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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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to be cheap and blindfolding the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison life inside and out. over $230000.00 new coronavirus infections the biggest worldwide rise in one single day and there's more bad news from the united states will have an update. the storm is up on us south africa's president brings back a lock down restrictions after a surgeon 1000 cases they're. going peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha are also coming up
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libya's state owned oil company blames the u.a.e. for a blockade on oil exports reimposed by the warlord khalifa haftar. and exit polls suggest a tight race in poland as both the incumbent president and his rival claim a victory in the runoff vote. 230000 qubit in 1000 infections in 24 hours the world has now recorded its biggest daily rise since the corona virus outbreak began last according to the world health organization and the situation in the united states the country hardest hit has taken a turn for the worse the state of florida alone has registered more than 15000 new cases as of sunday that number surpasses the highest daily tally reported by any european country and what new york recorded when the pandemic peaked there in april . florida began lifting restrictions in may elsewhere around the world south africa
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has reimposed in light time curfew and a ban on the sale of alcohol it has the highest number of cases on the continent of africa nearly 13000000 people globally have been diagnosed with cove it 19 more than half a 1000000 have died according to the johns hopkins university track on al-jazeera patty cohen is in maryland she explains now the reason behind that in florida and other states to. when it comes to current virus in the united states a case of where you live and what your governor decided to do remember this was an issue where the u.s. president said this is up to the states they need to figure out their testing they need to figure out their hospitals so here in maryland with a republican governor took it very seriously shut it down didn't reopen quickly the hospitals have plenty of capacity the positive test results for the crowd of iris here are less than 5 percent now let's put that to florida where the governor keeps saying these cases are going up because they have more tests that is not true just
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to give you a sense they did $25000.00 tests a day in florida a month ago their positivity rate that's the number of cases coming back positive compared to the overall test was about 5 percent now they're doing 50000 houses a day in their positivity rate is almost 20 percent so that's not because they're doing more testing it's because more people are getting sick important remember florida doesn't have a rule where says you have to wear your mask some cities do but the state has not taken that step and they haven't really shut down again even though we saw the governor to you know 2 weeks after he opened in may say journals are wrong it's not the end of the world like everything's fine but he hasn't taken any steps to change the course of this disease so let's think about it if there's 15000 today we know the way this virus operates imagine how many people those 15000 positive cases have infected over the last week to 2 weeks low that didn't their symptoms were showing up but they were still able to spread the virus so the hospitals are on the verge
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of reaching capacity the 15000 number shows no sign of going down likely scientists say it's just going to continue to increase exponentially. particle hain well as we were mentioning at the top of the program south africa is re imposing some restrictions as cases there spike the president several run the post scientists are forecasting as many as $50000.00 by the end of the year in a televised address he explained why the government is bringing back the lockdown measures we've now decided that the sale the dispensing and the distribution of alcohol will be suspended with immediate effect there is now clear evidence that the resumption of alcohol sales has resulted in substantial pressure being put on hospitals including trauma and i.c.u. units therefore as an additional measure to reduce the pressure on hospitals
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a care few will be put in place between the hours of 9 pm and 4 am for me to miller has more now from johannesburg. lots of africa had quite a strict lockdown in place as the 1st infections were recorded back in march and april some of those restrictions have been eased but the president also said that south africans aren't at hearing to the regulations that are meant to try and stop the spread of covert 19 he says people aren't wearing mosque there are still massive social gatherings especially on weekends massive funerals where people are likely to catch coronavirus because they're not adhering to any of the health regulations in place so that was very much the gist of that address but also given the surge in numbers in recent weeks you also mentioned how. a
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quarter of the infections are quarter of the deaths recorded and then are sitting at just over 4000 were in the last week alone and now south africa seeing an average of 12000 new infections every day and every day we're seeing a new record in the number of infections and just how concerned the government is at this point and this is what's led to the government reversing or backpedaling to some extent around some of the easing of restrictions. libya's national oil corporation is accusing the united arab emirates of pushing the warlords after reimpose a blockade of its facilities now on friday his forces had allowed a tanker carrying crude for export to set sail for the 1st time in 6 months they now say the siege will stay until the demands of distribution of profits from exports are met the u.s. embassy in libya's quote regrets foreign backed efforts impeding the resumption of
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oil activities ok let's take a closer look now at this dispute over oil most of libya's oil fields are located in the east they're controlled by half to self declared libyan national army supported by the u.a.e. and egypt under international agreements only libya's national oil corporation can pump out and export crude and all revenues must flow into the central bank both of those abased in tripoli the seats of the u.n. recognize government headed by fires also rush turkey's support in recent weeks has helped him to repel hafta as attempts to capture tripoli afters forces want the oil revenue to be channeled into a new bank account overseas so it can be distributed regionally after as men have occupied the oil fields since january costing libya nearly $6000000000.00 in lost revenue let's bring in imad buddy he's a nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council where his research focuses on
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libya he joins us on skype from toronto him about it does it kind of make sense that the u.a.e. is pushing the oem full open this way. yeah it does for several reasons the primary one which is the more extreme use the libya would say is the 1st opec members been decided to cut oil output since april this year and the fact that libyan oil will flow again is perhaps something that would disrupt the plan because libya is not really bound by this agreement between big countries that actually flows in order to increase the prices owing to the pandemic so in a way for a reason completely unrelated to libya it would make sense for the u.a.e. to do this or to push for that however the u.a.e. also has to a certain extent the long term precedence in terms of disrupting these types of
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multilateral deals when it comes to libya and it is worth noting that at this time this particular deal has had the backing of several other countries including the u.s. so is quite a surprise that the u.a.e. would step in at the last minute and somewhat disrupted this way why is it or rather what is it that stopping half running this to his advantage because you've got the financial institutions you've got the bank and you've got the institution covering oil exports that's based in the un recognized capital city tripoli you've got 60 percent of the oil towards and around benghazi that's his power base that area of benghazi he controls it so why can't he do what he wants with the oil. well you can do do what he wants with the deal because institutionally speaking where we are a central country and owing to our rentier economy in
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a sense libya's only let's say a source of income is oil and it is gas to a certain extent he cannot do that because the oil flow or let's say the proceeds of the oil flow into the central bank which is based in tripoli but it is worth noting that the i mean the earlier floored eastern libya doesn't receive or oil income per se everyone kind of receives that however we do have a centralized as the one that comes with its own set of problems and set of challenges doesn't mean that the reason for the blockade is too true a sickly introduce a the centralization in the libyan economic kind of blueprint it is for other reasons primarily because half the mayor and his backers need revenues and they do not want to invest more in this without having some of it lets a guarantee that he would be able to pay up when the time comes do you have to take
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into account the have those been backed now for 6 years and a lot of his domestic and international backers backed him based on the prospect that some point in time he would seize control over libya but more specifically over tripoli and its financial institutions so ok this is one of the primary reasons why this move is not introduced understood when you talk about the backers or the external players involved in what's going on there we're talking about the u.a.e. russia and egypt is it your sense that we will see as as a springboard a reaction i guess to what's going on with the oil those 3 external actors slash countries jockeying for position and influence because at the end of the day this is about money this is about profit margin from oil. what we are already seeing to a certain extent is it was 3 countries as all countries really involved actually
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talking to us but the problematic dynamic i would say is that since russia has came into war the limelight of the libya seasons last year really because out of most of the players involved russia was perhaps the one that wasn't as involved as it was before the april of france of last year russia no other country within the las kept within the libyan armed forces captain out of all of those backers has leverage over the u.a.e. doesn't have leverage over russia egypt doesn't have leverage over russia. actually suspect the financing the marries the wagner mercenaries that he has deployed and is also supposed to be allegedly bankrolling kind of the russian intervention so to speak egypt cannot do much to also counter russia so automatically speaking that means that while this blockade protracted and considering the protraction of this
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situation so to speak russia is actually at the state that will be gathering the most influence and has drawn in the u.s. now is increasing the street denies in the situation and it has put it put it in quite a precarious situation because the blue magically speaking the u.s. cannot do much unless it decides to counter russia either through very very concerted efforts soft power wise so that means speaking to turkey and speaking to the u.a.e. to stop doing what they're doing or to counter russia militarily because russia is involved in the military so it has these 2 options and i don't see it taking any of the 2 and that means that libya is headed to a certain extent in some form some way shape or form to either a yemen or as syria likes scenario unfortunately that would be a shame ok in my body thank you so much for talking to us there from toronto thanks for talking. thank you well those developments come as images on social media
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appear to show forces loyal to haftar mobilizing towards the city of sirte the u.n. recognize government in tripoli shared the pictures saying they showed armored vehicles and 2 russian made it defense systems forces backing the tripoli based government to be massing on the outskirts of the coastal city as a gateway to major oil facilities which at the moment as we've been hearing are under the control of after at least $21.00 sailors sabine injured after an explosion on board a u.s. military ship in san diego thick black smoke was seen billowing from the u.s.s. bonhomme richard which was docked at the naval base in san diego firefighters on boats were attempting to put out the blaze some 160 soldiers sailors rather that were on board when the fire was 1st reported but they were all evacuated still to come here on this program aid agencies raising the alarm for millions of displaced syrians after only one border crossing is left open to bring in any plus.
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labeled as extremists but this rap group in the us is calling for equality and demands an apology. from. hello and welcome seller look at the international forecast for the 2 have more rain in the forecast for japan but the wettest weather should move away from q.c. this developing area of low pressure that we have in the yellow sea is going to make its way a little further east was it'll run across south korea but downpours here we are likely to see some localized flooding as it pushes into that western side of honshu just like to still a few showers coming into q.c. but the heaviest of the rain general going to be to the north of that it will sweep through as we go on through tuesday still some sharp showers into q.c.
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central parts of japan still seeing some rather wet weather but it'll start to drop and brighten up across the korean peninsula a few showers there for northern parts of china has said to central areas still looking at plenty of rain as we go through the next couple of days so flooding concerns remain in place here some areas of china generates dry with plenty of sunshine sunshine and showers across the good parts of southeast asia possibility of a developing storm just to the east of the philippines so that's certainly one to keep an eye on over the next couple of days for loose on that will make its way a little further west woods in the next day or 2 heavy rain continues meanwhile across the far north east of india and the merriest of bangladesh also seeing some lively showers along with the west and gas. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived. but their traditional way of life has been under threat for generation. as israel plans an extension into the
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. occupied west bank al jazeera world goes to the jordan valley where illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what the future holds for these palestinian farmers shepherds of the jordan valley on a 0. 00 war. you're watching 0 to 0 mining's piece of double your top stories this half florida has now reported the single biggest daily rise in code with 1000 cases of any us states and the pandemic began its past the previous record set by new york sunday also saw a global record rise in daily infections. a nighttime curfew and
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a ban on the sale of alcohol has been reimposed across south africa to tackle covert 19 the country has the highest number of infections in the continent of africa. one of the story libya's national oil corporations accusing the united arab emirates of pushing the warlords telephone after to reimpose a blockade of its facilities the day after he allowed an oil tanker to sail with oil meant for exports his forces control most of libya's oil installations. aid groups say they are deeply concerned over restrictions on the flow of aid into syria the un security council agreed to a compromise this time yesterday that leaves only one border crossing with turkey open instead of the previous 2 now hundreds of thousands could be impacted. explains. there enjoyed nearly a decade of conflict the syrians are now facing even more uncertainty nearly
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4000000 are in camps stranded on the border with turkey they live in a rebel held territory in the northwest while relying on international aid bubble however is a lifeline for the 3000000 syrians in italy a province about asylum or which was the main entry point for a channel to civilians in general mary and i 3 and has been shut down after russian pressure for many civilians this could have catastrophic consequences when i think. we're facing a shortage of aid to food and clothes the important thing is bread people can't afford to buy it from outside we need basics like we said sugar and cooking oil and it has. them the situation is very bad we don't get enough aid but people depend on it to survive in the camp if even less comes they will face huge hardship with 2
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crossing points where barely surviving will be under even more pressure if it's reduced to one. humanitarian aid agencies worry that reducing the number of crossing points will further choke off vital a for years the un ran its humanitarian operations through 4 crossing points 2 in turkey one in iraq and one in jordan. the international organization warns stop being cross border a delivery will cause suffering and death. now this is happening at a time when the humanitarian crisis in the country has actually got worse we had almost a 1000000 people displaced earlier this year so we are very concerned that the amount of access for humanitarian aid is being refused at the very time when we actually need more access stranded and surviving mainly through a serious face another major crisis with covert 19 spreading in opposition
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territory limiting aid delivery to one border crossing will also likely further delay much needed medical supplies to contain the outbreak for now russia will have a bigger say over cross border operations and for many displaced syrians pushed by the army to retake rebel held areas will leave them with 2 options face starvation or surrender house in marbella al-jazeera. the rebels have reportedly agreed to a low the u.n. to access a stranded or oil tanker nervous ship has been abandoned off the coast of data for more than 5 years it's carrying more than a 1000000 barrels of crude oil the reuters news agency is reporting that the use of approved the deployment of a technical team to the site. exit polls after the presidential runoff in poland are suggesting the race is too close to call at the moment the conservative
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incumbent. is tipped to get just under 51 percent of the vote he's up against a socially liberal mayor of warsaw. the result could lead to a big shake up in poland's politics and also affect ties with neighboring countries his son. an extraordinarily tight race and the result on my perch by a small margin underdo that is projected to stay in office 5 years in the role propped up by the rightwing law and justice party yet for all the control they wield in poland do death failed to secure a comfortable win so yes not a bad example to the public i want to make it clear and strong that i am happy about my victory for now it's only an exit poll victory but looking at the past results as you all saw it it has grown in my favor 6. this is the man snapping at the heels of the incumbent. also
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a centrist pro european union mayor he launched his campaign at the last minute but as proven to be a spoiler for president do this a short when. all the votes just need to be counted which in truth will make this evening a nerve wracking one for everyone in poland but i'm absolutely convinced when we count each vote we will be victorious and we will definitely win and redo those deeply conservative and homophobic agenda was an appeal to his party's nationalist base his constitutional reforms that we can the independence of the country's judiciary also put him at odds with the you compared with rafa. whose liberal program called new solidarity was designed to evoke the movement that helped and communist rule in poland he is seeking stronger relations with the e.u. the. his competitor campaigned on but despite the clash between 2 radically different agendas voters came out in record numbers the highest turnout in the
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country since 1909 the final results won't be declared until tuesday and there will also be the votes of some half a 1000000 poles who are living outside the country in a race this tight every single one of them will count sunday ago. france and the u.k. have agreed to form a new joint intelligence unit to combat people traffickers across the english channel ministers from both countries hold talks in cali the french forces the security forces there have dismantled a makeshift camp removing hundreds of people cases of illegal crossings of the english channel surged over recent months the e.u. says long stalled talks between serbia and kosovo are back on track after a video conference between the 2 leaders kosovo's prime minister. and the serbian president alexander held a virtual meeting by senior e.u. officials on sunday kosovo declared independence from serbia in 2008 but belgrade
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refuses to recognize that tensions have simmered ever since the leaders are set to meet face to face in brussels on thursday the absence of a solution is hampering the development of the site we know that this not an issue for us this has never been. but there is work to do worse peace and prosperity for the sake of a common future as a version and armenia are accusing each other of launching military action along the border as a bazaar as 2 of its soldiers were killed armenia denies acting aggressively and says its positions were attacked with artillery shells they've been fighting over the nagorno-karabakh region for decades. the pope the head of the roman catholic church says he's deeply pained by turkey's decision to change the status of the fia
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from a museum to a mosque pope francis told worshippers in rome that his thoughts were with the historic building unesco world heritage sites had been a museum since 1984 it was built 1500 years ago as an orthodox christian cathedral and was converted to a mosque in 1453 after the ottomans conquered istanbul. mani's prime minister has promised an investigation into the violence during the worst civil unrest in the capital in 10 years at least 4 people died in bamako during demonstrations and this week tension is high despite the president abraham. promising to form a national unity government he's been accused of failing to solve modern security and economic problems and protesters say they won't be satisfied unless he steps down a prominent religious leader and protest organizer. has called on people to stay calm but to keep up the pressure. on the. first of all i want to pay
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tribute to the young who died in the latest protests i call on all molly and in the young in particular not to fall into the trap of violence we can be strong without being violent determination for this struggle is unshakeable we fight to restore the honor of the nation to end this catastrophic situation that this government has led us into for the decay of mali to no longer be a reality but a memory this movement we have started is the beginning of hope. a rap group in the us says it has been unfairly labeled as extreme and stuck to one of its members was arrested and charged with inciting a riot as andy gallacher reports from miami the artist say they're just fighting for justice against police brutality. when the ghetto boys released a song crooked officer in 1993 it wasn't the 1st rap song to address inequalities or police brutality. the houston rock group followed in the footsteps of dozens
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of artists long considered the voice of african-american communities. and police departments to have made their own videos in a bid to improve community relations. now a group of rappers in miami are in the spotlight after one of their members was accused of vandalizing police cars marco lopez was arrested and charged with smashing police car windows the case and. that lopez wants to actively recruit people to violently protest led to this tweet from senator marco rubio the group says because of the tweets they received threats from people on social media and they want an apology we are going to learn who you are or anybody who is going to defame us and try to lex not me and is in a negative light i do that because you know we know where we stand. where peaceful group you know we stand for change you know where we were always kept following the death of george floyd miami like cities across the nation saw protests and looting
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but hip-hop scholars say rappers are often accused of being agitators and that's wrong and in certain instances you get exactly what you're describing now with these you know if cation these kinds of labels coming from powerful institutions but look who's right about the reality george floyd was himself a rapper known as big floyd in his hometown of houston when he died in police custody the music community rallied around a case they've long for for many have led peaceful protests that remain angry over continued injustice may have. i woke up wanting to see the world power down yesterday to. see. that as protests and calls for police reform continue across the country but so than slaves say they'll keep on making music trying to keep. them slaves aren't listed by any organization as an extremist group nor are they monitored by the f.b.i.
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the group's calls to senator rubio to retract his statement have so far fallen on deaf ears senator rubio has refused to apologize despite the case not being heard yet the group says they'll continue using their platform to call for equality and justice and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. here in doha with your headlines on al-jazeera florida has reported the single biggest daily rising 1000 cases of any u.s. state since the pandemic began it's no surprise the previous record set by new york sunday also saw a global record rise in daily infections particle haynes in maryland she explains the reason for the surge in florida and other states the governor keeps saying these cases are going up because they have more tests that is not true just to give you a sense they did 25000 tests a day in florida
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a month ago they're positive any rate that's the number of cases coming back positive compared to the overall test was about 5 percent now they're doing 50000 tests a day and their positivity rate is almost 20 percent so that's not because they're doing more testing it's because more people are getting sick important remember florida doesn't have a rule where says you have to wear your mask some cities do but the state has not taken that step and they haven't really shut down again. a nighttime curfew and a ban on the sale of alcohol has been reimposed across south africa to tackle cove it 19 the country has the highest number of infections across africa president cyril ramaphosa says scientists are forecasting as many as $50000.00 by the end of the year libya's national oil corporation is accusing the united arab emirates of pushing the warlord. to reimpose a blockade of its facilities and day after he allowed a tanker to sail with oil on board meant for export after forces control most of
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libya's oil installations exit polls after the polish presidential runoff suggest the race is now too close to call at the moment the conservative incumbent is tipped to get just under 51 percent of the vote he's up against these socially liberal narrow warsaw ruffle crushed. the e.u. says long stalled talks between serbia and kosovo are back on track after a video conference between the 2 leaders the kosovan prime minister. and the serbian president under which it held a virtual meeting chaired by senior officials on sunday kosovo declared independence from serbia in 2008 but belgrade refuses to recognize that the leaders set to meet face to face in brussels on thursday i'll have more news in half an hour between now and then inside story cesar.
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under pressure to step down molly's president is accused of failing to improve the economy and deal with threats from groups he's dissolved the constitutional court but controversially overturned election results in march but is that enough of what if turmoil spirals out of control this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan it's been described as the worst civil unrest in mali has seen in decades violent anti-government protests this week left several people dead president.


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