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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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closed extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one sort. or the law in. the us from sup the pressure on china saying it rejects beijing's maritime claims in the south china sea as on will fall. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out 0 live from london also coming up. too many countries are heated in the wrong direction the world health organization warns that if nations don't take basic health care precautions the pandemic will get far worse as the u.s. the struggles with the worst corona virus outbreak in the world the white house is
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accused of trying to discredit the man known as america's top doctor. we'll look at how the new ban on the sale of alcohol is going down in south africa . there with another 5 years as poland's president with a narrow victory that is likely to deepen the rift with the e.u. . hello welcome to the program the united states has toughened its stance on china's disputed claims to offshore resources in most of the south china sea calling them completely unlawful secretary of state might pompei or has released a statement saying beijing has no legal grounds to unilaterally impose its will on the region the move is likely to further increase tensions between the 2 nations and it comes hours after china sanctioned u.s.
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officials for supporting measures against the treatment of chinese weekers from pale statements says the us champions what he calls a free and open indo-pacific his statement says the u.s. wants to make it clear that beijing's claims to offshore resources across most of the south china sea are completely unlawful as is its campaign of bullying to control them. the south china sea claims by china include ownership of the spratly islands which are also claimed by the philippines vietnam and others the scarboro reef is claimed by china and the philippines and that this feud began 8 years ago when the philippine navy a pretend that 8 mainland chinese fishing vessels in the shoal compares announcement comes after china impose sanctions against 3 u.s. politicians and the envoy for religious freedom those targeted include senators ted cruz and marco rubio well supported legislation president donald trump signed in
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june calling for sanctions over the repression of weaker as the u.n. says about 1000000 we have been detained in reeducation camps in xin jiang china's foreign ministry is warning the u.s. to stay out of china's internal affairs me found some engine tension the u.s. practice is in serious interference in china's internal affairs in syria's file ation of basic norms in governance of international relations china opposes and strongly condemns that response to u.s. wrongdoing china has decided to impose sanctions starting from today. it's going on all of this from our white house correspondent kimberly halkett so i mean it does seem that chinese u.s. relations are all time low just remind us a little bit and explain further exactly what the secretary of state said. you know we keep thinking it can't deteriorate further and then it does this is just another
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escalation in the tensions between the united states and its adversary china now as you pointed out this announcement coming from the secretary of state comes on the heels of beijing retaliating for the measures that took place late last week by the united states with regard to additional sanctions the china retaliating then with putting the measures against some of the top u.s. senators and now we have the statement from the u.s. secretary of state what makes this notable is the fact that up until now the united states has always argued that when it comes to dispute over the south china sea that it was really pushing for this to go to arbitration u.n. backed arbitration so this statement is a departure from that and that's what makes this so notable the fact that the secretary of state is now saying very clearly and very firmly that the united states stands with the south asian allies it rejects china's territorial claims to the south asia rather to the south china sea and what's more it goes even further
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accusing it of bullying of taking actions that are not consistent with international law in the hopes of securing the rights to these resources that are there so the united states' position is very clear believes that china has no legal ground to impose its will and for that reason the u.s. now taking a very strong stand against china and its actions ok so a strained relations between the 2 but on a wider scale what kind of impact do you think this will have and crucially is there anything to add about the timing of all this. now well in terms of the timing this really comes on the heels of the united states saying we have not been happy with the number of actions that china has been taking you have to remember this is an election year and donald trump is furious with china accusing it of not being more transparent when it comes to covert 19 that he believes is now threatening his reelection chances so that's number one we've also talked about the concern the
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united states has had with regard to the treatment of muslim weekers inside china and the concern that this is not something that is consistent with human rights and then on top of that we have the actions that have taken place in hong kong there have been very strong statements by this administration by the u.s. congress the concern about hong kong's national security law not only how it is treating the residents in hong kong but how americans could be caught up in that treated unfairly so the united states has taken a firm decision it appears to kind of step up its escalation in the rhetoric and potential actions but at the same time the united states has also been very provocative in these waters as well because we know that the united states has put in place 2 aircraft carrier groups and has been conducting military exercises something that china has been pushing back on so neither of these actions appear to be helpful in terms of trying to deescalate the tensions that as you point out have
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once again ratcheted up can really help with the latest on all of that from the white house thank you. the world health organization says the coronavirus pandemic will worsen of countries fail to adhere to basic health care precautions it says too many countries are seeing infections rise and there will be no return to old the normal for the foreseeable future. if more pollution is do not follow the basic public roads principles of physical distance and. wearing masks comfy ticket and staying home when sick if the basics aren't followed there is only one way despondent maccie is going to go it's going to get worse and worse and worse but it does not have to be this way.
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or more than a quarter of the world's recorded virus cases are in the united states it's recorded more than 3200000 factions meaning that one in 100 americans have tested positive but this case is mount the trumpet ministration seems to be targeting its own infectious diseases expert anthony found chief for criticism president donald trump is replete of a claim that the u.s. centers for disease control the media the democratic party and quote most doctors are lying about the disease. white house press secretary kaley mcenaney insists a doctor and president trump have a good working relationship the president with his intent and not retreat on expresses displeasure with the c.d.c. some rogue individuals leaking guidelines prematurely get a 63 page plan that was leaked prematurely believes that that misleads the american public when their planning materials for least that are not in their fullest form
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in their best form so that's what he was getting at the bin notion that there is opposition research and that there's faulty versus the president can be further from the truth doctor found he and the president always had a very good working relationship. a 30 year old man has died in texas after attending a so-called covidien party the chief medical officer of san antonio is methodist hospital says the man believed the pain that may cause a hoax. heard heartbreaking story this week we here who are 3 or appears on. you tube they're now being attended who had party this is a party to by somebody diagnosed with. the thought is that people get together and see if the virus is real and if it even gets. to us naval bases on the japanese island of okinawa have been locked down after a rise in covert 1000 infections local authorities describe the surge in cases as extremely repressive all and expressed serious doubts about u.s.
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containment measures at least 95 new cases have been confirmed among more than 20000 u.s. marines stationed on the island in recent days outside the bases that have been almost 150 cases and 7 deaths reported since the outbreak began. hong kong is reinstating strict a safety measures for at least a week to help combat a sudden spike in corona virus infections their chief executive kerry lamb says james beauty salons and night clubs will close again from wednesday restaurants will be restricted to take away orders only social distancing and a 4 person limit on gatherings will also be enforced on-call has one of the world's lowest infection and best rates but reported a further 52 cases on monday. well south africa is the worst affected country in africa with more than a quarter of a 1000000 people infected the government is reintroducing lock down restrictions to try to combat the outbreak from either miller has more now from johannesburg.
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president still ramapo says blame gatherings like this and what he calls drinking sprees a surge in covert 1000 infections with more than 270000 cases south africa has one of the highest rates of infection in the world the government has again banned the sale of alcohol after allowing its sale to resume just weeks ago there is now clear evidence that the resumption of alcohol sales has resulted in substantial pressure being put on hospitals including trauma and i.c.u. units due to motor vehicle accidents violence as well as related to trauma that alcohol induced. family visits and other social activities have also been banned but people can meet at restaurants malls and other
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public areas and parks have been reopened for exercise while wearing a mask is mandatory the government says people are not following the rules and there's concern that health facilities can't cope some health workers a using social media to speak out it's absolute chaos i have had 3 deers in this race all is than 2 hours birth period was the most shocking i just find out that the family has remained. always for recreation or is . he remains with us the bridge repair place is packed away crazy we don't even have any oxygen ports to put patients on additional facilities and quarantine areas have been set up across the country the government's allocated 37000 beds for quarantine and securing thousands of into latest an oxygen for those who need them
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while more than 4000 people have died here south africa does of one of the lowest death rates compared to other countries but it might not stay that way a quarter of those deaths were recorded in the last week alone estimates indicate they could be between 40 and 50000 deaths in the months to come. yet the government says it's reluctant to return to full lockdown millions of dollars and thousands of jobs were lost when it did that in march the government insists it's trying to revive the economy while at the same time protecting lives but with 500 new infections every hour the speed with which the virus is spreading may make that more difficult for me to al-jazeera johannesburg. kazakhstan is extending its 2nd coronavirus lock down by 2 weeks following a surge in covert 1000 and pneumonia cases since restrictions were lifted in may medical staff is or have also held the minute of silence in memory of 42 colleagues
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who have died since the beginning of the outbreak the oil rich central asian republic now is almost 60000 coronavirus cases and 375 deaths its health care system is struggling to cope with the rise of infections and reported shortages of medicine and hospital beds. meanwhile turkmenistan is advise him people to wear masks but not as protection against the covert 19 the central asian countries one of only a handful of places that hasn't registered any infections health officials say the recommendation is about protecting people from high levels of dust they're also encouraging social distancing but without explaining why. still ahead in this half hour thousands in the d.r. see protest against the nomination of a new election chief considered it too close to former president joseph kabila and cost of us president arrives in the hague to be grilled over alleged war crimes.
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we've got the weather turning a little more mobile across northern parts of europe more clouds some pieces of sherry raise sliding in from the atlantic will be a little breezy as well but come down into central it was a certain across the southeast still plenty of warm sunshine around this weather front that we have out towards easter that is still producing some very heavy rainfall some thunder a downpour some large hail and now going to make its way a little further north towards cool things off in moscow to around 19 celsius we're into the mid to low twenty's across many parts but the warmth as i said is further south and sharon will make its way across the northwest as we go on through or choose day with the winds coming in from the northwest a cool direction that will just freshen things up a touch but still be too blustery showers just blowing through more sunshine than
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showers i suspect although the showers will just pop up a little into central parts as we go on through way to stay across the med it's fine and dry for the most part with plenty of warm sunshine in that warm sunshine extends across northern parts of africa the showers continue across central africa into the gulf of guinea from the european highlands and right across west africa some heavy downpours cause some flooding into liberia maybe into sierra leone over the next couple of days and it continues to edge its way a little further north. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such. as a global power developing to the investment company power is uniquely positioned to deliver against. we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and
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provide innovative safe and the farm and energy solutions for future generation the brush fire nearing future. the. the a. comeback is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has toughened that stance on china's disputed claims to offshore resources in most of the south china sea calling them completely unlawful and the world health organization says the coronavirus and them it will worsen of countries fail to adhere to basic health care precautions it says too many nations are heading in the wrong direction with
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rising costs. malise prime minister says 11 people have died in protests over the last few days at least 2 people were injured in the most recent demonstrations in the capital bamako one police fired shots in the air and use the tear gas of the sparse the crowd hours earlier the united nations condemned the use of lethal force against demonstrators people have been protesting since friday calling for president abraham kate that to resign over militia violence and the spew to the election. thousands of people have been protesting in the democratic republic of congo against the nomination of a new electoral commission chief ronsard that molon this proposed appointment as many opposition politicians have accused him of being complicit in rigging previous elections they say malone that is biased towards former president joseph kabila who formed a coalition with a coalition government with president felix his k.t.
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. protesters say the governing coalition is still heavily influenced by the former president kabila stepped down last year after nearly 2 decades in office but as allies hold the parliamentary majority and control over most cabinet ministries just last month scrabulous allies proposed judicial reforms that also sparked protests they would have given the justice minister more powers over judges and prosecutors now president cheesecakes k.b.e. rejected the reforms the putting the divide within the governing coalition as one saw in a robi has more now on what is causing the unrest. today's protests were organized by opposition parties. and in the capital kinshasa john p.-r. bemba an influential politician with a huge following lead thousands of his supporters who were trying to get to parliament they were dispatched by police using tear gas they say they reject the
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nomination of wrong said. as the president of the electoral commission they also say that they are unhappy with the leadership of president felix just a kennedy and he's called the coalition he's formed with former president joseph kabila they say that this coalition is not taking them in the right direction the country is in a political and economic crisis they say that things needs to change and just going back to that nomination of manon though we did speak to some parliamentarians who are saying that the protesters really are directing their anger to the wrong body because constitutionally it's really just 4 days that on monday tends to nominate the president of the electoral commission and this was done in june and that name was forwarded to parliament for approval by the thousands of people who've been coming out to the streets saying that the parliament should have decided the hocks to delay that decision knowing that that name would be rejected by the population
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perhaps the parliamentarians would've gone back to the religious leader as a try to make compromise perhaps seen whether there could be a consensus made and i think presidential security now has that opportunity because he has a vinyl. even if he himself cannot reject that name but he can always go back to the religious leaders and try to talk to them and see whether they confront a different name and he has said in a cabinet meeting recently that he's going to do that in order to deescalate the tensions in the country right now. since him and the youngest daughter of south africa's 1st black president nelson. mandela has died at the age of 59 she was serving a south africa is a bastard to denmark because of her death has not been revealed since even that lie came to prominence in 1985 when the white minority government offered to release her father from prison it was on the condition that he denounces movements on the
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struggle against apartheid regime since he read his letter rejecting the offer which was broadcast around the world. yemen's or the rebels say they've killed and injured dozens of high ranking military officers in saudi arabia their spokesman said they hit multiple military sites and a large oil facility just across the border in as part of a major new offensive saudi arabia hasn't said whether anyone was killed or injured but the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen said that intercepted 4 missiles and 6 explosive drones what we saw to have been about is 3 up in iowa up with my position ballistic missiles not disclosed before and large numbers of drones or armed forces destroyed warplanes and pilot barracks and their defense petri system infamy some shit other military positions and just on in a drum were destroyed also the joint oil installation in the industrial area of design was targeted targets were hit with high position our armed forces
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successfully targeted the todo we military company out of province where saudi officials were meeting as a result dozens were killed and injured. the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in the northern afghan province of salman gallon which killed 12 people 11 of them afghan intelligence forces at least $63.00 people including children were injured authorities say a suicide bomber targeting the provincial intelligence office a set off the explosion. i was coming from the marketplace to my home i was close to home when i heard the explosion. when the explosion took place everything was shaking all these windows glasses were broken here and there 2 or 3 people were injured by the glass it was a lot of dust the people were running everywhere. poland's rightwing president under a dude that has climbed on to power with a narrow win in sunday's election he secured just over 51 percent of the vote
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against liberal warsaw mayor raffles prescott's keep to this party already controls parliament and this result means they can press ahead with its conservative agenda which is likely to deepen the rift with the european union alexey o'brien reports. it was about saying there is a battle for poland's future and the results show a country divided our nation has got still different voices still their friends their ideas for the president some happy for our democracy we've got the exactly how much power. a tiny margin keeping andrzej do to an office for a 2nd 5 year term propped up by the right wing law and justice party. is calling for unity and studies good night it's not just when i see it fall and is want it belongs to all of us and we have to do everything we can to make life here the best it can possibly be that's not exactly what dude is known for his conservative
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agenda includes strong opposition to gay and abortion rights and his constitutional reforms that weaken the independence of the judiciary put him at odds with the e.u. do does wyvill in the election with the centrist warsaw rough ski would warn their problems democracy was under attack he launched his campaign at the last minute with a more progressive platform which touted cossar relations with the e.u. you know that's an ah yes that's economic so it's only the beginning i am convinced we will change poland now that we have woken up no one will put us to sleep and what's most important we will continue fighting you respective of the result the clash between the 2 radically different candidates so voters turn out in record numbers narrowly lost to do to and his allies in the p.i.a.'s is seen by some as a long term win for the opposition it captivates a lot of political emotions around not only one candidate but also around the party
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. hopes that in the future especially the younger generation well. against this will build up. a potential for change and they will until that change comes rights groups be a dude is when will not. only boost right wing tendencies at home but also within the european union his conservative ally in hungary president viktor obama posted a congratulatory message on facebook with the word bravo they have worked together to block sanctions from the e.u. and in a week with a use due to meet to discuss its new budget the election result manes there is a lot at stake for poland and exubera on al-jazeera. kosovo president hashem fact she has been questioned by war crimes prosecutors in the hague that she was indicted by a special tribunal a tribunal in late june for war crimes and crimes against humanity and the 1009
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$199.00 conflict with serbia the won the province its independence chanda others are charged with being criminally responsible for nearly $100.00 murders. i am ready to face the new challenge and succeed. for my thought my family my people and my country. nobody can rewrite the story. this is a price for freedom. thousands of rallied in russia's far east for a 3rd day in support of a popular regional governor arrested on murder charges supporters of governor said gay for dal have been demonstrating in cab out of school near the border with china since saturday his supporters say the charges are political after forego won the governor's seat from a representative of the ruling united russia party in 2018. and russia
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has charged a former military journalist even suffering over with state treason this 5 protests at his arrest police detained around a dozen journalists who gathered outside his the pension facility to offer their support in a case that they say is shrouded in unacceptable secrecy even though suffering over has been held in a pretrial detention facility since his arrest last week he's accused of passing military secrets to check intelligence he denies the allegations. washington's n.f.l. team have dropped redskins from their name and logo after pressure from social justice groups native american advocates have been calling for the change for years labeling the name a racial slur pressure increased following the black lives matter movement in recent months he sponsored that asked the team to change its name including nike who stopped selling the team's merchandise on its online platforms a new name has not yet been chosen. manchester city have been cleared to
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play in next the next season's champions league after winning their appeal against a 2 year european ban back in february european football's governing body u.a.e. 5 ruled that city had committed serious breaches of financial fair play rules but the club took their appeal to the court of arbitration for sport who found that city didn't overinflate their sponsorship contributions other they did fail to cooperate with you a physical vest a geisha and the court also reduced their fine from $34000000.00 to $11000000.00 a.p. global sports correspondent rob perez says you wafers prosecution of financial fair play cases has been far from ripostes. u.a. for have said they just note the findings of the case and that their main committed to the principles of financial fair play but many will look at this case and wonder just where does financial fair play set from here while financial fair play was set
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up 10 years ago in a bid to stabilize the football ecosystem time the global financial crisis financial fair play has worked in terms of bringing down those collective losses across european clubs and over a 1000000000 euros to profitability of more than 100000000 yours in the last accounting period but other clubs will now be looking at just what can they spend because financial fair play is to sign to ensure clubs do break even and they don't this would lying on the investment. alone here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has toughened its stance on china's disputed claims to offshore resources and most of the south china sea calling them completely unlawful by pump aoe says beijing has no legal grounds to unilaterally impose its will on the region the move is likely to further increase tensions between the 2 nations white house correspondent kimberly
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healthcare explains what makes this notable is the fact that up until now the united states has always argued that when it comes to dispute over the south china sea that it was really pushing for this to go to arbitration un backed arbitration so this statement is a departure from that and that's what makes this so notable the fact that the secretary of state is now saying very clearly in very firmly that the united states stands with it south asian allies the world health organization says the coronavirus pandemic will worsen have countries fail to adhere to basic health care precautions it says too many nations are seeing infections rise and banks messages from leaders are undermining public trust. if operations do not follow the basic publicans principles of physical distance in hand washing wearing masks covering a ticket and staying home when sick if the basics aren't followed
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there is only one way this pandemic is going to go it's going to get worse and worse and worse but it does not have to be this way. malice prime minister says 11 people have died in recent protests against the president and these 2 people were injured in the most recent demonstration in the capital the united nations has condemned the use of lethal force against demonstrators people have been protesting since fighting calling for abraham to cater to resign those are the headlines the stream is coming up next and i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour i hope you'll join me then thanks for watching.
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hey there welcome to the stream hi i'm josh rushing and you are in my home today we're talking about what's built like a major shift in the movement to stop pipelines in the u.s. to quit with native americans resisting those pipelines and they've had quite a few successes recently now they look more alive on you tube and i'm hoping you're going to join us in that you to chat over there so that i can get some of your discussions and during the show. let's go right to the issue you know in the u.s. right now about 1000 miles a pipeline with another 12500 miles already kind of and.


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