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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2020 12:00pm-12:35pm +03

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the chad light on cultural topics. down in africa. with news documentary on al-jazeera. china threatens to retaliate to president trump and poses new american sanctions and ends hong kong special stations. hello again i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up stranded in yemen and the dangers it for tens of thousands of ethiopian migrants and why they can't return home. anger at the killing
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of a top soldier the fallout in azerbaijan to newport about me and. chapters on democracy and secularism removed why the indian government's plan to slash school syllabus is due to the pandemic is being questioned. china is about and to retaliate after the u.s. president announced a new measures to hold beijing accountable donald trump reveals new sanctions against chinese officials over the new national security or imposed on hong kong china says it will now impose sanctions of its own. john fund you know who to be able to uphold our legitimate interests in china will make the necessary responses to sanction the relevant personnel and entities of the us side we're just the us to correct their mistakes and to not implement this act and stop interfering in
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china's internal affairs if the u.s. insists on going down the wrong path china will definitely hit back will hong kong is being stripped of its special trade and economic status and banks that also deal with some chinese officials will also face sanctions the hong kong or tanami act which i signed this afternoon passed unanimously through congress this law gives my administration powerful new tools to hold responsible the individuals and the entities involved in extinguishing hong kong's freedom we've all watch what happened not a good situation their freedoms been taken away their rights have been taken away and with it goes on going in my opinion because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets while chum's announcement that came off to a win for his administration with the u.k. announcing it will ban chinese tech giant huawei from its new high speed my about network citing concerns about security now china has strongly oppose that decision
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saying the u.k. is merely playing into political manipulation from the united states well it's now speech on the katrina you she joins us live from beijing katrina just picking up there with this whole hallway issue it's quite the reversal for the u.k. what's china been saying about it today. that's right china is quite angry with this we've heard just a short time ago from china's foreign ministry spokesperson what union and she said that the u.k. was colluding with the u.s. to oppress chinese companies she said that this was an unfair act of discrimination against chinese companies in the u.k. that the u.k. was violating its agreement with china and with huawei and this would only serve to damage the relationship between london and beijing she said that the u.k. was politicizing this issue and that the u.k. government would do better to listen to what he says from the business community in britain who are morse likely to be affected by this move she then went on to say
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that china would do its best to protect its own companies and now she was also asked whether the chinese government reflects quite a strong editorial piece that was released today on global times which is a government mouthpiece newspaper and that again also used very strong words to attack essentially the u.k. government calling it a weak link when it came to other western allies saying that this was a bore but china shouldn't worry too much and that china should retaliate because of this move otherwise other western countries might get the wrong idea and think that it's it's ok to bully china now quaternion did not mention any details about how beijing might move forward in response to this but she didn't mention that chinese companies who have investments or do trade with the u.k. should reconsider that business because of what she called a risky business environment let's hear more what watching had to say on that.
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it's usually this is about the u.k. at all costs politicizing commercial and technology issues this is about china facing major threats in its investment security in the u.k. and it's about our confidence in whether the u.k. markets can remain open fair and nondiscriminatory so we will comprehensively and seriously evaluate this and will take all necessary measures to safeguard our companies interests and rights and between as we've been saying a dramatic but not unexpected escalation when it comes to tensions with the u.s. over hong kong what else is beijing threatening at the moment that's right certainly seems like the rhetoric is being taken up a notch kwacha nearing responded by saying that the u.s. is sanctions worth pathetic and she said and i quote if the u.s. really wants to stir up trouble let the storm rage with grace of force so it seems that beijing doesn't have any intention of being intimidated by this move and chain
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of fact reflected an earlier statement from china's foreign ministry saying that the u.s. is slandering hong kong's national security law that it should not meddle in china's internal affairs and should pull back from the brink she also went on to justify this law and saying that this is crucial for the prosperity and the stability of hong kong that the hong kong people like and accept this law and this will not affect the majority of law abiding hong kong people and will not affect hong kong businesses although of course the sentiment in the mood on the ground in hong kong is a very different there now she also said that beijing is not going to stand by and let this happen they jim will hit back against this strongly although she didn't provide any details of exactly how that will happen although she did mention that there will be some sanctions on some u.s. officials and personnel involved in this move katrina you that in the chinese
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capital for us thanks very much katrina well david paul and has the view from hong kong she explains the decisions so are the implications of the u.s. decision to revoke the territories special status. this move by the us for the human rights to democracy act and to strip hong kong of that special status was lobbied for and spearheaded by hong kong's protesters including joshua long and many of the pro-democracy camp so this is seen as a result of hong kong's approach moxy camp calling for more accountability to people in beijing and hong kong officials who are seen as not or violating hong kong's autonomous system and stripping hong kong further of its rights and freedoms as far as impact goes so far and analysts says there will be some kind of an economic impact of the many companies that already factored that in due to the fact that this had been weeks in the making until president trump signed it today but according to hong kong a financial secretary to the u.s.
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that has more to lose hong kong is the u.s. is biggest trading surplus partner in a single economy which means that the u.s. will be on the back foot when it comes to trade with hong kong after this particularly for american companies pull out but hong kong too is concerned due to the fact that this will affect business confidence and purse basically confidence in the political environment so companies like the new york times has already said today itself that it is going to pull out a large number of its staff and move over to seoul and there's concern many other media companies would follow suit and other international companies will also consider thinking about this well just in the last hour or so winners of the election primaries in hong kong have been calling for gracey unity within the pro-democracy camp in september's legislative council polls now most of the 600000 votes went to so-called localist candidates including prominent activists joshua wang many of them expected to be disqualified from running due to their political stances but they say they will not stop fighting against china's crackdown on the
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territory's freedoms. all we need is a little voice be heard in the local community because i'm not sure if right off baking we used to sit around and 3 days. from the protest camp full of the press conference and raise the hope to have a lot of discussion close to lots of candidates in the primary election to last through the traditional protocol credit card with the prep going from beijing with no room and then he tries to have a different vision it's time for us to and has refused and unity. now the united nations is warning tens of thousands of migrants most ethiopians stranded in war torn yemen at least 14 and a half 1000 have been rounded up forcibly moved around the country and some even detained out of fear they're spreading private 19 has this report.
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trapped in yemen one of the most dangerous countries in the world there's little these ethiopian migrants can do except pray to the hot sun most were headed to saudi arabia for work hoping it could pull them out of poverty about the pandemic stopped them in their tracks now they're among tens of thousands of migrants stuck in the country and its 6th year of war cope with 19 it's made the situation worse i think you're scapegoated just carriers of the virus and as a result suffer exclusion and violence in addition to the forced removals fears about covered 19 have left departments in yemen experience verbal physical harassment increased tension and movement restrictions the majority of migrants in yemen are from most have been forced to sleep rough or even shelter in abandoned buildings my. marty and i don't have a place to stay no sleep no food there's nothing we're all tired very tired there's
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no food or water or anything to sleep we use cardboard and sleep at the traffic lights i'm tired the international organization for migration says more than 14000 migrants have been forcibly transferred to cities like god and matted vulnerable and stigmatized many are being held in extremely on hygienic detention centers with little food or water. last week the world food program warned of a potential famine across yemen with around 10000000 people facing acute food shortages its health system has collapsed and the u.n. believes the number of cave 19 cases is much higher than reported. all adding to the concern for the migrants now trapped in the world's worst humanitarian crisis of modern times. fighting on the border between on me and azerbaijan has killed a total of 13 soldiers from both sides and at least one civilian tension has
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remained there since the former soviet republics went to war over the disputed region of nagano karabakh in the 1990 s. robin foster walka reports i. these are very capital crowds demanded vengeance for a major general the most senior servicemen to have died in clashes on azerbaijan's border with armenia only just very. unlike the enemy our generals and officers do not hide behind the backs of soldiers they adequately carry out their combat missions unfortunately battles are not without losses. both sides accuse each other of starting the latest hostilities. both sides releasing videos of their high tech weaponry as airy missile strikes on armenian positions. armenians shooting down azeri drones.
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'd are well marked the fighting which began on sunday has so far claimed more than a dozen lives including at least one civilian what i think many many say with the whole story of them going question is whether it was the very area sleeper created by significance where we just are like it it's right next to the military train or between that and was extremely important because the syrian as are the 1st one to suffer a problem that on the korean. military activities. the region is situated north of the disputed territory of the goanna kyra back internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan it's controlled by armenian forces how do you go to think the armenian prime minister has accused. azerbaijan's the danger in regional stability as a by johns president says international peace talks have led nowhere. there
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is a risk of a wider conflict if the fighting continues turkey says it stands with. russia which brokered a cease fire in the past may be needed once again to bring the 2 sides back from the brink of adversity a walker al-jazeera. now still ahead here on al-jazeera surging cases growing crouse of the risks and potential consequences of mexico's new. cat rising inflation and cave in 1009 geria leaving many struggling to feed their families. and others just been reported some severe flooding in sort of way i see from this
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massive thunderstorms moving slowly westward and it's not over yet more forecast to ring service in the orange tops tonight they potentially heavier thunderstorms a lot of that extends up through the philippines as well as a bit of a gaffe of lighter weather through borneo most of indonesia and back towards southern thailand as well but that's still a fairly active area it looks like it will be dry and sort of icy on friday and if you ticket for cross apollo friday is a potential to sherrod a persistent sunday remain dry or become drying i should say south of this very active weather its way through pursed for active cold front on its way you should say this is maybe more obvious a circulation off the coast of new south wales there are warnings of rather nasty surf conditions all over the coast new south wales and into sudden asa queensland as well that's revolving it is shuji covers the tasman sea. more or less this is moving slowly through so it's i'm sure marked off a little bit but active rain windy weather sun the storms to wet many places in
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western australia that circulation then will have an effect on the north island of new zealand it's going to be a wet and windy day in oakland also stay on friday. and the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be a rain forest to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the goal for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the 1st in a very high fidelity stream. techno on al-jazeera.
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hello again. let's remind you of our top stories this hour china says it will retaliate after the u.s. president announced new sanctions over the national security or beijing's imposed on donald trump also signed an executive order ending hong kong's preferential economic treatment. for candidates who won in hong kong's recent primaries are calling for gracie unity within the pro-democracy camp ahead of september's legislative council election they say there is no room for division in the face of china's crackdown on the territories freedoms. at least 11 soldiers from azerbaijan and 2 from media have been killed as fighting escalates at the border the 2 former soviet republics have been in conflict of an enclave inside azerbaijan controlled
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by ethnic amin. where hundreds have been arrested in belarus for rallying against the electoral commission's exclusion of the 2 main opposition candidates from august's election protests erupted after it rejected valerie it's up carlo and victim applications to take part in the polls the president alexander lukashenko his main rivals you're saying crowe is currently seeking a 6th term in office the e.u. says the decision undermines the overall integrity and democratic nature of the election. protesters have rallied for a 4th day now in far east russia and what's said to be the biggest demonstrations there in 30 years they're angry at the arrest of their regional governor on murder charges that his supporters say are politically motivated alexi or brian reports. the crowds might be smaller but they may surge is the same they demand the regional
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governor said to her go be released. the rallies lasting long into the night in khabarovsk in russia's far east there have been protests here since for a girl was detained last week and taken to moscow more than 6000 kilometers away he deployed in court accused of murder but according to the investigation 4 goal was organizing assassination attempts on the murders of a list of business men the charges date back about 15 years before he got into politics he denies the allegations which his supporters say politically motivated because he was popular and bait the candidate from the governing united russia party in the 2018 election. his victory was seen as reflecting a growing public frustration with president vladimir putin and mocked and may just say back the putin's policy let's say there's some kind of disregard for us in general for the citizens of russia it's like we mean nothing our choice doesn't
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mean anything everyone feels very upset. over the weekend thousands of people were out in this small city near the border with china and what's described as an unprecedented show of to st towards moscow. what's going on in russia is completely outrageous we have become it's a tell it's harry and society for girls the rest came just days after president putin oversaw a constitutional vote that could extend his hold on power until 2036. is the belief the kremlin will be hash because if it compromises it will set a bad example for other governors that it's possible to blackmail the kremlin and it cannot allow us that also find and punish those behind the unrest and suppress the protest the region's man has worn. the rallies over illegal and told people let her go move receive a fair trial but with the governor facing life in prison his supporters are
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refusing to back down brian al-jazeera. to the coronavirus pandemic now and infections in india are heading towards $1000000.00 after another record day of new cases more than $29000.00 people tested positive for the virus in the past 24 hours and at least $500.00 people have died local authorities in 12 states are reimposing lockdowns and high risk areas they include the tech hub of bengaluru which is now shutting down for a week while this pandemic has shortened the academic year for schools and universities around the wilds in india the government has taken action to reduce costs by asking high schools to cut their syllabus by 30 percent but many are now questioning its motives as elizabeth problem reports from new delhi. for the vote of a family sitting together and discussing ideas is important especially during his last year of high school but some of the topics they debate at home are no longer
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part of the high school philippus. the indian government cut the curriculum by 30 percent because of the class time lost doing coronavirus restrictions so you lose them federalism. very important because. mention in the preamble. and. no discrimination between. some of the other topics which have been dropped a democracy and diversity popular struggles and india's relationship with its neighbors. as well as being a mother. also trains teaches and doesn't agree with the changes as a citizen of india as a. country so if we remove these. point of education you know the government says the changes were made by independent experts and only for one year but they have been criticized by some of
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india's prominent politicians and that's partly because of the governing hindu nationalists spot at the edge on the party's history of changing high school textbooks since it came to power 6 years ago some of the changes to the curriculum include taking india's staunchly secular searched prime minister. out of history books and removing references to the man who killed mahatma gandhi the hero of india's independence struggle was a hindu nationalist and a member of the j.p. its parent organization. but it's this context as well as the government's crackdown on dissent which has people questioning the motion of the changes. which makes all of us already suspicious that you know. that you know all. all talk about democracy understanding all of.
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that is being discarded. for the young minds interested in those ideas have to be fostered at home now elizabeth al-jazeera you daddy. well mexico has overtaken italy to become the country with the 4th highest coronavirus death toll while pliant infections have tripled since it began easing restrictions back in june but as one your palo reports the government is pressing ahead with its exit from iraq down. for the 1st time in months public spaces in mexico's capital are starting to fill back up government officials call it a return to the new normal as businesses reopen their doors from shopping malls to restaurants many non essential services have returned from lockdown to some public policy experts warn that with coby cases climbing the government has failed to implement a consistent containment strategy and the economy may be reopening too soon i.e. that i important questions regarding the data and the goldman is painting
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a full picture of what we are going to kill but the 1910 contagion and daves as devices significant and these generates a lot of uncertainty over whether or not it is appropriate time to reopen the moocher i juz mexico's president has been widely criticised for taking a relaxed response to the health crisis though it's an attitude that many in the country seem to share preventive measures like self quarantine and social distancing are not mandatory in mexico in fact initiatives like wearing a mask in public have been led by businesses and private citizens. who will farah the painter responsible for this mural of mexican artist frida kahlo in a face mask says people need a reminder that the outbreak in mexico is still not under control when i clearly the idea is that given the popularity of free the condo she's will love across society that with her using a face mask we can raise awareness on its usefulness in preventing covert 19.
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mexico's president recently said the national health crisis is improving the contagion curve however tells a different story. in recent days the death toll in mexico to the 4th highest in the world behind the united kingdom brazil and the united states bundled up a little al-jazeera mexico city. well 9 months of increasing inflation in nigeria is causing many struggle to feed their families and many have lost their jobs during this coronavirus emergency. felix runs a spice shop in this market or the oscars of nigeria's capital of the water with the day already gone 8 customers have come to the shop on the 4th of them purchases this movement of goods is very difficult and hard so we have to be a little. bit biased like rosemary goodwin are forced to pick up the tab she's come
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to the market to buy the family separate food use rarely we can take b.s. 3 times a week which this is very good for the children but now we believe it's been so once a week because. inflation has gotten worse since nigeria shut its land borders of its neighbors in august last year to curb smuggling the government has also restricted the import of the country's staple rice in order to increase local production in me for president cross nigeria rose by 1.42 percent more than the figure for a full there's also been a significant increase in profit of prayers hospital services and pharmaceuticals from the national bureau of statistics counted as covered 9000 cases think griese and incomes are hit hard. rising food prices alone account for about 60 percent of the country's inflation economists blamed so several factors including attacks by armed groups low investor confidence and the crash of global oil prices that fund
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nigeria's imports. as a result of all the revenue shortfall the local currency is news that go out against the dollar loss of florida. precious. foreign exchange rate. there has been very since process pressure on prices especially the grounds are really important to protect the country. very important driver place and. the agrarian sector. over 60 said the nigerian population of forensics. depends on agriculture their livelihood. but at the moment hundreds of thousands of jobs have been forced from their lands by continuing attacks by book order and other armed groups at least say unless the government quickly restore citizens and investor
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confidence nigeria will continue to see 2 digit inflation figures are decreasing al-jazeera couto nigeria. now north macedonia is holding its fast parliamentary elections and changing its name the outcome of that poll could decide the pace of the nation's attempt to join the european union the prime minister put the country on the path towards e.u. membership by agreeing to add north to its name that resolved a decades old dispute with greece which claims exclusive use of macedonia for its own northern region. now a sculpture of a black lives matter protester has replaced one of the slave trade him in the british city of bristol the figure titled a surge of power was pushed up before dawn and without approval from officials artist mark quinn says he was inspired by gen reed to protest a photograph standing on top of the print last month demonstrators pulled down a statue of slave trade edward colston and dumped it in the harbor during global
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protests against racism. and i think it's something that supro to the food movement is you know it just shows what come out of. the protest and how you know it's moving forward it's talk to the press people are tricked so as to war you have got some of them so you know i think it's a great great restored think it's a great great but it's not a. hello there this is al jazeera and these are the headlines china says it will retaliate after the u.s. president announced new sanctions over the national security or beijing's imposed on hong kong donald trump also signed an executive order ending hong kong's preferential treatment china's also lashing out of the u.k. after it announced its banning tech giant while way from its 5 g. network from beijing our correspondent between you has more on the latest comments
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from the foreign ministry spokeswoman. she said that the u.k. was cool losing with the u.s. to oppress chinese companies she also said that this was an act of discrimination against chinese companies that the u.k. is failing to. to uphold its commitment to china and to huawei and also said that this is in effect destroying or damaging the relationship between london and they doing and the u.k. government should listen to the voices in the u.k. business community who are against this move because it will be british businesses and the british people to millie who will suffer from this. and candidates who won in hong kong's recent primaries are calling for gracey unity within the pro-democracy camp ahead of september's legislative council election they say there's no room for division in the face of china's crackdown on the territories freedoms at least 11 soldiers from azerbaijan and 2 from armenia have been killed
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as fighting escalates at the border the 2 former soviet republics have been in conflict over an enclave inside azerbaijan controlled by ethnic and medians us for such as say the 1st phase of testing an experimental covert $1000.00 vaccine has shown promising safety results and also produced an immune response the human trial run by biotech company mcdonough tested the vaccine on 45 healthy volunteers those who received 2 doses had higher levels of virus fighting antibodies compared to those who recovered from coronavirus no serious side effects were reported and corona virus infections in india are heading towards 1000000 after another record or day of new cases more than 29000 people tested positive in the past 24 hours and at least 500 people have died local authorities in 12 states are reimposing lockdowns next up its techno. tens of thousands of finickiness
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is a saving american lives during the coded 19 that they came to the us by a better life but at what cost. 11 east investigates just say.
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this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fight fire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it to be unique winnick. this is a show about science. by scientists. techno investigates gold at any cost the free travel deep into the rain force of prove these illegal mining operations except for miles and miles away from the main highway to uncover a gold rush that's turning the lush jungle into utter devastation high pressure water hoses and blasted out and it's not just the layers people are stepping into
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