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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports it is a disease going to affect anyone any age i'll just be around has teens on the ground this is the main business lobby money or the person here to bring new moon when documentaries and life needs. india records a 1000000 cases of coronavirus but many fear the actual number could be much higher . it's more than 2000000 in brazil where hospitals are nearing breaking. i'm convinced this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a court battle over mosques and american government trans to stop them becoming
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compulsory in public. the u.s. tells the european union it should do more to tackle those define a u.n. arms embargo in libya plus. an equally gauge at sydney's asylum seeker center looking at how many people are struggling to cope curing the global pandemic after being left out of government support packages. that impose the world's biggest lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic but since india started lifting restrictions last month the number of cases has been growing rapidly now it's past the 1000000 mark with testing still limited it's believed the actual number of infections could be much higher several states of reimposed restrictions or the 25000 people have died elizabeth branham has more from new delhi. one of the most significant of these lockdowns began in the state
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of be hot on thursday it's not only india 2nd most populous with a population of nearly 130000000 people but it's also one of the most impoverished with the worst public health care in the country it's also conduct. and one of the no was to the level of tests less than a 10th of the number of tests that are conducted in the government there feels that they need to impose this lockdown for 2 weeks to try to break the chain of transmission there and there was criticism of elsewhere in the country that there's no information from the government about how they are actually using this time there's only been repatriation flights allowed into india for the last few months there's been no international commercial flights since march and that's actually been a bone of contention especially by the u.s. government which said that it's against international aviation rules for india to
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have this kind of monopoly because only indian airlines were operating these flights so the indian government has now made these deals with the u.s. and with france then negotiating with germany and the u.k. they say that this is the next step after repatriation and before going back. you know allowing international commercial flights so they are going ahead continuing with their reopening despite the rise in cases that we're seeing in the country they continuing with trying to reopen internationally. your leaders are meeting in brussels for the 1st time in moments to negotiate a plan for economic recovery from covert 90. $860000000000.00 package is aimed at pulling the european union what could be its deepest ever recession the blocks for biggest economies germany france italy and spain back the proposal but others don't told sauced month ended in deadlock. we are at the beginning of the summit now
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and the stakes couldn't be higher because if we do it right we can overcome this crisis stronger and emerge stronger from the crisis all the necessary pieces are on the table and a solution is possible and the solution that is what our people in europe expect from us because it's their jobs that are at stake and the risk of the virus still persists and the whole world is watching us. infections in the u.s. have hit another record of 70000 cases in just 24 hours that's the highest recorded by a single country despite that one governor is trying to block the attempt to stop the virus spreading own fish has more. dramatic u. turns across the country as many states which had rejected the idea of telling people to wear face masks or seeing cases so that everyone can adopt the practice of wearing a face mask for the next 4 weeks we will be able to get cobra 19 out of control.
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but in georgia the governor there is going to court to ban cities and municipalities making masking in public compulsory camp says local orders can't be more restrictive than measures he's put in place his team only strongly are jews the wearing of masks the governor has taken a formal position on mass in the state of georgia so well whatever the motivation is i think that at the end of the day we all have to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do and what the scientists are telling us is that the right thing to do is to wear a mask mask are not a political statement mask our public health to a necessary public health to. the state of georgia can t. use to send mixed messages to everyone that lives here cases are no surging in
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40 of the 50 states hospitals are being stretched to the limit we were previously see about one inch and or even one in 8 of our tests that we were doing in the community they were coming in back now we're seeing one and or so about 25 percent of all the tests that were doing which we've also ramped up but we're seeing more of those that are coming back which concerns us for increased transmission in the community the u.s. government centers for disease control recommends wearing a mask as do most medical professionals but it's only mandated in about half the states many retailers have their own policies no mask no service but that's what some angry reactions putting one customer drawing a gun in florida new york's governor andrew cuomo has enlisted one of the most trusted voices in america to get the message across like when you wear a mask you have more respect. because your mask doesn't protect you
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it protects me morgan freeman appears on these public service announcements america to mask up but it's clear the issue has become political and in america in 2020 political means divisive but many governors are warning if things don't improve when you'd stay at home orders might not be far behind alan fischer al-jazeera there's growing pressure from donald trump said mr ation to reopen schools across the u.s. despite the record number of new infections there's been a public backlash since the president's education secretary 1st announced the guidance the white house says the consequences of not reopening far outweigh any risks to children. the science is on our side here i am we encouraged for localities and states to just simply follow the science open our schools it's very damaging to our children there's a lack of reporting of abuse are there is mental depressions that are not address
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suicidal ideations that are not addressed when students are not in school our schools are extremely important they're essential and they must reopen. the world's 2nd biggest corona virus outbreak after the u.s. is in brazil where the number of cases has passed 2000000 hospitals in some areas are struggling to cope and there are concerns many infections are going on reported because of a lack of testing traceable reports. this is the old overhead of a public hospital in the city of campin yes in brazil just northwest of sao paulo video from the hospital shows there are no available i.c.u. beds left to treat covert 1000 patients the food it was recorded by a doctor who works at a facility but does not want his identity to be revealed health officials in the city have a knowledged the coronavirus has become a major public health threat as instead many days with 100 percent of i.c.u. bed occupation for around 10 days some people had to wait to get an i.c.u.
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bait they could all get medical care but had to wait for a vacancy. even though the number of 1000 cases have started to decrease in brazil's main cities it is in smaller ones like i'm being asked where the number of coronavirus infections continue to rise outside the hospital people wait in line to be treated equally as one of them he's father he's receiving treatment for the disease. are kind to test the code because my father got the disease and he's actually need to care right now accompanied him to hospital and since i had flu symptoms of trying to get tested couldn't do it. brazil's president who tested positive for the virus remains in isolation he says he's being treated with hydroxy chloral queen despite some warning against using the drug by the world health organization. it's worked for me and many people many doctors say it works i'm not campaigning for this remedy even because it's cost is very low i mean
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that's why i'm some people down for it others feel they're doing that for ideological reasons it seems but the fact is it's working also not always being criticized for his handling of the crisis cost by covert $19.00 he opposed lockdowns or referred to the disease early on as a little flu 2 health ministers resigned because of differences of opinion with the president now the ministries being run by an active duty military general sees a lot of us willow took office at least 25 members of the military have been appointed in his ministry human rights groups say they're concerned we have like 9 ministers a $1000000.00. 3000 people in your heart ministration is the biggest number. ever you can read an invite to clerk in the ministry of health she was challenging there's no way that we're not.
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we're not going i. told somebody who will follow his instructions. so it's. very troubling. over 75000 people have died of covert 1000 in brazil many people believe those deaths could have been prevented evil only the president had responded differently they say i will. british airways is retiring its entire fleet of boeing $74.00 seventh's because so few passengers are flying during the coronavirus pandemic $31.00 of the jumbo jets face the scrapheap their retirement is 4 years earlier than planned as being a like many rivals turn to new fuel efficient aircraft and has already announced plans to lay off $12000.00 staff. israel's imposing logged on missions off to seeing a new infections the restrictions come into force late on friday comes amid mass
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protests over the government's handling of the crisis the new restrictions will close government offices to the public for to use on site staff by half it will also for some public places to shop for the weekend including the markets. so ahead on al-jazeera fighting flares along as a border with media just one day into a cease fire. and we look at why there's been a surge in violent crime in nature and merican scenes. hello there plenty of activity throughout much of indonesia some strong downpours at times and thunderstorms you can see them here those bright yellow flashes particular cross into areas of sumatra but really the heavy rain again as we go through saturday that will be across much of the south the u.s.
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who calls is where we had that recent deadly landslide but also you've got very heavy rain south across much of central and western areas of borneo that by sunday heavy rains really very widespread throughout much of the philippines some heavy downpours expected as well later in the day across into lose all meanwhile scattered showers and thunderstorms right the way across thailand on up towards vietnam and then tools australia mostly clear and fine now that air pressure that was bringing the great to the coast of sydney vassie is beginning to wind down heading across towards new zealand however the have been weather warnings in place and this is why because that system had some destructive winds and waves and just look at the land erosion here along the coast this is the central coast of new south wales these homes as you can see now really quite precarious integrals that is the downside of the goods. are enjoying as we go through saturday it's an improving picture certainly into sydney we've got more rain heading across the great bite is clearing all the while away from western australia so not a bad day on sunday quite a bit of cloud around but that rain on its way to test mania on sunday.
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for. tens of thousands of filipino nurses a saving american lives chewing the cud of 19 that they came to the us for a better life but at what cost. one a one east investigates and just. played important role in protecting human. face. to the.
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we're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour india has become the 3rd country to recall more than $1000000.00 coronavirus infections with testing limited in many areas it's fair the true figure is much higher than 25000 people and known to have done. the number of coronavirus cases in brazil has passed 2000000 more than 76000 people have done it it's the world's 2nd biggest outbreak after the u.s. . the governor of the u.s. state of georgia is suing atlanta's mayor for making it mandatory to wear masks and public governor brian camp says that violates his order preventing local governments from enforcing such measures. a top official at the u.s. state department says the european union needs to be more critical of contracts that violate a u.n. arms embargo in libya david schenker who is assistant secretary for near east affairs says the block is biased and only criticizes turkey's involvement in the
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conflict shameka says the e.u. isn't doing enough to stop violations by countries like the united arab emirates or egypt. let's bring in more our to our son from turkey he is an associate professor at tufts university and was formerly with the ministry of defense thank you so much for your time sir do you think david schenker has a point is the e.u. failing to hold those countries supporting off start to account. yes absolutely because they have started operating really to stop reference in flux in libya in accordance with the un decision but some members of this for free ition like france and greece are totally supporting hafter that means they are a what took up the linkage between turkey and libya. they were not fair states not check a gyptian libyan border and also a transfer ruds mainly from syria moscow or dubai.
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what are some of the other reasons why the e.u. is avoiding voicing criticism of say egypt or the u.a.e. rivals relationship so important. i think it's about sharing natural resources in mediterranean sea and also core processors you know libya is the gate of the overall african continent is you know more practical. so why do you. stop cold turkey or that system of government because when this of course needs to act as they have more to lose in eastern mediterranean and as your politics and also african policy. you mentioned france and greece there but we're thinking perhaps of of say if later also divisions within the e.u. over libya how is those divisions impacting their willingness to tackle the issue
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of the arms embargo. actually we can do i axes in 3 different categories the ones who support jenny legitimate government the ones who support the one the ones who prove fraud or evolve and later but act to the period through the era. if we want one or more in the overall situation and later. jenny. glee our standing with them. well i think such kind of policies are jobs short term proper and that's what they believe in the long run i think there will be our bill debate for instance supporting liberal c. or illegitimately supporting. department the middle east or not so it turns legion 2 or 3 people in the middle east the military. thank you so much for
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your time with out there an associate professor at her son kali on to university. iran has vowed to deal decisively with future protests over economic hardship this comes after security forces fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the southwestern city of their behind on tuesday the judiciary apel the death sentences of 3 men involved in unrest last november that is of urged people to refrain from any gatherings. hundreds of protesters have forced their way into an oil production site in southern to newseum they want the government to invest more money in the region which is high unemployment and failing infrastructure that largely peaceful demonstration was the biggest in weeks of unrest and political turmoil to see as prime minister resigned on wednesday. as a by jones foreign minister has been sacked for the president calls meaningless negotiations with neighboring armenia at the 16 soldiers and civilians have been
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killed in cross border attacks since sunday fighting has resumed after a brief ceasefire a walker reports. homes damaged daily life disrupted lives lost in azerbaijan's top boots region this is the human cost of the fighting. didn't have a. nation goes out of as a last phone call to her father she could hear artillery in the background so he went out after breakfast and was hit by a shell no one was with him when he died she said. armenian civilians are also suffering a ceasefire brokered by the o.s.c. on wednesday broke down on thursday morning this is the armenian defense ministry says his the village of party. later on thursday azerbaijan's president ilham aliyev sacked his chief peace negotiator his foreign minister.
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unfortunately recently our diplomacy is not compatible with the successful development of our country and some cases it isn't gauged in meaningless work meaningless negotiations they just boys. john of had been azerbaijan's top man in the goshi ations over the status of nagorno karabakh for 16 years armenians took control of the disputed territory in a regional war in the 1990 s. in which 30000 died as a by john wants it back. foreign minister moment europe was never the source of policy he was always the man implementing decisions but if you want to prove that you are taking decisive action then getting rid of your long standing foreign minister and saying we've had enough is a sign i guess to the public from a president that is doing something firing achieve peace negotiator the failing to do his job could mean
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a price start with negotiations or it could mean more of what president aliyev calls offensive diplomacy robin 1st year walker al jazeera tbilisi. india's defense minister is visiting a dissertation border region at the center of a disagreement with china rajnath singh is reviewing security in the indian administered region of ladakh it follows fighting last month between indian and chinese troops in the go on valley the 2 sides blame each other for the violence but have agreed to negotiations. taiwan's top representative in hong kong has returned home after facing what's described as unnecessary political obstacles taiwanese media reports the diplomat refused to sign a statement saying taiwan is part of one china taiwan says it's an independent democracy and not part of mainland taiwan's condemned china's imposition of a national security role in hong kong which critics say further that restricts freedom. the order of 2 hospitals in bangladesh is under arrest in connection with
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a scam involving fake coronavirus test results and child was detained after a 9 day search by police who say he was trying to escape to india at least a dozen hospital staff are also accused of issuing virus free certificates to thousands of patients without them being tested. coronavirus testing is being increased in australia as victoria state because of a record rise a daily infections nearly all of the 428 new cases and 3 deaths were in melbourne despite the reimposition of lockdown in the city neighboring new south wales has been singing and dancing at weddings as the state restricts large gatherings to curb the spread. was staying in australia and refugee advocacy groups are warning of an impending crisis for asylum seekers many have lost their jobs are finding it hard to make ends meet because of the pandemic they click a drip or it's from sydney it's been a year of uncertainty for many people including zacky hadari and it's all in secret
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from the his daraa minority group in afghanistan he's been a straight 2012 on a temporary protection visa but with government results is going mainly into the fight against coronavirus he's worried whether he'll be able to stay in the country when he's these are expires next year. everything happens this just sort of adds up a new layer of stress that make you think so little have an impact on my these or or my visa process that's going through that he is one of the lucky ones he's still working but just like many is trial eons migrants and asylum seekers also lost their jobs due to the pandemic and while citizens and permanent residents receive financial support from the government people seeking asylum and temporary visa holders don't ultimately where leaving people to starve where leaving people to face destitution and homelessness unless the government steps in. with no financial
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support from the government the job has fallen on charities and sydney's asylum seekers center volunteers help pack everything from bread and milk to toiletries then use their own cars to deliver the items to families in the 1st week of the pandemic calls for help to the center tripled with many people saying they couldn't afford to buy many basic food items or pay their bills at the moment volunteers here a saving about 1100 people every fortnight it's prompted calls for people on temporary visas to be included in the government's coronavirus program is the government has advised those who can no longer support themselves to consider going home that rights groups say that's not an option for many including those seeking asylum it is becoming a humanitarian crisis within a 1st world countries such as australia what you're saying is that people with no income the company their rent the impact of this crisis is not just limited to
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temporary visa holders but is well known for its hardline approach to refugees and asylum seekers while from states including new south wales are providing emergency financial packages advocates say a long term support is needed especially with a 2nd wave of quoted 19 cases approaching leaving many with an even more uncertain future weekly gauge 0. a strong and quick i said papa new guinea the mag richard 7 tremor struck at a depth of 85 kilometers near wow north of the capital but some damage is being reported in coastal villages a tsunami warning was issued but has now been cancelled. in the united states the rate of street crime is usually high during summer but this year it's been much worse with hundreds shuffle killed some say there are few offices because of the pandemic others blame the extra deployments to protests over the killing of george
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floyd john hendren reports from chicago. 7 year old natalia wallace was gunned down when a group of men opened fire at an independent state party one of 27 people killed in more than 100 others shot over the past 2 weekends in chicago bulls heart it's broken you can also see it's broken again. we've got to be tatted dammit i'm tied up in atlanta an 8 year old girl was gunned down the same day enough is enough in brooklyn on monday 10 people were injured and a one year old boy was killed in a drive by shooting you know this is we can't we cab got to get through to. get a root. of this problem tio hardiman who for years has worked with gangs to stop the cycle of violence is calling for drastic measures we do sa young people to consummate 3 years ago so this 18 years old is
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a hot areas with bulletproof vests and some help us imagine how crazy people have a sense of its face coverings that faced mass let's do the same for the young people in the south east and west asked if you would work it out and work out the totals of those in a year when violence is surging things could get even worse as more americans buy guns in minneapolis where george floyd died under a police officer's knee the line for gun permits in mid june was 3 hours long dealers say 4 in 10 sales go to new buyers crime analysts say each year the warm weather brings out gangsters with grudges but this year they say it's worse because after months of lockdown the armed man are out but months of police brutality protests have officers on the defensive most of the violence happens in predominantly black neighborhoods across the u.s. we cian increases from last summer to the summer and part because of protests and
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part because of the cold because they have all people coming out and there's a there's a i believe there's a tension there built up and in all or major urban areas that have been shut down. with the dawn of another summer weekend police in neighborhoods where people are often too mistrustful of police to call them are gearing up for another violent way john hendren al jazeera chicago. the f.b.i. is investigating a hacking campaign against some of the world's most high profile users on twitter hackers took over $130.00 social media accounts including celebrities and political figures such as u.s. presidential nominee joe biden mask and kim kardashian they tried to scam the followers into sending digital money in bitcoin twitter says it will continue to lock accounts with passwords which changed in the past month. a former president of the gambia is about to lose his multimillion dollar mansion in washington d.c.
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if the u.s. justice department succeeds in court. john mayer is alleged to have used the proceeds of bribery and stolen government funds to buy the home he also own 280 other properties using 100 private bank accounts they ruled the gambia for 22 years before fleeing the country after losing his reelection bid 4 years ago. i want you all just there are a reminder of the top stories india has become the 3rd country to record more than $1000000.00 coronavirus infections with testing limited many areas it's fair the actual figure is much higher than 25000 people have delight. in. brussels for the 1st time in months to negotiate a plan for economic recovery from covert $19.00 and $860000000000.00 package is
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aimed at pulling the european union what could be its deepest ever recession the blocks for biggest economies germany france italy and spain back the proposal but others don't. we are at the beginning of the summit now and the stakes couldn't be higher because if we do it right we can overcome this crisis stronger and emerge stronger from the crisis all the necessary pieces are on the table and assumption is possible and the solution that is what our people in europe expect from us because it's their jobs that are at stake and the risk of the virus still persists and the whole world is watching us the governor of the u.s. state of georgia is suing atlanta's mayor for making it mandatory to wear masks and public governor brian kim says that violates his order preventing local governments from enforcing such measures the number of coronavirus cases in brazil has passed
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2000000 more than 76000 people have died it's the world's 2nd biggest outbreak after the u.s. british airways passengers have flown on the boeing 747 for the final time as a coronavirus devastates travel demand the airline's entire fleet of $31.00 jumbo jets is being immediately retired 4 years earlier than planned the world's largest operator of the so-called queen of the skies says the announcement comes with great sadness after more than 50 years in the air. israel is imposing a lockdown measures after seeing a surge in new infections comes amid mass protests over the government's handling of the crisis. a top official of the u.s. state department says the european union needs to be more critical of countries that violate a u.n. arms embargo in libya david chang says the block is biased for news on all just there are often want to one east. a global pandemic mass protests demanding
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change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. we have over 10000 new cases. 102000 photos tested positive 14000 hospitalized. the frontline battle is in the health care system. a deadly pandemic has cut a swathe through america's biggest cities and filipino nurses are in the hospital battle filipino nurses they are very friendly you are very carrying 150000
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nurses from the philippines make up the largest foreign contingent of health care workers in the united states. but for some the.


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