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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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just about for human life until fall apart come to a little bit of doubt here because like you think we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus pandemic special coverage on. the u.s. accuses china of bullying saying claims to the south china sea are completely unlawful. but i mean this is out 0 from our world headquarters and also coming up in the program mosques will soon become compulsory for english shoppers as coronavirus cases top 30000000 worldwide and countries not to give up the fight. too many
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countries are headed in the wrong direction. the virus remains public enemy number one. anger at what they see as political bias protests in the democratic republic of congo on the appointment of a new electoral commission chief. we look at steps being taken to protect a british socialite in jail and a court appearance on sex trafficking charges. so then a strategic a stretch of water is a new source of tension between the united states and china your set your state might pump air says that beijing's claims to the south china sea are completely unlawful and it will not be allowed to treat it as its maritime empire it's rich in oil gas and fishing resources and china is building military bases on several
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assholes but 5 southeast asian nations also claim parts of the sea and last week the u.s. navy held military exercises. so let's take a close look at china claims about 90 percent of the south china sea including ownership of the spratly islands which are disputed by the philippines by vietnam and by others this cooperation is claimed by china and the philippines and that battle began 8 years ago when the philippine navy apprehended 8 mainland chinese fishing vessels in the area and let's get more on this with katrina you who's standing by for us in beijing in katrina say i try to clearly not happy with what might compare to say. no not at all for china any issues of territory are a red line in the furious about this statement they've released their own statement from the chinese embassy in the us saying that the us is completely disregarding any efforts from china to maintain peace and stability in the region including by
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engaging in negotiations and dialogues with various countries it says that the us is exaggerating the situation and deliberately sowing discord between china and its neighbors the statement then goes on to accuse the us itself of flexing its muscles in the region under that what it says is the pretext of freedom of navigation exercises and inciting confrontation now it's true that the freedom of navigation exercises by the u.s. has increased in recent months just last month we had 3 u.s. aircraft carriers circling the region and its rats have that many at one time and that was seen as a provocation by beijing but the u.s. said its hand was being forced because the chinese government have been ramping up its activity building these artificial islands have also been various run ins with malaysian vessels chinese boat swarming future which is a philippine island and recently also china named 2 regions in the spratly and the paracel islands as administrative regions calling them the. islands run through
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there's been this going to do for months. trying to put in searches on u.s. politicians to experience. i think i think that will be inevitable if you look at the pattern there's been a tit for tat in various areas in that and this bilateral relationship appears to be in freefall just on monday china's foreign ministry spokesperson watching you said china was slapping sanctions on 4 u.s. officials including ted cruz and marco rubio who are senators and that was in response for the u.s. earlier putting sanctions on chinese officials including chen 20 war who is the number one official in province because of diligent human rights abuses there and change is a very important person in the chinese communist party is a member of the 25 strong pull it bureau and earlier and that we'd be us said it was also putting sanctions on any chinese officials involved in disrupting travel
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to tibet for which china said it would also respond in kind so this is just another front on which the 2 sides are disagreeing adding to all lengthening a list of areas. from the south china sea true human rights abuses and should john hong kong's national security law or the media technology and trade really nic on the face of it seems that there are very little there is very little that these 2 countries agree on right now absolutely or i could you know leave there for the moment to katrina. but it's enough for gordon chang who's a china analyst based in the united states and he says that beijing is provoking tension in the region. i do believe we have a tipping point because the united states and indeed a lot of other countries are deciding that they are not going to ignore unacceptable behavior on beijing's part we have seen especially since february of this year china act in ways which are expression of a dangerous and it's pushing against india 6 south china sea and east china sea
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nations the threats of invasion of taiwan the increased tempo of dangerous intercepts of the u.s. navy and the global commons so beijing is driving this now there's a lot of disagreement over why china is doing this but the point is china is doing this well the next step is really going to be up to china. i think that the issue is going to be driven in part by china's purchases under the phase one trade deal that was signed january 15th china has made it clear that it's not going to be meeting its schedule of purchase goods and services so that is part of the underlying tension but it's also you know china's geo political moves to try to grab territory and try to grab the global comments so i think this is largely in china's court because countries including the united states are really reacting to what beijing is doing. golden china now a warning from the world health organization that too many nations are heading in
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the wrong direction as coronavirus cases top $13000000.00 director general tend to get reassess says there will be no return to the old normal in the foreseeable future california governor has just ordered indoor restaurants bars and movie theaters to close again for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic latin america has seen the number of code related deaths exceed those in north america and face coverings will become compulsory for shoppers in england from july the 24th well the u.s. accounts for more than a quarter of the world's coronavirus cases that's 3300000 recorded infections there's been a spike in cases in several states yet the trumpet ministration is continuing to push for schools to reopen i think i'll hate as this it's the latest fight for a president who is determined to keep america open schools should be up and this kids want to go to school you're losing a lot of lives by keeping things slow. he's warned states open schools or
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lose federal money the answer from some states so far just know we're not going to use our children. as a litmus test and we're not going to going to put our children in a place where their health is endangered if that sample the 2 largest school systems in california will not reopen the travel ministration has been trying to convince parents it'll be safe but the world health organization disagree. our understanding of transmission in children is still limited and we know that overall they tend to have more mild disease but in some situations they can have severe disease and we have seen children that have died just like the schools the trump administration moved to reopen the economy quickly and the states that did are now seeing the virus seemingly spread out of control officials deny that there's a connection but the nation's top infectious disease expert disagrees all you
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needed to do was look at the films on t.v. of people in some states who went from shutdown to complete throwing caution to the winds bars that were crowded people without masks and some states are reversing course california closing bars and indoor restaurants and in many places churches and gyms as well a sign that while some might want to see the country's economy reopen the virus has the final say. al jazeera america. well brazil's president says he's feeling well and will return to work if you test negative for coronavirus jaya both sonora was seen feeding birds outside his official residence where he's been quarantined since testing positive for covert 19 last week is due to be tested again on tuesday also now has repeatedly dismissed the dangers of the virus and supplant i mean began criticising containment measures ordered by state governments well ali monk
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that is chief strategy officer in population health and the university of washington he says infections will only slow down if people follow social distancing rules. what has happened people early on when we lifted mandates they were more careful they were wearing their masks and they were staying away from each other than letting the guard know they're letting their guard down and you see this as an infection we also all the places like bars where the infection is most likely this is that much faster especially among the young generation so it takes the whole package and dozens of putting your mask pain away from each other washing your hands in order to prevent discipline of the virus in need to remind each other that this is a virus that we have over half a 1000000 does so far in the war and also in my each other that our physicians wear masks and that's why we don't see a lot of infections and hospitals in fact my hospital is safer than my city and
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a hospital less likely to get over 19 than if i am in the state of seattle and the message as we move forward is to wait and mass there with on each other that's why people are beating living in mass but also the people and the virus and you may have we may have to go into another not down for 2 weeks or 6 weeks but we have to be ready for it for thousands of demonstrators who defied a ban on protests in the democratic republic of congo's capital that angry at the choice of a new electoral commission chief opposition politicians accuse ron saddam along with being complicit in the rigging of past elections they say milan that is biased towards former president joseph kabila who formed a coalition government with president bush kitty. well it could be a step down last year off to nearly 2 decades in office and his allies hold a parliamentary majority and control most cabinet ministries just last month could be his allies proposed judicial reforms and also sparked protests reforms would have given the justice minister more powers if he judges and prosecutors present
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a few days to see can he rejects them and the justice minister was briefly arrested deepening the rift within the governing coalition catherine sawyer has been watching developments from the kenyan capital nairobi. right now is called police managed to disperse the thousands of protesters who. holds with the police all afternoon. this test really were organized by an opposition qualification called and in the capital kinshasa we so. very influential politician with a huge following so he let he was leading this of thousands of his supporters they were heading to palm meant. by police using tear gas and they say that they are angry with this nomination of this the president of the electoral commission but they also say that beyond that they're unhappy with the leadership of president needs to security and the coalition he has formed with former president joseph
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kabila they say that this has plunged the country in a political and economic crisis and the president needs to act i gently to solve the situation. are still ahead here in kosovo as president arrives in the hague ready to be grilled by. giving in to pressure washington c n f l team drops it's controversial. we've had some rather nasty storms into central parts of canada as bailing out of alberta across scotch one heading towards the northern plains of the us a little further south as well we've seen some rather lobby down pull some bacon thunder a showers with some large hail had just around oklahoma that's all making its way
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further east was that west of weather through central kind of out of the prairie is going to run across nebraska illinois pushing up across the lakes as we go on through the next couple days and it really will be quite heavy at times the big story does remain the hate for many ticks down towards the southwest that record breaking heat will continue phoenix still getting up into the low to mid forty's over the next couple days the west coast of the u.s. is generally fine and friday western parts of canada will see some bits and pieces of rain from time to time and talking of rhyme about wes the weather that we have around the lakes that will continue to slide a little further south was at a swiss watch the showers down towards the fos out the eastern coal a little trot for a little on the human side just around the east coast over the next couple of days a lot of dry by the main well into the caribbean there are always going to be water to showers it has to be said but plenty of beautiful sunshine coming through the heaviest showers are going to be into the western side of the region and affecting a good part central america.
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and again you're watching out of your mind of our top stories and the united states is tough and it starts on china's disputed claims to offshore resources in most of the south china sea calling them completely unlawful the chinese embassy in washington is accused the u.s. are trying to stir up trouble in the region. thousands of protested in the democratic republic of congo against the platelets with new electoral commission chief opposition politicians accuse runs of london being complicit in rigging past election. restrictions are being reimposed in the u.s. state of california to combat a surge in corona virus infections businesses including james bars and movie theaters been told to close all south africa is the worst hit country in africa with that more than a quarter 1000000 people infected the government has reached using lock down restrictions there to combat the story numbers media miller reports from johannesburg. president still ramapo says flames gatherings like this and what he
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calls drinking sprees for a surge in covert 1000 infections with more than 270000 cases south africa has one of the highest rates of infection in the world the government has again banned the sale of alcohol after allowing its sale to resume just 2 weeks ago there is now clear evidence that the resumption of alcohol sales has resulted in substantial pressure being put on hospitals including trauma and i.c.u. units due to motor vehicle accidents violence. as well as related trauma. and use. family visits and other social activities have also been banned but people can meet at restaurants malls and other public areas and parks have been reopened for exercise while wearing a mask is mandatory the government says people are not following the rules and
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there's concern that health facilities can't cope some health workers a using social media to speak out it's absolute hear us i have had 3 days in this race all is than 2 hours birth period was the most shocking i just find out that the family has remained. always for recreation or is . he means through this the bridge replaces hackers who are crazy we don't even have any oxygen ports to put patients on additional facilities and quarantine areas have been set up across the country the government's allocated 37000 beds for quarantine and securing thousands of into later is an oxygen for those who need them while more than 4000 people have died here south africa does have one of the lowest death rates compared to other countries but it might not stay that way
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a quarter of those deaths were recorded in the last week alone estimates indicate they could be between 40 and 50000 deaths in the months to come. yet the government says it's reluctant to return to full lockdown millions of dollars and thousands of jobs were lost when it did that in march the government insists it's trying to revive the economy while at the same time protecting lives but with 500 new infections every hour the speed with which the virus is spreading may make that more difficult for me to al-jazeera johannesburg. now molly's prime minister says 11 people have died in 3 days of protests demanding the president's resignation are unhappy with. his handling of a long running conflict and economic crisis in disputed elections to ease tensions several detained opposition figures have been freed his son resigned as chairman of parliament defense committee on the trial of
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a modern man involved in the 2 war crimes is set to begin the international criminal court in the hague prosecutors accuse. the hunt mood of orchestrating war crimes including torture rape and the desecration of ancient and islamic more swim reports now from neighboring dhaka in senegal. in the city of timbuktu al-qaeda linked forces call on crowds to witness the killing of a man this footage secretly shot by al-jazeera in 2012 has never been broadcast the man in the green turban is a former villager veterinarian turned to a leading figure of the religious police during the occupation of northern mali by an al qaeda affiliate this man was along for stealing food from a shop this woman without any explanation on the orders of all his tosh. he's now at the international criminal court accused of crimes against humanity and war
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crimes including the torture rape and sexual slavery of women and girls forcing them into marriage with al-qaeda linked fighters in an interview with al-jazeera at the time he said that he was only applying islamic law and defending muslims his men were also ordered to desecrate and destroy 700 year old shrines of soupy saints synagogues black civilization museum director calls the destruction at this big crimes that also needs to be punished. it is more than a crime against humanity it is a crime against faith he destroyed monuments that are important to timbuktu. before oxford or harvard were imagined timbuktu was the center of learning students from europe persia and the middle east would come to listen to lectures from black muslim teachers on subjects such as science chemistry and medicine in this museum are just a few artifacts from that time this room is dedicated to black civilization and
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religion but look at it it's almost empty because a proportion of it was stolen during colonial times and can be found in museums in france and in the u.k. france just returned this sward belonging to religious leader omar tall and this koran belonging to his son there is still a substantial part of islamic heritage and history that can be found right here in west africa in the ancient city of timbuktu were fewer trying to preserve and protect this important chapter of both islamic and african history. while all his sons religious police burned 4000 ancient manuscripts dating from the 13th century the people of timbuktu many of them women here that are smuggled out over 300000 of these historical manuscripts in a bid to protect the city's history and to defy those who take it over nicholas
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hall al-jazeera. kosovo's president washington has been questioned for war crimes of a special court in the hague she is facing a 10 point indictment of serious crimes including murder torture and disappearances committed during the kosovo independence for a back in the late ninety's steadfast in his report. singing k.l.a. battle songs form a crossover independence fighters arrived at the court in the hague to show support for the former commander now president. my family my people and my confidence. as a commander of the kosovo liberation army or kalay that he is accused of his role in the killings of serbs cos of a baby and other at mc groups but she denied the accusations and says it was a clean and just war more than $13000.00 people died during the war which ended up
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the 70 days of nato air strikes it's rare for a sitting president to face questioning over allegations of war crimes here at the hague. has been accused of obstructing the special court says that this process is the price he will have to pay for peace a process that brings back memories of a long at night battle in a bloody and complicated war but there are fears the allegations about events happening decades ago could cost even more problems now the dialogue between course and serbia that is restarting with the facilitation of european union is in trouble because she was a keen. representative of course with this dialogue the courts will decide before october 24th if she will go on trial the course of an president has announced he will resign if that happens step class and al-jazeera the hake protests is in russia's far east have rallied again in support of the popular regional governor
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arrested on merger chose several 100 supporters of the governor for golf been demonstrating in the coveralls near the border with china since saturday they say the charges are political of the photo won the governor's seat from a representative of the ruling united russia party in 2018. a former british socialite a long time friend of jeffrey epstein will face a judge in new york on tuesday to lay maxwell has been charged for her involvement in an alleged sex trafficking operation the defense is expected to try to get her out of jail where she is on suicide watch cable is under reports from. the metropolitan detention center in brooklyn has a troubled history last year the entire prison was without power for more than a week leaving inmates without heat during winter last month the detainee died after being pepper sprayed by a guard now several inmates have tested positive for corona virus this jail is now
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home for good line maxwell the british socialite arrested earlier this month on charges she lured girls as young as 14 into sex with her longtime associate and boyfriend jeffrey epstein epstein was arrested last year while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges he was found dead in his jail cell in another new york prison it was ruled a suicide prison officials don't want the same to happen to maxwell they've reportedly taken away her bed sheets or anything else that she could use to harm herself or that could be used by other inmates that want to harm her according to a lawyer that represents 6 of maxwell and epstein's alleged victims such precautions are necessary there are a number reasons why i don't think miss knox will leave prison alive 1st and foremost because of the information that she knows but secondly. i think that.
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when forced to reflect on her life's activities and what she has done in the past it may catch up with her and whether she decides to take her own life or whether and i guess only set this way you know prisoners are not friendly to child abusers at maxwell's arraignment and bail hearing on tuesday prosecutors will point to the $1000000.00 home she was living in at the time of her arrest as proof she has access to funds and is a flight risk if she's granted bail it's expected prosecutors will push maxwell to reveal all she knows in exchange for avoiding a trial possibly getting a lighter sentence but for this to happen she has to remain alive gabriel is on doe . brooklyn. now the pressure is growing on other top u.s. sports teams to change their names after moved by the washington redskins the
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american football team is dropping the redskins reference and its logo which have long been considered racially insensitive to native americans it's been in place for 87 years but pressure has grown amidst the black knives mess a movement and protests over clothing isn't and racism ok sponsors have asked the team to change its name and night that stopped selling the teams much nicer but it is in washington. for generations fans of the redskins have cheered for this team with its 87 year old name even though it is defined as a racial slur in the dictionary well the fact that this name is going away now is evidence that the cultural transformation we've been seeing across the united states with attempts to address historical wrongs calling out race and racism well it's not just a blip but rather something to stay out of this team had been under pressure for years to change its name but the team owner in 2013 said that this name would never
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go away telling a newspaper to print the quote in caps well 2020 years here and it's a very different time with black lives matter protests happening across the country and monuments to historic figures with racist pats toppled across the country as well and in recent days we saw the sponsors for this team including fed ex and pepsi with their name still blazoned on the home stadium threatening to withdraw support all apparently money talks leading to the statement that came out today that this dame is going away what it will be replaced with that is still the open question a leading and popular contender on social media is the red tails which would commemorate the tuskegee airman the nation's 1st black military pilots. most of the city have been cleared to play in next season's champions league after winning their appeal against a 2 year european ballot
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a european football's governing body you a for ruled in february that city had breached the financial fair play rules the club appealed to the court of arbitration for sport which found that much the city did not overinflate their sponsorship contributions although they did fail to cooperate with the u.a.e. fizzing best occasion the court ruled that the ban should be lifted and reduced the fine from $34.00 to $11000000000.00 it's. not just time to check our top stories here and al-jazeera and the united states has toughened its stance on china's disputed claims to offshore resources in most of the south china sea calling them completely unlawful the chinese embassy in washington has accused the u.s. are trying to stir up trouble in the region katrina you has more now from beijing. china all issues of territory are a red line and they are they've become farias at this statement now we haven't
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heard from beijing as yet but we have had a statement from the chinese embassy in the u.s. quite a lengthy statement saying that they firmly oppose the u.s. secretary of state's comments saying that he's trying to stir up trouble in the region that he's intentionally sowing discord between china and its neighbors and that is also exaggerating the problems in the region the world health organization says the coronavirus pandemic will worsen if countries fail to adhere to basic health care precautions says too many nations are heading in the wrong direction as the number of infections worldwide passes $13000000.00 prescriptions are being reimposed in the u.s. state of california to combat a surge in corona virus infections businesses including gyms bars and movie theaters have all been told to close it's one of several u.s. states which have seen a spike in cases. thousands of protesters in the democratic republic of congo against the appointment of
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a new electoral commission chief opposition politicians accused of being complicit in rigging past elections they say melinda is biased towards former president joseph. mollies prime minister says 11 people have died in 3 days of protests calling for president abraham catered to resign there are unhappy with the president's handling of a long running armed conflict and economic crisis and disputed elections in an effort to ease tensions several detained opposition figures have now been freed. because of his president touching thoughts he has been questioned by war crimes prosecutors in the hague he was indicted by a special tribunal late last month for war crimes and crimes against humanity and the 1900 $99.00 conflict with serbia protesters in russia's foreign city of coverups have rallied again in support of the regional government sergey fogle was arrested on murder charges. you know it's got more news coming up right after this life now. we understand the differences in
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similarities have cultures across the ground so no matter how you tell came out just a. current affair has that matter to you. man that. touched.
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