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blindfolding the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison life finding out. 'd more than a 1000000 syrians are left to rely on a single border crossing for food medicine and other aid after a bitterly fought compromise at the u.n. . but again on canal santa maria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera more deaths have been reported in mali's protests now the president is promising big changes to the government it's. also how counterfeit cash printed in russia is making its way around libya and funding the offensives of war khalifa haftar.
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and labelled extremists but this rap group in the u.s. say they're calling for equality and demanding an apology. so a single decision at the u.n. security council could immediately affect more than a 1000000 syrians living in rebel held territory you are members agreed on a compromise it allows just one border crossing with turkey to remain open for humanitarian deliveries it was a deal made after russia backed by china pushed to close off the other crossing their argument is the age should be limited because it's not being done in cooperation with the syrian government the concern for the aid groups that was a bottleneck that the i just want to get through in fact all across syria more than 11000000 people rely on humanitarian aid including vast numbers living in camps the german ambassador to the u.n. did not hold back with his criticism. these 500000 children will
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wake up tomorrow morning and realize that we have to tell them that the german ambassador asked those people who gave the instructions to give instructions to cut out the 8 or 500000 children they are ready to look into tomorrow compounding the situation is the demand for assistance which has only been rising more than 1700 trucks cross the syrian border in may which is the highest number since the war began and the spread of coronaviruses threaten to make things even worse several 100 cases have been detected but it is likely to be many more given the testing is so limited and historically speaking this isn't the 1st time either that the number of aid groups into syria has been cut this is 2014 when the security council originally authorized a they said 4 border crossings 2 in turkey one in iraq one in jordan in january of this year it was that opposition from russia and china which forced the routes from
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iraq in jordan to be dropped so it was just the 2 turkish crossings left they continued for another 6 months and now once again at the insistence of russia and china that has been reduced to a single point. mark cuts deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria cross border operation he told us earlier they need more crossings now than ever before. now this is happening at a time when the humanitarian crisis in the country has actually got worse we had almost a 1000000 people displaced earlier this year we've got a coronavirus in the area we had the 1st few cases of coronavirus in the area just a few days ago so we are very concerned that the amount of access for humanitarian aid is being reduced at the very time when we actually need more access we will still be able to reach all of the people with humanitarian needs in northwest syria
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it's just going to be a lot more complicated we're going to have to adapt but you know that's what humanitarians do around the world we work in war zones we work in crisis situations we often have to adapt are working in isms and we're going to have to do that again now but we will continue to need the support of the security council and of all parties to the conflict particularly the syrian government and the other main armed groups in the country to facilitate access because we still have a huge crisis and now without a crossing point across the border from iraq into northeast syria and without the crossing point into the northern part of the turkish operations area it's going to be a lot more difficult to meet those needs and we're going to have to quickly look at how we can reorganize our work to mali now where president held for antigovernment protesters killed in the capital bamako
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a prominent religious leader mahmoud decode who is spearheading the demonstrations has called on protesters to remain calm tension remains despite president. promising to form a national unity government and to dissolve the constitutional court. this report now from charlotte palace. in bamako a solemn feel well for protest if they come see say this is a year old was killed on friday his family says he was shot in front of mali's national assembly. his mother was sick already when we broke the news to her she had a seizure the neighbors came out and we comforted her with words from islam. thousands of people gathered for friday's protests the 3rd since. they pushed their way into the grounds of parliament and the national television station then tires and barricaded roads in the capital police responded with tear gas.
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gunfire was heard 60 people were arrested. the protesters returned on saturday but in smaller numbers. their anger is directed at president abraham. demonstrations began in june after mali's constitutional court overturned election results and evolved to include frustrations over the economy alleged corruption and insecurity from groups from repression reinforces our determination and we will continue with our watch until the end of the regime of ip case which today is a council for mali on saturday evening case who responded in a televised address. to continue good to have privileges i will continue to favor dialogue with all the active forces of the nation for the establishment of a consensual government tame composed of republican and patriotic groups and not the break is end demolishes of the country molly deserves basic than that. he
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promised to dissolve the court at the heart of the disputed election results hold re-elections in contested areas and form a national unity government next week they're an important 1st step. and i think the idea is that the president is going to join with the opposition and have hopefully real dialogue. and and hopefully this will take place under the eyes of eco wasse the regional group that i think can actually help make sure that this moves forward smoothly. no opposition had earlier rejected kate his offer to reform the constitutional route and demanded the dissolution of parliament following friday's embraced 3 of their leaders were arrested and they had cooled his rented it's unclear where the president has his concessions will satisfy them and stop the scenes repeating. the dallas al-jazeera. to libya where images on
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social media appear to show forces loyal to warren khalifa haftar mobilizing towards the city of sirte the u.n. recognize government shared those pictures saying there are armed vehicles and 2 russian made defense systems forces backing the tripoli based government have been massing on the outskirts of sirte a coastal city which is a gateway to major oil facilities. his forces say they'll keep blockading oil production and exports they say the oil fields and terminals won't be allowed to reopen until there are guarantees the revenue one just go to the government in tripoli allies of have to close to the export terminals and choked off major pipelines at the start of the year the national oil corporation in tripoli said on friday it had received some exports made billions of dollars worth of currency printed in russia is being circulated in libya the un recognized government in tripoli says it's counterfeit and some libyans are now refusing to accept the
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currency because it is funding half his military campaign well that traynor reports from the former rebel stronghold of misrata more than a $1000000000.00 worth of new libyan bank notes found in 2 shipping containers a couple of months ago were yet another sign of russia's influence in libya the cash found on the mediterranean island of malta was only from the printing words from moscow to khalifa haftar his forces in the eastern libya. the u.s. government welcome the seizure saying the alternative dinar notes were counterfeit libyan currency printed by a russian state owned company and ordered by an illegitimate parallel entity. it's 4 years since the parallel central bank in eastern libya controlled by hunter began printing billions of its due north and russia a look and feel almost exactly like the official currency from libya's internationally recognized central bank in tripoli they've been circulated in most cities across western libya except misrata known as libya's economic. have 2 years
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accused of using the banknotes to fund his failed military campaign to capture tripoli. we saw the head of the east and central banks said the priority is to fund the war in tripoli these counterfeit notes were used to pay fight his and of course inflation and the value of the libyan do not to decrease business owners and residents say while their sons are fighting on the front lines they can play their part in the fight against have to by boycotting the bank notes. these notes are counterfeit that recognize central bank in tripoli has refused them so business people in misrata refuse to accept it. have to use this money to destroy al capital refusing to deal with it is how we as businessman a participant in the fight against them russian support is being seen as further escalating the libyan crisis creating parallel institutions to the central bank and national oil corporation russian mercenaries from the kremlin backed wagner group have been seen in el shura libya's largest oil field leaders in tripoli say the
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house of representatives in the east has taken out loans of $21000000000.00 to fund have to bid to take control of libya economic experts say there are over $8000000000.00 worth of these russian notes in circulation the impact on the economy is likely to be felt for years to come now a trainer al jazeera misrata. evans who it is have reportedly agreed to allow the u.n. to access a stranded oil tanker which could be on the verge of triggering a natural disaster the tank has actually been stranded off the coast of data for more than 5 years and is carrying more than a 1000000 barrels of crude oil the reuters news agency reports the who does have approved to the deployment of a technical team to the sides iran's supreme leader has defended the country's foreign minister who's been denounced as a liar by some hard line politicians was interrupted several times while briefing the newly elected parliament on foreign policy issues including his negotiations
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with washington we have a bit. with the book relations with government should be in accordance with the law and shari'a questioning and investigation are your rights as it has been mentioned in the law but insulting and accusing someone without providing accurate information are not your right and some of them are forbidden as a baker's in teheran for us he says this tension has really been growing in iran's new parliament. this all started when conservative politicians heckled and interrupted foreign minister divides raef and some of them called him a liar now these are scenes people are not used to seeing here but this is the most conservative parliament the country has seen since the revolution back in 1989 and it was voted in earlier this year in a voter turnout that was so low that it's never been that low since the revolution now conservative politicians here are upset at the state of the economy and the handling of the nuclear deal by president hassan rouhani and his reform is now of
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course this nuclear deal is borton to curb iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief donald trump pulled us out of that deal and imposed sanctions now the conservatives here have never made a secret of the fact that they're not really pleased with the deal they never were for it and they thought that the united states and europe could never be trusted now they've summoned a president hassan rouhani to parliament also on this talk of impeachment but fos the supreme leader is concerned he's looking at the bigger picture economies still in the u.s. sanctions they're dealing with a coronavirus pandemic and there's been a number of suspicious incidents one there was an explosion at a suspected missile site and one at natanz nuclear facility so he's call for unity in the face of the u.s. and he said that the united states is using economic approach. political and propaganda means to bring iran to its knees so he said to parliamentarians well you have a right to question ministers and government but behave and do it in
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a manner that is acceptable to the people but also show solidarity in the face of u.s. aggression as a by john and armenia are accusing each other of launching military action along their border as about john says 2 of its soldiers were killed. denies acting aggressively and says its positions were attacked with artillery shells have been fighting over the nagorno-karabakh region for decades. the european union says talks to resolve one of europe's most deadlocked territorial disputes that is serbia and kosovo a back on track e.u. leaders facilitated the 1st meetings between kosovo's prime minister. and the serbian president aleksander which since the talks broke down 2 years ago serbia refuses to recognize kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence a province broke away over the kosovo war of 1998 they are set to meet face to face in brussels on thursday. in the news ahead. if we can't have remittances
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being transferred to these countries it's becoming increasingly challenging another effect of coronaviruses seeing a drop in money sent home to africa we'll look at how it's impacting people in kenya and the u.k. plans $900000000.00 to its border security as a prepares for life after brits. and of their more very heavy rain across areas of asia of course the rains have been particularly heavy through much of the korean peninsula and especially across areas of japan meanwhile across into central china the river waters continue to rise this is we had a new bay province and really as far as you can see there is just water you know see where the river is or indeed where dry land should be now there is some more
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rain in the forecast as we go through monday should be across the same central areas not as heavy as it has been but instead the very heavy rain working its way across the korean peninsula and pushing on into western and central areas of honshu with a continuous journey north and east as we go through tuesday and back into central china this is when the rains will once again be heaviest of course it does mean the river levels will continue to rise across into enters a similar sort of story of course the monsoon rains have brought some particularly a tarantula downpours to take you into the northeast west bengal and the sound this is where these pictures are coming from and they have been some very heavy downpours the last couple days on there is more to come you can just see the streets underwater and of course people's homes are flooded and the is more in the 4 cars site is a go through monday very heavy again through the northeast but nepal as well across into be tan similar story on tuesday and all the while the rains very heavy through central and southern areas.
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they signed up for a luxury groups but some would never come ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho when i went to investigate new zealand's deadly vocal. on al-jazeera. every. you're. the oh. you're with al jazeera these are the top stories this hour aid groups are deeply
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concerned over restrictions of the flow into into syria the un security council agreed on friday to a compromise that leaves just one border crossing with turkey. in mali prezza being held for antigovernment protesters killed in bamako a prominent religious leader mahmoud dicko who is spearheading the demonstrations has called on protesters to remain calm and libya's u.n. recognized government says forces loyal to ward khalifa haftar are now reinforcing the city of sirte its released images appearing to show the transportation of russian made defense systems. many african families who depend on money sent home by relatives working abroad are now struggling to pay for food and rent run of are tons of calls course mass unemployment that stops billions of dollars in remittances reports now from nairobi. last monday london a refugee from somalia has been living in the kenyan capital nairobi for the past 17 the is. just more access to employment the father of 9 children has always
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depended on money sent by friends and relatives to feed his family and pay other expenses he says he hasn't received any money for the past 3 months we are refugees on a lot of different meaning we have some relative youth. who are already in the u.s. canada. u.k. so they used it to send out. the. his situation is similar for many other families whose breadwinners walk in other parts of africa giulia of the a mother of 2 is visiting a money transfer office for the 1st time in 3 months. my husband is a trader in south sudan and was forced to close his business he hasn't been able to send us any money since march we've been forced to live off our meagre savings before the outbreak of the koran of violence bungle holes like this will be full of
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customers waiting to collect funds sent by the letters of broad now they're few and far between lockdown measures adopted in many countries have led to job losses for migrants and consequently a reduction in remittances. funds sent home by migrants from sub-saharan africa grew 10 fold from 4800000000 in 2000 to 48000000000 in 2018. but the world bank predicts a 23 percent fall this year in international remittances to africa because of the covered 19 pandemic that will have implications for the economies of major spent countries most of the middle income countries depend on remittances so if we can't have remittances being transferred to these countries it's becoming increasingly challenging and this was attending impact with development in countries such as somalia where there are no reliable banking services airport closures and flight
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cancellations of medical remittances have been more difficult. workers at these money transfer company which operates in at least $40.00 countries in africa according on global financial institutions and governments to intervene an issue that continued flow of remittances. it will be can. the u.s. state of florida has recorded its biggest daily increase of covert 19 infections have been more than 15000 cases reported on sunday florida has emerged as a hotspot for the virus with nearly 270000 cases reported and more than 4000 deaths in the cities across the state of reinstated there locked on restrictions that were relaxed back in may president donald trump is finally wore a mask publicly for the 1st time since the outbreak began at 11 has more on his visits to the medical center walter reed she's reporting from maryland. this is the
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image that many health experts have been hoping and waiting for the u.s. president sending a message to his supporters that it's ok to wear a mask for many not doing so is a kind of political statement but before leaving for visit to this military hospital he sent a different message with his words when your hospital especially at that particular setting where you're going to do a lot of older people that in some cases just got off the operating table i think it's a great big deal where you got to have a pretty good bet but i do believe that by the time and. far from the universal endorsement that might make his supporters change their habits in many of the states hardest hit masks are not mandatory and the numbers of people being tested for and dying from the coronavirus are climbing quickly in florida another day of record cases but despite the figures disney world reopened there with restrictions
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on smaller crowds masks are mandated inside the park but not in this state and the republican governor is not promising any changes soon we really believe that you know those in that 65 enough age group are at the increased risk and we're continuing to advise them to talk to let me close contact outside the home and to avoid crowds armies which as much as possible in another hard hit state louisiana the democratic governor has closed bars and mandated mess so it's become clear to me especially ash after the numbers that we saw yesterday that our current restrictions are not enough the people that we've been making to the people of louisiana to do better abiding by those restrictions and doing better by complying with our mitigation measures just have not produced the results that we had hoped for and the the results that we need pretty much across the board the experts all agree the easier. the cheapest way to make sure the virus doesn't spread out of
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control to make sure hospitals like the one behind me don't become overwhelmed just to wear a mask but once again the u.s. president is sending a message to his followers with his words that they don't necessarily need to follow the advice of the experts pedicle hain al jazeera maryland the united kingdom is planning a $900000000.00 investment to improve its border security post brags that the government says the plan will create new border control posts and increase the number of stuff by 500 the u.k. leaves the e.u. customs union at the end of this here wolf here in london. this is all about refocusing the attention back on bricks in the u.k. government's plans for what will happen after the u.k. leaves the single market and the customs union of course an awful lot of focus and attention has been elsewhere as the country has dealt with the economic turmoil surrounding covert 19 also the u.k.
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is weeks away from trying to finalize a trade deal with the e.u. that's meant to be in place by july but the british government made it pretty clear that it's willing to plow ahead with its brakes it plans with or without a trade deal in place so these announcements are important to be able to show the e.u. that it's serious about moving ahead with the country's breaks it plans which is why the country has earmarked $900000000.00 to help bolster the country's borders hundreds of new border guards will be hired new facilities will be established a little bit further inland for major ports like dover to avoid trucks from being snarled at the border a new i.t. system will be in place as well all of this will be phased in over a period of 6 months at the start of next year but there are concerns that because if they say phasing in approach it will lead to exploitation by the likes of smugglers it could also potentially lead to trade disputes all of which will need
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to be resolved before this new scheme is fully in place conversely the e.u. n. tends to introduce its side of the arrangement by changing border arrangements that from the 1st of january next year the polls have closed in hong kong where pro-democracy parties are selecting their candidates for coming elections voter turnout for the primary was higher than expected this legislative council election happens in september it will be the 1st since beijing imposed the new national security normally this month. the 1st time in 800 years a traditional mongolian sporting event has taken place without a live audience than another sporting festival normally attracts tens of thousands of people this year just a handful allowed into to the pandemic but many more watching television mongolia has largely evaded the outbreak reporting just 227 infections and debts when other president terms commuted the prison sentence of his longtime adviser
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roger stone the man who led the russia investigation is defending his work former special counsel robert muller's made his 1st public comments in nearly a year he wrote an op ed in the washington post saying stone remains a convicted felon and rightly so despite the get out of jail free card stone was found guilty of witness tampering lying to congress and obstructing a congressional investigation. for decades rap music's turn the spotlight on police brutality many of the genre stars are household names today and several have had problems with authorities now an aspiring group of rappers in florida has been labeled extremists after one of their members was arrested and charged with inciting a riot the group though it's a bit sus just fighting for justice as an account of the reports. when the ghetto boys released the song crooked officer in 1993 it wasn't the 1st rap song to address inequalities or police brutality. the houston rock group followed in the
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footsteps of dozens of artists long considered the voice of african-american communities. and police departments to have made their own videos in a bid to improve community relations. now a group of rappers in miami are in the spotlight after one of their members was accused of vandalizing police cars marco lopez was arrested and charged with smashing police car windows the case and accusations that lopez wants to actively recruit people to violently protest led to this tweet from senator marco rubio the group says because of the tweets they received threats from people on social media and they want an apology. for anybody who's going to say merson charter likes not mean it is in a negative light i do that because you know we know where we stand. where peaceful group you know we stand for change you know. we always have following the death of george floyd miami like cities across the nation so protests and looting but
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hip-hop scholars say rappers are often accused of being agitators and that's wrong and in certain instances you get exactly what you're describing now with these you know of. these kinds of labels coming from powerful institutions but look who's right about the reality george floyd was himself a rapper known as big floyd in his hometown of houston when he died in police custody the music community rallied around a case they've long fought for many have led peaceful protests that remain angry over continued injustice may have. i woke up wanting to see the world power down yesterday to. see black. as protests and calls for police reform continue across the country the southern slaves say they'll keep on making music trying to keep. the southern slaves aren't listed by any organization
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as an extremist group nor are they monitored by the f.b.i. the group's calls for senator rubio to retract his statement have so far fallen on deaf ears senator rubio has refused to apologize despite the case not being heard yet the group says they'll continue using their platform to call for equality and justice and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. past the hour and these are the headlines aid groups say they are deeply concerned over restrictions on the flow of aid into syria the un security council agreed on friday to a compromise that leaves only one border crossing with turkey open the german ambassador to the u.n. didn't hold back in his criticism these 500000 children will wake up tomorrow morning and will realize that we have let them down are telling them that the german ambassador asked are those people who gave the instructions to give the
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instructions to cut out the aid of 500000 children. to look into the mirror tomorrow. in mali president health for anti-government protesters killed in bamako a prominent religious leader mahmoud d.-ca who is spearheading the demonstrations is called on protesters to remain calm tension remains though despite president abraham cater promising to form a national unity government and to dissolve the constitutional court social media images from libya appear to show forces loyal to war hafter mobilizing towards the city of sirte the u.n. recognize government shared the pictures saying there are armed fear cols and 2 russian made air defense systems we will have to force a sale keep blockading oil production and exports as a oilfields and terminals won't be allowed to reopen until there are guarantees that revenue won't just go to the government in tripoli iran's supreme leader
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ayatollah ali harman a defended the country's foreign minister who was denounced by hardline politicians who called him a liar it's a very fierce heckled during his address to parliament on foreign policy issues last sunday florida has recorded its biggest daily increase of covert 19 infections more than 15000 cases reported on sunday or has emerged as a hotspot for the virus in the u.s. nearly 270000 cases reported and more than 4000 deaths many cities across the state of reimposed lock down restrictions that were relaxed in may and polls have closed in hong kong where pro-democracy parties are selecting their candidates for upcoming elections voter turnout for the primary has been higher than expected you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera we're back with more right after 100.
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it was meant to be the cruise of a lifetime a luxury trip around new zealand to soak up the country's natural beauty. but then disaster struck. cruise ship passengers were trapped in the middle of a volcanic eruption on wife island. scenes of death and suffering confronted witnesses that saw them that i never thought i'd have to say and something i had thought i'd have to say again what i want to east investigates how a dream holiday turned into a deadly not men.


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