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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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lot of the fans of dallas on the love that we are grappling the extra mile they are the media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. a legal victory for the international court of justice rules in its favor in a case involving 4 arab nations that have blocked cutting planes from using their airspace. i'm not matheson and this is all just 0 life from doha also coming up the u.k. government bans the purchase of new 5 g. equipment from the chinese tech giant hallway. 14 people are dead an ongoing cost
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border fighting between us about john and armenia. and a british socialite facing sex trafficking charges is due to face a bail hearing at a new york federal court. the international court of justice has ruled in favor of qatar and its dispute with 4 blockading arab states which is seen cars are prevented from flying over their airspace the un's aviation branch will now settle the dispute it's been more than 3 years since saudi arabia egypt u.a.e. and buck rein imposed a land sea and air blockade on qatar call one. project is the other deal for all by the kingdom of bahrain that up above the call of egypt the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. to.
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buy 15 both to one. told me that the council of the international civil aviation organization has duties diction to enter they. submitted to eat by the government of the state of wanted all but 27 the and that the seat of education miscible. has been covering the story for us at the hague and she says legal experts are calling this a very clear verdict in favor of qatar. it comes down to 2 cases that have been filed by the 4 countries against qatar it deals with a chicago convention from 944 but also an air services transit agreement also signed in 1944 those agreements deal with the same issue which is a freedom of movement between countries in air space so qatar has filed this case
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at the i counsel and the countries have appealed against this for a tick now the president has explained at length that the chicago convention signed by most nations in the world that this is a very right convention to use that it deals exactly with this issue that qatar is dealing with now because the 4 countries have said it wasn't the case they said this isn't a security issue dealing with terrorism it has nothing to do with the asian so the president has made made clear that it has to do with. also another appeal a part of the appeal was about the negotiations the countries had q scott of not doing enough to to to come to a diplomatic settlement before taking the case to the i.k.o. counsel now the president here at the court has decided that qatar did everything it could to to make all the diplomatic efforts possible to avoid going to the
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i.k.o. council even until the last minute the president sat but it was very clear that the countries were unwilling to reach decide to mend so on all accounts this appeal was rejected. sodhi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt accused government of supporting terrorism allegations without evidence that doha a strongly denied their restrictions imposed 3 years ago affect several major flight routes that pass through the airspace of the blockading nations and force qatar airways to make longer detours and use limited all turn that flight paths says the airspace restrictions by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are a clear violation of international law dr mohamed al khalifa he is an agent of the state of qatar before the international court of justice here outlined the various next steps that qatar could take. this is a very important flawless victory for the state of qatar before the international court of justice convention has clearly illustrated that if
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a decision was made by the council of the i q then the member states that are concerns with that decision must follow precisely that decision and if they did not then it is the authority or the rights of the state that has been affected by that decision is to raise that matter again to the council and there are certain sanctions that the council me grant the state of qatar for example not allowing the member states to vote in the general council or even to certain extent supporters of pete in certain important meetings and that will have its own. harsh side effect on those states but definitely in all cases any decision that has been made or will be made by the i kill as a council then it's allowed and permitted to be appealed in front of the. let's assume for example the decision in the future was not in favor of the seat of art
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as a sumption then the state of qatar is allowed according to article it is for to appeal the decision of front of the i.c.j. where the i.c.c. has the strong in a binding to enforce ability of their decision in the future so in all cases cop out has clearly assist the situation in front of it and believe strongly that the i.q. as a council is the 1st step right now to resolve that civil aviation dispute. the u.k. has banned the purchase of a new 5 g. corvette from the chinese telecoms giant holloway from december 31st has called the decision disappointing and politicized by mr baez johnson's been under pressure from within his own party and the u.s. but says the company is a security risk and a barber has more from london. with this is a major change in direction for britain because in january the prime minister boris johnson said that although huawei was a high risk vendor would be allowed to take a 35 percent stake in the country's 5 g. network for just the periphery since then there's been
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a lot of political lobbying from the american government also from members of parliament belonging to boris johnson's own conservative party worried about chinese human rights issues but also there have been new american sanctions and britain's digital minister announcing the new step stressed that it was those sanctions affecting american microchips which have been using while way kit which make all the difference in the u.k. can no longer be confident it will be able to guarantee the security a future 5 to one way 5 to equipment affected by the change in us foreign direct product rules the best way to secure our networks is for operators to stop using new affected one way to equipment to build the u.k.'s future 5 networks said to be clear from the end of this year telecoms operators must not buy any 5 equipment from while away and once the telecom security bill is passed it will be illegal for
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them to do so with this new deadline for mobile phone companies to take out all hallway 5 g. equipment by 2027 is good news for them they were worried that if they had to do that more quickly that could create outages they're already saying that the changes are going to cost them hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions. of dollars it might not be good news for those dozens of rebel conservative politicians who could still try to derail forthcoming legislation on british telecommunications the huawei itself has reacted by saying that it's bad news for anyone in the u.k. with a mobile phone saying that it will deepen a digital divide in suggesting that this is all to do with american politics well on the political front it could lead to other countries particularly around europe looking at britain and perhaps following suit getting tougher on huawei along the lines of what the u.s.
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and canada and australia have already done in our white house correspondent kimberly hawkins joining us now from washington d.c. kimberly relations between the u.s. and china already very poor as the trumpet ministration going to be reacting to this. well we already know that news of the british ban has been one of the white house has embraced this is something that it has been pushing for for its international partners to join in its concerns about wall way and the actions it's taken we know as recently as yesterday the u.s. president was in conversation with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau where they again discussed according to the readout china's deceptive and coercive behavior we also know that the national security advisor along with his deputy in europe for 3 days of meetings with the u.k. france germany italy and one of the key components of their discussions is the concern surrounding walk away now in a very divided united states i should point out that this is one issue where both
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democrats and republicans seem to be unified on in fact as far back as february the house speaker democrat nancy pelosi talked about while way warning u.s. allies saying that it gauges it builds this 5 g. network with one of the most insidious forms of aggression by an autocratic government that doesn't share u.s. values the concern of u.s. lawmakers as well as the trumpet ministration is that this is really just an opportunity to engage in backdoor espionage and already the united states accuses china of practicing what they say is a decades long sort of pattern of theft of u.s. secrets now we should point out that here in the united states there has already been strict action taken by the justice department towards while way it did in fact put in place charges of racketeering in those charges accused the chinese government of assisting as far back as 2009 iran in surveillance on peaceful
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demonstrators so there is a long list of concerns when it comes to walk away and certainly the white house at this hour welcoming what it sees as gaining traction in terms of taking action towards while way is now. now we know that this trip administration also i possible further actions even following some countries around the world that have already looked into banning tick tock and the application known as we chat which they again believe is being used for surveillance purposes it's kimberly hauck at the white house committee thank you. china is accusing the united states of trying to stir up trouble in the south china sea that's up to secretary of state my pump aoe said beijing's claims for the region are completely unlawful china claims always the entire area but that's disputed by several other southeast asian countries when he reports from bangkok. in several areas of the south china sea islands and holes in reefs have been transformed china claims almost the entire area and for years has
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been militarizing the islands constructing remote outposts i want also claims parts of the south china sea along with several southeast asian countries including vietnam which is mounted the strongest challenge to beijing last month the vietnamese prime minister opened the latest southeast asian leaders summit with a strong statement on the issue without mentioning china. while the entire world is mobilizing its full force to fight against the pandemic responsible acts and violations of international laws are still taking place affecting the environment of security and stability in several regions including ours the statement from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o'kane after the permanent court of arbitration in the hague ruled that china's claims were invalid the case was taken by the philippines but the verdict did nothing to slow china's assertiveness tensions between china and the united states have been increasing over trade coronavirus
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taiwan hong kong and now the south china sea. the us statement neglects the history and facts about the issues about the south china sea it breaches the u.s. government's open commitment to not take any position on the sovereignty of the south china sea it violates an distorts international law it is stirring up territorial disputes in the south china sea which is very irresponsible. in recent weeks both militaries conducted exercises in the area with the us saying repeatedly it wants to ensure freedom of navigation beijing suspects otherwise. not only is there strategic value in the south china sea but it's one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and is believed to hold large exploitable natural resources china has continued to develop parts of the region largely unopposed militarily while the u.s. statement doesn't necessarily signal a change in that regard it does signal a stronger stance against beijing and will increase tension during these unstable
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times when hey al jazeera bangkok still ahead on al-jazeera 5 years on we look at the iran nuclear deal is it a thing of the past or does it have a future. and a molly and man accused of torturing woman and destroying ancient monuments in timbuktu goes on trial at the international criminal court. it's been drizzling on the coast of amman installer for a few days now and it will be there for a few weeks and that's the how the french has the edge of the monsoon winds now the rest the middle east of course is hot and dry and very dependent on the strength of the wind as to whether it's dusty or not it's just a little dusty through iraq the temperatures in the high forty's that we're forecasting 50 again for q 8 so hot and because they're that high it's got to be
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dry as well and sometimes dusty the same is true throughout north africa that the showers have caused but as far north we're going to get now up into the sahara you can see the big blobs moving through chad for example back towards the west coast we've seen some heavy rain recently in senegal and the gambia that looks like the heaviest is going to be a bit further south at least for a day or 2 but it will work its way back up for the south and that and in south africa in particular on the west coast cape town has had some interesting weather mickael force winds those are well. i wave actually but covered in foam just crashing on the shores of cape town and that's all gone through now so things are quite ning down the breezes crowding down to in fact is a dry looking picture unless you're in mozambique and then some rare winter rain but not much of it is working its way slowly up through the country.
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frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen perching quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal and israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for diplomacy to say countries i think not only seem to grady but he read to me this the lady we call continues inside story on al-jazeera. george you know it is either a reminder of our top stories this hour the international court of justice has
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ruled in favor of qatar and its dispute with locating out of states which is in qatar prevented from flying over the airspace since 2017 un's aviation branch will now settle the dispute. the u.k. has banned the purchase of new 5 g. equipment from chinese from far away from december 31st by mr ballers johnson has been under pressure from within his own party and the u.s. but says the company's a security risk. china's called the u.s. a troublemaker undermining peace and stability in the south china sea region that's not just secretary of state might compare who said beijing's claims to the area work completely unlawful. a former british socialite and long time friend of convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein is about to face a judge for her bail hearing in new york today maxwell is being charged over her alleged involvement in a sex trafficking operation she's expected to appear via video link well let's go live to our correspondent. who's in new york i gave you just talk us through what's
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likely to be happening today. well she's facing her arraignment as well as an important bail hearing and it is all happening remotely via video link so maxwell is not here at the court behind me she's actually in a federal prison in brooklyn her lawyers as well as the prosecutors are also joining this this court hearing via video link this is happening because of course coronavirus pandemic in the united states it's hard to bring people together in a courtroom like what normally might happen under normal circumstances the hearing just got under way at about 1517 minutes ago or so and just within the last minute or so. he leaned maxwell has pleaded not guilty not guilty to the 6 federal indictments that are. against her by the government they are 2 counts.
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struction lying to f.b.i. investigators previously and also to other counts that essentially boiled down to trafficking of young women into sex so she's pleaded not guilty to those charges those charges against her that was sort of expected and now the hearing will go on it will start to begin to hear as well in this. private video link if you will how the judge will rule when it comes to will grant her bail or not give let's talk about those conditions one of the arguments that the lawyers on both sides are putting. prosecutors say that she should not be granted bail because she's a flight risk they point out to the fact that she has 3 different passports from the united states the u.k. and also from france and the prosecutors also say that she's got access to tens of millions of dollars and more than
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a dozen different bank accounts around the world that are linked to her name so they say add that up with the fact that she was essentially in hiding for the last year or so until she was arrested on january 2nd in new hampshire and they say she's a flight risk so she needs to stay in jail her. her lawyers countered that she's not necessarily a flight risk that because of covert there is a risk to her health in prison and that she should be released and her her lawyers are offering up to the court 5 $1000000.00 in bail as well of course as the condition that she be placed with a ankle monitor to let the court could monitor her whereabouts while she's out so this is these are essentially the arguments that are pretty presented to the judge and we'll be finding out here in the next few minutes or so how the judge potentially will rule on that that's going to live for us in new york thanks very much indeed. 11 soldiers from missouri by john and 2 from armenia have been killed
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as fighting escalates at the border it's the 3rd day of violence for us by jonny troops were killed and 5 army and forces were injured earlier the 2 former soviet republics have been locked in conflict over the nagorno-karabakh enclave inside azerbaijan controlled by ethnic armenians both the u.s. and russia have condemned the violence and called for restraint al-jazeera as robin for a city walker who's extensively covered the conflict has more from tbilisi in neighboring georgia. as aries have grown over time very frustrated with the slow pace of of the peace talks president aliyev saying not too long ago that he felt it was dragging its feet and of course given the huge build up of military forces on both sides of the disputed territory and also on the international border between armenia and azerbaijan which is of course where this fighting has been
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taking place this huge buildup means that there is always of course the potential for. something to get out of hand so things have been quiet for a while but for a long time these kinds of incidents were taking place losses on both sides but this is certainly the most significant violence that we've seen since the so-called 4 day conflict which took place back in april 26th when some 200 people soldiers and civilians on both sides were killed so it's not come out of the blue and they certainly have been frustrations expressed on usery side about the lack of peace talks but of course it must be pointed out that both sides accusing each other of starting this latest. outbreak of violence which is threatening to escalate now that we've seen an additional 7 servicemen on these areas so i killed including high ranking military officials
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a military general. it's been 5 years since their own nuclear agreement was signed in vienna but its future is uncertain after president trump decided to withdraw from the deal in 2018 since then has led to increasing tension between washington to iran and the other signatories same bus probably has more on how iranians are feeling about the deal 5 years on. when the nuclear deal was signed 5 years ago the mood in iran was very different people literally celebrated in the streets there was a feeling of hope and optimism that this landmark international agreement would help bring iran out of the woods both on the global political stage and economically iranians were excited about the prospect of ridding themselves of sanctions and having more normal interactions with the rest of the world but that is far from how things played out u.s. president donald trump pulled the united states out of the deal in 2018 and for iranians who were sold this deal as the cure all for the country's problems for
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them it's only lead to disappointment g.'s if you're in tears are the smallest thing our nation expected was not achieved and shame on america and europe it was a test for them that they could not pass they've been as in my opinion the nuclear deal has not been a useful agreement at all and if we had insisted more that the nuclear program is our rice maybe we'd be better off today and in my case i make a push and if it was supposed to be useful we should have seen this in our lives that we still face difficulties now maybe it's been politically useful sometimes but the condition of society as i see it economy no i don't think it's been useful . but i mustn't it's not just my opinion if you ask anybody everybody would say what impact has it had nothing what has it done for us it's been 5 years since the j. c.p.o. it was signed what has it brought for us we've just spent our time on something that has had no impact for us. the disintegration of the new. clear deal has made
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president hassan rouhani and iran's moderate politicians who supported it deeply unpopular with the general public the country now has a conservative chief justice the new parliament is dominated by conservative m.p.'s experts say the presidency is likely to go the same way in next year's election in a matter of months the international community could be faced with a leadership structure in iran comprised entirely of hawkish conservative political voices who are likely to point to the broken promises of the nuclear deal and say that negotiation with the international community has proven to be a waste of time. several russian and turkish troops have been wounded by an improvised explosive device in northwest syria the soldiers were taking part in a joint patrol in the province the explosion happened on a highway separating the rebel held government controlled areas russia and turkey
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who backed opposing sides in the conflict have been patrolling the area since a cease fire agreement in march a proposal authorizing egypt to intervene in the libyan conflict has been condemned by its u.n. recognize government the motion was passed by the eastern based parliament after the turkish military helped to push back the wall its forces to open a base politicians have called it a quest for egypt to intervene a violation of libya's sovereignty. a man accused of torturing women and destroying ancient monuments in mali's timbuktu is standing trial at the international criminal court in the hague prosecutors say. zees was part of an al qaeda linked group in mali and said he committed unimaginable crimes in the most brutal way possible he's charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. the plan and design was to impose a personal religious and ideological vision by force with
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a great deal of brutality and abuse is constant using crimes against humanity and war crimes under the roma start to use this is the heart of the present case to use violence the commission of crimes against inhabitants who are belittled humiliated assaulted and subjected to a real persecution on religious and sexist grounds to which there was no end and during which al-hassan was the thinking and acting so all of the islamic police and played a central role tributes have been held in the ivory coast honoring prime minister i would have gone korea ballyhooed died suddenly less than a week ago mourners have been gathering at the presidential palace and of john kerry about his funeral is scheduled for friday it was a popular figure in ivory coast and was due to run for president in october. protesters are rallying again far east russia in support of a popular regional governor who's been arrested for murder they say the charge is a political because sergei forgot won the seat from the governing united russia
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party in 2018 let's say o'brien reports. the crowds might be smaller but they may sit in the same they demand the regional governor her go be released. the rallies lasting long into the night incumbent office in russia's far east logic. there is a joke going around the unluckiest person in the house rusk right now is the future and term governor what will he be able to do he'll have people walking under his windows asking for surgery for go. there have been protests here since forgot was detained last week and taken to moscow more than 6000 kilometers away and departed of course accused of murder but according to the investigation for gal was organizing assassination attempts on the murders of a list of businessman the charges date back about 15 years before he got into
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politics he denies the allegations which his supporters say politically motivated because he was popular and beat the candidate from the governing united russia party in the 2018 and. was victory was seen as reflecting a growing public frustration with president vladimir putin and mocked and may just say back. let the but there's some kind of disregard for us in general for the citizens of russia it's likely mean nothing our choice doesn't mean anything everyone feels very upset. over the weekend thousands of people were out in this small city near the border with china and what's described as an unprecedented show of to st towards moscow they were elected him and it's up to austin judge we support him and don't understand why he was taking to moscow. that's going on in russia is completely outrageous we have become it's a tele tarion society for the rest came just days after president putin oversaw
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a constitutional vote that could extend his hold on power until 2036 the region's mayor has warned the rallies are illegal and told people that for. a fair trial but with the governor facing life in prison his supporters are refusing to back down brian al-jazeera. this is all just 0 these other top stories the international court of justice has ruled in favor of qatar and its dispute with 4 blockading arab states which is in qatar prevented from flying over their airspace since 2017 the un's aviation branch will now settle the dispute stuck fast and has more from the hague. president decided that the i.k.o. council which the 4 countries who are against scott are and having this that they
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basically the appeal was rejected did not do a great job but that what they did to us correct so basically i k o has done the job correctly and can deal with the case from now on also the 4 countries had said that got us should have negotiated more before taking the case to i.k.o. well the president of the court also said that qatar did its up to negotiate and have a diplomatic settlement before taking the case to the i.k.o. council but it socialized glenn maxwell has pleaded not guilty to charges of leering girls as young as 14 into sex with her longtime associate and former boyfriend jeffrey epstein knox was lawyers are currently attempting to get her released from prison on bail the u.k. has banned the purchase of new 5 g. equipment from chinese from hallway from december 31st by mr bogus johnson has been under pressure from within his own party and from the united states but says the
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company is a security risk china has called the united states a trouble maker undermining peace and stability in the south china sea region that's after secretary of state my pump aoe said beijing's claims to the area were completely unlawful 11 soldiers from us about john and 2 from armenia have been killed as fighting escalates at the border the 2 former soviet republics have been locked in conflict over nagorno-karabakh it's an enclave inside azerbaijan controlled by ethnic armenians both the u.s. and russia have condemned the violence and called for restraint several russian and turkish troops have been wounded by an improvised explosive device in northwest syria a soldiers were taking part in a joint patrol an adlib province russia and turkey backed opposing sides in the conflict they've been patrolling the area since the cease fire agreement in march. those are the headlines the news continues here on jazeera ofter inside story.
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and so flaccid at the fun's of journalists and activists but these writing for n.s.a. has just won a legal battle to stop selling its products to some government so who's responsible when surveillance technology is misused this is its story. hello and welcome to the program i'm wrong activists journalists even the world's richest man all said to have.


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