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to cheat and blindfolding the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison live in the now. this is al jazeera. peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes coronavirus supports the 1000000 mark in india with some states reversing the lifting of lockdown restrictions. but when you are a man. you have more respect. mixed messaging with the u.s. reporting another record high number of infections politicians are divided over the
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wearing of mosques in public. if we do it right we can overcome this crisis the head of the european commission says the stakes couldn't be higher as e.u. leaders discuss a major financial virus recovery plan. also ahead the u.s. tells the european union it should do more to tackle those defying a u.n. arms embargo in libya. and the hamas with the sport real madrid have won the spanish league title for a record extending the 34th time. man ending the club's 3 year wait for the tennessee. we begin in india where the number of corona virus infections has now surpassed the 1000000 mark several states and re imposing restrictions after the lifting of the nationwide lockdown last month. more than 25000 indians are reported to have died
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off to contract the disease the actual number of infections could be much higher than reports of life to elizabeth peron i'm in new delhi. tell us more about the government reaction to this latest grim statistic. hi peter well we very much seen the management of the outbreak move from the central government a few months ago to being managed by state governments at the local level bringing lockdowns back into tries to stop the spread of the virus go is the latest territory it's in lockdown from today but just until sunday but it also announced said that bringing in a night or so from 8 pm till 6 o'clock in the evening until the 10th of august people allowed out of non essential activities joy and perhaps what's the most significant lockdown in the country right now is in the 2nd most populous state of
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bihar where nearly 130000000 people went into lockdown on thursday that for 2 whole weeks the situation in bihar the cases there really concerning because it's india's most impoverished state has the worst public health care and that's why the government decided to bring a lot down back in because they do not have the public health care system to deal with the sort of rise in cases that we are seeing there elsewhere in the country. for the number of lockdowns a major cities and big alluded to and today instead of an unsupportive and hearty and in the southern city of bengal do they have just installed something like 200 mobile labs in containment zones to test everyone who's staying in the containment zones the some places are using the time of the lockdown to increase testing because even though india has increased testing so much of the last few months.
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it's still not testing enough to know the real number of cases in the country now they're also bringing in this idea of bubbles or safe doors at the airport so people can go i assume from getting off the plane to getting in a taxi or on the bus in safety how is that going to work. so the 70 i should ministry has announced that it is. has these air bubbles it's calling them starting from today in fact between india and the u.s. just for 2 weeks in between india and fronts from tomorrow now they see this as the next step of the repatriation flights which have been going on for the last few months because this still no international commercial flights in india so something like 700000 people have been brought back to india and these repatriation flights some countries especially the u.s. have had an issue with these flights because they didn't think that air india that indian airlines should have a monopoly and so partly these air bubbles and to allow other airlines to
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operate these flights they are a little bit more open than the perpetuation of thought that not just the citizens people who have valid visas whether it's residency or work visas can use them and the government is in negotiations also would be u.k. in germany this is that they're going to expand the flights depending on whether there's demand for them and there's very much you know they say that this is the step between repatriation and a return to international commercial flights that they're very much continuing trying to reopen india despite the rising cases that we're seeing ok liz we have to leave it there many thanks elizabeth there on our correspondent there reporting live for the news from new delhi. the number of reported infections in brazil has now surpassed 2000000 with 75000 deaths in the 2nd worst affected country
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around the world after the united states some hospitals are now struggling to cope with concerns that many infections are going on reported because of a lack of testing a former health minister is among the voices condemning a lack of leadership from the president also narrow infections in the u.s. have set another record more than 70000 cases in 24 hours that is the highest daily number recorded by one single country so far despite that one governor is trying to block an attempt to stop the virus from spreading his alan fischer. dramatic u. turns across the country as many states which had rejected the idea of telling people to wear face masks or seeing cases search that everyone can adopt the practice of wearing a face mask for the next 4 weeks we will be able to get cobra 19 under control. but in georgia the governor there is going to court to ban cities and municipalities
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making masking in public compulsory brian kemp says local orders can't be more restrictive than measures he's put in place his team only strongly urge is the winning of masks the governor has taken a formal position on mass in the state of georgia so whatever the motivation is i think that at the end of the day we all have to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do and what the scientists are telling us is that the right thing to do is to wear masks mask are not a political statement mask are a public health to a necessary public health to. the state of georgia can t. used to send mixed messages to everyone that lives here cases are no surging in 40 of the 50 states hospitals are being stretched to the limit we were previously
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seeing about one inch and or even one in 8 of our tests that we were doing in the community they were coming in back now we're seeing one inch or so about 25 percent of all the tests that were doing which we've also ramped up but we're seeing more of those that are coming back which concerns us for increased transmission in the community the u.s. government centers for disease control recommends wearing a mask as do most medical professionals but it's only mandated and about half the states many retailers have their own policies no mask nor service but that's what some angry reactions putting one customer drawing a gun in florida you know new york's governor andrew cuomo has enlisted one of the most trusted voices in america to get the message across like when you wear a mask you have more respect. because your mask doesn't protect you it protects me morgan freeman appears on these public service announcements america
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to mask up but it's clear the issue has become political and in america in 2020 political means divisive but many governors are warning if things don't improve when you'd stay at home orders might not be far behind alan fischer al-jazeera. the white house is increasing the pressure to reopen schools across the u.s. despite a backlash from some parents and some teachers as well as a record number as we've been hearing of new infections the trumpet ministrations as the consequences of not reopening cos rooms far outweigh the risks to children. the science is on our side here i we encourage that for localities and states to just simply follow the science open our schools it's very damaging to our children there's a lack of reporting of abuse are there is mental depressions that are not address suicidal ideations that are not addressed when students are not in school our schools are extremely important they're essential and they must reopen the leaders
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are meeting in brussels for the 1st time in months to negotiate a qubit 19 recovery plan a proposed $860000000000.00 worth of a rescue package is aimed at pulling the e.u. out of what could be its deepest recession talks last month ended in deadlock use for biggest economies germany france italy and spain back the proposals other countries do not. we are at the beginning of this summit now and the stakes couldn't be higher because if we do it right we can overcome this crisis stronger and emerge stronger from the crisis all the necessary pieces are on the table and a solution is possible and the solution that is what our people in europe expect from us because it's their jobs that are at stake and the risk of the virus still persists and the whole world is watching us on this does have no need for sankar
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not that we are not sure if we'll be able to come to a solution yet although we are hopeful but we have to be realistic it will require a great deal of compromise from all of us if we are to achieve something that's good for europe and something that's an appropriate response to the economic difficulties we're facing and i expect negotiations to be very difficult. joining us now is ian begg a professor at the european institute of the l.s.e. in london he joins us on skype in great to have you here on the news hour again so this is a huge deal not least because we've had emmanuel macro and angela merkel clearly signaling now for what the best part of 2 or 3 weeks this is a defining moment for the european union very much though and if they don't reach your conclusion today it's liable to be kicked down the road until september or longer and european citizens will not be very forgiving if there isn't any kind of solution so i think this is
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a critical meeting it's worth noting that actually today's angular merkel's birthday so i think should be hoping for a particularly good birthday present. how do they square some of the circles here because they've got the baltic countries latvia lithuania estonia plus poland saying look you've got to really address where you spend it and which country gets how much money. yes it's a classic e.u. challenge of one how to horse trade your way to an agreement the problem you mention the central needs to european countries are saying we're relatively poor is the more the money should come to us the northern bloc known to some of the frugal 4 or 4 countries which are opposing this because they don't like some of the terms in which is exactly 0 and any of the southern european countries plus friends in germany pushing for an ambitious successful creation of a new recovery forms in all of this the horse trading can go in very strange
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directions for example it's being done in parallel with the negotiations on the e.u. budget for the next 7 years one component that is whether some of the countries get what's called rebates money back from what would otherwise have to pay. off or in the duction the danes a rebate is the way to get them to agree to the recovery package and what do they say to you talked about eastern europe they're all formally eastern european countries what do they say to people like viktor orban you know he's been saying in effect do not tell me what to do and if i get money from you do not tell me where to spend it. well there's a tension there for for a number of reasons one is that there's been concern about what's been happening in hungary and indeed in poland on what's called the rule of law but they resist attempts to say your money from the e.u. is conditional on you respecting certain certain rule of law norms and we have to
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remember that in all this is that every every country has a veto on the entire process because it has to be agreed unanimously therefore it will probably soft pedal the rule of law questions in the hope of seducing the likes of war or the pope who should ministration by saying here's the money to sleuthing worry last question in is it as simple as in those areas that were particularly badly hit early on in northern italy long body areas of spain is it as simple as throwing money into the health care system or is is there a list of other things that they can and should be doing. it's very much the latter because the direction for this huge e recovery program and is worth mentioning that it's one of the points of contention is whether it's direct spending grounds or loved ones that's another
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promise of going to have to resolve this is very much about the future of the of the european union as it recovers is going to be a strong emphasis in all this on what's called the green deal trying to foster a much more environmentally attractive european economic growth model is not really about expenditure and on health care with a very immediate cost so the covert 1000 crisis ok we have to leave it there ian thank you so much more also being told in that they will be changing their face masks every 4 hours and disinfecting their hands every 30 minutes back there in london good to talk to and thank you. thanks. the restrictions have come into force in israel because of a virus infections their public places such as shopping malls and tourist areas are closed at the weekends and the miti limits on social gatherings both both indoors and outdoors some israelis for help mass protests against the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is handling of the emergency. coronavirus testing is being
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increased in australia victoria state because of a record rise in daily infections that nearly all of the 428 new cases and 3 deaths were in melbourne despite the reimposition of a lockdown there neighboring new south wales has been singing and dancing at weddings as the state restricts big gatherings to curb the spread of staying in australia and refugee advocacy groups are warning of an impending crisis for asylum seekers many of lost their jobs when they're finding it hard to make ends meet because of the pandemic a click age reports from sydney it's been a year of uncertainty for many people including jackie hadari an asylum seeker from the ethnic minority group in afghanistan he's been in a straight 2012 on a temporary protection visa but with government results is going mainly into the fight against corona virus he's worried whether he'll be able to stay in the country when he's be there expires next year. everything happens this just sort of
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adds up a new layer of stress that make you think so little have an impact on my these or or my visa process that's going through that he is one of the lucky ones he's still working but just like many it's trial ian's migrants and asylum seekers also lost their jobs due to the pandemic and while citizens and permanent residents receive financial support from the government people seeking asylum and temporary visa holders don't ultimately wed leaving people to starve where leaving people to face destitution and homelessness unless the government steps in. with no financial support from the government has fallen on charities and sydney's asylum seekers center volunteers help pack everything from bread and milk to toiletries then use their own cars to deliver the items to families in the 1st week of the pandemic calls for help to the center tripled with many people saying they couldn't afford
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to buy many basic food. bills at the moment volunteers here a saving about 1100 people every fortnight it's prompted. to be included in the government's coronavirus program the central government has advised those who can no longer support themselves to consider going home that rights groups say that's not an option for many including those seeking. it is becoming a humanitarian crisis within a 1st country such as. what you're saying is that people with no income. and the impact of this crisis is not just limited to temporary visa holders. will know in for its hardline approach to refugees and asylum seekers while from states including new south wales the providing emergency financial packages advocates say a long term support is needed especially with a 2nd wave of covert 19 cases approaching leaving many with an even more uncertain
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future weekly gauge 0 sydney. plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including a regional push to mediate a non-news deepening political crisis. millions forced from their homes after china's worst flooding in decades. and it's more we'll tell you how tiger woods fared on his return to action after 5 months away. a top u.s. official of the u.s. state department says the european union needs to be more critical of countries that violates a u.n. arms embargo in libya david schenker who's assistant secretary for near east affairs says the block is biased and only criticized turkey's involvement in the conflict with the shanker says the us and doing enough to stop violations by countries such as the united arab emirates or egypt libya's un recognize government
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has condemned threats from the egyptian president to arm tribal leaders who backed khalifa haftar of the warlord abdel fattah el-sisi said that egypt would support have to forces if the tripoli government and its turkish allies renewed their assault on the city of sirte. is an associate professor at. university and formerly with turkey's ministry of defense he says there are more benefits to the e.u. to working with turkey than against it. they have started operating really to stop you know weapons influx in the media in accordance with the un decision but some members voted for creation like france and greece. courting how far that means they say was to cut the linkage between turkey and libya and they were not fair and did not check a gift to levy on border and also
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a transfer rugs mainly prom syria mosque or dubai but if have are fearing it will be shorter than mediterranean sea and also hope profit as you know libya is the gate overall african continent is no more practical. so why you should stop cold turkey or that i'm a government because when they support these 2 actors they have more to lose in if the mediterranean and i do politics and also african politics. now the police in the south west of iran have dispersed protesters who are angry at the ailing economy the internet access was disrupted as demonstrators showed videos of the rally online security forces fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the southwestern city of babylon on tuesday judges upheld the death sentences of 3 men involved in protests last year hundreds of protesters forced their way into an oil
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production sites in southern israel on the they were demanding jobs and more government investment in the region the largely peaceful protest was the latest in weeks of unrest and political turmoil soon on wednesday in israel's prime minister resigned. members of the west african bloc of course are in mali to mediate the escalating political crisis between the ruling party and the opposition the delegation has met with what's known as the june the 5th movement led by an influential mahmoud supporters of the protest movement want president. to resign they say he's been unable to solve mali security and economic problems key to has heeded some of the demands from the protesters he's promised to form a national unity government and to dissolve the constitutional court demonstrations began last month over the outcome of parliamentary polls held earlier this year nicolas hark who's covering those developments for us from dhaka in neighboring
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senegal nick hi there tell us more about the ecowas members and the delegation. well peter it's led by former president nigerian president goodluck jonathan but he came with a team of 30 experts some of them are lawyers constitutional lawyers from togo and been here to help solve not only the political crisis but the institutional crisis that mali is facing key to this is. a parliamentary seats that were won by the ruling party during the last parliamentary elections that you mentioned peter those seats are contested by the opposition members of the protesters movement want to see a revote take place and so that's a key element to the negotiations that have been taking place i can tell you peter last night good luck jonathan as well as the experts that met with leading members
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of the protest movement the m 5 women as they were called and one of its leaders 3 walked out of the discussion of the meeting saying that there cannot be any discussions and tell there is an international body that investigates the killing of 12 which. he described the innocent protesters during the demonstration that happened over the weekend during that time we saw the security forces commandos antiterrorist commandos as they're described by the money and forces normally used to target armed forces or armed groups launched against protesters resulting in and 12 people dead and there will be. a mollusc. paid to them later on to here today but the fact that these the government launched such a heavy response towards the demonstration and towards the demonstrators has with
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the angered the demonstrators and it is making good long jonathon's and the echo was mediation efforts even more complicated peter what does the delegation bring to the table i mean will they be able to deescalate this rumbling crisis. well they can only give recommendations so they've already given him nation before they arrived saying that there should be the judges of the constitutional court should be renamed and this is what president mubarak did he dissolved the constitutional court they've also recommended that there should perhaps be a new vote for these 30 members of parliament of the ruling party and these contested elections that happened back in april now the the ball is in iraq and we work our kate hours hand he has to decide what is the way forward and there is the heart of it peter is the lack of trust between the protesters and the
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president the lack of trust because he was elected on the basis that he would create reforms to remember there was the algiers peace accord that were signed in 2015 that said to into motion steps for him. to change the constitution and the institutions of governance to give more power to local government and that was steps have been really slow to take he hasn't managed to move forward towards these algiers accord and it seems that at the heart of it is in this crisis that mali has has been on since 2012 when armed groups had to come forward just hours away from taking away but might go well it seems that that is the heart of it the fact that the if the government is unable to address deep issues within the institutions of government and that's what the protesters want to see they want to see
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a prime mover care kate to leave but didn't change in the institution of mali that better represent their aspirations peter ok nic we have to leave it there nicholas hawke our correspondent there reporting live from santa go. 140 people missing in the worst floods to china in decades millions have been evacuated from their homes the damage from flooding is disruption the supply of medical equipment to fight coronavirus thousands of soldiers have joined the rescue operation. and across south asia monsoon rains have led to floods and landslides 221 people have died over the past month and more than a 1000000 have been stranded in the power bangladesh and india in indonesia rescue workers are looking for survivors on the island of civil way see after flash flooding killed at least 30 people landslides made hundreds of people homeless with thousands more affected lots of common in the area but a rise in the forestation is being blamed for making them worse. jenny joins us with the global weather forecast any sign of those seasonal rains beginning to
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abate there's a slight change in china russia the pieta the rains moving further to the north but really india is the same story but there is some improvement across into indonesia is all start with that so let's have a look 1st of all at the satellite you can see in the last few hours sounds made it clear across borneo and here is a silhouette of the area that was badly hit is south literally just about that there is some more rain in the 4 calls and again we expect to have some rain this time of year but we've had some particularly trunchbull john paul's and you can see here as we go through saturday a loss of blue covering this so that does mean rain but in actual fact the accumulation of the next 23 days it might only be about 20 millimeters some areas could pick up a little bit more but actually further to the north in a city where see elsewhere across the region we've got plenty of rain showers across much of the philippines borneo as well but again the rains are a little bit lighter now as they should be going to take you down into australia because there's been a big area of low pressure sitting off the east coast of new south wales the last few days it's really moving away now heading towards new zealand but as that storm
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is so close it produces mazing waves as you can see if you can barely see the surfer there but he is in the picture i promise you and then you can see here as it's coming down the wall so great weather to surface however not great news at all for the residents along this particular stretch of close this is the central coast there is still hazardous warnings in place and you can see why all this erosion we've got these huge houses literally just sitting there precariously on the side of the coast and there are more warnings in place through friday on into saturday so situation there it's fine for us to say people enjoying the weather conditions but an actual fact the system has caught a holes a huge amount of damage as we go through sunday it'll clear away but the rain meanwhile pushing into the southeast so you know there's always some new license whether peter but you can see the damage there's ways of absolutely jenny will talk a little i'm sure during the 13 g. still ahead here on the changing use. fighting flares along the us of
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a johns border with all media just one day into the ceasefire. a look at why there's been a surge in violent crime in major american cities also ahead in the sports news into milan revive their hopes in the city a title race for election coming up with santa in about 15 minutes from the. al-jazeera world meets for remarkable both mean when surviving this after those closest to them were taken away never to return. some of the 8000 muslim men and boys killed in the stripper needs a massacre 25 years ago heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past women who refused to die on al-jazeera. the coronavirus prayerful starts to change the full bot of head to head for the time being but that won't stop me doing robust interviews with challenging direct
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questions in a u.s. election year i'll be seeking accountability from both sides of the political spectrum on who's to blame for the horrific coronavirus death toll on how to fix the u.s. health care system and whether the war of words with china is entering a new and dangerous phase joined me by the awesome 1st special series of head to head on al-jazeera. you're watching the news live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour the number of corona virus cases in india has now surpassed the 1000000 mark 25000 people have died or fears the actual
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number of infections could be much higher because of insufficient testing. the u.s. has reported more than $70000.00 cases in 24 hours that's a new record despite that figure the governor of the u.s. state of georgia is suing the mayor of atlanta for making it mandatory to wear mosques in public. readers are meeting in brussels for the 1st time in months to negotiate a covert 19 recovery plan the rescue package costs near to $560000000000.00 the talk so far have ended in deadlock. ok let's get more on our top story the searching virus infection rate in india joining us here on the news are achieved a sculptor he's a professor at the center for social medicine and community health. near university he joins us on skype from new delhi. welcome to the new why are we seeing a lot of spots in certain regions and in certain cities now in india.
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that's been the defining feature of right from the beginning when it was concentrated. in the key metropolitan areas also the international airports this was in a sense expected it continued to get entrenched in the very high density population locations in these metropolitan areas including some of the older parts of the city as well as some of the high density low income parts and as was expected particularly with the easing of the lockdown it put right is both in these metropolitan areas are large urban areas as well as the indian states that it was initially low but it was expected to grow and that's what for example the situation in bihar is as was shown in an earlier segment of this news are does that mean that where we are today with this new 1000000 figure represents an open health challenge
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but that may spread to become a rural health challenge as well yes true don't entirely at least in this point it's largely in a 100 challenge the fact that the. national mission which was launched quite some time back didn't really grow as chained and as fast as it ought to have been is perhaps showing some. of the trouble comes here now as we as we see this unfolding but it's also true that now as it spreads its threats to increasingly in the rural majority states the health infrastructure in the rural areas is far weaker and attesting so valence contact tracing it's better i'm going to be bigger challenges the fact is that the open areas despite the challenge have been need reasonably well but
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there have been ups and downs as for example it's progress significantly in the control has been significantly well particular in the last few weeks in delhi for example but wasn't it has been of concern in for example bangalore of ok just to interpret for us what you're talking about this so we're saying relatively the mortality rate has been quite low but as the virus and the infection rate travels perhaps turns a corner perhaps can the government sustain what it's been doing so far when it comes to treating people with covert 19. yes on the positive side clinical care capacities have increased and is true of all states of course it is it's also true that there have been deaths and illnesses among healthcare workers as among other print lang workers it's also true that there are challenges of subjective equipment how about overall the mortality rate in india and the
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projected get spit out the theory that this has been pretty satisfactory one expected that it would have been worse is really the testing bets off some concern because there are many states which are testing certainly below the national average and it does wasn't due to reduced to pre-define which indeed a new range of benchmarks actually means that it's not perhaps appropriate for adequately easing up of the lockdown which of course is being reviewed published in certain parts and variably relaxed in others ok we'll leave it there professor test group to there in new delhi thanks for coming on and joining us here on the news hour thank you. british airways passengers have flown on the boeing 74 seventh's the final time as the coronavirus devastates travel to man the airline's entire fleet of 31 jumbo jets is being immediately retired 4 years earlier than planned
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well as largest oil price of the so-called queen of the skies as the announcement comes with great sadness after more than 50 years in the air b.n. its rivals are turning to smaller fuel efficient twin engine aircraft. the kremlin is denying british canadian and u.s. allegations that russian cyber spies are trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research russian intelligence services are accused of using teams of computer hackers to steal medical data is challenging. it's a global race to find a vaccine for pivot 19 and one country is accused of trying to cheat. the u.k.'s national cybersecurity center says russian hackers known as a p t 29 the jukes or cozy have tried to infiltrate coronavirus facilities to steal their work britain the u.s. and canada whose research into possible vaccines is quickly advancing have all been targeted to be targeting with cyber attacks the international effort not just here in the u.k. but in kind of in the u.s.
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to try and find a vaccine which is for the greater good of the world as well as our people here at home and i think is actually right we called out in this measured way with our international partners the hackers are believed to operate as part of the russian intelligence service allegations that russia strongly denies the u.k. government says the hackers are using fishing and malware in their attacks and they've supplied coding instructions that were going to his asians can protect themselves this latest attack comes as the u.k. reveals russian hackers also interfered in the country's general election last year by trying to spread an amplifier leaks documents online video to go in there are severe the when you ask that sure up or a criminal investigation is going on but i've this stage it would be inappropriate for us to say something britain has said this day many so vague controversial that it's almost impossible to understand if it's inappropriate to say it then do not say if you do any of the straight the fact is that. there's also evidence of
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meddling in the $26000.00 bricks it vote and the election that followed a year later the government says it will finally release the report with details next week for high level attacks in 4 years but security experts say they're not surprised but it's changed is that when you're putin starting about 2013. changed his policy and ordered the intelligence services to engage in a more systematic aggressive series of actions to destabilize elections and to. disrupt russia's. rivals which is the european union nato united kingdom france united states they also say that vaccine development is a priority target for intelligence agencies russia wouldn't be the only state involved tourney angela al-jazeera. india's defense minister is visiting a disputed border region of the center of the disagreement with china russia saying
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is reviewing security in the indian administered region it follows fighting last months between indian and chinese troops in the gulf one valley the 2 sides blame each other for the violence but they have agreed to negotiations taiwan's top representative in hong kong has returned home after facing was described as unnecessary political obstacles time unease media reports the diplomat refused to sign a statement saying taiwan is part of what china taiwan says it's an independent democracy and not part of the mainland china's imposition of a national security law in hong kong has been condemned by taiwan and other critics who say it further restricts freedoms. in the united states the rates of street crime is usually high jury in the summer months but this year it's been much worse with hundreds of people being shot or killed some say there are a few are police officers because of the pandemic others blame extra deployments to protests over the killing of george floyd john hendren now from chicago 7 year
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old natalia wallace was gunned down when a group of men opened fire at an independence day party one of 27 people killed in more than 100 others shot over the past 2 weekends in chicago. is broken you can also see is broken again. we got a tad of the damage to in atlanta an 8 year old girl was gunned down the same day enough isn't. in brooklyn on monday 10 people were injured and a one year old boy was killed in a drive by shooting you know this is we came we kept got to get through to. get a root. of this problem tio hardiman who for years has worked with gangs to stop the cycle of violence is calling for drastic measures weedy excellent sa young people to consummate 3 years ago so this 18 years old is a hot area with bulletproof vests and some help us imagine how crazy people have
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a sense of its face coverings that faced mass let's do the same for the young people on the south east and west asked if it would work it out and work out the photos of those in a year when violence is surging things could get even worse as more americans buy guns in minneapolis where george floyd died under a police officer's knee the line for gun permits in mid june was 3 hours long dealers say 4 in 10 sales go to new buyers crime analysts say each year the warm weather brings out gangsters with grudges but this year they say it's worse because after months of lockdown the armed men are alge but months of police brutality protests have officers on the defensive most of the violence happens in predominantly black neighborhoods across the u.s. we've sheen increases from last summer to the summer and part because of protests and part because of the cold because they have all people coming out and there's
1:43 pm
a there's a i believe there's a tension there built 'd up and in all or major urban areas that have been shut down. with the dawn of another summer weekend police and neighborhoods where people are often too mistrustful of police to call them are gearing up for another violent way john hendren al jazeera chicago. photo suppression is a contentious issue in the united states with an estimated 6000000 convicted criminals unable to vote some analysts say the system specifically targets african-americans who are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system they're also 4 times more likely than any other racial group to be disenfranchised the tactical nam reports from iowa city. when eric harris isn't working as a cook at a homeless shelter or taking care of the 6 children his time is spent following a passion for news and politics harris hasn't been able to exercise his right to
1:44 pm
vote as an iowan who served time for marijuana and illegal gun possession and the looting police he is banned from voting for life i think people that have been convicted of felonies they never had a chance to voice their opinions about how they feel those of people who went through the criminal justice system the see the injustices in the criminal justice system soledad voice is important here as is one of an estimated 60000 convicted felons in i well who can't vote according to the a.c.l.u. in june republicans in the iowa senate rejected a measure that would have allowed people in the state to weigh in on a constitutional amendment ending the lifetime voting ban for convicted felons to find out why i contacted about a dozen senators in the state and county republican party no one responded it's the latest setback in
1:45 pm
a more than decade long fight to abolish the ban i think i ones are much more awake now to the fact that this is injustice really. formerly convicted felons who have completed their senses are not allowed to vote puts a stain on our state we're the only state in the country like this across america the sentencing project says 6100000 convicted felons couldn't vote in the 26000 presidential election due to various state laws african-americans are 4 times more likely than other racial groups to be disenfranchised this is one of many ways that our voting system. suppresses the vote of black people and reduces their political voice and in our political institutions. it's unjust and it's something that we should long since moved past in this country. harris says the stakes are high in
1:46 pm
this november's election that's why he desperately wants to cast his vote for president for the 1st time in his life instead he says it'll be bittersweet watching as his 19 year old daughter casts her. going to hell does iraq i was sitting. as a foreign minister has been sacked for what the president calls meaningless negotiations with neighboring armenia at least 16 soldiers and civilians have been killed in cross border attacks since sunday fighting has resumed after a brief ceasefire robin for a city walk up as more homes damaged daily life disrupted lives lost in azerbaijan's top boots region this is the human cost of the fighting. season before. on sunday sharon goes out of his last phone call to her father she could hear artillery in the background so he went out after breakfast and was hit by show
1:47 pm
no one was with him when he died she said. armenian civilians are also suffering a ceasefire brokered by the o.s.c. on wednesday broke down on thursday morning this is the armenian defense ministry says his the village of a good party. later on thursday azerbaijan's president ilham aliyev sacked his chief peace negotiator his foreign minister. unfortunately recently our diplomacy is not compatible with the successful development of our country and some cases it isn't gauged to meaningless work meaningless negotiations they just live. john of had been azerbaijan's top man in the goshi ations over the status of new go in a car about for 16 years. armenians took control of the disputed territory in a regional war in the 1990 s.
1:48 pm
in which 30000 died as a by john wants it back foreign minister moment europe was never the source of policy he was always the man implementing decisions but if you want to prove that you are taking decisive action then getting rid of your long standing foreign minister and saying that we've had enough is a sign i guess to the public from the president that he is doing something firing a chief peace negotiator the failing to do his job could mean a fresh start with negotiations or it could mean more of what president aliyev calls offensive diplomacy robin 1st year walker al-jazeera tbilisi. now former president of gambia is about to lose his multimillion dollar mansion in washington d.c. if the u.s. justice department succeeds in court yard jamie is alleged to have used the proceeds of bribery and stolen government money to buy the home he also owned 280 other properties using 100 private bank accounts allegedly general gambia for 22
1:49 pm
years before fleeing the country after losing his reelection bid 4 years ago. ok plenty more still to come for you here on the news including the sports with santa party time in the trades as rael clinched their 1st league title in 3 years details after this break to stay with us.
1:50 pm
for the all. time to talk sport thank you very much a madrid have won the spanish league title for the 34th time a victory over very l.s.o.
1:51 pm
them secure the championship but with a game to spare 2 goals from kevin benzema helped reality to 2 on victory. this one coming at their closest rivals barcelona and last i guess is the sooner we'll have won all 10 of their games his spanish football. team lifting in the trophy in an empty stadium old games are being held behind closed doors with no fast. food he's. been very happy 1st in total was phenomenal but this one's got a special feeling after being locked up at home for 2 months and then we came back and we prepared ourselves in a different way we managed to win the spanish league which in my opinion is the most difficult to win it but i think we did so successfully and that's based on you know a lot of sacrifices so look i don't know what to do now but i'm just very very happy here but i'm so with no supporters currently allowed in the stadium due to the pandemic fans that watch the rails trials and bars and cafes in the spanish capital
1:52 pm
more than 300 police officers were present in the streets to discourage fans from gathering a large numbers due to the covert 19 protocols. well joining us now from madrid is ben haywood a spanish football correspondent for the u.k. newspaper the evening standard 1st of all ben it's the 34th title for real madrid how sweet of the traffic is this for them and also how's the atmosphere in the spanish capital. i think it's a very sweet tryout for the senate because you know about lerner donated a levee in recent years for him to tend to the place of course was allowed to have 18 hour cannot squarely winds up the last 11 that's now eat up the last well represented only 3 tried and champions in that time so even those that people outside still haven't been winning domestically as much as they would it might in recent years so i think that that's one special and also special because you don't
1:53 pm
as an it in terms of the atmosphere here in between a little bit situated a fence watching me because half of the ballots you mention votes that are home and the stimulus fountain which is usually the savings and you know when fans and when it's called again after plot points it makes perfect that was boarded of and closed and the police were there last night and no fans were allowed so a little bit different because i'm a little bit you wouldn't necessarily have known last night if you were in the city where that clock is just one major trophy fans very happy watching largely on when you've mentioned earlier this victory is very special for us in a dingy than sealing this title does this then decay to his decision to return to the club. i think it 1000 so it is difficult to go back for a 2nd spell especially when you've been so successful but this time around when those 3 champions race in
1:54 pm
a row it's called an active ball if it's you down in the clip that you post you know he's always saying that a leader is the toughest ones who win and in his last season before he left they finished to finish 17 points behind us when he saw that failure and come back and some wins and he got off to all the difficulties he's had in pre-season the last several games the last 735 minutes ago that didn't quite you know bring in the press and wanted in the transfer market some of signing in as a speeding ticket you know had a difficult time champ his way. go ahead it was a lot of finally and then he lost the banty's to tell him not down and it looks like maybe they've been fairly away getting back to come back with a different kind of attitude since the last down and as you mention here 10 victories in a row of and i think it definitely been the case the dance decision to come back to it and also the close decision to bring him back is well it's been successful. and
1:55 pm
as even mentioned earlier barcelona have dominated many yeahs how is reales victory felt at new camp. i things are very nervous about student groups people also change coach in season starting and that's a very good day in january for me in good city and that's always going to be a look at this route to. haven't been as good as it previous seasons but it's absolute gain in a messy calling from corpus and so a criticism. of the very last of course through a series now and you know they just tell me good enough and you know even though it's been your disappointments over the last 2 seasons gives romana it's little they still winning and now we have to do that so and so change is probably needed and also they're not looking ahead now and each spanish football correspondent ben
1:56 pm
heyward thank you very much for that. why intimidate and have revived their hopes of winning italy's top division where they capitalized on leaders eventis drawing their last 2 games out by beating spall for nail on thursday when means and 10 moved up to 2nd 6 points behind uva both in 10 uva i have 5 games in left and the leak 15 form a female employees of washington's n.f.l. franchise i have said they were sexually harassed during their time there according to a port in the washington post the n.f.l. team have launched an internal investigation into the matter the allegations span of from 2006 to 2019 and ranged from range from inappropriate remarks to verbal abuse the article also details allegations of sexual harassment from 2 female reporters one of whom still covers the team. tiger woods has made his return to
1:57 pm
action after 5 a month a break the 15 time major winner sought a one on the past $71.00 at the memorial torment field village golf club. while not at his very best his efforts were enough for him to end the day in a tie for 18th 5 shots behind the 1st round lead to tony. to feel good i mean i felt i felt good i was over the rusty. but the overall it was a good start while. there are still a lot of moving parts a lot of. media there were no moving around but the energy wasn't the same without fans that sort of us knows god knows very different. and also some from him 100 fact if you sign up thank you very much kim will keep you company from 11 g. i'll have another news for you from the team she works we will see you very certain
1:58 pm
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