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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the houses take worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment they took me to the cheap and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned to prison live inside and out. on al-jazeera. al jazeera. alone learned taylor this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. russia denies accusations from britain the u.s. and canada but it's trying to steal information from researchers working on a covert 19 vaccine. the f.b.i. says it's investigating how hackers hijacked the twitter accounts of high profile
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people like barack obama bill gates and musk. and as the number of corona virus infections in the u.s. passes 3 and a half 1000000 state and stores take the lead in requiring people to wear masks. in sport ramadan have just won the spanish league title for a record 34th time a victory over the l'oreal seldom secure the championship with a game to spare. russian cyber spies have been accused of trying to steal research on a possible coronavirus vaccine the u.k. u.s. and canada say hackers who are part of russian intelligence services are attacking research institutions trying to develop a vaccine the british government also says it has evidence of russia interfering in its $29000.00 general election the kremlin has denied the allegations charlie
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angela has more than. it's a global race to find a vaccine for couvade 19 and one country is accused of trying to cheat. the u.k.'s national cybersecurity center says russian hackers known as a p t 29 the jukes or cozy have tried to infiltrate coronavirus facilities to steal their work britain the u.s. and canada whose research into possible vaccines is quickly advancing have all been targeted to be targeting with cyber attacks the international effort not just here in the u.k. but in canada in the u.s. to try and find a vaccine which is for the greater good of the world as well as our people here at home and i think it's actually right that we called out in this measured way with our international partners the hackers are believed to operate as part of the russian intelligence service allegations that russia strongly denies the u.k. government says the hackers are using fishing and malware in their attacks and they've supplied coding instructions that were going to his asians can protect
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themselves this latest attack comes as the u.k. reveals russian hackers also interfered in the country's general election last year by trying to spread an amplifier leaks documents online video to go in there as near the win yes that sure up or a criminal investigation is going on but i'd this stage it would be inappropriate for us to say something britain has said this is the many so vague and controversial that it's almost impossible to understand if it's inappropriate to say it then do not say if you do any of the straight the fact is. there's also evidence of meddling in the $26000.00 bricks it vote and the election that followed a year later the government says it will finally release a report with details next week for high level attacks in 4 years but security experts say they're not surprised what is changed is that what amir putin starting about 2013. changed his policy and ordered the
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intelligence services to engage in a more systematic aggressive series of actions to destabilize elections and to. disrupt russia's. rivals which is the european union nato united kingdom france united states they also say that vaccine development is a priority target intelligence agencies russia would be the only state involved in a al-jazeera an extinct off as a russia analyst and a lecturer in modern european history at queen's invest in belfast thanks very much for the being with us i just want to ask you initially about that the group that the u.k.'s national cybersecurity center said was behind this is a p 20 a p t 29 and it is cosy best sometimes and they say it's almost certainly part of the criminal intelligence services what more do we know about this group and how they operate what sort of group which is usually referred to whenever there is a high profile russian king is involved and i think i'm the most famous it was or
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was the 2016 you know the democratic national council. with the allegations with release of relations all the hillary clinton's emails. they are usually leaked to the russian. military intelligence so there is going to a big backlog of cases that with that group. you know that seems to be kind of quite firmly linked to the russian intelligence and how unusual is it for several countries like the us u.k. and canada to specifically name another country as being behind hacking operation. well i mean i think we we're not foreign to this geishas against russia i think there's been ongoing since the. quite high profile frequency since 2060 in the general election i mean the presidential elections united staes.
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i think the us and canada. can of course close intelligence all eyes. you know members of the 5 ice zation including start a new zealand so it's not surprising that would become a coming together but it's certainly going to indicates a high level wolf compression between them i mean the prime minister said that russia has nothing to do with this but they would have a history of denying these kind of incident how much information do you think they're not going to have managed to get hold of an in this particular way. we don't know anything about me you know how level and i you know your guess as good as mine but obviously there is a whole issue of. vaccine for the for the for the for for the coronavirus is a highly sensitive and you know important issue and i think as your reporter said you know most of intelligence services in the world begin
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a fishing feel that that's going to they job in a sense but i think you know you also have to look in the kind of wide that background particularly this week in the united kingdom where there is ongoing issue of the russian report in the russian ference which is been long delayed by the current government since they had elections at the 19 finally being released by his which is to be to be gods and i think you know you have to kind of see the overall. bringing up of the russian interference with within the context of that and of dosia being released finally i'd like to talk thank you very much indeed thank you. now the f.b.i. is investigating a major twitter hack that targeted some of the world's most followed people the hackers used the accounts to try to scam people into sending them digital money known as bitcoin twitter says there's no evidence that passwords were stolen those
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hacked included former u.s. president barack obama presidential nominee joe biden and the billionaire amazon boss jeff bezos it origami reports. the fake tweets were only on screen for a few minutes but long enough for people to capture screenshots of several before they were removed which is confirmed and identified hackers broke into the accounts of high profile politicians tech company 1000000000 as and celebrities in a scam apparently designed to leo people into sending money to an anonymous bitcoin account twitter followers were offered $2000.00 for every $1000.00 they sent this was an account all about opportunity and what you're seeing is you know very high profile people reach a lot of people very quickly because you know something that can be turned into cash very quickly anonymously so i think somebody found a very clever way to extract a lot of money from people in a very quick amount of talent that might also be
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a demonstration of twitter's weak security control as campaigning steps up for the presidential election in november a contest in which twitter is likely to play an influential role u.s. president donald trump's account which has more than $83000000.00 followers was not among those hacked the chief executive jet doocy said tough day for us at twitter we all feel terrible this happened we diagnosing and we'll share everything we can when we have a more complete understanding of exactly what happened i think we're probably very lucky that people who took it very chose to use it as a crude scam really i think it could have been very much more impactful. i can't really imagine different ways they could have played out i think we were quite lucky that responsibility has been surfaced in a way to was relatively benign the bitcoin account mentioned in the fake tweets received 12.9 bitcoins by the end of wednesday equivalent to around $114000.00
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roughly half that in bitcoin was withdrawn from the account the same day victoria gave him be al-jazeera. top court has canceled a data transfer deal between europe and the u.s. because of concerns the american government will snoop on people's personal information the pact allowed around 5000 companies including tech giants like facebook to send data across the atlantic privacy activists are celebrating the ruling but business groups are worried it will disrupt their operations next year brian explains. the case was called facebook ireland and shrooms 4 words that could have major global implications sram says all of that and previously activist make shrooms so we're really really happy with his judgment he launched legal action against facebook and its european headquarters in ireland arguing his darter wasn't protected when it was transferred to the social media giant servers in the us. the case went from ireland to europe's top cotton
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oxenberg where judges agreed with him 5 commission implementing decision e.u. 2016 well of on that 50 is invalid. the court has ordered the scrapping of an agreement called the previously shield which was supposed to keep the diameter of european customers safe when it was transmitted across the atlantic not because many u.s. tech companies are obliged to give some access to government surveillance the court found that safety can be ensured this has been seen as the way in which the european commission has bowed down to us employer ends and the court of justice claims that this is not enough so what happens now with the privacy shield is that a lot of data transfers are going to have to be stopped. that shrimp's has been here before this is the 2nd major data deal that's been spiked because of him the
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1st was previously shields pretty desists are called safe harbor cases steam from revelations by whistleblower edward snowden that the u.s. government was snooping on people's online data and communications i think the only solution we can possibly see is serious surveillance reform in the u.s. because that now becomes a business interest of the silicon valley will simply realize that either in the us laws are going to be changed to a certain extent or they will literally have to move a lot of their operation to europe and even split their systems into 2 parts the u.s. government says it's deeply disappointed by the latest decision of facebook in the european union a study in the ruling i know such as us and businesses seeking surance today on both sides of the atlantic so let me be clear we will continue our work to ensure the continuity of safe state officials. who are doing up hold another global data sharing mechanism used by thousands of companies for things like cloud storage
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payroll and finance while the e.u. and the us must now work out a new way to share data the court stressed that all privacy watchdogs must do more to keep users material safe elixir brian al-jazeera. coming up on this news hour from london a young woman who was stripped of her british citizenship for joining us so is told she can return to the u.k. and fight to regain her nationality but of thousands of other women and children also trapped in camps in syria. anger in brazil as the coronavirus case count is 2000000. and in sport one of basketball's best young players makes an unexpected move ahead of the n.b.a. season at least on. the white house is considering banning travel to the u.s. by all chinese communist party members and their families the move could inflame
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tensions between the world's 2 largest economies which already high over the coronavirus pandemic and the hong kong security law meanwhile the u.s. attorney general says americans have become overly reliant on chinese goods and services including protective equipment for the coronavirus we embark use china of mounting an economic blitzkrieg and trying to become the world's leading superpower and every year at the academy awards americans are lectured about how this country falls short of hollywood's ideals of social justice but hollywood now regularly censors its own movies to appease the chinese communist party i suspect it will disney would be disheartened to see how the company he founded deals with foreign dictatorships today. the number of confirmed corona virus cases in the united states has now passed 3 and
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a half 1000000 the highest of any country in the world at least 46 u.s. states have registered daily increases in the number of current virus cases in the past 2 weeks more than a quarter of the 67000 new infections reported overnight are in 3 republican states florida texas and arizona which were quick to lift restrictions and in the last few hours florida has reported a record daily increase in deaths with 156 fatalities well 138000 people have now died from cave in 19 across the country mike hanna is live from washington d.c. mike tell us more about those 8 aspirants numbers. well once again they are continuing to spike in a number of states as you mentioned these are the states that were quick to reopen under pressure from president trump and certainly these figures are increasingly daunting now part of the problem is any lack of central response to the ongoing
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pandemic take the issue of mass for example the governor of georgia has now instructed all cities that they are not allowed to impose the wearing of masks in oklahoma the governor will not mandate the wearing of masks in $27.00 of the states including the district of columbia mosques in public are now mandatory so there is complete confusion as to one central way in which to deal with the ongoing pandemic what kind of mitigating measures to be in place and this according to many critics is because of the lack of direction from the federal government and we're going to impact is all this having on president trump's popularity and his election campaign. well it would appear to be having a major impact one poll conducted recently indicates that 62 percent of respondents believe that president trump is hurting their campaign against
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a pandemic rather than helping it now that's a pretty stunning number the reaction of many to president trumps dealing or not dealing with this pandemic has been pretty harsh and now you've got the latest issue emerging and that is the opening of schools which will open in the u.s. at the end of the summer president absolutely insistent that not only will all the schools open they will also be open 5 days a week now many health workers and health experts are arguing very strongly that each case is got to be determined by each case the metrics of the pandemic within particular areas has got to be taken into account when it is decided if the schools are going to open up or how they are going to open up now this is now become a massive public debate and once again polls indicate that the vast majority of americans are deeply concerned about the children returning to school and a large numbers will deeply opposed to president insistence that schools will open
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on a nationwide basis i can i thank you very much indeed. it was my pension that as an infection said more states and businesses nationwide a moving to make face masks a bigotry despite no official ruling from the government she had to tansey has more on that. several months into the pandemic am coded 19 testing is still beset by restrictions shortages and delays in several states for those eligible for a test long waits have to be endured and it may be a week or more before results are disclosed even with many unable to be tested the trends are all minnes with coded 19 infections reported to be rising rapidly in 40 of the us is 50 states we were previously see about one inch and or even one in a large house we were doing in the community they were coming back now we're seeing one inch or so about 25 percent of all the tests they were doing which we've also
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ramped up we're seeing more of those that are coming back which concerns us for increased transmission in the community cases spiking in states like california and washington but the thought of virus was contained following strict lockdown measures that were later relaxed but there are spikes too in states which initially it seemed to have escaped the worst of the pandemic and where combat in corona virus became explicitly political with restrictions on behavior of presented as un-american for example texas 2 weeks ago the state did finally mandate mosque where in counties with 20 or more crude cases but the governor is still pleading with texans to follow the rules to prevent an economic shutdown all we need is for people to wear masks everyone wears a mask nothing will be locked down alabama to now mandate small squaring however in
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neighboring georgia the governor signed a late night executive order on wednesday prohibiting cities from ordering mosque usage and in oakleigh. homa cases are also surging the governor who himself has tested prove that in 1000 positive is standing firm not thinking about a mass mandate at all this will complicate the actions of major retailers who now do mandate mask usage in their stores wal-mart one of the latest saying in a statement because the virus can be spread by people who don't have symptoms i'm don't know they're infected it's critically important for everyone to wear a face covering in public but more than a 3rd of wal-mart's rules are in areas with no mosque mandates no i'm not going to but it was i'm not going to do that retail workers feel very being told to enforce the mosque mandates with no extra support and i'm not doing it so i woke up in a free country back tears as america's food retail meat packing health care workers should not be the ones that have to do the enforcement it should be the companies
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that no government in addition even as major retailers mandate mosques in their stores they still refuse to disclose how many of their workers have been infected are sick and have died both in stores and across their supply chains she had written c. . people in france will have to wear masks in indoor public spaces from next week the government has been speeding up plans since noticing a rise in infections especially in the northwest the french health minister says people should start covering their faces immediately according to matter of social responsibility masks were already compulsory on public transport or 30000 people have died in france as outbreak with 210000 infected. there's been a solemn ceremony in spain paying tribute to corona virus victims and health care workers who risk their lives to care for patients the king and queen joined guests
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at the state and more service in madrid more than 28400 people have died from kevin 19 in spain the ceremony included some of their relatives the virus is now mostly under control but spanish health chiefs are monitoring all the 120 active outbreaks . a british court says a young woman who was stripped of her citizenship for joining us all in syria can return to the u.k. should be a member guma left london with 2 other girls when they were still in school she was found in a syrian refugee camp in february last year and wants to challenge the government's decision to take her away her nationality so they're going to go of course she was just 15 years old when she ran away from her home in london for life in the so-called islamic state shima begum lived under eisel rule for 3 years before she was found pregnant in a syrian refugee camp this was how she found out she had been stripped of her british citizenship from
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a letter sent to her mother please find enclosed papers that relate to a decision taken by the home secretary to deprive your daughter from him begum of her british student ship in light of the circumstances of your daughter the notice of the home secretary secretary's decision has been served on fog today 19th or brewery and the order removing her citizenship and subsequently been made. shocked by i am struck by graham's request to return home was always going to be a controversial one at the government's decision to revoke her british citizenship was also criticized their reason because her mother was born in bangladesh by go automatically had citizenship of that country but that was refuted by the bangladeshi government itself the home office has called the ruling very disappointing that the heart of this is not a question of show me a bag of citizenship itself rather have access to her right to appeal to the
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government it's become a problematic political issue the move by the british government had effectively left begum stateless going against international law but they maintained that she still poses a security threat so the idea that you know male pointers were knocking the rest were allowed. to citizenship stripped only when she appeared in tabloid press is is the actual question how is a. national security risk is higher than others and also happens to be considered a national security risk so 4 years after she left ownership in the press the government is set to appeal against the ruling citing national security concerns the court said by gum couldn't fight the case effectively from syria and had the right to return to britain but becomes right to return home has divided public opinion and raises questions over whether
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a 15 year old girl who left home of her own free will should remain stateless her decision to do so sunny al-jazeera. well she bigamists just one of an estimated 70000 women and children detained in 2 camps in northeast syria the u.n. says around 700 people had recently died in the other haunch a whole book about and raj camps because of a lack of food and medicine settlements are home to mainly women and children who are connected to are so fighters the overcrowded camps have a high child mortality rate. director of the u.n. office for counterterrorism joins us now from new york times very much for being with us i want if you could explain just what the situation is in these camps what kind of numbers there are there and who's running them and so on. well thank you 1st of all going to being and thank you for having me the situation is broadly as you describe there's about 70000 people in the al whole camp. it's roughly about
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10000 of those are what we call her country nationals these are people that are not from iraq or syria the rest of the came residents are from syria iraq those are country nationals are kept in it and next. would be fenced off from the rest of the others in part because they pose a. serious security concerns the to the people guarding the camp syrian democratic forces most of the camp inmates are are children in fact in the end it's about 70 percent are children and of those 90 percent are under the age of 12 that is why the united nations is really. encouraging countries to repeat treat their nationals to get these children out of harm's way and back to places where they can receive proper care attention a lot of the only kind of conditions are they if the children there. are quite difficult i mean access to the camps there are not u.n.
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camps 1st of all the access to them by u.n. and other humanitarian actors is is not secure it's not. possible to have access all the time because of the situation in the general region and so the overall camp situation is typical of water medical supplies and health care so i'm very limited and in the end it is even more difficult because the situation there is often not possible but we have all parts of canada and what that means is of course the air i salute forces inside the n f. i don't women who are worse than rule and they often mete out executions or other form of violence against other other presidents yeah so so on that i mean that there were these reports of hundreds of deaths that it is that the kind of thing that caused the death so is it execution or is it is it what you think the reason is foley's hundreds of deaths you know i saw a variety of reasons 1st of all the probably the largest number of deaths occurred
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single largest nor just occurred last year these are when the people 1st arrived from news which is the last redoubt to isolate when it was captured by coalition forces they found far more women and children were expected many of them were in bad condition because the battle may recall. several months there and so they arrived and we can state so the largest proportion of the crude 29000 but there's a certain mortality in any camp in any population in fact but the circumstances in the camps there are of course difficult as i mentioned so there are probably have been in the order of somewhere between 5 and 700 deaths over the course of the last . refuge gregory and thank you very much indeed thank you thank you. lots more still to come this hour including a social media campaign that could save these 3 prisoners from being executed in
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iran. as a by johns foreign minister is fired up to 500 flowers again on the border with armenia. and in sports and i wanted 5 cars to organize as an ass comment a racing event in the united states. for the. hello this is a bit of a surprise for the citizens of palermo in sicily a meter of rain collected for 88 fell but it all just channeled into the lower parts of the city now is a rare shower on its way through there probably no more the next concentrations like to be over the adriatic maybe the spine of italy and areas in the balkans as you can see generally speaking summer in northern europe has been a bit disappointing the last few days in the science it's been nice and warm thunderstorms as you seen from sicily or not in the heat in spain but the
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disappointment continues spreading that cooler weather the further showers into remaining we are told is warming up again parts that back up to 29 by saturday so the cool doesn't last forever vienna should be at 20 don as an average and just makes it 27 at the end after the weekend. that throughout the mediterranean generally speaking it is still hot and quiet throughout north africa is the same the shallows that you know says that as far north as they're going to get well into the southern sahal some pretty heavy ones have been running up through sierra leone and on their way to the gambia certainly senegal on the gun here a focus of some pretty heavy showers the next day or so that areas to the north. are. tens of thousands of and if you know this is a saving american lives during the cutted 19 that they came to the u.s.
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by a better life but at what cost. 101 east investigates just. what is the relationship between culture religion and a deeply divided city everything here is overshadowed by politics even the most basic of things food in 2008 al-jazeera traveled to jerusalem to see a food could cross deep lines of division jewish history to being a christian it together we call together the casual the people that love history. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. word more.
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among the top stories here knowledge is 0 the kremlin has denied that russian cyber spies are trying to steal research on a possible corona virus vaccine u.k. u.s. and canada say hackers who are part of russian intelligence services are attacking research institutions trying to develop a vaccine. the top court has canceled a data transfer deal between europe and the u.s. over concerns the american government will snoop on people's personal information. and the number of coronavirus cases in the united states is now past 3 and a half 1000000 the highest of any country in the world more than a quarter of new infections are being recorded in 3 republican states which reopened early florida texas and arizona. the number of corona virus cases in
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brazil is expected to past 2000000 in the coming hours anger is growing over president handling of the outbreak which is the world's 2nd largest after the united states there is of all reports. this is the old aware of a public hospital in the city of campin yes in brazil just northwest of sao paolo video from the hospital shows there are no available i.c.u. beds left to treat covert 1000 patients the food it was recorded by a doctor who works at a facility but does not want his identity to be revealed health officials in the city have a knowledge of the corona virus has become a major public health threat as instead many days with 100 percent of i.c.u. bed occupation for around 10 days some people had to wait to get an i.c.u. beat they could all get medical care but had to wait for a vacancy. even though the number of over 1000 cases have started to decrease in
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brazil's main cities it is in smaller ones like m b yes for the number of corona virus infections continue to rise. outside the hospital people wait in line to be treated michael frequently is one of them he's fathered he's receiving treatment for the disease ripple of them 2 of. our kind to test the code because my father got the disease and he's actually in intensive care right now accompanied him to hospital and since i had flu symptoms of trying to get tested couldn't do it brazil's president who tested positive for the virus remains in isolation he says he's being treated with hydroxy chloral queen despite some warning against using the drug by the world health organization. it's worked for me and many people many doctors say it works i'm not campaigning for this remedy even because the cost is very low i mean that's why i'm some people down for it others feel they're doing that for ideological reasons it seems but the fact is it's working. also not always being criticized for his handling of the
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crisis cost by covert 19 he opposed lockdowns who referred to the disease early on as a little flu 2 health ministers resigned because of differences of opinion with the president now the ministries being run by an active duty military general since a lot of us willow took office at least 25 members of the military have been appointed in his ministry human rights groups say they are concerned we have like 9 ministers. 3000 people in your heart ministration if. you. are in the ministry of health. she she was challenging there's no way they were not going to. wear nothing i always saw. somebody who will follow his instructions. so
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it's. very troubling them so public over 75000 people have died of corbett 19 in brazil many people believe those deaths could have been prevented evil only the president had responded differently they said war. and a follow up to that within the last couple of minutes brazilian health ministry has announced that that figure has gone above the 2000000 new coronavirus cases in brazil. and one of india's poorest and most populous states is being locked down for 2 weeks to stop a surge in coronavirus cases infections are rising after hundreds of thousands of migrant workers return to their homes in bihar medical services in the region a week and the authorities fear hospitals could be overwhelmed india is one of the world's worst hit countries behind only united states and brazil is reported nearly 1000000 infections and almost 25000 deaths it is before on him has this update from
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new delhi. what's happening in the hard is significant because it's the entire state it's india's 2nd most populous state a population of nearly 130000000 people who are going into lockdown for 2 weeks and as you mentioned behind is one of india's most impoverished states and so the number of cases there are concerning because it has one of the if not the worst public health care system in the country it's conducting some of the lowest number of tests less than a 10th of the tests that say delhi has been conducting every day and the other reason why the situation in behind is concerning is because of the very large number of migrant workers who returned to be had when the national lockdown was imposed in late march nearly 2500000 people who work outside of the state returned often traveling and unhygienic conditions now it's all of these reasons that the
12:38 am
state government there has imposed the lockdown but one of the criticisms whether it's in bihar or elsewhere all of these lock downs which we are seeing more and more across india is that they are accompanied with very little information given this such a harsh measure and be hard for instance we haven't heard from the government about how they're going to use the time off to lock down whether they're going to increase testing will improve contact tracing all of which you know just as important measures to contain the outbreak as a lockdown itself restaurants and public parks have reopened in yemen's capital sanaa as restrictions eased by the who see rebels waiting holds steam rooms and public also open their doors yemen is officially recorded at least 1530 infections and will be 690 deaths but the actual tally is believed to be much higher as taste testing capabilities a severely limited. china is the 1st major economy to report growth since the start
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of the coronavirus pandemic government statistics show an unexpected 3.2 percent increase in the 2nd quarter that's after the world's 2nd largest economy suffered its worst slump in nearly 50 years during knock down some industries and nearly back to normal but consumer spending is still down. the fortunes of the u.s. aviation industry nosedived when flights were all but grounded by the coronavirus pandemic and lines were given a bailout worth $25000000000.00 in exchange for an agreement not to lay off workers but that deal ends in september and 7 add ons have already started announcing massive cuts $200.00 reports from chicago. the u.s. airline industry has returned to turbulent times as a rise in new infections stalls its recovery it does the news i because i was just on the seat with 3 people and i was like really tight the july 4th independence day weekend was the busiest since the pandemic began the passenger numbers have since
12:40 am
dropped off now united is cutting 36000 jobs nearly half a u.s. staff and others could soon follow you know i mean the streets doing traffic this way all it will be able to serve may change service us. all while a lot of people. that's going away i don't. know. airlines are trying to combat coronavirus fears by requiring masks it's american airlines reminded senator ted cruz after this picture appeared on twitter he says he took it off to drink his coffee as is allowed delta and others are leaving middle seats empty the united an american or not this senator wants to make the empty middle seat mandatory. between each delta flight the entire cabin is sprayed with disinfectant and white top to bottom but your safety could depend on the passenger in the next seat certainly we can't do all the physical distancing we
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want to on an airplane so you know there's no such thing as your risk. in europe and elsewhere a drop in covert 1000 cases has airlines slowly recovering but in the u.s. the industry's decline has reflected the rising arc of the virus. the airline industry's woes reverberate throughout the economy the european plane maker airbus plans to shrink and here in chicago boeing which was already having trouble with the recall of its $737.00 max plane sold only 20 planes from april to june that compares with 149 in the previous 2nd quarter making it the company's worst quarter since 1963. industry analysts say the key to recovery is persuading passengers they're safe you should. not go. there or. hire change it's normal. with no vaccine expected before 2021 getting all these planes back in the air could take years john hendren al-jazeera chicago
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egypt's president has warned he won't ignore direct threats to egyptian and libyan national security that's after tribal leaders who support warlord holly for have to urged egyptian military intervention of to fashion previously said egypt would support have to as forces if tripoli's internationally recognized government and its turkish allies renewed their assault on the city of sit. and a top official at the u.s. state department has criticized europe for not doing more in libya by calling out countries that violate a u.n. arms embargo there is system secretary for near east affairs said the e.u. is proud of its naval mission in the mediterranean to help enforce the u.n. arms embargo but he complained that it only criticizes turkey's involvement and not file ations by countries like russia egypt and the united arab emirates wait a minute is a former british ambassador to libya he joins us via skype from london thanks very
12:43 am
much indeed for being with us so that us is clearly frustrated with what's going on in libya how likely are europe to to call out the others who are involved in barony breaking the arms embargo. and unfortunately the european voice has been divided for well over 12 months partly because countries like france have been backing heft are the greeks and the cypriots have now jumped on that bandwagon to oppose turkish support for the government of national accord so europe has been unable to speak with a single voice operationally rini was which is an operation to monitor the arms embargo was a well meaning initiative with since it only monitors sea transport and not air transport it is really only monitoring turkey's potential violations of the arms embargo not violations of violations which are flown in by the emirates or the egyptians or the russians and how much we know that point how much material has
12:44 am
been coming in from say russia egypt him in particular from the u.a.e. there were multiple reports earlier this year of as many as 100 flights from the emirates to eastern libya and to western egypt flying in all sorts of military equipment. we don't know the quantities that have been shipped in from turkey but libya is already awash with weapons those weapons have actually brought about a military stalemate around the city of sirte what we really need now is a cease fire and proper monitoring and complete monitoring of the arms embargo and remind us who. are not experts on libya why turkey is so heavily involved in that it why is it decided to make such a big push into into libya. well turkey was invited by the government a national called in turkey in tripoli which is the government which is recognized
12:45 am
by the united nations united nations security council resolutions which was under assault by field-marshal have to have from april of last year the government of national called appeal to turkey turkey came in and brought military support but at the same time their condition was to have a maritime deal imitation agreement which has really upset the the greeks and cypriots but i think turkey's motivation was partly geopolitical partly commercial . perhaps also because egypt and the emirates were supporting have to are they wanted to counter their influence as well but a minute thank you very much indeed for your analysis thank you thank you iranian security forces have fired tear gas to disperse anti-government demonstrators gathered in the southwestern city of baber han witnesses say there's also a heavy presence of forces in other cities including the capital tehran iran is
12:46 am
reportedly considering halting the executions of 3 young protesters after a mass social media campaign demanding their reprieve the men were arrested during anti-government protests last november and were given the death penalty but more than 7000000 tweets using the hash tag do not execute were sent after that decision including one by u.s. president donald trump in farsi november's protests broke out after a sudden spike in petrol prices brittleness to make some bear a fish says many foreign governments are only pretending to care about the unrest in iran. foreign government believes trump ministration the saudi government as well as the right wing right wing government of benjamin netanyahu who. try to jump on the on the bakken and rise. to pretend that they are also supporting this move this grassroots movement. are part of that this is the
12:47 am
model effort. to protect human rights in iran but at main time at the same time they have been for all supporters of sanctions of threats a war inside iran that made a huge contribution to things coming to this point if he appears denying that it started filling the reservoir of africa's largest dam if the open government has told sudan that the gates of the grand renaissance dam have not been closed and the increase in water levels is instead being blamed on seasonal heavy rain and a natural part of the construction process on the blue nile river of egypt and sudan fear the dam will reduce their water supplies and don't want to start operating until a binding agreement is reached. as about sean's foreign minister has been sacked for what the president calls meaningless negotiations with neighboring armenia says a ceasefire between the 2 countries was broken after just one day both countries
12:48 am
are accusing each other of shelling villages and military positions at least 17 people have been killed since fighting began on sunday the 2 neighbors have been locked in conflict for almost 3 decades over the neck on a car backed region which has been under armenian control since 1904 robin 1st year walker has more from tbilisi in neighboring georgia. he's been replaced of course so there will be another foreign minister taking his stead. of but mr rove had a lot of experience in the role he'd been in it since 2004 that's you know 16 years he knew the inside and outs of the negotiating process the technicalities of course all the personalities. the organizing body that conducts and holds these talks is run by the oversee and chaired by the u.s. france and russia and then now that he's gone somebody else will have to be
12:49 am
starting afresh of course he wasn't the policy maker that would have been president and it's been mr decision signaling his displeasure at the peace talks and negotiations not leading anywhere for azerbaijan not resolving the disputed territory of new going to karabakh we've had this breakout infighting we've seen precedented scenes of aries. entering the parliament in baku and calling for war and this looks like a step by mr lee have towards placating the national mood being seen to be doing something and finding a scapegoat perhaps in his foreign minister. calling for the sides to come back to the negotiating table but we've had another confirmation now of a of another azeri servicemen losing his life and so for the time being. the fear is that they'll be more of this kind of low level conflict and more more
12:50 am
people dying in the coming in the coming hours and days unless. it's a cease fire can hold here. leaders of serbia and kosovo have met for the 1st time in nearly 2 years the talks were held it in you headquarters in brussels with a bloc praising the 2 countries for resuming discussions which have been frozen since november 28th in serbia has refused to recognize kosovo's sovereignty since it declared independence in 20082 main rivals to the better roost president have thrown their election support behind the wife of an anti government blogger banker victoria very code was arrested last month and subsequently barred from the race because of a criminal case against him former ambassador valerie said carlo was also disqualified after his supporting petition was not a fide they're now backings for atlanta you can know your skier who is continuing her husband's political campaign as he faces up to 3 years in prison for
12:51 am
threatening public order. still ahead this news out formula one drivers get ready for their 3rd race in as many weeks as a sport with andy. you
12:52 am
. all. know is andy with all sports. thank you so much lauren round madrid of won the spanish league title for a record 34th time a victory over villareal saw them secure the championship with a game to spare 2 goals from karim benzema helping wales with soon one victory this win coming as their closest rivals barcelona losing against or soon or rial also
12:53 am
still alive in the european champions league where they will have to overturn a 21 deficit in the 2nd leg of their last 6 to tie against manchester city rail of one all 10 of their games since spanish football resumed in june that same day lifting the trophy in an empty stadium all games being played behind closed doors at the moment with no fans due to coronavirus well in the english premier league less they have boosted their chances of qualifying for next season's champions league they beat sheffield united so hold on to the 4th and final qualifying spot man united hots on their heels trailing only on goal difference after their victory over crystal palace. now bad day for a lancer major league soccer's comeback torments the 2018 m.l.s. champions beaten one nil by cincinnati and they have to play a sense off at once or bottom of the group after 2 straight defeats cincinnati now level on points with the group so that suits seems there the columbus crew and new
12:54 am
york red bulls it's not just for archers breach of safety rules risk costing english cricket tens of millions of dollars according to the national scene is managing director archie was dropped from the side for the 2nd test against the west indies for breaking rules designed to keep all players safe from coronavirus the world cup winners stopped off at his home on route so manchester from southampton following him was defeat in the opening match of the series you know this could have been a disaster. this could have. through homes. could have cost the lives of millions of. you know it so hopefully we can act on it and there's a certain learn from it in his absence england are batting 1st old trafford after the west indies won the sauce the home team progressed to 273 at the close of day want them sibly scoring unbeaten 86 but i'm here well it was. a
12:55 am
loss in our more it's. actually good from us our pressure on our. shots and. both here tomorrow is very important for us and. are now australia of named a provisional squad for a limited overs tour of england in september the details of that trip yet to be finalized jude sukkot vid the series would be australia's 1st cricket since the coronavirus pandemic brought all sports where whole since early march. were harmful we're optimistic but there are some. who are what we were. and we're doing that we can and are. alive announcement around. that we want to we want to appear on. the basketball new orleans stars on
12:56 am
williamson has left the m.b.a.'s by a secure bubble in florida to attend a quote urgent family medical matter the 20 year old who was the top overall pick of the 2019 draft already missed the 1st couple months of the season because of a knee injury the pelicans a jury to restart their season on july 30th but it's unclear if williamson will now be available for that game well in a statement david griffin the pelicans executive vice president said we fully support science decision to leave the m.b.a. campus to be with his family out of respect for the williamson family we will have no further comment at this time. well for one world champion lewis hamilton says he expects life to become more stressful as the season progresses the drivers are in hungry getting ready for their 3rd race in as many weeks old see members required to stay in designated bubbles even between races in order to minimize potential exposure to coronavirus diving straight in and having these 3 races i think so.
12:57 am
everyone's upbeat everyone's excited. and definitely it is order i think in between the races not being that go to get back but at the moment it's not an issue as far as a boy here but i can see it being strenuous or confederate flag was flown over an american most or could be for nascar's all star race the flag has officially been banned by nascar jews whose links with slavery and racism this fly past organized by a group opposed to that ban or for the 1st time since the coronavirus lockdown a limited number of fans were allowed to attend a nascar race around $20000.00 watching the action at bristol motor speedway in tennessee. ok fair to say sport's looking for now let's get back so lauren in london and thank you very much indeed in a quite a man you can always catch up with our website address that is al-jazeera dot com.
12:58 am
as if you mean our intent at this news hour i'll be back in a moment with another full right now by. in the conclusion of the 2 part series people in paris vesta gates allegations that irish catholic nuns facilitated the traffic babies the church realized that babies that article be sold to america has gotten quite they use and reveals shocking new evidence of how and where religious orders disposed of those who died thank you
12:59 am
torn in the system i guess fund church and state or collude to keep the truth from coming helps islands mother and baby scandal on al-jazeera this underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing juice a coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures. great strain the area heritage's iconic in the tourism industry baseband says we will leave instantly if we have another bleaching event of these movements if this continues as they just went out of a the opportunity for the corals to recode are in between those mad. scientists supporting full strong climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without this the situation on the get worse. out is the robot needs for remarkable both. survive this after those closest to them were
1:00 am
taken away never to return. some of the 8000 muslim men and boys killed in the strip when it's a massacre 25 years ago heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past women who refused to die on al-jazeera. her war. russia denies accusations from britain the u.s. and canada that it's trying to steal information from research is working on a covert 19 vaccine. summer and taylor says out as there are live from london also coming up the f.b.i. says it's investigating how hackers hijacked the twitter accounts of high profile people like barack obama bill gates and.


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