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it was the theme of this week. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera. breaks everybody on this planet matters everybody has power when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports hope it is a disease going to affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teens on the ground this is the main business lobby money any person is to bring a new movie or 20 documentaries and life means. thank. you no i'm for the bad people this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes washington regexp
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a jeans games in the south china sea china in turn accuses the u.s. of undermining regional peace and stability a 1000000 man accused of torturing women and destroying ancient monuments in timbuktu goes on trial at the international criminal courts also this hour a strong resistance to donald trump's demands that schools reopened in september as coronavirus cases soar in several u.s. cities it's more not going to put our children in a place with their health is in danger and the u.k. government is expected to ban huawei from its 5 g. network in another setback for the chinese tech giants m joining us you're up there with the board as the search begins for a new name for washington's n.f.l. team paul top and be a star russell westbrook test positive for current virus and there are more cases inside the leaks so-called bubble at disney world in florida.
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thank you for joining us china is accusing the united states of trying to stir up trouble in the south china sea that's after secretary of state michael bell said beijing's claims to the region completely unlawful china claims nearly the entire area but that's disputed by several other south east asian countries wayne hale reports. in several areas of the south china sea islands assholes and reefs have been transformed china claims almost the entire area and for years has been militarizing the islands. instructing remote outposts taiwan also claims parts of the south china sea along with several southeast asian countries including vietnam which is mounted the strongest challenge to beijing last month the vietnamese prime minister opened the latest southeast asian leaders summit with a strong statement on the issue without mentioning china. while the entire world is
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mobilizing its full force to fight against the pandemic responsible acts and violations of international laws are still taking place affecting the environment of security and stability in several regions including ours the statement from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o came a year after the permanent court of arbitration in the hague ruled that china's claims were invalid the case was taken by the philippines but the verdict did nothing to slow china's assertiveness tensions between china and the united states have been increasing over trade coronavirus taiwan hong kong and now the south china sea over. the u.s. statement neglects the history and facts about the issues about the south china sea it breaches the u.s. government's open commitment to not take any position on the sovereignty of the south china sea it violates an distorts international law it is stirring up territorial disputes in the south china sea which is very irresponsible. in recent weeks both militaries conducted exercises in the area with the us saying repeatedly
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it wants to ensure freedom of navigation beijing suspects otherwise not only is there strategic value in the south china sea but it's one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and is believed to hold large exploitable natural resources china has continued to develop parts of the region largely unopposed militarily while the us statement doesn't necessarily signal a change in that regard it does signal a stronger stance against beijing and will increase tension during these unstable times when hey al jazeera bangkok live to al-jazeera. my campaign has comments not going down well at all with tell us about the response . no they're not fit china anything to do with territorial sovereignty is considered a red line so the furious about this china's foreign ministry on choosing afternoon hit back at the u.s.
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saying it was washington which was an undermining the stability of the region and causing trouble it is jolly jen the foreign ministry spokesperson also said that china had no goal for maritime expansion and that china has always behaved as a responsible multilateral player unlike the us he said which has not signed the un convention on the law of the sea jelly don't also mention the international court ruling brought to the hague by the philippines rejecting the ruling saying that it was not based on fact and that china would continue to work with its neighbors to resolve disputes via dialogue and negotiation but we do know at least one of those neighbors japan is not happy with the way china has been going forward on this the japan has released a government white paper saying that china was disrupting the status quo in the east and self china see to that beijing also criticized this but we can see that this dispute is just adding to review litany of disagreements between beijing and washington really adding to the tension we've got such trying to say you should
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john hong kong so it seems that this diplomatic relationship really is in freefall people some would say that relations that are are in you know now should we expect some sort of diplomatic reprisal then from beijing what action is it likely to take you through any. well time is for mystery today then during which is out a new press conference also said that it will be putting sanctions on the u.s. weapons make a look here martin now this company has signed a contract with the taiwanese government to provide $600000000.00 worth of surface to air missiles now beijing is furious about this it's condemned this move and thus we have seen this sanction put in place it remains to be seen how much of a stake lockheed martin have in china some analysts say it's just about 2 percent so really this is a largely symbolic move by beijing rather what we're more likely to see is beijing take some indirect actions in response to the u.s.
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statement further its rate of weight around the south china sea may be ramping up its construction of assholes more coast guard vessels possibly more military drills and certainly we can expect more strong rhetoric against anybody who questions china's territorial claims in the south china sea thank you katrina katrina you lived there from. china claims about 90 percent of the south china sea including ownership of the spratly islands which is disputed by the philippines vietnam and others this is claimed by china and the philippines that disagreement escalated 8 years ago when the philippine navy apprehended 8 mainland chinese fishing vessels in the area well let's discuss this further with richard darrien who is a political scientist and author of asia's new battlefield u.s. china and the struggle for western pacific his eyes from manila thank you very much for being with us on al-jazeera before now the u.s. had not taken sides on the territorial disputes in the south china sea the stakes
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in the region are extremely high as we've seen how much ammunition does this new u.s. position give to other countries certainly claim to the territory how much does it in bold in them you think. you know we have a lot of naysayers saying that this is nothing but a statement is just pure rhetoric saying that this is just a cynical ploy by the trump administration to drop all the president's numbers and the very tough elections in november but i think if you really look at the statement and compare it to previous statements not only from trump administration but from the obama and other american administration i think this is a major departure in terms of american policy in the solid china sea and also very important not only legally but operation other i mean if you look at the language of the statement it does not only reject as unlawful china aggressive activities and its historic rights to much of the south china sea and beyond all the way to
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the north and to in a sea waters off the coast of indonesia but what it also does is that indirectly almost. affirms the territorial claim or maritime claims of other countries so for instance it mentions that china has no right to claim the scar marshall would use claim by the philippines or diminish you free. which it says is part of the philippine continental shelf so effectively it's saying that those features belong to the philippines and the ramification is important for instance the u.s. has a mutual defense treaty with the philippines so if it's a said this line features do not belong to china and if some of these not features are already occupied by the philippines and if china the something aggressive or provocative against the philippines in those features then if so facto it will put pressure on the pentagon to make interventions and behalf of the philippines operational ramifications not just empty rhetoric here so you think china has anything to fear within its sphere of influence as
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a result of your position from the u.s. . and you see the audie important thing about the statement is that it's not the only defense the position more or less of the philippines by the way the major statement by secretary came out on the 4th year anniversary of the philippines arbitration award so it's very much invoking diflucan arbitration to work just fine and binding but what it did was it also indirectly confirm or affirm or support that the claims of other countries in the region with which it's developing strategic partnership for instance it's more or less implied that the james show which is supposed to be the solving most people the one that's kind of china is weaving malaysian waters of their fur perhaps it's part of malaysian. continental shelf he mentioned divine guard bank which is claimed by vietnam it falls within vietnamese waters but china has been doing aggressive activities there and even more fascinating it mentions the not too messy area by indonesia china have recently had some back and forth so u.s.
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it's more of this putting itself behind not only philippines but a number of countries in the region in projecting or short china as the bully in the region right as i mentioned i mean there's been an obvious escalation of tensions between washington and beijing over the past few months of our number of issues 1000 crisis of course a treatment away who is a national security now in hong kong just to name a few when do you see this leading to do you think this is a tipping point in the relationship. well one thing we have to keep in mind is the political cycle and i think the chinese america's rivals are cross the world they're watching what's going to happen in november so i think what's happening right now in the south china sea any kind of major policy pronouncement that the united states makes today the question is whether a different administration after november let's say if joe biden wins which is so far the more elect the will he continue the policies of trump administration i think based on my understanding of what's happening in washington d.c.
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and among leading thinkers in the u.s. and around the world it seems that we are increasing it tell them what a bipartisan consensus so maybe joe biden will be a little bit more conciliatory in terms of retard 'd maybe i'll try to reach out to china on questions of climate change maybe i'll try to tone down the trade war when it comes to tariffs and protectionism but i think on the south china sea issue there's an increasingly bipartisan consensus that something has to be done that we have to draw a line in the sand auto us china is going to turn an international water effectively into a chinese lake and what's even more interesting is that even odder countries we used to be quiet on china's behavior in the south china sea like indonesia maher speaking out countries like villepin good relationship with china under president details that are beginning to speak out and also vietnam which is now the chairman of the us the un has convinced the region to make it clear that any resolution of the disputes and the negotiations of the code of conduct in the south china sea should be solely in accordance to the on clause and international law not china's
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interpretation of things not china's alternative understanding of how these disputes should be resolved so i think we're really entering a turning point in terms of not only us and china relationship but china's relationship with the states in the south china sea and key neighbors in the region thank you so much for talking to us about this is a political scientist joining us tonight from many thank you for your time sir. spente morehead on the sound just our news hour including a british social ice chill she likes facing sex trafficking charges is due to appear at a new york federal court and we'll get reaction to the name change for washington's n.f.l. team that's coming up in sports with joe. a man accused of torturing women and destroying ancient monuments in manistee standing trial at the international criminal court in the hague and i got denied
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charge with war crimes and crimes against humanity. in the city of timbuktu. forces call on crowds to witness the killing of a man this footage secretly shot by al-jazeera in 2012 has never been broadcast the man in the green turban is a former villager veterinarian turned to a leading figure of the religious police during the occupation of northern mali by an al qaeda affiliate this man was logged for stealing food from a shop this woman beaten without any explanation on the orders of all his tosh. he's now at the international criminal court accused of crimes against humanity and war crimes including the torture rape and sexual slavery of women and girls forcing them into marriage with al qaeda linked fighters in an interview with al jazeera at the time he said that he was only applying islamic law in defending muslims his men
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were also ordered to desecrate and destroy 700 year old shrines of soupy saints so he goes blank civilization museum director calls the destruction despicable crimes that also needs to be punished. it is more than a crime against humanity it is a crime against faith he destroyed monuments that are important to timbuktu. before oxford or harvard and timbuktu was the center of learning students from europe persia and the middle east would come to listen to lectures from black muslim teachers on subjects such as science chemistry and medicine in this museum are just a few artifacts from that time this room is dedicated to black civilization and religion but look at it it's almost empty because a proportion of it was stolen during colonial times and can be found in museums in france and in the u.k. france just returned this sward belonging to religious leader omar tall and this
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koran belonging to his son there is still a substantial part of islamic heritage and history that can be found right here in west africa in the ancient city of timbuktu were fewer trying to preserve and protect this important chapter of both islamic and african history. while all his sons religious police bird 4000 ancient manuscripts dating from the 13th century the people of timbuktu many of them women here that are smuggled out over 300000 of these historical mountain scripts in a bid to protect the city's history and to defy those who take it over nicholas hall al-jazeera. and live. in the hague for a step there's a long catalogue of allegations against tell us about what's happening at his 1st in. the trial has just started under
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strict restrictions with some of the judges and some himself wearing miles to mask . a summary of the charges were scrapped the court went into a closed session because of the confidentiality of some of the details of this case and in that sense this case is seen as a long landmark case because it's for the 1st time that the international criminal court has decided that sexual violence is being used as a weapon of war so our son has been accused of of rape but also of forced marriages and of putting women through sexual slavery so these charges are all very sensitive of course and in the later stages here in the hague probably in august also victims will come forward and it's not clear in how will this be true video link or in france so they will come forward and tell about their horrific experiences during this period in 2012 in timbuktu when son was seen as
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a leader of the religious police of a group linked to al qaeda said lassen is not the 1st member of dean to be charged with destroying historical sites how likely is it that he'll be convicted. yeah destroying historical site is another important charge and 9. 2016 al-mahdi who was another commander of the new was convicted to 9 years in prison for destroying this historical sites and it's very likely that the son will also face a conviction at least on these charges but the sexual violence charges as a weapon of war is going to be of very much interest internationally many people especially women who have become victims during a war we'll watch this trial very carefully thank you for that set for a sara at the hague kosovo's president hashem touchy has
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been question for a 2nd day at a special court in the hague of a war crimes he's accused of murder and torture during kosovo's fight for independence from serbia in the late 1990 s. toci denies the allegations and says he stands for truth we consolation and peace but his announce he will resign if the court decides he must face trial also at the hague the international court of justice is you to rule on qatar's legal bid to remove the air blockade imposed by 4 arab states it's been more than 3 years in saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain any egypt imposed a land sea and air embargo on qatar. explains. folk atari's this has been a long battle on many fronts the international court of justice is the issue its verdict on the dispute over space riots it's begun in june 2017 when saudi arabia. and egypt serve their ties with qatar and imposed
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a sea blockade. qatar took the case to the un calling on the international civil aviation authority to declare the blockade illegal as part of the dispute the blockade in countries have barred qatari aircraft from entering their space which qatar says violates the convention on international civil aviation referred to as the chicago convention of locating countries challenge the qatari move saying the u.n. agency doesn't have jurisdiction to handle the case but into a 1018 the international civil aviation authority rejected that claim insisting that it does have jurisdiction to mars stone but we are not there yet in terms of progress because while qatar will move a step closer into regaining airspace access that they like the rest of the world
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are entitled to fly over actually i k i have never dealt with anything quite like this in over their 70 years of existence then you can expect running in parallel to this a separate case that will be seeking compensation this isn't the 1st legal fight between qatar and its neighbors in 2018 the qatari government took legal action against the u.a.e. of the hague based court accusing it of a series of measures targeting qatari nationals those measures broke up families denied the terrorists access to universities and medical facilities in the u.a.e. the court ordered the u.a.e. to allow families to be reunited and qatari students to be given the chance to complete their education in the emirates but i think that's part of the structure.
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of the. region nearly 145000 people have died in 3300000. our infected face coverings will become compulsory for shoppers an inventor from july 24th those caught not wearing one could be fined as much as $125.00 in the united states california's governors is re imposing restrictions on businesses and public spaces is ordered indoor restaurants bars and cinemas to close as the state records a 20 percent rise in infections in the past 2 weeks atika hain has more it's the latest fight for a president who's determined to keep america open schools should be opened this kids want to go to school you're losing a lot of lives by keeping things closed. he's warned states open schools or lose federal money the answer from some states so far just know we're not going to use our children. as
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a litmus test that we're not going to going to put our children in a place with their health is endangered it's that simple the 2 largest school systems in california will not reopen the trump administration has been trying to convince parents it'll be safe but the world health organization disagree our understanding of transmission in children is still limited and we know that overall they tend to have more mild disease but in some situations they can have severe disease and we have seen children that have died just like the schools the trouble ministration moved to reopen the economy quickly and the states that did are now seeing the virus seemingly spread out of control officials deny that there's a connection but the nation's top infectious disease expert disagrees all you needed to do was look at the films on t.v. of people in some states who went from shutdown to complete throwing caution to the women's bores that were crowded people with masks. and some states are reversing
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course california closing bars and indoor restaurants and in many places churches and gyms as well a sign that will some want to see the country's economy reopen the virus has the final say particle here al-jazeera america. singapore's economy has slipped into a recession because of the global pandemic its g.d.p. shanked by 41.2 percent in the 2nd quarter of the year it's the biggest contraction on record singapore's economy has been battered by a local draw down as well as the global shutdown affecting trade offs. china is accusing democracy activists in hong kong of trying to launch a revolution it's described campaigning for recent primaries as the serious provocation which may have breached a tough new security law it's impose on the city more than 600000 people turned out over the weekend to choose candidates for september's legislative elections in hong
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kong now a chinese professor who strongly criticized president xi jinping is handling of the coronavirus pandemic has reportedly been fired by his university she was john gruen says his been dismissed from all of his duties at shing wa one of china's top universities chinese police charged last week with soliciting prostitution he was released on sunday after 6 days in custody and law professor has published many essays critical of the chinese leadership and accuse xi jinping of pursuing a cult of personality. and china's ramped up flood relief efforts in eastern change on shang g province home to more than 46000000 people continuous rainfall along its biggest freshwater lake has flooded farmland enforce 1000 sydney fams victoria gate and be has more. rescuers help people pack their belongings the water level around their homes has reached dangerously high levels and is still rising they've been told they must leave quickly but nobody knows how long they'll
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be going full or what will be left of their homes when they return to the. local emergency departments across china's eastern province of jan she being up their response in preparation for an influx of people staff are taking delivery of thousands of tents beds blankets and towels. i have received 50 folding beds and 50 blankets so far people from 10 villages have been relocated once the supplies arrive at our town we distribute them to villages immediately and many of those whose homes have been evacuated live near pole yang lake the largest freshwater lake in china to rancho rain has caused water levels to rise rapidly and the authorities say they're expecting severe flooding in the coming days will know the high water level of 4 young lake is expected to remain for another 20 days the current party for flood control work is to enhance patrol forces for round the
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clock monitoring against risks along the embankments and be prepared with contingency plans in case of any emergency there's been too renshaw rain and flooding in central china too in neighboring province towns are submerged in meters of polluted flood water across china the extent of the damage the economic loss and the number of lives lost is still being counted the chinese government allocated $85000000.00 of relief funds to 4 provinces and one municipality battling against floods the tory gate and be al jazeera. well let's get an update on those floods weather rob rob there's been an odd but it won't last it comes through impulses so no it won't last if you look at the satellite picture from the last 24 hours you can see if he's waving any way and each time it weighs it tends to get heavier rain once you put it into the ground you know this is flooding it doesn't go anywhere new we've seen for the last 2 weeks from the yellow river down to the yangtze extensive flooding in this may be reminiscent of if you remember in 1998 when there
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was widespread flooding quite a few deaths but they think that the flood defenses are better then so you've got the same amount of rain and we might the flooding won't be as bad now in the immediate future you see from this is the seasonal rain is a lie that currently sits almost drawing the yangtze factor which starts in shanghai and goes back with it she starts in the mountains in sichuan and ends up in shanghai and it's this thing has been filled up in the last 24 hours they have used rain isn't that bad but you watch i'll take you through thursday there was coverage probably in back towards sichuan by the time we get to friday rancho going in particular it's real brutal real bloom again so this is going to be extensive flooding once more it might overwhelm once more some of the the dams now are sort of been ignoring japan the place we're talking about 5 days ago for the time being china takes the brunt. has got rain on friday and then thunderstorms 2 days after
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that we might be watching another area of more flooding for it thank you very much for that and still ahead on the news hour 5 years on a look at the run is it a thing of the past or does it have a future and is bad news for golf fans hoping to watch your biggest stars in person joe have the details stay with us we're back after this short break. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor culture chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpaid child labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line coming soon.
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in the off to mark of the 2011 quake and tsunami a remarkable more trade of a remote japanese village. that is later how has the community of me akka been able to move on and rebuild their lives. rewinds to pass off some of the catastrophe. on al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to book a reminder of our top stories china has called the u.s.
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a troublemaker undermining peace and stability in a south china sea region not so after secretary of state my comparison had beijing's claims to the area where completely awful. amount accused of torturing women and destroying ancient monuments in mali's timbuktu is on trial at the international criminal court in the hague asan i got demands eases charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. and the u.s. state of california is reimposing coronavirus restrictions on businesses and opic spaces the governor has ordered indoor restaurants bars and cinemas to close us estates records a 20 percent rise in coffee $900.00 factions in the us to its. has been 5 years since iran nuclear agreement was signed in vienna but its future is uncertain after president trump decided to withdraw from the deal in 2018 since then is said to increasing tension between washington tehran and other signatories diplomatic editor james space has more. july 25th these are the signatories of
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the iran nuclear deal 5 years on of the 8 top officials only the foreign ministers of iran russia and china are still in the posts but the real survivor some would say against the odds is the deal itself it was the culmination of years of negotiation and the final round of talks in the july heat wave in vienna was intense and difficult the key participants only glimpse briefly between meetings are you confident you can get a deal this bizzare. i have to be hopeful were his words before returning to the talks and which according to a number of accounts the french took the toughest line with iran their chief negotiator at the time was ambassador nicholas riviere. if you look at it now do you think you could have got a better deal. i just said in part no it is so it's like that. you are
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shooting at us reach us and if you don't you have a choice i got it get me my hands are. faith and i think we decide all of. that i think it rich respectively it is a good thing that it is a rather stick remount if you were to ask me 5 years later what was my set of mind those days i was still skeptical and 2015 that tried to shoot every minute it would work but one man has made no secret of his view of the deal the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into president trump finally pulled the u.s. out of the deal in 2018 it survived even though iran is not now fully complying with all its conditions the biggest test though is still to come here at the un
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security council us ambassador to the un kelly craft wants the security council to extend the arms embargo on iran that expires later this year if she doesn't get her way she's threatening to use the nuclear deals most draconian clause what's known as snap back triggering the return of all international sanctions on iran former french negotiator nick allowed the riviere is now his country's ambassador to the u.n. what happens if the u.s. try to trigger snap back. yes this is speculation we see that i'm trying to read tea i think trying to read to you shriek yeah sure that's you. and jenny it is to keep this you can't scream working place it's thought the us democratic presidential candidate joe biden would likely seek to rejoin the nuclear deal if
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he's elected in november but diplomats fear if snapback has been triggered by the trumpet ministration there may be no deal left to rejoin james al-jazeera at the united nations and as have begun same tehran with more on where the deal stands. on the best and the birthday of the 2050 nuclear deal resolving the foreign ministry spokesman about the thought he has told us that the slightly united states pulling out of that deal and imposing sanctions against iran and the europeans about living up to their side of the deal that iran is still brain that's committed to that agreement. we still believe the d.c. buick kind of benefits for both us and other parties that deal with us winter peace and security after the u.s. pullout and one year deadline for diplomatic solutions we decided to balance our rights and commitments we had part of the nuclear deal we took 5 major steps a rollback or not commitment and the disappearing now by its current circumstances
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is still beneficial to all sides of the same time it's a balance being different some point in the future we feel a bit deprived of the least benefits then we'll make another decision an important part of that deal for iran is the lifting of an arms embargo to be lifted in october but the united states has the funds they want to put forward a resolution to the nations who have the on the extended iran's foreign ministry says that they are confident that china and russia. are let's now bring in by whose the co-founder and c.e.o. of center the center for applied research in partnership with the orient he is via skype from the german city of poland thank you so much for being with us so 5 years since the nuclear agreement 2 years since the trump administration pulled out of this deal do you think the still useful today doesn't have a future. in fact the current state of affairs certainly tells us
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a different story did they sixty's we're seeing this disagreement falling into pieces but the most important bit of it is actually that the inspections by the international atomic energy agency are still in place in iran so the monitoring and very fine mechanisms of this agreement on the side of the iran are still in place of the pensions are still happening what is in shambles is the question of what iran is getting in return for it and we have already heard that after the economic relief that is not happening there is also it was the ocean of the arms embargo which is in danger and i think if that was extended then we would probably see the full collapse of. what has this achieved for iran any rainy ends up full for many iranians say the agreement of course was their moment to finally come out from the international isolation thousands board on to the streets we remember at the time to celebrate did it achieve anything for even
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a new would you say they're worse off today than they were 5 years ago. i don't i wouldn't say it's worse than 5 years ago but it can potentially be worse than the main hope that iran had you alluded to it was in fact that some sort of normalization particularly normalization of trade with europe now that really did not happen and there is no way that you ron is benefiting now in any shape or form more than before the agreement and the u.s. secondary sanctions the extraterritorial sanctions are leading to european businesses shying away from doing any deal with iran and beyond that even other countries in the world if we see this deal falling apart it's not just a return to the preach a c.p.o. a era but it's a return to a time inclusive including in a very negative experience of such an agreement and this will make any future in gauge with iran extremely difficult now this deal was also seen as you know the
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sort of a process that could have eventually led to economic and even diplomatic normalization between iran and the united states where at the city a situation now where that is far from being the case do you think the next american and iranian governments can rekindle that or has too much damage been done already. i guess it's fair to say that some point of these 2 countries will have to talk directly to each other so it's not a question of if but it's rather a question of when and it's certainly a reelected trump administration has a certain conflagration that gets to be taken into account for iran american talks would happen if joe biden won the election we would see a completely different scenario with with some advantages but at the same time disadvantages of there are a lot of iraq that i cannot die into right now but ultimately there has to be in
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these talks this by being quite on linkable of the more we've given all the tensions that exist thank you so much for your insight add non-tobacco by co-founder and c.e.o. of the center for applied research in partnership with the oriental live there from bone thank you for your time and the pleasure. iran has executed a former employee of its defense ministry after accusing him of spying for the u.s. central intelligence agency the iranian judiciary says raises as gary was put to death last week he worked in the air space department until his retirement in 2016 as gary's execution is a 2nd such case in the past month. several russian and turkish soldiers have been injured by a roadside bomb planted by syrian rebels in italy province the russian defense ministry says the blast happened during a joint russian turkish patrol inside the deescalation zone 2 ahmed vehicles have also been damaged prime minister boris johnson is expected to ban
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chinese for him while wave from britain's 5 g. network has been under pressure from within his own party and the us which says the company is a security risk now by reports from london. it's part of britain's telecoms landscape but the involvement of huawei in the country's 3 g. and 4 g. mobile networks has already proved controversial in a virtual meeting with members of the u.k. parliament the chinese firm recently stressed that it poses no threat we are the most probably the most inspected. company in the world in the u.k. . there is no evidence of the nation's. doors in our products despite years or true. but in the west way is widely seen as being compliant with the chinese government and for this expert ways involvement in 5 g. was always going to be problematic in 10 years time the danger is that having that
1:42 pm
back door access would pose once we're driving autonomous car to the top to traffic lights once we've got people who are experts in their fields on the other side of the world the world doing remote controlled surgery because of the lower latency in the connection there is that when we're going to have problems britain's rethink follows political pressure from the u.s. and american sanctions which have locked out walk away from key components but some u.k. telecoms firms have warned that replacing qual way equipment could cost huge sums and delay the full 5 g. rollout by several years the british government like others in europe and beyond has faced a dilemma for years now how to make the most of emerging technologies without compromising national security and that dilemma remains i don't think that actually the the budget is quite as bad as the park charlie part and spent many years
1:43 pm
representing the u.k. in china and he's not overly concerned about beijing's warning that they'll be consequences for him trade will continue regardless and he advocates a firm approach we wish to make maximize gudrid. as with china there's many things that we we want to get on what we try to with trade with investment whether it's its health you know private problems pollution climate change their development there are many areas where we should be cooperating fully with china and but there are certain areas where we must prioritize our own national security interests and values the chinese response and how tough it will be a hard to predict but many countries are doubtless watching carefully as they to weigh up the future of chinese technology in their vital infrastructure and i deem joins us now live from london so nadeem the u.k. expected to change course on huawei was beyond the government's u. turn. well fully this is been
1:44 pm
a few months since the decision by boris johnson who we could have a 35 percent share in the 5 g. network but only on the periphery things like the systems that connect devices to mobile market intelligence agencies saying that they could handle the risk even though huawei was designated a high risk vendor partly because they use american microchips all now the new u.s. sanctions mean those chips will not be used in a quiet while way systems and so the british are now not so sure that they will be able to trust components in future use by the way there's also been a lot of pressure not just from washington but pressure from members of boris johnson's own conservative party worried about human rights concerns and the behavior of china in the same john region to wards its own weak ethnic minority the situation in hong kong has been raised and. the pressure really has been stepped
1:45 pm
up in the last few weeks with america as well warning that an expansion of the so-called 5 eyes security alliance won't be possible until britain gets tougher with oil way how will this decision be received then and what effect will it have on consume it. well that's a big problem for the telecom firms in britain many of them use quar way for 4 g. mobile communications and they're warning it could take 10 years to completely strip away technology out of the system well the the conservative rebels have been asking for that happen by 2026 they also want quality out of 5 g. within a year it looks like the government may give them vats but not the other demand in the mobile operators as saying the could be a cost in terms in the order of billions of dollars that's likely to see higher
1:46 pm
prices and also if there is some kind of trade war some kind of harsh retaliation from china there's a new report out today saying that the hits to britain's g.d.p. its product and its economic product for 2020 alone could be in the order of no point 75 percent thank you for that many forests in london. a former british socialite and long time friend of convicted sex offender jeffrey i've seen will face a judge in new york on tuesday elaine maxwell is expected to appear 5 video link she's been charged for involvement in an alleged sex trafficking operation her defense is expected to try to get her out of jail where she's on suicide watch. the u.s. supreme court has cleared the way for the 1st federal execution in 17 years to go ahead daniel lewis lee had been scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection on
1:47 pm
monday at a prison in indiana but a local judge blocked the execution after a family wishing to witness lee's execution sued for a delay over coronavirus years lease families expected to make a last minute appeal. there's been an outcry from environmentalists over the sacking of an official at brazil's space agency just days after new data showed an increase in deforestation. lead the earth observation institute which monitors the amazon rain forest it's not clear if her dismissal is linked to the release of data showing record levels of destruction. a red rainbow has been spotted in finland a fisherman recorded the rest sightseeing whilst out on a lake about 160 kilometers away from the capitol hill sankey red rainbows are formed when the sun is low and the blue and green lights of regular rainbows are scattered leaving only red and yellow. still ahead on this news
1:48 pm
hour one of the most famous football club is on course for its best finish in nearly a decade still be here next with us of course to stay with us. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such to moms as a global power develop into the basement company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these developments we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and vironment leigh sales energy solutions for future generation the brush pioneering future energy frank assessments tourism income stream is dead in the water what's been the result in poaching. informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society
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in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy say on the street not only disintegrating but he's threatening their stability all continues inside story on al-jazeera. i tend not to catch up on sports history funny thanking native american community leaders a calling on more sports teams to change their names off to washington's n.f.l. team dropped its redskins name and logo following decades of criticism monday's decision by the same came after its major sponsors austin to change it a new name hasn't been announced yet a dozen native american leaders also wrote to the n.f.l.
1:50 pm
commissioner last week demanding an end to washington's use of the name and now putting pressure on tames and other sports to do the same. and this is the message that all the other leagues and all of the other you know the leagues and the teams that are out there don't wait for people to knock down your door to do the right thing you can take some leadership. and to be honest if you're that if you're the kansas city chiefs or the cleveland indians or the atlanta braves or the chicago blackhawks the list goes on around there's no opportunity for you just to step out to do the right things and to be honest is probably the best thing for your brand it's probably the best thing for your league because if you're not you're going to be clear this is why it's a premised on the races and quite frankly if you know they actually you are that's a neck hello again he's an associate professor of public relations at virginia tech university expects other teams will also make changes. i think you'll see others
1:51 pm
teams continue to make the change i've seen. some information and interviews in the news media talking about how the cleveland indians are also considering making a change of this kind i think you are going to see across the board corporate america responding to the issues of racial justice and one of the things after 1st recognize this no matter what they change the name to the mere fact that they're changing the name is going to elicit some backlash and they need to be ready for that and comfortable with it beyond that i think it's also important that they in similar organizations and gauge with your local community engage with the native american community engage with all of your stakeholders in the process of the name change and ensure that it's something that authentically aligns with your corporation's values history is history the past is past we cannot change what we can do is learn from it and figure out how to use it to create
1:52 pm
a more productive and a more inclusive and a more harmonious future for everybody the fans have been divided over the change and what the new name is likely to be some grab the last of the teens merchandise from the stadium still others say they'll support the team no matter what the new 9 and mass coping. with it you know he will but i like the roof but i understand you know with everything that's going on i'm not going to say the display to be a great feeling because to me this organization will always the forever will be the last to raise kids it is time for change because if it does offend the native american community then we need to change and as an african-american on notice terms of terminologies that offends us we want change so guesswork we can't just say we demand black laws better and that better to everybody else. meanwhile the n.f.l. players association says it will not compromise player health as the league prepares
1:53 pm
to get underway in the middle of the current virus pandemic the league introduced a new helmet facemask design features a mount shield but players aren't happy with it the league and union a still discussing testing and screening protocols as well as player payments as it sends training camps is set to resume in 2 weeks time the season scheduled to begin on september the 10th the n.b.a. basketball season is set to restart a disney world in florida at the end of july but one of its star players has tested positive for corona virus russell westbrook of the houston rockets did not travel to florida says he feels well and looks forward to joining is teammates when he's cleared or he's definitely a doubt for their 1st game back against dallas on july the 31st. but all is not well inside the n.b.a. bubble either 2 more players have tested positive while in orlando and 2 players including sacramento's rashawn holmes a facing a 10 day quarantine after crossing the campus lines to pick up takeaway food
1:54 pm
several players have complained about the quality of food inside the n.b.a.'s safe zone. the series came to make every game we're going to have sheets of compromise myself and everyone here but also for those guys you know you guys are just hungry trying to get. you know so much to. the p.g.a. tour says it will finish its season with no fans because the virus the tolls 3 playoff event scheduled starts at the end of august and into september all released statements to say they'll be played behind closed doors fans will also be shut out of this week's memorial tournament in ohio where tiger woods will make his return to action for the 1st time since the outbreak. colombia is struggling to get its domestic football league back up and running as well 13 clubs
1:55 pm
have announced positive coronavirus cases for 41 players and stuff like in many parts of the world football has been on hold in colombia since march. but action continues behind closed doors in europe 33 times banished champions around madrid could be just a win away from clinching their 1st leg a title in 3 years on monday rael defeated granada 21 for their 9th victory in a row goals from ferland mehndi and karim benzema helped put rail 4 points clear of bitter rivals barcelona in a jeans a dance man could secure the championship on thursday when they host villareal as part of doing their woman to normal we haven't won anything yet but this is a very important women we've got tonight and we're very happy with that existed but we still have 2 games left to go and we'll have to see what happens for now we can only focus on recovering and resting well ahead of tuesday's for our next game. over in italy into milan have kept their slim set of title hopes alive after
1:56 pm
a 31 win over to reno on monday antonio conto side 8 points behind leaders you ventus with only 6 games left to play victory sees into move ahead of last year in 2nd place in the standings into have not finished in the top 2 in italy since 2011 which is also the last year they won a major trophy as for turino they are down in 16th place 5 points above the relegation zone. and an england manchester united have missed the opportunity to move into a champions league place all are going to socials men were held to a 22 draw by southampton man united lead to one but in the 19th minute michael of the femi equalized socials side a 5th and trail 4th place leicester on goal difference with 3 games still to play. every this or that of course but you have. a swell list serve. when you will be a foreman was the last piece of old you can see to. learn
1:57 pm
lessons today. i that is a yes but for now it is back to folly joe thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera that's a table be with you in just a few minutes with more well news plenty mysel as i website al jazeera dot com distinct sense watch. play an important role protecting it with. ringback
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the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis as we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda they have to protect our nation what has happened to their opinion that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is a politic myanma an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. raised in a chinese buddhist orphanage. facing a momentous life decision. a personal story of competing identities. the chad light on a growing cultural types. down in africa a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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jersey. and. washington rejects beijing's claims in the south china sea china in turn accuses the u.s. of undermining regional peace and stability. there
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i missed us here today and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a mali and man accused of torturing women and destroying ancient monuments in timbuktu.


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