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the coalition fighting a war in the south the case in. yemen war profiteer on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone it's 1500 hours g.m.t. i'm kemal santamaria with the news hour from al jazeera investigators from the international criminal court in libya to inspect mass graves and to look into whether war khalifa haftar has committed war crimes also with iran's president declaring more than a quarter of iranians may have been infected with coronavirus look at whether the world is facing a far bigger health crisis than we thought. a total failure opposition leaders in
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mali condemn regional mediation efforts and continue their demands for the president to quit. but cannot. reach. and the tributes keep pouring in for one of the last members of martin luther king's in a circle civil rights icon an american congressman john lewis has passed away at the age of 80. and in sport here with hamilton clinches pole position for the hungaroring ground the defending formula one world champion will start at the front of the grand for the 90th time in his career. so we're starting in libya where a team from the international criminal court is now on the ground tasked with investigating a warlord over possible war crimes investigators from the i.c.c. of arrived in libya's capital to look into the acts committed by the forces loyal to. khalifa haftar that is expected to include
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a visit to the mass graves found last month the 3 person team will also investigate booby traps left behind during a retreat by half to find is in residential areas south of tripoli the i.c.c. says it's received credible information regarding 11 mass graves containing men women and even children will start with mommy the correspondent in tripoli mahmoud this is obviously a very important investigation i wonder how it will go given that libya is still a country in conflict and these 3 members of the i.c.c. have to try to do their job. finitely and the government of national accord here in tripoli which sent their requests to the international criminal court demanding get an investigative team to come to libya to investigate what it calls war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by
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forces loyal to the warlords 3 for have turned in this city of the horn and in southern tripoli over the past year during their military campaign that they launched it to take control of the capital tripoli the government so far seems to be reluctant in revealing the details about the team's. details exactly and did but we know from sources with the government of national accord that the team is due to visit the city of their mass graves as you know that according to the government paramedics team nearly 2 $125.00 bodies have been recovered from the mass graves around the city of lahore now and also plus the secret notorious prisons as you know that we reported that and the past few weeks about the secret prisons where opponents including civilians and women were tortured and murdered and voted in the mass graves that's according to eyewitnesses
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the government officials and local officials from the city of daraa who are now along with medical sources now the team is also due to visit several areas in southern typically to check the areas where a land mines were planted in civilian areas specially those if you like ends of the neighborhood insula dean and also in the vicinity of the old inactive international airport these areas were like near to or a battlefield during the military campaign civilian areas had. land mines were planted by help his forces and. by the russian medicine is from the bag group and they killed dozens of innocent civilians who were impatient to return home immediately after the end of the fighting now and the city of lahore now there are also other crimes that could be considered by the team including the. kidnapping and. disappearance of civilians those poor pose the military will have to dispose
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of the question now is whether or not other crimes in tripoli including the targeting of civilian areas including the airports ports and hospitals will be also taken into consideration by the i.c.c. team come up and are the one who has that update from tripoli thank you just a bit of background 9 years in fact since the u.n. security council unanimously referred reports of atrocities in libya to the i.c.c. which granted judges jurisdiction to investigate possible war crimes and crimes against humanity investigation into haftar and his forces includes allegations of massacres kidnappings torture and mass burials also under the scanner alleged war crimes such as the bombardment of civilian areas as well as the targeting of hospitals and medical workers during the 14 month siege of tripoli by telephone hafter the i.c.c. is also investigating reports of booby traps and improvised bombs planted in homes
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by hapless fighters as they retreated from the capital and said we will speak to the founder and director of the institute which is the 1st public policy think tank in libya on a cell committee regular contributor to our son and to syria and i say it would be i think no surprise if the i.c.c. comes away from this and says yes we do have evidence of war crimes but then it comes down to what the i.c.c. can actually do about it. let me go really this is the question of libya over the last year or so of the chapter heading what to do how the or how did the international community nobody. really rehabilitate its image we should remember that during your. 'd remarks this fool team on somali being a disaster for libya it is we're all kind of being put out of the spotlight and it's really really dangerous enough on the farm iran and the international system that we've grown now for 'd over half a century 'd united nations all that since the world can now there's been notice
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that the governor of the local or the general was brought to life. by the more haitians and it was not defended or the motivations i mean after that that went before 2 months without any sanctions against any criticism of the lateral connection of this isn't the 1st line you know i.c.c. in his investigation up there has special forces commander the east of the country mahmud who a friend is the 1st they've been invited by them there are as you see. there are similar problems today that in fact if the war this week in fact the anniversary of the kidnapping or been elected member of parliament and if the company who criticized tucker on television or clinton or in these countries and again nothing to be done since it's really a reputational damage part that can be done but there's very little that licensing can do in the absence of a little we've told before about the various sides in this conflict or should i say
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the 2 sides in the conflict and the various other countries who support type aside does the i.c.c. investigation follow that as well as some countries are just saying this is not a certain be happening that this investigation should be going ahead. well if we use the un and the e.u. as a measure of these kind of protections that are almost what they are that needs a national level if they couldn't reach one of the un security council and a veto at the european union so any of the members of the foreign here as for the council members or any of the $28.00 members that is other members of the e.u. to choose to be a statement or a sanction or 'd e or aren't as i mentioned one levels actors libya well it all falls apart and it seems as though shrunk and the russian have interchangeably 'd people who are in these kind of meters of it's almost kind of diplomatic immunity for the last several years 'd not something that we can think of when it comes to the i.c.c. who can make a statement but really again it requires the will of or the need for states that
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have the capacity to bring them to so i can't articulate in france in fact there are a crimes of being investigated by the french course the mess that. they're all of the way to know them and that could be something that happens to you a row for example have support. from civilian market when it's only happening in the united states what kind of doctor is there investigated for war crimes that there is going to a local court in the county in virginia because telemarketers of jewel american citizen so it can be done of them is that whatever that implemented no it seems that there is some much inertia and this is again as you sense not only have there's this is not his 1st word here he's been around for one year in the last 6 years has launched 2 failed attempts over 30 elected or appointed governments international reconciles governments and it seems to be the same things over and over again i mean how does that concern with the virus that it's moving left it is not you know his most i mean for any kind of
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a lot of the city so it's very very strange at the moment because it wants a lot of question marks all over the world of. him and he's investigate some of the crimes one of which we should forget that we're living in a part of a pandemic and. true belief was that the 3000000 people or. so many people will forget and just become in what is largely a war. they're all since every war and it wouldn't be the 1st and certainly it wouldn't be the last question is whether it'll be international. if usually. the ordinary run in the middle. of the international has a few more lines and so committee some really good context there thank you so much free time to appreciate it well with over 14000000 cases and nearly 600000 deaths worldwide from corona virus there is now a growing concern about those numbers being
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a lot more conservative than we thought some countries are now estimating higher rates of infections than they previously announced for example today we've heard the president of iran which is already the west affected country in the middle east saying 25000000 people may have been infected which is more than a quarter of the population and is a far higher number than official counts the difference being it includes people who showed no symptoms. to get a view of our own home will have one of the most important matters is that here is to medical recommendations and social distancing to limit the spread of the corona virus according to the ministry of health estimates 25000000 iranians have been infected with the coronavirus so far and we have lost about 14000 of them within 150 days. it is possible that 30 to 35000000 citizens are risk to be affected in the coming period this means that the number of patients who would be hospitalized will double it is possible the virus will continue until march. in india now where
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scientists have also estimated higher numbers of infections this is a survey from the indian council of medical research which is at the end of april point 73 percent of india's population which is 1350000000 people don't forget may have been exposed india supports the 1000000 mark on friday but experts have warned that number could be much higher just what we're saying here is that when you look at the map and when you look at the numbers it is a conservative estimate you know this map very well from the johns hopkins university 14000000 confirmed cases 40087000 and the number of deaths worldwide is approaching 600008 could be so much higher than that but these numbers are the best snapshot that we have at any one given moment well let's hear from same buster of you now with more on those dramatic claims from iran by president rouhani. this alarming hard to believe number comes on the 1st day of
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return to lock down to a lockdown situation here in the capital tehran after we've seen a record number of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks now in the hours since this meeting took place in the hour since the president made this statement about 25000000 people potentially infected number that he said could turn into 30 or 35000000 in the next few months there was clarification from the secretary of the science committee on his taskforce and this gentleman put out a statement saying that the number that mr rouhani was talking about reflects those who were tested and showed signs of having antibodies and those were people that were potentially asymptomatic for the covert 19 virus and were not hospitalized he also made the point of illustrating that actual figures of infection and death that iran compiles that it then sends out to the world official confirmed figures those
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come from people who are hospitalized and are tested positive in swab tests for the covert 19 coronavirus now what we see here the figure that mr rouhani is talking about perhaps a better word than infection is it's the total number of people that have been exposed in the country to the coronavirus now whether he misspoke or whether this was president hassan rouhani trying to fire a warning flare to illustrate iranians that remains a serious problem that they have to take the threat of the coronavirus seriously the point that the president made today either way is that iran has been and remains the worst affected country in the middle east. with us now on skype from newcastle we have molecular biologist. and associate professor in cellular and molecular sciences that northumbria university nice to have you with us. the the underestimating of numbers i was making the point for hopefully you heard it that
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the numbers we have are only what we have reported is there any way of getting even just a ballpark figure on what the real number could be or does it come down to even how you want to measure it. and they all have. a number of complexities associated to getting the correct number the 1st one has to do with how you were testing for example in your report just now it was mentioned that to learn to body test was carried out in iran that allowed them to estimate this for the problem 1000000 number we can know from the 1st 2 weeks when people started putting the availability of antibody tests that out these are not necessarily precise enough to be able to tell apart the 4 common flu viruses from the covered 19 virus and as a result of that having not seen what exactly the techniques used in iraq are accomplished to comment on whether or not the 25000000 is a lot of our estimation a lot but based on what we've seen in the rest of the world where we've we we have
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a prevalence of activities of no more than 5 percent of the population being exposed i would hazard that this number is perhaps a little bit exaggerated not necessarily an overestimation. skew about the issue of asymptomatic patients people who are not exhibiting any symptoms but do. have or have had 1000 how does that fit into reporting. yeah these individuals are very very very difficult to. pin down simply because they have no reason to go out and report to play missions to doctors the nurses to 15 and pharmacy sapho of course centered on service until the very much more or less likely to be tested so we're going to see them only if they've been exposed the body has responded to pronounce them out and then there's an antidote because i'd
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be like well they really impress them to talk about carried out on the comeback as a positive about subhuman the test that's correct and critically assuming that these us into amount of individuals respond in the same way symptomatic individuals which is not something we've pinned down yet then we can start saying oh ok we can pick them up but what we do know is stuff there's another component to the years for the so-called t. cell immunity which is actually really really important and we just don't have a straightforward way of testing for this as we do with these antibody tests so i would be very cautious in interpret any information regarding our symptomatic individuals from the fact the raw data that show that these individuals can transmit the virus so whenever there's been a situation where people are actively tested in the household or something like last one of the household has how the virus or is actively having an infection and
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they pick up some of it was i symptom of a copy for developing symptoms there's actually data showing that these people can transmit right so it's just experiences that is not in you know effects as one more thing i want to ask about and i'm almost reluctant to do so because it's kind of the last resort theory but it is the idea of herd immunity which seems to be what people default to in the end well if we can't control it then i guess a whole lot of people will get it and there will be some sort of level of immunity that to me sounds like a risky sort of option to be thinking about can you expand on it. yeah so. we haven't got any robust evidences yet regarding to what is protective in terms of unity not necessarily about how much of the population it is because of it but what is the munity that needs to be that this protective so who don't know how we're going to be protected from the virus let alone whether or not
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boxing's will work. how could we possibly turn around and say let's just get everybody exposed if the virus like the common cold virus is forgotten by our immune system within about a year we're going to be back to square one in a year's time and that's why one is not necessarily the economic impact but the societal and the health care impact where hospitals run out of care beds where people are incapacitated from work where some people may have so-called mild symptoms that still mean you can't walk to the toilet and take months to recover and they can't go to work for can't provide for their families really this is this is not an option and i'm i'm i'm really. disappointed that people that we call to this this system will containable the system possible to stop but what we need to do is take hard decisions you know make careful actions inform the public and sure the. incorrect information is not disseminated and we try to stop transmission it
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has been done new zealand discovered free vietnam has hardly any cases the right mix of china there are a part of the world whether economically developed or not the have been able to do this so let's do the right thing great reality check there with. not just joining us from new counsel thank you sir to appreciate it you're very welcome. the president of the european council has offered a compromise to break a deadlock over a coronavirus economic recovery fund charles michel as revise the amount paid out in grants to countries needing help to bounce back from the lockdowns european leaders negotiating for a 2nd day they had 14 hours of talks on friday and failed to find any sort of breakthrough well it is a divided over an overall proposed $858000000000.00 coronavirus recovery fund the main question is whether and how much should be distributed as grants or as loans
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you've got the a use for biggest economies france germany italy spain wanting most of the money to go out as grants but the leaders of the netherlands austria denmark and sweden are urging a more frugal approach they're saying smaller grants and bigger loans meanwhile you've got the likes of hungary in poland who object to rosell being tied to democratic rights let's try to sort through it all with the now following the story from london the dame talk of a compromise is it likely that that sort of compromise is enough to bridge that sort of divide which we just outlined. hard to say when he came out of all of these e.u. summit by definition involve compromise of sorts we didn't see any breakthrough. until the early hours of friday when talks broke up with dutch prime minister mark saying that the atmosphere got grumpier and saying that this could take a considerable length of time it doesn't it's not clear what he means by that they
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could reconvene at a later date they are still trying to thrash out agreement on the balance as you are saying of the $850000000000.00 dollars 'd pot the recovery fund will the latest is that shell michel has suggested that the the share the goes in grants in free grants be reduced from $560000000000.00 to $500000000000.00 so that leaves around $350000000000.00 in repayable loans will some of those countries the so-called frugal 4 including austria actually have been pushing for the 0 grants it's interesting that the biggest economies france and germany have been on the side of more grants in being more generous to states like italy and spain which have been the hardest hit of course by copied 19 another thing that the dutch prime minister wanted was a guarantee that individual member states could in effect oversee give a green light to any national recovery plans by their fellow member states and now
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show me show has thrown that on to the table suggesting what they're calling an emergency super emergency brake giving any of the 27 the right to. insist on a review by the other states this will really rankle in those countries which have been hard hit whose economies are going to be hardest hit if in effect there's a veto from the other member states and how they proceed of course this is against the backdrop of the e.u. also trying to agree on a budget for the next 7 years up to 2027 of worth more than. 1.2 trillion. dollars they've got all these commitments in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in making the economy greener in investment for jobs and so on one of the big issues is now as you're referring to conditioning what people what countries gets from the part of the rule of law that sounds good hungary and poland so that's another
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sticking point thank you for that barbara following the developments in the e.u. from london it's a busy news hour here's what's coming up for. your friends inequality defines over time the united nations secretary general antonio terrorists highlights urgent global inequalities in the wake of the pandemic. let's. take to the airwaves out students in zimbabwe learning by the radio school stay close to the coronavirus. and support to indy car drivers walk away unharmed believe it or not from that crash fire has that a little later. to the political standoff in mali which continues even as african diplomats try to strike an agreement on how the country should be run protest leaders have described
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the mediation efforts so far as a total failure has nicolas covering developments from dakar in neighboring senegal what have you actually heard out of these eco us negotiations which people seem to be very unimpressed by. well one of the people member of the opposition that is in these talks described it as a failure these negotiations are still ongoing we're expecting goodluck jonathan to give 3 a statement tonight or even tomorrow but so far after last night's tough negotiations the protesters and their leaders came out upset with the recommendations made by the echo us what they're recommending is a new constitutional courts half of them would be appointed by the president the other half by members of the opposition a new tribe you know all to deal with the electoral disputes of last
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parliamentary election in april and a government of national unity now that's not enough for the protesters who want to see him. resign they say he's in breach of article 37 of the constitution that not only is he. using his power to bring family members in the fold in positions of power but he's also used the security forces that are only used to fight off armed groups like al qaeda in these al qaeda affiliates or the states in the greater sahara against protesters demonstrators they were protesting against him last weekend take a look at this report. prayers for the dead 50 year old isa my god died from a bullet in the head when security forces stormed the influential muslim cleric mosque in bamako outside 27 year old how as he was walking home when a stray bullet struck her in the stomach. that about the way they were killed was
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barbaric they were shot at close range some in the head others in the billy the attack was gruesome and we had many severely injured. prime minister paula joist and is calling for an investigation after at least 12 protesters were killed when a commando unit fired live rounds against demonstrators protesting against the president last week and. i am hopeful that this political process will lead us to a solution and the way out of the crisis is for the well being of older people of mali but despite mediation efforts from the west african body ecowas led by former nigerian president goodluck jonathan the nationwide civil disobedience movement continues the demonstrators who call themselves the m 5 movement want president. to resign and the newly elected national assembly dissolved. and they.
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will want to solve the problems but indeed less. influence of the quote. unquote. we. but it appears the crisis is deepening while the president calls for a national unity government the m 5 movement want a transitional government that would strip kate of his powers dicko accuses the president of abuse of powers and naming family members and friends to keep positions without oversight this video circulating on social media of the president's son elected m.p. on a luxury holiday has caused uproar among the millions have of whom depend on humanitarian aid for food while millions continue to flee the ongoing conflict involving al qaeda and islamic state affiliates protesters say the death should not go in vain promising more actions ahead as continues to spread they say the future of mali is
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at stake. there's a real fear and sense that these protests there are better happening in bamako could spread to other capitals in the region and so neighboring countries are are fearful that this sense of distrust that that that has been expressed on the streets of barco could be expressed in civil disobedience movement in the capital of the jar or ouagadougou where we've seen. attacks by armed groups in brick enough but also a high level of distrust towards their leadership there's going to be an election a presidential election in neighboring turkey now faso and so there will also be one in i rico so they're closely watching this and that's why they sent this high level dechen the delegation to mali to try to find an end to this political crisis kemal nicolas sarkozy across all the developments in mali for us thank you. an explosion in northwest nigeria has killed at least 10 people initial reports
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suggest a group of young men working on a farm in the yama region dug up an explosive device and were handling it when it went off we will keep an eye on the story update you when we have more. still ahead on this news our request for justice continues in france as protesters marks 4 years since the death of a young black man in police custody. this could be our new means of transportation innovative for sure but for some a little scary that step fasten our correspondent who will take us inside what could be the future of long distance travel in europe hyperloop and the sport on crickets most high profile competitions may be in need of a new home far we'll have that and the rest of the sport a little later. hello
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there very hot and also fairly dusty across areas of the middle east now to the south you can see quite a different story a lot of cloud has been spilling in of the last year as is a little a low pressure tied to the monsoon rains and they're working their way towards oman this is going to produce some pretty heavy downpours at times in fact we could see into southern iran as much as 65 millimeters of rain that could well produce some flash floods and then as you can see it will work its way across towards yemen same story where the rain is not as heavy but even so it could cause some flash floods basin pieces of cloud damage is a cause of very high 50 celsius in baghdad a similar sort of temperature into kuwait on a monday the winds picking up so we'll see it a bit more in the way of sound and that temperature wise doha at the temperature coming down to 37 celsius but it'll probably feel fairly humid with 37 then down into southern africa fine and dry throughout much of south africa and again quite a bit of cloud all to do this monsoon rains really impacting these eastern coastal areas so plenty of showers always fall south as mozambique and then through
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tanzania kenya up towards somalia very heavy through the central regions the tropics particularly gathering around the gulf of guinea and then on monday some very heavy rain particularly in tibet and on towards guinea but all the while it's fine and dry on the south and warm importantly. in the conclusion of the 2 part series people in paris vesta gate's allegations that irish catholic nuns facilitated the traffic babies the church realized that babies that are the could be sold to america a scouting quite they use and reveals shocking new evidence of how and where religious orders disposed of those who died thank you torn in a system like this fund church and state are committed to keep the truth from coming helps islands mother and baby scandal on al-jazeera his country's begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of
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a 2nd wave of infections in the last few. games and many fear the economy is be prioritised about for human life until fall of people getting the focus on day out here the one spike in public like the faces we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus condiment special coverage on al-jazeera. here in the news on here at al-jazeera and these are the top stories an international investigation is underway in libya over accusations of war crimes committed by warlords and they found after is most amazing
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a 3 person team from the international criminal court is looking into mass graves and the use of landmines in residential areas among other crimes iran's president says $25000000.00 iranians have been infected with coronavirus which is more than a quarter of the entire population a son ronnie also says some of the $35000000.00 are risk of contracting the virus and opposition leaders in mali say international mediation efforts to solve the political crisis are a total failure proposals include mali's president abraham to protect remaining in power protesters those accused him of abusing his power and insist he has to go. because president donald trump has ordered flags of a public buildings including the white house to be flown at half staff in honor of the memory of congressman and civil rights icon john lewis people from across america's political spectrum of pain tributes to lewis has died at the age of 80 former president barack obama said this on twitter not many of us get to live to see our own legacy play out in such
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a meaningful remarkable way john lewis did and as you can start expect now at the life of one of the last surviving pioneers of the 1960 s. movement we can argue that we cannot. we cannot give you. john lewis was born into the segregated world of rural alabama in 1940 when i was growing up i saw those signs that said white men colored men white women colored women white the son of black sharecroppers lewis devoured books as a child the words of dr martin luther king jr spoke to him loudest seem like he was saying to me john lewis you too can do something and i would ask my mother asked my father my grandparents my great grandparents why segregation why racial discrimination it was the best way it is don't get in a way don't get in trouble but trouble would find him many times as a student leader in nashville tennessee lewis was beaten for peacefully protesting
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segregation at restaurants and on buses in selma alabama police cracked his skull as he led a 600 marchers across a bridge to montgomery but i don't think that i know what it was at age 23 lewis was the youngest leader of the march on washington 2 years later president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act into law protecting black americans from discrimination at the polls the act would foreshadow lewis's own political career he was elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 1986 his consistent defense of human rights during his decades of service earning him the title the conscience of congress john r. lewis as did it in 2011 lewis received the medal of freedom from barack obama the nation's 1st black president a moment lewis called amazing and unbelievable and in 2016 he was honored at the
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opening of the national museum of african-american history the museum lewis had proposed nearly 30 years prior but even then the statesman's work was not done louis continued to champion liberal causes like universe. health care and the rights of undocumented immigrants. remembered as both fiercely partisan toward his democratic party and fiercely independent lewis's legacy is his bravery in the face of perceived injustice have this body say. things that are so right so good so necessary if you're willing to die for. you not a for with us alan scott from atlanta georgia is derek galia the former communications director of the southern christian leadership conference. which led the fight during the civil
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rights era thank you so much for your time i mean i don't even really know where to start when you talk about the legacy of a man like john lewis but i did read a story today that when barack obama was inaugurated john lewis went up to him with a piece of paper and asked for his signature and obama wrote because of you john barack obama that kind of says it all the fact that america did reach the point where it had an african-american president it was so much to this. absolutely and there's no doubt about it absolutely right and we're losing that defining generation of leaders we've lost 3 this this year 2 in the last 24 hours and he was certainly one of them. the fact and wary about saying this but the fact that the current president hasn't actually said anything yet he has ordered flags to be lowered to half staff but he's not actually said anything yet about about john
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lewis what do you make of that. well i wish i was surprised by it i have to say that i'm not. i just this president's agenda is very different and i think it's really clear that what side he butters his bread on and where it where his focus and intentions are and i don't think social justice and racial righteousness would be part of that discussion when we talk about success is almost to john lewis you were saying that we're losing so many of these icons of the civil rights movement at the moment is there or there are other major figures out there in america who would carry on the work or in fact is it all these people on the streets who we say protesting in mobilizing to get it is that the new figurehead movement almost yes the
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pass the torch has been passed i have to say that i mean the only people that are really left of that generation would be andrew young and former congressman and un ambassador mayor jesse jackson walter fauntroy but there is a new wave a new energy and it is a rapid from these essentially these protests and. for the most part they have followed in the tradition of making sure that they are nonviolent obviously there have been some moments when that did not stand true but yess and the whole goal is to raise this new generation of leaders who will continue to oppress and challenge america to be what it said it is to live up to the ideals that it always proclaimed so loudly and so i think that's part of where black lives matter came from after the. murder of trayvon martin and
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now this 8 minutes and 46 seconds with george floyd has just sparked and just ignited this phenomenal movement like that movement of the sixty's as very multicultural multiracial what's your favorite memory of john lewis soul maybe your strongest memory of him. well i think that. when i hear that in march for the march on washington of course he was the radical he was the guy there she was only 23 the youngest member of the big 6 in the youngest person to speak at the march on washington and what i love is the fact that i think one of the reasons people call him the called him the living say this because he had a. rather. it was revolutionary message he wanted to deliver at the
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march on washington and they were concerned the president's going to introduce him that it would be too radical and it would create a problem and so when dr king went to him and he had that kind of respect for dr king he modified a message and so i think that he is willing to do whatever it took to to move his people and his country forward and for those things i think he stands out and will always be remembered joe biden says we are made in the image of god and then there is john lewis there gilliard thank you so much for joining us you're welcome sir the u.n. secretary general delivered a stinging critique on the state of world inequality during a speech to mark nelson mandela international day and tony good terraces the world is a breaking point and the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the deep divisions in our society its diplomatic editor is james bays not only following the speech but you
6:43 pm
just interviewed mr guitarists as well james what did he have to say. well he's been talking about what the u.n. is billing as this landmark speech saying in his speech that coded 19 has exposed the fragilities of the world like an x. ray saying that it's a lie that we're all in the same boat some are on super yachts and others are in the ocean clinging to the deborah of course an idealistic speech like that is great but how do you change things what's the realistic way of getting things done that's the point i put to the secretary general. my belief is that people. now aware of the enormous fragility of our world of our economies and of our societies for the g. with the erosion to a microscopic virus that has put the fs put us on our knees for as using nation to climate change visualisation to lawlessness in the cyber space for deliberation to
6:44 pm
the new risks of nuclear proliferation again and my hope is that people will understand that when recovering when taking profits or the opportunity that of course after the coffee we need to restart when recovering people will be aware of the need to address the fragility that have caused the chaos that we have in today's world with the coverage and that requires fighting inequalities that require active climate action that requires international cooperation on the digital space that requires a in the end much stronger unity and solidarity in the way international relations are conceived well it's not obvious that we are going to win this battle we see also nationalists we see populist we see people trying to use the convience. to promote racism and xenophobia to the 5 but my feeling is that if one looks at the world populace are not doing well fighting the culverts and i hope people will understand that only by international cooperation and only by
6:45 pm
a very strong sense of sony that it would be able to not only overcome the call with but to build a system that addresses the fragilities that the covered as the most hated. controversial comments there speaking to me from the secretary general and controversial ideas in the speech for example kemal the idea he talks that he would delve into in an election season here in the u.s. the whole idea of health care when he says it's a live free markets can deliver health care for all and also close to home for him the international system and the u.n. he very strongly has said that it is wrong that the victors of world war 2 have such important power in the international system and he is now saying that there needs to be reform of the whole international system which him which he says it is in many ways the inequality starting at the top james bays is our diplomatic editor
6:46 pm
there haven't spoken to the u.n. secretary general a short time ago thank you james. as a protest underway in a northern french town in memory of a young black man who died in police custody 4 years ago the family of adama trower a say have been speaking out the event in beaumont was nobody has ever been convicted over his death and several autopsies have contradicted one another his sister is now at the forefront of a high profile black lives matter movement in from. or a correspondent at the rally. thousands of people have joined this protest according to justice we had to march for a young frenchman of modern heritage who died while in police custody 4 years ago his family to give his sister actually trying to become a bit of a simple enough to get ahead against baseball and have always maintained that i don't much died because of the actions of police officers however police officer
6:47 pm
who was there that a majority had died of natural silken salts has there been investigated and some noise over the years but without any clear and definite conclusions was notorious says that she will continue her campaign but there's little doubt that this campaign is really throwing the spotlight once again on police violence and from how police and crawls have a history of abusive arrests and the country's watchdog says that if you are african a lot that we can origin you only 20 times more likely than others to be stopped and checked by police and for those people who come here they've said such discrimination just ahead and sport is coming up here on this news hour in manchester city are aiming to stay on track for a triple of trophy wins this season far is back in a month. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa
6:48 pm
plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor. chocolates heart of darkness and count as unpatrolled labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry well overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. coming soon. an image can change the way we see the wu if we had not seen this we would be talking about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created this longing for a fellow opportunity that can obscure the truth this is a legitimate news story that is correct and that talking points are pretty identical it can forge narratives right through the listening post gives you the full picture on a. week
6:49 pm
. we're going to look into the future now and the pioneering shape of things to come for into city travel if engineers get it right sort of buying an air ticket want to buy cheap on the traditional underground trains but speeding as fast as an airliner through what's known as a hyperloop step fasten has the story from the netherlands. this old russian oil pipe in the middle of the dutch town of delft now has a futuristic function it's used as the 1st european test center for a whole new means of transportation the hyperloop a sort of tube train that can travel at this beat of an airliner well actually the 1st in the world has been able to prove these kinds of technologies and the next
6:50 pm
step is also to prove them at a higher speed. mosque received worldwide attention when he 1st mentioned dipole opened 2012 but a dutch company says its design is now the most advanced the idea has attracted the attention of one of the busiest airports in europe amsterdam's schiphol badge and having a hyperloop terminal or station right next to the departure hall part of a larger european hybrid network and other station passengers can board instead of an airplane a hyperloop a go go it can go to berlin or london in just one hour talk. a recent study by skip poll shows that 520-5012 1000000 passengers of the 73000000 predicted to fly between tipple and european cities could travel by hyperloop this is how the hyperloop should work this cabin is connected to electromagnetic field so there's no resistance and it can travel at extremely high speed inside this you know air
6:51 pm
pressure this could be our new means of transportation in a face for sure but for some a little scary i mean. that's why the cabin is the zine to make travelers as much at ease as possible traveling up to a 1000 kilometers an hour in a windowless jupe there's a very comfortable way of speeding up and slowing down the vehicle or you will feel almost nothing all that can we walk around that is a very good question some of the questions we do research on as well also the question whether or not passengers can use the toilet has yet to be answered train experts out of on hassles as predictions that travelers can use a hyperloop in the near future are far too optimistic. but that is all it's a fantasy that's all it's good to invest in research to find out if it's possible and to know what we can learn then that's fine but to say this is realistic i would
6:52 pm
say it's not absolutely not he suggests the netherlands to invest in existing technology such as magnetic trains in status with use as a cheaper to build and safer the netherlands aims to be the 1st to develop the hyperloop and plans to open in european center in one in the next year but the city's 3 kilometer will have to prove that the super france international group train is indeed the way to go step fasten al-jazeera. it's that time on the news after sport for come all thank you so much lewis hamilton has clinched pole position for their gehring grand prix the defending formula one world champion will started to follow the grid for the 90th time in his career. our survey found. hamilton and is a mercedes teammate valtteri bottas dominated the qualifying session in budapest canada's land stroll had a racing point 2nd row alongside teammate sergio perez voters narrowly leads
6:53 pm
hamilton in the overall championship standings heading into this 3rd race of the season. message thank you thankful to everyone back home and the guys here do such an amazing job and no doubt he doesn't make it easy for me over so it requires absolute perfection when it comes to doing laps and qualifying like that is is one of things i enjoy most manchester city are aiming to stay on course for a trouble of trophy wins this season so they are taking on our selma semifinals of the english f.a. cup. team have already won the league cup and are also in the european champions league arsenal are managed by guardiola as former assistant me cal arts had. you spoke an attorney will tough tough talk again. because. they have something especial really they have in this group they create me co-creator
6:54 pm
for say maybe i'm wrong for one side when a scene games and how the show bring to goals how they fight every single war they start to create something a structure for this club lionel messi has been back training with his teammates 2 days after he described the current barcelona side as weak and incapable of winning titles as he made the remarks after bar says fierce rivals around madrid secure the spanish league championship are slow as coaches messi is right to say that things have to change if they're to win the upcoming tie against napoli in the european champions league. it's true there are things that we agree on and other things that we don't it's normal that he's totally writes about it that if we play as badly as we have in some games we won't win anything but the reality is we've also had some very good moments this season and i believe we can go on and win the champions league england cricketer jaw for archer has escaped a ban for breaking rules aimed at keeping players safe from coronavirus archer has
6:55 pm
been finding given a written warning for is that visiting his home after the 1st test match against the west indies the world cup winner is missing the 2nd test of the series while his south isolates all this year's indian premier league could be moved out of the country because of the coronavirus pandemic cricket's most lucrative league has already been delayed because of the crisis it was meant to begin in march but may now take place in the united arab emirates later in the year in theory that would clash with the t 20 world cup in australia cricket writer said longer believes that event may soon be canceled. but even my india have not officially started announcing that they are going ahead with it on a mentor but their interests are making with it is that because they don't want to come across as aggressive was legally i think you have not yet announced the postponement of the world at the $320.00 world cup which is a due to be in australia and once they do and all 7 which is what we're expecting
6:56 pm
to happen once they do announce it the window opens itself for india to move in the u.a.e. has come come forward or the most logical and the most likely option for india because india do not want to let go of the i.p.l. it is a very important ornament for the b.c. cia and india as of now given the health crisis in the country is highly unlikely to be able to provide a bio secure environment for so many so many cricketers and. also to be able to get foreign star international cricket stars to travel took india is going to be that soon whereas you he has had had it much better with over 19 than but we have a day or so and other advantage that the u.a.e. has is 3 grounds it within driving distance of each other which makes it more convenient to have 3 kinds of conditions that are tournaments and it will be more
6:57 pm
it will be easier to buy or secure 3 what as it will be easier to get into certain stars to you a and she will indy car drivers were able to walk away unharmed from the huge crash and i was called and heard i went airborne after this collision with rita slick hate her to said afterwards it all happened so fast she wasn't sure what was going on. and maybe. they can it's me find little story for you here a chinese man who saved a toddler when he fell from a 5 story building is being hailed a hero for the 2 year old boy apparently climbed on to an egg conditioning unit when no one was home and this isn't just you province where neighbors saw what was happening they let out a blanket on the 1st floor in case he fell and when he did the man standing on a chair miraculously saved him isn't it nice to get some good news like that thanks for joining us for this news hour we're back with more in just
6:58 pm
a couple of lines. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to make such. as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the state we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy solutions for future generation brush by metering future energy.
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algis the robot meets 4 remarkable both mean women survived this after those closest to them were taken away never to return. some of the 8000 muslim men and boys killed in the stripper needs a massacre 25 years ago heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past women who refused to die on al-jazeera. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. who's to blame for the mishandling of the corona virus pandemic in the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of how dead heat turned out even through a wave one as a result of
7:00 pm
a lack of leadership here i said to my people blow the testing down please that is criminally negligent and i will sit there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on al-jazeera. investigators from the international criminal court are in libya to inspect mass graves to look into whether it was khalifa haftar has committed war crimes. sons of maria there in doha with the world news from al-jazeera coronavirus news that iran's president has declared more than a quarter of iranians may have been infected with the virus. demanding justice protesters and from small.


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