional group that i think can actually help make sure that this moves forward smoothly. no position had earlier rejected katie's offer to reform the constitutional route and demanded the dissolution of parliament following friday's embraced 3 of their leaders were arrested and they had cooled his rented it's unclear where the president has his concessions will satisfy them and stop the scenes repeating. the ballasts. let's bring it up it interests him following the story for us and then i dare in capital. just tell us do you think these promises from the president go far enough to meet protestors demands. well basically the according to some reports from mali some protesters on the king
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of the concessions so far met by the president however that demand is that they want a transitional government not a unity government most protesters will want to see the end of the book or kit regime or the book or era or it because it's called in mali most of them demand that a transitional government be formed so that they can prepare for the next elections while the constitutional court may be dissolved and the licenses of the judges may have been revoked for to pave the way for the engagement of new judges for the constitutional court but that is not enough to assuage the feelings of many malia's who are really angry with this government because of economic situation in the country because of ethnic violence in the center of the country as well as the extremist religious violence in the north of the country that's been going on for
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many years however it's not clear right now whether the opposition will bow down or will accept these concessions made so far by president to bring him back and cater however what we know is that the opposition is asking money is to keep up the pressure until the government see treats demands. as we had an inch all its report the constitutional court has been a target of frustration having of attend election results but also as you sort of touched on frustrations have vols can you talk to us about how those frustrations evolved. well basically a lot of people since the presidential elections are lot of opposition supporters feel that they were robbed of the elections or the parliamentary elections which were conducted were also overturn the result of the preliminary results were overturned by the constitutional court and that and get more people and by the way
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the protest on friday was of course that began on friday was of course deferred in less than 2 months so this is a frustration that's been building on for a very long time remember one. groups of fighters in the north of the country the ethnic violence in the center of the country between the dog and the fallout is escalated a lot of people are questioning the way the government was handling this situation and they want changes they want to see situation restored and they want the economy fixed which they say the government of booker. has failed to do so they want him out thank you so much for that ahmed interests there are covering developments in mali from. billions of dollars of banknotes printed in russia being widely circulated in libya the internationally recognized government in tripoli says the rival details to the central banks currency a counterfeit some libyans are refusing to accept the new details because the
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currency is funding wardley 400000 military campaign on trying to reports from the former rebel stronghold of misrata more than a $1000000000.00 worth of new libyan bank notes found in 2 shipping containers a couple of months ago were yet another sign of russia's influence in libya the cash stand on the mediterranean island of malta was only from the printed words to moscow to leave the have to use forces in the eastern libya the us government welcomed the seizure so in the alternative dinora notes were counterfeit libyan currency printed by a russian state owned company and or by an illegitimate parallel entity. it's 4 years since the parallel central bank in eastern libya controlled by huckster began printing billions of it's the yours in russia they look and feel almost exactly like the official currency from libya's internationally recognized central bank in tripoli they've been circulated in most cities across western libya except misrata
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known as libya's economic. have 2 years accused of using the banknotes to fund his failed military campaign to capture tripoli. we saw the head of the east and central banks said the priority is to fund the war in tripoli these counterfeit notes were used to pay fight his and of course inflation and the value of the libyan do not to decrease business owners and residents say while their sons are fighting on the front lines they can play their part in the fight against have to by boycotting the bank notes. these notes are counterfeit that recognize central bank in tripoli has refused them so business people in misrata refuse to accept it . have to use this money to destroy al capital refusing to deal with it is how we as businessman a participant in the fight against them russian support is being seen as further escalating the libyan crisis creating parallel institutions to the central bank in national oil corporation russian mercenaries from the kremlin backed wagner group have been seen in el shura libya's largest oil field leaders in tripoli say the
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house of representatives in the east has taken out loans of $21000000000.00 to fund have to bid to take control of libya economic experts say there are over $8000000000.00 worth of these russian notes in circulation the impact on the economy is likely to be felt for years to come now a trainer al jazeera misrata. the united kingdom is planning a multi $1000000.00 boost to improve its border security and phone banks that the government's announced a $900000000.00 funding package it says will create new border control posts and increase the border for staff by 500 u.k. needs the e.u. customs union at the end of the year 1010 and need what more can you tell us about these changes well this is all about refocusing the attention back on bricks in the u.k.
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government's plans for what will happen after the u.k. leaves the single market and the customs union of course an awful lot of focus and attention has been elsewhere as the country has dealt with the economic turmoil the surrounding covert 19 also the u.k. is weeks away from trying to finalize a trade deal with the e.u. that's meant to be in place by july but the british government made it pretty clear that it's willing to plow ahead with its brakes it plans with or without a trade deal in place so these announcements are important to be able to show the e.u. that it's serious about moving ahead with the country's breaks it plans which is why the country is the amount $900000000.00 to help bolster the country's borders as you mentioned hundreds of new border guards will be hired new facilities will be established a little bit further inland for major ports like does a virtue avoid trucks from being snarled at the border a new i.t. system will be in place as well all of this will be phased in over
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a period of 6 months at the start of next year but there are concerns that because if they say phasing in approach it will lead to exploitation by the likes of smugglers it could also potentially lead to trade disputes all of which will need to be resolved before this new scheme is fully in place conversely the e.u. intends to introduce its side of the arrangement by changing border arrangements there from the 1st of january next year. and tomorrow i believe we're expected to hear more details on a points based system or changes to the point space system for immigration do we know what to expect from a pretty big sell the home secretary we'll have more details you said on monday but we already have a rough idea of the direction of travel let's not forget it's there were many people went to the polls to vote to leave the e.u. immigration was at the forefront of their minds this is one of boris johnson's key election promise is under this scheme people who want to come here to the united
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kingdom will need to gain 70 points they can do that in several different ways as a prerequisite they need to be able to speak english they need to be above a certain salary threshold they need to have a job offer from a recognized employer students will be allowed to stay here for 2 years after graduating in medical staff were able to come via powell visa system very briefly though there are some very key concerns firstly that certain sectors like the building hospitality the high street fruit picking companies will suffer greatly by the sudden loss of low skilled labor let's not forget back in april planes were chartered to bring fowls ins of workers over from rumania to avoid fruits and vegetables from rotting in the fields there are some deep deep worries about the timing of all of this at a time in which businesses are hoping to bounce back from the effects of months of . think that back there live from london. emergency crews in
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northern russia are using explosives to put out nearly 300 fires unusually warm weather has helped fires break out across siberia crews are using the explosives to knock down burning trees so they can reach them more easily they're also seeding clouds a process that helps trick a rainfall most of the region is deemed too remote to bring under control and more than 3300 square kilometers of land is burning unchecked. tens of millions of people are facing the most severe flooding in years in the southern regions of china the government in the province of junk she has issued its highest flood warning as a large lake edges closer to overflowing and the province their affairs the river could also flow in that heavy rainfall nearly 34000000 people have been affected. or more on that jenny is herit show us more about that flooding in china yeah well there's more and of course on the way him so situation or going to get any better in the future but there's actually some rain heavier rain heading to
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a different area you can see all this cloud this is all part of paul's the seasonal rains but if we zoom into 1st all the korean peninsula and then japan this is actually where the next back to really heavy rain is on its way this is through monday now it is moving quite quickly that's always a good thing of course has less time to deposit the heavy rains but it is moving across the korean peninsula and you can see exactly where it's heading next it's heading across to central areas of japan through honshu it'll move north and east throughout shoes day but again we have had flooding his so this will not help the situation there but the whole front is a sales training back into china it's all part and parcel of the same front and this is through choose and this is actually when the rains are going to get heavier in the central areas of china monday the rains are a little bit light of you can see again these dark yellow this is where again we get some very heavy downpours so this will just exacerbate the situation and of course the rivers also very high and in some cases already burst their banks so this will just as more rain where we just need to see it now is
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a similar story of course across an indian see those trains trailing all the way back into the north east of india west bengal in the sand this is where these pictures are from there has been some very heavy rain here for the last couple of days and for the next couple of days is a similar scenario new paul as well and across into bangladesh and there's the head on into tuesday you can see it really is just a repeat performance and plenty of monsoon rains across central areas as well jim thank you for joining. us. so come on al-jazeera if we have remittances being transferred to these countries it's becoming increasingly challenging coronavirus pandemic sees a drop in money sent to african whole song as we look at how it's affecting people in kenya. such as luka and the story of hope how group in indonesia is helping looking to children heal from the trauma of spending months at sea. and right now though keeps eventis in front of the race for the italian league title that's coming up it's called.
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the corona virus may force us to change the full pot of head to head for the time being but that would stop me doing robust interviews with challenging direct questions in a u.s. election year i'll be seeking accountability from both sides of the political spectrum on who's to blame for the horrific coronavirus death toll on how to fix the u.s. health care system and whether the war of words with china is entering a new and dangerous phase joined me by the awesome 1st special series of head to head on al-jazeera. an image can change the way we see the womb if we had not seen that we would be talking about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created this moment for a photo opportunity that can obscure the truth this is a legitimate news story that is correct and the talking points are pretty intense
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before it can forge narratives or rewrite from the listening post gives you the full picture on a. cool. man . i want to go there on a reminder of our top stories this hour aid groups say they're deeply concerned over restrictions on the flow of aid into syria the un security council agreed on friday to a compromise that leaves only one border crossing with turkey to open. turnout has been higher than expected in hong kong's primary polls being held by pro-democracy parties the voyage will decide which candidates run and legislative council elections in september. you know i think kingdoms planning and $900000000.00 boost
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to its border security post breaks it the government's funding package will create new border control posts and increase the border for start it's all part of the brics it's transition plan. the united states has recorded another daily high of new covered 19 infections more than 66500 cases were confirmed on saturday meanwhile president donald trump has worn a mosque publicly for the 1st time since the outbreak began medical reports from maryland. this is the end of that many health experts have been hoping and waiting for the u.s. president sending the message to his supporters that it's ok to wear a mask for many not doing so is a kind of political statement but before leaving for visit to this military hospital he sent in different message with his words when your hospital especially at that particular setting for yourself to do a lot of older people that just got off the operating table i think it's
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a great degree where i got to have a pretty good bet but i do believe that by the time. far from the universal endorsement that might make and supporters change their habits in many of the states hardest hit masks are not mandatory and the numbers of people being tested for and dying from the corona virus are climbing quickly in florida another day of record cases but despite the figures disney world reopened there with restrictions and smaller crowds masks are mandated inside the park but not in this state and the republican governor is not promising any changes soon we really believe that you know those in that 65 enough age group are at the increased risk and we're continuing to advise them to let me close contact outside the home and to avoid crowds armies with as much as possible in another hard hit state louisiana the democratic governor has closed bars and mandated mess so it's become clear to me
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especially ash after the numbers that we saw yesterday that our current restrictions are not enough the people that we've been making to the people of louisiana to do better abiding by those restrictions and doing better by complying with our mitigation measures just have not produced the results that we had hoped for and the results that we need pretty much across the board the experts all agree the easier. the cheapest way to make sure the virus doesn't spread out of control to make sure hospitals like the one behind me don't become overwhelmed is to wear a mask but once again the u.s. president has studied a message to his followers with his words that they don't necessarily need to follow the advice of the experts particle hain al-jazeera maryland. but you know a philanthropist bill gates says coronavirus medicine and vaccines must reach people who need the most he says a pandemic will get worse if drugs aren't fairly distributed. if we just let drugs
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and vaccines go to the highest bidders instead of to the people in the places where they're most needed while a longer more and just deadlier pandemic we need leaders to make these hard decisions about distributing based on equity not just on market driven factors now that president trump has commuted the prison sentence of his long time adviser just stoned the man who led the russia investigation is defending its work from a special counsel robert miller has made his 1st public comments in nearly a year writing an op ed in the washington post and it t. says stone remains a convicted felon and dr kay so despite the get out of jail free card stone was found guilty of witness tampering lying to congress and obstructing a congressional investigation several trying associates were convicted of crimes during the investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election. thousands of
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israelis have protested in tel aviv for angry of their government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic demonstrators say aid packages have been delayed to and are insufficient israel reimposed tight restrictions only of this week after infections increased by force that has more from western medicine. it's an issue of what they say is not enough government support to the people hit worst by the economic fallout of the pandemic the self-employed small businesses creative industries the hospitality industry the kinds of jobs which perhaps don't have the same kind of regularity and safety of other forms of employment and i've been looking to the government for more support in the 1st wave of the pandemic there were complaints that people that felt they were entitled under the rules to certain levels of aid it just didn't come through and now they say that not enough enough is being done given the fact that we are in the midst of
1:42 pm
a 2nd wave in israel 1200 new cases reported during the course of the last day on friday benjamin netanyahu sat down with some of the groups being represented in this big protest trying to hear from them saying that he had listened to them and that support would be on the way he had just come from announcing a new round of measures including some $1700.00 every 2 months for small businesses up to a total of 144000 dollars in aid the larger business is saying that people who applied in the past and haven't got their money would do so with no checks it would come through straightaway but as you can see in the midst of this pandemic this 2nd wave people are just cramming into that square to say that not enough is being done. many african families who depend on money sent home by relatives working abroad are struggling to pay for food and rent coronavirus lockdowns of course mass unemployment and billions of dollars in remittances $100.00 imports from kenya.
1:43 pm
last month a refugee from somalia has been living in the kenyan capital nairobi for the past 17 years. just more access to employment the father of 9 children has always depended on money sent by friends and relatives to feed his family and pay other expenses he says he hasn't received any money for the past 3 months. refugees on a lot of different we have some relatives. who are already in the u.s. canada. u.k. so they used it to send out something. unfinished sometimes 3 months his situation is similar for many of the families whose breadwinners walk in other parts of africa giulia of the a mother of 2 is visiting a money transfer office for the 1st time in 3 months. my husband is a trader in south sudan and was forced to close his business he hasn't been able to
1:44 pm
send us any money since march we've been forced to live off our meagre savings before the outbreak of the koran of violence bungholes like this war befall of customers eagerly waiting to collect funds sent by the letters of broad now they're few and far between lockdown measures adopted in many countries have led to job losses for migrants and consequently a reduction in remittances. funds sent home by migrants from subside enough group tenfold from 4800000000 in 2000 to 48000000000 in 2018. but the world bank predicts a 23 percent fall this year in international remittances to africa because of the covered 19 pandemic that will have implications for the economy so a major to spend countries most of the middle income countries depend on remittances so if we can't have remittances being transferred to these countries
1:45 pm
it's becoming increasingly challenging and this was attending impact with development in countries such as somalia where there are no reliable banking services airport closures and flight cancellations of medical remittances have been more difficult. workers that these money transfer company which operates in that list for to control in africa according on global financial institutions and governments to intervene an issue the continued flow of remittances how many other well just it will be can. a community in indonesia is coming together to support a group of the refugees people in our province towed to their boats to safety last month now looking after them and trying to connect unaccompanied children with their families just washington reports from jakarta. after experiencing prolonged horror and fear these were younger boys and girls might now be able to enjoy their childhood his children are taking part in a true my healing exercise safe in the indonesian province of they were at sea for
1:46 pm
months out of playing violence and poverty. and although indonesian authorities did not give them permission to disembark local people helped them ashore. we thought we would talk from hunger and thirst but the indonesian people help us and i am so grateful oh and tears are also helping the adults deal with their trauma of life in rocky state and in refugee camps in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of mainly muslim or hindu or have fled me since the military crackdown began 3 years ago unable to work in bangladesh this group left to make the dangerous journey to southeast asia. we are better off with food and everything but the pain in my heart is that my family doesn't know anything if i am alive or not community groups are providing food and water as the un's refugee agency registers people never said that we have not needed to spend money from the government because n.g.o.s and the
1:47 pm
public have been helping so much among the group of 25 unaccompanied children and teenagers aged between 5 and 70 local n.g.o.s in the tray are working with the young people to reconnect them with their families the indonesian government says it's working with local authorities and community volunteers to meet the needs of the remaining a refugee. some told al-jazeera they never intended to reach indonesia. so to mind my own. the hope was to meet my husband malaysia now i'm lying on the decision of the indonesian government i hope they will do their best for us. despite the woman. don't know who happened to the next whether they'll be allowed to stay jessica washington 0 jakarta. bollywood star tom and his daughter in law. have both tested positive for cause at 19 the 77 year old
1:48 pm
actor is being treated in hospital has acted in more than 200 films of the 5 decades his son. and his granddaughter also tested positive india reported another record number of daily infection sunday with more than 28000 new cases it's the 3rd worst affected nation after the u.s. and brazil. a 5th consecutive nights of anti-government protests has been held in serbia where the demonstrators again calling on the president to resign saturday's rally was peaceful and contrast to the previous night when police fired tear gas the rallies were sparked by anger over the government's handling of the pandemic but have grown into other dumond's thousands of people have blogs traffic and bone gary is the capital sofia quote test against corruption for a 3rd day demonstrators called on the prime minister and chief prosecutor to resign and it was sparked on thursday off the offices of the president was raided as part of 2 separate investigations president truman that it has also been
1:49 pm
a vocal critic of the prime minister's cabinet. a protest in eastern russia or against the arrest of a governor accused of murder has ended a 2nd day demonstrators according to a survey for a girl to be released from custody criminal investigators have linked him to crimes committed 15 years ago before he entered politics he denies any involvement won the race for cover governor by a landslide 2018 facing president vladimir putin's candidates. people in poland are voting in a presidential runoff that could shake up political parties in affect relations with neighbors the office is largely ceremonial the president can veto parliamentary legislation sauna gago reports this is a stark choice for voters in poland one which will shape its identity in europe and the rest of the world over the past this is the incumbent crowd pleaser andrade poland's president since 2015 an independent who has the support of the ruling law
1:50 pm
and justice party is seen as a stalwart of the government's message of nationalism and conservatism his backing of only traditional families and opposition to gay marriage adoption has put about all those with poles and others in the e.u. who fear he's taking them backwards but his populist agenda has won over many voters i think that. he is a good candidate because he's a tried and true man for 5 years we know what he has done and who years and i think will be the same as in the previous term office. under total movie that andrea do what he says he tries to carry out even if not everything can be realized at a given time he says he'll do it and he does it i trust him as a politician and that's the president i want my andrea do to win the opposition believe they have everything to hope for and ruffle trust of ski the male of warsaw
1:51 pm
is regarded by many as liberal tolerant outward looking and being more closely aligned with the rest of the european union and independent of the judiciary. it's ask you when this is a change it's happening here will be he will not he's not a part of the current government he's not part of the current ruling party so the situation itself having just a parliament ruled by the his party by the law and justice party and the president from the other side up. political spectrum will bring a sense of dialogue into this country again but lack of consensus and unity among poles was so polarized about how they want poland to be seen has been demonstrated by this election if you look at the votes of those who are in the retirement age by overwhelmingly vote and these but if you look at the youngest voters very mostly vote for more liberal politicians so it seems that in the next years justice will
1:52 pm
have or would needs to change politics because otherwise we would lose support this is being seen as one of the most important elections since the fall of communism in 1989 the result of which is likely to see poland loosen all tighten its ties with its neighbors. says come on al-jazeera and sports back to the track fans are allowed at an indy car race for the 1st time this season. she only sighed . frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result. are significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal and it really is society in depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy
1:53 pm
gives us a treat i think not only to be seen to grady but he's written in this stability all continues inside story on al-jazeera. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived to see but their traditional way of life has been under threat for generations. as israel plans an accession into the occupied west bank how does in your world goes to the jordan valley where illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what the future holds for these palestinian farmers shepherds of the jordan valley on al jazeera. for.
1:54 pm
some of his forces his job came thank you formula one teams have been threatened with imprisonment or up to a 17000 dollars fine if they don't follow strict coded 1000 restrictions at next week's hungaroring grand prix that's up to 2 drivers who were investigated for returning to monaco following the season opener in austria last week when the teams are still in austria and it was how it all starts on pole position for the race late on sunday after what he described as need perfect qualifying lap battling heavy rain the defending world champion was able to beat red bull driver max to step into the front of the grid by more than a 2nd. but a tricky day the weather is overseeing incredibly difficult out there for all of us and a lot of the time you can even see where you're going and i had one big moment i think that the for the last they got the plane but deafening had my heart in my mouth. well formula one is racing in front of empty stands indy car fans were welcomed
1:55 pm
back for the 1st time this season the thousands of fans had the temperatures checked before they were allowed to enter the road america's circuit in wisconsin the wearing of mosques was encouraged but not mandatory indy cars being guided by individual state regulations as to which tracks can have fans president present with scott dixon and show you the hands the drivers have been this season all to make it 3 wins from 3 to 5 time indy car champion ford his way through the field after starting back and 9th and he was full of praise for those who turned out to watch his 49 career victory. and all the sense of sort of. 3 back into track with fans and there's tons of them here today so it's really cool to do that we're in today especially where we started and a players have begun practicing it practicing inside that bubble at disney world in florida head of the league's restart at the end of the month but coronavirus is
1:56 pm
just one of the issues the lake has been trying to tackle in recent weeks the n.b.a. will also allow players to display social justice messages on the backs of jerseys like black clubs matzoh and i can't breathe but l.a. lakers star le bron james says he won't be taking part in the campaign you know it's just something that really seriously resonate with our mission with marco i would have loved to have a say so on what would have went on back about georgia had a couple days of mark but i was a part of process which is ok i'm actually ok with that so what i will continue to do you know off the floor i want to talk to you guys you know everything i do has a purpose has a meaning so i don't need to have something on the back of our jersey for people to understand my mission or know what i'm about. to fuel now and event is have extended their study at leeds to 8 points after hard for when atlanta took a one nil lead through do fans that potter in the 16th minute but
1:57 pm
a teammate martin to ruin gave up a penalty through handball in the 2nd half and christiane are an older still lot at home the equaliser who sparked. a sedan to pull back out in front through late on but another in the 90th minute but we're now on the spot again and he converted the penalty to salvage a 22 draw. in spain barcelona beat via the lead one nil on saturday to cut rail madrid's advantage of the top of the leader to just a point to have 2 games left to overtake the nadine's and sides who have a game in hand the west indies a bit able to take england's last 2 wickets quickly on the final day of the 1st cricket test to give themselves a chance of winning the home side start of the day at 284 for 8 and put them up on 29 runs before shannon gabriel secured a 5 wicket haul windies now have a target of 200 runs to win the 1st of a 3 match series all right that is your sport for now it is back to kim thank you
1:58 pm
very joe. but for me kim burrell for this new zone that sam is that down will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news to stay with us here on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines i need to go to work because i need to make money risking our lives by going in setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions racially charged social unrest honesty a lawsuit in the international filmmakers and world class journalists bring
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for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison life inside and out. an al-jazeera. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. 'd a lifeline for syrians in desperate need aid groups concerned after the un security council agrees to leave only one border crossing open. hello i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up higher than expected turned out in hong kong hall to choose pro-democracy candidates for september's main
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election. mollies president bags major concessions to the opposition demanding he steps down.


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