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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter how does their own. this is al-jazeera. that's 800 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm come all santa maria and this is the news hour more than $15000.00 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours a daily record for the u.s. state of florida a surge larger than most countries also in the news more than a 1000000 syrians are left to rely on a single border crossing for food medicine and other aid after a big for compromise at the u.n. also more deaths reported in mali's protests now the president is promising big
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changes to the governments and how counterfeit cash printed in russia is making its way around libya and funding the offensives of the warlord khalifa haftar. in a country far and away the worst affected by the corona virus pandemic the u.s. state of florida has broken some worrying new ground this sunday it has recorded more than 15000 new infections in 24 hours shattering the previous national record held by california overall in florida nearly 270000 cases have been reported excuse me and more than 4000 people have died many of the cities in florida have now reimposed their lock down restrictions that were relaxed back in may you'll be familiar with this the u.s. based john hopkins university map which. keeps
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a tally of cases all over the world but in this case through every american county and what you're looking at is basically the darker the shade of purple the more severe the infection rate is so it's clear to see if you start way up in the northeast come down through new york through the carolinas and then down into florida birmingham alabama you can see their planet georgia new orleans louisiana all of that they have very very high infection rates they high to up in chicago in the north over in the west phoenix in california as well we're talking about all tolled 3200000 people in the united states who have tested positive and out of that don't forget 130000 deaths as well so a bad situation that is only getting worse mike hanna in washington d.c. is monitoring it for us mike these numbers and i know you can dig into a bit more they quite frightening given how deep we are into this pandemic already . well very much indeed and there's
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a direct correlation between florida being one of the states opening up early and the spike in the virus basically florida opened up in mid may under immense pressure from president trump the florida governor is a republican and a close friend of president trump now at the time that they opened up johns hopkins graphs indicate that exactly 2 weeks later which is the period incidence of a disease started to spike that has carrying on going upwards ever since then another very significant statistic that is coming emerging at the moment is the increase in testing in florida now they have increased testing from 25000 a day 250008 day over the past 2 months but the significance to to stick in all of those is that a month ago only 5 percent of those being tested tested positive now in the past week that figure is closer to 20 percent so this once again puts
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a lie to president trump's claim that there's an increase in these cases because of the increased testing the statistics indicate that that is not the case that what is happening is that the virus is spreading quicker it has now got to communities spread and certainly this is the case in florida which has become the unfortunate picture boy of getting things wrong from the start of the pandemic to the middle of that to where we are now must be such a confusing picture for americans mike you've got the federal government saying one thing and donald trump certainly playing things down then each state can make its own decisions and some states clearly take it will seriously than others it comes down to you know who do you want to believe. well indeed yes sense since the beginning of this pandemic the federal government has been largely absent it is left to the states to provide personal protection gear to establish testing protocols and of course the very important element now to do contact
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tracing now in florida for example contact tracing is lagging behind the testing protocols still are not properly in place health officials say that testing needs to increase by some 50 percent more than being tested at the moment now this is all being left up to the states or in some cases to individual counties within the states not what the federal government has been doing or more to the point what the president has been doing is pushing the states to open up he has pushed for example to move the republican convention to florida from north carolina because north carolina insisted on mitigating measures during that convention florida says you don't need mitigating measures so the convention has been moved to jacksonville florida it will be taking place in a state in which this disease is once again peaking then you have the governor who insists despite this massive surge in the virus that schools are going to open and
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at the end of the summer and not only that but they will be open full time 5 days a week this is against the advice of health experts who are saying that other measures have got to be looked at perhaps staggered to return to school in various cases maybe 2 days a week all of these options are being explored by other states but this is just why they say that florida is getting in the pocus now because of this massive and drip really disastrous record but also because of the stages that has lifted here but let's just move away from florida and look at the big picture in the united states as a whole and that's not particularly encouraging either kemal there has been in the united states as a whole a 52 percent increase in confirmed cases of corona virus and very very tragically a 25 percent increase in deaths. thank you mike hanna in washington d.c. they're. very pleased to welcome david neil to the news hour he's a star for us at the miami herald in florida on skype from there look i mean mike's
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just been running through those numbers for us and it just it must be frightening being in florida seeing this spike and also seeing leadership which doesn't seem to really acknowledge how bad it is. as a resident which you know we need people are really people who are not residents of our communities so it's a little jarring when i look at my own zip code and i may. in each case of a hot spot i'm sort of in the hot spot of hot spots and i like on the sun when it comes to that and it's a little jarring to watch the numbers just in miami dade county where miami. beach . be right now the i.c.u. beds intensive care unit beds were made in the county right now are under well under 10 percent. because of covert 900 patients the number of
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the last 14 days the average daily. 25 percent. these are these are very jarring numbers and it has made people very concerned about you know doing any some people there ok but that is where there are some people who are very concerned about doing anything and there are other people who are kind of you know what we're tired of being locked down here and that's understandable it's difficult for everyone being locked down like that but it just seems that once again politics is taking over here it becomes about the interactions of the florida governor with the president and those sorts of things taking precedence over people's health. well there is a. whether or not you know he's taking his lead from donald trump there is a definite definitely say it's about the dollar right that when people talk about
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opening up their talk about we have to get our business going again it's. you know we have to we have to live by getting e-mails from real estate people saying you know we've got to eat and our the problem florida is that a lot of florida's economy based on real estate tourism i jokingly call a ponzi scheme economy you know real estate has to be built and sold. it's hard to bit build and sell real estate you know if you can't if you're you know construction sites can't work if it's hard to sell real estate you know in a in a place the hot spot for a pandemic and started by people to a place where it's a hot spot for endemic so it's not surprising that iran the santas would say there's got to be a problem at disney world when it opens up because you know ringback frankly i mean what other you know business wise it's it's a minor disaster for florida cruise lines are way people all you know that's why is
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it a very dependable business it is so this is very tough on florida because there are 2 there are 2 basic. industries does it highlight for you the the problem i guess in the united states of the disconnect between federal direction and state direction i was saying to our correspondent full states can effectively do what they want but i mean state boards the they they bleed into the other you can just do what you want in one state and think that it won't affect others. that's and. that's kind of we also have a problem with that. there's. no i don't want to wear masks i don't want to you know kind of go by the rules that have been set up there is kind of this you know we're independent we're americans we have our rights that it's. mine my body my rule there's not
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understanding what you're doing that someone else both on a micro level you know person to person and a macro level of states they say you know. right northern part of florida northern part of florida might as well be what is true as they call south florida alabama mississippi it's very easy to go to it's easy to go from tallahassee to alabama that is. by any. state capital is to mississippi so it's not quite you know there's not a lot of bleed over there. so that's a significant circle or it could be a base of the midwest and then northeast same thing you guys you know you go 5 hours hit 3 states here if you look united states that say they the keys in the name is david mayo from the miami herald thank you so much for joining us we do appreciate it thank you very much for having me. for torie and i'll south africa
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where the president is announcing you locked on restrictions a spike of cases there as well $50.00 and that's before the end of this year we must make it our single most important task to prove these projections wrong through our own actions s. individuals as families as communities we cab and we must change the cause of this pandemic in our country we buy a novel or familia with what we need to do to protect ourselves and others from infection. we need to be aware that we must wear a cross mask that covers our nose and mouths when ever we leave home some people complain that they have cyril ramaphosa as the south african president
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outlining some of the new measures that he had been speaking for some time so we'll check in with phillida miller our correspondent in johannesburg has been keeping across that what changes are coming because as we said and it's as it has so many places in the world this this new spike this 2nd wave of cases in south africa. and the great expectation by the south african government is they would delay the search allowing health facilities to adequately prepare themselves for what the government as a many occasions called a covert $900.00 storm and now they say it's here now president is speaking to south africans as we've just heard he's yet to announce what will happen next south africa did have a very strict lockdown for more than 21 days some of those restrictions have been eased but that is of course of great concern now from
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a post i did begin his address this evening with pretty strong statement saying that at this stage we have 276000 infections and also just to put that into perspective that is one of the top 10 rate of infections in the world along with countries like brazil and the united states at this point south africa's even surpassed iran at the height of its infections and just to break that down further he's spoken about an average of $12000.00 new infections every day and to break that down further that's $500.00 new infections every hour so the president has used this address to alert south africans to just how serious the situation is he says it's of great concern and also his worries that many south africans aren't at your ring to the regulations that are still in place such as not being part of large gatherings not attending large funerals in fact funerals are supposed to be restricted to more not more than 50 people we know that they are still going on
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that have even a 1000 people attending there are a number of social gatherings and what the president has also said has called drinking sprees he says all of this is contributing to the surgeon infections and now we're just waiting to hear what he says happens next if some of the restrictions are put back into place if there will be the further restrictions around the safe sale of alcohol. all we know this was a big issue for the government in the previous months in that the government had wanted to decrease the amount of instances of situations that the consumption of alcohol leads to that of course leads to trauma flooding the hospitals wanting to keep hospitals open for covert 19 patients at this point we are waiting to hear what from a post that says next many south africans concerned that south africa may return to a strict lockdown from at imola keeping across developments in south africa this sunday thank you for media let's have
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a look at what's coming up field on this news hour. parliamentary heckling of iran's foreign minister it's provoked a stern warning from the supreme leader also why a vote for a largely ceremonial role in poland could actually bring a big shakeup to its politics and the sport will hear well bron james has declined to take part in the n.b.a.'s latest social justice campaign. a single u.n. security council decision could immediately affect more than a 1000000 syrians living in rebel held territory members have agreed on a compromise it will only allow one border crossing with turkey to remain open for humanitarian deliveries that was a deal made after russia and china pushed to close off the other crossing their argument is the age should be limited because it's not being done in cooperation
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with syria's government the concern is that this will create a bottleneck they a just won't get through because actually across all of syria including these sorts of camps more than 11000000 people rely on that humanitarian aid and the german ambassador to the united nations well he didn't hold back with his criticism have a listen these 500000 troops. will wake up tomorrow morning. and we'll realize that we have let them down tell them that the german ambassador asked are those people who gave the instructions to give instructions to cut out the 8 of 500000 children if they are ready to look into the mirror tomorrow. there's 2 things compounding the situation one is the demand for assistance it's been rising there were more than 1700 a truck which crossed the syrian border in may which is the highest number since the war began and then you've got the spread of corona virus threatening to make things even worse several 100 cases have been detected but it is likely to be so
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many more given the testing is severely limited and neither is this the 1st time that the number of aid routes into syria has been cut off you go back to 2014 this is how it looked when the security council authorized aid to go through for border crossings you got to in turkey one coming in from iraq one from jordan in january this year it was opposition from russia and china which forced the routes in iraq in jordan to be closed so you're just left with the 2 turkish crossings which were allowed to continue for another 6 months that brings us up to now where once again at the insistence of russia and china that it's been reduced to a single point it is called bubble how. has our report on this. there been nearly a decade of conflict the syrians are now facing even more uncertainty nearly 4000000 are in camps stranded on the border with turkey they live in a rebel held territory in the north west while relying on international aid bubble
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however is a lifeline for the 3000000 syrians in the province. which was the main entry point for a channel to civilians in jobless and i freend has been shut down after russian pressure for many civilians this could have catastrophic consequences in the end the product that is it will prevent humanitarian aid reaching us that's all we have to live on and we have to fight for us with itis things will never work we'll die of hunger and the. provisions the families here get a basically enough for a week or 10. days is not enough if the regime or russia wants to cut this aid in close these borders will have a humanitarian crisis and people will try and head to the borders humanitarian aid agencies worry that reducing the number of crossing points will further choke off vital a for years the un ran its humanitarian operations through 4 crossing
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points 2 in turkey one in iraq and one in jordan. the international organization warns stop being cross border aid delivery will cause suffering and death now this is happening at a time when the humanitarian crisis in the country has actually got worse we had almost a 1000000 people displaced earlier this year so we are very concerned that the amount of access for humanitarian aid is being refused at the very time when we actually need more access stranded and surviving mainly through a serious face another major crisis with covert 19 spreading in opposition territory limiting aid delivery to one border crossing will also likely further delay much needed medical supplies to contain the outbreak for now russia will have
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a bigger say over cross border operations and for many displaced syrians a push by the army to retake rebel held areas will leave them with 2 options face starvation or surrender or al jazeera. in mali prayers are being held for anti-government protesters killed in the capital bamako prominent religious leader. spearheading the demonstrations and has called on protesters to remain calm tensions remain though despite president ibrahim. promising to form a national unity government and to dissolve the constitutional court it's been at the center of the controversy. after it overturned provisional results for the parliamentary elections back in march. on the. first of all i want to pay tribute to the young who died in the latest protests i call on all molly and in the young in particular not to fall into the trap of violence we can be strong without being violent at determination for this struggle is unshakeable we fight to restore
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the honor of the nation to end this catastrophic situation that this government has led us into for the decay of mali to no longer be a reality but a memory this movement we have started is the beginning of hope. let's talk that he is in a nigerian following this story for us so the president starting to talk about compromises and changes are they enough do you think to meet the protesters demands well kemal it's clear that these promises by a president the brain will work or can i say is no one across mali doesn't seem to satisfy at least a section of the opposition in mali because immediately after the speech by mahmoud decor the influential in mom in bomber corps during the funeral some members of the opposition raided the party headquarters of the ruling rpm party the ruling party
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for president a brain will become kater and then police responded with tear gas now that singular incident signifies something that not all members of the opposition are impressed with the pro where the speech or the promises and concessions made by president. or the call by opposition leaders including the mom mom are difficult for them to stay off the streets and remain calm so virtually there are concerns straight now across a call across mali it's of that things may escalate in the coming hours or days because it looks like not everybody is impressed with the promises made. ahmed without getting too technical cannot skew about the constitutional courts it overturned parliamentary election results per provisional results back in march which drew the ire of so many people it was all this frustration is that still the main issue or is it gone beyond that. it's still the main issue
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and also remember the presidential elections did not end well for many opposition parties and they are still bitter about the outcome of that in the action then all of a sudden in june the constitutional court declared the results or the overturn the results in such an areas where opposition leaders say they are poised to win there by turning the tables against the ruling party probably holding more seats in parliament than the president's party and as a result this us built over time and we saw we've seen protests demonstrations across money and the attempts on fridays to set such an office is to blockade certain offices and of course forcing the national broadcast out of their the television station of however even before then there are grumblings across mali above the economy of the poor hunting of the kind of
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a president because he's called as well as the security situation in the north and center of mali a lot of money as are not happy with the continuing killings between a dog and full unease in central mali as well as the. crisis in the north of the country where we have and other groups killing and attacking military and civilian targets in that area a lot of money is which that these can go away but after years of leadership by a president a book of a book or a book or abram cater they believe that the government is not well equipped to handle the situation and at that as a result they want to see that the government gives way for a transitional government that will organize fresh elections maybe a leader may in much to handle the situation properly but president wrote a book of good taste trying to assuage the feelings of the protesters promising them that the constitutional court will be reformed and he's ready to form a national unity government that will bring in the opposition so that
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a way or path can be found to deal with the problems facing mali as a nation that's asked me to address with an update on mali thank you meant. libya now where images on social media appear to show forces loyal to the war. mobilizing towards the city of sirte the un recognizes government shared the pitches saying there are armed vehicles and 2 russian made defense systems forces backing the tripoli government have been massing on the outskirts of sirte the coastal city which is a gateway to major oil facilities speaking of oil libya's national oil corporation has declared force on oil exports it can no longer on a contracts because of a blockade on terminals by forces loyal to half that the u.s. embassy in libya has issued a statement speaking out against outside interference in libya's fragile economy and billions of dollars worth of currency printed in russia is now being circulated in libya the u.n.
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recognize government there says it's counterfeit and some libyans are refusing to accept the currency because it's funding half his military campaign traina reports from the former rebel stronghold of misrata. more than a $1000000000.00 worth of new libyan bank notes found in 2 shipping containers a couple of months ago were yet another sign of russia's influence in libya the cash that's found on the mediterranean island of malta was on route from the printing works in moscow to leave the house through his forces and he certainly. the u.s. government welcome the seizure saying the alternative dinar notes were counterfeit libyan currency printed by a russian state owned company and ordered by an illegitimate parallel entity. it's 4 years since the parallel central bank in eastern libya controlled by hunter began printing billions of its due north in russia they look and feel almost exactly like the official currency from libya's internationally recognized central bank in tripoli they've been circulated in most cities across western libya except misrata
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known as libya's economic. half there's accused of using the banknotes to fund his failed military campaign to capture tripoli. we saw the head of the east and central bank said the priority is to fund the war in tripoli these counterfeit notes were used to pay fight his and of course inflation and the value of the libyan do not to decrease business owners and residents say while their sons are fighting on the front lines they can play their part in the fight against have to by boycotting the banknotes. these notes are counterfeit that recognize central bank and tripoli is refused them so business people in misrata refuse to accept it . have to use this money to destroy al capital refusing to deal with it is how we as businessman a protest biting in the fight against them. russian support has been seen as further escalating the libyan crisis creating parallel institutions to the central bank in the national oil corporation russian mercenaries from the kremlin back to
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work in a group have been seen in el shura libya's largest oil field leaders in tripoli say the house of representatives in the east has taken out loans of $21000000000.00 to fund have to bid to take control of libya economic experts say there are over $8000000000.00 worth of these russian notes in circulation the impact on the economy is likely to be felt for years to come now a trainer al-jazeera misrata. well grab a break on this news hour when we come back the man who led the u.s. russia investigation breaks his silence saying donald trump's ally roger stone is still a criminal even though his sentence has been wives higher than expected turnout in hong kong's poll to choose candidates for september's main election and in sport the rookie mistake from this baseball about well still managed to hit it right out the park.
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and it does of course remain horse and dry throughout much of the middle east not at all through taki the has been a fair amount of cloud over the last few hours and in the last day or 2 there's been want to showers more of those as we go through monday that could be some heavy rain particularly along those eastern shores of the black sea across into georgia and eventually the showers on towards azerbaijan but to the south of there it is hot and dry the winds a fairly strong at times through much of iraq time which is of course in the high forty's celsius you can see want to see bits and pieces of town further to the south the winds a little bit stronger we could have some blowing sand on the q 8 not really is fall south as dohan in fact the temperature here 38 degrees that will probably feel fairly human is without slightly low temperature the winds are very light down into southern africa central regions plenty of activity plenty of showers and
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thunderstorms heading towards the gulf of guinea and then across into the fall south south africa cape town in particular really just waiting for the next storm system monday is the day very strong winds fair amount of rain as well bringing those temperatures down not about the import of this about 22 degrees but the rain and the winds are on their way to you so certainly by choose a much cooler a windy day a wet day and then all the while to the north across central regions of the gulf of guinea more of the showers and thunderstorms. for. a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials accused of accepting bribes just to show the most dangerous commodity one s. sometimes take a spa could or an edifice to blow up a personal fine against judicial corruption as i'm accountable by a vote by i come out of my congress in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine one man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna at this time. capturing
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a moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the stories as long as people are afraid to talk and there is no check against this and provided a glimpse into someone else's world the new up pursuing in the dream or a few life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. oh. this is the news from al-jazeera and these are the top stories florida setting
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a new daily u.s. coronavirus record with more than 15000 infections a big a 24 hour increase than most countries also the world health organization has reported more than $230000.00 new cases worldwide which is the highest single daily increase since the outbreak began. a group said they deeply concerned over restrictions on the flow of aid into syria the un security council agreed on friday to a compromise that leaves only one border crossing with tokyo. and in mali prayers have been held for anti-government protesters killed in the capital bamako prominent religious leader mahmoud decoding the spearheading the demonstrations has called on protesters to remain calm. iran's supreme leader has scolded members of parliament who heckled the foreign minister zarif was interrupted several times during his speech some hardliners in particular denounced him as a liar
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a setback reports from tech crunch. he is the highest authority in the country and he used his 1st address to parliament to call for calm to have a bit mad on board as relations with government should be in accordance with the law in syria questioning an investigation are your rights as has been mentioned in the law but insulting and accusing someone without providing accurate information or not you're right that's up to members of iran's most conservative parliaments it's 1979 revolution and shouted at foreign minister zarif. he was called a liar by some in parliament angry over the handling of the 2015 nuclear deal a deal that was supposed to curb iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief but since donald trump pulled the u.s. out of that deal and reimposed sanctions iran's economy has struggled and it's prompted conservatives who gained a majority in elections this year to turn around president has and rouhani and his reformist. shouldn't have emotional and irrational reactions should be wise and
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justified sometimes you don't agree with an opinion 100 percent these may be normal political differences but iran has also suffered an explosion at a suspected missile site and a fire at its natanz nuclear plant in recent weeks which iran has said could cause delays for parts of its program to sort out to join in addition to there's been financial damage but thank god no casualties. an admission of damage but no indication of what the cause was or who was behind it some outside the country have pointed the finger at israel and the us the supreme leader reminding his parliament of the threat the country faces and how they must stand together against the u.s. there are attempts by conservative politicians to summon president rouhani to parliament to face questions and there's even talk of impeachment it's not clear if the eye to those remarks will stop this course of action if they don't then it will put conservative politicians on a collision course with the supreme leader if they listen then they could be
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accused of toeing the line and holding president rouhani to account i said very al-jazeera the horizon. former u.s. special counsel robert mueller has defended his russia investigation which led to the conviction of former donald trump advisor roger stone the president has commuted cancelled stones prison sentence broke his silence though about this in a washington post opinion page part of which reads the jury ultimately convicted stone of obstruction of a congressional investigation 5 counts of making false statements to congress and tampering with a witness because descendants has been commuted he will not go to prison but his conviction stands and when a subject lies to investigators that strikes at the core of the government's efforts to find the truth and hold wrong do is accountable let's discuss this with richard painter he's joining us from st paul he's a professor at the university of minnesota's law school i believe you previously
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served as george w. bush's chief ethics lawyer as well richard but you've since taken a view that well donald trump isn't the type of leader you're looking for in a republican party what do you make then of the way he has reacted to the president's actions here. well robert miller is exactly right that roger stone law and repeatedly to federal investigators in the course of the russian investigators and as a convicted felon and rightfully so whether or not his senses been committed by president trump this was a critically important investigation for american security our election had been interfered with by russia a longstanding adversary of the united states robert muller was investigating that and roger stone loan and now donald trump has given this coming taishan a sentence to roger stone. probably in order to persuade him not to took
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we don't know all the facts we do not know what roger stone know about wiki leaks and the russians ok though it's apparently quite a lot that has not yet been disclosed but roger stone did not want to go to prison donald trump did not want roger stone to talk and so we have a commutation of sentence it appears that donald trump is getting very scared of the prospect okemo indictment criminal indictment of him selfe because of the obstruction of justice and other acts in connection with the russia there and that that's why he gave this kind of taste and sentence to roger stone this was within 2 or 3 days when the critically important supreme court decision trumped versus bans in which the supreme court of the united states made it very very clear that the president the united states is subject to criminal process i put an amicus brief in that case and behalf of professor clare frankenstein university of pennsylvania and
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the center for the rule of law at the university it's a bank we made it very very clear that the historical precedent the text of the constitution makes it very clear that the president is subject to criminal process that's what the supreme court. justice is rejected 90 the argument that the president cannot be served with a criminal subpoena smugly that i was in that case just great he could be indicted some of the other get he does get out of this here on the issues have said that they believe the actions that president trump is taking right now and maybe even the sign of a president who knows he's in trouble who knows he may not get reelected or knows he may have as you've said criminal indictments on the way so he's just doing what he can right now exactly right and i don't think it's american when students that this commentator and sense came within 2 or 3 days of the trump versus vance
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decision because we have the supreme court with near unanimity all 9 justices saying that he is subject to criminal process at least in the form of a subpoena well how about an indictment even when he's president he could be indicted and when he is no longer president he could be indicted as well for obstruction of justice as outlined the 2nd part of the miller report now the problem is he's dug in self and deeper with this commutation of sentence because it still could be obstruction of justice if he is offering commutation of sentence no jail time in return for roger stone keeping his mouth shut that is yet another act of obstruction of justice by president trump which again he believes that this sort of stuff is i mean obviously it's very important and as you say could be criminal do you think it's the type of stuff which can sway votes as in the end i just sometimes wonder if these sorts of issues to do with a specific person like roger stone maybe people aren't that interested they more
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interested in how their president is reacting to coronavirus or the economy or things like that. well in fact the ways react in a coronavirus is a complete disaster as well given the same fundamental character trait that he has donald trump does not tell the truth he didn't tell the truth about his own finances when he borrowed money from new york banks he didn't tell the truth in the course of the 2016 election he doesn't tell the truth about coronavirus he flat out lied about the threats to the united states from coronavirus and what he was doing or not doing to address it donald trump is a liar and that's what this is about roger stone why he was convicted he's been pardoned so he won't spill the beans and disclose more information about what's going on but i believe the american people are sick and tired of being lied to it's been going on now for 4 years from donald trump and it's time for a change richard paine to joining us from some polls at the university of minnesota
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thank you so much for your time we appreciate it thank you very much. well the u.k. and france have signed an agreement on intelligence sharing to limit minder and crossings ministers from both countries held talks in the french city of cali the meeting comes after security forces dismantled a makeshift shelter camp in the city removing hundreds of people cases of illegal crossings over the english channel have surged during the lockdown. voting ending in about 20 minutes time in poland where a presidential runoff spin held the president's is a largely ceremonial role but he or she does have veto power and so the results could shake up political parties and affect relations with neighbors and support from sun. this is a stark choice for voters in poland one which will shape its identity in europe and the rest of the world over the past this is the incumbent crowd. poland's
9:43 pm
president since 2015 an independent who has the support of the ruling law and justice party is seen as a stalwart of the government's message of nationalism and conservatism has backing of only traditional families and opposition to gay marriage adoption has put him at all with poles and others in the e.u. who fear he's taking them backwards but his populist agenda has won over many voters i think. he is a good candidate because he's a tried and true man for 5 years what we know what he has done and who years and i think you'll be the same as in the previous term of office. under total movie that andrea do what he says he tries to carry out even if not everything can be realized at a given time he says he'll do it and he does it i trust him as a politician and that's the president i want my andrea do to win the opposition
9:44 pm
believe they have everything to hope for and ruffle trust the mayor of warsaw is regard. by many as liberal tolerant outward looking and being more closely aligned with the rest of the european union and independent of the judiciary. it's just ask you when this is a change it's happening he will be he will not he's not a part of the current government he is not part of the current ruling party so the situation itself having just a parliament ruled by the his party by the rule of law and justice party and the president from the other side of the political spectrum will bring a sense of dialogue into this country again but lack of consensus and unity among poles was so polarized about how they want poland to be seen has been demonstrated by this election if you look at the votes of those who are in the retirement age they overwhelmingly vote for underage and peace but if you look at the youngest
9:45 pm
voters very mostly vote for a more liberal politicians so it seems that in the next years law and justice would have or would needs to change for politics because otherwise we would lose support this is being seen as one of the most important elections since the fall of communism in 1989 the result of which is likely to see poland loosen all tighten its ties with its neighbors so now you go. the talks to resolve one of europe's most deadlocked territorial disputes are now back on track between serbia and kosovo e.u. leaders facilitated the 1st meetings between kosovo's prime minister of the o.t. and the serbian president alexander church since the talks broke down 2 years ago so he refuses to recognize kosovo's declaration of independence the pair though are set to meet face to face in brussels on thursday. and in hong kong the pro-democracy parties have been holding a vote to select their candidates for coming elections voter turnout for the
9:46 pm
primaries been higher than expected its legislative council election happens in september it will be the 1st since beijing imposed its you national security law earlier this month one hong kong government minister warned that participating in the primary vote could amount to a breach of that law i'm puerto ricans are demanding the removal of all symbols commemorating colonialism protesters wearing indigenous clothes demanded a statue of christopher columbus be taken down along with memorials to other colonizers who want to rename city squares and streets in the u.s. territory. play has your support in a moment the best of the formula one action including another moment to forget for . the coronavirus may force us to change the format of head to head for the time being challenged are we doing robust interviews with challenging direct questions
9:47 pm
in a u.s. election year i'll be seeking accountability from both sides of the political spectrum on who's to blame for the horrific coronavirus deaths on how to fix the us health care system and whether the war of words with china is entering a new and dangerous phase join me by the us and for the series of head on al-jazeera. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we dealt as staff illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is a politic me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. the word the end of. the.
9:48 pm
program backed up your support with mr lee wellings. thank you very much a world champion lewis hamilton has won the 2nd formula one race of the season he led home a myside he's won 2 at the stereo green austria although still trails he's. in the championship ferrari and a race to forget as david stokes reports. formula one was back at the same venue in austria for the 2nd week running this time it was called the steer in grand prix named after the state where the track is located again the majority of drivers took the knee and lewis hamilton were black lives matter t. shirt. the 6 time champion was on pole after
9:49 pm
a masterful performance in qualifying on saturday he got away clean at the start and never looked back if he had he would have seen another shocking mistake by ferrari charles occur attempted to pacify aston vettel on the opening lap and got it all wrong it's the 2nd time in the last 4 races that they've crashed bettles race was over immediately and the kirk was forced to retire a lap 5 we don't need bats the team doesn't don't need that. and i put all the fault on the team in the bin so um. i'm very sorry based not on off again. miss avies kept hamilton safe out in front and he cruised to victory 13.7 seconds clear of the chasing pack that's when number 85 in his f one career now only 6 short of michael schumacher record of 91 what a fantastic job that was really really so for us thank you so much who is your drive it was buried up. behind hamilton his teammate valtteri bottas battled hard
9:50 pm
with red bulls max to stepan and eventually got past him to claim 2nd place after his victory last week that keeps but as top of the drivers' championship and there was another fine performance from british young state landau norris in his mclaren the 20 year old over took 3 cars on the final 2 laps to take 5th place and he remains 3rd in the overall standings. hamilton raised the fish 20 emerge from his car and did so again on the podium showing his commitment to fight racism and increased diversity in f one the drivers will now leave austria and head to hungary for the next race on july 17th stokes out 01 formula one is right in front of indy car fans were welcomed back for the 1st time this season the thousands of temperatures checked before they were allowed to enter the vote america circuit wisconsin where we live masks was encouraged but not mandatory.
9:51 pm
it's a fast fast. fast track. that. enough to make. sense of a car. for scott dixon showed he was the driver to pay this season after making it 3 wins from 3 to 5 time indy car champion 40 s way through the field after started back in the night and it was full of praise for those who turned out to watch he's $49.00 career victory. and all the fans are so cool to be back in the truck with fans there's tons of them here today so it's really cool to do that when today especially restarted the state of florida suffered its worst day of cases since the coronavirus pandemic started but war disney world opened to the public for the 1st time in 4 months and in a protected bubble at the disney complex n.b.a.
9:52 pm
players are started practicing where to to resume their league there at the end of this month but coronavirus is just one of the issues the league is been trying to tackle in very some way to the n.b.a. we're also allow players to display social justice messages on the backs of their jerseys like black lives matter an icon. but l.a. lakers star lebron james says he won't be taking part. you know it's just something that. really seriously resonate with my mission with margo i would love to have a say so on what would have went on the back of my head a couple days a mile but i was a part of a process would you go ok ok with. what i will continue to do you know off the floor when i'm talking to you guys you know everything i do has a purpose has a meaning so i don't need to have something on the back of our jersey for people to understand mission or know what i'm about the west indies cricket team of won the
9:53 pm
1st test match plights it's coronavirus hole to best sport jason how does team fight superbly throughout which that total of 200 in the last session of the final die to win by 4 wickets in southampton how do was at the crease without going to john campbell who had a rigid it's hard but return to complete the job for the much when it was german blackwood is called 95 the west indies team agreed to fulfil this tour despite the coronavirus situation in the u.k. with over 44000 official deaths one of southern brazil was biggest football darby's has been called off before kick off to 14 members of a tame testing positive for corona virus report cites africa when say is the affected carbon is returning home to the santa catarina state championship only restarted 4 days ago which a coincide with gz apply on sunday just like a wednesday is of course the cup that lost most of his players in a plane crash in colombia in 26 think how much of the city boss pep guardiola is confident his club will have that 2 year ban from european competition overturned
9:54 pm
in february european football's governing body u.i. for the english premier league club have committed serious breaches of financial fair play rules but city who was 2nd in the table appealed to the court of arbitration for sport that used to issue their voting on monday but they were just behind the possibility is that as asian so resort important of course it is that we have done what we have done is. we in the game we know our qualification on the beach anyone can doubt there are these and now we're going to into monday. which. will be bigger are you confident our fans finish by spawn what looks embarrassing for cargo white sox located worked out well in the end like it was robert was playing in an aim to score trying to gain what is powerful swing caused him to fall over but the cuban outfielder who is yet to face of regular season pitch connected so well with the ball that he still managed to hit a home run out on to have us are useful for now. good stuff thank you for that may
9:55 pm
finally some aspiring rapper in the united states say they've been unfairly labeled extremist after one of them was arrested and charged with inciting a riot zanna gana reports from miami the rapper say they're just fighting for justice against police brutality. when the ghetto boys released the song crooked officer in 1993 it wasn't the 1st rap song to address inequalities or police brutality. the houston rock group followed in the footsteps of dozens of artists long considered the voice of african-american communities. and police departments to have made their own videos in a bid to improve community relations. now a group of rappers in miami are in the spotlight after one of their members was accused of vandalizing police cars marco lopez was arrested and charged with smashing police car windows the case and accusations that lopez wants to actively
9:56 pm
recruit people to violently protest led to this tweet from senator marco rubio the group says because of the tweets they received threats from people on social media and they want an apology we are going to mark your or anybody who's going to say merson charter likes not me and is in a negative light i do that because you know we know where we stand. we're peaceful group you know we stand for change you know. we always have following the death of george floyd miami like cities across the nation so protests and looting but hip-hop scholars say rappers are often accused of being agitators and that's wrong and in certain instances you get exactly what you're describing now with these you know with the case these kinds of labels coming from powerful institutions but look who's right about the reality george floyd was himself a rapper known as big floyd in his hometown of houston when he died in police custody the music community rallied around
9:57 pm
a case they've long for for many have led peaceful protests that remain angry over continued injustice may have. i woke up wanting to see the world power down yesterday but tired of seeing black being that those protests and calls for police reform continue across the country the southern slaves say they'll keep on making music trying to keep. the southern slaves aren't listed by any organization as an extremist group nor are they monitored by the f.b.i. the group's calls for senator rubio to retract his statement have so far fallen on deaf ears senator rubio has refused to apologize despite the case not being heard yet the group says they'll continue using their platform to call for equality and justice and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. and that is where we'll leave you for this news out of the team in london maryam namazie and between will have more news for you in just a few minutes time on kemal santamaria here in doha thanks for joining us.
9:58 pm
talk to old trees there are we as is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. what was described as the world's largest long downpour the largest exodus and the creation of independent india and 947.
9:59 pm
experts believe india is still at an early stage of infection but the last down has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up for the 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted an equality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following weeks will tell of the recent mass movement of people will accelerate the spread to the coronavirus from india cities to its rural hot. and jump into the street and julian our global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on air online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic violence that people of color have suffered. not only now but for decades we are going to need to transform lives the way to skew the way to do business if we're going to adapt to climate break down this street on out is there
10:00 pm
. a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of on networks journalists on al-jazeera. global corona virus infections hit a new daily high while in the united states florida reports a record 15000 new cases in one day. the storm is up on us south africa's president brings back a curfew and a ban on alcohol sales off to cove in 1000 hospitalisations that. follow i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming.


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