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tv   Khairullah Khairkhwa  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2020 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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duda narrowly won with just over half the votes his rival ruffled just coffee received in the 49 percent china is imposing retaliator his sanctions against 3 u.s. politicians and a religious freedom envoy after washington blacklisted senior chinese politicians alleged human rights abuses of the reader a minority those targeted included republican senators ted cruz and marco rubio. members of the pro-democracy groups charge for organizing and in the eagle vigil in hong kong to commemorate the $989.00 chen among moscow have appeared in court the defendants include high profile opposition figures like jimmy lie. that accuse of inciting and participating in an assembly last month the sole fisons of people defy a police bomb. and those are the headlines news continues off to talk to all jews here by a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. the world to. see. december 24th 1979 soviet troops invaded going to stand leaders of the soviet union said they'd been invited by a gun to common defeated. the soviet invasion set up on the on the part of decades of conflict. from the soviet of gone before the most was complete withdrawal in the 1980 s. and the eventual collapse of the communist government. civil war followed eventually leading to the taliban's rice to power. once backed by the cia the movement through most of a lot of fun until 2001. that's when the u.s.
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led coalition invaded after the 911 attacks the taliban leadership fled kabul 6 general elections have been held since then. gun politicians squabble for power and struggle to control. territory but the taliban did not recognize the authority of any of the elected government. nearly 2 decades later u.s. forces signed an agreement to withdraw from afghanistan so why did the taliban but not harbor hardline groups attacked the u.s. and its allies the agreement came after nearly 7 years of efforts to pursue political reconciliation between the part of on the afghan government the u.s. and other countries in africa that agreed to open an office for the taliban afghan leaders and western governments could negotiate face to face. but as attacks continue efforts to arrange talks have been delayed yet again what will it take to achieve lasting peace we find out as
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a. member of the taliban's political office in qatar talks to al jazeera. mr. thank you very much for talking to alter their. present ghani says that the biggest threat to peace is from the violence it is at the highest level that it was since last year the spokesman said that the taliban is not interested in peace and they are the biggest impediment to peace how is. going to begin given the circumstances a similar one from the sort of. in the few. i wish it was sunny and no home who was such
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a little. commuted to and. settled. look at the tough issues. bob has a lot of shit was far less. a lot of was on. a pretty fast. lay salute you would nominate your model is out of kabul this is not good in the brain and i will be in a home and when i got hurt in the bay knowing that america must now i thought what was suddenly a little off woke early no one on here molly whom yes i had been in afghanistan like in we're not callous of the car no one here model a lot of problem of that economy i am not a. lot of fat akad and mike is a tabular you should start a psychology. a long one aka low income my old one is our condo fee when i
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founded idea from the muck none of the powers of my memory can con issued the $300.00 but it can mean a lot of sun i was kind of future captain and the phantom of the 130 call center looks awful they say how the stuff i know not them were good how did my my a quantum of all that's what i'm missing the least about how to show you had such a more good ol americano blue collar was in one of the was on a few people him like in last night that's awful how you can. say it's a fact my whole own home you buy the one if you had a lot when she was a new home home was suddenly it's a fact that can and will be the most about believe that i met yet while she was silas no mama says you mean everything fatty and not a man of your model. look at its f.t. london was ready at what it was she was arrived yet how to blow itself out how to how dumb i said my money or i didn't follow it up an awful lot of them of all that the what are you one that's what i'm for love. that you thought not of would not want to spare a quantum of good luck well. in these circumstances
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what would be the bases of dr von dialogue when you were killing each other. and if you had that much out. and took it even more. so we know i'm involved in a kind of the last i am one who didn't feel well about that. i guess how could i be or not could listen and not know nor i didn't know how to be my son. how do you send them out on my vatican i think i don't know and you have no clue who. who. falls off it up on the where we where you do not. follow up on you do you do you listen i was. a lady who are you do you do the whole
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con the whole process but where did you have to be. so you know hopefully that intra of gone dialogue can actually begin do you think that it is possible. it is our home. minister. a lot of the cuban will sort of. about him going to hawaii. is a. must in the home state boom. if you must i didn't fall out on the moment to finish i don't know from the hold up on the fall of mom but how will it work you don't even accept that there is a government in kabul non-national cannot couple is and you have to look more fallout from an american court on the one of the far was about that american ma you had to put on a mother come on how about on your budgie how to provide a yes upon which time out. one of. the monsters from omphalism of all about 9
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months of all the couple to do what they have. told me when i want to follow the moms. and the more good feet about the problem of all that's come. home you know was on the how the shot. by you know when a couple to kind of walk i see it not almost orlean what one moment to it doing to follow them home we want to kind of put the jihad when i can is. not a time he'd done well you get to see where you're going to. be a no brainer motion of the fall but is that because she will get to back him i mean come on the battle to kabul. but it can home go home. not now nor. did i mean econ 100 then. again not me johnny but i'm an economist i
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mean that of homey i want a home a house again not what happens when the us forces leave not. what you just sort. of come about when it's not how do you do what you do i know if i have another many concepts we're going to have understand almost that you're on about how if you model somebody had been hot for my dad to come home stay do and i did my fallout. if you did you not the powers i'm out home we're not doing nothing for him not. on my it's you know my own things i'm sure i could fail to understand none of what they have to need load 100 not fall home. how could a moustache come out well how do i mean could it get one i haven't i did. not know if i mean i'm not allowed out of. the way of one of my own thing i didn't wish i could help understand. 30. not something beautiful. to look at in our home.
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study dunedin full of module has it up on the i could go. home is. not 100. how about one read how did understand what he didn't talk about you know some kind of fee have no one else in the known to him you know how to be honest what do you do when you leave the salon feet up on his lawn when you have them or not just you know if you have them what you got caught almost on a home how do you get your money and i mean how. much i can feel how tidy it when i do not but instead on my love. for him will monitor decide i'm going to come if i want to follow the beautiful home but it's not economy. and let's not touch id because i think i'm in a. bit ahead of my own to him oh man think i'm a shack at it but he's not a kind of. nothing. nothing. to fuck it could you
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quantify up on a stone salam of time it for you that a couple having to do what most people do it so often that you do you must on that is. why daughter was. almost ready for them to me was because not for him not home not move the salami up on his thumb not know mom was being out how to be up on islam how to. not going to see how to defy he's a home yes i want to meet up one is one who did how you fail to understand but he that he could home ways and a lot of time we do not study go to. the top of a lot. it's very interesting you mention moscow how is the relationship between the taliban and russia. i don't move. you needn't hamada rules. by christiane what would you want would ya gotta focus on about the what it must be to put in. and. not be in the. to another. or. not you from an on going home.
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study modeled on the. well i mean jadon you know what i call that a communal good about me that i mean what if i made a comment if i did not know. anybody in the my fishing manof he model. of the home job though how women who are not but over how to cut a little. prevent the husband of a couple do it so how true is it that taliban were getting bounties from the russians to kill american soldiers. will not until. then this up to how the militia we were just nikesh up in. qana. for house.
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under a home home home. most of them you know bruce yeah i said you can look and. see it and thought if you. listen to what i think. but we have a little boy in a week. or so no men who are. slow about thought on and why is that you want about the us with. the most gold medals yeah. but it is not just a fine intelligence has it it is also coming from us intelligence sources at a time when the united states wants to leave a blunder in the neander states is negotiating with you why would they lie. no money not the kind of money on home. you could even if you had to live alone and not know. how about out of
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kabul home your children have the home you do know my son. out of kabul. afghanistan. i'm no home. but economy along with that little bit you're going to do is you have to understand but he's there to. be a copy of one is what i. can custom hardware what i can. in the home should hold value. but there is a precedence to this it was called not the taliban but the of language i had seen you were being helped by the cia via the pakistani i.s.i. and against the soviets at that time so why wouldn't you take the money from the soviets or the russians now and kill americans or you. think that mcconnell man would you give them if you often would you. use them in
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a coup to go to the. mafia you must. define you how to get how do. you know how the thoughts honestly. because they don't know not. diplomacy yet like in mahmoud good ideas that you have . let's come back to afghanistan. the cities are under the government control the rural areas in most of the provinces are into taliban controlled how much of the understand do you control and what is the state of those areas if one of the could buy me a new low. in a field you're going to not just the thought and thought of what from the life he. had a whole lot more you. were not. home. safe there are a lot of like we're not. going to. shun
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you or your. moment the. moment you must have a. new. well. not a home and no home more not for you but. we're not kind and i'm not just. the world that i made it out of the one who might be a you know she. did not know what i can not the man i shall be the. more. we have. to model quite a lot of. i ask you because there is a big concern amongst most western nations that if the taliban gets a bigger share in power if it comes to power all of the progress that we understand
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is made to words by men's rights towards good education towards establishing peace and justice giving people a right to express themselves that will all be taken away so what guarantees are you giving that it is not going to happen. i want to model a couple of them in the mud hole in the local lot of the material up on the stand because i want to kind of another mode because if you don't move to his son would. well had to be a bit of a dilemma such a tardy a no come to a why do you hit out someone could have been a son of the son of pain can to god if you had out what kind of we're not to tell you i'm sensitive to who had. been woman with the. kind of. minister what in the month of august but not to the kind of but not the did by now to what it had been in. the temple to a new kind of fee when i got a little but not the. kind of well i can move to that kind of that is what.
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kind of he thought i would like and feel that i was kind of how to. be. not. good enough. not from up on his son once he knew me. because he to me that would go hot like in my own little. come how i guess you have a son could you and if you have understand what you're still talk about. who i'm going to hate myself and. i want you to. sit on. an economy. in a corner. when i can. come wish i could do that like enough my own little. hold on the horn i got a new movie that i'm one of. a lot of kind of the new gentleman that can you know
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if he figured. out how. to dislike me well why should he i will have to do more in child abuse in la you want to talk on a public on a mode you would wonder why you don't misbehave you're going to look more. at that islam and i can. do it if. you could i mean because i'm. culture up one is the. home of. police that is. critical to. the kind of he was a good kind of you would kind of. work on if you cannot afford the kind of humor that is if you like. more what guarantees does the world have done
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a stand that was there in 2001 during your time when there was running in here are problems is not going to return what guarantees does it have that other hardline groups are not going not going to find bases in afghanistan. but if they know when it's going to come on what good would it harder for them it's hard to put them on home was that it could be doing. just that tell us about one percent of the home 100 channels doesn't want to be 100 or enough years that it could. mean you have to if you had the subject in one of them one of them out there that we could get a couple of connelly's in me that kind of accountable who didn't want to know my kind of feel that. would have been. included or more of the sort of. get out that they cannot. you know like sort of might not get the loan. or the whole movie would knock them one must appeal but it might not have to. tell you
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what you want to be a get up on the stand your closet is what i had yes my whole realm. for him one would want to call it will not be my job to hold you may not understand it i'll do it to him kind of you're not going to be i've got to kind of. but i mean that or not how do you mean what i don't for him when i'm. a little. funny that you know none of you know i hadn't been about what do you. hope yet you just thought i just did not want to sound that the how funny it. it says that there are internal and external threats to peace in atlanta the former and d.s.t. chief says that pakistan is still playing a role with the taliban and signed up honest on released a video saying you call to ice and fighters who were planning attacks including attacks on the us administration as well as of one officials how true is that and
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what are you up against not enough i mean 100 or more of the how the some are some kind of in the hold your mother must or by the kind of people who are not a little above what i might have on his phone while not on qana. going on or not i'm just going to kind of in hopes of a shot kind of how do you know the not unknown feeling or not. out of the board going to be hard. enough on this time. of the su. someone i said to hold would you come. home you are going to have them. home. and the home and the home father and father of a well i can assure. you that if one of the taliban my. morning home. sure sure be him we're home how do you. know him how does she.
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appeared to be a lot of people jealous could be about. how much. you know how do you share my info. your model. for how you know if i didn't follow you but it's not a kind of. how do you know more 101. 100 or more. afghanistan you want to be him. mr harold finally it is a different of the understand from 20 years ago when the taliban was in power the people of a kind of stand the youth of all going to stand have very different ideas to what
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they were 20 years ago how do you envisage in afghanistan if the taliban takes a midge's share of power and control how much freedom will the people the use have in afghanistan. no the amount of an awful to be a good one or was it a mother away. not. going to have the 194101 another modified a new home a. condom i should on the son of god but 190. 9 you not to feel about what you did them aside though to to him not a sudden find out. all of him so when i did what i understand. about you know maybe you. know how do you. they do that it could be much harder for him. to have some do you build a home when i don't you don't you do enough you go to him. be to him what good that
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he could only what he had up in p.p. . 100. 1 not enough as it would be had to go. home you shall not want to know it or not like it but as you say it when i get a bit almost saddam wanted you to believe in a kind of a thought but i'll keep you have it all more. or not you know what they said kind of a sort of santa. hope. you know home gentlemen of my is that you are only that sort of good as i did you should have to be. an economist if you're only a puppy understand. hope she'll be a nice home you're going to. want to. be at home yeah i do enough that i'm not the thought people come to find out the one minute the kind of welcome that is i could have done for you home for the last minute thought about like you want to do for another. what is it
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a 100. i want to know if i have need to have that i'm not when i don't need you to not feel good. about that aside a son i love to do to him without a thought for what little me one of the lot. i don't know about. the one enough. to get up on the stand. a. bit of. cool. enough to follow a bit of a bit of fan was. not. going to give. up on his i'll say it. about unison i can match i get mr farrell a member of the political office of the taliban and thank you very much for talking to alter. it.
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on counting the cost of war games in the south china sea washington censored aircraft carriers as beijing flexes its military and economic muscle by jiri and gets ready for export gas as big oil prepares for a post prove it world plus global remittances plus counting the cost on al-jazeera . the politics of division have pushed india into the grip of a historical reckoning i am afraid to be closing on the one on it you seem to be afraid of where do these ideas come from the tragedy of more lives how much you try to send it plates getting to school a happy family all along joining me are to see you on the final part of my journey when i become a target of the hindu 1st policy in search of india's soul an al-jazeera. if you
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want to help save the world. sneeze into your oh. this is al-jazeera. and i'm fully back to this is the news hour live from our world headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes it's going to get worse and worse and worse a warning from the world health organization on the global pandemic as many countries see record numbers of new coronavirus.


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