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story like this play and the talking points are pretty intense if it can forge narratives all right through the listening post gives you the full picture. this is al-jazeera. but i'm not matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. is not only reelected as poland's president in a close race reflecting a deep social and cultural divisions in eastern europe. 2 prominent senators among 4 american sanctioned by china days after washington targeted a number of chinese officials over rights abuses in. several indian states are locking down high risk areas as the number of coronavirus cases nears and 900008
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hidden education emergency more on the millions of children will miss out on school because of the pandemic. i'm joining with the sports. played to play next season's champions league cup winning their appeal against a 2 year ban. while the political shift towards the right in eastern europe has got yet another boost with poland's incumbent on to do the nominally winning the presidential runoff he secured just over 51 percent of the vote in a close race against the liberal wausau mayor ruffle toss coffee to this party already controls parliament and this result means it can press ahead with its conservative agenda alexey o'brien reports. it was a vote seen as a. basle for poland's future and the results show a country divided but by
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a tiny margin andrzej duda will stay in office. he's been there for 5 years propped up by the rightwing law and justice party yet for all the control they wield in poland due to filed to secure a comfortable when they are not a bad example i want to make it clear and strong that i am happy about my victory for now. this is the man who ran against ruffled tresco ski versus centrist mayor who launched his campaign at the last minute strategy barrier go. all the votes just need to be counted which in truth will make this evening a nerve wracking one for everyone in poland but i'm absolutely convinced when we count each vote we will be victorious and we would definitely win. but despite his confidence it was only ray duda who came out on top dude is deeply conservative agenda including strong opposition to gay rights appeals to his party's nationalist
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base while his constitutional reforms that weakened the independence of the judiciary put him at odds with the e.u. compared with. whose liberal program called new solidarity was designed to evoke the movement that helped end communist rule in poland he was also pushing for stronger relations with the e.u. the clash between the 2 radically different agendas so voters turn out in record numbers analysts say the close result could see the election contested in court the opposition is already highlighting what it says with clear voter irregularities brian al-jazeera. and dude has wrecked his victory is already being celebrated in nearby hungary very saddened victor at all done posted this image of the 2 together on his facebook page with one word but i'll vote all done and do to our political allies and they've worked together to block attempts at sanctions by the european
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union hungary's foreign minister ling to do it as when 2 recent conservative victories in croatia and serbia saying the european right wing had once again beaten what he called the liberal mainstream. let's talk to voice axis of the ski he's editor in chief of the security insight is joining us on skype from warsaw thank you very much indeed for being with us to what extent was the narrowness of the margin by which due to a one a surprise no it was not a surprise we knew that the race is going to be very close all the polls the last polls that were announced before election silence on friday indicated that just asking of them not only it is not only marginal or so they've got to do that doesn't come as a surprise that much especially also that it also is also narrow and the
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difference between the 2 is. is it has just been. given the amount of opposition that seems to have had at least in terms of this election are we likely to see him and his party changing or modifying their their plans for the next few years. no p.a.'s government laid low in terms of its ambitions to change the country and. introduce several legislative changes to the judiciary system to media n.g.o.s and local governments of the last 2 years which which had the number of election and in which the p.i.a.'s wanted to win a bit of a centrist vote but overall dominate on the right now in perspective of next 3 years it is expected that the p.i.a.'s will go a hat will accelerate with the number all of the there in political initiatives that will see problems turning towards does this leave the opposition with any say
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a toll in the future of poland. yes indeed in the nearly 10000000 votes that were cast on that on without even main opposition candidates who unified a lot of of the voters but where are casting initially in the 1st round their votes for someone else. a position wind. a potential for the future or it comes to captivate a lot of political emotions iran's not only one candidate but also around the party . spokes that in the future especially the younger generation vote that predominantly against the us will build up. but the potential for a change in the social our correspondent brian was talking earlier about the
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planned overhaul that the law and justice party wants to make of the. legal system in poland that is going to put poland at greater all those with the european union isn't that. indeed exactly the time when law. judicial changes are high on top of the european 'd union and connected to the e.u. budget talks of the budget are going to take go to take place this week the. countries of the european union are putting the rule of law and the judiciary changes to the judiciary high and of all there are lists of prayer he's been the really good to get your thoughts on this we appreciate your time. thank you very much indeed. yemen's with the rebels who say they've killed and injured dozens of high ranking military officers in saudi arabia according to their spokesman they hit multiple military sites and a large oil facility just across the border so he's claimed this is part of
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a major new offensive saudi arabia hasn't said whether anyone was killed or injured in the attacks however a saudi u.a.e. call it coalition in yemen has announced its intercepted 4 missiles and 6 explosive drones over night. what was already a hint about is the up in i left with my position ballistic missiles not disclosed before and large numbers of drones our armed forces destroyed warplanes and pilot barracks and their defense patriot system and jaime some shit other military positions and just on and not strong were destroyed also the joint oil installation in the industrial area of design was targeted targets were hit with high position our armed forces successfully targeted the military campaign matter problems where saudi officials were meeting as a result dozens were killed and injured. the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in the northern afghan province of some one gun at least 15 people including children have been injured authorities say
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a suicide bomber targeting the provincial intelligence office set off the explosion . for the. moment i was coming from the marketplace to my home i was close to home when i heard the explosion but when the explosion took place everything was shaking all these window glasses were broken here and there 2 or 3 people were injured by the glass it was a lot of dust the people were running everywhere. there's been another record a daily rise in the number of corona virus cases around the world 230000 people have tested positive in just the last 24 hours india has reported a surge in cases for the 6th consecutive day it had nearly 29000 over and infections over the past day local officials and indian its main minister kashmir are expected to impose a lockdown after a surge in cases there several indian states have imposed weekend curfews and shut areas considered to be high risk. 3 generations of bollywood's prominent bashar son
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family have tested positive for the virus that includes fall miss world ice. by chan and her 8 year old daughter it was announced a day after her father in law the indian actor. and her husband what it and they did to hospital and is a bit put on them is live for us in new delhi just to give us some more detail about the restrictions that are being brought in in particular the restrictions in kashmir. the indian government has announced that many parts of the capital of india and it's. around 90 of the worst affected areas of the city are now under lockdown there are also barricades being pushed off parts of the city the government says that's because the number of cases that they went from the navy 600 at the end of june and she and i go to double that number of active cases and that they have had
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a number of requests from health workers from trade is to impose this lockdown which they are saying is not general but containment so and what they call red zones already but i've been speaking to local journalists in srinagar and they say that this very much looks and feels like a complete lockdown especially because all those red zones a sort of scattered it's really difficult to move around these places the government has interested me it's said that it's going to open up tourism that people from outside of. need a going to be able to travel to the region from tuesday and remember that this is an area that's been under. a virus it's been nearly a year since the indian government vote its autonomy and put it on to many restrictions people have really suffered economically so many of worried about food the restrictions especially at a time when the number of cases of relatively you know and also at
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a time when tourists are being allowed in while the residents are being pushed under more restrictions elizabeth i would guess that this is going to put an even greater pressure of course on the health teams that are trying to scale up the testing according to the government plans but are still trying to deal with the fact that as you say parts of the country have been reopening and parts are opening up to to resume as well. yes so the indian government is continuing to increase testing it's conducting about $300000.00 tests every day but at the same time though that seems like a very large number it's still one of the lowest per capita tests that's being conducted anywhere in the world and so many independent health experts will say that that 900000 mark that india is going to reach in the case is tomorrow that the room number is actually much higher than that and how various state governments are trying to deal with that by bringing
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a lot down restrictions back in in the worst affected areas so as well as she then go and even the media we have the major cities all full name maharashtra that's the worst affected state that's where the but. also. in karnataka so if those 2 have a combined population of 20000000 people they go into a strip club john with only essential services and out from today for 10 days they join a number of other areas around the country who are trying to break the chain of transmission as well as increasing testing and increasing facilities that might be needed we are hearing very little though from the national government about about these days we did hear from the interior minister they're very positive when they do talk about it we've heard from the interior minister on the weekend he said that the whole world is watching how india has successfully bashed 19 well it is that government's decision to impose that nation wide lockdown in nature one of the
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strictest in the world that did delay the rise in the number of cases which we are seeing now and which have been very much left to state governments to deal with that's elizabeth purana my own correspondent in bringing your sluices from new delhi elizabeth thank you very much. more than a quarter of the world's caricatured covert 19 cases are in the us the state of florida is particularly badly hit that used restrictions in may and it's just reopens disney world has more. a new tragic record the largest number of coronavirus cases diagnosed in a single day in a single state of florida more than 15000 confirmed cases and the death toll is rising this is a state that was one of the 1st to reopen its economy and its republican governor was defiant at 1st a lot of people in your profession who wax poetic leap for weeks and weeks about how florida was going to be just like new york wait 2 weeks florida is going to be
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met just like it only wait 2 weeks well hell we're 8 weeks away from that and it hasn't happened it took a few more weeks but it has happened and it's actually worse than it ever was in new york but unlike there the florida governor has not issued a state wide mandate to where mass. protests in one county tried to shoot down and over the weekend another protest. a restaurant offering free food to people who refused to cover their faces selfish for not wearing a mask i want to say to you then all the people calling the selfish you're the one who's trying to force me a medical procedure so that you can feel more safe on the risks are very very loud this is a virus that has a 99.6 percent recovery rate this is a virus that is very well contained this is a virus that the c.d.c. is removing epidemic status from none of that is true and wearing a mask is not
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a medical procedure still it has become a political statement for many in the u.s. the entire reason for the shutdown was so hospitals like the one behind me do not become overwhelmed when the states that are seeing the biggest increases like florida arizona texas the hospitals are close to capacity and given what we know about how this virus spreads it is likely that that is going to continue stretching the hospitals beyond capacity. the president spent much of the weekend golfing but officials in his administration made clear they are gearing up for a fight against the lead infectious disease expert in the government dr anthony fauci i respect dr a lot but dr fox he is not 100 percent right and he also doesn't necessarily he admits that have the whole national interest in mind he looks at it from a very narrow public health point of view the questions now about whether the man who has led every national health emergency under 6 presidents will be fired by president trump in the midst of
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a growing pandemic patty coleen al-jazeera maryland mexico now has the 4th highest number of deaths linked to covert 19 in the world more than 35000 people have died and nearly 300000 people have contracted the virus the government says the true number is likely to be significantly higher so if africa is reimposing some restrictions are so rapid increase in infections an overnight curfew is back in place and alcohol sales are banned president. says his nation's facing what he calls a destructive coronavirus storm and the measures of vital to ease pressure on hospitals south africa's recording about $500.00 new cases every hour turkmenistan's advised people to wear mosques but not as protection against covert 19 the central asian country is one of only a handful of places yet to register any infections health officials say the recommendation is about protecting people from high levels of dust they're also
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encouraging social distancing but they haven't said why. 2 u.s. naval bases in the japanese island of okinawa have been locked down after a rise in covert 1000 infections local authorities described the surging cases as extremely regrettable and expressed serious doubts about u.s. containment measures at least 95 new cases have been confirmed among more than 20000 u.s. marines stationed on the island in recent days outside the bases there's been almost 150 cases and 7 deaths reported since the outbreak began. and more ahead on the news hour including the e.u. foreign ministers are gathering in brussels with turkey and hong kong high on their agenda and the mercedes f one team been dragged into an investigation over competitors car after the latest grand prix win that's coming out in support.
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china's imposing retaliate tory sanctions against 3 u.s. politicians and an official after washington blacklisted a number of chinese politicians for alleging human rights abuses of the we go minority those targeted included senators ted cruz and marco rubio both supported the legislation president donald trump signed in june all in for sanctions over the oppression of readers the u.n. says about 1000000 weavers have been detained in reeducation camps in jang china's foreign ministry wants the u.s. to stay out of china's internal affairs. made. the us practice is in serious interference in china's internal affairs in serious violation of basic norms in governance of international relations china opposes and strongly condemns that in response to u.s. wrongdoing china has decided to impose sanctions starting from today. ok for more
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let's cross live to get to you in beijing do we have any more details about what these sanctions are likely to involve. well so far the move seems to be largely symbolic and just the latest and what has been a downward spiral of relations between the u.s. and china now beijing has said that they're targeting for u.s. officials as you mentioned earlier the senate is ted cruz and marco rubio and also representative chris smith and the u.s. ambassador at large for the group international religious freedom samuel brownback it also sanctions the china commission which is an organization which reports to donald trump now we are still waiting exactly on the details of what this entails quaternion china's foreign ministry spokesperson did not elaborate but we can expect that it reflects the sanctions placed on chinese officials by washington last week as this is in retaliation for that now the washington shank sions mean
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that chinese officials mention cannot do business in the u.s. they cannot travel there and any assets they have in the u.s. will be frozen now the sanctions by washington were on for chinese officials including chen war who is one of the members of china's put beer which is one of the most powerful bodies in the communist party he's considered a bit of a golden boy he is the number one in shin john and the engineer of a lot of much of this crackdown against the muslim we can minority in shin john and before being posted to shin john he was also in tibet where he's credited with his thing much of the anti government dissent there now the u.s. put these sanctions 1st on china all these on these officials as well as the public security bureau because of many measures that they consider human rights violations surveillance against the readers separating families crackdowns on their cultural and religion as well as putting up 1000000 in concentration camps because of their
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religion you know china has denied this it calls these concentration camps for occasional training centers and according to beijing all of these measures that are imposed in shin john have nothing to do with religion but are more so are targeted at countering terrorism in the province. that's continue bringing us up to date on the situation in china from beijing between us thanks very much a chinese professor who strongly criticized president xi jinping is handling of the corona virus pandemic has reportedly been released after 6 days in custody friends of shoes young hoon who's a constitutional law expert at one of china's top universities so he returned home on sunday and he was taken from his beijing a pop and by more than a dozen officers last monday should published many essays critical of the chinese leadership and accused she of pursuing a cult of personality members of the pro-democracy groups charge for organizing an illegal vigil in hong kong to commemorate the 198918 month square massacre have
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appeared in court the defendants include high profile opposition figures jimmy light and lead should be on the case has been adjourned until september they're accused of inciting and participating in an assembly last month that saw thousands of people defy a police ban we are supposedly we are on trial. but we believe that it is. hold on government the police that should be put on trial and will be put on trial because of their suppression of our right to inform our right to assembly for the candlelight vigil which have been going on for 40 years and the 30 plus years they've been gathering under the name of of in order to live in this is a complete denial of our right under their future basic law and all right i'm not an international covenant on civil and political rights. our correspondent sara
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clark's joining us live from hong kong sara i know you were outside the court earlier on today what was the mood like as the defendants were going in. with a group arrived and united in a call for their constitutional rights to march and gather at this year's chatman square gathering which was held on june 4th but these 13 high profile pro-democracy activists that have been charged they say they'll fight these charges now as you mentioned before the charges include inciting and organizing this annual june full rally this one in particular the police team did an illegal assembly and this was biased on the grounds that we had the the code the social gathering such distancing restrictions in place at the time so no group larger than ice movement together and that was banned as a result and the police said they breached those type of restrictions and as i mentioned i've chatted they going to fight these kind of these kinds of these accusations that they open eyes it's illegal assembly by side the people gathered on their own will they didn't encourage it and included in this group we've got
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jimmy lie he's the founder of the media group known as apple dot it's a pro-democracy group here in hong kong we also have the founders chuck yen and albert hall and they're the founders of the annual vigil which is held here now the actual case has been adjourned to date was a summons only but it was significant because it's the 1st hearing but if this group of members of this group if they're found guilty they could face up to 5 years in jail. sarah thanks very much indeed that sara plucked live for us in hong kong. and hong kong is among the issues being discussed as e.u. foreign ministers meet in person for the 1st time since a coronavirus pandemic began also on the agenda the situation in syria as well as libya and turkey tensions increase between paris and ankara in recent weeks over their roles in the libyan conflict and the actions in eastern mediterranean let's go to our correspondent who's live for us in paris there's a great deal on the agenda what do you think are going to be the key points they're going to be talking about natasha. whether you foreign
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policy chief has a barrel arrived in brussels and said that really the main focus of discussions today among eve foreign ministers will be turkey and the e.u.'s relationship with turkey that's really up for question because there is a sense among some member states that this relationship perhaps needs to be reassessed because some of turkey's actions are simply incompatible they say with some evaluation i'm talking about turkey's actions in libya in syria its decision recently to turn the museum back into a mosque for example and then in june france france accused turkey of using a turkish was warship to be aggressive against a french naval vessel that was taking part in a nato operation in the mediterranean securing the coast of libya that fraud said that turkey's actions were simply out of line out of step if you like and we even
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had the french president accusing turkey of criminal responsibility in libya so even member states e.u. foreign ministers are gathering today to talk about whether or not the relationship with turkey should be reassessed whether more touch sanctions should be imposed on turkey there are already sanctions from the e.u. on ankara over an oil drilling dispute in the eastern mediterranean some eve foreign ministers want more sanctions to be imposed other eve foreign ministers are saying that maybe even negotiations over turkey's accession to the e.u. should be suspended indefinitely given the fact that there are so many countries who are being represented and are on opposite sides and many conflicts around the world what kind of result if anything are we likely to see from this. it's always very difficult with any discussions within the e.u. because there has to be unanimous new unanimity to come to any decision so all the
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member states would have to agree for example on imposing sanctions for france is certainly been pushing very hard for this as i said there was that dispute in the mediterranean with this turkish warship and this french naval vessel intentions of really fled between paris and ankara recently the relationship has certainly soured but what we know is that the e.u. foreign policy chief was on a visit to ankara recently and he has said look the relationship between the probably been you know hasn't been lower for some for some point but what all sides need to do is try and work to build a better relationship i think what we're going to see is yes that burrell a try perhaps to send the message that sickie there's some of its actions are incompatible with values but perhaps a dry and build bridges with ankara because he says that after all it would be better to have turkey on side as a partner. reporting for us from paris thanks very much indeed libya's national oil corporations accusing the united arab emirates of pushing
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while high for half dollar to reimpose a blockade of its facilities on friday hoth us forces had allowed a tanker carrying crude to set sail for the 1st time in 6 months but they now say they'll continue the siege until their demands over the fairness of distribution of profits are met the u.s. embassy in libya says quote it regrets foreign backed efforts impeding the resumption of oil it to fifty's at least $140.00 people have died or have gone missing during floods across central and eastern china the government is warning the worst is yet to come close to 40000000 people are affected by the record downpours and since late june dozens of rivers of risen to the highest levels ever after heavy rainfall the flooding has destroyed more than 28000 homes. it's time for more on the weather. thanks very much for those rains in central china do look likely to stay in place for the time being but the rain to the east
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of that in japan that's starting to ways and further west the rain across northern parts of india cities as we go through the next couple days we've seen a huge amount of rainfall here you can see the cloud there particular up towards the northeast this is bare ha where we saw 2 $181.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours over the past 2 days nearly half a meter of rainfall has come down hence we have seen floods and mudslides here is that west of where the towards the north east of in the air pushing up for through west bengal pushing up into state northern areas of bangladesh nepal and bhutan also seeing heavy rain still a case of spot the difference as we go on into wednesday but by thursday showers are still there but hopefully there won't be quite as intense the wetter weather will push over towards the western ghats through much of pradesh towards much of the pushing over toward maharastra and also into world gerat a little further east words there we go we can follow that line of cloud of rain
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into central parts of china that's going to the main focus for the heavy downpours over the next couple of days take a look at japan though we are seeing some slightly she say less wet weather we don't need the rain here the ground is saturated of course but it will turn a little try receive go on through wednesday and by thursday signs of things generally improving across a good part of japan evident thanks very much indeed. and still ahead on al-jazeera . the show must go on performers in argentina take to a virtual stage during the pandemic to keep the arts alive and we'll hear from the west indies captain after their victory in cricket's 1st test match since the coronavirus stoppage. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived to see but their traditional way of life has been under threat for generations. as israel plans an
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extension into the occupied west bank al-jazeera world goes to the jordan valley where the illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what the future holds for these palestinian farmers shepherds of the jordan valley on a 0. in the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be grateful to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of binding the goal for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging a forest in very high fidelity street techno on al-jazeera.
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georgiades here a reminder of our top stories this hour poland's conservative president i'm sorry to that has returned to office after obama off the boat today and now only one with just over a huff the votes his rival ruffled some scots he received nearly 49 percent. n.t.i. has registered as a 6th straight day of a record in new cases with nearly 29000 confirmed on sunday a week long lock time will be imposed mbanga little after spike there more than 23000 people have died. china is imposing retaliate ery sanctions against u.s. officials after washington blacklisted top chinese politicians for alleged human rights abuses at the we go minority was targeted included republican senators ted
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cruz and marco rubio. rights group global witness says companies in the e.u. and the u.k. overseas territories are being used as part of an international money laundering network to finance the syrian government said the investigation found the uncle of citi and president bashar al assad flew to moscow in 2012 to help set up a network of banks businesses and offshore companies that have allowed the government to avoid international sanctions fund companies were set up in cyprus and the british virgin islands global witness says the body responsible for syria's chemical weapons and ballistic missile programs may have used these companies to purchase materials there's also evidence the government used them to buy fuel and enable the syrian central bank to get access to hard currency. cause side of it all for you as an investor go to reporter and organized crime and corruption reporting project and she's co-author of the report she's joining us on skype from
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london thank you very much indeed for giving us your time i've been reading through the report and it is as these things always are very tangled web of interlinked people and companies and so on there seems to be one individual at the center of all of this based in russia who has been the subject of u.s. sanctions in several occasions and yet this still seems to be going on yet. and thanks for having me 1st of all yes so that was a year longer if not more a joint investigation which a global witness and all sincere and yet we on call the basically what we have dubbed the equality network so 3 what is the quote inequity for a network is a network of individual arms. had by that would be brother. woody and his brother. they are based in moscow where they operate ward why the. brother had to as and to through the.
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regime in syria and how did they manage to do so or what we uncovered that they didn't sort through a network of companies that mainly show companies so companies based in cyprus or into british virgin island and. companies that more money were able to move money all around the world despite the sanctions. imposed on no more $1.40 other members of the of the natural. russia's financial system is very closely controlled by the government the implication is that this could not really have been happening without at least some knowledge by the government of a russia or at least somebody senior in russia's financial circles is that a reasonable assumption. i think and with our
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investigation we actually are in fact we on korver that they would annex but was able to win a year or so on some good connection with the russian intelligence. yes they were able to buy properties in moscow. they were able to move money ward wide then what we always saw found is that. they. did in the financial activities up there next to or. to with the activities of the well known laundromats systems and by now the well known for old the like for it for example the. monkeys keep role during the fraud the russian laundromat the proxy from these are all instance that were on call but by the r.c.c. up. until last year and the report itself is very
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detailed as are the allegations that are made and it who is this report directed towards and what do you want to see as a result of it. well i think a lot we know that the main problem is i mean it's clear that the sanctions system is one it's one tool 2 but was a star or 2 or. 2 what a regime but is not. is not enough but because they use of anonymous companies. actually enable these networks to move money around and so to keep the regime alive basically. federal fish is an investigation report investigative reporter organized crime corruption reporting project and we appreciate your time thank you very much . thanks to you thanks for having me kosovo's president is at the hague to face questions about his suspected role in the killings that took place during the
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conflict in the late 1990 s. a special prosecutor has followed the 10 count indictment accusing cashion touchy vice president and others of crimes against humanity and war crimes prosecutors say that shiva said he and others are criminally responsible for the murders of nearly 100 people some of whom were their political opponents the crimes including force disappearances persecution and torture counted out during kosovo's water of independence against serbia between 19981999 they've also accused the city of a campaign to obstruct and undermine that investigation well for more on this joining us live from the hague how significant is it that she has actually appeared at the hague. and will be very significant but the president is not here yet he is about right but he is also
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expected to give a statement here before he goes into the. office here at this special board. for war crimes committed in that period. he has also again. the war has been through and neutral and fair so it's no international violation of any human rights. he also has some supporters here who have been. here in the hague who are. fighters from the possible liberation. indictment was very serious and the prosecutor has. had to toss that she had to actually go. 9 for it. now has to face. will be. a pretrial have to decide if. it's going to go through
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and. that's. resign as the president of possible. giving us that update from the hague steps thank you very much and. malaysia's prime minister has won a motion to replace the speaker of parliament this was the 1st major test for more you dean yaseen who came to office 5 months ago it seems candidate is now expected to take over the speaker role a coalition of opposition politicians have been trying to hold a no confidence vote against more you dean but it's the new speaker who will now decide if that vote can go ahead. and one of malaysia's leading independent news portals is facing contempt of court proceedings over reader comments criticizing the judiciary malaysiakini is editor in chief stephen gun has arrived at the federal courts and for the hearing reporters without borders is calling for the case to be dropped it comes days after police questioned zeroes journalists
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over a documentary about the plight of migrants jewish the pandemic. the man who admitted killing $51.00 people at a new zealand mosque last year has fired his lawyers which means he'll represent himself when he's sentenced next month brenton talent pleaded guilty to dozens of murders attempted murders and terrorism charges he stream his attack in the city of christchurch live on facebook is likely to get life in prison without parole. 10000000 children may never return to school after the covered 900 shutdowns according to save the children the charter is calling it ahead an education emergency and says girls will be hardest hit charlotte ballasts reports. 10 year old elvis is from harare and has been out of school for 4 months he doesn't like it he says he's forgotten his lessons and misses his friends. i heard our school was closing in march because there was
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a disease called coronavirus if it ends we can get help with reading and writing at school. a report by child advocacy group save the children has found that at least 10000000 children locked out of school by coronavirus who never go back to join in west and central africa yemen and afghanistan ehrlich stream lee high risk of dropping out well millions more a fool and behind tom having to save the children is forecasting that government budget cuts and rising poverty may lead to a $77000000000.00 education shortfall across many countries and to 2022 that could rise to nearly $200000000000.00 if governments divert more funds from education to covered response with many parents like hsu fine out of work they cannot pick up the difference. pneumonia what bothers me is because i have no money and i can't work i end up crying because i think my children will end up out of school because
1:44 pm
i'm poor. of the roots 1600000000 children who missed school this year who do 10 year old mclean is one of 500000000 who fell on the wrong side of the digital divide. while i'm at home i'm not able to do on my lessons because we don't have electricity we don't have a laptop or the internet. to pay the heaviest price was shut downs with many forced into early marriage risk teens. frequency it starts a troubling cycle when those girls become mothers those children a far less likely to be vaccinated are far more likely to die before their 5th birthday we know that every year of education will increase by around 9 percent a year so for millions of children this is not a poverty which has been closed down save the children is calling it a hidden education emergency in his age days is to delay repayments for poor
1:45 pm
countries so they can pay for schools covered $900.00 threatening the prospects of millions of children the decades to come china dallas out easier. officers around the world are adapting to pandemic restrictions by swapping physical performance spaces for virtual ones this program particularly challenging for those in argentina with a diary column it was already affecting a large percentage of the population reports. tango represents the heart of the culture in point of sightings music and dance that originated here in the link 1900. but covert 19 has forced many dancers to adjust and adapt to the changing nature of their careers a lot of the. everything related to art is suspended and it's one of the last things that will come back i'm trying to be positive and focus on what i can do but some of my colleagues say online classes make them feel lonely or far away from
1:46 pm
everything tango has a lot of physical contact so it's going to be a while before we're allowed to go back to a stage. that for a member is now teaching students from all around the world and is managing to make ends meet but not everyone has been able to succeed. these artists have come to the presidential palace to demand government assistance. we're trying to create a common front to demand an income because we don't have anything the government should impose a tax on netflix and other streaming platforms because they're making a lot of money while we're not allowed to do anything. theatres cinemas and everything related to culture where one of the 1st places to shut down and they're likely to be the last ones to open this is the korean this avenue it's known as the broadway of south america because of the amount of beers that are located here all of them have been close for almost 4 months even thousands of people without work
1:47 pm
many theatres are now streaming pays online and after watching viewers have an option to make a donation. are to say they have had to prepare safety protocols . just to be ready if and when they're allowed to open the curtains once again. in this song they say they're anxious to be part of a play again because it will mean the threat of 1000 has passed. i could go to the us every day i'm talking to representatives in new york mexico spain and we talk about the same thing passing information that we don't have because we have never seen anything like this old fare to is around the world a closed meeting with the government to see how we continue not to see how to i cannot argentina had a long i'm vibrant culture in life before the pandemic so many of these artists are
1:48 pm
filled with hope and optimism that they'd be able to perform once again. when i. still had a knowledge is it a good news for manchester city as a u.f.o. ban is overturned joe is going to be here shortly with all the details.
1:49 pm
so who scored and here is joe rob thank you english premier league club manch city having played to play in next season's champions league after winning their appeal
1:50 pm
against a 2 year ban back in february european football's governing body wafer ruled that city had committed serious breaches of financial fair play rules but the cop took their appeal to the court of arbitration for sport who found the city didn't overinflate their sponsorship contributions what they did fail to cooperate with you a fence investigation cas ruled that the ban should therefore be lifted and reduce their fine from $34000000.00 to $11000000.00 where the club has released a statement saying that while samantha city and its legal advisers say yet to review the full ruling by the court of arbitration for sport the club welcomes the implications of today's ruling as a validation of the club's position and the body of evidence that it was able to present a p global sports correspondent rob harris joins us now live from london rob this is a huge win for man just city how much of a surprise is this cast decision and what has you wave his response been.
1:51 pm
much city have always maintained their innocence and therefore through the courts to establish it they've really. had to put a very heavy strong team of lawyers against you a favor and they've managed to win this case and it means they are in the champions league now next season u.a. for have said they just know the findings of the case and that their main committed to the principles of financial fair play but many will look at this case and wonder just where does financial fair play sit from here and also why did you wait for bring this case to start with because cas found that while it could establish some of the allegations against manchester city in other cases the there was a time limitation the fact that they dated back more than 5 years meant they could not be prosecuted so the requestion is why the case was ever brought against the city and it went through to you a for divisions the investor to side and then the judicial side as well to impose a ban which would have had significant consequences for manchester city and he
1:52 pm
touched on it there briefly the future financial fair play rules what is he think this sends to smaller clubs in europe what diligent need to be compliant with the f f p rules. well financial fair play was set up 10 years ago in a bid to stabilize the football ecosystem time the global financial crisis obviously we now enter a new period of concerns financially for football with the looming recession financial fair play has worked in terms of bringing down those collective losses across european clubs from over a 1000000000 euros to profitability of more than 100000000 euros in the last accounting period but other clubs will now be looking at just what can they spend because financial fair play he's designed to ensure clubs do break even and they aren't just relying on owner investment for their funding at the heart of the man to city case with allegations that they over inflated the income using companies
1:53 pm
linked to the abu dhabi ownership that was not proven in the end by cas they said that was not the case but you've got other now clubs going through cas like transport the turkish champion trying to get their own ban overturned and the manchester city case is just the latest in a line of clubs that have scored legal victories i cast ac milan and paris and man as well you wait for seem to struggle to get the cases through cas and to hold up cases that they themselves are prosecuted all right rob harris a.p. global sports correspondent thank you very much for joining us. the mercedes formula one team has been dragged into an investigation of arrivals car racing points have accused have been accused of coping the 2980 s. by red know f one officials are looking into it in the claims of come just optima saidee sealed a one to finish as sunday staring grand prix in austria david stokes reports.
1:54 pm
formula one was back at the same venue in austria for the 2nd week running this time it was called the steer in grand prix named after the state where the track is located again the majority of drivers took the knee and lewis hamilton were black lives matter t. shirt. the 6 time champion was on pole after a masterful performance in qualifying on saturday he got away clean at the start and never looked back if he had he would have seen another shocking mistake by ferrari charles occur attempted to pass avastin vettel on the opening lap and got it all wrong it's the 2nd time in the last 4 races that they've crashed bettles race was over immediately and the kirk was forced to retire a lap 5 we don't need that the team doesn't don't need that. and i put all the fault on the team into being so. i'm very sorry based not on off again. miss avies kept hamilton safe out in front and he cruised to victory 13.7 seconds clear of the chasing pack that's when number 85 in his f one career now only 6
1:55 pm
short of michael schumacher record 91 what a fantastic job that is really so for us thank you so much who is your drive it was buried up. behind hamilton his teammate valtteri bottas battled hard with red bulls max to step in and eventually got past him to claim 2nd place after his victory last week that keep spot us top of the driver's championship and there was another fine performance from british young state landau norris in his mclaren the 20 year old over took 3 cars on the final 2 laps to take 5th place and he remains 3rd in the overall standings. hamilton raised a fist when he emerged from his car and did so again on the podium showing his commitment to fight racism and increased diversity in f one. the drive this will now leave austria and head to hungary for the next race on july 17th david stokes al-jazeera. england cricket captain ben stokes says he has no regrets about leaving
1:56 pm
stuart broad out of his squad despite his team coming up short against the west indies in the 1st test match played since the current virus stoppage the windies beat england by 4 wickets in southampton jermaine blackwood made the vital contribution on the final day scoring 95 runs the west indies agreed to film based top despite the current virus situation in the u.k. with over 44000 official deaths no spectators were allowed into the ground they now had to manchester for 2 consecutive tests trying to wrap up the series. to be in learning is no easy feat again we were able to do a lasting really into those and 17 so we all know what feeling feels 'd like but again things have changed just because since then and their massive loss in unit nearby carrick so to start series as well is very promising for us and we feel very
1:57 pm
probably really formed. very tough to play against you know they're a very passionate nation. when. whenever we go to the west indies play them or when they come here they really deliver. well look we've got 2 more games us in the series we know we've got to win them and what we do know is in the possible to get us to that. 23 year old cullen mara cowell has won his 2nd p.g.a. tour title after victory at the works a charity open on sunday overnight lead to justin thomas did not make it easy for murray colorado both americans finish 19 under par overall and so playoff was required just last month more a car was beaten in a playoff but not face time after 3 playoff holes he emerged the winner. that is your support for now i have more for you later rob thanks very much indeed and you can find much more on the website the dress for that is all just dot com the stars it is going to be here in
1:58 pm
a couple of minutes about some bite from our. the latest news as it breaks this crowd of hundreds of people didn't come with invitations they came to pay their respects to george floyd we've detailed coverage the government needs to balance the needs of the economy with the trace of the virus returning. from around the world organized crime is now beginning to try to play the role of robbing employed by giving away food to win over the loyalty of people in desperate need. talk to old is there
1:59 pm
a school is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter is there on the ultranationalist monks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we don't as illegally migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is a politic. an unholy alliance on all jews here. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no
2:00 pm
matter. who bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. is now really really acted as hones president in a race reflecting the deep social and cultural divisions of eastern europe. that amazon is out as they are live from dial also coming up several indian states are locking down high risk areas as the number of coronavirus cases me as 900000. 2 prominent senators are among 4 americans sanctioned by china day is off to washington to.


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