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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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0. the differences similarities the cultures across the world so much of what we use in politics that matter to you. for revenge in azerbaijan after 3 days of deadly clashes on the border with armenia . hello there i'm just on the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up china threatens to retaliate after president trump ends hong kong special economic status and put sanctions on chinese officials. stranded in yemen the dangers for tens of thousands of ethiopian migrants why they can't return home. and
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an al-jazeera investigation uncovers shocking new revelations about the number of infants who died in so-called mother and baby harms and. we begin with the flare up in fighting on the border between armenia and azerbaijan that 200 soldiers and at least one civilian have been killed in the heaviest fighting between the 2 neighbors in years the 2 former soviet republics went to war in the 1990 s. over the disputed region of magon a car about the area's intention the area as intense internationally recognized as part of the by john but is controlled by armenians a fragile cease fire was agreed in 1904 but tension has cement ever sense 52016200 soldiers and civilians were killed in what's known as the april war russia brokered that cease fire and the international community is now. looking to russia
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once again robin foster will reports. in these airy capital crowds demanded vengeance for a major general the most senior servicemen to have died in clashes on azerbaijan's border with armenia only just. unlike the enemy our generals and officers do not hide behind the backs of soldiers they adequately carry out their combat missions unfortunately battles are not without losses. both sides accuse each other of starting the latest hostilities. both sides releasing videos of their high tech weaponry as ery missile strikes on armenian positions. armenians shooting down azeri drones. 'd on the fighting which began on sunday has so far claimed
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more than a dozen lives including at least one civilian what i think many many with whole story of them going precious in right ways the very area. by significance religious are like. a train or between that and this is extremely important because it enough are the 1st one to suffer from that all korean. military activity. the region is situated north of the disputed territory of the goanna kyra back internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan it's controlled by armenian forces how to go to think in the armenian prime minister has accused as a by johns the danger in regional stability as a by john's president says international peace talks have led nowhere. there is a risk of a wider conflict. if the fighting continues turkey says it stands with.
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russia which brokered a ceasefire in the pasta may be needed once again to bring the 2 sides back from the brink of adversity a walkout al-jazeera and now in an interview with out of their menials foreign minister stressed that the priority now is to find a peaceful solution when 2nd man says the conflict cannot be allowed to escalate any further so a very dangerous development over the past days since 12 joy when there was an alternative in front of the actual tradition by there's ever been a force of this through the armenian geraghty to the more recent media and the use of want to come about artillery. and to fire the dangers escalation which we have now and. the. times to deescalate are a priority now this is what we're working for and this is what we're working with
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the corps chairs of the way see these groups which comprises france russia and the united states this is the priority now we need to deescalate because while a media spoke about us to defend. lenient remains very little to they're going to occur but war is not an alternative there is no alternative to the peaceful settlement mary made committed to this and will work towards the escalation and establishing an environment which helps an atmosphere which helps the. east and we share favor stayed negotiating process meanwhile as a by johnny officials blame all media for the escalation. of it is assistant to the president of azerbaijan and head of the foreign policy department at the administration he told alger there that peace is the priority but amini and needs to onset for its actions. doesn't win is committed was a peaceful resolution of the council of baseball's international law and dozens of
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dream or course emus group which aired but as armenia but on the minds of those in negotiation and substance of the negotiations and also the armenian prime minister sitting with mubarak or what is armenia isn't an exact we're undermining of the negotiation process it's a reaffirmation of the poles of annexation of the solitary there is a azerbaijan and it's also a disservice to the mediation process and the ways that we see news group or 2 countries as a widget is always going to interest that is a peaceful resolution of all matters but your response a little eyes on her minions are is an armenian has started with attention and escalation is a border area and therefore as a way john is also in concert was a voice emus group which countries and also regional countries and we have an extensive diplomatic counter was a russia and. member countries and also some of the original cancers in general as a way john supports a peaceful resolution of the council it and reasons of existing framework and poor
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much of the negotiations but of course an armenian has started an armenian be as a responsible of the army should also. explain the reasons why it was prohibition have been acquired from this site and living on now and china is valid to retaliate after the us president announced new measures to hold the beijing accountable donald trump has revealed thanks against chinese officials over the recent national security law imposed on hong kong china now says it will impose sanctions of its own. to be up to up hold our legitimate interests in china will make the necessary responses to sanction the relevant personnel and entities of the us side we are just the us to correct their mistakes and to not implement this act and stop interfering in china's internal affairs if the u.s. insists on going down the wrong path china will definitely hit back. well hong kong is being stripped of its special trade and economic status and banks that deal with
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some chinese officials will also face sanctions the hong kong or tanami act which i signed this afternoon passed unanimously through congress this law gives my administration powerful new tools to hold responsible the individuals and the entities involved in extinguishing hong kong's freedom we've all watch what happened not a good situation their freedoms been taken away their rights have been taken away and with it goes hong kong in my opinion because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets or tums announcement that came off to a win for his administration with the u.k. announcing it will ban chinese tech giant huawei from its new high speed my bomb that tracked citing concerns about security china has strongly opposed that decision saying the u.k. is merely playing into political manipulation from the united states while katrina u. is following all the developments from beijing. we heard earlier from quaternion who's the foreign ministry spokesperson she had quite strong words for the u.k.
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she said that it was colluding with the u.s. to oppress chinese companies she said that this was an unfair discriminatory move it violated a commitment by the u.k. to huawei and china and also it damage relations between london and they doing she said that the u.k. would do better to listen to the business community in britain who are opposed to this move because it was the business community there as well as the citizens of the u.k. who would suffer because of it now watch and he was also asked if she agreed with this very strong editorial which was person in the global times the state media newspaper and government mouthpiece which essentially attacked the u.k. government saying that this was a borders of huawei but at the same time china shouldn't worry because the u.k. was a weak link in terms of other west and 5 eyes allied countries and also it said that china should retaliate in a strong way because otherwise other western powers like get the wrong idea and
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think that it's ok to bully beijing well quaternion didn't respond directly to that but she did say that china would do whatever it could to protect chinese companies and she also strongly encourage any chinese investors to reconsider doing business with the u.k. because of the risky environment there let's have a listen to what she had to say on that. just show you which usually this is about the u.k. at all costs politicizing commercial and technology issues this is about china facing major threats in its investment security in the u.k. and it's about our confidence in whether the u.k. markets can remain open fair and nondiscriminatory so we will comprehensively and seriously evaluate this and will take all necessary measures to safeguard our companies interests and rights. well the diplomatic relationship between beijing and washington seems to be in a downward spiral and the rhetoric has certainly been taken up a notch quaternion said that she called the u.s.
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a troublemaker and she said that if the u.s. really wants to stir up trouble let the storm rage with greater force so it seems that beijing is not going to back down on this she essentially repeated an early a statement by china's foreign ministry that was released on wednesday morning saying that the u.s. is slandering hong kong's national security law that it should not meddle in china's internal affairs and it should back down from this also justified the law saying that this was essential for hong kong security its stability its peace going forward and that the hong kong people like accept and want to this law will of course that is vastly different from a lot of the sentiment that we're hearing from hong kong she also said that they would hit back at the u.s. in the form of sanctions against the relevant u.s. officials and personnel well now winners of the election primaries in hong kong have been calling for gracey unity within the pro-democracy camp and september's legislative council polls most of the 600000 votes went to so-called localist
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candidates including a prominent activist. many of them expected to be disqualified from running due to their political stances but they say they will not stop fighting against china's crackdown on the territories freedom. still ahead here on al-jazeera slashing india's high school so that's why some are questioning the government's motives plus rising inflation and private 19 and nigeria leaving many struggling to feed their families. well i was it continues to rain in china in japan the rain pulses in the night as you see it's on its way mostly out but waltz the next pulse rebuilds over the
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yangtze you've got this thing creeping across the east china sea to sudden q issue over the city of kharkiv as a result of that look at the full cost because sheen you have got $3.00 days of showers all thunderstorms in sunk you sure an area of course affected by the floods recently an area to watch that looks like it'll just skirt away and then hit southern honshu even tokyo by the time we get to the end of friday and then gathering up more ice in sichuan but certainly western end of the yangtze there is fairly heavy rainfall ingathering once again and the tail end of the western end has been producing pretty nasty showers in the poll in the northeast of india but that was 48 hours ago and the last 24 very few showers here the concentration of rain appears to be where you might expect it to be for the southwest monsoon i think facing south west so the west and gas up through possibly good giraffes as well as a scattering of showers everywhere else of course but the real heavy downpours that's still around mumbai which of course suffered the flooding before the monsoon
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rains and will probably suffer more flooding now. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop their energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the state amounts we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin high in the ring future energy.
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hello there you're watching al-jazeera that's reminder about top stories this hour fighting between armenia and azerbaijan has killed a total of 13 soldiers from both sides and at least one civilian the 2 former soviet republics have been in conflict over an enclave inside azerbaijan controlled by ethnic armenians. china says it will retaliate after the u.s. president announced new sanctions over the national security law beijing has imposed on hong kong donald trump also signed an executive order ending hong kong's preferential economic treatment. and the candidates who won and hong kong's recent democratic primaries are calling for gracey unity within the pro-democracy camp ahead of september's legislative council election they say there's no room for division in the face of china's crackdown on the territories freedoms. now the united nations is warning that tens of thousands of migrants mostly ethiopians
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stranded in war torn yemen at least 14 and a half 1000 have been rounded up forcibly moved around the country and some even detained out of fear they're spreading private 19. has this report. trapped in yemen one of the most dangerous countries in the world there's little these ethiopian migrants can do except for a. most were headed to saudi arabia for work hoping it could pull them out of poverty about the pandemic stop them in their trucks now they're among tens of thousands of migrants stuck in the country in its 6th year of war. the situation worse. is careers and lives are risk and as a result suffer exclusion. in addition to the forced removals fears about 19 have lived departments in yemen experience verbal physical harassment used tension and movement restrictions the majority of migrants in yemen are from most
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have been forced to sleep rough or even shelter in abandoned buildings. i don't have a place to stay no sleep new food there's nothing we're all tired very tired there's no food or water or anything to sleep we use cardboard and sleep at the traffic lights i'm tired the international organization for migration says more than 14000 migrants have been forcibly transferred to cities like adnan and vulnerable and stigmatized many are being held in extremely on hygienic detention centers with little food or water. last week the world food program warned of a potential famine across yemen with around 10000000 people facing acute food shortages its health system has collapsed and the u.n. believes the number of cave 19 cases is much higher than reported. all adding to the concerns of the migrants now trapped in the world's worst humanitarian crisis
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of modern times so. now al jazeera has uncovered shocking new revelations about the number of infants who died at the hands of catholic religious orders and island they're part of a 3 month investigation into so-called mother and baby homes it's estimated as many as $6000.00 children could be buried an unmarked graves and island and found that in the grounds of just one home the nuns appear to have produced so ridged tag on top of the remains of children who died in their care and in another home the nuns may have misled a commission of inquiry as to where the bodies of children are buried lawrence lee has this exclusive report. 6 years on from the discovery of 800 babies bodies in sewage tanks and reform a mother and baby home in the irish town of chimp and the state commission to investigate what really happened still has yet to report but to me seems to be the
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tip of the iceberg. this is like all such homes women who become pregnant out of marriage were ordered to come here. cause huge this is your 1st impression when you walk in it's like a stately home and surrender their babies to the nuns for adoption while they were made to work in the laundries as a punishment for their sins. this is the 1st time a film crew has entered the room going to just start the way russia briars of the flea in the 1980 s. michael was a groundsman he was asked by the nuns to clear a patch of land for what is now a so-called angels plots a place to commemorate the children who died of things like malnutrition in the home turned over to and i just know a. boy of the nuns claim 269 babies died here the last in 1904 yet official records say the actual figure is over a 1000 so where are they we've established the existence of a burial pits for unbaptized children whose deaths are recorded anywhere and it's believed a sewage tank has been laid in the angel's plot as well it's an echo of what
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happened to you. are we prepared to allow this level of just the question baby died do we really we just sucks. that we are not even going to. as another home best confidential irish health service document showed just how many infants died in the care of the nuns in one year the death rate was 82 percent 900 babies died here yet only 64 recorded the nuns say they can't remember where the rest of but this official map suggest the existence of a children's burial plots right here you can see the indentations from the air i don't believe for one second they don't know where the burial grounds are and i don't believe for one second that they don't how far records of everything that happened in those cases we came across a workman who'd been asked to dig up the site right next to where the graves appear
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to be are you worried about it where he had no way of knowing but for the relatives of those who died here it's amounts to tampering with a potential crime scene just so you know they are we on the question for the relatives the idea that the remains of thousands of children are scattered around oil and shouldn't really be a matter for a civil commission of inquiry it's all it should be something for these people the police there were 14 mother and baby homes in ireland our investigation has raised concerns about a number of them but by no means all the irish state commission has an opportunity to reveal the truth about what happened throughout the 20th century with all the implicit criticism of the role of the catholic church in society whether it will remains an open question and to decide to release its own findings. are actually al-jazeera in and why you can watch more from lawrence lee is investigation into islands mother and baby scandal on people in power that's later on wednesday at
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2230 g.m.t. here on out of there well susan lowen is a co-founder of the adoption rights alliance and she doesn't think the commission of investigation will give the families the answers they need. collective massachusetts for it's the mothers and of the unmarried mothers and their not marital children across it's nonsense that 14 mother and baby homes they regarded as other the nuns used. staged state grants to profit from the so called care of these women and their children so they were never really concerned about the welfare of the individuals they were only concerned about their profit notion. using the women and for unpaid labor in those institutions i think the commission of investigation which of course is now running at 3 years late in its report is not going to provide the answers that families desperately needs and there is an absolute belief in the co-op i wish government that as long
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as they drag abstinence the issue is not if they continue to deny the scandals that the vast majority of the families directly affected it's typically the women and the girls who gave birth to children who don't remember. the day in fact would have died before the truth. now protesters are rallying for a 5th day in the far east russia demanding the release of their regional governor so gay fergal was arrested last week accused of murdering several business men 15 years ago but his supporters say the charges are politically motivated these rallies are said to be the biggest demonstrations in khabarovsk near the border with china in 30 years. to the corona virus pandemic now and infections in india are heading towards $1000000.00 after another record day of new cases more
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than $29000.00 people tested positive in the past 24 hours and at least 500 people died local authorities in 12 states are reimposing lockdowns and high risk areas and they include the tech hub of bengaluru which is shutting down for a week on this pandemic has also shortened the academic year for schools and universities around the world and in india the government has taken action to reduce course load by asking high schools to cut their syllabus by 30 percent elizabeth purana reports from new delhi. for the vote of a family sitting together and discussing ideas is important especially during his last year of high school but some of the topics they debate at home are no longer part of the high school philippus the indian government cut the curriculum by 30 percent because of the class time lost during coronavirus restrictions so you lose them federalism. really important because. in the preamble.
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and. discrimination remember. some of the other topics which are being dropped a democracy and diversity popular struggles and india's relationship with its neighbors. as well as being a mother. also trains teaches and doesn't agree with the changes as a citizen of india as a. country so if we remove these doctors if we do lead these there is no point of education you know the government says the changes were made by independent experts and only for one year but they have been criticized by some of india's prominent politicians and that's partly because of the governing hindu nationalists but at the huge on the party's history of changing high school textbooks since it came to power 6 years ago some of the changes to the curriculum include taking india's staunchly secular thurst prime minister. out of
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history books and removing references to the man who killed mahatma gandhi the hero of india's independence struggle was a hindu nationalist and a member of the parent organization. but it's this context as well as the government's crackdown on dissent which has people questioning the motion of for the changes so that is one. which makes all of us already so suspicious that there is some. that you know all crimes all the time talk about democracy understanding of of. that is being discarded. for the young minds interested in those ideas have to be fostered at home for now elizabeth al-jazeera. now us or such as say the fast phase of testing
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a coven 1000 vaccine has shown promising results with no serious side effects and the trial on 45 healthy volunteers produced an immune response the biotech company madonna says that recipients of 2 doses had higher levels of virus fighting antibodies compared with average people who are recovered from the virus. well 9 months of increasing inflation in nigeria is causing many to struggle to even feed their families and many have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. felix runs a spice shop in this market or the oscars of nigeria's capital of the water with the day already gone 8 customers have come to the shop on the 4th of the purchases this movement of goods is very difficult and hard so we have to. do little. bit biased like rosemary goodwin are forced to pick up the tab she's come to the
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market to buy the family separate food usually we can take b.s. any time soon weeks which this is very good for children but now we believe it's b.s. once a week because. inflation has gotten worse since nigeria shut its land borders of its neighbors in august last year to curb smuggling the government has also restricted the import of the country's staple rice in order to increase local production in me for president cross nigeria rose by 1.42 percent more than the figure for a full there's also been a significant increase in trouble for years hospital services and pharmaceuticals from the national bureau of statistics comes as covered 9000 cases think greece and incomes are hit hard. rising food prices alone account for about 60 percent of the country's inflation economists blamed so several factors including attacks by armed groups low investor confidence and the crash of global oil prices that fund
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nigeria's imports. as a result of all the revenue shortfall the local currency is music out of gas that data loss of florida. precious. foreign exchange rate. there has its pros pressure on prices especially where it's very important to predict the country the 2nd very important driving place in. the agrarian sector. or the 6 to set the nigerian population of forensics. depends on the group culture so the likelihood. that at the moment hundreds of thousands of problems pop been forced from their lives by to today get taxed by book order and other groups at least say unless the government quickly restore citizens and investor confidence nigeria will continue to see 2 digit inflation because of
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a decrease i'll just cuddle nigeria now flash flooding on the international island of pseudo westie has killed at least 16 people dozens of others are missing and a 1000 homes have been destroyed in north little heavy rain triggered landslides burying fielding's and roads and might. you know again this is out of there and these are the headlines fighting between armenia and azerbaijan has killed a total of 13 soldiers from both sides and at least one civilian the 2 former soviet republics have been in conflict over an enclave inside azerbaijan controlled by ethnic amin's. china says it will retaliate after the us president announced new sanctions over the national security law beijing's imposed on hong kong donald
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trump also signed an executive order ending hong kong's preferential economic treatment for china is also lashing out at the u.k. that it announced its banning the tech giant while way from its 5 g. network from beijing our correspondent between e.u. has more on the latest comments from the foreign ministry spokeswoman she said that the u.k. was cool losing with the u.s. to oppress chinese companies she also said that this was an act of discrimination against chinese companies that the u.k. is failing to. to uphold its commitment to china and to huawei and also said that this is in effect destroying or damaging the relationship between london and they doing and the u.k. government should listen to the voices in the u.k. business community who are against this move because it will be british businesses and the british people to millie who will suffer from this and will candidates who won in hong kong's recent democratic primaries are calling for gracey unity within
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the pro-democracy camp ahead of september's legislative council election they say there's no room for division in the face of china's crackdown on the territories freedoms the united nations is warning that tens of thousands of migrants mostly ethiopians now stranded in war torn yemen the u.n. says they've been rounded up and forcibly moved around the country out of fear they're spreading covert 19. u.s. researches say the 1st phase of testing an experimental covert 19 vaccine has shown promising safety results and produced an immune response the human trial run by the biotech company madonna tested the vaccine on $45.00 healthy volunteers those who received 2 doses had higher levels of antibodies compared to those who recovered from the corona virus well those are the headlines next up it's inside story.
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and so what could have the phones of journalists and activists put these writing for n.s.a. has just won a legal battle to stop selling its products to some government so who's responsible when surveillance technology is misused this is its story. hello and welcome to the program i'm wrong cone activists journalists even the world's richest man all said to have been hacked by spyware developed by the israeli company called the end group but the firm insists its products are only sold to authorize government.


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