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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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every generation has higher per machine. hours in. russian backed queues of trying to steal research on a coronavirus vaccine but the kremlin denies the allegations. columcille rommany what yalit is their allies my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes the coronavirus mask debate in the u.s. heads to court a governor wants a judge to block a coverup order by the mayor of atlanta. are not a political statement may ask our public health to.
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fighting flares up or long as a by johns border with armenia just one day into a cease fire. a nickel a gauge at sydney's asylum seekers center looking at how many people are struggling to cope during the global pandemic after being left out of government support package is. welcome to the program a russian cyber spies have been accused of trying to steal research on a possible corona virus vaccine the u.k. u.s. and canada say hackers who are part of russian intelligence services are targeting institutions that are developing a vaccine the british government says it also has evidence of interference in last year's general election the kremlin has denied the allegations charlie rangel has more. it's a global race to find a vaccine for covert 19 and one country is accused of trying to cheat. the u.k.'s
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national cybersecurity center says russian hackers known as a p t 29 the jukes or cozy have tried to infiltrate coronavirus facilities to steal their work britain the u.s. and canada whose research into possible vaccines is quickly advancing have all been targeted to be targeting with cyber attacks the international effort not just here in the u.k. but in kind of in the u.s. to try and find a vaccine which is for the greater good of the world as well as our people here at home and i think is actually right we called out in this measured way with our international partners the hackers are believed to operate as part of the russian intelligence service allegations that russia strongly denies the u.k. government says the hackers are using fishing and malware in their attacks and they've supplied coding instructions that were going to his asians can protect themselves this latest attack comes as the u.k. reveals russian hackers also interfered in the country's general election last year
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by trying to spread an amplifier leaks documents online video to go in there are severe the when you ask that sure are a criminal investigation is going on but i've this stage it would be inappropriate for us to say something britain has said this day many so vague controversial that it's almost impossible to understand if it's inappropriate to say it then do not say if you do any of the straight the fact is. there's also evidence of meddling in the $26000.00 bricks it vote and the election that followed a year later the government says it will finally release a report with details next week for high level attacks in 4 years but security experts say they're not surprised but it's changed is that what amir putin starting about 2013. changed his policy and ordered the intelligence services to engage in a more systematic aggressive series of actions to destabilize elections and to.
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disrupt russia's. rivals which is the european union nato united kingdom france united states they also say that vaccine development is a priority target for intelligence agencies russia wouldn't be the only state involved china angela al-jazeera. the debate over facemask rules in the u.s. is heading to court as coronavirus cases that continue to break records around $70000.00 factions were confirmed on thursday the highest daily tally but the governor of georgia wants to prevent the city of atlanta from making face coverings compulsory to try to stop the spread brian kemp is suing atlanta's mayor saying she has overstepped her authority with the mask order he wants a judge to express the block atlanta and at least 14 other local governments all $26.00 u.s. states now require face coverings to be worn in public. the new york. mask of
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america. new york's governor has launched a national campaign to encourage people to wear masks in public despite the rising cases there's still no official ruling on their use from the federal government share returns and has more. several months into the pandemic am coded 19 testing is still beset by restrictions shortages and delays in several states for those eligible for a test long waits have to be endured and it may be a week or more before results are disclosed even with many unable to be tested the trends are all menace with coded 19 infections reported to be rising rapidly in 40 of the us is 50 states we were previously see about one inch and or even one in a large house we were doing in the community it were coming back now we're seeing one inch or so about 25 percent of all the tests that were doing which we've also
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ramped up we're seeing more of those that are coming back which concerns us for increased transmission in the community cases spiking in states like california and washington but the thought the virus was contained following strict lockdown measures that were later relaxed but there are spikes too in states which initially it seemed to have escaped the worst of the pandemic and where combat in corona virus became explicitly political with restrictions on behavior of presented as un-american for example texas 2 weeks ago the state did finally mandate ma squaring in counties with 20 or more crude cases but the governor is still pleading with texans to follow the rules to prevent an economic shutdown all we need is for people to wear masks everyone wears a mask nothing will be locked down alabama to now mandate small squaring however in neighboring georgia the governor signed a late night executive order on wednesday prohibiting cities from ordering mosque
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usage and in oklahoma where cases are also surging the governor who himself was tested in 1000 positive is standing firm not thinking about a mass mandate and all this will complicate the action. major retailers who now do mandate mosque usage in their stores wal-mart one of the latest saying in a statement because the virus can be spread by people who don't have symptoms i'm don't know who they're infected it's critically important for everyone to wear a face covering in public but more than a 3rd of wal-mart's rules are in areas with no mosque mandate no i'm not going to put it and i'm not going to do that retail workers feel they're being told to enforce the mosque mandates with no extra support and i'm not doing it so i woke up in a free country fact is that america's food retail meat packing health care workers should not be the ones that have to do the enforcement it should be the companies
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and not government in addition even as major retailers mandate mosques in their stores they still refuse to disclose how many of their workers have been infected are sick and have died both in stores and across their supply chains she have a chance the al-jazeera. julie fisher is an associate research professor of microbiology and immunology at the georgetown university medical center joins me now from washington d.c. via skype good to have you with us on the program and thanks for your time to wear or not to wear a mask i mean the debate is a heated one often violent depending on where in the world it's being discussed but drug global audience julie what are the pros and cons of wearing a mask during this pandemic. early on the pandemic advice from the world health organization and from a national agencies like the u.s. city see discouraged people who do not have symptoms from wearing masks based on experience during past outbreaks during the 2003 sars epidemic for example people
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who are not transmitting virus to others until they had symptoms so. cho and c.d.c. and others discourage people from wearing masks if they were not symptomatic to try to encourage them to conserve the scarce medical resources for the people who really needed it those who had symptoms and needed care those who are caring for them and health care providers but the way science works is that we learn more and it changes now we know that many people are capable of transmitting the virus several days before they are experiencing any symptoms and so the advice has changed the advice is now to wear a mask to prevent unintentionally infecting someone else before what is even aware that an infection is occurring indeed i mean various pandemics have different you might say symptoms you talked about sars has also been has the global public message failed because we didn't really know how the virus is transmitted by touch by by moisture it was all still very confusing in the early few months of this
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wasn't it. yes it was quite confusing and without understanding the really important role of people who are asymptomatic of no symptoms were pretty symptomatic and disease transmission glucose was simply not as. cautious as we now in retrospect wish it could have been. at the moment we're now seeing this debate very politicized we're seeing the atlanta governor saying that he does want to see face mass the story the atlanta georgia governor does want to see facemask be allowed to marry does we're seeing the same sort of debating what alabama texas oklahoma arkansas is a very confusing message certainly for the american public in your opinion if you can give one do you think there is a solution for that could be acceptable to everyone. well i think at this point the more clearly we can communicate what the risks are and how masks do protect others
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they're not they're not personal protective equipment they do not prevent the person wearing them from necessarily being exposed and infected but they do help if someone is unknowingly infected help prevent them from infecting others and given how rapidly the virus is now being transmitted in some communities across the united states and anything that we could do to slow down the transmission is critically important to 2nd wives and to trying to keep the economy going so that stores can open and people can go about some part of their normal lives so i think what we really need here is a clear message on why masks are important so that people understand how their actions can affect their health not only of their own families but of their whole communities we're now seeing france and the united kingdom implement a policy that masks will have to be worn in shops or in public places by next week do you think the american public or publics that do not really want to wear masks.
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or see what other parts of the world are doing and if the levels of corona virus infections reducing actually you know what maybe they're on to something here and we should do that in our neck of the woods. i think that we learn about these health risks and behaviors become normal the more we get used to them i think a parallel other certainly less of an acute one was changing attitudes about smoking indoors in public places dams but in that because it did pose a risk to other people they couldn't control it were incredibly unpopular in some parts of the us and some other parts of the world but as we all become accustomed to the idea that it's protecting others it becomes less objectionable people really give it careful thought and they make decisions about about how to modify their own behavior but i do think that seeing the difference between communities where transmission has been slowed and those where we are seeing alarmingly high and
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rising rates can help people make those that's where the good decisions but see what does happen julie fisher it's good to get your advice and your insight into this and thanks for joining us from washington d.c. thank you thank you. as about john's foreign minister has been signed over what the president calls meaningless negotiations with neighboring armenia it came on the same day border clashes between the 2 countries resumed following a brief cease fire at least 16 soldiers and one civilian who died in several days of fighting over long disputed region robin forestay walker has more homes damaged daily life disrupted lives lost in azerbaijan's province region this is the cost of the fighting. didn't have a. nation goes out of as a last phone call to her father she could hear artillery in the background so he went out after breakfast and was hit by
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a show no one was with him when he died she said. armenian civilians are also suffering a ceasefire brokered by the o.s.c. on wednesday broke down on thursday morning. this the armenian defense ministry says his the village of a good party. later on thursday azerbaijan's president ilham aliyev sacked his chief peace negotiator his foreign minister. there was little slinky unfortunately recently our diplomacy is not compatible with the successful development of our country and some cases it isn't gauged to meaningless work meaningless negotiations they just boys not only. john of had been azerbaijan's top man in the goshi ations over the status of nagorno karabakh for 16 years armenians to control of the disputed territory in a regional war in the 1990 s.
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in which 30000 died as a by john wants it back foreign minister moment europe was never the source of policy he was always the man implementing decisions but if you want to prove that you are taking decisive action then getting rid of your longstanding foreign minister and saying where we've had enough is a sign i guess to the public from a president that is doing something firing a chief peace negotiator for failing to do his job could mean a fresh start with negotiations or it could mean more of what president aliyev calls offensive diplomacy robin 1st year walker al-jazeera tbilisi well still ahead here on al-jazeera calling on violators the european union urged to do more about those defying a u.n. arms embargo in the libya. and these top court strikes down a deal that allowed tech companies to transfer european citizens data to the u.s. .
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hello i think japan still is sitting just away from the heavy surveyed of the the seasonal front you can see it's mostly heavy showers just touching something peugeot and then over the water but grazing possibly grazing take you start your weekend could be a wet one the next develop is probably this rather large hoop hole hump in the my advice system which is producing yet more rain over the already flooded yanks in even the yellow river as you can see the hole is trying to move north now which is correct it does move north and then it fades away hong kong therefore was humid but probably dry at 33 degrees and south of this bit of a gap we've seen some pretty nasty rain as you well know in solar way see the bank of showers is still there but i think the drift of heaviest stuff is probably
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further west until the next batch comes in so the forecast for friday then relatively dry here not so much inside iraq west in borneo nor indeed in sumatra where daily show seem to be quite active but on the whole sort of ways to get so way was a briefly dry a sparrow would want to guarantee their southwest monsoon has settled down to what you might expect it to do now not so much the heavy showers in bangladesh or the northeast but down the western side of india and in gujarat. the. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit against the arts was a full circle. al-jazeera
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selects changemaker as. welcome back you're watching officer with me said the romney reminder of our top stories the u.k. u.s. and canada have accused russian cyber spies of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research they say the hackers a link to russian intelligence services moscow denies the allegations. the governor of the u.s. state of georgia is suing the mayor of atlanta for making it mandatory to wear face masks in public governor brian kemp says the move violates his executive order preventing local governments from enforcing such passions. and fighting on the
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border between armenia and azerbaijan has resumed following a short lived ceasefire at least 16 soldiers and one civilian have died in several days of fighting the 2 countries have been told for years over a long disputed region. a top u.s. official state from the state department says the european union needs to be more critical of countries that violate a u.n. arms embargo in libya david schenker who is the assistant secretary for near east affairs says the block is biased and only criticizes turkey's involvement in the conflict shanker says the e.u. isn't doing enough to stop violations by countries such as the united arab emirates or egypt peter millet's is a former british ambassador to libya he says the arms embargo needs to be fully monitored. and unfortunately the the european voice has been divided for well over 12 months partly because countries like france have been backing heft are
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the greeks and the cypriots have now jumped on that bandwagon to oppose turkish support for the government of national accord so europe has been unable to speak with a single voice operationally rini was which is not rationed to monitor the arms embargo was a well meaning initiative but since it only monitors see transport and not air transport it is really only monitoring turkey's potential violations of the environment not violations of violations which are flown in by the emirates on jet planes or the russians in particular from the u.a.e. there were multiple reports earlier this year of as many as 100 flights from the emirates to eastern libya and to western egypt flying in all sorts of military equipment. we don't know the quantities that have been shipped in from turkey but libya is already awash with weapons those weapons have actually brought about
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a military stalemate around the city of sirte what we really need now is a cease fire and proper monitoring and complete monitoring of the arms embargo. egypt's president has warned that he won't ignore direct threats to egyptian and libyan national security that's up to tribal leaders who supported warlord cleaver have to call for egyptian military intervention in libya sisi has previously said egypt would support have to forces if tripoli's internationally recognized government and its turkish allies renewed their assault on the city of sirte. well refugee advocacy groups in australia warning of an impending crisis for asylum seekers many of lost jobs are finding it hard to make ends meet because of the credit virus pandemic and they've also been excluded from government support packages as nicholas cage reports from sydney it's been
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a year of uncertainty for many people including zacky hadari an asylum seeker from the ethnic minority group in afghanistan he's been in astray since 2012 on a temporary protection visa but with government results is going mainly into the fight against coronavirus he's worried whether he'll be able to stay in the country when he's be easer expires next year everything happens it's just sort of adds up and. stress that make you think it'll have an impact on my these hours or my visa process that's going through that he is one of the lucky ones he's still working but just like many as trial ian's migrants and asylum seekers also lost their jobs due to the pandemic and while citizens and permanent residents receive financial support from the government people seeking asylum and temporary visa holders don't ultimately where leaving people to starve while leaving people to face destitution and homelessness unless the government steps in with no financial
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support from the government the job has fallen on charities and sydney's asylum seekers center volunteers help pack everything from bread and milk to toiletries then use their own cars to deliver the items to families in the 1st week of the pandemic calls for help to the center tripled with many people saying they couldn't afford to buy many basic food items or pay their bills at the moment volunteers here a fading about 1100 people every fortnight. it's prompted calls to people on temporary visas to be included in the government's coronavirus program the federal government has advised though if you can no longer support themselves to consider going home that rights groups say that's not an option for many including those seeking asylum it is becoming a humanitarian crisis within a 1st world country such as australia what you're saying is that people with no income they can't pay their rent the impact of this crisis is not just limited to
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temporary visa holders but a strain is well known for its hardline approach to refugees and asylum seekers while from the states including while the providing emergency financial packages advocates a long term support is needed especially with a 2nd wave quoted 19 cases approaching leaving many we can even more uncertain future. gauge 0. there is investigating a major hacking campaign that's targeted some of the world's most high profile users all twitter hackers took over the social media accounts of celebrities and political figures including u.s. presidential nominee joe biden musk and kim kardashian they tried to scam their followers into sending digital money known as bitcoin as a precaution twitter says it will continue to lock accounts changed passwords in the past month. court has canceled a data transfer deal between europe and the u.s.
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because of concerns the american government will snoop on people's personal information and the pact a lot of around 5000 companies including tech giants are just facebook to send data across the atlantic privacy activists have welcomed the ruling that business groups are worried that it will disrupt their operations alexia brian explains. the case was called facebook ireland and shrimps for words that could have major global implications sram says all the and privacy activist meke shrimps so were really really happy with his judgement he launched legal action against facebook and its european headquarters in ireland arguing his daughter wasn't protected when it was transferred to the social media giant servers in the us. the case went from ireland to europe's top court and knox and work where judges agreed with him 5 commission implementing decision e.u.
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2016 well of on that 50 is invalid. the court has ordered the scrapping of an agreement called the previously shield which was supposed to keep the doctor of european customers safe when it was transmitted across the atlantic not because many u.s. tech companies are obliged to give some access to government surveillance the court found that safety can't be ensured this has been seen as the way in which the european commission has bowed down to u.s. influence and the court of justice claims that this is not enough so what happens now with the privacy shield is that a lot of data transfers are going to have to be stopped. max rahm's has been here before this is the 2nd major data deal that's been spiked because of him the 1st was previously shields pretty serious are called safe harbor the cases steam from revelations by whistleblower edward snowden that the u.s. government was snooping on people's online data and communications i think the only
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solution we can possibly see is serious surveillance reform in the u.s. because that now becomes a business interest in the silicon valley will simply realize that either in the us laws are going to be changed to a certain extent or they will literally have to move a lot of their operation to europe and even split their systems into 2 parts the u.s. government says it's deeply disappointed by the latest decision of facebook in the european union a study in the ruling i know such as us and businesses seeking surance today on both sides of the atlantic so let me be clear we will continue our work to ensure the continuity of safe state officials. who do not hold another global data sharing mechanism used by thousands of companies for things like cloud storage payroll and finance while the e.u. and the u.s. must now work out a new way to share data the court stressed that all privacy watchdogs must do more
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to keep users material safe. alexia brian al-jazeera. the u.s. attorney general says americans are becoming overly reliant on chinese goods and services including coronavirus protective equipment william barr has joined the growing chorus of u.s. officials publicly criticizing the chinese government he says is engaged in an economic blitzkrieg to surpass the u.s. as the world's preeminent superpower our white house correspondent could be healthy it has this update. there's no question this is an administration that is angry over the fact that it has had a decimated economy looking for someone to blame accusing china of not being more transparent about covert 19 that of course is obliterated the jobs market in the united states when the us president in an election year was hoping to rebound for a 2nd term as a result of what he saw as historic gains in the economy now that those have been wiped out we've seen that increasingly and number of measures and also tipped for
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tat actions between the united states and china essentially their relations continuing the downward spiral the latest we understand as is that reporting that has come out the administration has under further consideration a plan to potentially band member band members of the chinese communist party how we understand this would be done is through presidential order similar to what we saw in 2017 where the u.s. president put in place a travel ban for some muslim majority countries essentially the argument being that they're not compliant in terms of security measures until standards are met there would be a bam but this would apply to millions of chinese officials and their families and of course this in addition to being a very broad and sweeping order which would even have potential economic impacts there is also the concern for retaliation and some sort of tit for tat measure by china we could tell you already just on news of this the foreign ministry has
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called the plan pathetic. the leaders of serbia and kosovo have been to talks for the 1st time in nearly 2 years european union officials of praise the 2 countries for resuming talks aimed at easing tensions serbia has refused to recognize kosovo sovereignty since it declared independence in 2008. georgiades there with me so raman a reminder of our top news stories the u.k. the u.s. and canada have accused russian cyber spies of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research they say the hackers are linked to russian intelligence services moscow denies the accusations we're not entirely sure but it feels in any event as if it's being done for their own purposes whether it's commercial or otherwise in any event as i said given the order to try to come together to find
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a vaccine for in people's bridge people here in the u.k. but also for people around the world i'm afraid it's a pretty egregious behavior and it is and it should be called. the governor of the u.s. state of georgia is suing the mayor atlanta for making it mandatory to wear face masks in public for governor brian kemp says the move violates his executive order preventing local governments from enforcing such measures several cities in the state have pushed back against the order well fighting on the border between armenia and azerbaijan as resumed following a short lived ceasefire at least 16 soldiers and one civilian have died in several days of fighting the 2 countries have been at odds for years over a long disputed region. and a top official of the u.s. state department says the european union needs to be more critical of countries that violate a u.n. arms embargo in libya david schenker who's the assistant secretary for near east affairs says the block is biased and only criticizes turkish involvement in the conflict he says the e.u.
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isn't doing enough to stop violations by countries such as the united arab emirates or egypt. the f.b.i. is investigating a major hacking campaign that targeted some of the world's most high profile users on twitter hackers took over the social media accounts of celebrities and political figures and trying to scam followers into sending digital money though as bitcoin the u.s. attorney general says americans have become overly reliant on chinese goods and services including coronavirus protective equipment william barr has joined the growing chorus of u.s. officials publicly criticizing the chinese government he says it's engaged in an economic blitzkrieg to surpass the u.s. as the world's preeminent superpower those were the headlines adrian figure will have more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's techno to stay with us .
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a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis. like this. is. really for sale an investigation into how billions of
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euros on made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is. as amounts of money involved yemen war profiteer. this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fighting fire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware in humanity and we're doing it winick. this is a show about science. by scientists. techno investigates gold at any cost. we travel deep into.


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