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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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russian backed attackers are accused of trying to steal research on a coronavirus vaccine but the kremlin denies the allegations. so romney want jobs are alive my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next 30 minutes the growing debate over masking up more u.s. states make face coverings compulsory as covert 19 infections continue to rise. as about john's foreign minister is sacked as fighting continues on the volatile
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border with all media. may come specifically for the fish. feasting in cattle as waters why it's the perfect home for the season gentle giants . to the program a russian cyber spies have been accused of trying to steal research on a possible corona virus vaccine the u.k. the u.s. and canada say hackers who are part of russian intelligence services are targeting institutions that are developing a vaccine the british government says it also has evidence of a difference in last year's election the kremlin has denied the allegations charlie rangel has more. it's a global race to find a vaccine for covert 1001 country is accused of trying to cheat. the u.k.'s national cybersecurity center says russian hackers known as a p
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t 29 the jukes or cozy have tried to infiltrate coronavirus facilities to steal their work britain the u.s. and canada whose research into possible vaccines is quickly advancing have all been targeted to be targeting with cyber attacks the international effort not just here in the u.k. but in kind of in the u.s. to try and find a vaccine which is for the greater good of the world as well as our people here at home and i think is actually right we called out in this measured way with our international partners the hackers are believed to operate as part of the russian intelligence service allegations that russia strongly denies the u.k. government says the hackers are using fishing and malware in their attacks and they've supplied coding instructions that were going to his asians can protect themselves this latest attack comes as the u.k. reveals russian hackers also interfered in the country's general election last year by trying to spread an amplifier leaks documents online video to go in there as near the win yes that sure up or
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a criminal investigation is going on but i'd this stage it would be inappropriate for us to say something britain has said this day many so vague and controversial that it's almost impossible to understand if it's inappropriate to say it then do not say if you do any of the straight the fact is. there's also evidence of meddling in the $26000.00 bricks it vote and the election that followed a year later the government says it will finally release a report with details next week for high level attacks in 4 years but security experts say they're not surprised but it's changed is that what amir putin starting about 2013. changed his policy and ordered the intelligence services to engage in a more systematic aggressive series of actions to destabilize elections and to. disrupt russia's. rivals which is the european union nato united kingdom
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france united states they also say that vaccine development is a priority target intelligence agencies russia would be the only state involved ternium to al-jazeera like steve told his a russian analyst and electra in european history at queen's university belfast now he says there's a number of cases linked to the coup seabag group sort of group which is usually referred to whenever there is a high profile russian hacking is involved and i think i'm the most famous it was all was the 2016 you know the democratic national council. with the allegations with releasing lesions of the hillary clinton's e-mails and they are usually leaked to the russian. military intelligence service soul there is going to a big backlog of cases that with that group. you know that since there seems to be
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kind of quite firmly link to the russian intelligence there is the whole issue of. vaccine for the for the for the for for the coronavirus is a highly sensitive and you know important issue and i think the intelligence services in the world begin to fishing for that that's going to have a job in a sense but i think you know you also have to look in the kind of white background particularly this week in the united kingdom where there is ongoing issue of the russian report in the russian ference which is been long delayed by the current governments since the elections of the 19 finally being released despite his wishes to be able to be governed and i think you know you have to kind of see the overall . bringing up of the russian interference really within the context of that and of dosia being released finally. now the issue of wearing masks has become a divisive one in the u.s.
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and in the state of georgia it's leading to a lawsuit the governor is suing the merit land for issuing an executive order to make face coverings mandatory governor brian kemp says her mandate violates his order which prevents local governments from enforcing the such measures several cities and counties in the state of ignored the governor's order elsewhere $26.00 states across the u.s. now require face coverings to be worn in public. the new york. mask up america. in new york the governor has launched a national campaign to encourage people to wear masks in public despite the rising cases there's still no official ruling on the use from the federal government chip returns he has more. several months into the pandemic am coded 19 testing is still beset by restrictions shortages and delays in several states for those eligible for a test long waits have to be endured and it may be
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a week or more before results are disclosed even with many unable to be tested the trends are all menace with coded 19 infections reported to be rising rapidly in 40 of the us is 50 states we were previously see about one inch and or even one in the arts we were doing in the community they were coming back now we're seeing one inch or so about 25 percent of all the tests that were doing which we've also ran. we're seeing more of those that are coming back which concerns us for increased transmission in the community cases spiking in states like california and washington but the thought of virus was contained following strict lockdown measures that were later relaxed but there are spikes too in states which initially it seemed to have escaped the worst of the pandemic and where combat in corona virus became explicitly political with restrictions on behavior of presented as
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un-american for example texas 2 weeks ago the state did finally mandate mosque where in counties with 20 or more coated cases but the governor is still pleading with texans to follow the rules to prevent an economic shutdown all we need is for people to wear masks everyone wears a mask nothing will be locked down alabama to now mandate small squaring however in neighboring georgia the governor signed a late night executive order on wednesday prohibiting cities from ordering mosque usage and in oklahoma where cases are also surging the governor who himself has tested code that in 1000 positive is standing firm not thinking about a mass mandate and all this will complicate the action. major retailers who now do mandate mask usage in their stores wal-mart one of the latest saying in a statement because the virus can be spread by people who don't have symptoms and don't know they're infected it's critically important for everyone to wear
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a face covering in public but more than a 3rd of wal-mart's rules are in areas with no mosque mandate no i'm not going to i'm not going to do that retail workers feel very being told to enforce the mosque mandates with no extra support and i'm not doing it so i woke up in a free country fact liers is america's food retailer meat packing health care workers should not be the ones that have to do the enforcement and it should be the companies that not government in addition even as major retailers mandate mosques in their stores they still refuse to disclose how many of their workers have been infected are sick and have died both in stores and across their supply chains she ever chancy al-jazeera has about john's foreign minister has been sacked over what the president calls meaningless negotiations with neighboring armenia that says a ceasefire between the 2 countries was broken after just one day so far at least
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16 soldiers and one civilian have died since sunday robin foresty walka a small homes damaged daily life disrupted lives lost in azerbaijan's torvalds preachin this is the human cost of the fight to. him before he. goes out of as a last phone call to her father she could hear artillery in the background so he went out after breakfast and was hit by shelled us no one was with him when he died she said. armenian civilians are also suffering a ceasefire brokered by the o.s.c. on wednesday broke down on thursday morning. this is the armenian defense ministry says his the village of a good party. later on thursday azerbaijan's president ilham aliyev sacked his chief peace negotiator his foreign minister. there was little slinky
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unfortunately recently our diplomacy is not compatible with the successful development of our country and some cases it isn't gauged to meaningless work meaningless negotiations they just voice not only. john of had been azerbaijan's top man in the goshi ations over the status of nagorno karabakh for 16 years armenians took control of the disputed territory in a regional war in the 1990 s. in which 30000 died as a by john wants it back foreign minister moment europe was never the source of policy he was always the man implementing decisions but if you want to prove that you are taking decisive action then getting rid of your long standing foreign minister and saying that we've had enough is a sign i guess to the public from a president that is doing something firing a chief peace negotiator for failing to do his job could mean a fresh start with negotiations or it could mean more of what president aliyev
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calls offensive diplomacy robin 1st year walker al-jazeera tbilisi. will still have here all al-jazeera. this is one of many ways that our voting system. suppresses the vote of black people and reduces their political voice. losing the right to vote why 6000000 americans have been banned from the ballot box . and an overwhelmed health care situation the dire situation in brazil as corona virus infections past 2000000. hello i think japan still is sitting just away from the heaviest surveyed of the
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the seasonal front you can see it's mostly heavy showers just touching something peugeot and then over the water but grazing possibly grazing take you start your weekend could be a wet one the next develop is probably this rather large hoop hole hump in the my advice system which is producing yet more rain over the already flooded yanks in even the yellow river as you can see the hole is trying to move north now which is correct it does move north and then it fades away hong-kong therefore was humid but probably dry at 33 degrees and south of this bit of a gap we've seen some pretty nasty rain as you well know in a way see the bank of showers is still there but i think the drift of heaviest stuff is probably further west until the next batch comes in so the forecast for friday then relatively dry here not so much inside iraq western borneo nor indeed in sumatra where daily show seem to be quite active down the whole sort of ways he gets away with a briefly dry a sparrow would want to guarantee their southwest monsoon and settle down into what
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you might expect it to do now not so much the heavy showers in bangladesh and the northeast but down the western side of india and in gujarat. i'm allowing an orphan. raised in a chinese buddhist orphanage. faces a momentous life decision. a personal story of competing identities. the chad light on growing cultural ties. in africa a witness documentary on al-jazeera. all. the world war the world.
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by a. book about you're watching out 0 of me so ho romney a reminder of our top news stories the u.k. u.s. and canada accused the russian cyber spies of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research they say the hackers are linked to russian intelligence services moscow denies the accusations. the governor of the u.s. state of georgia is suing a city man who ordered the mandatory wearing of math governor brian kemp says the atlanta officials mandate violates his executive order that prevents local governments from enforcing such measures that azerbaijan as president has sacked his foreign minister of what he's calling meaningless negotiations with neighboring armenia that's a ceasefire between the 2 countries was broken just after one day the latest fighting began on sunday. a top official of the u.s.
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state department says the european union needs to be more critical of countries that violate a u.n. arms embargo in libya david schenker who's the assistant secretary for near east affairs says the block is biased and only criticizes turkish involvement in the conflict showing he says the e.u. isn't doing enough to stop violations by countries like the united arab emirates or egypt jason patric is the founder of the consultancy in libya analysis he explains why the u.s. has started to get more involved in the conflict there are 2 reasons for this one is that general haftar are lost his attempt to take tripoli and therefore you know trump wanted to back away her and he called him in april 2900 when he thought that after might win and and now they have to has lost the u.s. feels that they need to help sort things out but. after i made another mistake which is that trump loves neo populist authoritarians but he really likes them if
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they're loyal and have to are was caught buying gold from venezuela by dispatching his private plane there last week and that's a violation of u.s. sanctions and undercuts trump goals for the whole region and therefore they've called him on pump a i've talked to half tar said he's got to undo the oil blockade and they're putting pressure on him medium players like the u.a.e. turkey greece egypt are now major players in libya so the e.u. can play a convening role if it could just get its act together and yes the u.s. and russia are going to be big players and there's going to be horse trading the problem is that it present the russians saudis that emery's want people off the market because they're all is not getting the money that they wanted to get to the coronavirus in the global economic approach and so they're happy for the libya comfort to continue and the oil to not be on the market it will require u.s.
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pressure and you pressure to convince them otherwise that it's good to have libyan oil back on the market and that solving this conflict is in everyone's best interest the u.s. aid chief is warning g. 20 nations to step up their response to coronavirus or pay the price later mark local support for poor nations has been inadequate and short sighted he's asking for $10000000000.00 to help those countries fight the pandemic and deal with the economic impact. k.b. 19 and the associated global recession are about to wreak havoc in french. countries and my message today to the g 20 and other rich nations is that unless we act now we should be prepared for a series of human tragedies more brutal and destructive than any direct health impacts of the virus in action believe a virus free to circle. it will undo decades of development and it will create
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a generation's worth of tragic and exploitable problems. the number of cases in brazil has passed 2000000 it's the world's 2nd biggest break after the united states there are many concerns that one factions are going unreported due to a lack of testing or hospitals in some parts of the country who are still struggling to cope to reason by reports. this is the old aware of a public hospital in the city of campin years in brazil just northwest of sao paolo video from the hospital shows there are no available i.c.u. beds left to treat covert 1000 patients the food it was recorded by a doctor who works at a facility but does not want his identity to be revealed health officials in the city have a knowledged the coronavirus has become a major public health threat as instead many days with 100 percent of i.c.u. bed occupation for around 10 days some people had to wait to get an i.c.u.
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bade they could all get medical care but had to wait for a vacancy. even though the number of 1000 cases have started to decrease in brazil's main cities it is in smaller ones like i'm being asked where the number of coronavirus infections continue to rise outside the hospital people wait in line to be treated. as one of them he's father he's receiving treatment for the disease of them to have. a kind to test the code because my father got the disease and he's actually in the care right now accompanied him to hospital and since i had flu symptoms or trying to get tested couldn't do it. brazil's president who tested positive for the virus remains in isolation he says he's being treated with hydroxy chloral queen despite some warning against using the drug by the world health organization. it's worked for me and many people many doctors say it works i'm not campaigning for this remedy even because it's cost is very low i mean
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that's why i'm some people down for it others feel they doing that for ideological reasons it seems but the fact is it's working also not always being criticized for his handling of the crisis cost by covert $19.00 he opposed lockdowns are referred to the disease early on as a little flu to health ministers resigned because of differences of opinion with the president now the ministries being run by an active duty military general since a lot of the bus willow took office at least 25 members of the military have been appointed in his ministry human rights groups say they are concerned we have like 9 ministers. 3000 people in your heart ministration is the biggest number. there are several you can read an invite to clerk in the ministry of health she was challenging. the way doctors there were not. and where nothing i saw. somebody who
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will follow his instructions. so it's. very troubling them so well. over 75000 people have died of covert 19 in brazil many people believe those deaths could have been prevented evil only the president had responded differently they say i will. now the earth hospital in bangladesh has been arrested for issuing thousands of fake negative coronavirus tests after a 9 day search police caught muhammad shahid who was trying to flee to india in a burka he's accused of giving more than 6000 fake certificates to patients saying they were virus free without actually testing them several other people have also been arrested in the scam the f.b.i. is investigating a major hacking campaign that targeted some of the world's most high profile users
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on twitter hackers took over the social media accounts of celebrities and political figures including u.s. presidential nominee joe biden musk and kim kardashian they tried to scam their followers into sending digital money known as bitcoin as a precaution twitter says it will continue to lock accounts that changed passwords in the past month. voter suppression is a contentious issue in the u.s. with an estimated $6000000.00 convicted criminals unable to vote some analysts say the system's pacifically targets african-americans who are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system are also 4 times more likely than any other racial group to be disenfranchised but actually going to reports now from iowa city. when eric harris isn't working as a cook at a homeless shelter or taking care of the 6 children his time is spent following a passion for news and politics yet harris hasn't been able to exercise his right
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to vote as an iowan who served time for marijuana an illegal gun possession and the looting police he is banned from voting for life i think people that have been convicted of felonies they never had a chance to the voice their opinions about how they feel those of people who went through the criminal justice system the see the injustices in the criminal justice system soledad voice is important here as is one of an estimated 60000 convicted felons and i well who can't vote according to the a.c.l.u. in june republicans in the iowa senate rejected a measure that would have allowed people in the state to weigh in on a constitutional amendment ending the lifetime voting ban for convicted felons to find out why i contacted about a dozen senators in the state and county republican parties no one responded. it's the latest setback in a more than decade long fight to abolish the ban i think i ones are much more awake
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now to the fact that this is injustice really that formerly convicted felons who have completed their senses are not allowed to vote puts a stain on our state we're the only state in the country like this across america the sentencing project says 6100000 convicted felons couldn't vote in the 26000 presidential election due to various state laws african-americans are 4 times more likely than other racial groups to be disenfranchised this is one of many ways that our voting system. suppresses the vote of black people and reduces their political voice and in our political institutions. it's unjust and it's something that we should long since have moved past in this country. harris says the stakes are high in this november's election that's why he desperately wants to cast his vote for
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president for the 1st time in his life instead he says it'll be bittersweet watching as his 1000 year old daughter casts her that's going to al jazeera i was city. i know well frogs are the biggest fish in the earth's oceans and also one of our planet's most mysterious animals despite their size they can be notoriously difficult to follow and so for years they've been congregating in record numbers in qatar's waters stuff and got exclusive access to get out to sea and swim with these gentle giants of the sea. scanning the waters but not for these playful visitors. this is a. very. real money. we've traveled almost 2 hours off the qatari coast to find these majestic animals
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the whale shark the biggest fish in the world and they gather here in huge numbers mohammed al jaida the head of the whale shark research project here explains the biggest emitter we recorded by a drone is 350 with one shot but in our database we have more than 600 record the. world record. a bucket list moment as they say. our 1st glimpse of these enormous gentle giants. it's hard to describe the feeling of swimming alongside them watching them feed feeling like tiny insignificant yet privileged guests in their world. cameraman nick porter and i surface after swimming with them for the 1st time. in
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a critical. week for a lot. the scale of what we are witnessing only really becomes apparent once you take to the sky and why do they come here the main thing in this area is the temperature the well you see if you go 5 or 6 kilometers out of this area the water temperature is about between 32 to 34 average 32 degrees centigrade in this area here. about $2728.00 it's the best or the ideal temperature for fish to breed so when they breed or spawn here the shark comes for the brought in you know they come specifically for the fish you know the caviar you know. part of the shark family they are filter feeders and they are categorized as endangered unsurprisingly mostly due to man's activities. research had been going on into this population since 2010 together with some of the major energy companies but has been
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put on hold in the last few years the local teams are keen to get things moving again back on the boat so how was it just unbelievable to see how many will sharks and this area here also eager to join us on our trip. a qatari world traveler he has never seen such a gathering before in the maldives we were to go in and spend 4 hours to spot one will show one will sharks and the money and then he and his like everywhere everywhere only miss will shock. the doctors as though there were the other one is coming that they're not going i mean saying it's not enough something you know you see now in the hurt them but it's still 50 maybe bigger and here the water is below 30 feet i'm not in the country now we get back into the water it's hard to end such a unique and special experience for now there is no way for the public to come here
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but we're told it's being looked into raising awareness could also be a way to ensure more protection and more research into this whale shark population . it is a privilege to host these graceful sea giants and we all have a duty to play our part in protecting them stephanie decker al-jazeera of the guitar a coast. guard reserve meets a whole rama reminder of our top news stories the u.k. u.s. and canada have accused russian cyber spies of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research they say the hackers are linked to russian intelligence services moscow denies the accusations we're not entirely sure but it feels in any event as if it's being done for their own purposes whether it's commercial or otherwise in any event as i said given the order to try to come together to find
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a vaccine for our in people's bridge people here in the u.k. but also for people around the world i'm afraid it's a pretty egregious behavior and it is and it should be called. the governor of the year state of georgia is suing a city man who ordered the mandatory wearing of masks governor brian combs says the atlanta official's mandate violates his executive order that prevents local governments from enforcing such measures several cities in the state of also push back against his orders and azerbaijan's president has his foreign minister over what he's calling meaningless negotiations with neighboring armenia that sounds a ceasefire between the 2 countries was broken just after one day the latest fighting began on sunday and a top official at the u.s. state department says the european union needs to do more critical be more critical of countries that violate a u.n. arms embargo in libya david schenker who is assistant secretary for near east
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affairs says the block is biased and only criticizes turkish involvement in the conflict shanker says the e.u. isn't doing enough to stop violations by countries like the united arab emirates or egypt. the f.b.i. is investigating a major hacking campaign that targeted some of the world's most high profile users on twitter hackers took over the social media accounts of celebrities and political figures including including u.s. presidential nominee joe biden musk and can conduct should not be trying to scam followers into sending digital money known as bitcoin. the leaders of serbian cause of talks for the 1st time in nearly 2 years european union officials appraise the 2 countries for resuming talks aimed at easing tensions serbia has refused to recognize kosovo sovereignty is a declared independence in 2008 there's the headlines more news in half an hour inside story is next.
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well i mean you go to war again both sides blame each other for the fighting on the border decades of animosity the result. hello and welcome to the program on iran come on it's a conflict with roots dating back to the collapse of the soviet union armenia and azerbaijan have been in dispute over the new go on a region for decades it's recognized internationally as part of azerbaijan but
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controlled by ethnic amin.


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